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  • Schematically a phototransistor can be represented as shown in Figure 1 below, where it is shown to have two It is the base in a phototransistor which receives incident illumination to cause the phototransistor to conduct electricity or not. — “Phototransistor Replacement”,
  • A current injection compensation circuit for dynamically compensating for the effect of ambient conditions on phototransistor output is disclosed. An output voltage is maintained at a nominal reference voltage level independent of ambient light. — “Phototransistor apparatus with ... - Google Patent Search”,
  • Photodiode/Phototransistor . . . 2. Application Note. The response time is inversely diode, except that the phototransistor requires a bias. The circuit. — “Photodiode/Phototransistor Application Circuit”,
  • A summary or tutorial about the basics of the photo transistor or phototransistor, its properties, how it works and how it is used. — “Phototransistor / Photo transistor :: Radio-”, radio-
  • phototransistor. The wavelength range for light in the near- infrared phototransistor) which magnifies this current to useful levels. Figure. — “AN-3005 Design Fundamentals for Phototransistor Circuits”,
  • Phototransistor. Brief overview of light and choosing a sensor. In this report I intend to laser beam and visible-light-sensitive phototransistors -Infrared emitters and detectors. — “Sensor Workshop at ITP | Reports / Phototransistor”,
  • PHOTOTRANSISTOR Output Description The MCT6H and MCT62H consist of a PHOTOTRANSISTOR PHOTOTRANSISTOR Output, Compact Reflective Photointerrupter Description GP2S24J0000F. — “PHOTOTRANSISTOR Technique Datasheet Pdf IC-ON--Free”, ic-on-
  • Phototransistor gain stability, in the presence of high isolation volt phototransistor optocoupler. The devices are available in lead formed configuration suitable for. — “Phototransistor”,
  • Note that phototransistors may or may not have a base lead (if they photodiodes allow much less current to flow than do phototransistors). — “Phototransistors”,
  • PHOTOTRANSISTOR datasheet, PHOTOTRANSISTOR pdf, PHOTOTRANSISTOR data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf. — “PHOTOTRANSISTOR Datasheet catalog”,
  • TLP627A,TOSHIBA PHOTOCOUPLER GaAs IRED & PHOTO-TRANSISTOR. The TOSHIBA TLP627A,TLP627A-2,TLP627A-4 consist of a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode optically coupled to a darlington connected phototransistor which has a 350V high voltage of collector-emitter breakdown voltage. — “Phototransistors datasheet,Phototransistors Pinout”,
  • phototransistor n. A transistor having highly photosensitive electrical characteristics. — “phototransistor: Definition from ”,
  • Abstract: We report on a novel phototransistor-based optoelectronic tweezers (OET) that, for the first time, The phototransistor has a. photoconductivity that is more than 100. — “PHOTOTRANSISTOR-BASED”,
  • phototransistor optocouplers are a perfect choice for providing isolated feedback for the regulation loop in switched-mode power supplies. — “Avago Technologies general purpose phototransistor”,
  • Phototransistors also consist of a photodiode with internal gain. A phototransistor is in Note that while phototransistors have a higher responsivity for light they are not able. — “Photodiode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • phototransistor, alldatasheet, free, phototransistordatasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors, 4N25, NTE3031, NTE3032, NTE3034A, NTE3035A, NTE3036. — “Description phototransistor, phototransistor Datasheet search”,
  • Phototransistor Frequency Response. All silicon photosensors (phototransistors, etc.) respond to the entire visible radiation Their goal is to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio, by using an emitter with the best match to the phototransistor response. — “Theory - Phototransistors”,
  • Definition of phototransistor in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of phototransistor. Pronunciation of phototransistor. Translations of phototransistor. phototransistor synonyms, phototransistor antonyms. Information about phototransistor in the. — “phototransistor - definition of phototransistor by the Free”,
  • The Phototransistor. The new photo-electric device, shown here about nine times actual Appropriately, the new device has been named the Phototransistor. — “Phototransistor”,
  • Phototransistor Manufacturers & Phototransistor Suppliers Directory - Find a Phototransistor Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Phototransistor Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Phototransistor-Phototransistor Manufacturers, Suppliers and”,

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  • Ambient Light train Detector A phototransistor circuit that will dectect a train that blocks the ambient room light from reaching the phototransistor.
