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  • Some plurkers that you might want to follow: eagle. 33 years old male 33 years old male. from Taipei, Taiwan. nick lee. 34 years old male. from. — “Your life, on the line - ”,
  • Radiata Pine Fence Grade, Sawn or Dressed H3 CCA Wet Treated. Fence pailing are H3 outdoor above ground pailings they are "Wet treated' and are not kiln dried so some srinkage may occur. But they are the perfect for out door fencing applications. — “Timber Fencing - Magnet Mart”, .au
  • Wet pailing: Use plenty of water in a lidded nappy bucket and either 4/5 drops of tea personal experience *** I tried wet pailing at first but now use dry pailing. — “Caring for your cloth nappy system”,
  • your eyes change like 8 time through yoru life or something like that. It happens to almost everyone, infact its happened to me. I used to have blue eyes and now I have green eyes the reflect what im wearing lol weird eh?. — “why are my eyes turning green? OK!!!! yet another question”,
  • Pailing dot NET. pail [peil] n. [̾]¥Ð¥±¥Ä¡Î¼ê¤ª¤±¡Ï¡Ê1ÇÕ¤ÎÎÌ¡Ë. Copyright (c) 1997-2011 Pailing Technologies. All rights reserved. 2011/01/30 11:58:37 / da2938eb11aee0f8ba72885dd7a15bf1 / 6d39203a12ebf98c7d8abd249f663ab1541231ba. — “Pailing dot NET - Pailing Technologies”,
  • Local current weather conditions and extended forecast for Pailing, China, including high and low temperatures, humidity, alerts and more. — “Pailing, China Weather Conditions & Forecast - ”,
  • Natural Fencing - Chestnut Pailing - Individual Pailings Individual Chestnut Pailings Bespoke Pailings can be made £0.35 per 3 ft Pale £0.45 per 3 ft 6 inch Pale £0.60 per 4 ft Pale £0.75 per 5 ft Pale £0.90 per 6 ft Pale Great for stakesMake. — “Chestnut Pailing - Individual Pailings from Natural Fencing”,
  • Marcus Pailing. This review is from: Siege (Hardcover) Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Programme (What's this?) I have always been surprised that the epic siege of Constantinople in 1453, which saw the city fall to the Ottoman Turks, had. — “: Marcus Pailing's review of Siege”,
  • beachhouse decor, home decor, coastal decor, nautical decor, tropical decor This Beach Pailing Wooden Wall Sign is an attractive feature for your home. — “Home Garden Art Decor Homewares Wall Patio Ornaments Outdoor”, .au
  • View Bonny Pailing's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Bonny Pailing discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners. — “Bonny Pailing - LinkedIn”,
  • Research PAILING family history, genealogy and surnames by looking for entries relating to PAILING genealogy added by CuriousFox members. More can be found by searching for the PAILING surname by by county, town, village or county. — “PAILING - Family History, Genealogy and Surname”,
  • Watch unlimited free daily updated Thai videos, music videos and movie clips on the web. — “pailing Videos - My Thailand 360 - Watch Unlimited Thai Music”,
  • Showing page 1 of jobs listed in tagged with "Pailing". Service Central will find a qualified tradesperson for you in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere in Australia. Reliable tradespeople for all your work. — “All jobs in all locations tagged with "Pailing" | Page 1”, .au
  • On Oct. 18, 2006, Taipei Pailing Rotary Club launched a WCS activity at the " Mr. Aaron Wei, President of Taipei Pailing RC led 35 club members, plus 2. — “Taipie Pailing Rotary WCS Activity Report”,
  • tom pailing. About This Site. Bank Underground. South Gare Generator. Byker Art Gallery. Ephemeral Elephant. Info. Main. Copyright 2007. Built with Indexhibit. Hello!// Site Work in Progress. — “Main : tom pailing”,
  • When washing cloth diapers, much like when buying any new article of clothing, it is wise to first check the individual manufacturer's washing instructions. Depending on the consistency of baby's BM, you may want to consider rinsing or dunking the cloth diaper in the toilet prior to pailing. — “Washing Cloth Diapers | Cloth Diaper Blog. The All In One”,
  • pailing is using Twitter. Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through answers to one simple question: What's happening? Join today to start receiving pailing's tweets. — “hsupailing (pailing) on Twitter”,
