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  • Joshua Jackson, Actor: Dawson's Creek. Joshua was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, but spent the first eight years of his life in California before returning to Canada. At the age of 11, Josh decided he wanted to pursue acting. Knowing how Must Come to an End (2003) Pacey Witter. — “Joshua Jackson - IMDb”,
  • Official web site for musician Kyle Pacey. Pacey is a guitarist, singer and songwriter whose unique and exhilarating style of rhythm playing has been amazing audiences for years. The site contains a bio, events, recordings, music and other. — “Kyle Pacey Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, music”,
  • Wendy-Sarah Pacey produces original one off commissioned jewellery as well as several production ranges of highly wearable pieces. If you would like to discuss commissioning a piece from Wendy please call or e-mail to discuss the possibilities. — “Wendy-Sarah Pacey: Home page”,
  • Pacey + Pacey is a Vancouver-based graphic design studio dedicated to imaginative, conceptual and quality-oriented solutions for creative clients who appreciate exceptional ideas, design and communication for their advertising and marketing. This. — “Pacey + Pacey Design, Vancouver, BC”,
  • For three generations, Pacey's Pianos in Vancouver has been a full service piano establishment. Pacey's Pianos sells, rents, tunes, refinishes, and rebuilds pianos. Featuring Yamaha, Kawai, and Liebermann pianos and many more. — “Pacey's Pianos, Vancouver”,
  • A place for fans of Pacey and Joey to view, download, share, and discuss their favorite images, icons, photos and wallpapers. — “Pacey and Joey Images | Icons, Wallpapers and Photos on Fanpop”,
  • Definition of pacey from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of pacey. Pronunciation of pacey. Definition of the word pacey. Origin of the word pacey. — “pacey - Definition of pacey at ”,
  • PACEY ELECTRICAL & TECHNOLOGIES is your resource for fully insured, licensed, bonded electrical work. Whether it's a simple ceiling fan installation, or rewiring a complete home, Pacey Electrical & Technologies is the name you can trust. — “Pacey Electrical and Technology - Surburban Chicago's”,
  • Pacey Gender: Masculine Usage: English Pronounced: PAY-see From an English surname which was derived from the French place. — “Pacey: Information from ”,
  • . This domain name is available for use! It is part of an exclusive collection of "shared" personal names that allows multiple users to have simple, memorable, personalized email addresses, such as [email protected], all sharing the same domain name. See if your name is available:. — “”,
  • PACEY'S PICS will change your mind! Absorb those USELESS FACTS I was If you want to be notified every time Pacey's Place is updated, type in your e-mail address below and click. — “Pacey's Place”,
  • Shop our large selection of pacey gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers starting at $5 . Unique pacey designs. Fast shipping. — “Pacey Gifts, T-shirts, Stickers and more - CafePress”,
  • Definition of pacey in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of pacey. Pronunciation of pacey. Translations of pacey. pacey synonyms, pacey antonyms. Information about pacey in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “pacey - definition of pacey by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Arnold Pacey is an Associate Lecturer at the Open University, Britain. Arnold Pacey. Cloth / January 1992. From cathedrals to star wars, Arnold Pacey looks at the interaction of technologies and society over the last thousand years and uses that survey to argue for a more humane form of future. — “Arnold Pacey - The MIT Press”,
  • tempe singer songwriter Carol Pacey. Carol Pacey. Carol Pacey: Home. Singer.Songwriter.Americana.Folk. Official site with tunes, show dates, and much more!. — “Carol Pacey”,
  • Pacey's is an independent casual clothing boutique serving Calgary since 1980. FALL 2010 @ PACEY'S. COLOR: THE BASIC COLORS OF BLACK, GREY, BROWN AND OLIVE ARE BACK. — “Pacey's ... real life clothes > Home”,
  • Official site for the prime-time soap opera Dawson's Creek. Includes clips from upcoming episodes, virtual tour of the new Creek world, photo gallery, lines to remember from past episodes, and more. — “Dawson's Creek - Columbia Tristar”,
  • Archived: 9/13/07 at tlp Pacey hopes Joey can forgive him for breaking her heart and give their love a second chance. This video focuses on the lat. Watch Video about Pacey,Joey,Dawson's Creek by . — “Pacey and Joey+Please Forgive Me - Video”,
  • Happy Birthday Britneyy, Hope you had a great day! You are my biggest idol ever :D Love Name Devon Pacey. 13 Following. 9 Followers. 0 Listed. 18Tweets. Favorites. — “Devon Pacey (dpacey) on Twitter”,

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  • Pacey & Joey - Everything Pacey and Joey. Love this couple (top 5 xD). Why? Their chemistry and their story. I loved making this video because i got to remember all of their scenes :D. Hope you guys like it! Song by Lifehouse. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. ALL PROPERTY BELONGS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. MADE FOR FUN NOT PROFIT.
