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  • YEONPYEONG, South Korea, Nov 28 (Reuters) - North Korea has placed surface-to-surface missiles on launch pads in the Yellow Sea, Yonhap news agency reported on Sunday, as the United States and South Korea began military exercises and China said it would try to ensure peace. — “Reuters AlertNet - N.Korea "readies missiles", China to help”,
  • Vengeance killing was just another day in the life of Imam Dr Muhammad Nurayn Ashafa and Pastor Dr James Movel Wuye. But since 1995, the two Nigerians known worldwide as The Imam and the Pastor' have been spreading the message of forgiveness, healing and peace through their interfaith initiatives. — “Keeping the faith and peace”, .my
  • Imagine a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict: a Jewish state living alongside a Palestinian state in permanent peace, with open borders, and even economic union. — “A 63-year search for Mideast peace | ”,
  • Syria has criticized Israel for repeatedly threatening peace in the Middle East. — “PressTV - 'Israel evades commitment to peace'”,
  • Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Saturday the absence of peace in the Middle East harms the region's economic development, following talks with the visiting Indian president. — “Syria says lack of peace in Mideast hurts development”,
  • The attempt to "refute" the Jewish claim to the Western Wall is merely the latest in a series of efforts to deny the Jewish people's connection with its homeland. This once again proves that the real obstacle to peace is Palestinian rejection of Israel and the self-determination of the Jewish people. — “Palestinian revisionism is the only obstacle to peace”,
  • The term "peace process" is one I have come to despise. If both the Israelis and Palestinians truly want peace with each other, then they can negotiate an agreement without our help. — “The Mid-East Peace Process " Hot Air”,
  • Malaysian Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia pushed for the resumption of stalled talks between the MILF and GRP peace panels as an ultimate key to peace and progress on conflict-gripped Moro communities in Mindanao, during his keynote address as guest. — “Malaysia backs continuation of peace talks | The Manila”, .ph
  • A senior Afghan official has blamed the British secret service for bringing a Taliban impostor to take part in top-level peace talks with the Afghan government, newspapers reported Friday. — “Karzai aide blames Britain for Taliban impostor at peace”,
  • Peace definition, the normal, nonwarring condition of a nation, group of nations, or the world. See more. — “Peace | Define Peace at ”,
  • Yuval Rabin and businessman Koby Huberman propose a response to the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative: A Palestinian state based on 1967 borders, with Jerusalem 'the home of two capitals'. — “Rabin's son presents his Israeli Peace Initiative - Haaretz”,
  • Peace describes a society or a relationship that is operating Peace is commonly understood as the absence of hostility, or the existence of healthy or. — “Peace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • KABUL (Reuters) - Afghanistan's protracted move towards talks with the Taliban bordered on farce on Friday with Afghan and foreign officials trading blame after a fake Taliban "leader" left them red-faced. — “Impostor deepens confusion over Afghan peace "talks" - Yahoo!7”,
  • Peace talks conducted with an impostor who posed as a Taliban leader, and which led to a meeting with Hamid Karzai in Kabul and thousands of dollars in goodwill payments, were started by the Afghan government and approved by the former American. — “US general McChrystal approved peace talks with fake Taliban”,
  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Fatah party's Revolutionary Council said the United States incentives given to Israel to freeze settlement "wouldn't serve Mideast peace. The council rejected linking any U.S. arms deal with Israel with resuming the peace talks. — “Fatah: U.S. Incentives to Israel Never Serve Peace”,
  • The Esperanza Peace and Justice Center's Mercado de Paz, or Peace Market, opened Friday. — “Peace Market begins two-day run near SAC”,
  • COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Local activists demonstrate at an Ulta Store asking people to boycott Ahava Cosmetics. Saturday, November 27, 2010. The activists are a local group called Middle East Peace Project. — “Middle East Peace Project Begins Boycott In Colorado Springs”,
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is mulling a trip to Oslo to attend the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is mulling a trip to Oslo to attend the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for a jailed Chinese dissident. — “Nancy Pelosi may go to Nobel peace award - Jake Sherman”,
