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  • "The chief defect of the old system was that it tended to pauperise Derived forms: pauperising, pauperised, pauperises. Type of: impoverish. Nearest. Pauling. — “pauperise, pauperising, pauperised, pauperises- WordWeb”,
  • Closing the University of Nutjob-on-Prozac and turning the clock back to 1991, round about the time that John Major gave the process of pauperising the British middle classes a great big helping hand by massively expanding the university network. — “Martin Kelly: Vice Chancellors' Pay”,
  • Punjab unit of CPI (M) opposed the pre-conditions set forth by the Centre for loan waiver recently dubbing it as a `move against federalism` and a `carrot and stick attempt` of the UPA Government. economic ideology which is pauperising the majority of the people,. — “Punjab CPI (M) opposes Centre`s pre-conditions on Punjab`s loan”,
  • The marginal and subsistence farmer borrows at 26% or a higher rate of interest for essentials, which is more than double of what we pay for our home loans. bankers have paid themselves million dollar bonuses while pauperising their middle-class clients is too well documented to. — “MFIs are making profits at the expense of the poorest people”,
  • It takes courage to be absolutely shameless; and Indian and Pakistani leaders have it in spades. The abandon with which they have gone about pauperising their people by setting up vast edifices stuffed with soldiers and weapons, including those. — “Saturday, July 18, 2009 By Zafar Hilaly - ”,
  • Definition of pauperising in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of pauperising. Pronunciation of pauperising. Translations of pauperising. pauperising synonyms, pauperising antonyms. Information about pauperising in the free online English. — “pauperising - definition of pauperising by the Free Online”,
  • Sri Lanka news, Sri Lanka business news, Sri Lanka economy, stocks, bonds, rupee interest rates and foreign exchange on Lanka Business Online drawing on a recent episode of fraud that had ended up pauperising many investors who were ambitious of high gains. Hence, its contemporary meaning. — “Sri lanka's microfinance: Issues in the current context”,
  • Despite pauperising thousands of British people the crook is buried on the Mount of Despite pauperising thousands of British people the crook is buried on the Mount of Olives - Israel's most sacred and prestigious burial place by that gangster nation. — “BBC Gaza Appeal decision---not influenced by pressure from”,
  • INSAF Documents 1. Capitalist Crisis and emerging Neo-liberal Challenges: tasks for social actions - INSAF National Political Convention (26-27 April, CRISIS English Hindi pdf A Sweet Poison: Saga of displacing & pauperising people in Jharkhand (pdf - 78KB) by Dayamani Barla (AMARM) Independent. — “”,
  • Last week Friday Trinidad and Tobago was threatened by a weather system which had the potential to adversely affect us if we were impacted. bout the calysonians Were they dumb when manning was pauperising the country or they saw nothing wrong.Where was aloes cro cro and panther venom. — “Shameful utterances | Trinidad Express Newspaper | Commentaries”,
  • National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity) government in relation to the price increases will have the direct effect of pauperising Nigerians at a level that will be of proportions hitherto unknown to Nigerians. — “National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity”, nas-
  • 1893 The land and the people : a scheme of settlement how to put the destitute unemployed on the land by the state yet without cost to the state and without pauperising those so assisted, the key to the problem / by Rata Edwards, Dunlop, Sydney : MLA Citation. Roydhouse, Thomas Richard. — “The land and the people : a scheme of settlement how to put”,
  • Plantations and mono-culture re-growth on short term rotations (10 to 30 years) will result in continuous soil disturbance and nutrient loss, pauperising the soil and landscapes and destroying water catchments. — “WATER S.O.S TASMANIA / Sediment and Nutrient Loss”, water-
  • The document is an indictment to the neo-liberal policies pursued by the Indian Government since 1990s pauperising weavers, their children dying and dependents committing suicides. Meant for activi by tarunkbose in Humanities, pvchr, and. — “Varanasi Weaver”,
  • While it may be possible to mitigate poverty through social transfers, it is not possible to eradicate the processes that create poverty under capitalism. harmful commodities and waste; vi) pauperising crises ; vii) climate-change-related pauperisation; and viii) the un-required and/or incapacitated. — “Poverty and Capitalism”,
  • Definition of pauperising in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is pauperising? Meaning of pauperising as a legal term. What does pauperising mean in law?. — “pauperising legal definition of pauperising. pauperising”, legal-
  • MiNDFOOD: offering a unique perspective on the latest news, articles and media for Smart Thinkers - society, culture, health, Both accuse Mr Mugabe, 84, of wrecking what was once one Africa's strongest economies and pauperising its people. — “Mugabe hands out cars in election lead-up”,
  • Stipulated: Since 1967, when it occupied the Palestinian territories, Israel has been progressively robbing Palestinians of their land, thus pauperising them and stultifying their economy. A given. But what seems to have passed largely unnoticed. — “Israel's criminal water policy :: ”,
  • Thus through Le Monde we learn that the head of the French army has warned against pauperising' his service (by implication, to fund the inflated equipment aspirations of Navy and Air Force); the Defence Minister pre-emptively declares that that. — “The European Council on Foreign Relations | France's”,
  • South Africa's Premier Online News Source. Discover the world of IOL, News South Africa, Sport, Business, Financial, World News, Entertainment, Technology, Motoring, Travel, Property, Calssifieds & more. despotism, which is impoverishing and pauperising our people of all walks including. — “Thousands of monks march in Myanmar - World - IOL | Breaking”,
  • PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe dissolved the cabinet on Thursday ahead of a key weekend election as his rivals met to discuss a post-election strategy. Both Makoni and Tsvangirai accuse Mugabe, 84, of wrecking what was once one Africa's strongest economy and pauperising its people. — “Mugabe dissolves cabinet as rivals meet”,
  • The project is facing fierce resistance from the people in the area as the government and the promoters are set to acquire thousands of acres of land, in the process destroying livelihoods and pauperising many people. One of the concerns expressed. — “India Together: High growth: In deep waters - 30 May 2008”,
  • Pauperising definition, to make a pauper of: See more. — “Pauperising | Define Pauperising at ”,

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  • “I hope Mr McNabb doesn't mind us having it out on his blog. was the previous entry in this blog. Where will Cameron find the money to reduce”
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  • “Pound & Euro decided to begin the process of closing its Universities by pauperising them with funding reduction. Forget a longer list, those alone would mitigate against any recovery of a fallen currency in anything other than a generation”
    — Pound & Euro,

  • “The working-classes: Living standards 1830-1875 - Windows Live 1s and 2s per head on the assumption that this meagre non-pauperising sum would be augmented from other sources -- short-time earnings, income from”
    — The working-classes: Living standards 1830-1875 - Windows Live,

  • “/blog. THE EDITOR: The onerous, burdensome, sting-in-the-tail and exploitative property tax imposed This is throwing good money after bad and pauperising the nation to get it”
    — Transforming a Property Owning Nation into Renters " Trinidad,

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  • “By MacDonald Dzirutwe ( Harare – Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, facing the toughest election battle of his 28 years in power, handed out hundreds of cars to doctors on Thursday in what opponents say is a vote buying campaign”
    — Would a free car make you vote for Mugabe? | Serradinho,

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