  • The CEO of Western Australia's Foodbank charity Doug Pailing is handing over the reins after 16 years of feeding the needy. Doug Pailing set up the state's first Foodbank charity 16 years ago and now it's now grown so big that only supermarkets chains like Coles and. — “Driving a food revolution - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting”, .au
  • directed by DeAun West, founding musical director and well known conductor of handbell music. Partial operating support funded by: Allied Arts Fund Drive. South Dakota Arts Council. National Endowment for the Arts. Adelstein/Pailing/Prairie Wave. — “Bells of the Hills - Rapid City, SD”,
  • New Century Resort Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou - find the best deals, reviews, photos, rates, and availability on Yahoo! Travel. New Century Resort Qiandao Lake, Pailing. — “New Century Resort Qiandao Lake - Hangzhou, China - Yahoo! Travel”,

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  • Very Lucky if he is still walking let alone buggying Spinal injuries are no fun He is well and truely back and buggying
  • Logo09 10themeCH jpg
  • CG 作者 rloxss 21 54 感謝在81Keys插畫比賽中願意支持給我的所有人 特別感激pailing 還有她的男友 小蘋果 Maggie 甄 小Mic 幻雲 Jenny 小犬 kaiti 小咪
  • Pai Ling Tubes by Brigitte et Mariel
  • tn P1030395 JPG
  • Make a Stand
  • indicates a high level of customer service and attentiveness to customer needs Misco is only one of four merchants to receive this award from over 600 merchants on the Pricegrabber site Katy Pailing European Web Marketing Manager commented Obtaining feedback through reviews is essential to our business and is a key indicator of where we are succeeding and highlights any
  • + dan yg pailing mengesankan score 3DMARK06x melambung dari 15000 ribuan ke 17000ribuan dengan catatan prociex quadcore Q6600 OC ke 3 4GHZ dan VGAx Clock 775 shader 2000 memory 12000 nyusul gambar yg lain benchmarkx This post has been edited 19 times last edit by reski Sep 8th 2008 3 47pm
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  • 喜歡19的請不要責難我 我盡力了 這張是純手繪的 掃瞄機不好請見諒
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  • Luke Mosaic
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  • 恭喜您 你獲得了GCF隨機贈送點數1GP 動漫名稱 藍蘭島漂流記 檔案格式 RMVB 動漫語言 日文發音 繁體中文 1~11集HKG 其它以後皆為動漫先鋒字幕
  • Pailing s Pride
  • 暇なときにでも ​http wc pailing net ~kugatu geta images ​ ​ http wc pailing net ~kugatu geta images DCP 0117 JPG ​ これを動作電圧1 7VのCPUに対応させるようにしたいんですが どうすればよいか教えてください

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  • 4 Generations Skiing. Pro Water Skiing Stunt (7): 40 Different Rides in One Day. Tricks More wild rides including a piece of wood, tables, and 4 generations behind one boat. Performed by pro water skier Tony Klarich, celebrating his 40th birthday with an extreme skiing stunt never tried before: The "MasterCraft 40-40-400": 40 miles on 40 different things, attempting 400 tricks. Part 3 Features Rides 15-17: 30 Single Oak Pailing (1″ x 4″x 5′6″ Oak) 31 Picnic Table with Benches 32 Kids' Plastic Table 33 4 Generations Skiing Behind 1 Boat MasterCraft 40-40-400 presented by California Skier MasterCraft 40-40-400 Playlist - 40 Unique Ski Rides in 1 Day! http WET & WILD Playlist (My best skiing spanning 30 years) WACKY WATER SKIING Playlist: Picnic Table, Hydrofoil Bike & more! HOW TO HOT DOG Playlist: HOTDOGGERS' HANGOUT Playlist: A Day in the Life... CRASH & BURN! Playlist: Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Hydrofoiling, and more! Free Royalty Free Photos, Music & More from 100% FREE DOWNLOADS @ "Adventures in Water Skiing", a personal history of the rise and development of hot dogging, kneeboarding, wakeboarding, hydrofoiling, and more. Dozens of FREE ROYALTY FREE Water Ski Pictures "Adventures in Water Skiing" is on Facebook_ The wild, wacky, and classic days of water skiing in all its forms. https
  • Sarah Palin Got Pranked MONTREAL — A Quebec comedy duo notorious for prank calls to celebrities and heads of state has reached Sarah Palin, convincing the Republican vice-presidential nominee she was speaking with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
  • Sarah Palin Got Pranked (Full Version) By The Masked Avengers Enjoy!!! 1101.wpalintranscript1011/BNStory/usElection2008/home wanna add annotations to this Video Click here
  • pailing-iling... shot last summer in cdo..