  • The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of Observe good faith and justice towards all Nations; cultivate peace and harmony with all. — “Peace - Wikiquote”,
  • Outgoing US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will attend the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in honour of jailed Chinese dissent Liu Xiaobo on December 10 in Oslo, the Nobel Institute said on Friday. — “Outgoing US Speaker Nancy Pelosi to attend Nobel Peace”,
  • Regional leaders accuse Netanyahu of 'rejecting peace' "This option always exists in our region, as Israel usually outrageously evades the commitment to peace. — “Regional leaders accuse Netanyahu of 'rejecting peace'”,
  • The National Peace Council (NPC) is an independent and impartial non-governmental organization that has worked towards a peaceful Sri Lanka since 1995. The National Peace Council wishes to honour those exceptional Sri Lankans who have worked for long years with this objective in. — “National Peace Council of Sri Lanka”, peace-

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  • You Are Holy (Prince of Peace) Music slide video created to the song by Michael W. Smith
  • The Peace Circle ♪♫Snag Oxhorn's music from iTunes: Mortuus, Associate Professor Evil and a hungry ogre named Thunk sit down for a little chat with a hippy elf. Connect with Ox on: Facebook → Twitter → Myspace → Personal Facebook Profile → Find Oxhorn's Music on: iTunes → → SPOTIFY → Rhapsody → Napster → → Discover Oxhorn's: Website → Free Browser Toolbar → Store → http///oxhorn Live Show → Blog → Forum → Wishlist → Free Video Podcast for your Phone → WoW Guild: → A creative excretion by Brandon M. Dennis; . Thanks for watching! ♥♥♥
  • STAND UP FOR WORLD PEACE YOUTUBE - STAND UP FOR WORLD PEACE! Created by Trevor Dougherty This video was nominated for "Most Inspirational" in the YouTube Video Awards 2007. It has also been viewed in more than 100 countries, from Afghanistan to Zambia. We urge you to stand up for WORLD PEACE! ¡Paz de mundo! Paix dans le monde! Weltfrieden! Pace di mondo! De wereldvrede! Paz mundial! Мир во всем мире! Verdenfred! Let's make this video travel around the world so everyone can share our vision of world peace. I hope you will be inspired to take a stand and express yourself in a video response to this... We live in a world full of poverty, disease, corruption, and inequality. Violence is an intolerable addition to this global suffering! We must focus our efforts on helping to better the lives of those in need, instead of KILLING and causing more pain to fellow humans and innocent people! This is a project in stop-motion animation that took about 1000 separate shots to create. - PLEASE POST YOUR VIDEO RESPONSES - All you need to do, to show that you care, is literally *stand up.* Just get off your office chair or coach, stand on your feet, and film it. No one is asking for a donation, a promise, or your contact information...just a show of your support. We can create a powerful movement. If you are in the mood for a peaceful world, then STAND UP. Created by Trevor Dougherty Music: "Revolve" by hisboyelroy "ditto ditto" by ditto ditto
  • The Jewish-Arab Peace Song (w/ English subtitles) How do you make this song a reality? To be sure, singing songs about peace will not bring peace. But reading about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, visiting the conflict area and talking to the people on the ground are concrete steps that can make a difference. In this song, Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian singers and musicians joined together to perform the Hebrew-Arabic song "Hevenu Shalom Aleinu" (We Brought Peace Upon Us) - "Ma Ana Ajmal Min Salam" (There is Nothing More Beautiful Than Peace). Sung in both Hebrew and Arabic, this Middle Eastern, Sepharadic-style, jazzy and inspiring song challenges us to rise above the propaganda, renounce hatred, supremacy, violence, and terrorism, and "rock the boat" until Israelis and Palestinians understand there is only one path to security and peace, and that is through sharing the land and upholding the human rights of all inhabitants of the Holy Land. This song is dedicated to the thousands of ordinary people around the world, including many Jews, who are helping to promote human rights, equality and justice. Thank you for listening! Shamai Leibowitz PERFORMERS (in order of appearance): Israeli Jews: Leah Shabat Shlomo Gronich Zehavah Ben Eli Luzon Palestinians: Sahmir Shukri Nivine Jaabri Elias Julianos Lubna Salame TRANSLITERATION OF SONG (Hebrew) yesh beneynu hiburim she'horeynu lo halmu yesh beneynu diburim she'ad koh lo nishme'u. anahnu kan bishvil koolam anahnu gesher ve'soolam bishvil mi she'holem bishvil mi she'halam ...
