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  • For he other 70 words, 68 conform to simple patterns of exceptions and can be taught phonetically. The second file shows how sight words are commonly taught in schools, with the phonetically regular words scattered across grade levels and even within grade levels, as they are commonly arranged. — “Sight Words”,
  • Free example italian lessons from our extensive course showing you how to learn italian online easily. The blue words show you how the words are spoken phonetically. — “Learn Italian - Free examples: learn to speak italian online”,
  • phonetics in many phonological phenomena –such as assimilation, vowel re Diverse and comprehensive in its coverage, Phonetically Based Phonol- ogy will be welcomed by all linguists. — “Phonetically Based Phonology”,
  • Vocabulary Words in the Algonquian Language Family. These words are not spelled phonetically--each word is spelled according to the orthography of its own language, so if you're not familiar with these languages you will need to follow the links to see how to pronounce them. — “Algonkian/Algonquian Words”, native-
  • Paper by Bidyut Baran Chaudhuri dealing with an algorithm for checking Bangla spellings in scanned text (OCR) To make the system more powerful, this approach is combined with a phonetic similarity key. — “Reversed word dictionary and phonetically similar word”,
  • Definition of phonetically from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of phonetically. Pronunciation of phonetically. Definition of the word phonetically. Origin of the word phonetically. — “phonetically - Definition of phonetically at ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of PHONETIC. 1. a : of or relating to spoken language or speech sounds b : of or relating to the science of phonetics. 2 :. — “Phonetically - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Phonetically definition, of or pertaining to speech sounds, their production, or their transcription in written symbols. See more. — “Phonetically | Define Phonetically at ”,
  • Definition of phonetically in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of phonetically. Pronunciation of phonetically. Translations of phonetically. phonetically synonyms, phonetically antonyms. Information about phonetically in the free online English. — “phonetically - definition of phonetically by the Free Online”,
  • Encyclopedia article about phonetically. Information about phonetically in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “phonetically definition of phonetically in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • Words where 8 substitutes phonetically sounding resembled eight i.e. occup8ion, avi8tion,oblitear8tion,exclam8ion,decor8ion, ela8ion,form8ion, gir8. — “Urban Dictionary: phonetically”,
  • This work introduces a phonetically balanced modi- fied rhyme test (MRT) for evaluating dard MRT restrictions, besides yielding phonetic. balanced word ensembles so as to avoid. — “A PHONETICALLY BALANCED MODIFIED RHYME TEST FOR EVALUATING”,
  • How to Phonetically Spell. "Phonetics" is derived from the Greek word for sound or voice and refers to the sounds produced by the human voice in spoken language. Spelling phonetically refers to representing the sounds heard. — “How to Phonetically Spell | ”,
  • Phonetics (from the Greek: φωνή, phōnē, "sound, voice") is a branch of linguistics that comprises the study of the sounds of Phonetics was studied as early as 2500 B.C. in ancient India, with Pāṇini's account of the place and manner of articulation of consonants in his 5th. — “Phonetics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Can the student read phonetically regular spelled words quickly and accurately? listen for rate and accuracy. Sample - Phonetically Regular Words. crop,. — “Empowering Teachers”,
  • phonetic adj. Of or relating to phonetics. Representing the sounds of speech with a set of distinct symbols, each designating a single sound:. — “phonetic: Definition from ”,
  • 2000. Representing the sounds of speech with a set of distinct symbols, each designating a single sound: phonetic spelling. 3. Of, relating to, or being features of pronunciation and cat, the English phoneme is /t/. But phonetically, each of these sounds is different in most people. — “Search Results for "phonetically"”,
  • phonetically (comparative more phonetically, superlative most phonetically) In the way it sounds, particularly: written to describe the sound rather than the dictionary spelling. All the hard words in this sentence have been spelled fon-et-ik-al-lee (phonetically). — “phonetically - Wiktionary”,
  • Convert English spelling into broad phonetic transcription. — “English Phonetic Transcription”,
  • Phonetics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Phonetics (from the Greek: , ph n , "sound, voice") is a branch of linguistics that comprises the study of the sounds of Phonetically - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster a : of or relating to spoken language or. — “Phonetically”,

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  • How To: Search Phonetically This video demonstrates how to search phonetically on , "a la Libanaise"
  • The Phonetic "Song 2" by Blur (Comedy) For those of you who don't speak 90s rock drawl, here is Blur's "Song 2" with accompanying phonetic transcription.
