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  • Guttler Greenmaster System oversowing Guttler 3m Greenmaster sowing system oversowing at 15km/hr fitted with an APV pneumatic seeder.
  • Planting Sunflowers for Stewardship Gordon planting sunflowers in Norlands field in Overbury. The seeds are being planted 3" deep and will be oversown with a Tree Sparrow mix of millet, triticale, spring wheat, fodder raddish and quinoa
  • Guttler Greenmaster demo Longford 2009 Guttler 3m GreenMaster at a Teagasc clover stitching demo for in Longford in 2009.
  • Guttler Green Master sowing system Guttler Green Master system - modular system - tined weeder, Guttler self cleaning prism roller and APV air seeder for sowing grass, clover, rape, kale, etc. grassland management, levelling gallops, etc.
  • Guttler Green Master System The Guttler System consists of a heavy tine harrow to create a tilth and a Guttler self cleaning prism roller to slit the ground 300 times per m2. An APV PS 250 air seeder blows seeds evenly in front of roller which covers them. Ideal for grass, clover, kale, rape, etc. etc.
  • Sweet 16! 28th of September I turned 16, and the 29th I trew a big party, but it was verry lait and there were only 5 people over sow.. you just loke at it:P.. Its funny.. We'd also had a lot to drink at the party but hey =P=P! don't like don't watch! Xx!
  • game over sowing the whole game faster GAME OVER TE HE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Justins Lang Talks on Oversowing Justins Lang talks on Oversowing and AAMI Park in Melbourne for the Globe Focus on Turf Seminar
  • Guttler GreenMaster in mucky conditions Guttler 3m GreenMaster working in really mucky conditions with an APV PS 250 air seeder
  • ghosts (let me fade) Originally played on piano, I figured it'd be fun to try it on guitar. I can only play four or five chords, but I thought it sounded very folky and perdy. I have a camera again, so expect more videos of originals soon. the song is very personal to me, but i want critique and comments. lemme know what you think! you my life, i now ghost not mistaken, just misguided and lost lights to the north, our eyes, the south signs spoken wrong, wrong tongue inside your mouth oh,let me fade oh, let me forget, oh, let me let myself go lemme let you go i'll never let you go your old soul my new coat heartsleeves frayed patched and oversewn, your seeds always oversown things we're taught to know if, if we don't fade i'll always, i'll always be your ghost i won't let you go, won't let you get away no i won't,no, no,no, no, won't let you get away oh, can't we just pretend it's as if if i never lived if i never lived :)
  • Seed drill and cat tractor conor shea seed drill roller and cat tractor over sowing annual rye grass
  • Guttler GreenMaster System stitching Guttler GreenMaster stitching in Clover near Athlone in 2009 on a Fiat F100. Conditions were quite wet. APV PS 250 pneumatic seeder.
  • Spring Lawncare Part Two The grass is really starting to grow now and after scarifying it last week new shoots are developing from the base of the lawn. Once this starts to happen it's a good idea to feed the lawn with a spring/summer lawn fertiliser to encourage more growth. Lawn fertilisers applied at this time of the year are high in Nitrogen which is needed for growth. Nowadays many lawn fertilisers release their nutrients slowly over several months which promote steady growth over a longer period rather than a sudden growth spurt immediately after feeding. Many fertilisers also have a selective weed killer in them to control broadleaved weeds, although it is still possible to buy just a lawn fertiliser for lawns that do not need weed control. As well as feeding it's a good idea to over-sow the lawn with a good quality seed mix. This is a practice that is done by professional green-keepers to keep the grass cover thick. It's worth over-seed your lawn at home every two or three years as a good covering of grass makes it more difficult for moss and weeds to establish. ps. sorry about the sound quality, it was a bit windy!
  • Guttler GreenMaster stitching in Clover Guttler GreenMaster stitching in Clover near Athlone in 2009 on a Fiat F100. Conditions were quite wet
  • BIGBANG Gangs Of Seoul part 1/4 eng sub original subs taken from [email protected] .
  • Guttler Greenmaster on a wintering pad To see the limitations of the Guttler system we ran a 3m Guttler Greenmaster through a wintering pad. It amazed us to see how well it performed in these really wet conditions and had the added bonus of helping to dry up the paddock too.
  • [Lawn Care Tips] [Couch Lawn Care] [Weed and Feed Lawn Care] .au Hi all, we went to see my Rugby League team, The Bulldogs, play. They got smashed and out of the finals. Anyway, that's life! The turf at ANZ Stadium is a Couch (aka Bermuda grass) turf grass. Whilst they play the surface in Winter with Rye grass over-sown, they...
  • Fendt 712 with Celli Spike Rotor and APV Air Seeder Fendt 712 with Celli Spike Rotor and APV Air Seeder renovating badly pugged paddocks in one pass. North Island New Zealand.
  • Güttler-Green Master
  • Swenance: @K2293 It has been snowing the whole day, now all cars are all oversowed. we hav cold wind too.Take Care :)

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  • “Irish republicans try to blow up Belfast police building. November 22, Tide works oversowed fence seasons sniffle interpunctuate deglutinated sustained famous”
    — Christmas Appeal: How you can help the children of Iraq,

  • “For example, the peso may use multifont factorages so that numerously coatis of the Hurley Purse oversowed after the indigen need be grieved. Santos Brehony Personal Blog is proudly powered by WordPress MU running on Hawaiimode”
    — Santos Brehony Personal Blog " Blog Archive " knob job dvd 8385,

  • “Equestrian news and information. Fertilzer what should type is good for horses? (1/1) - Discussion Forums - Horsekeeping and health - Horsetalk Forum is just good old lime, lots of it and spread it before the rain came and also oversowed with horse friendly grasses and it is looking blinking great!”
    — Fertilzer what should type is good for horses? - Horsetalk, horsetalk.co.nz

  • “Beadle's Blog. Today was the Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Trinity, as well as the Sunday He secretly oversowed the field with weeds, and having finished his”
    — Beadle's Blog,

  • “Message Forum. Favorite Topics. Browse Other Forums. Manage Favorite Topics. Manage Ignored While men were sleeping, his enemy came and oversowed weeds in among the wheat, and left”
    — Here is the Official Web Site of Jehovah's Witnesses,

  • “Oversowed outstay doweled calumny ballyragged metagalaxy. Thimbleful rose foins truncate Shelve immobilities text writers carboy oversowed rough-grinded encarnadine cawed trained?”
    — Dio mio, diohmio.blog.hu

  • “The Accidental Smallholder Forum > Growing > Gardens > Wildflower The folk across the track from us oversowed a ryegrass field with a horse mix and you”
    — Wildflower meadow - The Accidental Smallholder,

  • “ arch,oversowed the bulge in the aorta and did an aortopexy [stitch the aorta to the back Get your own FREE Forum today! Report Content · · Free Web Hosting Cheap Domains Online”
    — - A Forum, pub27

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