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  • Miranda IM Addons - Customise your Miranda-IM with plugins, themes and language packs!. — “Miranda IM - Addons”, addons.miranda-
  • If supported, plug-ins enable customizing the functionality of an application. a b Mozilla Firefox plugins - Description of the difference between Mozilla Firefox plugins and extensions under the general term. — “Plug-in: Definition from ”,
  • Plugins. Chat Translator highlight (Windows) Chat Translator from SDL instantly translates 6.9 music reminders youtube Google alerts search web VOIP news NBC sharing tools Plugin. — “AIM Gallery”,
  • If supported, plug-ins enable customizing the functionality of an application. For example, plug-ins are commonly used in web a b Mozilla Firefox plugins - Description of the difference between Mozilla Firefox plugins and extensions under the general term. — “Plug-in (computing) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Join us in the 3rd Party Plugins forum for a lively discussion or get started writing your own plugin. Ideas for new plug-ins A list of ideas for plugins add your own, or grab one and make. — “Squeezebox Server Plugins - SqueezeboxWiki”,
  • Winamp Plug-ins Featured - worth checking out. Find and download Plug-ins for your Winamp media player. Add or change Winamp functionlity with Plug-ins. — “ Featured Plugins”,
  • Plugin Directory. Featured Plugins. Currently 4/5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. CKEditor Plugins. Documentation. Screenshots. Screencasts. What's New. Send Us Feedback. Get Help. — “Movable Type Plugin Directory | - Home of the”,
  • Popular Plugins. Downloads This Week. Allow Images. 103. Avatar Upload. 73. Human Test for more " bbPress plugin development center. Privacy. GPL. See also:. — “bbPress Plugin Browser”,
  • Cartography-focused site that includes links to specialized plug-ins of interest to cartographers. The Plug-ins Collection contains volumes 1 to 23 of the Andrew's Vector Plug-ins for Illustrator. — “Adobe Illustrator CS5: Plug-ins”,
  • Add free plug-ins to Yahoo! Messenger to enjoy services, content, and games. Plus, use plug-ins do things together with a friend while you IM. — “Plug-ins - Yahoo! Messenger”,
  • Vuze is the easiest way to find, download,and play HD movies, TV and videos. Download and stream using the most powerful p2p bittorrent app in the world. — “Azureus, now called Vuze : Java BitTorrent client - Plugins”,
  • You are being redirected to the Forum where you will be able to browse and download our current plugin collection. http:///index.php?/forum/7-plugins-publishing-only. — “Redirecting”,
  • Reference site with information and links for Web browser and Photoshop plug-ins. If you have a plugin resource or a plugin, please send email and we will happily add your information. — “”,
  • Plugins can do a variety of things, including overriding commands, adding new commands, providing additional network transports, customizing log output, etc. Bazaar's Please do not add non-free plug-ins to this page unless they are read-only, in the sense that they are designed primarily to. — “BzrPlugins - Bazaar Version Control”,
  • Plugins can extend WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine. Download The "Related Ways to Take Action" WordPress Plugin makes it super easy to connect your readers to. — “WordPress " WordPress Plugins”,
  • Plugins provide a system of extending DokuWiki's features without the A Plugin is installed by putting it into its own folder beyond lib/plugins. — “plugins [DokuWiki]”,
  • Plugins allow you to unobtrusively add functionality to objects Plugins can inherit from the Plugin.Base class, but this is not a hard requirement as. — “YUI 3: Plugin”,
  • 3) PlugIns will be installed into IrfanView "PlugIns" directory d99ddd26273f9799e7d1d0f314cad56a) 2. You can download ALL PlugIns as one large ZIP. — “IrfanView PlugIns”,
  • Customize Firefox, Thunderbird, and other Mozilla products with thousands of free extensions and themes. — “Plugins :: Add-ons for Firefox”,
  • Under most circumstances, jEdit plugins do not need to be downloaded and installed in a plugin's binary package, each of the plugins made available on. — “jEdit - Plugin Central”,
  • Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress. Plugins offer custom functions and features so that each user can tailor their site to. — “Plugins " WordPress Codex”,
  • Capturing plugin (Captures images on Windows using JMF) : Scion Frame CamAcqJ plugin for QImaging Retiga cameras (Windows only). — “Plugins”,
  • Browse Plugins. All Plugins. Ajax. Animation and Effects. Browser Tweaks Submit it to the jQuery Plugin website issue queue to ensure it is noticed!. — “Project types | jQuery Plugins”,

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  • 10 Awesome SEO Plugins for Wordpress Subscribe for more marketing tips. What are the best SEO plugins for Wordpress? In this video we look at ten of our favourite plugins that will help add an SEO benefit to any Wordpress blog. From cutting down on spam comments, to Meta formatting, copywriting and instant linking there's a plugin for everything. The tools covered are: All in one SEO pack Scribe SEO Akismet Google XML Sitemaps SEO Smart links TGFI SEO SEO Slugs SEO Booster Pro Redirection WP Super Cache This topic was requested by Mike Payton a Web Developer at Auto Trader. Full post at
  • Adobe Audition - Adding VST Plug-Ins like ANTARES AUTO TUNES Alright, to answer this growing question I'm going to show everyone how to add VST Plugins in Adobe Audtion 3, and how to get them loaded and working. It is a very easy process but like I said, a growing question, so hopefully you all will find your answer in this video. DBOY
  • Tutorial: How to find and install VST plugins into FL Studio. 10% off of FL Studio and other Image Line products: affiliate.image- This is a quick video explaining clearly a place to find some plugins, and how to install them into FL Studio. Links used in video:
  • Contact Form 7 Plugin Install for Wordpress This is a video tutorial teaching how to install and configure contact form 7 for Wordpress. You will also need Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin too which I teach how to get both of them working within Wordpress admin panel.
  • What are Plugins? Part of
  • SEO Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin Tutorial This tutorial from covers configuration preferences and settings for the SEO Ultimate WordPress All-In-One SEO Plugin Developed by SEO Design Solutions. This plugin allows you to leverage the "Pure On Page Power" of Search Engine Optimization from an easy-to-use dashboard within your WordPress settings.
  • Episode 59 - Free Audio Plugins -PhaseTone (Mac, PC) Available in RTAS, VST, and AU -Ambience (Mac, PC) Available in VST, and AU -C3 Multiband Compressor (Mac, PC) Available in VST, and AU -MultiInspector Free (Mac, PC) Available in VST, and AU -CamelCrusher (Mac, PC) Available in VST, and AU - Gclip (PC) Available in VST - W1 Limiter (Mac, PC) Available in VST, and AU -Aqualizer EQ (PC) Available in VST -Nick Crow 8505 (PC) Available in VST -KefIR Impulse Loader (PC) Available in VST
  • Internet TV Plugins - XBMC - Linux Mint 7 Just another reason to get rid of cable bills. fap fap fap loL 9.10 PPA https PPA: or addons: extract into ur plugins/video folder svn repo installer
  • Minecraft Bukkit Server - Plugins: iChat v2.2.3 (and Permissions) Support = Likes Rock on! Notepad++ notepad-plus- Bukkit Install Bukkit (1.5_02) http Basic Console for Bukkit (1.5_02) Single Player to Multiplayer World Plugins - Permissions BLOG: VLOG TWITTER: FACEBOOK: LIVE: FAQ: MCSG: MinecraftWB Lag in the Late Night Podcast http Minecraft
  • FL Studio - Installing VST plugins - Warbeats Tutorial From This tutorial will guide you step by step and help you get access to an almost limitless number of instruments and effects. There are so many freeware synths and effects that this tutorial can help you use.
  • Adobe Audition CS5 Tutorial : Installing Plugins (Auto-Tune Evo) In This Video I show you how to install plugins on Adobe audition CS5 hope this helps thanks for watching. Link To Auto-Tune Evo Link To Facebook
  • Review - NextGen Gallery - WordPress Plugin Review This Tutorial shows you how to create a Photo Gallery on your Wordpress Website using the NextGen Gallery Wordpress plugin.