  • The ZangDub: A Phonetic Tale In which Zang "talks about" some sweet phonetically-inspired... uhh... thingies? BONUS: What Zang Said! Music:
  • Learning to Read English Sight Words, Dolch Words, Whole Word, etc. don't work. Find out why we have 50000000 functional illiterates. A phonetic language such as English needs to be learned phonetically. (Bruce Deitrick Price/Improve-) www.Improve-
  • Phonetically correct Phonetically correct, John Boehner is in denial about how his last name is supposed to be pronounced.
  • Carden Academy Huntington Beach Reading lessons - Have to see to believe Reading Miss Carden's reading program is built on the following foundational elements: phonetic word attack skills, understanding of grammatical construction, keyword and title, vocabulary development, mental imagery, rhythm, and critical thinking. The students further develop these skills in their study of the classics. Daily attention is given to sequence, fluency, recall, categories, and organization of thought. Phonetically, these are closely integrated with the spelling sequence and grammatically integrated with the language work. This unity builds understanding, self-confidence, security, and success. At every grade level the reading and literature books combine to introduce approximately 2000 vocabulary words each year. In order to strengthen both vocabulary and comprehension, Carden Academy assigns independent reading homework daily, beginning in the Second Grade, as well as required Summer Reading in grades 4-8. Miss Carden's ultimate goal was to teach a command of the language! Throughout the program emphasis is placed on thinking, enjoyment, and uplifting attitudes and viewpoints. . (Online Video marketing and Design by )
  • Speaking Phonetically Who talks on the phone for this long? Who writes messages on dry-erase boards? "The Young Machines," Her Space Holiday
  • Tara singing the alphabet phonetically. Tara phonetic alphabet song
  • Eisley 2 1/2 years old phonetically reading Eisley 2 1/2 years old phonetically reading the BOB books Montessori works!
  • 24 Months Old- Sounding Out Words Phonetically This video demonstrates my daughter Lily reading at 24 months old. She began sight reading at around 14 months old and started sounding out words phonetically at 19.5 months old. In this video she is practicing her reading with a Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten workbook. This program has been invaluable for building her reading stamina and giving her adequate practice to sound out words. We slightly modify the intensity of the program due to her age and use the workbook pages as educational coloring sheets as shown in this video. She loves this program and will bring me the HOP books, asking "Do phonics with Mama?" It's one of the top reading programs we use. We invested in the full Pre-K through 2nd Grade program and it's been worth it's weight in gold. We have used a combined approach with a variety of programs. The precursor to Hooked on Phonics has been using Little Reader since Lily was about 16 months old. I started my son on it at 6 months old at the same time. The Little Reader and Little Math programs take about 10 minutes per day altogether. Download a free trial at http
  • K reading phonetically K sounding out letters and read little words
  • Jon Phonics - Phonetically Obba (ft Obba Supa & Evil Ed) Jon Phonics - Half Past Calm 2 (2010) www.ynr-
  • How to read the Russian text phonetically Use ImTranslator to convert the Russian text to the Latin characters (transliterate). The original text will be translated into Russian and immediately converted into the Latin characters to read it phonetically.
  • Jasper sings "Real Gone" phonetically Jasper has been listening to the Sheryl Crow song "Real Gone" that opens the movie "Cars." He hasn't quite got the lyrics down, but that doesn't stop him from singing it phonetically. (The subtitles are the actual lyrics.)