  • Sarah Reveals Her Secret Sarah Pailing tells all to video king, Larry.
  • Sailing Pailing A Tack disaster by the ultra sporting team of Aigeas... Incident happened on 19/9/2009
  • My Perfect Mistake - Bleached Souls My Perfect Mistake (my old band) performing one of their original songs, Bleached Souls, at Snooty Fox in Wakefield. This was the last gig we ever did so great to have it captured on video! Guitar/Vocals - Steve Lomas Bass - Richard Pailing Drums - Martin Lomas Gutiar - Tom Roche
  • OFFICIAL VIDEO: Sarah Palin gets pranked The Masked Avengers prank Sarah Palin, the republican candidate for vice-president. This video also includes other crank calls by the comedians: Bill Gates, Britney Spears and Mick Jagger get Punk'd !
  • pailing pb-8 MALAYSIA
  • [Fandub] Final Fantasy XII - Episode 1 (Part 1/2) Here it is everyone! I'm so sorry for such a long delay. I had some difficulties finding a mixer, and then we had some technical difficulties during the mixing. But, it's here, finally! Thanks so much to the cast, and of course, to my great friend Joe Laase (Splitfocus) for mixing! Here are links to his profile on the VAA and Youtube: VAA Profile: Youtube Channel: All music used(from the OST) and the Cutscene footage downloaded from Script provided by Gameplay footage recorded by JoJoKingdomHearts14 Part 1 Cast in Order of Appearance: Marquis Ondore: Aussieroth Basch: Hyperknees91 War Consulman: One-Winged-Chaos King Raminas: AxerJ Rasler: Ryusuke Knight #1: TheHallstar Knight #2: GeeMac32Bit Pailing Priests: GeeMac32Bit, butchcassidy, & TheHallstar *** This is a non-profit fan-made video, I do not own Square Enix, Final Fantasy XII, or ***
  • FFXII LLDLBEBS - Pharos Part 1 Well, we are almost near the end. Thank goodness. It's been a long time and I've been tormented enough with this challenge. April Fools' Day everyone :P Anyway, you will see that I had to actually toss Dark Matter on Cid in ACTIVE MODE. That's much harder than doing it with gambits or wait mode. Major thanks to Zero's NLBLLG video Cid/Famfrit video showing that you can actually toss a Dark Matter before the pailing appears However, if you notice, I did not use a teleported character. I just realized this. When I switched Penelo in and replaced Balthier, she was not teleported because Balthier was switched out. Penelo just replaced Balthier. However, I managed to toss Dark Matter on Cid before the pailing went up =O. As you saw previously, I made a stupid error by moving too much with Penelo at first. I didn't even realize the mistake until editing the video. Also, even the slightest hesitation (less than 1 second) when selecting Dark Matter to toss will fail! You can't imagine how fast my reflexes had to be in order to select Dark Matter and toss it quickly as soon as the menu is closed and before the pailing around Cid appeared. Getting rid of that punk Cid made the final fight at Pharos a little easier or did it? =OLLDLBEBS: Low Level Divided License Board Extreme Battle Settings Creator: MoogleBoss Please see link below for more details. I LLDLBEBS: Low Level Divided License Board Extreme Battle Settings Creator: MoogleBoss Please see link below for ...
