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  • Located in Westchester County, 35 minutes from NYC. This law school is the home of the Pace Center for Environmental Legal Studies, and its renowned environmental law program. — “Law School”,
  • Pace definition, a rate of movement, esp. in stepping, walking, etc.: See more. put through one's paces, to cause someone to demonstrate his or her ability or to show her or his skill: The french teacher put her pupils through their paces for the visitors. 19. — “Pace | Define Pace at ”,
  • PACE promotes the full participation of people with disabilities in the rights and responsibilities of society. We provide services, which assist people with disabilities in achieving or maintaining independence. People with disabilities direct. — “PACE, Inc. Center for Independent Living - Urbana, Illinois”,
  • Home of the Pace Society of America. — “Pace”,
  • PACES is an educational organization providing home educating parents with the tools they need. — “PACES”,
  • Maps, schedules, and more. — “Pace Bus”,
  • Sells solutions for software authorization, including trialware, copy protection, and remote unlocking for Internet distribution. — “PACE Anti-Piracy”,
  • Innovator of FUSION 3D and 2D digital camera systems, technology, mobile units and solutions for motion pictures, concerts, music videos and more. — “PACE - World's Innovator and Global Leader in 3D Technology”,
  • Council of Europe statutory organ. Sessions four times a year. PACE President meets new member of Bosnian Presidency in Ankara [23/11/2010] PACE President Mevlüt Çavusoglu met Bakir Izetbegovic, Bosniak member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, today in Ankara, and congratulated. — “Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE Web site)”,
  • Pace Machinery is one of the country's largest manufacturers of roll grooving machinery, with a strong line of other pipe preparation equipment. — “Pace Machinery Group and ASP”, pace-
  • Manufacturer of professional underwater film and video equipment. Also, a complete line of lighting for theme park, architectural, and film production use. — “Pace Technologies”,
  • Established in 1955 to advance the profession of providing quality child care and early childhood education. — “Professional Association for Childhood Education (PACE)”,
  • pace synonyms, pace antonyms. Information about pace in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. pace university pace - walk with slow or fast paces; "He paced up and down the hall". — “pace - definition of pace by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Pace,pace news,,Pace High School,Pace Patriot Band,Santa Rosa County commissioners,city of Pace forida,,county government,City of Milton,Santa Rosa County Library System,Pace Library,Pace water company,Pace Postal zip. — “City of Pace/ Pace Florida Community 32571 - Home”,
  • PACE is a Palestinian NGO with a mission to protect and promote Palestinian cultural PACE strives to make a positive impact on the country by protecting its cultural heritage. — “The Palestinian Association for Cultural Exchange - PACE”,
  • Federal Action Grassroots Toolkit We need your help now to ask Congress to take immediate action by passing "The PACE Assessment Protection Act of 201. — “PACENow”,
  • This section provides a general overview of the PACE program. The PACE model was developed to address the needs of long-term care clients, providers, and payers. — “Overview Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)”,
  • With campuses in Pleasantville, White Plains, and New York City. — “Pace University”,
  • From coast to coast, Pace is North America's number one trailer brand! Learn why Pace goes the extra mile in design, construction and support. — “Pace American - High Performance Trailers”,
  • Pace is the industry leader in the manufacturing and installation of vinyl windows. Pace has many glass options and offers a combination of quality and value. — “Pace Windows & Door Corp”,
  • Pace plc, a British electronics company. Pace (transit), an operator of buses in the Pace Membership Warehouse, a defunct American retail chain. Pace. — “Pace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Discover recipes using Pace salsa, picante sauce, and queso. Find out about current promotions. Learn about all the different flavors of Pace products. — “Pace Foods”,

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  • Ten Paces Away (Gin club) 10 paces away is the 1st single of the Gin Club's double album "junk" out now on Plus One Records. Directed, filmed and edited by Kellie Lloyd.
  • Pushing Daisies - Lee Pace's Favorite Scenes (Paley Center Interview) Pushing Daisies actors Lee Pace (Ned), Anna Friel (Charlotte "Chuck" Charles), and Chi McBride (Emerson Cod) talk about their favorite scenes in the show.
