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  • PannoniaRing. From Trackpedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Contents. 1 Track Summary. 2 Track Retrieved from "http:///wiki/PannoniaRing". — “PannoniaRing - Trackpedia”,
  • Full onboard footage from the 2nd race Genex Suzuki Swift Cup Pannoniaring round held on 30th August 2009. Part 2 of 3. — “2009 Suzuki Swift Cup - Pannoniaring round 2/3 | Cars Classic”,
  • Gallery: DEL POZO CYCLING Album: Racing Album: AUT Racing 2007 Album: Route666-MZF-Pannoniaring-01.08.07 Gallery: DEL POZO CYCLING Album: Racing Album: AUT Racing 2007 Album: Route666-MZF-Pannoniaring-01.08.07. — “DEL POZO CYCLING :: Route666-MZF-Pannoniaring-01.08.07”,
  • Me riding a GSXR-750 on track. Pannoniaring in Hungary 6:38Add toAdded to queue Pannoniaring 2007 ZX6Rby zefhome3,071 views. 2:44Add toAdded to queue 1 Lap Pannoniaringby Baumax12,590 views. 4:37Add toAdded to queue pannonia ring Jani & Dodi on. — “YouTube - Pannoniaring 10.04. 2007”,
  • Honda Cbr 600 Rr Vs Yamaha R1 Pannoniaring - Google Videos - - Youtube Video. — “YouTube - Honda Cbr 600 Rr Vs Yamaha R1 Pannoniaring Video”,
  • Route 666 – Pannoniaring. With the individual time-trial on the Pannoniaring (at Ostffyasszonyfa, near Sárvar/Hungary), the "Route 666′′ started into the season. 23,66km full throttle, the pulse just below exploding, fighting the clock and one's self. — “Lars Eberhart Photography " Pannoniaring”,
  • Photos by Wolfgang Filzwieser, Jun 6, 2010 - Motorradrennen - österreichische Meisterschaft, Alpe Adria Cup, Cz -Cup request possible for other pics Fila michal, AA Cup, Pannoniaring. — “Picasa Web Albums - Wolfgang Filzwieser - Pannonia-Ring”,
  • Wien - Pannoniaring - 1150 Wien, Wien, Austria, Length: 160.75 km Cycle race Wien - Pannoniaring of fred2 - 99.89 miles - one-way trip print Share on Facebook. — “ GPS - racing bike - Track Wien - Pannoniaring”,
  • Yamaha Festival 2010. Die Veranstaltungen finden auf dem Pannoniaring statt. Veranstalter: Michael Fiala Motorsport. Termine: 19. und 20. Mai 2010. Miss Yamaha 2010 Finals on the 19th May 2010, Pannoniaring (Hungary), 12 nominees will battle for trophies. — “Yamaha Festival 2010 | Miss Yamaha voting”, yamaha-
  • 7-8th round of HTCC - Pannóniaring (27-29th August 2010) 5-6th round 7-8th round of HTCC - Pannóniaring (27-29th August 2010) 5-6th round of HTCC - Slovakiaring (26-27th June 2010) FIA GT3 European Championship 5-6th. — “főnix motorsport at circuit racing since 1990”,
  • Joomla - the dynamic portal engine and content management system Pannoniaring - Buva chasing. Mario & Bumbar (06/2008) Länge: 09:35. Video ansehen. Pannoniaring - chasing Buva (04/2008) Länge: 01:44. Video ansehen. Pannoniaring - chasing MarioS (04/2008). — “.: SBKBros - Life starts at 10.000 rpm :. - Videos”,
  • NoGripRacing, the sim racer's site for F1 2010, GT Legends, GTR2, GTR Evolution, Race WTCC, Race07, Race On, Rally Trophy, rFactor, WRC 2010 - all the latest news, downloads, patches, addons, cars, tracks, sounds, editing tools and discussion. PannoniaRing track located in Ostffyasszonyfa, Hungary. — “NoGripRacing :: Race 07 / GTR Evo / Race On Downloads”,
  • [email protected]“Histo Cup Pannoniaring”,
  • Interserie-Champion Peter Milavec (A) hat das Auftaktwochenende auf dem Pannoniaring in Ungarn dominiert. Challenge wird in ihre 39.Saison am 9.Mai 2008 auf dem ungarischen Pannoniaring starten. — “ - AvD Interserie Sprint Challenge”,
  • PannoniaRing-Friday 17th and Saturday 18th July #43282 - 13/07/2009 15:45. Edit. Reply Re: PannoniaRing-Friday 17th and Saturday 18th July [Re: immy]. — “Superbike Forums: PannoniaRing-Friday 17th and Saturday 18th July”,
  • Vimeo is a respectful community of creative people who are passionate about sharing the videos they make. Use Vimeo if you want the best tools and highest quality video in the universe. Romanian Superbike - etapa 6 Pannoniaring SBK. — “Romanian Superbike etapa I Serres Supersport on Vimeo”,
  • Home > Power Up und Bike Promotion > Pannoniaring 04.08. 33 files, last one added on Dec 16, 2008. 002b. 21 files, last one added on Dec 16, 2008. 003. 13 files, last one added on Dec 16,. — “ - Home > Power Up und Bike Promotion”, sportbilder-
  • Offizielle Homepage des Pannonia-Rings. Erbaut nach den modernsten Erkenntnissen der Sicherheit und des Fahrvergnuegens. — “www.pannonia-”
  • Pannoniaring / H - raceperfection for bikes - 20. + 23.06.2011. 20.06.2011: 08.30 briefing for all riders (participation is duty) Pannoniaring / H - raceperfection for bikes - 23. + 24.06.2010. — “Pannoniaring / H - raceperfection for bikes - 20. + 23.06.2011”,
  • Pannoniaring -- Sightseeing with Google Satellite Maps. — “Pannoniaring -- Sightseeing with Google Satellite Maps”, satellite-

