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  • Shop for deals on cell phones, android phones and smartphones. Find phones from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, and more. — “Buy 4G Android Phones, New Cell Phones, Windows Mobile Phones”, t-
  • Information about cell phones for the U.S. Detailed info on new phones, news, reviews, and forums. — “Phone Scoop”,
  • Definition of phone from Webster's New World College Dictionary. To make a telephone call to (a specific number): Phone 411 for directory assistance. — “phone - Definition of phone at ”,
  • Introducing the new BlackBerry PlayBook and new BlackBerry Tablet OS; Holiday's are just around the corner. Buy smartphones and accessories, register for a BlackBerry PlayBook and download apps. — “BlackBerry - Smartphones - New BlackBerry PlayBook & Tablet”,
  • iPhone 4 features video calling with FaceTime, a high-resolution display, HD video recording, a 5-megapixel camera, and more. Phone. Built-in noise suppression makes phone calls easier to hear. — “Apple - iPhone 4 - FaceTime, Retina display, and more features”,
  • Shop for Cell Phones, Cell Phone Plans, Prepaid Phones, Free Phones, iPhone, Android phones, & wireless accessories on the nation's fastest 3G network at AT&T. Wireless from AT&T. — “Cell Phones and Cell Phone Plans - Wireless from AT&T”,
  • The Mobile Phone Number Directory. Find people by reverse cell phone numbers and reverse lookup their cell phone numbers or land line telephone number to find their name and street address. Find people by reverse directory. reverse lookup a. — “”,
  • Definition of phone in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of phone. Pronunciation of phone. Translations of phone. phone synonyms, phone antonyms. Information about phone in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. cellular phone, cell. — “phone - definition of phone by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Get Google Maps, Sync, Gmail, YouTube, and Latitude for your phone. Never be stumped with Google mobile in your pocket. Available for BlackBerry, iPhone, and more. — “Google Mobile”,
  • The telephone (from the Greek: τῆλε, tēle, "far" and φωνή, phōnē, "voice"), often colloquially referred to as a phone, is a telecommunications device that transmits and receives sound, most commonly the human voice. The phone's ringer (A7) is connected to the line through a capacitor. — “Telephone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • iPhone 4 is a GSM cell phone with a high-resolution display, FaceTime video calling, HD video recording, a 5-megapixel camera, and more. — “Apple - iPhone 4 - Video calls, multitasking, HD video, and more”,
  • Phone Scams: Were You Summoned for Jury Duty? By Linda Ann Nickerson September 1, 2007. If you receive an unexpected phone call, accusing you of missing your assigned jury duty, maligning your patriotic spirit and requesting personal data, hang up the phone!. — “Phone - Theme - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • Verizon provides broadband DSL and Internet service, mobile phones and calling plans, home phones and long distance service, yellow pages and phone directories, and other wired and wireless communication products. — “Verizon”, www22
  • Home phone services – Contact for affordable virtual office and business phone services needs at 1-800-998-7087. — “”,
  • Home Phone. Everything you ever wanted for your phone is here. Period. Phone Review. Information about phone reviews & ratings, comments. Phone Manufacturers. — “Mobile Phone - mobile9”,
  • Phone definition, telephone. See more. phone card. phone company. phone cord. phone in. phone jack. phone line. phone mail. phone message. phone number. phone phreak. Related Questions. How do i contact yahoo by phone? How do i connect bluetooth to my phone?. — “Phone | Define Phone at ”,
  • Welcome to WhitePages! The world's largest and most trusted source for people's contact information, with more than 180 million U.S. adults and growing! Name Popularity Neighbor Search Reverse Phone Reverse Address Phone Number Browsing. — “”,
  • AT&T is a leader in telecommunication services, including cell phones, wireless, U-verse, digital TV, high speed internet, DSL, home phone, and bundled services. — “AT&T”,

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  • LG-GD910 3G Watch Phone A detailed look at the LG 3G Watch Phone GD-910 @ CES 2009 from LG Canada's Frank Lee in Las Vegas. LG Unveils First Market-Ready 3G Touch Watch Phone: Full touchscreen, video calling and voice recognition in an elegant, wearable package Seoul, Korea, January 7, 2009 -- LG Electronics, a worldwide technology and design leader in mobile communications, will officially unveil the worlds first market-ready Touch Watch Phone (Model: LG-GD910) with 3G Video Telephony (VT) service and GSM Quadband Network capabilities. This chic, wearable phone is a follow-up to the prototype that LG introduced at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2008 and includes a number of upgrades, including a full touchscreen interface, 3G capabilities and video calling. Most importantly, this watch phone will actually be available for purchase. Press release:
  • Cell Phone Design Bill uses a pile of old cell phones to show the seven basic design constraints that shape a mobile phone. You can find a transcript of this video at If you would like to translate the captions first check on YouTube to see what translations we have and if we your language hasn't been translated visit
  • Emergency Solar Phone LIKE/FAV FOR SOLAR POWER! Win this at: Detailed project instructions below: We are going to modify a cheap cell phone to charge off of solar power. Here are the items you will need. 1. Cheap Throwaway Mobile phone 2. Basic small solar panel (available at electronics stores) 3. Standard blocking diode (also get at the electronics store) Attach the solar panel to the back of the phone with hot glue or epoxy. You can then burn a couple holes in the case with a soldering iron to run the wires through. Next, burn some grooves into the plastic phone molding so that we can store the wires without them stopping the phone from closing. Now the fun part! Solder the positive output of the solar panel to the diode, make sure you wire it to the back end of the diode, you can tell which side is which by looking at the diode itself. Diode's have a single white line on the end which designates the front, so just wire the solar panel to the side without the white line! Next, wire the other side of the diode to the phone's positive battery prong (this should be marked on the phone itself). When that is done take the negative end of the solar panel and wire it to the negative battery prong on the phone. Now pop in the battery and close up the phone! Your cheap emergency phone is now ready for action! Thanks to all of you for your support and thank you to Squarespace for helping to keep this show going! Check them out at: and use the code science9 for 2 weeks ...