  • Alabama - Words at Twenty Paces Alabama - Words at Twenty Paces - from the album "Mouontain Music"
  • The Paces - Nothing Is Wasted "Nothing is wasted" from The Paces EP "sonic street monkey". Video by Reverse Pictures (
  • Ocelot® Light Protected Patrol Vehicle put through its paces The Ocelot® Light Protected Patrol Vehicle designed and developed by Team Ocelot, which draws on the world leading blast protection know-how of Force Protection and the renowned automotive engineering excellence of Ricardo.
  • Rhythmic Pace | Antelope The Rhythmic Pace of Antelope. Thomson Gazelle - Africa Impala - Africa Black Buck - Asia Springbok - Africa Grant's Gazelle - Africa Cheetah - Africa
  • Eric Alva on Gen. Peter Pace's Anti-gay Comments: Paula Zahn Openly gay Marine Staff Sgt. (Ret.) and Human Rights Campaign spokesperson Eric Alva appears on CNN's Paula Zahn to discuss Join Chiefs Chairman Peter Pace's comments that gays and lesbians are immoral.
  • Pup Idol Part Two: Police Pup Idols Put Through Their Paces Part two - Find out how the latest litter of police puppies are coping with their training - who has the X Factor and who's in the dog-house!
  • Sony HDR XR550 put through the paces All of this video was filmed with the Sony HDR XR550 which will be a back up camera and also the one to take under water for HD filming. The quality of the image is excellent, great macro, smooth slow record for 5 seconds, 240GB hard drive for tremendous capacity, 12mp stills and 8.3mp stills while filming. Great camera and one that would work for making any kind of YouTube videos or anything else you can think of. Music: 'Percussiva Altima' by mikethemixer
  • PACES New Station 5 Guide Dr Doug McDonald discusses the new PACES Station 5, and how to approach it.
  • The Paces - Song 8 ([email protected] 2009) "The Paces" performing [email protected] in Basel Sa. 22.08.2009 Song 08 Produced by: Reverse Pictures Camera: Andreas Schaal, Daniel Bossart, Demian Bichsel, Erdem Ucar, Fabian Aiolfi, Nico Schmied Sound Mix: RadioX
  • Big TV: Polarbearman Global warming really hits home for one man in this stirring short film made by directorial team Big TV (Andy Delaney and Monte Whitebloom). Set against the backdrop of a documentary about the looming extinction of polar bears playing throughout the clip, the unnamed protagonist (played by Lee Pace) is slowly flooded out of the ground floor of his home as he drinks tea and irons his pants. He calmly ascends each adjacent level as the water rises, only to finally be surprised by his ultimate fate.
  • PACES New Station 5 Case Example Part 2 Dr Doug McDonald presents a case example for the new Station 5 for the MRCP 2 PACES exam.
  • Ed Paces around for A couplemin Yaaaaaaaaaa
  • Jack McCoy puts the Lumix FT3 Tough camera through its paces Jack McCoy puts the Lumix FT3 Tough camera through its paces. Waterproof to 12M this is the perfect camera for the great Australian outdoors. This video is recorded entirely on the FT3.
  • TPX vs. Tac8: 20 paces duel gunfight (1 of 2) Both players stood back to back and then walked ten paces each and turned to fire. We were playing best out of 3. We did not count the rounds that we both missed. This fight was between ColMustard of Shadow Dragon Initiative and Brokem of the Dogs of War. ColMustard was wielding the TPX and Brokem had the Tac 8. First round of the video, both players missed. Second Round of the video, both players missed again. The third round, Brokem skimmed one over ColMustard's head, but both players missed. The fourth round, ColMustard shot Brokem in the leg. The battle in continued in video two.
  • New arrivals are put through their paces As the soldiers from 4 Mechanized Brigade arrive in Camp Bastion to begin their six month tour of duty, each will under take final in theatre confirmation training. This is part of the Reception Staging and Onwards Integration process delivered by the British Armys Operational Training and Advisory Group (OPTAG). All MOD personnel arriving in theatre attend a range of training packages covering; countering improvised explosive devices, casualty evacuation, cultural awareness briefs, helicopter drills, environmental health briefs, defensive shoots in the day and night time, infantry patrolling skills and weapons stands, and confirmation briefings on the rules of engagement for opening fire. Soldiers from 11 Light Brigade, who have come to the end of their six month tour, are providing an insight into the situation on the ground along with real-life experience and hints and tips. Filmed and edited by Sgt Tom Robinson
  • FIFA 08 - Aterciopelados - Paces Oye ill upload the rest
  • Shaolin Monk put Mail reporter through his paces SEE how Birmingham Mail reporter Paul Suart got on when a Shaolin Monk taught him a routine at Brindley Place after the incredible martial arts experts had given a special lunchtime performance to wowed passers by.
