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  • 31 December 2008 37 quotes that include the word "Poetic". Recent quotes. View the latest Poetic quotations Who among us has not, in moments of ambition, dreamt of the miracle of a form of poetic prose, musical but without rhythm and rhyme, both supple and staccato enough to adapt itself to the. — “Poetic Quotes - ”,
  • Welcome to the Institute for Poetic Medicine and John Fox In early 2005, I formed The Institute for Poetic Medicine, the next manifestation of my life's mission and purpose. — “The Institute for Poetic Medicine”,
  • 13.99. Poetic Genius Society Tile Coaster $6.99. Poetic Genius Society Poetic Genius Society Stein $15.99. Poetic Genius Society Large Mug $13.99. Poetic Genius. — “Poetic Genius Society Store”,
  • Promotes the language arts in schools, through publications, a children's poetry writing contest, and lesson plans. — “Creative Communications”,
  • Welcome to PoeticPortal! Your doorway to the use of language as a linguistic art form. Poetic Terms. New Poets. Submissions. Links. Recommend PoeticPortal. What's New. My Slick Car. Net Love ( Limerick ). — “PoeticPortal | Welcome to your PoeticPortal!”,
  • A novelist has a specific poetic license which also applies to his own life. An exact poetic duplication of a man is for the poet a negation of the earth, an impossibility of being, even though his greatest desire is to speak. — “Poetic Quotes”,
  • Poetic diction is the term used to refer to the linguistic style, the vocabulary, and the metaphors used in the writing of poetry. This idea was very influential, though more in theory than practice: a special "poetic" vocabulary and mode of metaphor persisted in 19th century poetry. — “Poetic diction - Wikinfo”,
  • would like to read selections from. our books, copy and paste in the language, ideas, truth, beauty, and love. in our cultural life. Poetic Matrix Press titles. — “Poetic Matrix Press”,
  • Poetic Love - Love Poetry And Stories, valentine poems, mother poems, love poetry, love stories. — “Poetic Love - Love Poetry And Stories”, poetic-
  • poetic adj. Of or relating to poetry: poetic works. Having a quality or style characteristic of poetry: poetic diction Having a quality or style characteristic of poetry: poetic diction. — “poetic: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • having or expressing the qualities of poetry (as though aesthetic or emotional impact). — “Poetic - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • poetic use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with poetic. poetic in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. — “poetic - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Article about poetry, including a brief history of the art form, notes on verse forms, information on various poetic periods and movements, and links to sites with selected poems. — “Poetry - Wikipedia”,
  • Poetic definition, possessing the qualities or charm of poetry: See more. — “Poetic | Define Poetic at ”,
  • Collection of poetic verse written in the limerick style. — “Poetic Limericks”,
  • There is not a particle of life that does not carry poetry within it. -Gustave Flaubert E. A. Poe Society "The poetic principle". — “Daily Poetics”,
  • The Poetic Genius Society is composed of intellectually gifted individuals with a passion for poetry. — “Poetic Genius Society”,
  • Definition of poetic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of poetic. Pronunciation of poetic. Translations of poetic. poetic synonyms, poetic antonyms. Information about poetic in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “poetic - definition of poetic by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Definition of poetic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of poetic. Pronunciation of poetic. Definition of the word poetic. Origin of the word poetic. — “poetic - Definition of poetic at ”,
  • Poetry at Poetic Mic -- Speak to Be Heard. online source for reading, writing and listening to poetry. Poetic mic provides interaction with personal profiles, internal messaging, poetry gallery, news, picutre gallery , guestbook. poetry forums. — “Poetic Mic Poetry”,
  • Work environment for intense computer users features a round rotating cube, called Aura, the work module. — “Poetic Technologies”,

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  • Dead Poetic - August Winterman Music video by Dead Poetic performing August Winterman.