  • Bill Evans - "Peace Piece" Bill Evans, piano Photo: "Eating Standing" - 1969 Woodstock Festival - by David Sygall
  • The Doors - Peace Frog (with lyrics) Peace Frog by The Doors Lyrics There's blood in the streets, it's up to my ankles She came There's blood on the streets, it's up to my knee She came Blood on the streets in the town of Chicago She came Blood on the rise, it's following me Think about the break of day She came and then she drove away Sunlight in her hair She came Blood in the streets runs a river of sadness She came Blood in the streets it's up to my thigh She came Yeah the river runs red down the legs of the city She came The women are crying rivers of weepin' She came into town and then she drove away Sunlight in her hair Indians scattered on dawn's highway bleeding Ghosts crowd the young child's fragile eggshell mind Blood in the streets in the town of New Haven Blood stains the roofs and the palm trees of Venice Blood in my love in the terrible summer Bloody red sun of fantastic LA Blood screams the pain as they chop off her fingers Blood will be born in the birth of a nation Blood is the rose of mysterious union There's blood in the streets, it's up to my ankles Blood in the streets, it's up to my knee Blood in the streets in the town of Chicago Blood on the rise, it's following me
  • POSER! - The history and evolution of the "Peace Sign" A new mockumentary from Wong Fu Productions Written, Directed, and Edited by Philip Wang Produced with Wesley Chan and Ted Fu Music by David Choi Jesse Chui http George Shaw NEW "POSER!" Tshirts Now available!!! http SUBSCRIBE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK us: OFFICIAL BLOG Special thanks to Stephanie Au-Yeung, Jonathan Chang, Susan Chang, Regina Fang, Philip Tran, Caty Truei, Tiffany Wu, Daniel Zhao Starring: Austen Chong, Iris Chen, Kevin Ho, Wilfred Chang, Regina Fang Susan Chang, Jonathan Price, Ashley Robbertze, William Jefferson, Jessica Asuelime, Wesley Chan, Jennifer Jang Christopher Dihn, Kevin Chan, Julia Chang, Kat Hirayanagi, Carolyn Kao, Jessica Liu
  • The Illusion of Peace! This illusion took me a long time, a lot of frustration and 8 rolls of masking tape. Peace!
  • Cat Stevens- Peace Train Wakefield Peace Train - a lava lamp photo collage dedicated to a village at a hallowed junction between time and space - where the story of its glory is written in seasons beside the tracks of the old 909
  • Peace Through Music Film Clip: Playing for Change - Playing For Change Peace Through Music is a film that explores our connections in a world overwhelmed with division. Through the process of making this film we traveled around the world and discovered that music opens the door to a place where we can come together as a human race. Music helps us to persevere through struggles and celebrate our differences which changes the world into a more peaceful place. Look for the DVD of this award-winning film in stores in late 2009. The companion CD/DVD Playing For Change: Songs Around The World is available now at : Sign up at for updates and exclusive content. You can also buy cool stuff in our new online store! Join the Playing for Change Online Street Team at Join the movement to help inspire people from around the world to come together through music.