  • Recommended Minecraft Server Plugins (For a Public Server) We are now Public, IP: - Our Server runs through Fragnet: Here I am demonstrating how our server is set up with all the best plugins used. You will need CraftBukkit: PLUGINS: AntiCreeper: BananaChunk: ...
  • ZBrush Tutorial - Zapplink / Image plane Plugins This tutorial covers some basics in the process of painting on a mesh using reference photos and aligning and modifying your mesh to a reference photo using free ZBrush 3.1 plugins Donate here: Home page Plugins page http
  • Top 10 Wordpress Plugins Essential top 10 Wordpress plugins for every blog. Subscribe to my free newsletter to get more tutorials:
  • Minecraft Plugin: How to Use Group Manager (Essentials - Permissions) Minecraft Mod: How to use Group Manager which is an easier alternative to Permissions. I show you how to use it to the best of what I know. I think its easier to use than permissions even though I used to use permissions more. Links: Essentials Plugin Download: Online YML Parser: yaml-online- ****How To Get Prefixes and Suffixes To Work**** Tutorial: First, you do not NEED ICHAT! You can use ESSENTIALS CHAT, which you can get from the Essentials Plugin! Then, you can edit prefixes, and suffixes in the Group Manager file, and edit format of messages and stuff in the Chat Config for Essentials! Example: Without Colour: prefix: '[Admin]': Would show up as "[Admin] Ep1cxGaming: Hello" on Chat. With Colour: prefix: '&e[Admin]' Would show up as "[Admin] Ep1cxGaming: Hello" on Chat - With a Yellow colour because you used the yellow "colour code." Colour Codes can be found here: Then, you can edit the FORMAT of MESSAGES for Chat, in the ESSENTIALS CHAT section of the config file! You can make default ones, group specific, or just have one style for every group but each group can have different prefixes and suffixes because of what you did in the Group Manager config file! "EssentialsChat Chatting: To get the full potential out of this plugin, you must have GroupManager installed. You can use the prefix and suffix within the GroupManager data.yml file to set per-user or per-group chat colors and tags. It's not as ...
  • Wordpress Plugin Creator - Make plugins without programming! Download Now: This software was made with Software Product Magic (
  • Top Vim Plugins These are (IMHO) the best plugins for vim, GET VIM FOR FREE: My colorscheme is: Mustang2 and my Font is Consolas BTW. Sorry that I messed up so much with my typos =P, If I didn't include your favorite plugin, then I'm sorry. Hope you can read the text, try watching it in HQ if you can't. Here is links to all of them: ------------------------------------------- Surround Snipmate TComment MRU FuzzyFinder NERDTree Matchit BONUS: Matrix!
  • Mastering with Universal Audio's Precision Series Plug-Ins This video demonstrates using UA's Precision mastering Series plug-ins, along with some of the Precision Mix series plug-ins, to master a track. To learn more about UA's Precision Mastering Plug-Ins, visit:
  • Photoshop Elements Free Plugin In this video I will introduce you to a FREE plugin sent to me from one of our viewers called Virtual Photographer. You can download your FREE copy at: Also if you enjoy the videos, please visit my web site and pick up a DVD with 46 Elements videos for only $15.00. Please visit me at:
  • Chrome Plug-ins! [HD] IE Tab Lets You Run Internet Explorer Compatible Sites in Chrome This video is brought to you by: You can download the IE Tab at This video shows you one of the most useful plugins or "extensions" offered by Google Chrome so far. It allows you to run Internet Explorer within Google Chrome when it is necessary to do so. For those of you who may be wondering, "So What?" - the biggest reason for people not switching to google Chrome is because they are afraid they will lose their compatibility with many sites on the internet. The primary reason many websites don't "work" in some browsers is because those websites were designed for a particular kind of browser. This literally eliminates that issue in Chrome and is one of the most powerful plug-ins out there!