  • Mikey spering pailing. Mikey after one to many..
  • Final Fantasy 12 122333 Part 18:Trickster Hunt +Way to deal with pailing that i got everything that i wanted at this point.I'm finishing up my hunts up.Trickster is the last one.B4 Stilshrine,As always I use my own strategy. Please be kind to rate or comment Thanks for watching ^_^
  • Final Fantasy 12 (Reto)12233 Part (Parte)50 Zodiark Easy Fast No Pailing **Please be kind to rate if you like the video** **Por Favor dar un rating si te gusta el video** Final Fantasy 12 (Reto)12233 Part (Parte)50 Zodiark Final Fantasy 12 (Reto)122333 No Espers No Quickenings No Pailing It has been a while since my last video,but here is part 50.My strategy gambit setup that i use on him.It's pretty solid.Also the new videos that are coming out are sick.Check them out if you got time. ***Again i use Dark Matter cuz i think it's retarted making a video of 11 mins and another of 1min,besides the fact that i didn't want to make a second video in the 1st place. ~FAIR USE~ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Thanks For Watching ^_^ Muchas Gracias Por Ver ^_^
  • Baila Kwarta New Year 2013 - Pailing's Residence Bangon tapulan annual Mardi Gras dance craze!
  • Pakling Pai Ling ngriwik video uploaded from my mobile phone
  • Palin pranked by fake Sarkozy! Hilarious! (Full Version) Sarah Palin Phone Prank Call Best Ever! Check my new video...
  • Final Fantasy XII - Optional Esper Battle #4: Exodus, the Judge-Sal (Tips in Decription) [Please note that this Esper, along with seven others have no relevance to the main story and can be obtained at anytime after a certain point in the game] Found in the Mosphorean Highwaste's highest area after solving the floatweed puzzle, Exodus is one who really, really likes to keep Reflect on at times. Despite his strain of Scathe and Flare and recasting of Reflect, the first half of the battle was a cake walk. Then, when the physical pailing went up, Exodus decided to grow stronger on defense and his attacks... I was kind of glad the pailing went down at the last minute. The No-Item field didn't bother me in the least. Tips for Newcomers: -Dispel Exodus's Reflect. It will keep recasting it so either keep Dispeling it or (even better) try equipping Opal Rings to time to cast (especially for when the pailing goes up). -Cast Shell to reduce as much magick damage as possible or cast Bubble (or equip Bubble Belts) to double max HP. Scathe and Flare are the most powerful black spells and it would be fatal to instantly get caught it the attacks (especially Scathe). -Keep a Stop-based gambit somewhere as there's a chance of instant Stop with Exodus's regular attacks.
  • A Stór Mo Chroí 我心至愛-- Bonnie Raitt Tears of Stones The Chieftains A Stór Mo Chroí 我心至愛By Bonnie Raitt ("A Stór Mo Chroí" is Irish and means approximately "darling of my heart." ) A Stór Mo Chroí, when you're far away Far from the home that you'll soon be living, It's many a time by night and by day That your heart will be sorely grieving. For the stranger's land may be bright and fair, And rich in its treasures golden. But you'll pine, I know, for the long ago And the love that is never olden. A Stór Mo Chroí, in the stranger's land There is plenty of wealth and wailing. While gems adorn the rich and the grand There are faces with hunger pailing. The road is weary, and hard to tread And the lights of their cities blind you. Won't you turn a stór to Erin's shore And the love that you left behind you. A Stór Mo Chroí, when the evening sun Over the mountain and meadow is falling, Won't you turn away from the throng and list And maybe you'll hear me calling. For the sound of a voice that is sorely missed For somebody's speedy returning. Aroon aroon, won't you come back soon To the love that will always love you.