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  • Onboard Pannonia Ring - Driver View R. Lukas Helmet Cam Pannonia Ring. Training before the GT3 Challenge Central Europe. Driver Robert Lukas
  • pannonia ring 20.8.07 one lap&crash one lap& crash
  • Pannoniaring onboard R1 2007 2 laps on Hungarian track Pannonia-ring. Superstock Yamaha R1 2007(engine is 100% stock) Modification: front & rear sprocket, akrapovic exhaust, ohlins stering damper, quickshifter translogic, rear shock absorber OHLINS TTX
  • GoPro HD - Pannonia Ring Yamaha R6 2012 Using the Go Pro HD Helmet camara. Mounted with the SuctionCup on the fuel tank of a Yamaha YZF-R6. Race track: Pannonia (Hungary)
  • Pannoniaring Porsche Porsche 911 3,0 Carrera RS IROC on Pannoniaring 19.06.2009 Driver: Co Kletzer - final run before sale of car
  • Pannoniaring Honda Hornet 600 Akrapovic Best Of Overtakes [HD]
  • RaceKart - Pannoniaring July 2011 Onboard with the GoPro Helmet Hero at the Pannoniaring Kart Track. July 2011 with a 30bhp GoKart. Fastest Lap: 52.4 sec
  • Pannonia Ring ERC Supersport Race onboard R6 First race of 2012 Season in the European Rider's Cup Category Supersport Bike Yamaha R6 Rider Wolfie 69
  • Crazy Vespa Races Pannoniaring Some dudes riding the hell out of them on the kart track an on the big track counterclockwised (reverse) . There was even a guy on the straight with a radar :))) they got around 130kmh If i could see right ..
  • GoPro Supermoto Pannonia Ring 5.4.2012 - Aprilia SXV 450 Supermoto Borni Day My very first time on track with this new bike
  • Pannonia Ring Ford Focus ST 170 DTC Hohenwarter Testfahrt Pannonia Ring am 28.11.2009
  • Pannonia-Ring Race Honda CBR 600RR Crash 18.06.2012 Amateur-Race with stock Honda CBR 600RR 2003 on a very hot day
  • BMW S1000RR Pannonia ring + crash 2 laps on Pannonia ring track. Best lap (2nd lap) on video: 2,04.800 Next lap was to fast unfortunately;)
  • 1 Lap Pannoniaring Honda CBR 600 RR vs. Yamaha R1 at the Pannoniaring
  • pannonia ring Jani & Dodi on board (SK- KN!!) few laps on board by Jani`s R6 and Dodi is leading with 750GSXR (we are from Slowakei, Komárno!!!)
  • Pannonia Ring APRILIA RSV Mille RACE B by Maro (GRANDys duo Track Days May 2012) Personal best lap time 2:26.6 Starting grid: 26 Finish: 15 position Bike: APRILIA RSV Mille (1000ccm) 2002 Camera: GoPro HD Hero2
  • [Onboard] Formula Renault 2.0 am Pannoniaring 19.09.2012 First ever test drive Since my last trip to the Nordschleife was a little flawed to due my video equipment not working correctly, I decided to upload something different: A Formula Renault 2.0 course I took today on the Pannoniaring, Hungary. It was a 2008 chassis (so not the new one!), but still pretty fast (~200hp, 485kg). I can now apply for a FIA C License (though I am postponing that for next year, I'm not going to race this year anyway). These were laps 10-19 of my ever first time of driving a car like this, and the thing my instructor was most impressed about was how I recovered the car in my last proper lap, though a time of under 2 minutes on the first day was very good as well supposedly. Don't be fooled by the gear indicator, when I was in 4th it would always display as 5th/6th gear... I'm definately coming back in November!
  • ER-6n racing against all ods - Pannoniaring 7/2011 Riding my ER-6n first time on Pannonaring/Hungary. After reaching 2:33-2:35 on Saturday (this video) i reached a 2:29:235 on Sunday. This is a stock ER-6n with a street legal Akrapovic including Kat running on Dunlop SportSmart Street-Tires at 2bar(29psi) which worked very well at 31°C (88°F) air temperature.
  • Pannonia Ring on board R6 First laps on Pannonia Ring second round european riders cup - free practice bike Yamaha R6