  • Yusuf (Cat Stevens) - Peace Train - Nobel Concert 2006 Yusuf (Cat Stevens) performs "Peace Train" at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway - 11 december 2006. PLEASE NOTE THAT COMMENTS HERE ARE FILTERED. INAPPROPRIATE OR DISRESPECTFUL MESSAGES WILL BE REJECTED.
  • Devin Townsend - Deep Peace one more for the people.
  • ASA - PEACE Asa is a Nigerian wonder singer. This is one of her numerous songs i love so much. i hope you will like it too.
  • Horace Silver - Peace Horace Silver's "Peace " released on the Blue Note Classic " Blowin' The Blues Away " (1959). Horace Silver - piano Blue Mitchell - trumpet Junior Cook - tenor saxophone Gene Taylor - bass Louis Hayes - drums
  • Norah Jones - Peace Norah Jones sing Peace a song of Horace Silver. From: Marian McPartland's piano jazz with Norah Jones
  • Bob Sinclar Peace Song (High Quality) Directed By Lee Shulman
  • UN, EU back Obama's Middle East peace plan After a lengthy private meeting between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, little agreements were met in the push for peace in the Middle East. Whit Johnson reports.
  • Gregorian - the moment of peace
  • Apocalyptica - Peace Great Song.
  • John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Give Peace A Chance Footage from both Amsterdam & Montreal Bed-Ins, 1969. Give Peace A Chance at
  • pipes of peace - paul mccartney pipes of peace musik video
  • Extreme - Rest in peace Great video from III Sides to Every Story
  • Peace One Day - Get involved and lives will be saved Peace One Day - TO VIEW OUR CHANNEL CLICK ON PeaceOneDayLtd A Short Video Explaining Peace One Day. Jeremy Gilley is an actor turned film maker, who in the late 1990's became preoccupied with questions about the fundamental nature of humanity and the issue of peace. He decided to explore these through the medium of film, and specifically, to create a documentary following his campaign to establish a day of ceasefire and non-violence. In 1999, Jeremy founded Peace One Day, a non-profit organisation, and in 2001 Peace One Day's efforts were rewarded when the United Nations unanimously adopted the first-ever day of global ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September annually - Peace Day. In 2007 according to the UN, over 100 million people were active on Peace Day, in 192 countries. There were life-saving initiatives in 14 countries, and over 80 activities in Afghanistan alone where 1.4 million children were vaccinated against polio. WHAT WILL YOU DO TO MAKE PEACE ON 21 SEPTEMBER? Make your commitment now at
  • Any Given Sunday - Peace by Inches - Pacino Given to me by my brother, on a mix tape, back in '99. The background music in this is "Peace", by Paul Kelly, on "Soundings in Film". See The "six inches in front of your face", that's where we Live. It's the choices you make in that place that ultimately defines you, and, over time, the course of your life, until the end. So many of us have grand plans for "Out There" or "The Future", but never really focus on what's right in front of us, right now. Now... What are you gonna do?
  • Depeche Mode - Peace Music video by Depeche Mode performing Peace.
  • PEACE - HILIGHT TRIBE Hilight Tribe - Peace official videoclip - 2006.
  • Thom Yorke. Atoms for Peace Music Video
  • Obama sticks to stance on Middle East peace Barack Obama has told a powerful Israeli lobby that a deal between Israelis and Palestinians should be on the basis of the 1967 borders. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at
  • George Harrison-Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) A beautiful song from a beautiful man
  • Emmanuel Jal - We Want Peace Official Music Video feat Alicia Keys, George Clooney, Peter Gabriel * We-Want- * http * Emmanuel Jal's call for Peace in Sudan and the whole world. Emmanuel Jal enlists support from A-listers from all walks of life in this groundbreaking music video. It features Alicia Keys, George Clooney, Peter Gabriel, The Elders (Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter, Sir Richard Branson, Fernando H Cardoso). Directed by Anna Gabriel. Track credits: Performed by: Emmanuel Jal Written by: Emmanuel Jal and Clinton Outten Strings by: Peter Gabriel Produced by: Clinton 'Roachie' Outten
  • Roudoudou - Peace and tranquility to earth Great Vid. "luvly" roudoudou music.