  • 5x6 Phototransistor Array for Multi-Touch Sensing Since my last video I have been working on making an array of phototransistors. I ordered one of every kind of phototransistors that was under a dollar and looked good for my purposes on Digi-Key. I ended up with Seven kinds of transistors, and didn't use one type because it didn't work at all. This setup was not to have a thin multi-touch setup, bu to determine which phototransistor would work best for a future setup. It is really interesting how different phototransistors respond, and have different drop off rates. As seen towards the end of the video, it is barely affected by ambient light. See more information on my blog:
  • How to ensure your robot will go straight This is an example video showing how you can ensure your robot will go straight without turning. Due to non linearities and other factors (mechanical) your motors (continuous rotation servos or dc motors with gearbox) may not act the same way. Aging is also another factor That means when you program your robot to go straight it will start turning left or right after a short time, depending on how different your motors are. The only way to fix the problem is by putting some kind of feedback. The simpler way is by using encoder discs (made from paper) with the combination of reflective optical Sensors, like CNY70 I am using by Vishay Semiconductors. The IR LED inside the sensor transmits infrared light and it is reflected on the encoder disc's surface. We have more reflected light when a white strip passes by. The opposite thing happens to the black strip The reflected light is captured by the phototransistor inside the sensor so you get pulses at the output as the wheel (and the encoder disc) rotates.
  • Using a Phototransistor to Detect "Movement" This is my first engineering project using a project board, some wires, 2 10k transistors, 2 15k transistors, a red laser beam light, a 741chip, a 9V battery and a photo transistor.
  • Making a Homemade Chronograph (two different types explained!) In this video I show you my homemade chronographs i've used to measure the velocity of my spudguns. Both have good and bad points, I prefer the Phototransistor one personally as it is easier for me to setup. Both work great though. Any questions, just ask. Much thanks to Jimmy101 and Technician1002 of Spudfiles.
  • Laser Harp recognising strings with lcd This is the prototype of my laser harp: the hardware is the optics section of a laser printer, driven by a microchip PIC to keep the hexagonal mirror rotating at 200hz; the PIC pulses the laser in phase with the mirror to generate 12 strings (not visible because the laser used in here is only 35mw green, it will be replaced by a 300mw soon ;) this firmware recognises the string that illuminate a phototransistor, and the amount of illumination.
  • Laser harp, tests on mirror driver with 10bit PWM This is my prototype of laser harp, based on the optics section of a laser printer; this is the test of the driving section for the motor of the mirror: the motor is driven via PWM, with speed feedback given by a phototransistor that detects the laser passing. The microchip PIC 18f2455 detects the rotation frequency and regulates a 10bit PWM, using a PD (proportional, derivative) control to ensure stability of the system. In this test I gained enough stabilty, so I will use this control in the next firmwares of the laser harp
  • IR phototransistor
  • Light seeking robot head Less cheesy version of my first project. Arduino + servo + 2 phototransistors. It's quite basic, it just follows the strongest lightsource in it's range.
  • Phototransistors + LEDs Group project for our FPGA class. We took 80 phototransistors which sent signals out to the DE2 board via 8-bit parallel-to-serial registers (165) and then sent the signals out to an 8x10 array of LEDs via 8-bit serial-to-parallel shift registers (595).
  • Image Scan Using Phototransistor Array My First Project
  • Arduino Trip Counter Trip Counter using, 20x4 character LCD, old mouse scroll wheel, phototransistor and -diode, div. wires, potmeters, resistors etc.
  • DARK ACTIVATED ALERTER USING OPAMP 741 The buzzer emits a tone when the phototransistor exposure to light is decreased. When light exposure changes, the resistance of the phototransistor changes and the difference in input voltage is changed by the op-amp, the output may swing towards full supply, thus driving the transistor and the buzzer.
  • Magnetic Levitation Experiment Levitation of a metal ball. The green tube on top is an electromagnet. You can see the infrared LED on the right side of the enclosure. There is a phototransistor opposite it that you cannot see. Voltage from the phototransistor is applied via negative feedback to the electromagnet to balance the ball.