  • The Used - Poetic Tragedy (Lyric Video) I claim ownership of nothing. I intend no copyright infringement. Myspace:
  • Tupac Shakur Poetic Justice [Full Movie Part 15] Poetic Justice FOllow me on twitter
  • Dead Poetic- Glass in the trees (W/ lyrics) i made this because i felt like it KAY? I LUFF THIS SONG. Lyrics: (during the screamo part The lyrics dissapear so read them here) I don't want to come back here, to this place. It's a cold that only comes from blaming yourself for two decades wasted. And I don't want to come back here, to this place. When it all just repeats in my head again, and I cannot stop it. And the glass in the trees, and all you left here, Reflects everything that I missed. And the pavement is still warm from the tires. I can still feel the fright that the night brings. Every song that you'd sing. And I won't ever come back here to this place. All I ever do is picture you smiling, and then picture you leaving. And the glass in the trees, and all you left here, Reflects everything that I missed. Slow down. I'll try and make it up to you. They've cut down the trees to try to forget you. But I took a vow to never forget you. If you're still here, then we're waiting. We'll wait for you to come back home to the broken little foes. Until the guilt grows and grows. When the time that's wasted comes back to haunt me. And I'll deserve every bit. because I'm not spiritual yet. I'm just reading the lines they gave me from the pulpit. And it's not fading off, we remember the years. As we sift through the laughter to find all the tears. And I'm not worthy of grievance, I did nothing to prevent this. And standing at your grave, I could have caused this.
  • Wax Poetic feat. Norah Jones - Tell Me [Temple of Soul Mix] From the album "Nublu Sessions"
  • The Used - Poetic Tragedy lyrics NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! CONSIDER THIS VIDEO FREE ADVERTISING FOR THE USED AND THE LABEL THEY ARE SIGNED TO! Here it is. My second lyric video. Took me a bit longer than the last one. Anyways, enjoy!
  • boy meets world-poetic license: an ode to holden caulfield [1/3] episode: 6x9 i dont own boy meets world
  • Q Tip - The Abstract Poetic Catch up with the one and only Q-Tip. Cop The Renaissance if you aint already. Stop all the downloading!!
  • Def Jam Poetry Gemineye Poetic Bloodlines
  • Poetic Justice Part 2
  • Dead Poetic - New Medicines Music video by Dead Poetic performing New Medicines.
  • chelsea walls poem "I want to be a lost poem in a stranger's coat pocket, that conveys the importance of you. To assure you of my desire, to assure you of dreams. I want all the possibilities of you in writing. I want to give you your reflection, I want your eyes on me, I want to travel to the lightness with you and stay there, and I want everything before you... ...everything before you to follow us like a trail behind me. I want never to say goodbye to you, even on the street corner or the phone. I want, I want so much... I'm breathless. I want to put my power into a poem to burn a hole in your pocket so I can sew it. I want my words to scream through you. I want the poem not to mean that much. And I want to contradict myself by accident, and for you to know what I mean. I want you to be distant and for me to feel you close, I want endless days when it's day and... nighttime never to end when it's night. I want all the seasons in one day. I want the sun to set before us and come up in front of us. I want water up to our waists and to be drenched by the rain, up to our ankles with holes in our shoes. ...with holes in our shoes. I want to think your thoughts because they're mine. I want only what's urgent with you. I want to get in the way of the barriers and I want you to be a tough guy when you're supposed to, like you do already. ...when you're supposed to. And I want you to be tender, like you do already. And I want us to have met for a reason and I want that reason to be important. And ...
  • Attila The Stockbroker - My poetic Licence Attila The Stockbroker opening his set with 'my Poetic Licence'. From the launch of my website
  • Wax Poetic with Norah Jones - Angels Great song.
  • Wax Poetic Keyif-The Relaxed Minute Wax Poetic music video for the song Keyif-The relaxed minute from the Wax Poetic Istanbul album. Shot entirely in Istanbul mostly at dusk or dawn, it features Turkish singers Gokhan Ogozuz and Murat Toktas. Produced by Nublu Records. Directed and filmed by Chantal Ughi. S8 and 16 mm. film.
  • Diablo swing orchestra poetic pibull revolution ...