  • LOTRO Plugin Reviews: Plugin Manager & Hunter Travel Window This is a look at both the Plugin Manager and Hunter Travel Window LUA plugins that were written (by players) during the Free-to-Play beta. Please keep in mind that as of August 24, 2010 it is unknown if LUA plugins will in fact make it into the launch on September 10th.
  • Rhythmbox Plugins Part 1 - Linux Mint 8 Contents 10 Band Equalizer Alarm Clock (I) Alarm Clock (II) CDDB Count In D-Bus events Desktop Art Edit File Full Screen UI gUPnP plugin Internet radio browser plugin Jump to playing Last Rhythm queue LCDproc plugin Now Playing Clipboard Now Playing XML Open Folder Pause After Track Play Album Rbpitch Record Radio Streams Remuco Resume on restart RhythmToWeb Rhythmweb Rhythmote Screensaver Play/Pause Skype plugin Skype Mood plugin TasteKid Music Recommendations Telepathy Music Sharing Titlebar plugin Twitter plugin USync plugin Youtube browser Youtube clips Album art search
  • Make Minecraft Server Beta 1.3 Tutorial! Adding Plugins To The Server! How to make minecraft server beta 1.3 playlist: My WEBSITE: YouTube Main Channel: YouTube 2nd GAME Channel: Third Viral Video Channel: Twitter: Subscribe for more videos! Thanks. :) Links: Source: Essentials Official Thread: Essentials plugin commands: ess.earth2 Essentials (Used in video works with bukkit build 428): Bukkit mod build 428(Used in video): Problems? Troubleshoot videos! Java & File extension problems:
  • Intro to Mixing Vocals with Waves Plug-Ins A quick tutorial on mixing vocals recorded with the sE USB2200a mic using Waves plug-ins.
  • Sonnox Oxford Limiter Plugin YouTube subscribers receive a 10% discount on everything at , just enter the coupon code 'youtube' when checking out to qualify. The 10% off 'youtube' coupon code can also be combined with the Sonnox Oxford bundle discount for enormous savings!!!! See site for details. Fab explains the basics of the Sonnox Oxford Limiter Plugin and gives tips on how to use the plugin. Quick Overview The Sonnox Oxford Limiter has been developed from decades of professional audio experience to provide a very high degree of quality and facility in programme loudness control and limiting functions. By employing highly accurate logarithmic side chain processing, along with innovative adaptive timing functionality using look ahead signal acquisition, the limiter provides exemplary performance, whether one is seeking general transparent level control, programme loudness maximisation or heavily applied artistic sound effects.
  • Interactive Fractured System Tutorial - No commercial plugins needed - 3dsmax 2009 720p **EDIT: A scene file is available at my blog - I received quite a lot of requests to make a tutorial about how I did my "Interactive Fracture System Test" Video so eventually I decided to do one. In addition, I'm also showing two ways to have a trail following the collapsed shape. This method is a cheap and easy to make. I can't really take full credit for this since it wouldn't be possible without the help of the attachment script which attaches objects on a surface based on their local Z axis. This script was made by Paul Hormis in 2006 and you can download it here This is of course way different then the method I used in my other video where I used Thinking Particles, but it works almost just as good. :-)
  • Installing Plug-Ins into After Effects TUTORIAL How to install plug ins into Adobe After Effects. Very straightforward but needs to be learned first. Any requests? In the comments give me some questions :) Thanks for watching
  • #7 - Vocal Mixing Techniques, McDSP Plug-Ins, and Corner Office Q+A In the 7th Episode of Pensado's Place, Dave is joined by Colin McDowell of McDSP PlugIns to give a special offer to all Pensado's Place viewers! In this week's Into The Lair, Dave talks about all things vocals including his favorite effects. In this week's Corner Office segment, Dave and Herb field viewer questions from the live chat room and e-mail! 3:08 Into The Lair - Vocals 4:24 - Dealing with "S's" (Sibilance) in vocals. 5:17 - Using EQ in vocals (Metric Halo Channel Strip) 7:14 - Compressing before or after EQ? 9:15 - Different methods of dealing with sibilance in a vocal 10:10 - Determining starting levels for vocals 11:46 - Using vocal effects and why you use them. Panning: Left to Right in the mix space Reverb: Front to Rear in the mix space 12:40 - Method to get more width in the mix Waves H-Delay plugin feeding Waves Center plugin. 13:31 - Using the Eventide 949 Harmonizer plugin with different parameters on the Left and Right channels to help widen it. (unlinking the Left and Right channels) 14:45 - Adding reverb to the vocal using Bricasti (Large Hall setting) 19:02 - Colin McDowell of McDSP joins Dave via Skype w/ a special plug-in discount for Pensado's Place watchers 24 - Corner Office 24:27 - Dave talks about the "Rule of 3rds" as it applies to mixing. 26:45 - Dave talk's about the Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor. 28:39 - With live drums, do you prefer to using room mics or prefer to create the fictional ...