  • Tommys fence pailing tommy hurls a fence pailing into the water
  • My Perfect Mistake - A Bitter Absence of Truth My Perfect Mistake (my old band) performing one of their original songs, A Bitter Absence of Truth, at Snooty Fox in Wakefield. This was the last gig we ever did so great to have it captured on video! Guitar/Vocals - Steve Lomas Bass - Richard Pailing Drums - Martin Lomas Gutiar - Tom Roche
  • P.pailing-by mistabadboy suthu kulluphu
  • 3 boys pailing a 23 year old This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • CNN (Campbell Brown) defends sara palin Scapegoat?
  • Palin chats with false Sarkozy about presidential plans Sarkozy Palin Phone prank Sarah Palin Phone Prank Best Ever Justiciers Masques Full Version Gets Punkd Mind Numbing ireport CNN America Hilarious responde llamada de falso Sarkozy Prankin call Radio interview Nailin Nailing Paling Pailin Pailing Got Pranked nailin' pailin' um video da Hustler com sua candidata vice favorita hustler
  • Marronestuck - Pailing Day! Hussie better get a restraining order! Get ready for some ungovernable pleasures! Made for AbsolutelyPurrfect and her RP's! See, she's such a good admin that people are making music for her! Woo!!
  • Final Fantasy 12 122333 Part 24 Exodus No Damage No Gill Toss 35sec Death 1 Hit allow Final Fantasy 12 122333 Part 24 Esper Exodus before Phon Coast Well now since the Gate to Phon Coast is fix.I decided to go after Esper Exodus.As always I use my own strategy,and if anyone watches me play.I finish the Esper with my usual trate mark. This strat is rock solid if done properly. will go into detail later I beat him with No Damage No Quickening No Pailing No Gill Toss 35 Seconds Kill 1 Hit received Please be kind to rate or comment Thanks for watching ^_^
  • Pailing - กังนัมสไตล์ Pailing dancing in Korean hit single ..
  • Python climbing a Pailing fence A 2+ metre python climbs a 2mt. Pailing fence vertically, amazing!
  • mr pailing this is my teacher and he is a legend hope you enjoy leave a coment plz thankyou !!!!!
  • Pailing Fun
  • SHOCKING!!! FOX NEWS reports how CRAZY palin realy is O'Reilly OMG shocking stupid jack cafferty cnn wolf blitzer sarah palin interview clip scare pathetic excuses excuse
  • Sarah Palin Prank Call 'Nicolas Sarkozy' Sarah Palin pranked Sarah Palin Pranked : Sarah Palin prank call hilarious Quebec comedy duo calls French President Nicolas Sarkozy Canada Canadian funny radio station vice president john mccain alaska barack obama humor humorous humour stupid fool polar bears photos pictures Sarah Palin John McCain Barack Obama Elections Nicolas Sarkozy Nailin Nailing Paling Pailin Pailing sarah palin prank call
  • My Perfect Mistake - Conformity Live @ Snooty Fox Wakefield My Perfect Mistake (my old band) performing one of their original songs, Conformity, at Snooty Fox in Wakefield. This was the last gig we ever did so great to have it captured on video! Guitar/Vocals - Steve Lomas Bass - Richard Pailing Drums - Martin Lomas Gutiar - Tom (Not sure of last name)
  • Pailing Rotaract Dance
  • IlhamMahmudin: @abadiuntong lat SU?hahaaa,Amacam bagan dato?Mesti pailing ni haha
  • anissharins: en jaafar says: awk study lebih dkat pengiraan floor finishes dgn groundbeam.pailing hafal je. 'janji lulus' ok. #hafal pailing? bnyk kot !