  • Capistrano - Phonetically Speaking, This Could Be The Best Day Ever
  • Bossa n Ramones - Rockaway Beach ...
  • Reversal - EVP and Ovilus - Phonetic mode speaking backwards - Digital Dowsing The only thing stranger than the Ovilus spitting out full sentences in phonetic mode is it spitting out sentences that sound perfect when they are played in reverse.
  • Baby saying Barack....phonetically Here's how you teach a baby to say O-Ba-ma
  • Horchata - Spelling phonetically spoken word video 8/31/05
  • English alphbets phonetically pronounced by Mahi
  • Zia Fiorella Sings phonetic song for my blog, , my aunt in Florence sings the song "She'll be coming Around the Mountain" phonetically.
  • Your Face is Phonetically Similar So, my brother's pretty cool. And he mixed this techno dance song... Which I have so graciously included in this video for you.
  • The Limozeen Advantage Featuring the lovely ladies of {phonetically} Ahd-Vahn-Tage!... Ummm... Advantage. Not the French Nebula... From Everything Else Vol. 3 Disclaimer: I do not own , and do not wish to harm the creators and comic genius' wallet weights. These videos are purely for people's enjoyment, and if you enjoy these videos I strongly, STRONGLY urge you to buy the DVD. Trust me. If you are truly a H*R fan, you WILL want this in physical form. Now go on over to http: and see what's shakin'! I don't know why people post the videos available for free on YouTube anyway... It just takes longer to load and is of worse quality...
  • The Prayer (Italian Phonetic): Track - Low Bb A stab at phonetic Italian lyrics. This is the Low Bb Background Track.
  • Puchunguita, Ven - Ukulele Los Zafiros In which we learn phonetically. Apologies to the Spanish-speaking audience. Los Zafiros were a Cuban doo-wop group from the late 50's and 60's. You should check them out, they're good for your soul. May 23, 2009
  • Backwards Masking and Phonetic Reversals X signing. I think I shall share with you one of my favorite hobbies: listening to music backwards. First, let me preface the difference between the two divisions of the phenomenon known as "backmasking". "Backwards masking" is the overt alteration of a song's track. It is produced by the recording and then reverse superimposing of a message on the original track. (The Beatles were the first known to do this. Archetypal examples can also be found in the music of Pink Floyd and ELO, as you will hear.) A "phonetic reversal", on the other hand, is the result of hearing distinct words or phrases from the lyrics when playing an unaltered piece of music in reverse. My first experience with "backmasking" was about 1986, in a protestant church of all places, when the pastor was attempting to frighten partishoners away from popular music by demonstrating the supposed satanic messages one can discern from certain pieces of music when played in reverse. (One of the pieces that was being played must have been by ELO, as I can still remember the cover art with Dorothy's red slippers from The Wizard of Oz). Although I do not recall making out any discernable phrases at the time, the ominous, preternatural voice that was created by playing the music in reverse and then slowing it down, was enough to frighten what was then a 5-year-old boy for years to come. It scared me so much in fact, that I convinced my mother to take me home in the middle of the demonstration. However, as has often ...
  • Let's Play Painkiller (11): Phonetically Dyslexic So don't mock me! I have a disability!
  • Star Wars (Re)Subtitled - Jawas, Phonetically. Note: You'll need your speakers up loud for this. What the Jawas (and one droid) are saying.