  • My Top 20 "True Love" Moments - Pacey & Joey What I love about Pacey and Joey's relationship is that we all have different ideas about what made their love so great. We'll probably never totally agree on a top 20 because there are so many great moments. This is my choice. You'll see I'm a hopeful romantic! I hope you enjoy watching. Let me know what your choice would have been, you never know I might do a viewers choice version. Fanvid, no copyright infringement intended.
  • Joey Pacey 6x23-6x24 end of the story every time I saw them I feel that how much I miss them. It was the greatest show of my life and the greatest love story in TV. It ended in the way that It meant to end with Joey-Pacey.
  • Joey kisses Pacey their second kiss...8, 9,.... and 10
  • Pacey - 422 The Graduate part 1 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylnes from Season 4.
  • Pacey - 318 Neverland part 1 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 3.
  • Pacey-Con with Joshua Jackson Joshua Jackson hit San Diego this weekend for Pacey-Con, the annual event for all things Pacey and this year the site of the announcement of the TV return of Pacey Witter.
  • Pacey and Joey "The Wall Scene" Our fave couple again. "You bought me a wall?" This just happened to be Katie's fave DC scene.
  • Pacey and Joey - The Anti-prom Dawson's Creek (Pacey and Joey) video of the Anti-prom episode.
  • Pacey - 323 "True Love" part 1 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 3.
  • Pacey - 422 The Graduate part 2 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 4.
  • Pacey - 404 Future Tense part 2 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 4.
  • Pacey - 410 Self Reliance part 1 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 4.
  • Pacey loses it at the prom..Joey is crushed Okay so I have a love/hate thing with Promicide. On the one hand I love that Pacey finally lets out all of his frustrations (and looks so hot doing it) and tells Joey how is feeling, but on the other hand he was so wrong to do it in the middle of the dance floor. Not many girls would ever forgive such humiliation. And I totally believe that Joey never did completely forgive him until the end of the show. A part of her always remembered how badly he hurt her, and it colored how she saw him. Although, I 100 percent believe that if Pacey had at any time during the end of season 4 asked Joey to take him back, she would have without hesitation. (Check out Separation Anxiety for proof.) Onto the Ooompa Loompa (lol) I hated how he swooped in to Joey's rescue. Talk about chasing sloppy seconds...he totally ignored his date, Gretchen. But back to Pacey...I hold a very unpopular opinion, but I think he was completely justified in his rant. It had been a tough year for him...doing double duty at school, not getting into college, still trying to be the man he believed Joey deserved (and wanted..aka Dawson), oh and the little knowledge about the LIE. Yep, Joey Potter crushed him when she lied to Dawson about their night at the ski lodge. Imagine one of the best nights of your life as a couple, totally downplayed and dismissed by the woman you love. So sad. I just want to give Pacey a hug in that scene. Where is Andie when you need her?
  • Pacey - 414 A Winter's Tale part 1 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 4.