  • MichaelWDudek: @steffbushey they should have a machine just only for pailing oranges
  • NorSyazwani7313: "Anugerah yang pailing besar adalah kalimah La ilaha illallah Muhammad Rasulullah, itu yang kita cari, Love Allah Love Muhammad " ♥
  • meiyLariza: asal cuti, tauk ada org disekeliling molah rmh la, pailing la, ngenjen rmpt la... ahh. xpat ngando
  • Hailye102: What it do what it do *beats up pailing* @_FckenParis @i_talkthattalk
  • boyboy_boboy: @MahieMahizan @syahril_afifi oi. Oi. Oi. Oi. Pagi2 da kutuk org ka? Ktk pahal @MahieMahizan ? Mok kena pailing juak ka? Hahaha
  • tetlovesyou: @bonahnah21 mus na.. ika kya. kasusaro dae ka man ng pailing. sa 30 maiba n lng kita iyo?
  • astriedP: RT @Reygi_99: Sebelum tidur dengerin lagu aerosmith I don't wanna miss a thing tuh memang pailing mantap !
  • Leel33_: *beats up neighbour's pailing*
  • highflydukes: RT @reubenjoel22: Pailing tak suke @highflydukes kene tarik sia
  • Reygi_99: Sebelum tidur dengerin lagu aerosmith I don't wanna miss a thing tuh memang pailing mantap !
  • reubenjoel22: Pailing tak suke @highflydukes kene tarik sia
  • boyboy_boboy: @syahril_afifi hahaha. Skpa2. Skit jiwa keeekkk, apa keeekkkk, klak aq pailing dri aq dkpn k. Hahaha. Siboh tkorg ssh2. Hahaha
  • syahril_afifi: @boyboy_boboy ko ya dh sakit nya mok pailing dikpun.haha
  • syahril_afifi: @elenasri hmm.nya mcm pailing tiang bngunan sblum dibina.nya tarit pemberat ya then lpas.ulang smpey tiang ya msok dlm tanah.tauk sik?civil?
  • boyboy_boboy: @syahril_afifi sikpa2. Klak aq pailing dri aq dkpn. Hahaha. Siboh tkorg ssah2 mok pailing2. Muahahaha
  • elenasri: @syahril_afifi paham paham.hahaha.pahal ka nm ny jd pailing
  • boyboy_boboy: @syahril_afifi sngup gk aq kna pailing oleh tiang drpd kna pailing oleh tkorg. Haha
  • elenasri: @syahril_afifi pa reti pailing ya? salu dga org nybut
  • syahril_afifi: @boyboy_boboy haha.mun ko terjun dr blok B trus knak pangkak tiang d bawah ya.xboh pailing gik.dh hilang ya.haha
  • syahril_afifi: @boyboy_boboy NO! NO! NO! dh xda gik hutang. semua dh lpas. mcm tutup kes la tek. ko gik klak. klak pakat rami2 pailing ko.haha
  • boyboy_boboy: @syahril_afifi hahaha. Sikda2. Kau gk hutang pailing ngan mkorg gk yaa.
  • syahril_afifi: Nasib dpt melwn dr knak pailing tek. tp tangan dan kaki nmpk merah knak pegang kuat tek.
  • izzatulfaris: dtimpa batu pailing... leper terus kereta.. mashaallah.. allahuakhbar..
  • ksketchleyx: Mr Pailing defo fancies me
  • RafiAbdRahim: Saya dah pailing la payung ni..dont wory.."@mohddfirdauz: @RafiAbdRahim pyung kukuh x?"
  • GadisSukma: Halah2 edo =)) "@edo_selginov: Pailing pas buat @GadisSukma "@SoDamnILoveYou: Jujur deh , meskipun sering berantem sama kamu tapi ketika "
  • itsKolin: @ISAdorkable08 wahaha pailing ko an utro saiya pg in a relationship na sya.nyaha!:')
  • denhuzaiman: @siddiqmukhzany amin. Hahaha. Harus sound2 cdak mulu sia, suruh cdak pailing ktk by tonight.