  • History taking for MRCP PACES medical interview. note the steps:introduction,hostory of presenting compliant,past medical history,family history,drug and social history and then systematic review. note the use of open and close ended questions,facilitation and summerization. for more tips on history taking, visit my blog.
  • Pai Mei's 7 paces palm The original white lotus clan priest Pai Mei; played by Lo Lieh.
  • A Hero From A Thousand Paces - Philadelphia
  • Native Instruments TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO - DJ Rafik puts SCRATCH PRO through its paces Buy Traktor Scratch Pro: Buy Traktor Kontrol S4: Buy Maschine: Native Instruments TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO For more, visit:
  • Running different paces (pose) / Looptechniek Pose methode Pose method of running. Characteristics of pose running; 1.Landing as close as possible under the body over the BOF=ball of foot (with BOF, hip and shoulder aligned) 2.Use of gravity as the motive force in running by leaning forward, (releasing the COM=center of mass over, in front of support). Don't bent in the waist! 3.COS (change of support) by pulling the foot from the ground via hamstring activity. So there is no active (conscious, intended) push-off on support. Use of tendon- and muscle elasticity of plantar fascia, achillis, calve muscles, quadriceps, ITB etc., helps the body to regain height to change support again 4.Speed, ROM (range of motion) of limbs and cadence depends on the angle of lean and the ability of the runner to change support efficiently. The movement of the legs results from use of muscle- and tendon elasticity, gravity and momentum/inertia. An active landing should be avoided (extension of knee, dorsalflexion of foot, forced BOF landing). The thighs should stay relaxed in the swing-phase. So no knee drive! The knee moves forward, not up (or only minor due to momentum when speed is high). BTW; To make good use of muscle-tendon elasticity, the minimal cadence in poserunning is 180 spm
  • MRCP PACES Motor System Arms examin the motor system of the arms.
  • Persona La Ave - Night Paces MP3
  • MRCP PACES Motor System legs examin the motor system of the lower limbs
  • "The Philosopher Kings" Official Trailer "The Philosopher Kings," is a feature-length documentary that interweaves the gripping stories of eight janitors who work for some of America's top universities. Official Selection at the AFI Channel SILVERDOCS Documentary Film Festival 2009.
  • TEN PACES Who said the Western was dead? Two overgrown cowboys duke it out in this 16 mm colored short film. Directed by Jake LaDuke. Directer of Photography, Bryan Butt
  • London Boris Bike Stunts: Dan Lacey puts hire bicycle through its paces Dan Lacey, a professional BMX rider, takes one of the Mayor of London's new for-hire bikes for a spin around the capital. The British rider, who has recently returned from the 2010 X-Games in Los Angeles, found the going tougher than he expected. The design and, more significantly, the weight of the bike meant that he was not able to pull off the more spectacular tricks he is accustomed to performing at major events around the world. His efforts were thwarted by a bicycle which he described as being "built like a tank".
  • A TSS RS500GP being put through its paces in New Zealand The RS500GP is here: THE Two-Stroke Superbike. Developed by a 500cc GP engineer for maximum thrills AND durability, this is the most exciting lightweight, high-powered sportsbike for street and track and it is available to build or purchase anywhere in the world. With 120HP at the crank and weighing just 108kg wet (in race trim), this is one explosively powerful and telepathically nimble machine. Ridden well, the RS500GP can run rings around modern 1000cc four-stroke sportsbikes, while delivering more thrills in a lighter, more responsive package. For more details log onto This short video was shot in New Zealand. More videos will follow from Australia, the UK, US, Europe and of course The Isle of Man.