  • Poetic Justice R&B star Janet Jackson made an impressive film debut in Poetic Justice as Justice, a hairdresser at a small salon in South Central Los Angeles. Justice uses her poetry to deal with her grief after her boyfriend is killed in a shooting incident at a drive-in. Hired to work at a hair stylists' event in Oakland, Justice is stranded when her car breaks down, until she remembers that her friend Ieasha (Regina King) was going to hop a ride down to Oakland with her boyfriend Chicago (Joe Torry), a postal worker who is heading there with a truck full of mail. Justice tags along to discover that Chicago's driving partner is Lucky (Tupac Shakur), the postman who delivers mail to her shop and keeps asking her out. Ieasha and Chicago have to deal with their own rocky relationship while Justice has to decide if she's ready for a new love -- and if Lucky is the man she's waiting for. Along with strong work from Jackson, Poetic Justice features a surprising turn from Shakur, whose nuanced performance as Lucky is in strong contrast to his "Thug Life" public persona. Justice's poems were written by Maya Angelou, who also appears in a small role.
  • Dead Poetic New Medicines (lyrics) copyright-i do not claim this video 100% goes to dead poetic These are the words that tear you apart. And these are the words that take you away. And these aren't just words they'll tear you apart. When no one here will say what needs to say. New medicines should ease this pain. They're the only ailment for it. It's this air and time that's bringing me home again. An attempt at playing the part again now. In a place you don't know. And this stance as sturdy as leaves in a storm. The premise and motive fueling blank faces. The fool in a place you don't know. In this place, you don't New medicines should ease this pain. They're the only ailment for it. All over again. These are the words that tore me apart. And these are the words that'll take me away. I'm not in the business of faking to please vain opposers. A dead legion of new, cloned followers. You're cornered in a place you don't know. In this world, you don't. New medicines should ease this pain. They're the only ailment for it. All over again.
  • The Used-Poetic Tragedy the used
  • Poetic Justice Part 1
  • Dead Poetic - Paralytic This is a fan made music video for Dead Poetic's song Paralytic written & directed by Nathan Mielke. NOT OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO. The sequel, "In Coma: A Continuation to Paralytic," is now online:
  • Black Ops: Sniping, A Poetic History Please leave a rating! Twitter: Facebook:
  • richard clayderman - Poetic Sonatina nice music relax
  • Poetic Genius (original song) This is one of the few songs I've written that morphed from a poem into a song. This simple tune is based on a poem I wrote when I was much younger, entitled "Poetic Genius." I've modified some of the lines so that they can be sung rather than just read. Hope you enjoy it! Facebook: Reina Del Cid If I were some poetic genius sitting on the veranda of the one I love in the morning when the stars just wont fade out yet I think I'd write a little haiku I would write a little haiku I think I'd write a little haiku for you I'd post it on the moon some night when it's dark enough for you to see it up above maybe you'd just sit back and smile at how much a silly little human can love (guitar) If I were some nomadic sailor and I had to leave you on the shore I have a feeling my heart wouldn't stop aching so I'd write you a million letters I would write a million letters you would get a million letters or more I'd post them on the moon some night when it's dark enough maybe you'd just sit back and smile at how much a silly little human can love I'd post them on the moon some night when it's dark enough for you to see them up above maybe you'd just sit back and smile at how much a silly little human can how much a silly little human can love
  • Poetic Justice Part 3 Part 3
  • Poetic Justice - Trailer After witnessing the murder of her first and only boyfriend, young Justice decides to forget about college and become a South Central Los Angeles hairdresser. Avoiding friends, the only way for her to cope with her depression is by composing beautiful poetry. On her way to a convention in Oakland, she is forced to ride with an independent-minded postal worker whom she has not gotten along with in the past. After various arguments between them and their friends, they start to discover that their thoughts on violence, socially and domestically, are the same. Justice may finally feel that she is not as alone as before.
  • Poetic K! "lost and found" first Video of the Band Poetic K! where they present their creative head and leadsinger,the girl -K-. this video is dedicated 2 our children.thes song"lost and found" is an untypical song for Poetic K(.normally they into pop-punk) and its the bonustrack in the upcomin album "GirlHood") for more infos check their myspace page. /poetic_k Have Fun!Hope u like it! Another Video gonna b released soon!