  • Yerushalayim shel zahav - Ofra Haza (Phonetically subtitled in Hebrew) Avir harim calul kajajin Ve-rei'ağ oranim Nissa be-ru'ağ ha'arbajim Im kol pa'amonim Uv-tardemat ilan va-even Švuja ba-haloma Ha-ir ašer badad joševet U-ve-libba homa Jerušalajim šel zahav Ve-šel neğošet ve-šel or Ha-lo le-ğol širajiğ Ani kinnor. Ğazarnu el borot ha-majim La-šuk ve-la-kikkar Šofar kore be-Har ha-Bajit Ba-ir ha-attika U-va-m'arot ašer ba-sela Alfej šmašot zorğot Vašuv nered le Jam ha-Melağ Be-dereğ Jeriğo Jerušalajim šel zahav Ve-šel neğošet ve-šel or Ha-lo le-ğol širajiğ Ani kinnor. Ağ be-vo'i ha-jom la-šir lağ Ve-lağ likšor ktarim Katonti mi-ce'ir bana'iğ U-me-ağron ha-mšorerim Ki šemeğ corev et ha-sfatajim Ki-nšikat saraf Im eškağeğ Jerušalajim Ašer kulla zahav Jerušalajim šel zahav Ve-šel neğošet ve-šel or Ha-lo le-ğol širajiğ Ani kinnor.
  • Fart in the duck Phonetic translation of a Dutch kiddies song
  • ABC song phonetically The sounds of the letters help us to read. The names of the letters only help us to identify each letter and to alphabetize. Children here are singing the phonetic alphabet.
  • Phonetic Recital of the Periodic Table Tye reads the periodic table of elements phonetically. why? im not really sure.
  • Phonetics Why isn't "phonetic" spelled phonetically? Hmm... What do you guys think? And why do cats sleep on things ON things? MUSIC: I love living in the city -- Fear (good song...sorry i only played a small little snippet)
  • Vinnie plays scrabble phonetically Vinnie spells "saxophone" hooked-on-phonics style.
  • Justice Ginsburg's Eugenics Comment Congressman Joe Pitts (PA-16) highlights how offensive Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's comments regarding abortion and the reduction of certain populations was.
  • Beginning Steps to Reading This is my favorite beginning reader! On the left side of the page is a black-and-white drawing of a Bible story, and on the right hand side of the page is a very simplified phonetic account of that story in large, plain type. When there is a difficult word, beyond the decoding skills of your young reader, a simple picture is drawn in place of the word so the story can still be read. There are 50 stories, each more difficult than the last, but all can be easily phonetically decoded. If your children know their Bible stories, it is fun to guess which story is being told. The back of the book contains a word list of new phonetic words introduced in each story. Hardcover, black-and-white drawings, from the Mennonites. 107 pages.
  • Irish Phonetically Trying to get these guys to speak irish -- Not too successful but could be worse! ---- This video was made and uploaded with Xtranormal's State To make your own movie, visit
  • The Tatchet-Mobile (Tatchet spelt phonetically =] ) An excellant demonstration of pencil sharpening at its finest; featuring a modern pro, breaking the boundaries of pencil sharpening. An inspiration to all the young pencil sharpeners out there. Boy down to the Grand Master Tatchet!
  • Phonetically Charles. Doug and John use phonetics to teach Charles the words he needs to know in order to speak on the radio.
  • HIRAGANA (Japanese phonetic alphabet 1) I made this for myself. The alphabet is correct but pronunciation is by me so shouldn't be taken by anyone for granted. I tried to copy the natuve speaker but I'm quite bad at it.
  • Cousin learns piano Song Phonetically yeah it's amazing .
  • Nathasha says phonetic alphabet XZ Nathahasha says XZ phonetically. Tiurn it up. She is almost 2 here.
  • erinstorygeld: Huh: OK stands for "all correct", which phonetically spells "orl korrekt"
  • the_ferg_says: i know how it's actually pronounced, but i just cant help sounding Boehner out phonetically.
  • Amuly21: @Ianto_of_Jones No clue. I was transcribing phonetically whatever Kat and Alfie were shouting at each other.
  • SunjeetM: "Love, when spelled backwards and read phonetically, reads evil" - Eminem
  • alex_iarocci: @Leo_Orlando it makes sense phonetically. There is no 'o' sound in cleveland.
  • ClareClareBear: A whole chapter of my book is written phonetically in a Geordie accent, and I'm really struggling to read argg
  • JPM2222: I'm going to lobby Congress to create a national writing phonetically day. Wouldn't that be fun!?