  • mawNoma: @aliduckling hahahaha pailing!!!
  • edo_selginov: Pailing pas buat @GadisSukma "@SoDamnILoveYou: Jujur deh , meskipun sering berantem sama kamu tapi ketika tanpa kamu aku merasakan RINDU yan
  • Ryuga_Mamo: @AngelEbooks you like Captors anyway? I'm gonna guess that's pailing is a bonus?
  • siddiqmukhzany: RT @denhuzaiman: Happy birthday @siddiqmukhzany may allah bless you! Pailing!
  • denhuzaiman: Happy birthday @siddiqmukhzany may allah bless you! Pailing!
  • MiAmor_Symmone: RT @Wardy187: #BajansBeLike *hear big tune*.....*kicks down pailing*
  • Chan_Tamika: RT @Wardy187: #BajansBeLike *hear big tune*.....*kicks down pailing*
  • Wardy187: #BajansBeLike *hear big tune*.....*kicks down pailing*
  • siddiqmukhzany: Coba lahh. Aihhh hahah "@QbalZing44: Yeayy mlm ni @siddiqmukhzany kena pailing !"
  • QbalZing44: Yeayy mlm ni @siddiqmukhzany kena pailing !
  • CDWashington93: You're not a big boy drinker if you're pailing all the time and taking it easy I wasnt sick once on my holiday and I wasnt sober for 2 weeks
  • bradthomaas: oh my, he's pailing again
  • Issyhorobin: @Bailey5Williams @danbrennan69 @tombaynes hahaha oh Pailing #MathematicalBanter
  • CallMeMelz: Wait das somebody pailing dat i hearing Oh Dear!!
  • shalhachacha: hukuman pailing manis tuh cuma ad d episod 12, aah melting :'> ahirnya ini episod bisa kbuka :D @jelitanirwana @maryamafiifah @risqyita
  • KamEnvy: At The Top......... Bodies Keep On Pailing Up
  • diantrian: pailing juga ktdrn katanya
  • njrelucio: @Denisenicolep AKO IURAGAN NA SAIMO HA. DAE KA NA NAGA PAILING LINTIAN. MISS YOU BABY KO! Wag papagutom ha!! eat and drink! <3 PRAY :**
  • deviTIJAB: tapi saat hujan seperti ini, obat yang pailing mujarab adalah BAKSO.
  • nizzannisa: dengerin curhat mamah..ternyata dulu gue pailing ga bisa diajak main kmn2..betahnya cm dirumah doang..hahaha
  • AThugLikeRango: is be quick to beat up a pailing hear or kick it
  • AThugLikeRango: RT @Monsta_Menace: Nuffen like men beating a pailing to give ya a big fwd
  • RuRu4life: I remember gine in Ras place in bush hall when he used to hold the dubs and beating up the pailing. Hand swell fuh 3days
  • InchyTheUpriser: RT @Monsta_Menace: Nuffen like men beating a pailing to give ya a big fwd
  • JustAnotherCase: RT @AONBIGGEST: RT @Monsta_Menace: Nuffen like men beating a pailing to give ya a big fwd<<one de best feelings as a dj
  • UncleScabbical: RT @AONBIGGEST: RT @Monsta_Menace: Nuffen like men beating a pailing to give ya a big fwd<<one de best feelings as a dj
  • AONBIGGEST: RT @Monsta_Menace: Nuffen like men beating a pailing to give ya a big fwd<<one de best feelings as a dj
  • Monsta_Menace: Nuffen like men beating a pailing to give ya a big fwd
  • PapaSignless: 9h is Karkat 6ack, t9 pailing again?