  • "Simple" Chapter 1 - The Story of Pacey and Joey #1 of 7 videos - Pacey and Joey moments in chronological order from Season 1 of Dawson's Creek Music: "Simple As It Should Be" by Tristan Prettyman "This love will build through flights and streets; in the end, I predict you'll get the very best of me."
  • Pacey - 414 A Winter's Tale part 2 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 4.
  • Pacey - 501/02 The Bostonian/The Lost Weekend (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 5.
  • Pacey - 404 Future Tense part 1 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 4.
  • How to save a life - Pacey/Joey/Dawson Its about the love triangle of Dawson's Creek, Dawson asks Pacey to look after Joey but they fall in love. Joey is faced with a choice between Pacey and Dawson, if she picks Pacey she loses Dawson, if she picks Dawson she loses Pacey and she just can't figure out how to save there friendship, hence the how to save a life...Joey is struggling with painting her wall which acts a as a metaphor for her being to afraid to choose Pacey. Hope you enjoy it. It includes voice overs. Please comment and rate.
  • the first kiss joey and pacey's first kiss...sweet
  • Pacey and Joey. Final Scenes from 4x14 A Winters Tale i'm going through a real Dawsons Creek phase at the moment, and I'm mid way through season 4, and I really loved this scene and wanted to share it :D
  • Uncharted Waters - Pacey Witter crying This is the heartbreaking scene between Pacey and his father from season 2. Joshua Jackson is simply remarkable.
  • Pacey & Joey -Clip from Joey Potter & the Capside Redemption This is the final scene between Pacey and Joey before she leaves for Paris and before the series finale.
  • Pacey and Joey - Stolen Kisses 1 A clip from Dawson's Creek episode Stolen Kisses
  • My Top 20 Pacey & Joey Moments --PLEASE SCROLL TO THE END IF U WANT TO KNOW WHAT SEASON OR EPISODE EACH SCENE IS FROM-- ****THE REASONS BEHIND MY NUMBER ONE CHOICE CAN BE VIEWED IN THE LAST PARAGRAPH**** This is my top 20 list of Pacey and Joey moments. There are actually a lot more that should have made the cut, but the scenes were not between Pacey and Joey, and I decided that all the top 20 moments should be between the two of them throughout the entire series. The scenes I am thinking of are like the one that Joey and Dawson had in "The Longest Day," where she tells him that she needs Pacey. Or during her conversation with Jen in "Must Come to an End." Or Pacey and Jen's conversation in "To Green, With Love" and "Must Come to an End." Basically many scenes that involved one of them discussing their relationship with someone else who contributed to Pacey and Joey's relationship. OK SO I'VE JUST BEEN TOLD THAT PACEY DOESN'T ACTUALLY SAY "YOU GOT ME" BUT "HE GOT ME," THIS ANNOYS ME TO NO END BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS SUCH A SWEET MOMENT. anyway... If you don't want me to spoil my number one moment, don't read the following until you're done watching the video. My number 1 moment and why I chose it: The reason I chose the dance floor kiss as my number 1 moment was because that look on Joey's face speaks louder than any action or conversation she might have had with anyone. While watching the finale, that scene alone was enough for me to know who Joey was going to end up with. I put it right after Pacey ...
  • Pacey - 301 Like a Virgin part 2 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 3.
  • Pacey - 314 The Valentine's Day Massacre part 1 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 3.
  • Pacey - 320 "The Longest Day" part 2 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 3.
  • Joey & Pacey - Stolen HQ: Description: A storytelling video of how Joey and Pacey fell in love and ended up together. Summary: I am proud of this video because the 'story' side of it came into it accidently by just trying to do something a little different and I think it worked out well. Dedication: Cher(/cryzzel) Music: 'Stolen' by Dashboard Confessional Software: Sony Vegas 8 Created: 13/07/08 Discalimer: I DO NOT OWN DAWSON'S CREEK NOR AM I IN ANYWAY CONNECTED TO THE SHOW. ALL SCENES, CHARACTERS AND REFERENCES USED IN THIS VIDEO DO NOT BELONG TO ME. VIDEO WAS MADE FOR FUN, NOT PROFIT!