  • Tiggertigger75: @Pontelass1AlliH they're all beautiful names when spoken but a nightmare 2 learn 2 spell lol At least Conall is spelt phonetically :)
  • ChrisJGHomer: I don't care if you pronounce your last name Bahner, if your last name is Boehner, phonetically it's pronounced Boner.
  • imaflyonthewall: Phonetically speaking I prefer tuch tonez
  • Hostile_LilLady: Your #hood if your name is spelled phonetically. #haha
  • KrystleTugadi: @KaylaDLR umm...i think i just seriously died in my little corner of the office. HMMAAAHHH!! did it not sound phonetically like that? haha.
  • MitchellNicola: @doalty darn I thought the full stops would deter them. Will just have to tweet phonetically as suggested by @AllanCavanagh
  • audley_Harrison: Since 2004 RT @miss_hobbo: @audley_Harrison how beautiful! I have family who live in Encinitas (spelt phonetically) Are you there for long?
  • miss_hobbo: @audley_Harrison how beautiful! I have family who live in Encinitas (spelt phonetically) Are you there for long?
  • jwhit107: When your professor says to Google the Wilton diptych in class to see Richard II and you phonetically type the final consonants, well...
  • PedaaaGiuseppe: I got asked how to phonetically say my last name for graduation I think row-ketti is a fair assumption
  • Hayles_Ellis: @SarahMillican75 I love the way I spelt heard as head, like I had spelt it phonetically for Geordies. X
  • Ashley_BigHair: If you spell phonetically you need to go back to elementary school. Jackasses
  • FeathersandRain: Ugh, I hate reading those works you have to read out loud in order to get what they're phonetically saying...
  • youwerelike: Tomorrow I think I will speak phonetically, that's p-honetically.
  • IlhamElhattan: Suddenly, I find the word "judge" to be phonetically weird.
  • rethavs: @tonyseifart bwaahaha, but I'm not from the Cape originally! So I'd have to say Tonnie & Ontie if we were writing phonetically..;)
  • atlanticdash: @Sianwelby lol, I've been trying to think how to spell it phonetically! I struggle to say welsh myself!
  • jaytweet: @giedd lol oops I did that without background. it's the old luxembourgish way of writing phonetically. it's straaange
  • supermerlion: @xdreamscape Phonetically, no.
  • jamesdevine89: What is your favourite letter? Visually and phonetically... #questionsarefun
  • jamesdevine89: What is your favourite letter? Visually and phonetically...
  • robpix: phonetically 'furrr' hahaha “@Feenixpawl: Let's settle this once and for all: how do you pronounce 'phō'?”
  • jasoncupp: @BMKCMO lol. Prolly the truth.... Check out the IRS story - pore instead of pour... Phonetically it's right, lol.
  • kattyzee: @jayessaitch I have noted that we both created Twitternames by spelling our initials phonetically. Snap. That's all.
  • vplo: @abc4pepper hahahawll phonetically it's "kuntoar", that word should be easy ;) Tomorrow we'll try one with a g in it ghehe
  • JamesJWalsh: @_mattkapp_ haha you phonetically spell when you write and you do it with a SA accent.... tElent instead of tAlent for I stance #TeamRP
  • iamissieiam: @ohheygeorge I am tempted to agree with you but would like to test you first. Spell it phonetically.
  • charlie_girling: RT @sirtimofjohn: @charlie_girling i love you because your the only person i've ever seen write LMFAO phonetically on a news script! x
  • sirtimofjohn: @charlie_girling i love you because your the only person i've ever seen write LMFAO phonetically on a news script! x
  • CarmelCricket: @JonBrainsHunter @DannyOwens83 Not a bad first attempt....It's Nikola Davidović. Spelt phonetically for you Nee-co-la Dav-ee-dov-itch
  • mkbkrthebkmkr: RT @donwill: my nigga. the singing. is just. epically. original. i cant even type that one out phonetically. its very crash cuts of him tho.