  • danfortaleza: @EnyaAlsisto @AmingSPnas @jooybeltran pailing ta si video mo ki armi!!! baka ma discover kaaaaaaaaaa ❤
  • Cokicokidoll: @NySahed Nay tnyaki fitri itu hrgax baju PDH kisaran 120-145, yang pailing bgs mitu, tp nnt sy ksi liat bahanx nh.
  • AmranHusaini: Anugerah yang pailing besar adalah kalimah La ilaha illallah Muhammad Rasulullah, itu yang kita cari, Love Allah Love Muhammad
  • MarMar_LuhhBarr: RT @Cheriseee_: @MarMar_LuhhBarr Brap brappp *kicks down pailing* Its truuu /o\
  • tannaaay: Si mama giliran nonton noah pailing depan
  • ginacoxonxo: @cassidyoxo @brittbennett16 @lucypiri_ox PAILING IT, PAILING IT
  • saprolmarley1: pailing enak iku mangan sego banca'an.
  • ali_kurniawan3: Ojo sampe nafsu ambek iku,pailing kon nafsu ambek sing kon foto wingi nang waru iku yo"@abimatanfg
  • AkoSiPiko: @_kimberlychiq Hahaha. dae lugod. hain na so tig cocover mo na video? pailing :D
  • MaryVhan: @mitchymae14 pailing daw
  • Thornton1Lucy: Everyone pailing on works do. Just me n my boss left #Onittilwevom
  • JadieeW: @_mattybrindle pailing?
  • glad_paris: @enrica_fidelia gak bisa have fun kalo gak adaa pailing
  • emilyblack00: Hiding behknd a boat because a man with a fence Pailing is trying to kill me is jt how I want to spend my Saturday night
  • Qido_: Iye la orng yg dah ade pacar :| RT @putgoblin: Sabar mblo :D RT @Dodon_69: Jalan-jalan adalah kegiatan pailing horor tiap malam minggu.. -_-
  • putgoblin: Sabar mblo :D RT @Dodon_69: Jalan-jalan adalah kegiatan pailing horor tiap malam minggu.. -_-
  • putgoblin: RT @Qido_: Jalan-jalan adalah kegiatan pailing horor tiap malam minggu.. -_-
  • nurmaprbwti: Bisa jadi._. RT @RamRhio: Org yg pailing "TIDAK" "HEMAT" itu meneurut gue org2 yg ngerokok...
  • RamRhio: Org yg pailing "TIDAK" "HEMAT" itu meneurut gue org2 yg ngerokok...
  • RiazSeptioErli: jomblo jomblo sih slalu gitu bilangnya kasian RT @Dodon_69: Jalan-jalan adalah kegiatan pailing horor tiap malam minggu.. -_-
  • Qido_: Jalan-jalan adalah kegiatan pailing horor tiap malam minggu.. -_-
  • diazprad: @KanayaALT48 by day i dance on wwalruses, by night i pay my bills wwith unscrupulous pailing
  • MandaaMariee: I neeeed a portable pailing to beat when fi di jockey plays... *_*
  • rikii_riki: @Arinputput hahaha iya nih lagi pailing in lope ckckckc
  • marissakeila: “@eiMaDaMie: @marissakeila when u reach back 1st pailing session @sizz9 playing at we touching and it got to get ah beating” it well beat!!!
  • eiMaDaMie: @marissakeila when u reach back 1st pailing session @sizz9 playing at we touching and it got to get ah beating
  • FatFatEcV: Just see a fowl fall out a breadfruit tree, land pun a pailing, feathers come out and straight in a dog mout lol
  • sophieelouisox: So mine and Ashley's night in has changed to him Pailing at pub me bringing him home and then were going back out-.-
  • enrica_fidelia: @marvelpartll @Pailing_fidelia Hi juga..
  • amiraraauf: @Ilatrh Kan. Tu tak kesahlah kan pakai baju full or wtv. Yang pailing pffffffffffts ! is kena kawad ......
  • marvelpartll: @enrica_fidelia @Pailing_fidelia. Hai.....

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