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  • Watch oxyura shows and episodes on AOL Video. See the videos of all the oxyura shows from AOL and its partners. — “oxyura - AOL Video”,
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  • Status Overview and Recommendations for Conservation of the White-headed Duck Oxyura Leucocephala in Central Asia (Wetlands International Global Series) by David Li Zuo Wei and Taej Mundkur angustirostris) and white-headed duck (Oxyura leucocephala) from: Science of the. — “: Oxyura”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun Oxyura has one meaning: Meaning #1 : ruddy duck. — “Oxyura: Information from ”,
  • Oxyura (Stiff-tailed ducks) in Encyclopedia of Life. — “Oxyura - Encyclopedia of Life”,
  • Stock photo search results for ruddy - SuperStock is a leading provider of Contemporary, Vintage and Fine Art stock photography. Ruddy Duck Oxyura jamaicensis in a pond in British Columbia, Canada. — “Ruddy Stock Photography Images From SuperStock”,
  • Oxyura Bonaparte, 1828 -- Stiff-tailed Ducks. Species. Oxyura jamaicensis (Gmelin, 1789) -- érismature rousse, Oxyura jamaicensis, Ruddy Duck. Geographic Information. Geographic Division: North America. — “ITIS Standard Report Page: Oxyura jamaicensis”, itis.gov
  • 2.22- Oxyura jamaicensis. Rainy day and Ruddy Duck on Oriental harbor. Today's pic brings yet another avian migratory sign of springtime on its way. The blue bill of the Ruddy Duck indicate that it is a breeding male on his migration to breeding grounds up north or out west. — “Oriental (NC) Daily Photo: 2.22- Oxyura jamaicensis”,
  • Argentine Blue-bill, Oxyura vittata - notable for possessing the longest penis of all vertebrates in relation to body length.[1] A larger Middle Pleistocene fossil form from the southwestern USA was described as Oxyura bessomi; it was probably quite close to the Ruddy Duck. — “Stiff-tailed duck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • IOC Classification: Domain: Eukaryota • Regnum: Animalia • Phylum: Chordata • Subphylum: Vertebrata • Classis: Aves • Superordo: Neognathae • Ordo: Anseriformes • Familia: Anatidae • Subfamilia: Oxyurinae • Genus: Oxyura • Species: Oxyura australis Philippi, 1836. Vernacular names. — “Oxyura australis - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Oxyura - definition, usage, synonyms, thesaurus. — “Oxyura (definition)”,
  • Definition of Oxyura in the Dictionary. Meaning of Oxyura. What does Oxyura mean? Proper usage of the word Oxyura. Information about Oxyura in the dictionary, synonyms and antonyms. — “What does Oxyura mean? definition and meaning (Free English”,
  • Ruddy duck -- Oxyura jamaicensis Lake Merritt, Oakland, California Your visits have made this photo my 5th to reach the 5,000 views milestone. Thank you. To more action-photos, click my Moving set. — “Plunging down | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • Oxyura australis (Blue-Billed Duck) Members of the genus Oxyura. ZipcodeZoo has pages for 15 species and subspecies in this genus: O. australis (Australian Blue-Billed Duck) · O. — “Oxyura australis (Australian Blue-Billed Duck)”,
  • Page: Tree of Life Oxyura. Stiff-tailed Ducks. The TEXT of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License - Version 3.0. Note that images and other media featured on this page are each governed http:///Oxyura/89297/2007.03.07 in The Tree of Life Web. — “Oxyura”,
  • White-headed duck (Oxyura leucocephala) on ARKive - species information, 13 images and 8 videos. — “White-headed duck - Oxyura leucocephala - ARKive”,
  • The ruddy duck, Oxyura jamaicensis, is a migratory diving duck that arrives in the Chesapeake Bay around mid-October. It often breeds in the lower Great Lakes region, central Canada and northern United States, and some groups winter along the. — “Ruddy Duck (Oxyura jamaicensis) - Chesapeake Bay Program”,

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  • Randomness #1- Argentine Lake Duck Me and my friend Kelsey made this 3 years ago. What do you think you know about the Argentine Lake Duck? I thank Evan Almighty for this. Oh, and Google, too. WHAT IS THAT??? SUBSCRIBE TO ME!
  • érismature roux
  • Ruddy Duck Thump ruddy duck thump
  • Oxyura leucocephala (White-headed Duck) Oxyura leucocephala (White-headed Duck) distribution
  • Ruddy Duck (Oxyura jamaicensis) Ruddy Duck (Oxyura jamaicensis) * Family: Anatidae, * Genus: Oxyura, * Species: O. jamaicensis, * Class: Aves, * Type: Bird, * Diet: Omnivore, * Average life span in the wild: no data, * Order: Anseriformes, * Size: 14-16 inches; Wingspan: 21-24 inches, * Weight: 1-2 pounds, ** They are migratory and winter in coastal bays and unfrozen lakes and ponds. More info: or
  • male White-headed Duck Oxyura leucocephala, near Malaga, Spain a very unlikely location, but only a mile from the stronghold at the Guadalhorce reserve.
  • Ruddy Duck (Anatidae: Oxyura jamaicensis) Male Photographed at Kellys Slough NWR, North Dakota (13 May 2010).