  • Phototransistor line follower Testing the line following robot if it can maneuver on curves.
  • How does your TV feels? 100% Uncontrolled IR Remote Control Noise Jam! PhotoTransistor Synthesizer! Do you know how does your TV feels when receiving IR commands?
  • Phototransistor Example
  • Small DC Motor This motor has photo transistors embedded in the rear section, an LED is turned on, the light will hit the photo transistor through a small diameter hole in the rotar timer. when the photo transistor is turned on it will open the gate in the mosfet which will send power to the small coil pushing and pulling the magnet 180 degrees.
  • How to make a light sensitive circuit You need a phototransistor, 9 volt battery, battery connector, LED, resistor
  • Phototransistor-based optoelectronic tweezers for dynamic cell manipulation in cell culture media Video relates to research article in Lab on a chip Hsan-yin Hsu et al. "Phototransistor-based optoelectronic tweezers for dynamic cell manipulation in cell culture media" Read the article at
  • phototransistor demo on hexalinkagepod LED indicates sensor reading from phototransistor. Not much voltage change between high and low lighting readings -- eg from 2.1 to 1.8 V -- not sure how to fix this yet (0.3 V difference will be finicky to calibrate for arduino digital high / low, which I think transitions @ 3V).
  • Robert Mathy: Light Frequency Fingertips, Sound Instrument 2009 "Light Frequency Fingertips" is composed of four fingercaps, each containing light sensitive phototransistors. The fingercaps (made of bicycle tubes) are especially customized for the thumb and forefinger of both hands, and transform light frequencies into acoustic signals. Light, emitted by the displays of activated mobile phones, functions as the origin of the sounds. As each mobile phone's display generates a different light frequency, each results in an audio signal with a different pitch. In addition, other electronic devices, such as flashing bicycle lights, can be used to generate rhythmic tones. Performance: If the sensors are connected to 3 volt button cell batteries and the stereo jack is plugged into an amplifier, it's time to play! Any subtle movement of the fingertips creates a slightly audible change in sound. Fading and mixing is also done by moving the fingers. Naturally some mobile phones switch into sleep mode while others stay active, so this adds a extended visual feature to the performance. In order to avoid interference or a disturbing hum, the instrument should be used in dark environments. More info:
  • Phototransistor Playing with a photo transistor for the first time (uploaded direct from phone -- sorry for the quality)
  • Light seeking robot - my first "walking" robot My first moving robot. This is the spider robots "organs". I just placed (taped :P) it all on a piece of cardboard to test if my programming and electronics worked. I will put the parts in my mechanic spider body later on (see my other videos). Arduino + three servos + two phototransistors + one red led (lights up if it doesn't see any light).
  • IR Detection with IR phototransistor uses RADIOSHACKS matched IR led and detector. detector is shielded, an OPAMP brings the signal to a usable level by the BS2. Here is the schematic. max range so far is 2 feet. R4 = 47kohm R3= 1kohm IR detector resistor = R2 = use 100k pot in series with 220 ohm resistor, and adjust.
  • Gear Position Indicator Prototype This is a prototype of gear position indicator for Suzuki V-Strom motorcycles. It can display gear number without delay, shows temperature and automatically adjust LED brightness. Has many configuration options. Atmel Atmega88 controls everything. As a display 8x8 LED matrix is used. See for project details.
  • Optocoupler on the CRO Here we examine the input and output stages of a 4N25 optocoupler, to show that the higher the frequency, the less stable the high/low levels of the output are - specifically as the frequency increases, the output has more noise due to the fall time of the phototransistor elements. For more information please visit:
  • Improved ECG hardware for PC+outtake Download the sound card oscilloscope here: Why 2 photo-transistors are better than one: Electrostatic noise is individual for everyelectronic part, eg photo-transistor. The 2 cells in series act like an AND gate, so any signal that is detected by only one photo cell will not pass the second one and go to the computer. Only signals that reach both transistors (the infrared signal from my LEDs) will get through to the sound card :-)
  • Infrared Detector Cloud 130 printed circuit boards hanging in a spherical grid configuration. Each circuit contains an infrared phototransistor and a high-flux warm white LED. The LED glows in proportion to the amount of infrared light falling on the phototransistor, translating invisible infrared light into visible white light. The installation allows viewers to see something in the environment which would otherwise be invisible. The LEDs are controlled purely by the physical properties of the electronic components.