  • Peace on earth Peace on Earth is a 1939 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon short subject directed by Hugh Harman, about a post-apocalyptic world populated by animals.
  • The Moment of Peace Clip
  • His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama: Peace Through Compassion In the remotest parts of Tibet, the American Himalayan Foundation has been working quietly as a lifeline for people who have no one else. Over a dozen years AHF has built 33 schools where Tibetans learn in their own language, 24 bridges over dangerous rivers, and eight clean water systems for villages. They shelter elders whose poverty is shocking, support orphans, and build and maintain hospitals and clinics that care for thousands each year. This year, AHF will help build two more schools with dorms and kitchens because nomad children live so widely scattered, a bridge that will free 3000 villagers, and a clean water system so that 2000 Tibetans wont have to spend hours gathering contaminated water from a river far away. Helping Tibetans has never been more urgent. For more information about AHF and how you can help, please visit: himalayan- © 2009, American Himalayan Foundation, All Rights Reserved
  • Paul McCartney - Pipes Of Peace Paul McCartney Pipes Of Peace
  • Clumsy - Our Lady Peace music video to OLP's Clumsy
  • Bing Crosby & David Bowie - The Little Drummer Boy / Peace On Earth Music video by Bing Crosby & David Bowie performing The Little Drummer Boy / Peace On Earth. HLC Properties Ltd., under license to Beach Road Music, LLC Bing on Facebook:
  • Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live) Cat Stevens plays Peace Train live on his Earth Tour, 1976 requested by Jashar1984. =)
  • Angry Birds Peace Treaty A historic moment for birds and pigs everywhere. Taken from the Israeli comedy show 'Eretz Nehederet' ( A Wonderful Country). For more information:
  • ShalabyTheActor: #nw Soulmen Bernie Mac was Hilarious. Rest In Peace.
  • RawrPHC: @BoomPHC 'Dem potheads. Won't even let me take a shower in peace, lmao. -_-
  • shanice343: Especially when its not that serious and u tried to make peace that's crazy but o well
  • Carmib09: RT @HomerWhite: Jimmy Carter did same thing Barry is doing. Concentrated so hard on peace talks in Middle East while country went to 18% inflation.
  • itsvictoria14: peace twitter .
  • dorkinla: i love ya, but i wish i knew what was going through your head so i'd be in peace...
  • _Silvanaa_: @Medtechcerb @angeldj90 @greentim @luanlma @DarriccLondon @Leon_Backwards \ #PEACE
  • Ben_Ari: I'm trying to win the peace, not the war.
  • CoolLikeCandy: Bed. PEACE!
  • 23GodinezArana: RT @yoxguate: "Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding." - Albert Einstein
  • JLHadley: When my friend @stacybeme smiles its like the world is at peace and everyones happy
  • NeverLetYouGoJB: RT @MATTHUNTER123: At dance rehearsal. Tty in a lil bit.<3
  • kerringham: @BrookeLVincent peace up Brooke night
  • N_I_M_Z: RT @KhushbuMalik: #Islam is the religion of peace.O #Allah! Help us 2 keep our image as "spreader of peace" ra… (cont)
  • andyblahblah: This Is War | 30 Seconds To Mars | Videoclips | MTV España vía @AddThis / This is a song about peace.
  • atroi1985: ill holla back tomarrow morning peace
  • carlesdijous: Mideast peace talks would face huge obstacles. #Mideast
  • aimhigh101tips: Be part of this amazing transformation of people for world peace READ FREE http://aimhigh101/freebookdownloads.html
  • MonicaDoCoutto: @chapadeoposicao tx rt We rt Power Politics BRIC Military Peace Green Climate Middle East Humanitarian IT Econ Edu @MonicaDoCoutto
  • tshekatsheko: RT @lebomashile: #womenleave when they know that they'd rather have peace in a backroom than misery in a mansion
  • DaviddeKlerk: Peace outt
  • sleekNasiWils: Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Make Peace - Perez Hilton
  • Indus_v: RT @TRISH00L: @vikramchandra An unstable Pak is in India's interest. A Balkanized Pak is good for world peace.