  • iPhone Magic High-Tech Magician Marco Tempest got himself an iPhone and it can do magic things. More about Marco Tempest's magic: Thanks for watching!
  • Banana Phone 10 hours Ring ring ring ring ring, banana phone... I made this out of "slow" version since fast one makes me nervous :(
  • A Closer Look At The iPhone Apple Inc's Phil Schiller shows John Blackstone the many features of the iPhone. Apple's latest product will go on sale this June.
  • Phone Fight We're done! Over 7000 of you guys sent pics in less than 5 hours! THANKS! If you didn't hear about this in time, follow me on Twitter / Facebook for next time! Click here to tweet this video out! Watch my other videos: Twitter's cool... right? Facebook, too: Send me things: Mystery Guitar Man PO Box 2966 Hollywood, CA 90078 -Subtitles- Portuguese: Spanish -
  • Banana Phone The Flash The real flash movie of the legendary banana phone, hope you enjoy this.... i have not done this master-piece, so i like to give the crew who made this marvelous flash a big applause...
  • Concept Line Phone Still Dream about having a iPhone? Not after you see this one
  • No Phone Band: Cake Album: Pressure Chief Song: No Phone Lyrics: No phone No phone I just want to be alone today No phone no phone Ringing stinging Jerking like a nervous bird Rattling up against his cage Calls to me throughout the day See the feathers fly No phone No phone I just want to be alone today No phone No phone No phone no phone I just want to be alone today Rhyming chiming got me working all the time Gives me such a worried mind Now I don't want to seem unkind But god (it's such a crime) No phone No phone I just want to be alone today No phone no phone No phone No phone I just want to be alone today No phone no phone Shaking quaking Waking me when I'm asleep Never lets me go too deep Summons me with just one beep The price we pay is steep I've been on fire And yet I've still stayed frozen So deep in the night My smooth contemplations will always be broken My deepest concerns will stay buried and unspoken No I don't have any change but here's a few subway tokens No phone No phone I just want to be alone today No phone No phone No phone no phone I just want to be alone today No phone no phone No phone No phone I just want to be alone today No phone No phone
  • Beyoncé - Video Phone ft. Lady Gaga Music video by Beyoncé performing Video Phone. (C) 2009 Sony Music Entertainment
  • Joe Belfiore shows off Windows Phone 7.5 Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Windows Phone, shows off some of the exciting features of Windows Phone 7.5.
  • Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Screenshots and Live Demo Video Walkthrough Preview - - First, if you have any questions for the Windows Phone 7 Series team, I'd be more than happy to ask on your behalf (as I do live around the corner from Redmond's campus and will be meeting with the team again at some point in the future). Post a comment and/or video response. I was invited to a behind the scenes look at elements of the Windows Phone 7 Series developer platform. At Mobile World Congress (covered earlier in this channel), Microsoft provided a first look at Windows Phone 7 Series - and Im pleased to offer you the opportunity to see a live demonstration up close. Yes, I got to play with the phone, too. It works as advertised - even as a prototype. Unfortunately, we could not adjust the brightness settings in this particular device. The "Metro" interface is a bucket of win in my book. Charlie Kindel partner group program manager, Windows Phone App Platform & Developer Experience was hosting an intimate reception this evening in San Francisco. I wasn't able to make it, but Microsoft arranged a somewhat more private meeting with Greg Sullivan from the Windows Phone team a little closer to home. I met Greg a few years ago through the Longhorn Labs project (back when Microsoft Windows team leads worked actively with their most vocal community supporters). I'm not sure if I can reveal any more device details at this point, but suffice it to say... I want one.
