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  • The interview covers the genesis of the audio-to-text technology, and some of the user-interface and presentation choices BBN made when creating PodZinger. Laats also touches on some of aspects of their business model: PodZinger as a self-contained. — “Spoken Word Services " Blog Archive " PodZinger: an interview”,
  • Contacts at PodZinger PodZinger is a privately-held company. PodZinger is a small organization by revenue. PodZinger emails end with @. — “PodZinger - Executive and Business Contacts, Sales Leads”,
  • PodZinger officially launched its audio search service on Wednesday, based on speech recognition software that parent company BBN Technologies sells to government agencies. PodZinger runs both keyword and contextual advertising from Google, which increases the revenue potential: Even if no advertiser. — “PodZinger Launches Audio Search Service - ”,
  • Podzinger distinguishes itself in several areas of innovation, including an embedded media player that allows a user to play a podcast directly from within search results. This removes the need to download a podcast before listening to it. — “Podzinger: A new way to search for content within podcasts”,
  • Podscope and Podzinger - An Update I've had a pretty productive email exchange with a few folks from both Podscope. — “Round Two of Podzinger vs. Podscope | Search Engine Journal”,
  • PodZinger, now EveryZing, lands $10M in second round One day after changing its name from PodZinger to EveryZing, the Cambridge-based spinout of BBN Technologies reports it has closed on a $10 million, Series B financing. — “PodZinger, now EveryZing, lands $10M in second round - Mass”,
  • PodZinger, which I've covered here, has rebranded as EveryZing and rolled out new services. EveryZing is a media merchandising platform that helps content producers and web publishers dynamically increase the volume of consumable online multimedia. — “PodZinger No More, Now "EveryZing" - John Battelle's Searchblog”,
  • Created by BBN Technologies, Podzinger automatically ingests thousands of podcasts and applies speech-to-text conversion and indexing to yield a list of relevant results comparable to Google's searches of Web-based text. You can play any program right from Podzinger's search results screen. — “Podzinger”,
  • Podcast search engine PodZinger lets you search podcasts as if they were text files, allowing you to see what's inside the podcast. — “Search within podcasts with PodZinger”,
  • Audio and video search engine provider has launched an advertising platform that allows content providers a free opt-in revenue-sharing program. Starting Thursday, the advertising service will deliver search results to its. — “E-Commerce News: E-Marketing: Podcast Search Service Targets”,
  • Podzinger is an audio and video search engine, powered by "30 years of speech recognition research from BBN Technologies." Podzinger is unique in that it actually peeks inside the spoken words of the medium itself to find what you're looking for. — “Podzinger - How to Use Podzinger”,
  • Audio and video search engine provider has launched an advertising platform that allows content providers a free opt-in revenue-sharing program. Starting Thursday, the advertising service will deliver search results to its. — “CRM News: Internet: Podcast Search Service Targets Advertisers”,
  • Podzinger turns audio content into text, and that way lets users search through and consume text before downloading any audio or video content. Alex Laats, chairman and CEO of PodZinger, co-founded PodZinger as part of BBN Technologies Delta Division. — “detail1594Podcast Academy – The #1 Source for Podcast Education”,
  • Podzinger says they are approaching 500,000 media episodes indexed from tens of thousands of media series. Audio ads for podcasters will be opt-in only and the ad revenue will be split 50/50 between publishers and Podzinger. — “Podzinger”,
  • To make this work, he's teamed with Boston-based Podzinger. Each day, Podzinger creates a transcription and renders it as a Flash video file of the Rocketboom show. — “Rocketboom is Fully Searchable with Podzinger, Andrew Baron”, blip.tv
  • Remember PodZinger? They were an early entrant into the "make money with podcasting" scene, with a "speech-to-text" technology (developed by BBN Technologies in about 2006) Media search technology company PodZinger has announced they will re-brand as EveryZing to reflect in its. — “PodZinger " Podcasting News”,
  • PodZinger has a way out of the Web-video conundrum: Make piracy pay. PodZinger searches the audio in a video--and may revolutionize the Web in the process. — “Search and Co-Opt - PodZinger - Online Video - Advertising”,
  • How PodZinger co-opts pirates. Adam L Penenberg, | May 19, 2007. There are two ways to confront the pirating of copyrighted material on the Web. One, pioneered by the music industry and embraced now by Hollywood, throws lawyers in the path of digital progress. — “How PodZinger co-opts pirates”,
  • Podzinger is just what I was looking for! Podzinger uses speech recognition technologies to actually try and figure out the words in a podcast and then helps us to search within podcasts! Podzinger helps us with this. Usually podcast publishers provide you with a description, which tells you what. — “ /\ /\/ /\ Gautham B Pai's blog”,
  • Podzinger .com/photos/dwfree1967/472512326/" title="Podzinger by dwfree1967, on Flickr"> [url=http://. — “Podzinger | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • PodZinger makes it possible for consumers to directly connect to their passions through Using speech recognition technology, PodZinger searches words within both audio and video,. — “Download PodZinger - Freeware Software - Tucows”,
  • Podzinger brings text search to podcasts. You can limit your Podzinger search to a specific series of podcasts if you don't want to search the entire Web. — “Podzinger Review & Rating | ”,

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  • Andrew Baron Says Rocketboom is Fully Searchable Rocketboom is Fully Searchable with Podzinger, Andrew Baron Explains Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron is a pioneering video blogger who has always been on the...

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  • “Andy Plesser of beet.tv has the story on Podzinger's use of its speech-to-text technology to make 1.5 million YouTube videos less opaque to search”
    Podzinger transcribes and catalogs YouTube video | ZDNet,

  • “I blog about PODZINGER yesterday. It turned audio into text and the web service use text-to-speech technology to read your blog feed to your subscribers”
    — yowkee essential,

  • “Forum. Podzinger Audio Search (View post) Nishi. Wednesday, November 23, 2005. 5 years ago You can even send it back to your blog. Audibletype is currently inviting beta-testers to participate”
    Podzinger Audio Search - Google Blogoscoped Forum,

  • “Yesterday I did a presentation on podcasting to a group of marketers/training specialists. It was great to see their eyes open and their formidable brains switch on to the possibilities that podcasting can offer them and their clients. Later in”
    — Trafcom News: The podcaster's toolkit: Levelator, Podzinger,

  • “Some customers will like email newsletters, some will like direct mail, some will like an RSS feed from your blog, and some will like podcasts. to track mentions of your new product PodZinger is a great tool to track product names”
    — BeConnected: Blog Outsourcing,

  • “Podcasting News Forum Index -> Making Money. View previous topic :: View next topic. Author. Message. diggal. Podmaster More on CNET: http:///PodZinger+to+share+ad+revenue+with+podcasters/2100-1024_3-6122849.html”
    — View topic - Podzinger splits ad-money with podcasters,

  • “ of PodZinger, in a discussion with host Albert Maruggi on multimedia search technology for content creators. PodZinger is a search engine that fulfills that need, giving Web searchers the ability to move beyond text”
    — Marketing Edge,

  • “Podzinger, the speech-to-text video and audio search engine, has announced the extension of their technology to searching the content in YouTube videos. A click on a tab on the front page of the Podzinger search interface lets the user search for”
    — Search YouTube Content with Podzinger #SEWatch,

  • “Personal blog of Ross Hollman. Tuesday, March 13, 2007. PodZinger. PodZinger is a search which is pretty cool, but now PodZinger has a specific YouTube search function that”
    — Strategize: PodZinger,

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