  • male White-headed Duck Oxyura leucocephala, near Malaga, Spain a very unlikely location, but only a mile from the stronghold at the Guadalhorce reserve.
  • Mysterious behaviors of Ruddy Ducks For a male Ruddy Duck, the ability to impress one or more females determines the number of offspring he can sire. To do this, his overall size is less important than the size of his large feet and long tail. Males also go to great lengths to show off their vivid, sky blue bill, and they have the odd behavior of beating their breast and creating bubbles. In this video we propose that the color of a male's bill complements the color of the sky for a reason.
  • Oxyura jamaicensis
  • White-headed duck Erismature à tête blanche Male Oxyura leucocephala somewhere in central spain, April 2005
  • Ruddy Duck (Oxyura jamaicensis) Ruddy Duck
  • Ruddy Duck - Oxyura jamaicensis - Schwarzkopfruderente- L'Érismature rousse
  • Ruddy duck courtship Male ruddy ducks vying for the attention of one female. The vibrant blue of the bill and use of the stiff tail are unmistakeable. Filmed with Canon's XH A1
  • male White-headed Duck Oxyura leucocephala, near Malaga, Spain a very unlikely location, but only a mile from the stronghold at the Guadalhorce reserve.
  • Maccoa Duck Maccoa Duck at WWT Slimbridge
  • male White-headed Duck Oxyura leucocephala, near Malaga, Spain a very unlikely location, but only a mile from the stronghold at the Guadalhorce reserve.
  • White-headed Ducks Савка (Oxyura leucocephala) Молодые савки на озере Сорбулак в Казахстане Juvenile White-headed Ducks on Sorvulak lake in Kazakhstan
  • Cranbrook Ruddy Duck displaying A Stiff-tailed duck. The tail serves as a rudder for this diving duck. To attract potential mates the male displays by erecting its tail and rapidly bobbing its head. ( Oxyura jamaicensis ) May 2004. Observed at Cranbrook, BC.
  • Blue Billed Duck in San Jose, California. EDIT: I have been informed that is is a Ruddy Duck. Thank you. I saw this Blue Billed Duck in the Penetencia Creek pond today, April 30th 2009, in San Jose California. I have seen other post saying that it is a Pintail or a rudder duck. I looked it up online and found the same duck listed as Blue-Billed Duck (Oxyura Australis) a near endangered Austrailian duck. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful animal. It scuttered and played with the other ducks while I was watching it. It was the only one of its kind in the whole pond.
  • Erismature à tête blanche, White-headed duck female Oxyura leucocephala Central Spain, April 2005
  • Aythya marila in Lake Vistonis (Greece) A not common winter visitor to Greek wetlands, Scaups (Aythya marila) together with Tufted Ducks (Aythya fuligula) and White-Headed Ducks (Oxyura leucocephala) in Lake Vistonis, North Greece. January 13, 1995. Duration: 1min,36''
  • Rare Ducks and Coots Rare Ducks and Coots as seen at Niles Pond January 14, 2012 When I was a child, my siblings and I oftentimes called one another nonsensical names-- "old coot" and "silly old coot" are two insults we frequently relied upon. I am not sure from where we picked up these idioms, but I am positive we did not know a coot is a charming water bird. As I was leaving Eastern Point Saturday afternoon, I nearly ran over two coots that were in the road adjacent to Niles Pond. There was a crowd of birders positioned along the water's edge with binoculars and cameras equipped with stupendously enormous telephoto lenses. Quickly parking, I grabbed the video camera, with no time to set-up the tripod. For the most part the birds stayed in the middle of the pond, however several times the coots swam closer to shore, with cover provided by the tall grasses. Coots have a sprightly way of paddling, sort of a bobbing swim, and I thought the jaunty melody of this Beethoven symphony mirrored their movements. Featuring, in order of appearance, Ruddy Duck, Red-breasted Merganser, American Coot, female Ring-necked Duck, and female Mallard. Featuring, in order of appearance Ruddy Duck Oxyura jamaicensis Red-breasted Merganser Mergus serrator American Coot Fulica americana Female Ring-necked Duck Aythya collaris Symphony No. 8 in F Major Op. 93 II Allegretto Scherzando Ludwig van Beethoven London Symphony Orchestra
  • RosieBalls: @rickygervais North American scientists have discovered a duck(Oxyura vittata) that has a penis 42.5cm long. xx http://t.co/JJoBnFzm
  • RareBirdsFrance: 13/01/13 ERISMATURE A TETE BLANCHE Oxyura leucocephala 1 fem toujours à Décines/Miribel #ror01
  • VocConvites: Os machos da espécie marreca-pé-na-bunda (Oxyura vittata) têm pênis que podem chegar a 42,5 centímetros.
  • RareBirdsFrance: 12/01/13 ERISMATURE A TETE BLANCHE Oxyura leucocephala 1 fem toujours à Décines/Miribel #ror01
  • DatosFreak: Pene del pato zambullidor argentino mide lo mismo que el cuerpo en estado flácido FOTO>http://t.co/jcuPbNg0
  • RareBirdsFrance: 09/01/13 ERISMATURE A TETE BLANCHE Oxyura leucocephala 1 fem toujours à Décines/Miribel #ror01
  • RareBirdsFrance: 08/01/13 ERISMATURE A TETE BLANCHE Oxyura leucocephala 1 fem toujours à Décines/Miribel #ror01

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