  • Madness Keyboard player Mike Barson putting the KORG SV-1 through its paces while on tour in the UK. THEY CALL IT MADNESS They dominated the UK charts in the 80's and are still going strong with sell out gigs across Europe...London band Madness were and still are a phenomenon with a huge, almost cult like following Keyboard player Mike Barson founded the band in '76 and wrote some of their biggest hits including My Girl. Korg caught up with Mike putting the SV-1 through its paces while on tour in the UK. " It sounds fantastic. Very nice piano sounds. It's really excellent. I expect to be getting a lot of pleasure form this in the coming years! " For some Madness nostalgia check out the video here, where Mike shows off the sounds of the SV-1 with a medley of their biggest hits. For more info on the band and upcoming tour dates go to
  • Interceptor 42 EVENING STAR put through her paces Interceptor 42 EVENING STAR put through her paces offshore in rough conditions alongside the Intercepotor 55 ORCA II
  • Phi Life Cypher - Cordless Mics at 20 Paces DJ SKitz
  • MRCP STATION 4 PACES - A video from Law and Medicine Limited on communication skills and ethics Station 4 of PACES in the MRCP is about communication skills and ethics. This ten minute video, free-to-watch, is a complete introduction to this important compulsory station in the exam. It can mean the difference between a candidate passing or failing the entire examination. 50 scenarios are currently available for 15 pounds along with 2 other videos from
  • Canon VIXIA HF M31 HD Camcorder Review - UBC The HF M31 / HFM31 was put through its paces of zooming, panning and touchscreen focusing. Read the full review:
  • "Paces Towards Death" - Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 HQ MP3: Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (US/EU-XBOX360/PS3) Naruto Shippuden Narutimate Ninja Storm 2 (US/EU-XBOX360/PS3) More coming up!
  • Pace Suburban Bus - Wrigley Field Express Route 282 Schaumburg Wrigley Field Express Route 779 Yorktown Wrigley Field Express Paces two Wrigley Field Express routes take passengers directly from either the Northwest Transportation Center in Schaumburg or from the Yorktown Center in Lombard to the ballpark. Riders can take advantage of free parking at both locations. Service Dates: The Wrigley Field Express routes serve the home opener game, night games, weekend and holiday games, and every game in June, July and August. There is no service to daytime weekday games in April, May, September, or October. Service Hours: Follow the link below for route departure times. Buses depart from Wrigley Field 30 minutes after the game ends. Drop-off and pick-up points are marked with Pace bus stop signs on Clark Street. Riders should ensure they board the bus headed to their correct destination. Cost: The Wrigley Field Express costs only $4.00 per person each way (exact fare is required). Pace Premium 10-Ride Plus ticket will be accepted as fare payment for this service. Tickets may be purchased at the Pace Online Store. Link to Cubs 2010 Home Schedule (Pace Service to Cubs games): Service Note: Due to capital funding constraints, Pace can provide a limited number buses at both the Schaumburg and Yorktown (Lombard) boarding locations for weekday service on the Wrigley Field Express. Riders are seated on a first-come-first-served basis. If all seats are filled on all buses, extra passengers can board but must ...
  • The Philosopher Kings In search of wisdom found in unlikely places, The Philosopher Kings takes us on a journey through the halls of the most prestigious universities in America to learn from the staff members who see it all and have been through it all: the custodians.
  • TimGattSky: TimGattSky: Sally: "Ppl wd like me to be as perfect as Sarah Brown & Samantha Cameron [...] They did walk 3 paces behind their husbands. I can't do it"
  • topix_miami: topix_miami: Rhett Fuller spent 21 years running from murder charges; now he's coming home: Rhett Fuller paces the cool livin...
  • CMYSUCCESS: CMYSUCCESS: Georgetown luxury boutique hotel moves ahead: Capella is West Paces Hotels' luxury brand that it hopes to develo...
  • JamesMills1984: JamesMills1984: Only at #Lab11 will I be lobbied with two paces for and against High Speed Rail followed by boycott on Isreali fruit.... Random.
  • River__Song_: River__Song_: @StormyJeff @Cat__Song *paces the corridors* Cat that's not fair, get back here now
  • AnnaHill: AnnaHill: Meanwhile I can hear a distant charango...warming up to be put through its paces.
  • xeppa: xeppa: @Alice_pad Alice PAces???no seria Williams?
  • MattQsack: MattQsack: @jkhayc I have been more sore from running a slower paces in races when things go south... Must change muscle use... Hope ya recovery quick
  • only1me1986: only1me1986: @Bad_Ass_Nesha21 they trading paces
  • delilah_maria: delilah_maria: wht are the odds tht one direction montreal of all paces in canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh this is amazing OMG!!!!!!
  • lizmacrider: lizmacrider: The photographer has been preparing for the wedding. Bridesmaids run errands for their friend; the groom paces the hallway for his bride.