  • Pacey - 319 Stolen Kisses part 2 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 3.
  • Joshua Jackson talks Pacey-Con and tells if he'll do it again next year On the FRINGE set, Joshua Jackson tells GMMR's Marisa Roffman about his Funny or Die "Pacey-Con" stunt. Would he be willing to try it again next year?
  • Pacey - 314 The Valentine's Day Massacre part 2 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 3.
  • Pacey - 418 Eastern Standard Time (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 4.
  • pacey/joey SO6E14 (clean and sober) part 1/2 most pacey and joey storylines from "clean and sober" Charleesangel inspired me to this. she did this with nearly all episodes until season six and i love watching them!!! so here i go on with her good work at season6 episode14 where all pacey/joey fans finally get something weve never seen for so long between the both and we all hoped so badly... hope you enjoy it like me :D
  • Pacey - 320 "The Longest Day" part 1 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 3.
  • Pacey - 319 Stolen Kisses part 1 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 3.
  • Pacey / Joey - Eve (HQ music video) MUSIC: Eve - CHANTAL KREVIAZUK SORT OF VIDEO: Dark & Light, High Contrast MAIN CHARACTERS: Pacey Witter and Joey Potter (Dawson's Creek) DESRIPTION: Pacey and Joey have already broken up and now they both are looking back over their shoulders, for all the beautiful memories. I personally love this video. It's the first one which is whole made in Sony Vegas. "Eve" is one of my the most favourite songs. It played when Andie and Pacey were drawing apart, but I think it also fits the PJo couple... ----------------------- WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY, PLEASE!
  • Asher Pacey surfing Australia Asher Pacey surfing the east coast of Australia
  • Dawson's Creek - The Best of Pacey and Joey from Season 3 This is bits of Pacey and Joey from the 3rd season. i had to cut out a lot of things that i actually wanted to keep in because of the time constraint. This is my favorite season of Dawson's Creek. I love the process that Pacey and Joey had to go through to get to True Love. One of the best TV couples ever and I hope you enjoy! When do you think they started to look at each other differently? In my opinion, Pacey saw in a different light when Joey sat with him after he got into a fight with Dawson. He asked her when he should start believing the general consensus about him and she says "when it's right." I think a light bulb went up with Joey when Pacey showed her the name of his boat. The look on her face shows that she didn't realize Pacey was like this. She got to know him this season in a whole different light.
  • Pacey - 204 Tamara's Return part 2 (Dialogue) Mostly Pacey storylines from Season 2.
  • vaneccg: Pacey Wallace *-* (:
  • ebony_bennett: I am developing a Pacey Witter/Jim Halpert-sized crush on @AbeForsythe's Charlie #Laid
  • benmayhew1986: @scowy1975 town will never b the same without u mate, town should have won 8-2 tonight, if they had a pacey striker like u they wud have won
  • LindaBrownEyes: @msdeelightful49 Remember Jacey's 2nd kiss when Pacey was gonna walk off&Joey finally spoke up&showed her emotions?Elena needs 2 do that.
  • dancingQueenB: @Shojimo haha . I think season 3's the best! Soooo romantic Joey and pacey's love story. I wanna watch NCis now. Hahaha
  • MusicalCrush: @stephhh1124 it was totally my favorite. I started watching it again because I found DVDs of it for cheap. Love Pacey and Joey
  • LauraEliz1021: I forgot that Pacey entered the beauty pageant. This is hilarious. #DawsonsCreek
  • insidethetube: Met Josh Jackson today too. Pacey! Poor guy was sick. #Fringe
  • dereklacroix: The Great Turning! An Unconference of Be The Change hear Ann Pacey on Emergency Preparedness April 30, 2011:
  • MusicalCrush: AH I love this episode of Dawson's Creek the official start of Pacey and Joey aww lol
  • SunnyWonny: Pacey & Walter: http:///4nsqno Elyah & John: http:///4nsqtc
  • BettyCash: @Glars25 tell Pacey I say what's up. I heard he still lives there. #jk
  • hannahhxxoo: why does pacey and joeys break up seem awfully familiar....