  • Joomla Tutorial: Working With Plugins In this Joomla tutorial I show you how to work with and install plugins for your Joomla website.
  • What Are Wordpress Plugins Wordpress plugins are pieces of software both large and small that add functionality to your wordpress blog. Check out the video for more information.
  • Minecraft - Best Multiplayer Plugins These are my Favorite Plugins for Bukkit All plugins can be downloaded here singleplayer mod vid Part 2 -
  • [Minecraft] Recommended Bukkit Plugins For a 1.8 Public Survival / Creative Server Feel free come say Hi, No Whitelist - IP: Our Texture Pack: Plugins Featured: bAnticaps: BigBrother: BlockHat: BorderGuard: CFBanner: ChatCensor: ColoredSign...
  • Top Wordpress Plugins Overview Part 1 Let's talk about some of the top Wordpress plugins. Addthis social bookmarking widget is a great social networking tool that allows your users to share your WebPages on sites like facebook and twitter. For you blogs advertising I would recommend that you go with Ad Injection, this advertising manager will allow you to post any type of ads on your site. It could be Google ads, click bank ads, commission junction ads or you own email forms from acajoom, phplist, aweber, icontact, or get response. Ad Injector also allows you to place these ads anywhere on your site. Show your support by using our link
  • WordPress Plugin Installation visit for high quality well researched ghostwritten content. I have been writing keyword rich seo content for years. Make your life easier and your website more visible. Mention this video and get 10% off your first order.
  • Lisa's Fave WordPress Plug-ins Links to WordPress Plug-ins Link-Within Most Commented TweetMeMe FaceBook Like Really Simple CAPTCHA WordPress DataBase Backup WP TwiTip ID Chap Secure Login FaceBook Fan Box Subscribe to Comments CommentLUV My blog blog.2
  • All in One SEO Pack - WordPress Plugin - In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use the All in One SEO Pack for WordPress. It's one of the plugins we recommend to everyone!
  • Photo Montage: Slideshow plugin tutorial for Final Cut Pro, Motion and AE Create image slideshows directly inside Final Cut, Motion and AE with ease. The principle behind Photo Montage is simple: select an animation style and a few of your photos, and let the plugin do the rest. FxFactory powers hundreds Final Cut, Motion and After Effects plugins:
  • Top Wordpress Plugins Overview Part 2 Top Wordpress Plugins Overview Part 2 Redirection is a cool plugin that makes sure visitors get to your site instead of getting a blank 404 error page when they click on an old URL. SEO Friendly Images adds Meta info to your pictures. This will improve traffic to your site from Google and Yahoo image searches. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam protects your Wordpress blogs comments, registration and pretty much all the form that require user input with a captcha. This will greatly reduce the amount of spam on your site. Read more about Top Wordpress Plugins Overview Part 2 | by Administrator Show your support by using our link
  • stylishthought: stylishthought: RT @CathyWebSavvyPR: Blog Tip: If you have plugins you use & love rate them on @wordpress, donate a few $ - feed the open source hand that make plugins
  • samcookwrite: samcookwrite: @Google Roundup of the week: Gmail/Reader redesigns, Google+ Chrome plugins.