  • Rustyknight1969: Rustyknight1969: @DiscontentedMrs you need to be put through your paces to build up your pain threshold. A nice black candle wax on and a whip wax off.
  • EggS0up: EggS0up: I'm at QuikTrip (2804 Paces Ferry Rd SE, Smyrna)
  • shusuphil: shusuphil: RT @steve4good: We are excited about launching our new R&D programme on Thursday - last few paces left #bigsociety #spring
  • OhLookBirdies: OhLookBirdies: Do you make the same number of paces with each foot, measured over a lifetime? I guess you're likely to favour one.
  • stevebridger: stevebridger: RT @steve4good: We are excited about launching our new research prog on Thurs - last few paces left #bigsociety #spring
  • thebigsociety: thebigsociety: RT @steve4good: We are excited about launching our new R&D programme on Thursday - last few paces left #bigsociety #spring
  • VoiceNowPlaying: VoiceNowPlaying: Now playing: Ten Paces Away by The Gin Club on 99.9 Voice FM #nowplaying
  • FearlessGinny: FearlessGinny: *casually backs away from TL and jumps into the mentions* I'll be here if you need me. *paces in mentions*
  • DamnMariana: DamnMariana: RT @planetaurbe: Charlie Sheen hizo las pases con Warner Bros
  • Lord_Monteagle: Lord_Monteagle: RT @miguelencasa @spygun Price Eyewatering must be dull accountants. Here at Monteagle & Co we nose a magnum of Krug at 20 paces.
  • yeesiii: yeesiii: RT @planetaurbe: Charlie Sheen hizo las pases con Warner Bros
  • wheelalignment: wheelalignment: 2012 #Toyota Hilux proves it's as tough and unbreakable as ever Wow. This truck has gone through it's paces.
  • JaeMillss: JaeMillss: RT @anderslies: @JaeMillss paces so much holy that can't be healthy.
  • AlastairBe: AlastairBe: RT @FootballFoundtn: New community 3G pitch enjoyed by youngsters thanks to work by @FootballFoundtn & @cornwallfa - #grassroots
  • cornwallfa: cornwallfa: RT @FootballFoundtn: New community 3G pitch enjoyed by youngsters thanks to work by @FootballFoundtn & @cornwallfa - #grassroots
  • MitsubishiUK: MitsubishiUK: RT @MitsubishiPress: Tune into ITV1 at 9pm tonight to see the contestants of 71DN brave the freezing conditions whilst putting 6 of our #L200 through its paces!
  • MitsubishiPress: MitsubishiPress: Tune into ITV1 at 9pm tonight to see the contestants of 71DN brave the freezing conditions whilst putting 6 of our #L200 through its paces!
  • honeyinmyveins: honeyinmyveins: ARSE, Cure tickets go onsale at 9am on Friday. We're hosting a breakfast event from 8.30am. GAH. *paces floor thinking of solution*
  • MoustacheBass: MoustacheBass: RT @planetaurbe: Charlie Sheen hizo las pases con Warner Bros
  • CarlosRafa07: CarlosRafa07: RT @planetaurbe: Charlie Sheen hizo las pases con Warner Bros
  • blackdeezy: blackdeezy: soooooooooooooooo any good paces to eat lunch in L.A. people?
  • IsLuigiDude: IsLuigiDude: RT @planetaurbe: Charlie Sheen hizo las pases con Warner Bros
  • steve4good: steve4good: We are excited about launching our new R&D programme on Thursday - last few paces left #bigsociety #spring
  • marcusscotney: marcusscotney: Being put through my paces on my lactate threshold test
  • yesandcory: yesandcory: "Go 20 paces, then turn left." - I put my GPS on pirate mode. #GPSPirate
  • MicheAust: MicheAust: RT @zecool: "Why as adults we recognize that we all learn at different paces, but students have to be at same point at same time?"
  • miamiauto: miamiauto: Rhett Fuller spent 21 years running from murder charges; now he's coming home: Rhett Fuller paces the cool livin...
  • juaquinlax: juaquinlax: YEA [email protected] La verdad Rose mató a Charlie, aunque Sheen ya hizo las paces con Warner. Viene un regreso triunfal de Charlie xD #yeahrigth
  • anderslies: anderslies: @JaeMillss paces so much holy that can't be healthy.