  • nuena: Pacey the Flat Coated Retriever #nuena
  • dancingQueenB: @Shojimo lmao! I love Joey and pacey!!!! Dawson is gay! Hahahaha
  • SLPYT: @JOSHFLIP1989 Have you seen IF Davies in MLS? Pretty pacey.
  • rizzoyzuko: Pacey was Canadian?? Just saw him on Netflix in a movie called One Week. Only watch if you want to cry.js
  • KamalSyahSharif: @TheKingIsRed :) .. Young is pacey .. Jarvis good delivery/crosser
  • untiltheveryend: Whoa, what?? Jane Lynch is Pacey's mom! #dawsonscreek
  • iitsKatiie_: Season Three Episode 14 - Pacey Witter words can not describe you. http:///xot27nnhr1
  • SAGF_Live: #SAGF: Joshua Jackson is known for Pacey Witter on Dawson's Creek, been working on camera for almost 20 years
  • Garbags121288: @VladiW7 Gutted you are back at city now. hope you come back to us again you are just what we need a pacey winger
  • LindaBrownEyes: Afterall, DawsonJoey got Seasons 1&2, PaceyJoey got Seasons 3&4, Season 5 random dating, S6 was both and then she chose Pacey :) Perfect.
  • shiba500love: @triplebeeper I know the blue room at Pacey's Pond did alot of my corrupting.
  • jenelleriley: Going live with Demethor and Pacey in one hour.
  • renee_1987: Why do i not see any good Pacey/Joey fics? Is that really too much to ask? #disappointed
  • twinflamez: @conquerthethorn the only exception has been Pacey/Joey...
  • ThePhenomenalTM: @Creek_Memoirs ...and miss all the Pacey Tamara episodes? :-o but maybe that's just my older teacher fantasy being the reason I like that!
  • MvelaseP: @CathrynR But I like this incarnation of Pacey. He *really* knows how to work a coat.
  • CathrynR: @MvelaseP I long for simpler times when Pacey hung around with Dawson...
  • JaeDeeElle: Just had a huge laughing fit with #twitterless Sarah Vas, Phil Pacey, and Eric Terry over @schallerd's most recent tweets.
  • CathrynR: What? When did Pacey and the blonde lady hook up? And is the red head her mom? #fringe
  • MichaelGallon: @Gazcumps @nufcfans #Nolan has what many pacey players don't- timing runs into box to perfection & going for 90+ minutes #paceisnteverything
  • jacobsladder71: @dragonloving My girlfriend agrees with you there!! She always says it should have been called "Pacey's Creek"!
  • dragonloving: @jacobsladder71 it was not Dawson we watched it for - Pacey!
  • Creek_Memoirs: "Well tonight you're one of the guys remember, & guys walk. Come on number 4 out ya get" Pacey, 'Future Tense' #cutecouplemoment
  • katietweetsya: @jpetroroy indeed. pacey, my first true television crush.
  • katietweetsya: @jpetroroy i had that urge last night. i got all nostalgic for pacey and such.
  • mattyjuss: joshua jackson aka pacey witter aka charlie conway getting back in the movie game...
  • TheresaMarieP: @SarahEnni The triangle I remember most though is Dawson, Joey and Pacey (Dawson's Creek)
  • TweeterofWit: @freedman69 @wemmawallace 'Dawson's Creaky and Pacey Needs a Pacemaker', I used to call it at the time, to the utter like, fury of classes.
  • shiggitydykon: @_CongoRilla_ at least pacey got the girl in the end
  • _CongoRilla_: @shiggitydykon Shoulda been Pacey's Creek. Pffffft.