  • 2009 Suzuki Swift Cup - Pannoniaring round 1/3 Full onboard footage from the 2nd race Genex Suzuki Swift Cup Pannoniaring round held on 30th August 2009. After winning the 1st race, Norbi started from P8 (reversed grid) for the 2nd race. Enjoy watching him make his way through the field. Part 1 of 3.
  • Seat Leon Hungarian Championship 2008 Round 8 Pannoniaring Seat Leon Hungarian Championship 2008 Round 8 Pannoniaring Seat Leon Magyar bajnokság 2008 8. futam Pannóniaring
  • Pannoniaring - Yamaha R6 1st time on the Pannonia Circuit with my new bike - stock 2008 R6, Leovince full exhaust - no tire warmers, Dunlop Sportsmart - GoPro HD with suction cup mount on tank
  • Pannonia Ring, Steyr-Puch 650 - Histo-Cup
  • BMW S1000RR /// One lap on Pannonia Ring // OnBoard Camera One lap on the Pannonia Ring with a BMW S1000RR. Filmed by an on-board camera in 5 different angles. www.pannonia- Rent a Segway http
  • RR Test PannoniaRing
  • Fazer Crash Pannoniaring 08.08.2012 Collision with R1 One Lap at the Pannoniaring with my fazer and collision with an r1 in the 1st turn. Many thanks to the rider of the r1 for getting the fazer off my leg?? (i don`t know exactly where it was lying on, my right foot was trapped in the backwheel of the r1 and I was lying face down) and helping the marshals to get me out, soon as he was standing. Some sharp and hot part of the r1 (brake disk? muffler-mount?) cut through my right boot. The cut in my foot was burned the moment it was taken, there wasn`t even any bloodflow. Luckily there will be no permanent injurie as it was only a big cut that was stitched up at the hospital after the burnings where cut away. Many thanks to the rider of the r1, the marhals, the paramedics, the nurses and doctors and to the organizer (Mike Wohner) and his team. Sorry for my bad english
  • Schumi on Pannonia Ring Michael Schumacher racing in Hungary on a Fireblade -08
  • Pannoniaring KTM X BOW
  • Pannonia Ring 2009 19 april
  • 1 Lap Pannoniaring Linkskurs Pannoniaring in opposite direction
  • Pannoniaring onboard Formula Renault 2.0 - August 2012 Driver: Enrico "Enner" Schenke http some quick onboard laps (fastest this day 1:57.42)
  • 2011.10.30 Pannoniaring BMW 325i Challenge Session 14 Onboard free practice Car: BMW 325i Challenge Group N Driver: Kartdriver1971 Copilot: Max Tyres: Toyo Proxes R888
  • zx6r Pannonia ring-Hungary qualification 1. EresRacingCup 20.5.2009
  • Ford Capri RS 3100 - Peter Mücke - Histo Cup - Pannoniaring 2011 Sorry about the flashing parts.. my camera was broken. Lots of pictures and more videos of this race:
  • Acura NSX / Pannonia-Ring / MTA 2010.08.22 / on board Car: Acura NSX Stock engine Bilstein non adjustable dampers with stock springs Stock brake with Ferodo DS2500 at the front and oem at the rear. 235/610R17 Dunlop Slick at the front 30/65R18 Michelin at the rear (wearn, hard compaund) Taitec GTLW exhaust with OEM headers Track: Pannónia-ring, Hungary 2010 08 22 MTA time attack. Best lap 2:14.780 (from 9:30 on the video)
  • race open @ pannonia ring, gp dist crash My race held at Pannonia Ring in april 2006, for Jura Racing Championship, class open GP DISTANC, 19laps, camera was mounted on my bike, Kawasaki ZX7RR (stock engine) 96', competing along new 1000cc bikes (no chances on straight parts)....which ended with crashing out on the wet grass, so only s laps made :P
  • Lukas Trautmann On Board Roll Out Pannonia Ring 31.5.12 Rollout with my old Honda :) Like & Subscribe
  • 2wheelednews_sa: Allan Meriküla's BMW Pannoniaring april 2012 after successful race (2 place European Riders Cup superbike race)
  • MotoM4TT: Everything went fine, healing progress is about 2 months. Just in time for the open trackdays at the Pannoniaring... #ineedtogetfitasap