  • donwill: my nigga. the singing. is just. epically. original. i cant even type that one out phonetically. its very crash cuts of him tho.
  • AshleyKLUC: Well at least you can phonetically spell haha @JohnMoug In the words of @AshleyKLUC, my dog has "oh-ho mochos" or eye boogers, crusties, etc
  • S2170: A day of pain, phonetically speaking.
  • InspiREDiva: @Deltapurl another issue is that they moved around a lot after the war and names were spelled phonetically so you'll see a lot of changes
  • brianpmoore: @Holl_x *said phonetically* lullll-eee-bie" *happy noise* *drool*
  • smashskew: @corinnethenerd HAHAHA phonetically.
  • danielwarhol: @jozenc i remember it because of how i used to phonetically pronounce it (being in spelling bees had its privileges)
  • nunyabidnizz: grown ups tweeting phonetically like they JUST learned how to read. #gositinacorner
  • d_coop: RT @SaidaMichele: I asked this guy to spell something phonetically he said E as in E ..I said excuse me ..then he yelled E AS IN E !!! ...lmfao!!!!!!!
  • SaidaMichele: I asked this guy to spell something phonetically he said E as in E ..I said excuse me ..then he yelled E AS IN E !!! ...lmfao!!!!!!!
  • JayTeeD: Bobby Valentine needs a sheet with all the players names phonetically spelled out. He sounds like a damn fool.
  • FightNightatJoe: @littlestclouds you should get it phonetically spelled in Russian by someone
  • Demi_LovatoFans: "Love, when spelled backwards and read phonetically, reads evil” — Eminem" http:///xw825tm1z7
  • disquisitions: @fuzk23 @Maddienator lol! love it when totally different languages have phonetically similar words that mean the same thing! =D
  • Kendall_Tristan: @Joanmarie I pronounce it phonetically. It works well in phrases that also involve the non-word "kitteh".
  • tyronotron: This song rhymes 'you' with 'go' by pronouncing the latter with a glide from the vowel 'oh' to 'ooh'. Phonetically flexible.
  • Luke_OfCydonia: @richdring Im spelling it phonetically, you derp ;)
  • ReppinThaValley: That actually sounds phonetically correct lol RT @jennatothe: @ReppinThaValley eghck!
  • EvelineTimeless: @BladeTheArtist Must be a bit like when I learned the song, phonetically, not understanding what it was about. #fb
  • ASDeviant: @LittleHarmonica Pinot grigio here. Which I like to say phonetically to amuse myself. It's the little things....
  • Miss_Prissy: @Bayngin they should stop teaching these kids to spell phonetically in school...its making them #dumb in society!
  • EwelinaGonera: @jojospacemunky Polish is mostly pronounced phonetically. Try to pronounce syllables separately first and you'll get there eventually!
  • NerysAsala: @KemiKaffo ahahaha! did you really just phonetically spell OMG (oh em gee) and yeah i see them.... how weird, right?!
  • megansophie_a7x: fml. i'm spending my sunday afternoon listening to my auntie talk about talking phonetically -.-
  • GlamNinja1308: Why can't chalk be spelled phonetically? Chack. I mean, really?
  • flyotw: @frazzlefresh Aa as in phonetically Ah or argh.
  • _eyeKandy: "Love, when spelled backwards and read phonetically, reads evil" - eminem
  • MC_bleuprints: "Love, when spelled backwards and read phonetically, reads evil" - eminem
  • krunchie_frog: @Montybasset is a lion, and yeah is L. Phonetically it's my name.
  • InvisibleBookwm: Hearing my name said phonetically (despite connections w/ a certain singer) on #Supernatural in any capacity makes me SQUEE! #SPNWillGoOn
  • AC1SSEJ: I hate it when people spell words phonetically... Almost as much as I hate that phonetically isn't spelled phonetically.