  • shiggitydykon: @_CongoRilla_ pacey was the only reason i watched too. i love me some joshua jackson.
  • _CongoRilla_: @shiggitydykon Only good part about Dawson's was Pacey. I just can't let myself like things or give it a chance cuz other ppl ruin it for me
  • sofreakingout: Pacey kiss Andie, they're okay. But Joey break up with Dawson, after say ' i love you'.
  • MariaCSPacheco: I still have the same reactions as i did 11 years ago when i watch dawnson creek. Pacey is still my pretend boyfriend.
  • BRUTALGN5: @ArsenalCharly yea a striker id like a smaller pacey striker like Rossi with RVP sitting behind,or maby Theo but npt in the 433 we play now
  • _jonb: Will happily swap if you've got any recommendations @colin_surgeon Quacks by roy porter is also a nice pacey read
  • Delena_Is_Love: @liamara_ Ιt was good show?i want to start seeing it...Pacey....i know Pacey...he was with Nian in Coachella..super hot if you're asking me!
  • sofreakingout: Pacey dance with other girl. I think that andie is crying right now.
  • liamara_: @Delena_Is_Love OH yesss! My beloved Pacey, I love him till now! lol Joey&Pacey is the reason I still have hopes on Delena. Pacey&Joey <3
  • reflectiverunr: @booobsweat @SpeedySasquatch but I'm more of a Duck's fan, I'm a sucker for Pacey
  • ellpoen: But I can't get over this outfield... How pacey it is..
  • krisleigh24: When I'm sad all I have to do is look at this face and I smile. Love my buddy Pacey more than words! http:///gyfv3ztj
  • JoshyBell: definitely going to dominate virtual pro on Fifa 11 later! To say I am a marauding, pacey full-back would be an understatement!
  • knlebrun88: I want a house with a big yard for Pacey to run around in. I am talking like in the country...
  • KU_Hittman: ohh....I forgot...Pacey grabbed my ass last night #financecommitteeproblems
  • Iluuv_Paramore: @IBieber_Jonas I dunno. How about let's beat the crap out of Pacey and the others? :D Sounds good? :D
  • BobbyAtherton: @WaspsRugby Oh so you do need a pacey fullback #ahemtrial ;)
  • thomashworth: Pacey, you blind idiot, can't you see she doesn't love you?
  • Iluuv_Paramore: @IBieber_Jonas Me too! Ughh! Next year I'll still be hanging out with Pacey :P That girl is mentally deranged! :P
  • Calvertam: @KLaff_TTB bahaha yeah :L and Pacey's scottish accent! xP
  • Calvertam: And i think Pacey even liked Joey in season 1 :P his face when dawson is talking abut if he got together with her :(
  • Calvertam: Season 1, helps Pacey win money in the Miss Windhammer contest... But only because it will be a big story and get him noticed as a director
  • SwearySocialist: @lauramog22 its several books, by George R.R. Martin. :) They're not badly written (though not great) but very pacey and exciting. :)
  • eleonoramita: Joey dari sm dawson,jack,pacey.. Yg super-cute memang pas sama dawson.. ♥ those couple bgt..soundtrack nya jg sukaa bangett @dindanindya
  • the_tara: @keishaasalim but not as hot as pacey witter on dawson's creek! #90s
  • pjyenn: No matter how mature he is now..he always be my Pacey Witter!#joshjackson
  • jennstook: @Diesel3093 Mr pacey just roasted you in our class haha
  • Creek_Memoirs: @pattyzudio me too - love all the Joey & Pacey moments ;)
  • pattyzudio: @Creek_Memoirs Beautiful! One of my favorites moments of Pacey and Joey! =)
  • Jenny_Enigma: @FitFlopME and Jenny Pacey! we love Fit Flops!