  • dicksketches: dicksketches: *watches season 4 of breaking bad* *paces nervously around apartment for next two hours* *plays online scrabble to calm down*
  • SarahDarerLitt: SarahDarerLitt: @CandlemarkGleam Kids develop intellectually & emotionally at such different paces - age rating guideline. My parents didn't censor me
  • buckyjones7: buckyjones7: @RStanno put through my paces! :)
  • VaPaperChaser: VaPaperChaser: @CGant06 ahahahaha niggah,heed tha bet or do I have to resort to violence. 10 paces nigga!
  • Oreste10: Oreste10: La verdad Rose mató a Charlie, aunque Sheen ya hizo las paces con Warner. Viene un regreso triunfal de Charlie xD #yeahrigth
  • Charli008: Charli008: @Why_RetarDEX Got my samples - thanks!! WIll put it through my paces as of next week!!
  • patweber: patweber: Start Slow: Starting slow paces each day in accordance with a natural internal balance: a meanin... via @zen_habits
  • DirtyOldBroad: DirtyOldBroad: Got my new Babolat racquet - now just need weather to cooperate so I can put it through its paces. Am. So. Excited!!!!!
  • JonLeePButler: JonLeePButler: Did I say 20 paces? Oh maybe I meant abit more....
  • juanpacadario: juanpacadario: RT @extremesailing: Official #exss training 2day in Nice. Open races 2mrow & thurs from 2pm to put teams through their paces be4 stadium racing on Fri/Sat/Sun
  • NatParNet: NatParNet: Most of us recognize that children develop at different paces, so why do we expect all of them to read at the same...
  • BRSNewmarket: BRSNewmarket: Looking forward to welcoming 3 journalists for a jockey bootcamp next week to be put through their paces!! @Rod_RfC
  • WMCDirect: WMCDirect: RT @AutoExpress: We've driven the new Bentley Continental GTC. @DanStrongUK put the the beautiful new cabriolet through its paces:
  • ArsenalHF: ArsenalHF: [VIDEO] Watch the Arsenal squad put through their paces
  • GagasMyVirtue: GagasMyVirtue: And my heart still beats like a hammer.. Come take my perfect paces on a runaway train.
  • cliffsinon: cliffsinon: I'm at TermNet (2727 Paces Ferry Rd SE, Vinings)
  • fairoaksfarms: fairoaksfarms: This Saturday, (Oct. 1) Fair Oaks Farms kicks off Cowtoberfest with Wide Open Paces, a 5K and 10K Fun Run/Walk...
  • ERSEA_SHIPsCo: ERSEA_SHIPsCo: RT @extremesailing: Official #exss training 2day in Nice. Open races 2mrow & thurs from 2pm to put teams through their paces be4 stadium racing on Fri/Sat/Sun
  • fitzy_1983: fitzy_1983: Off the gym with @Rooneymadshouts gonna put him through his paces
  • extremesailing: extremesailing: Official #exss training 2day in Nice. Open races 2mrow & thurs from 2pm to put teams through their paces be4 stadium racing on Fri/Sat/Sun
  • JulieRoyer: JulieRoyer: Official #exss training 2day in Nice. Open races 2mrow & thurs from 2pm to put teams through their paces be4 stadium racing on Fri/Sat/Sun
  • gvgradstudents: gvgradstudents: All grads: Dont forget PACES Workshop: Responsible Conduct of Research tonight! A few spaces are left. Follow the...
  • TeAmoMary_: TeAmoMary_: Light up at cha personal paces, cus its a #personalparty.
  • AxiCom_CMT: AxiCom_CMT: We love this video of the @PanasonicProEU displays being put through their paces!
  • taylourabauer: taylourabauer: @rilehhh 108 times in the paces test!!! #likeaboss
  • DaddyRunsALot: DaddyRunsALot: @SpankTiffy When I'm eating a burrito, it's best to stay back at least 50 paces.
  • Quixotique: Quixotique: Ran 1.68 miles in 16 mins and felt great. Race pace short brick. Very happy with both paces (16.5 mph on the bike, ...
  • BlayneBeacham: BlayneBeacham: I'm at Caribou Coffee (3487 Northside Pkwy NW, near W Paces Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta) w/ 2 others
  • pulpe: pulpe: Ways to annoy: Follow a couple paces behind someone and spray Lysol on everything they touch.