  • Gavaalaarr: Love, when spelled backwards and read phonetically, reads evil
  • MattSavage7: @BeardedGenius Why would Dowatchyalike [phonetically] not be on YouTube with lyrics?
  • mezzotinto: @AreyOhChampa Nair, Cherian and Your's phonetically moi!
  • tobygilles: @srogers101 yeah - in fairness I had to write it phonetically all the time, and they STILL got it wrong! Jilliss? Who's Jilliss?!
  • SoulQuestion: @JimVaylin I thought it was A as in phonetically eh
  • thelazyafro: @aMCnamedAtlas lmao at patterins being spelled phonetically
  • Lbrty77: RT @TexasRV: Although ABBA placed 16 songs on Billboard's Hot 100 chart they did not speak English and therefore pronounced their lyrics phonetically.
  • nikkifabulous: Why does Christiane Amanpor take so long to say her name? I know I probably spelled it wrong&I shouldn't b/c she says it phonetically
  • jacketcountdown: I need this settled, you guys: phonetically, is it "sir-cut-al" or "sir-cue-it-al"?
  • mkidwell05: @skindoeshoops KIDD. WAS. YUGE!!! -Donald Trump (Hypothetically & Phonetically)
  • GEORGIApeeps: Georgia Bulldogs Saturday Summary: You Can't Spell "Tennessee" Phonetically Without "Tennis" http:///-f2fY
  • ProAmTennis: Georgia Bulldogs Saturday Summary: You Can't Spell "Tennessee" Phonetically ...: 8 Georgia women's tennis team f...
  • bulldogvoices: Georgia Bulldogs Saturday Summary: You Can't Spell "Tennessee" Phonetically Without "Tennis"
  • rosaku55: @shanedawson i phonetically put your name on Google translate from Chinese to English and it came out "Oh you great nephew of Good and Evil"
  • Tennis_RT: RT @RSSMicro Georgia Bulldogs Saturday Summary: You Can't Spell Tennessee Phonetically Without Tennis #tennis #g...
  • TNnewswire: Georgia Bulldogs Saturday Summary: You Can't Spell "Tennessee" Phonetically ... - Dawg Sports #tennessee
  • watchz01: Georgia Bulldogs Saturday Summary: You Can't Spell "Tennessee" Phonetically Without "Tennis": Source: www.sbnati...
  • Circpro: Georgia Bulldogs Saturday Summary: You Can't Spell "Tennessee" Phonetically Without "Tennis": I had ... #Dawgs #UGA
  • RSSMicro: Georgia Bulldogs Saturday Summary: You Can't Spell Tennessee Phonetically Without Tennis #tennis #georgiabulldogs
  • GeorgiaSN: Georgia Bulldogs Saturday Summary: You Can't Spell "Tennessee" Phonetically Without "Tennis" #UGA
  • skkng: @pete_robson ... which kind of makes it even funnier. It's very poorly translated, even just phonetically speaking. #statingtheobvious

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  • “Phonetically Speaking. A challenging hidden message and sequencing puzzle of fun. Props: Index cards and a marker. You need to Home | About Us | Training & Certification | Programs & Teambuilding | Challenge Course | Store | Resources | Blog | Contact”
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  • “But as I said above, I think there are lots of examples of English words that are "phonetically right" in Quayle's sense. type of "irregularity" is so common that it is phonetically acceptable within English to end a word with "o"”
    — Dan Quayle Rides Again! | Crowhill Weblog,

  • “Kim's Space's Blog - Windows Live Anyone who reads me blog and knows me well has probably realized that I censor my blog. In fact, I told my readers on my first blog that I would do just that. The reasons for censoring my blog are not complex”
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  • “Everyone All At Once is the sophomore release from Hamilton's The Rest.  The band plays Neu+ral in Toronto tonight.If you haven't checked them out yet, give this a listen and think about heading down to catch their set:"Phonetically,”
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