  • Etienne Daho and St Etienne - He's on the phone clip Etienne Daho and St Etienne He's on the phone
  • CAKE - No Phone (Official Music Video) CAKE's official music video for "No Phone," off their 2004 album, Pressure Chief. Official CAKE website: Official CAKE Facebook: Official CAKE MySpace: More CAKE Goodness: Credit goes to sgtrlee for this video. Wherever you are man, I appreciate all the videos you had on Stage6. This one's for you (and from you).
  • baby talking to dad on phone funny girl baby
  • PHONE S3X GONE WRONG!! CLICK HERE for MORE VIDEOS! I have 3 channels! Check em out! :) *Main Channel* *2nd Channel* (vlogs & extras) *iPhone Channel* (daily vlogs) Hit me up on my social networks! Facebook Twitter Website Shirts & Merch http Send letters to my PO Box 12501 Burbank Blvd. suite 4 PMB 252 Valley Village, Ca 91607 *Film & Television Agent: William Morris Endeavor *Film & Television Manager as well as Internet or Interview Inquiries: Patti Crosby [email protected] *Merchandising & Branding Agent: Shelly Marchetti [email protected]
  • Tomorrow's World: Mobile Phone 13 September 1979 - BBC From the BBC Archive 'Tomorrow's World' collection: Michael Rodd makes a call with an experimental cordless mobile phone. It's 1979 and time for the telephone to go mobile. In this report from a longer programme, Michael Rodd (pictured above) examines a British prototype for a cordless telephone that allows the user to make calls from anywhere. Also included at the end of this item is a rather nice out-take as Rodd also experiences the first mobile wrong number.
  • Banana Phone Banana Phone :) btw, ppl, the fast version is just this song sped up. big whoop. and you can see it on my other account- allthelyricz
  • THEN WHO WAS PHONE Who was phone? It's a tantalizing, often perplexing question, haunting in nature and simple in demeanor. One might argue it's a philosophical question, inviting us to ask WHO WAS PHONE within each one of us. Others may suggest that it offers a fleeting glimpse into an alternate reality that we cannot understand. It is a question that will be pondered by the greatest minds of our generation for decades to come. Will we ever truly know the answer? Maybe. Maybe. But the real question is, are we ready for the answer?
  • Cell Phones for Math Nerds Twitter Facebook Blog Please check out my book on Amazon! http Music: "Sweeter Vermouth" by Kevin MacLeod and
  • The Phone Call Mom gets a call. Written by John Roberts/Clay Weiner. Starring John Roberts. Directed by Clay Weiner. Edited by Jesse Reisner. DP Drew DeNicola. Exclusive Premiere/HBO Comedy Festival. 2007
  • Introducing the Newest Release of Windows Phone 7.5 See how Windows Phone 7.5 makes it easier to stay close to the people who matter. Now you can organize friends into Groups, track conversations across texts, Facebook and IMs in one place, and much more. Be among the first to check out some of the best new Windows Phone features, all set to the beats of Kids of '88's "Ribbons of Light". Learn more about the mobile apps, features & updates available on Windows Phone 7.5:
  • Beyonce "Irreplaceable" by Applegirl (iPhone ver.)
  • dont answer the phone phone call clip
  • Cake No Phone unofficial video
  • Hardly Working: Phone Fight This is an episode of "Hardly Working," the series of comedy sketches that the CollegeHumor staff shoots and acts in around our office. We're some of the people that run CH and create CHTV videos. Free CHTV video podcast on iTunes: CH Facebook Fan Page: For more, visit
  • Cool Commercial of NTT Docomo (Japanese cell phone service provider) No CG or tape-cut. Four days spent. This is for a newly launched cell phone of NTT Docomo, which is the largets cell phone service provider in Japan. Shell of the new phone is wood and their idea is to use domestic woods that are produced after preservative maintainace for Japanese forest.