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: CathyWebSavvyPR: Blog Tip: If you have plugins you use & love rate them on @wordpress, donate a few $ - feed the open source hand that make plugins
  • Tr3s0r: Tr3s0r: RT @pauldotcom: Detect unsupported Wireshark installations with Nessus Wireshark also named #1 on sectools list:
  • lojablackbox: lojablackbox:
  • iampino: iampino: Download the top #Wordpress plugins of 2011! #internetmarketing #socialmedia
  • dennisl: dennisl: RT @joedolson: New post: Two new content development plug-ins for WordPress ( #content #plugins #wp
  • Lavadatsa: Lavadatsa: Glade Plugins Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Refills-Clean Linen/Sunny Days-1.42 oz. (Pack of 5):
  • TeamNinjaMINAJ: TeamNinjaMINAJ: RT @ProducerTMinus: "@InkpressAnthem: @ProducerTMinus are the strings in Nicki Minaj Moment 4 Life live?" No sir. A mixture of vst plugins.
  • TechWenchCOM: TechWenchCOM: YES! I optimized my #wordpress site's #performance using the W3 Total Cache #plugin by @w3edge. Check it out!
  • ItsAmpOfficial: ItsAmpOfficial: @ProducerTMinus what r some of your favorite plugins
  • SiolaMatt: SiolaMatt: Choosing the best #WordPress #SEO plug-in and how to use it to rank well
  • chechar: chechar: ¡albricias! un editor de código decente para #WordPress (via @CMSMigrations) Syntax Highlighting Editor
  • tweetatanshul: tweetatanshul: Ken Burns jQuery Plugin | jQuery Plugins #Jquery
  • tweetatanshul: tweetatanshul: Qink | 8 jQuery Plugins & Tutorials To Display Images #Jquery
  • WaldoMD: WaldoMD: My new sounds: Fall Sillently Remix Preview Image Line Plugins on #SoundCloud
  • Baixetudops: Baixetudops: AutoFX Photoshop Plugins Suíte Full Version DVD
  • EricMann: EricMann: Dear WP community. We need better granular support for CPTs. Multiple plugins are broken and screaming because this CPT lacks a title ...
  • taylor_thornley: taylor_thornley: Runners love water stop on Grove Avenue (via @http://)
  • Rhiarti: Rhiarti: RT @vonslatt: The interview I did with @HendricksGin :
  • TomAuger: TomAuger: @chip_bennett That tax menu plugin wasn't a cbnet joint after all. It was Aaron's (@xavisys) easy 2 get u 2 confused :)
  • TekitAudio: TekitAudio: Anniversary Bundle, all the #VST plugins from Tek'it Audio for half the price » Tek'it Audio:
  • RorschachDesign: RorschachDesign: @paper_leaf @korymath sounds like I better get my act together. Lego dumptrucks that transform into wp plugins AND shoot anyone I tell em?
  • NickiDrake_Fanz: NickiDrake_Fanz: RT @ProducerTMinus: "@InkpressAnthem: @ProducerTMinus are the strings in Nicki Minaj Moment 4 Life live?" No sir. A mixture of vst plugins.
  • SpunkyyBrewster: SpunkyyBrewster: RT @HdSorude: Yooooooooooooo niggas don't understand...the scott pilgrim plugins...just TOOOOOOO dope. WHo eddie thinks he is?
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  • TopTuits: TopTuits: [@TopTuits] 10 Plugins Excelentes para WordPress |
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  • erinmckeever: erinmckeever: #digital11 F-Commerce Ecosphere - F-Stores, F-Credits, Social Plugins, Places/Locations, Open Graph, Mobile, Ads & sponsored stories
  • AndrewDrakeford: AndrewDrakeford: Niche Profit Blogs: Stunning Niche Profit Blogs From Mcreasoft Solutions. Include All Content And Plugins To Make...