  • Creek_Memoirs: Pacey: "It's a new year, Joey. You never know, we could even end up friends." Joey: "Pacey, I'm upset enough as it is" - 'like a virgin' #s3
  • KitCox: OHMYGOSH sue sylvester is pacey's MOM on dawson's creek... what is happening in this world
  • ScoobyatemySnax: that awkward moment when you remember how many tears you cried for ross/rachel & pacey/joey ;___; THEY WERE PERFECT AND MEANT TO BE
  • Creek_Memoirs: "Pacey, get your butt away from me!" "My butt, wants nothing to do with your butt!" - Joey & Pacey, 'Stolen Kisses' #dawsonscreek
  • iitsKatiie_: Season Three Episode Nine!!!! OMG - dancing joey/pacey smiling and laughing and talking joey/pacey and Jen,... http:///xot27e3swq
  • tarynhunter26: Joey, pacey, Jen...nice to see you again. But not you Dawson you douche
  • shielaperez: Mighty Ducks on tv! Classic! one of my fave childhood movie! even before his Pacey days dito ko una na crush si Joshua Jackson!
  • JennM14: @dcg1013 yes i was livid i mean Delena in real life and pacey all in together!! Ugh blech LOL
  • Meg_Breanne: Early night. Curled up in bed w/laptop watching #GilmoreGirls Rory & Logan, 90210's Brandon & Kelly...Dawson's Joey & Pacey, #GH #Liason ...
  • FutbolFeller: Seriously, Suazo would be a great DP for #MLS. Guy is intense, pacey, shifty, composed, etc.
  • rebekahdg: @MlleNouveau Ah, I am Team Pacey! I love Dawson though, as Joey's friend.
  • rebekahdg: @MlleNouveau I was never able to choose a side either. I was however able to choose sides in the Pacey v Dawson debate.
  • cathiemcmathie: @4everYA @cadlymack UGH. WHY AM I ALWAYS ON THE TEAM OF THE LESS POPULAR DUDE IN LOVE TRIANGLES? #TeamNoel4life (although I am Team Pacey..)
  • sus_goldstein: @breezyk2001 You know my love for Pacey is true! Dawson = douche. Ben always let F down- that's my issue. Pacey never was like that to J.
  • CharlieHayesNYC: @cadlymack Noel v. Ben. Dawson v. Pacey. Stefan v. Damon. And now...Chuck v. Dan. Your track record tells me you side with sanity (#Dair). ?
  • adchick22: Yes, Yes! and YES! RT @HeidiDavid: @mommyshorts Told ya, didn't I? Pacey is still irresistible after all thes… (cont)
  • iamchrispauley: @sumshel go Pacey
  • breezyk2001: @sus_goldstein I was ALWAYS pro-Ben. The scene they linked to was just exhibit a! (Where do you stand on Pacey v. Dawson?)
  • edwinternet: The shops closed before I could finish shopping. This is LA not Sydney.. :/ also pacey+Kruger and Leslie Mann at barneys!
  • j_morgan220: @BClax14 I want a boy just like Pacey Witter. :( #daretodream?
  • JennM14: @dcg1013 HA HA I m a mystery when it comes 2 my TV men LOL I hate Ben as much as Pacey LMAO kidding, only watched like 1 season of FELICITY
  • clembastow: @miss_om yes! Diane and Pacey would be so fun!
  • miss_om: @clembastow Always. Diane Kruger (and Pacey), Kate Moss, Karl Lagerfeld, young Tom Hanks...
  • mocampmochamp: Of all the hockey teams, I am most annoyed by Anaheim Ducks. Any team named after a movie starring Pacey Witter is not true hockey. #NHL
  • msdeelightful49: @MaryZimmerebner @switch310 @SweetLuv @LindaBrownEyes @RaeEssie @RupertJensenKSW @AnbuPrincess Who's the blond girl w/ Pacey at Coachella?

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  • “Providing clean and family friendly Christian chat rooms (IRC) and Forums. Web site includes messages, sermons, Bible studies stories and poetry also accepts prayer requests”
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