  • NAND Synth Jam 01 As seen at Camp A Low Hum 2011 . A NAND Synth I made with a few modifications to the original circuit. I've added phototransistors in each oscillator's feedback loop and momentary toggle switches that connect to big chunky capacitors to mix it up a bit. The amplifier is a Roland Cube 30 providing some reverb. I was hoping for a big finish where I disconnect the battery and the thing sits there wailing as it dies out but throwing the power leads around must have shorted them together. Oh well...
  • Phototransistor Multi Touch 600 Pixel Resolution Multi-Touch Slider achieved with seven Phototransistors. See more at my website:
  • 940nm phototransistor multimeter test I'm showing how a L-932P3C Phototransistor reacts to light. The white flashlight is a white LED, but it's a little out of batteries so it didn't change the reading very much. I've put phototransistor in the PNP slot: the longer leg is in the Collector hole and the other one is in the Emitter hole.
  • Day and Night sensor Using an LM324 Op amp, 3 resistors, 2 diodes and a photo transistor I was able to make a Day/Night sensor. When it's dark the red LED will light up. When there is light shining on the photo transistor, the green LED will light up.
  • Stepper Motor Interfacing Using Parallel Port A C++ language programme is used to control the Stepper Motor through a parallel port (Printer Port). A gray coded disk is embeded at the shaft of the motor from where photo transistor assembly is used to stop the disk at the specified sector that is input by the user. IC ULN2003A is used to drive the motor and buffer IC's 74244 & 74245 are used between the port and hardware interfacing. A zener diode is used at the 9th pin of the ULN2003 IC in order to protect the circuit from any damage. Lower 4 data pins are used for input from the photo transistors and Upper 4 data pins of the parallel port are used for driving the motor. The step size of the stepper motor is 1.8 degree.
  • DIY camera(8x8=64 photo-transistor)
  • Laser harp: new functions playing This is the laser harp prototype with some new functions in action: Starting melody :-) , scale mode, octave, dynamics, starting note; The prototype is not fully working, since you have to pick the strings to play; the full version will have the phototransistor integrated in the box, capturing reflections from above, so you will play it simply with your fingers, as a real harp.
  • Operating Principle of Phototransistor Operating Principle of PhototransistorPhototransistor is an optical electronic semi-conducting device. It is one of the variants of a bipolar transistor. It differs from a standard variant in the way that its base region is accessible to light irradiation. Thus it allows to control electric current amplification with the help of the optical radiation. That means it can transform light flux into electric current.A phototransistor has a structure of npn or pnp transistor. It can amplify current. Two variants of transistor connection are used. Diode connection employs only two contacts - those of emitter and collector. Transistor connection employs three contacts when not only light but also electric signals are fed to the input. Phototransistors are used as photodetectors and solid-state optical couplers. If compared with photodiodes phototransistors have a significantly greater sensitivity - about 100 milliamperes per lumen. A bipolar phototransistor is similar to a regular bipolar transistor which has a photodiode between the leads of a collector and base.One of the variants of phototransistor connection is the simplest diagram of a regular security alarm if it can be called one.We use two phototransistors. A generating acoustic radiator which scares away human beings is used as the load. Power is supplied by a regular 9V battery. For each load it is recommended to choose phototransistors with a specified junction resistance. This is necessary for light sensitivity. In ...
  • LinaKhoi: Punyaku phototransistor udah balik, cm yg photodioda blm. Gatau sp yg bawa RT @shirahapsari: @LinaKhoi lapsem photodiode sama
  • shirahapsari: @LinaKhoi lapsem photodiode sama phototransistor di siapa kak?
  • izzat_izwan: PhotoDiode n PhotoTransistor.. :)
  • shirahapsari: Bahagia itu saat praktikum piranti elektronika : photodioda + phototransistor di acc sama pak moga :3
  • hessu: RT @aprsfi: Other projects: Simple power consumption metering with #Arduino, #Munin and a phototransistor, code on Github:
  • aprsfi: Other projects: Simple power consumption metering with #Arduino, #Munin and a phototransistor, code on Github:

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