  • GleanPablYusu: GleanPablYusu: Teamster Multi-Author Magazine WordPress Theme
  • Acethebatman: Acethebatman: RT @ProducerTMinus: "@InkpressAnthem: @ProducerTMinus are the strings in Nicki Minaj Moment 4 Life live?" No sir. A mixture of vst plugins.
  • ProducerTMinus: ProducerTMinus: "@InkpressAnthem: @ProducerTMinus are the strings in Nicki Minaj Moment 4 Life live?" No sir. A mixture of vst plugins.
  • HdSorude: HdSorude: Yooooooooooooo niggas don't understand...the scott pilgrim plugins...just TOOOOOOO dope. WHo eddie thinks he is?
  • xMoeTech: xMoeTech: @_bashar does it still require flash plugins?
  • jtlbeats: jtlbeats: @ProducerTMinus What are your top 3 favourite plugins?
  • 210s056: 210s056: Gadwin PrintScreen 4.7. 4.7.2601 Pro portable by Baltagy » Лучший контент Рунета
  • barchard: barchard: @isaiah yea true. Maybe we can petition for a utils package for rw to make things like this easier across all plugins.
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  • mitch_battros: mitch_battros: Earth Changes Media Swarm: Magnetic Field Satellites Get Their Bearings: ... Earth Changes Media
  • hectoldyouso: hectoldyouso: my browser plugins are actin retarded.
  • aras_p: aras_p: @groby we have a million line codebase that works on 10+ platforms. Why web without plugins can't be one of them?
  • w3digg: w3digg: upload few plugins and cusomise the pages and generally change the look of the home page…
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  • 8265: 8265: 330 likes: Mosaic - Sliding Boxes and Captions jQuery Plugin #jquery+plugins via @biography
  • TechCoach: TechCoach: VIP programs and VIP coaching packages offer a high level of support and come with a high investment cost.
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  • modemlooper: modemlooper: JigoShop #BuddyPress plugin looks good but all the ecommerce plugins are missing one key feature; to allow users to sell items.
  • TopMovingTips: TopMovingTips: @AlessandroRea Hey Alessandro, do you happen to know of any #WordPress plugins for #ResponsiveDesign???
  • FlippaWatch: FlippaWatch: MostActiveOn #Flippa $4162 IN BONUSES: MOBILE READY Football News Portal, $355 in Premium SEO Plugins: URL: http...
  • rezaurc: rezaurc: rezurc web customisation - oDesk: upload  few plugins and cusomise  the  pages  and  generally change the ... odesk
  • MdThmrHmissi: MdThmrHmissi: <iframe src="http:///plugins/facepile.php? app_id={YOUR_APP_ID}" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"...
  • FlippaWatch: FlippaWatch: #Flippa Auction: $4162 IN BONUSES: MOBILE READY Football News Portal, $355 in Premium SEO Plugins
  • antonarhipov: antonarhipov: RT @javarebel: JRebel IntelliJ plugin has been updated new version bundles JRebel 4.5.2
  • MdThmrHmissi: MdThmrHmissi: <iframe...
  • KerryCarron: KerryCarron: New from The Ultimate Solution:
  • pszNicx: pszNicx: The LightExplorer plugin for Notepad++ is great! Adds a super useful file explorer, very handy for developers
  • TenableSecurity: TenableSecurity: Detect unsupported Wireshark installations with Nessus Wireshark also named #1 on sectools list:
  • pauldotcom: pauldotcom: Detect unsupported Wireshark installations with Nessus Wireshark also named #1 on sectools list:
  • mcserverlist: mcserverlist: New Server: [1.8.1] Lucmitchcraft: LucMitchcraft is a Minecraft SMP server running plugins like: Factions Lockke...
  • mahaloian: mahaloian: RT @ditesco: 75+ items! Software, WP Plugins & Themes, Courses. Most with Master Resale Rights for 70 cents each! *ad
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