  • Kiarostami - Interview Mr. K talks about the quiet moments in films. (great)
  • Poetic Pilgrimage feat. Khalfani- Definition of a Pilgrim Definition of a Pilgrim Poetic Pilgrimage featuring Khalfani
  • Dead Poetic - Paralytic Song " Paralytic " with lyrics
  • poetic lover fier davoir ton love clips
  • Mad Cobra -Poetic (NEW) -2009 big song
  • Wax Poetic Feat Norah Jones - Angels (Thievery Corporation ) Great remix made by Thievery Corporation - Versions album 2006. more on:
  • Last Emperor & Too Poetic - One Life {sad track} rip Too Poetic
  • Norah Jones With Wax Poetic - Angels In love with this song some years
  • Dead Poetic - The Dream Club Murders Track 2 off of Dead Poetic's Album "New Medicines"
  • Poetic Justice Part 6 Part 6
  • Poetic Justice Part 4
  • A Poetic Retelling of an Unfortunate Seduction The language In the dimmer rooms Seems to represent the light source well How soft they speak And seem to be at peace With the movement of the music and the madness Thats pulling me into this And the shades of the lamps are woven red The light, it stains and consecrates Anointing all forgotten forms That swirl and smoke And haunt this place The girls in gowns all nurse the dark Pulling it near to their swelling breasts And watch as it seeps to their hearts And beats within their virgin chests And here I know seduction breeds From wanton hearts that would seduce And grows and spreads its vines and leaves Embracing those who might have moved But now remain to drink the night From vials black and thick with steam With intoxicating delights Would leave you drunk inside this dream And you watch them take the light from you And you find yourself on a velvet couch, Tasting the skin of a foreign girl Her eyes are black and wet like oil And she ties your hands with a string of pearls And you tremble like a frightened bird As she closes in and captures you to place you In a silver cage deep within her poisoned womb So once youre safe inside, she might let you out To fly in circles around the room But its always night and there is no moon And you wonder if you are alive And youre not sure if you want to be But you drink her sweat like it was wine And you lay with her On a bed of blue And its awful sweet Like the fruit she cuts and feeds to you
  • HateThyTipp: Irony is poetic justice to mind.
  • zypher314: @aliciakeys I first got turned on to his work when it was featured in Singleton's 'Poetic Justice.' Genius is a heavy burden sometimes. It
  • AleaBlengiK_: @yuofficial Hey Yuu! I really love you and you're so poetic! You're my idol :)
  • TactoAmilw: Let There Be Life: A Scientific and Poetic Retelling of the Genesis Creation Story: http://amzn.to/jMomVg
  • Phoebe_Blessed: @fanc_Echels lol I did on poetic justice
  • Phoebe_Blessed: @AskMiDoICare on poetic justice lmbo
  • Bitty_Bry: Cool night chilling watching my favorite movie poetic justice, and just chilling got work AGAIN tomorrow all day... #fml
  • lizbuddie: Something like that. RT @StratfordX: @lizbuddie "poetic justice".
  • SucculentSLimmy: RT @t00famous: Watching poetic justice again. Idk how many times I watched this.| well can I burrow it then..lol
  • StratfordX: @lizbuddie "poetic justice".
  • dgrchannel2: dGRChannel2: Deeburn And Sonorone - Deeply Poetic / listen now: http:///stream/stream2.m3u #deep #house #soulful
  • BBBBREEE: Im JANET JACKSONS BIGGEST FAN LOL which means i love poetic justice i see u do too RT @ItsJustMe_Bri: @BBBBREEE you kno it! How you kno lol
  • LOVEFORCEONE: poetic justice, zeus lets a celtic viking sailor read his books
  • tiktoktonia: RT @Coco_Beauty_85 #MovieClassics Jason's Lyric, Poetic Justice, boyz in the hood
  • Madamesabrosa: @whoaDELAMEG happy b day peels te amo my poetic justice
  • undefined_doll: I'm a @shakira. Fan!!! I love her poetic lyrics.
  • lore_corona: RT @deepakchopra: #QM 13 Poetic interlude "We come spinning out of nothingness scattering stars like dust" -Rumi
  • bleederdoll: People tell me my writing is good and that I'm poetic. But bleh...I can only write short stories and drabbles LOL.
  • t00famous: Watching poetic justice again. Idk how many times I watched this.