  • Phone Booth Trailer by lalelu
  • Robot Chicken: The Emperor's Phone Call The Emperor gets a bad phone call from Darth Vader. Watch more at
  • Tapping your cell phone 13 Investigates explains how your cell phone can be secretly hijacked and used against you - and how to protect yourself. ALSO SEE OUR STORY HERE:
  • The Evolution of Mobile Phones
  • The Game - Camera Phone ft. Ne-Yo Music video by The Game performing Camera Phone. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 1963999. (C) 2008 Geffen Records
  • iPhone 5 Concept Features Amazing Concept iPhone 5. This CG iPhone 5 has advanced iPhone features such as a sleeker iPhone design, a laser keyboard & holographic display all rolled into this iPhone 5 video. The computer generated Concept iPhone 5 features is an exponential leap from the iPhone 4S with Siri, iPhone 4 or iPhone 3gs of today. We hope you enjoy this iPhone 5 video more than the current trend of iPhone 5 rumors such as iPhone 5 leaked and iPhone 5 unboxing videos. Apple is yet to make the iPhone 5 announcement. So have your fill of this new iPhone video before the iPhone 5 release. Soundtrack "Movement Proposition" Kevin MacLeod () Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"
  • Cell Phone Crashing Please Tweet it! What do strangers do when you "crash" their cell phone conversations? The answer might just surprise you! Shot in San Francisco, CA over Thanksgiving weekend. Special thanks to my beautiful wife Kim Evey for operating camera, and to the three surprisingly nice people whose calls I crashed! Is everyone that nice in San Francisco??? music by audionautix (Jason Shaw) A lot of you ask how I record the sound in these videos. I use a Sennheiser wireless lavaliere mic (hidden under my sweater, by the breast bone), and shoot with a small, inexpensive Canon HD camera (HFR200) that the audio receiver plugs directly into. Sometimes I use a lavalier mic that I've hidden in the top of a ball point pen, and it sits in my pocket. If you'd like to see how I rigged that, check out this video: Tags: cellphone "cell phone" phone crashing crasher crasher "phone call" call strangers improv parody pranks spoof video hidden camera idiot funny silly crazy weird dumb prank video cute girl guy comedy comedian jokes goofy fun interview happy television tv movie "hidden camera" web series internet talk talking speak speaking entertainment "sketch comedy" "web series" "home video" man woman dude
  • The Phone Forget about texting and let The Phone handle all of your communicative needs with one touch of button! Directed by Chris Parisi Produced by Damon Brennen Director of Photography: Eric Herron Production Assistant: David Bourke Starring: Andy Alabran, Stephen Kalmakis, Allison Page, Todd Brotze, Ken Grobe, Paco Romane and Millie DeBenedet. Voiceover by Calum Grant Subscribe to our channel for even more awesomeness... Help us get our own theater! Go to this link for more info:
  • The Firm ft. Dr.Dre - Phone Tap Nas.AZ.Nature.Foxy Brown. Dr.Dre
  • ON THE PHONE! (Bonus Clip) SHhhhhhhhh! I'm on the phone!
  • Soulja Boy Tell'em - Kiss Me Thru The Phone ft. Sammie Music video by Soulja Boy Tell`em performing Kiss Me Thru The Phone. (C) 2008 ColliPark Music/Interscope Records
  • Cell Phone Reunion When Bluetooth, Car Phone and BlackBerry team up, iPhone gets what he deserves. See more at /originals
  • Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks Pictures you've e-mailed or uploaded from your smartphone could leak information that can threaten your safety or that of your children. Visit to read much more on this investigation.
  • JessicaRaquel14: I just took ""I heard your a player, so lets play a game. Lets sweet talk. Lets fight. Let..." and got: Part 5! Try it:
  • OchoDougie: #random I always seem to randomly pick my phone up at 2am. Weird
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  • ThuggishLaura: Not gonna text @DopeBoyDavy for choosing a shower over talking to me on the phone. -___-
  • nichellealexa: Jk I'll tweet from my old phone but no texting. done with this night
  • jbvsjb44: I just took ""I heard your a player, so lets play a game. Lets sweet talk. Lets fight. Let..." and got: Part 5! Try it:
  • lostinmyminds: Further proof my iPhone is defective - someone sat next to me has the same phone also on O2 - they've had full signal whilst I've had none!
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  • gabby307255: No phone for a week til replacement arrives: http:///a/192zys
  • Jimensosaurus: seriously, what's wrong with my phone. it won't respond to my touch
  • GADGETREADER: Nokia 3D Communicator tipped in dual-display phone/tablet patent app http:///archives/nokia-3d-communicator-tipped-in...
  • YaBoyyMatt: Why Mariah tweeting off my phone tho ...
  • greateAnimation: HTC Bliss to be a initial Android phone targeted privately during women?
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  • deeper2k: RT @pocketnowTweets: Microsoft Validating Fix Made By Chevron To Fix Stuck Phones:
  • anibunny: So apparently my phone won't let me close tweet deck. WTF. Even with Advanced Task Killer.
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  • phonebatteries: Samsung U900 Soul Mobile Phone Review – A Slider With Personality ...: 2 · 3 · 4 · 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13...
  • SoSadistic: sorry g2g, I need to go charge my phone...i just know there's a good night text awaiting >_< []
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