  • BrightonGuitar1: BrightonGuitar1: Recently we have been waking luke through his paces when it comes to soloing using the pentatonic scale. We were...
  • puttyfoot: puttyfoot: just put my Lensbaby through it's paces in our studio, was fun but hard, will post images of my experience later! yay!
  • ewellburn: ewellburn: RT @zecool: "Why as adults we recognize that we all learn at different paces, but students have to be at same point at same time?"
  • Nachurale: Nachurale: I'm at The Home Depot (2450 Cumberland Pkwy, near Paces Ferry Rd, Atlanta)
  • cnaamani: cnaamani: RT @zecool: "Why as adults we recognize that we all learn at different paces, but students have to be at same point at same time?"
  • zecool: zecool: "Why as adults we recognize that we all learn at different paces, but students have to be at same point at same time?"
  • Xendurance: Xendurance: Running today? Try changing paces during your run. This is a great way to get used to changes of pace.
  • tweetease: tweetease: RT @IamNessarox: I'm at QuikTrip (2804 Paces Ferry Rd SE, Smyrna)
  • terrykearns: terrykearns: 2nd Stop: Paces Ferry UMC - APC Sacred Spaces Tour: I began my Saturday at the Paces Ferry United Methodist Chur...
  • shembok: shembok: calls not coming thru @vodacom111, no data connection with @cellc. And @mtn put you thru your paces for a contract. #TechMakesThingsEasier?
  • Hood_Phonathon: Hood_Phonathon: RT @HoodBlazers: Baker Paces Blazers at F&M Golf Invitational
  • BringOnTomorrow: BringOnTomorrow: @jakehumphreyf1 Sounds like @InKilterFitness has been putting you through his paces! has he recommended our recovery shakes to you?
  • radio102nueve: radio102nueve: "Charlie Sheen y Warner hacen las paces"
  • rocksailing: rocksailing: Oman Sail set for French challenge: Raring to go: Oman Air's bowman going through his paces ahead of the Extreme...
  • bien_cb: bien_cb: @denisianayve Your gonna miss them.I bet.The best graduation gift for you is Paces.:))
  • mosaicnewsweb: mosaicnewsweb: Norton paces Seahawks to first place finish at Elms Invitational
  • bien_cb: bien_cb: @denisianayve The game,about Paces.:))
  • sophiessteaks: sophiessteaks: Good to see @b13lch putting @TheVintner through his paces
  • MuteVixen: MuteVixen: @Jaasmiiine Not sure. :( I havta do paces, and I might be in Rockwell Club the whole day. You guys have classes tomorrow?
  • YossiBFans: YossiBFans: Video : Training pre-Olympiacos - Watch the Arsenal squad put through their paces:
  • clark223: clark223: RT @Andrew_Frankel: Nothing like taking wrong turn on a deserted Croatian motorway while late for a plane for putting a 195mph Bentley through its paces.
  • leboyfriend: leboyfriend: @nfmusic @alexrossmusicI do believe we vicarious musicians would pay good money to see you two go at it at 20 paces.Cabalettas at the ready!
  • Andrew_Frankel: Andrew_Frankel: Nothing like taking wrong turn on a deserted Croatian motorway while late for a plane for putting a 195mph Bentley through its paces.
  • erik_nilsen: erik_nilsen: Grant Call - Part Deux in September. Applications keep coming in at record paces...
  • the_doctor_bot: the_doctor_bot: This is my Timey Wimey Detector. Goes "bing" when there's stuff. It also fries eggs at 30 paces (cont) #doctorwho
  • CormiaBDBFM: CormiaBDBFM: -paces back and forth in my sleeping quarters, plagued by fear knowing that #Phury wants to take me from the Other Side, to the home where >
  • bodan73: bodan73: Charlie Sheen y Warner hacen las paces -
  • RedRoses4: RedRoses4: RT @justgooddogs: Keep walks interesting, why not walk at different paces, use another route and stop at times. Keep your dog curious of what may happen next
  • 13shotz: 13shotz: Soooo I'm looking for a job! Anyone. Knw of any paces please let me know #full-time with benefits please!
  • PaulOBrien: PaulOBrien: Remains to be seen if 512MB RAM will be an issue, very much looking forward to putting it through it's paces!
  • Anjeebaby: Anjeebaby: @K4_REN me too, but I am a snob I can spot a designer label at a 100 paces

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