  • PhashionDIVA: @mdbrown99 watching poetic justice
  • still2classy: @InEyeAleE ..poetic.
  • ChocolateDreads: RT @ChimaChinChilla: @ChocolateDreads is having one of those poetic moments
  • sherunslunatic: The Poetic Edda (Ljothatal) - The songs I know that king’s wives know not, Nor men that are sons of men; The... http:///xpi2qgv0jd
  • Janise_Renae: I feel like watching Poetic Justice
  • blhtrpt27: @normmacdonald What a poetic description of what is often called dusk
  • ChimaChinChilla: @ChocolateDreads is having one of those poetic moments
  • thedezignher: @1KillaSeason @iHollywoodWard it's from Poetic Justice YAMP="young tramp" it's what "Lucky" and "Chicago" called the hoes! lmao
  • callmekiegin: played a song Poetic Tragedy by The Used on @myspace http://lnk.ms/M6jbv
  • AsiaBrizette: Watching poetic justice with jazz and Paris
  • samuraimods: RT @Bootsy_Collins: Okay Funkateers, we have just lost today another founding Father of poetic Jazz, a true foot soldier of pure... http://fb.me/XbfTGzZC
  • DjSteelCity: @Msip3_doll to me pretty and beautiful are two different things. She has an amazing creative poetic soul.
  • _loveKICKS: @_mosDOPE watching poetic justice .
  • LFgoldglove: U know what would be poetic? If LBJ stole MJ's look and showed up to the Finals with a Chaplin / Hilter stache. Oh my goodness gracious!!!!
  • Beth_cakes: Oh I love Lady Gaga.. So interesting.. So poetic.. Just talking.
  • odgreen19: Emotion is the surest arbiter of a poetic choice, and it is the priest of all supreme unions in the mind. - Max Eastman
  • Ms_BADIKI2U: #nw- Poetic Justice
  • Vinchapinca: RT @ZodiacZone: In love #Gemini have mystical quality and poetic sensibility. They love a deep transforming emotional involvement ? #ZodiacZ
  • AkeemMellis: Nice and quick poetic justice for this fool: http://bit.ly/dN58Hr
  • TickleMeeSilly: #Nw poetic justice
  • IAMDANI_UR: #NP The Problem @Wale so poetic *dreamy eyes*
  • ameraziganiirao: RT @deepakchopra: #QM 13 Poetic interlude "We come spinning out of nothingness scattering stars like dust" -Rumi
  • AlliTheAbstract: Anonymous asked: I was listening to some of your music. And it’s very poetic. I love that about it. Also I... http:///xcm2qgjbe5
  • lindannys: RT @TheScriptPt: having faith and felling empowered by Bullet from a Gun . Poetic and Lyric provided by God. ... http://tmi.me/aMQK9
  • Jawon14: We have the same opinion but different passions to fight for;that maybe showing us to just STOP. #poetic sh*t
  • IamRaqiya: -At times, i go to a place where poetic verses get painted across the night's sky..its a place where the stars dot the i's..
  • LADYCWEETIE: RT @DeepakChopra #QM 13 Poetic interlude "We come spinning out of nothingness scattering stars like dust" -Rumi
  • jazz_marie593: Watching Poetic Justice with Asia
  • KaoruSiinavo: William Carlos Williams' Poetic Response to the 1913 Paterson Silk Strike (Mellen Studies in Literature. Poetic... http://amzn.to/lbGajp
  • sweatmotivation: RT @deepakchopra: #QM 13 Poetic interlude "We come spinning out of nothingness scattering stars like dust" -Rumi
  • lejadore: I'm still trying to figure out why this girl got poetic justice braids.
  • jessicawithak: I love the sound of birds chirping over the patter of a lovely Sunday rain shower! Makes me feel all poetic! ^_^
  • _StacyTaylor: Photo: › A tattoo is a true poetic creation, and is always more than meets the eye. As a tattoo is grounded... http:///xld2qgcj2m
  • lilalabamaa: email me at [email protected] party martians for idea"s for my [email protected]@PPH http://t.co/hqupneQ
  • SkinnyGirlSwag: About to just get on skype or something & watch Poetic Justice
  • meiguolangren: Influencing Generations through Poetic Rap, Gil Scott-Heron the God-Father of Rap Passes http://p.ost.im/p/38s2E
  • Khay_Luv: You call it poetic justice. I call it karma. #smh.
