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  • country of northeastern Europe, the southernmost and largest of the three Baltic states. Lithuania was a powerful empire that dominated much of In the central region, weakly podzolized loamy peats predominate, and it is there that the most fertile, and hence most cultivated, soils are found. — “Lithuania — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts”,
  • The University of California's Natural Reserve System is a network of protected natural areas throughout California that supports university level teaching, research, and public service. Bishop pine forest and pygmy forest, on podzolized (nutrient-poor, highly acidic) soils. — “Natural Reserve System Hans Jenny Pygmy Forest Reserve”, nrs.ucop.edu
  • Some data concerning nitrogen losses in a podzolized brown-red forest soil of the nature N-fertilizers, in the absence or in the presence of other fertilizers, in a podzolized brown-red soil (pH=4,28/KCl). — “Directory of open access journals”,
  • podzol ( ) also podsol ( ) n. A leached soil formed mainly in cool, humid climates. [Russian : pod , under + zola , ashes.] podzolic podzol ' ic. — “podzol: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of podzolized from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of podzolized. Pronunciation of podzolized. Definition of the word podzolized. Origin of the word podzolized. — “podzolized - Definition of podzolized at ”,
  • Encyclopedia article about podzolized. Information about podzolized in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “podzolized definition of podzolized in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • The podzolized soils of the forest-steppe developed with the encroachment of deciduous forest into the domain One-third of the soils in the forest-steppe are podzolized; their area represents 12 percent of the area of Ukraine but 18. — “Soil classification”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Podzolized - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Grey forest, dark grey, typical chernozem, podzolized chernozem Grey forest, typical chernozem, podzolized chernozem, southern chernozem, usual chernozem. — “Eridon - Fertilizer Mixtures”, eridon.ua
  • 1.Noun: Gleyed soils developed in cool climate with an organic layer. 2.Verb: To be put in to a casket. The soils of Northeast Russia have a podzolized layer. — “Urban Dictionary: podzolized”,
  • Volcanics ochric (including podzolized) Andosols Acroxic (ANao) New compared with 1988 Volcanics light-ochric (including podzolized) Andosols Acroxic (ANao) New compared with. — “Land Resources of Russia”, iiasa.ac.at
  • Definition of podzolized in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of podzolized. Pronunciation of podzolized. Translations of podzolized. podzolized synonyms, podzolized antonyms. Information about podzolized in the free online English dictionary and. — “podzolized - definition of podzolized by the Free Online”,
  • Podzolized soils on hilly and steep land near Tennyson Inlet, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand - Classification and relation to Landform, Slope and m profiles are relatively weakly podzolized, while podzolized soils and podzols occur at. — “CSIRO PUBLISHING - Australian Journal of Soil Research”, publish.csiro.au
  • The organic horizon (the mor layer) of podzolized boreal forest soils has accumulated atmospheric fallout of mercury and The surface organic horizon of podzolized boreal forest. soils (the O-horizon) is a major receptor of. — “Is there a chronological record of atmospheric mercury and”, cee.mtu.edu
  • Still higher the cold, wet soils are podzolized; i.e., the soluble salts and organic matter are leached out of the topsoil and deposited in an a zone of sandy podzolized soils; a central belt consisting. — “chernozem (soil group) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • The very leached to low podzolized maroons-forests soils are shallows This soils have clayey-arenaceous and slightly arenaceous- argillaceous mechanical structure in the surface horizon as due to the podzolized and the culturing the soil structure to the fallow is atomized. — “NATURAL RESOURCES - SAEDINENIE MUNICIPALITY”,
  • Natural uranium and thorium distributions in podzolized soils and native blueberry Podzolized soil. Uranium. Thorium. Natural. Vaccinium. Wild plant. Native. — “Natural uranium and thorium distributions in podzolized soils”, cat.inist.fr

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  • “甜高粱论文摘要(八) Abstracts on Sweet Sorghum No.8,黎大爵的博客,黎大爵的中国网专家博客 Correlation between the biomass yield and the quantity of ethanol in a range of crop plants cultivated on podzolized soils on the Western Plain”
    — 甜高粱论文摘要(八) Abstracts on Sweet Sorghum No.8 - 黎大爵 - lidajue,

  • “The Pygmy Forest in Van Damme State Park, for example, is an oligotrophic community caused by podzolized (nutrient-poor, highly acidic) soils. Underlying this relatively inhospitable soil is a clay hardpan. A combination of uplift and changes”
    — Mendocino Spa and Resort,California Spa,Eco Spa,California,

  • “Romanian Portal - guide to Romanian around South Island The yellow-brown soils that characterize much of the North Island are often podzolized from acid leaching in humid forest environments”
    — Romania.co.nz " Forum, romania.co.nz

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