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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. overaccentuates. — “Merriam-Webster Online”, merriam-
  • Jeff Jensen takes on the new series' fall finale and its time-travel/parallel-universe themes That's the downside when you take pains to make your smart characters look smart: it conversely over-accentuates all the stupid things they do. — “'FlashForward' recap: Setting Things in Motion | TV Recap”,
  • Favorite T-shirt bra: A classic everyday bra in soft, supportive microfiber. With underwire, comfy, lined cups, and a smooth shape that disappears under form-fitting I don't feel like it over-accentuates. — “Favorite T-shirt bra | Gap - Free Shipping on $50”,
  • Its upbeat sample and inspiring lyric make for a timeless musical masterpiece. Biggie's delivery is perfect; the beat that he raps over accentuates every word. And the message he conveys gives all the courage to explore the world beyond one's own windows and walks of life. — “Juicy”, billboard.biz
  • The Great Chain on Urantia - Agape or Platonic - Daniel and Jack are walking around downtown, and they're in the rundown The leaning over accentuates this exposure. Jack has a strong feeling of revulsion. As they come alongside, Jack says "Hey, buddy. — “Agape or Platonic - Daniel and Jack are walking around”,
  • You should probably be using better connections that scart.. try component or RGB cables for better clarity assuming your sky of hours you'll realise that the picture looks a lot more natural and that having the sharpness on merely over-accentuates edges. — “Why is my brand new, £600 LCD TV rubbish with Sky? Help!?”,
  • http:///services/link/bcpid16157557001/bctid62659497001 In other words a woman that over accentuates her femaleness – who becomes a Barbie doll – that always really concerns me. — “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Dr Drew Pinsky Says Plastic”,
  • High heels are fashionable. They make you look thinner and taller, and they can bring out the muscle definition in your legs, especially your calves. Wearing shoes regularly for long periods can cause back pain and stiffness, because it over-accentuates the forward curve of the spine. — “3 Joints Affected by High Heels | 3FC”, 3
  • Scan-velocity modulation, which over-accentuates white areas, could not be turned off. Running through the test patterns on the Video Essentials test DVD, I found that the D34W20, also like every other TV I've reviewed, showed considerable "red. — “RCA D34W20 direct-view high-definition monitor Page 2”,
  • A chin augmentation, also called a mentoplasty or genioplasty, is a very effective procedure that can correct underdevelopment of the chin and create facial harmony. by those who have an extremely underdeveloped chin which over accentuates the projection of an otherwise normal sized nose. — “Chin augmentation mentoplasty genioplasty Scottsdale Phoenix”,
  • Thus, wine with a long aromatic finish is well suited for this dish. A supple, aromatic red, not so robust that it over-accentuates the sinewy texture of the meat, is ideal. This is not an exhaustive list. You may access a more complete list be clicking on the "Complete List" button. Print. — “Wines of France - Quick, what should I drink?”,
  • I think the length over accentuates my hips (maybe the reason why the model is turned at an angle I think the length over accentuates my hips (maybe the reason why the model is turned at an angle. — “: EmMarie's review of”,
  • User Rating: 4.0/5 from 9 users; isolated case??? Pros: excellent sound, price dropping , aesthetically pleasing, light; Cons: possible lemon; Summary: I say i The bad: No PC input; nondefeatable edge enhancement; unstable blacks; overaccentuates red somewhat. — “Sharp LC-32D4U Review - Flat-panel TVs - CNET Reviews”,
  • It is also quite large, and perhaps over-accentuates the curve of my back (I am a size 10 5'8" woman) It is also quite large, and perhaps over-accentuates the curve of my back (I am a size 10. — “: Melissa's review of Mckenzie D Shape Lumbar Roll”,
  • Quick links to useful Expert Reviews for Sharp AQUOS LC-32D4U describing pros and cons. User sentiment in Forums. Download to User Guide and Manual enhancement; unstable blacks; overaccentuates red somewhat .While Sharp's 32-inch LC-32D4U does have some image-quality issues, it's still among. — “Sharp LC-32D4U review - AQUOS TVs”,
  • Find definitions Find translations Search all dictionaries If you're sure it's a word, try doing a general web search for overaccentuates: Google, AltaVista, other sources. — “Definitions of overaccentuates - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • by Heather Covington The Literary HEAT Visit Indie Arie over accentuates the eyes drawing attention away from an unflattering Indie Arie over accentuates the eyes drawing attention away from an unflattering ruffle collared dress that does nothing to bring out this natural beauty. — “- BET HONORS MOST STYLISH-Mya, Ryan Leslie”,
  • Band Name Generator, Random Band Names, Great name for a band creates band names like Macon Unhand All recent great names. Overaccentuates. Numbskulls Synchrotron. The Mark. The Cte D'ivoire. — “Band Name Maker and Generator :: Macon Unhand is a Great Name”,
  • Women's Fashions to Avoid how to articles and videos including Western Shirt Styles, When to Wear Corduroy Pants, What Not to Wear With White Pants and much more! in the ankle due to the fact that it over-accentuates the problem. — “Women's Fashions to Avoid - How To Information | ”,

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  • “I have just read some very disturbing comments about Dawlish in your Dawlish Carnival forum, i will be visiting with my family for the first time in the school holidays, I am quite disturbed to read Because we are a small town it overaccentuates what is most probably a small scale problem”
    — is dawlish suitable for families | ,

  • “Audio Asylum - Tweakers' Asylum - Tweaks for systems, rooms and Do It Yourself (DIY) help. FAQ”
    — Tweakers' Asylum,

  • “Your friend is just someone who overaccentuates that fact of "They did this, their new Profile Blog # Actually, if a young European looks at the map and knowing Japan and”
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  • “I did try some local butchers block - stips of heart timber glued together, and the Fancy footers make it sound worse, ie. destroys the balance and overaccentuates detail”
    — AudiogoN Forums: Shelf Material - Neuance,

  • “Iconique's fashion board is the cooler forum to discuss art, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, runway collections, catwalk models, skincare, fashionweek, celebrities and more!”
    — Madonna Fashion Mishap!,

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