  • Dave_LadyVixxen: I want those poetic justice braids to come in style RT @apieceofKaKe: I think I want some long stupid thick braids like solange had..,
  • PhashionDIVA: On to Poetic Justice... #suckaforalovestory plus my babydaddy in it #lovemesomepac!
  • amandabozeman: RT @DeepakChopra: Poetic interlude "We come spinning out of nothingness scattering stars like dust" -Rumi
  • TONE_46: Watching poetic justice # throwback
  • DianiiRodriguez: RT @ZodiacZone: In love #Gemini have mystical quality and poetic sensibility. They love a deep transforming emotional involvement ? #ZodiacZone
  • DeBuke: two scissor tail fly catchers fly over #rocklahoma ... poetic
  • mmsradio: #NP East 17th, Dru Blu, Poetic Science - MMS Radio Hood Rockin Minimix - http:///s/aii0kg
  • panache36: @DaphneZuniga Zuniga is such a powerful name, Perfect for the Hollywood game.TV, stage&screen. Every role deserves to be seen. (Poetic!)
  • wide_awake1: RT @deepakchopra: #QM 13 Poetic interlude "We come spinning out of nothingness scattering stars like dust" -Rumi
  • mswritergirl: @Twaiku_Poetry got it. A study in poetic limitations. SO fascinating. Thanks for the response. @coleracquel @TinaNguyen
  • maisondemason: 'Poetic' status updates on facebook make me want to vomit, delete and repeat.
  • AsiaBrizette: Jazz got poetic justice Yessss !!!!!
  • smileferoz: @abdullah_omar seems quite poetic :)
  • mzgunns: RT @kimberlymoore: Sing to me sweet melodies- more of your poetic prophesies. Tellings of how things used to and forever should be.
  • StealthPanther1: @Mortal_Infernal even when answering the FAQ page claire was being all poetic. im sad that there might not b public auditions for the movie
  • RicciSWalker: @YourShort Hey Nadia, where did your poetic side go, you were so good?
  • Team_Yachts: girls think im an ass but if you really got to know me you'd see how poetic i can be
  • YourShort: Hate when people ask where my poetic side go
  • PINKLove_MMXI: @LilNaee Don't make me cut those poetic justice braids..woops I forgot you can't get em lihhh mommy said no no no :)
  • carissagan: @Wesleyyylohhhh Whoa. So poetic!
  • AlexPoetic: all the bands ive been in have never been started by me, yet im always vocalist. if i start a band myself,ill call it,poetic or the poetics
  • Ryan_EXOE: I need to read more. The extent of my poetic and lyrical strength is severely limited by the lack of good reading. Suggestions, please.
  • PinkNGreenKicks: And Pac and I would get married. I always had a thing for a poetic brother covered in tattoos...
  • criticaloutcast: Photo: Midnight in Paris - Woody’s latest is beautiful, poetic, and slyly humorous. http:///x8v2qfur4o
  • MellowNyce: I want to get janet jackson poetic justice braids
  • aspergerninja: RT @deepakchopra: #QM 13 Poetic interlude "We come spinning out of nothingness scattering stars like dust" -Rumi
  • Driven4rmWithin: Feelin like writing 2nite!! #poetic
  • TeiaPeijipw: Poetic Exhibitions: Romantic Aesthetics and the Pleasures of the British Museum: http://amzn.to/jv5NPh
  • TheHeckk: @MonsterZuni18 But yeah don't let it bother you, listen to new music! Listen to unknown artists! Mad poetic and crap, insanely motivational.
  • najnympho: RT @FreshOutThaBox: @Wale is a poetic genius.
  • namelessmuzic: Poetic justice by NAME-LESS-MUZIC via #soundcloud http://t.co/5LzjOQu namelessmuzic...instrumentals ffor the soul -ya diggz
  • stephdarmanin: @HeyThatsSoTrue @mmyaaaa it really is the most poetic thing I know about physics; we are all stardust #beautiful #lifelesson

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