  • awesome369: @fishingboy24 peace
  • KhushbuMalik: #Islam is the religion of peace.O #Allah! Help us 2 keep our image as "spreader of peace" rather than "terrorist" in the #world !Forgive us!
  • ghostlydelights: peace out, it's been real--hope i never see any you again.
  • yohotjoe: Ok leaving now! Peace!
  • Exquisite_Bxtch: At peace with myselff <3 !
  • ThatDamnShannon: SHHHHHHHHHIT! I'm not hidden on Skype and this annoying hoe just logged on. Please laws, just a moment of peace
  • Uuncledee: ONE-State solution means security, housing, Jerusalem, "PEACE & DEVELOPMENT" for all PALESTINIANS, ISRAELIS & THE WORLD. RETHINK POSSIBLE!
  • _RobLee: @djculprit peace Culprit I'm good how you?
  • TristanDaBlasin:  peace bre.
  • itsbizkit: Smh BIG & PAC will never be able to rest in peace b
  • wendymac: at moma: diane victor. wow. look up Diane victor from south Africa, disasters of peace. wow wow.
  • Osumpinkgirl: RT @luvmyaka1997: Someone needs to here your testimony now in the midst of the storm so that they know when GOD says peace there will be peace.
  • ScottyDazzler: Playing fifa for a while PeAcE
  • cclockett: RT @djbliss: Alright its bedtime. Big Day tomorrow.. Peace
  • Lightergirl_: going to call my brother and ask him take me to his and for him to have my phone and laptop so i can have a day of peace to myself
  • ISBMPune: The Top Stories Obama eases Israeli anger on Mideast peace vision (Reuters): Reuters - Pres... [email protected]
  • _roshni: @missbrie612 that usually is the peace and calm before the storm!!
  • rafaelaleal: RT @dougiemcfly: @Lousterr no it is not true! Peace out!
  • ViriPeto: Peace and love guys (:
  • rakinsayed: #Obama. Hes not a leader. Hes weak and doesnt knw the meaning of peace
  • nAtALiEMillA: http:///2alvkh I like gardening now #peace
  • UKLPSL: Peace & Reconcilliation #SriLanka Rehabilitation Programmes in Vavuniya training programme for former #LTTE combatants
  • NeedMyLifesaver: Justin is never going to live in peace with his girlfriend. Whether it's Selena or not, you guys always hate... http:///xth2n046wa
  • FroFro_: RT @snakebitexpunk: #20albumsIlove Megadeth- Rust in Peace
  • miss_lovlylacey: RT @LKHamilton: Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. - Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  • newsfactsbe: Obama seeks to soothe Israel on peace plan: US president Barack Obama has refused to back away from his Mi... http:///3fvz3wg
  • MJstartaRiotnMe: RT @yelyahwilliams: Rest in peace, Macho Man :(
  • jorgemiranda1: RT @cnn: Obama rejects controversy over his stance on Middle East peace talks. http:///k7tobv
  • KingsofATL: RT @Buckhead_CEO: If your man of standard and want privacy and peace while being groom then @KingsofATL is your (cont)
  • therunningyogi: Human dignity + compassion = PEACE
  • SweetBellaMorte: @Pink its the only place I get peace.. Sure dont get it at home. Its almost like a lil vacation....
  • _RichardHall: Agreed. Talk is cheap, as they say. RT @robcrilly No chance of peace in the middle east under obama
  • Jackie_Shmackie: my friend said "fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity" LOL
  • aimhigh101tips: I don't mean to bore anyone but if u read this FREE book u will understand peace can b now http://aimhigh101/freebookdownloads.html
  • jenniegbrown: Thoroughly enjoying this relaxing Sunday despite two sickies in the house-lots of cuddles, naps and movies-PEACE :) Glad hubby is home now.