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  • “Absolute Dominanz unter schwierigsten Verhältnissen auf nasser Strecke. Ein Frühstart zwang mich einmal durch die Boxengasse (drive through Strafe), dennoch überlegener Sieg mit 6 Sec. Vorsprung! Damit Führung in der Meisterschaft!”
    — Roland Resch " Blog " Sieg in Donington!!!, roland-

  • “Share your thoughts and feedback on Need for Speed. Remember to be constructive. Pannoniaring Hungary (this is where Schu had his bike accident early this year that prevented him for driving”
    — In praise of the NFSS racing sim - track wish list for 2010,

  • “subaru impreza wrx sti 2008 öåíà. subaru impreza wrx sti spec c. impreza wrx sti spec c. sti 917 porsche 12 CYL ENGINE histo-cup pannoniaring CAN AM. Watch Video. 917 Part 12 Spraying”
    — Subaru Impreza: drift, tuning, style! - 917, wrx-sti-

  • “Hotel Arboretum,Hotel Arboretum Sarvar,travel,holiday,Sarvar,spa,spa,wellness,thermal,Hungary,west Hungary,HotelArboretum,accommodation,hotel,Room,apartment,spa,medicinal waters,Massage,Pension,Pannoniaring,Racing,car racing,motor racing,”
    — Hotel Arboretum Sarvar, Sárvár, Hungary, accomodation,

  • “Forum Code is ON [quote][i]Originally posted by ottocars[/i] [br]01-03/06 Pannoniaring, H i will be there with 917-10 [/quote] 01-03/06 Pannoniaring, H. 29-30/06 EuroSpeedway Lausitz, D. 03-05/08”
    — Porsche Forum @ CKnet,

  • “The popular Toby Moody and Julian Ryder back to live broadcasting! De Angelis signs for The now regular event at Pannoniaring to host more than 250 riders”
    — FRANCE - Le Mans,

  • “Red Bull Rookies Cup is a unique program for young motorcycle talent, competed on actual racing circuits, on identical bikes, under identical conditions. final day we left very early in the morning to go to the Pannoniaring in Hungary where I rode one of the Metrakit Selection Bikes”
    — Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2010,

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