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  • I'd never heard of George William Curtis before this past Saturday. A quote of his popped up on my friend's facebook wall, in what I assume to be a strange way identification would appear to be a safeguard against the various idealisms that accompany overabstracted nationalistic thought. — “Arguing with George William Curtis | Mere Orthodoxy”,
  • Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. — “overabstracted definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • number of overabstracted rivers the ecology had been found to be unaffected that only 17% of overabstracted rivers actually showed ecological. — “Water Resources/ BluePrint for Water- Technical Workshop”, salmon-
  • Review: Broken Sky. Dir. Julián Hernández. 2006. N/R. 140mins. In Spanish, with subtitles. Miguel Angel Hoppe, Fernando Arroyo, Klaudia Aragon. Article in Time Out New York Film as he does narrative and genre conventions in this punishingly long, overabstracted first-romance tale. — “Broken Sky - Time Out New York”,
  • is a search engine for English words. The dictionary used contains more than 460,000 English words. searches for partial words (both crossword solver and part of word), anagrams, palindromes, words in word, and overabstracted. — “over :: Information about over :: ”,
  • Ebrei Contro l'Occupazione The aquifer is being overabstracted by 100 million cubic metres per year (almost double what is safe to abstract), as seawater desalination plants have not been constructed: leading to a fall in the groundwater level and increasing salinisation. — “The Impact of the Blockade on Water and Sanitation in Gaza”, rete-eco.it
  • The Water Frameworks Directives now obliges EU member states including Scotland to try and find ways of improving overabstracted rivers. Crucially, this can include demanding a reduction in power generation if alternative forms of generation are. — “Scotland - Water Frameworks Directives Legislative Opportunity”,
  • The largest open source code search engine. Find, download and reuse open source code examples, projects and snippets in over 30 programming languages. Generalpresence : CAKE (project search) : /cake/workarea/hopper/crypto-play-overabstracted/namespacedocs.cpp. — “Koders Code Search: rsa”,
  • basin have been overabstracted mainly to supply water for agriculture. The depletion of groundwater supplies is concerning given that 70% of. the basin's population obtain their water supply from aquifers. Assessment of the Central Equatorial Pacifi c sub-system. — “Executive summary”,
  • I used to be on that bandwagon until I inherited some of the most awfully overarchitected and overabstracted C++ code ever. I used to be on that bandwagon until I inherited some of the most awfully overarchitected and overabstracted C++ code ever. — “The Joel on Software Discussion Group (CLOSED) - Working with”,
  • abortifacients abortivenesses abrasivenesses absentmindedly absolutenesses absorptivities absquatulating abstemiousness abstractedness abstractionism abstractionist abstractnesses abstrusenesses acceleratingly accelerometers acceptableness ovariectomized overabstracted overabundances overaccentuate. — “Anyone know a 14 letter word?”,
  • The quantity of freshwater available does not come close to meeting the basic demands of the population and as a consequence, the aquifer has been heavily overabstracted for years, causing infiltration of sea water and deterioration of water quality. — “Summer Rain over Gaza”,
  • news magazine highland perthshire, scottish news magazine, perthshire news, scottish news magazine, local news for Highland Perthshire Basin Planning Process which now requires improvements to overabstracted rivers like the Garry and that and that some improvement should eventually be forthcoming. — “Garry Campaigners Lobby AGM of SSE”,
  • The review you are about to read comes to you courtesy of H-Net -- its reviewers, review editors, and publishing staff. The essays here, along with other recent work, belie Brubaker's "overabstracted and overgeneralized" ethnocultural explanation of differences between French and German notions of. — “H-Net Reviews”, h-
  • Lead participant in the Campaign to restore the River Garry Perthshire no loss of power generation is to be contemplated for WFD objectives, then the WFD will achieve very little for Scotland's overabstracted waters. — “Our views”,
  • In this section you will find detailed information, including national overviews and state and regional level assessments, from the 2000-2002 The Koumala GMU may be overallocated and overabstracted. Further increases in development could lead to. — “Water resources - Management and Development - Queensland”, anra.gov.au
  • Forum discussion: just something ive wondered as over the years it seems the downloads have gotten bigger and bigger? now im not tight on bandwidth today are being taught to accept and rely heavily upon overabstracted languages and runtime environments, such as Java, Microsoft .NET, Visual Basic,. — “what is in a driver? - PC Hardware Discussion/Reviews”,
  • UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, General Comment 15: The right to The aquifer is being overabstracted by 100 million cubic metres per year (almost double. — “Impact of the blockade on water and sanitation in Gaza - WASH”,

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  • “Profile Blog # I posted this in the other thread but the summary was terrible and Profile Blog # To give a simple example of the transcendental subject in philosophy would”
    — Response to Dangerous Knowledge Thread,

  • “When thinking about naval combat we started out with the Hearts of Iron 2 system as our base. Things like range and positioning worked very well as a concept and we used this as our base, however we felt it could be improved. The first change”
    — Development Diary #18 - 25th of February 2009,

  • “Fishing, Angling forum. Join the OnlineFishing.tv community and have your say on various fishing topics. OnlineFishing.tv is a new and excited online fishing channel featuring the best anglers and presenters in the industry”
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  • “Forum discussion: just something ive wondered as over the years it seems the downloads have gotten bigger and bigger? now im not are being taught to accept and rely heavily upon overabstracted languages and runtime environments, such as Java, Microsoft .NET,”
    — what is in a driver? - PC Hardware Discussion/Reviews,

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