  • DrProfeserKev: Peace and tranquility is impossible in a world doomed to fight!
  • OneTruthHunter: @jdeuberry @benshapiro Truth. And Islam can win peace if caliphate is spread worldwide. 100 yr? Nope, thousands if we keep negotiating.
  • Ivan_Filipp: Power of neutral mind is the point were all the actions would be leading in order to solve the problems by peace way, like had said Laozi.
  • l_kangnippon: Obama Challenges Israel to Make Hard Choices Needed for Peace
  • kivahla: you guys idc that they're all monstrously tall i've decided i'm unreasonably defensive about a-peace
  • OhMeOhMyItsMeB: k peace bout to be in this hot ass sun!
  • spider0246: There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet the enemy.
  • fnazareth: #URGENT RT @iact: Urge the United States to Take Further Action for Peace in #Darfur | RT @Jeannie_Hartley
  • SelinaCampbell: PEACE WORLD. I'M OUT!
  • krakengun: British troops are leaving Iraq so we must have achieved world peace. So why do I feel like the world is more a mess than it’s ever been?
  • MissRaquiba: She to disrespectful so just to keep the peace I won't be saying anotha word b4 I say something that may not b 2 nice. I tried 2 b nice
  • kwimmbky: Obama eases Israeli anger on Mideast peace vision (Reuters): Reuters - President Barack Obama on Sunday ea...
  • CorsetArt: @Coramcharity pls support the anti gun/knife initiative PEACE RALLY 18TH JUNE for details
  • x_Cally_x: Bed time people...tweet tomorrow...peace...x
  • joharistewart: If you keep a positive attitude about your life. And contribute to a world of peace unity and progress, you gon be cool...iite? cool.
  • RossDevinUU: I'd kill for a Nobel Peace prize.
  • CP1888: I'd really love a campervan....I'd love to tour the north of Scotland...peace n quiet and stunning scenery...Glasgow is tiring me out.
  • LouisSidwell: Barack Obama: Nobel Peace Winner. War President.:
  • 365daysofgenius: "The superpower I'd most like to claim: the ability to bring PEACE to people's hearts." by @zografispaula
  • JaminoJarrell: Nah-night chic's peace :) - Kaela
  • cricslats99: RT @robcrilly: No chance of peace in the middle east under obama
  • snakebitexpunk: #20albumsIlove Megadeth- Rust in Peace
  • Moni_NTheMiddle: All I wanted was peace and quiet but character 1 & 2 is wrestling makin uncalled for noise!!!!!!!!!!
  • randomsubu: RT @robcrilly: No chance of peace in the middle east under obama || why not?
  • Kpop_Hotesst: A-Peace releases ‘dance sketch’ version of “Lover Boy” MV via @allkpop
  • luvmyaka1997: Someone needs to here your testimony now in the midst of the storm so that they know when GOD says peace there will be peace.
  • masquehysteria: RT @Droomgulie: @GelberLaw This sunny Sunday afternoon, I Declare World Peace...
  • JLadyVSJa: RT @HarrietTHUGman: RIP -The Word "Swagg" (1596)-May 22, 2011. May you rest in Peace and have Black people stop using you.
  • HayleySkye21: Peace and quiet.. #hateit!
  • MichaelLee2009: @CarterFliptMe But I do agree, peace in the M.East is not possible until the jewish state is relocated again, a failed experiment
  • LorBubble: One week off... Well I'll try to. Peace out peeps!
  • thomasgoallie: @themvg geen haat life in peace :D hahaha love jhaaa xx
  • ayhsWTP56: May 21, 2011 - Dear President Obama: All We Are Saying Is Give Peace and Ecology a Chance via @EcoInternet
  • KerryLou1979: Yay finally peace now the seasons over!!!!:[email protected]

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