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  • Myspace Music profile for pole. Download pole Experimental / Electronica / Dub music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read pole's blog. — “pole on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music”,
  • Reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson has spilled the beans on her wedding plans. The glamour model spent five years in the Playboy mansion as a guest of Hugh Hefner, 83, but American. The Pole Truth With Kendra Wilkinson. — “X-POLE - Official Kendra Wilkinson Sport Pole | X-Pole XPert”,
  • pole use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with pole. pole in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. — “pole - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Definition of pole from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of pole. Pronunciation of pole. Definition of the word pole. Origin of the word pole. — “pole - Definition of pole at ”,
  • pole n. Either extremity of an axis through a sphere. Either of the regions contiguous to the extremities of the earth's rotational axis, the North. — “pole: Definition from ”,
  • The James Pole Antenna is constructed of 1/2 inch Type M copper pipe, soldered together and capped on both vertical elements. James Pole Antennas can be custom built for frequencies from 50 MHZ, including Marine,. — “J-Pole Antennas”,
  • Lil' Mynx removable stripper pole for home use. The #1 pole used for striptease aerobics and welcomed into the homes of many celebrities, including Shannon Elizabeth and Teri Hatcher. — “Lil Mynx Stripper Poles”,
  • Pole definition, a long, cylindrical, often slender piece of wood, metal, etc.: See more. — “Pole | Define Pole at ”,
  • Pole Dancing lessons in Tampa Florida, Group Pole dancing classes for fun and fitness., Live Pole Dancing Lessons on the WEB!. — “Pole Dancing Lessons & Sales in Florida - Home”,
  • Pole Saw. Buy pole saws, pole chain saw, pruner, trimmers for sale. Best gas pole saw and electric pole saw. A pole saw helps you prune or trim tree branches. If you do a lot of tree pruning, you need to consider getting an electric pole saw or gas pole saw that makes cutting tree branches faster. — “Pole Saw. Pole Saws for Sale. Best Gas and Electric Pole Saw”, pole-
  • Pole dancing classes, parties, and lessons across the U.S.! Franchise and business opportunities also available. Become a Pole Diva today!. — “Pole Dancing Classes, Lessons, and Parties”,
  • X-pole Manufacturers & X-pole Suppliers Directory - Find a X-pole Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality X-pole Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . Related Searches: dance pole, pole display, stripper pole, x-pole 45mm, bamboo poles, flag pole View all. — “X-pole-X-pole Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • The place to shop for Pole Dancing Clothes, Pole Dancing Poles, Pole Dancing Shoes. Everything pole dancing related. Guaranteed low prices and great range of pole dancing items. — “The Pole Dancing Shop | Pole Dancing Clothes, Pole Dancing”,
  • pole (plural poles) Originally, a stick; now specifically, a long and slender piece of metal or (especially) wood, used for various construction or support purposes. Huck Finn poled that raft southward down the Mississippi because going northward against the current was too much work. — “pole - Wiktionary”,
  • Jill Pole, a fictional character from C. S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series Barber's pole, advertising the barber shop. Fireman's pole, wooden pole or a metal tube or. — “Pole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The USPDF endorsed Climb & Spin Certification is progressive approach to teaching pole dancing as a sport and art form. you both structure and creative freedom as an instructor to teach an extensive repertoire of pole skills. — “US Pole Dance Federation | Home”,
  • Bottom loading, takes minutes to assemble. X-Joint technolory for strength and stability See how the X-Pole works. X-Pole image gallery. Frequently asked questions. Buy online. — “X-POLE”,
  • Information about Pole in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. north pole, pole vault, south 2. Either of the regions contiguous to the extremities of the earth's rotational axis, the North Pole or the South Pole. — “Pole - definition of Pole by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • X-Pole - Welcome to The Official X Pole Store Professional Portable Exercise & Dance Pole X-Pole Store welcomes you to the exciting world of XPole exercise and dance in your own home. Enjoy the exhilarating fun of a pole workout or spice up. — “X-POLE | XPERT | SPORT DANCING POLE | X-Pole - BUY AN”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Pole - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-

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  • 40ft Fishing Pole Fishing from the bank with a pole that is 40ft long!
  • pole dancing clips (Only Hope - Phunkk Mob) READ INFO ONLINE LESSONS!!! ?a_aid=282f524d Learn topole dance in the comfort of your own home with the hugely talented and graceful Veena! Learn how to warm up and cool down, a wide variety of fantastic and beautiful moves, transitions and strength training. READ READ READ READ READ!!! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE LOOK AT MY MAIN PAGE! ANSWERS ARE THERE! GET YOUR POLE! http Any comments containing vile language will NOT be approved, comments regarding how proud my parents must be, how i have a great future, how i am a devil woman will again not be approved, there's a reason why YOU clicked on my video - the video didn't find you - so if you don't like it, don't bother leaving a comment - duh! I do not work in a club, pole dancing if a form of fitness and an expression for me - takes a huge amount of effort and i'm proud of what i can do. read my main page for more info about me before you go wasting your time leaving stupid comments. took me 3 months to get to this level of dancing 6-8 hours a day for 3 months. video was made in november 2006! i do not do this amout of hours now though. in total i have been dancing for a year and 9 months. i do not have any dance background, no ballet, gymnastics ect song Only Hope - Phunkk Mob i am using a 50mm chrome x-pole which is always on static (unless mentioned). you can buy one at the links above.
  • ★POLE DANCE "Here We Go"★ Fiery dance to some sick dubstep, what more do you want!? Watch in HD With the help of: /user/leokeiangelos Subscribe if you like! Thanks
  • Pole Shift Threatens To Cause Weather Chaos - Alex Jones Tv Will paying billions of dollars in carbon taxes to Al Gore and his cronies solve the problem? Paul Joseph Watson Monday, February 7, 2011 According to some experts, the world's weather is about to get even more chaotic as a result of natural climate change that we can do absolutely nothing to prevent -- and even though global warming alarmists may exploit the consequences to advance their own political agenda, paying a carbon tax to Al Gore will not lessen the impact of a potentially catastrophic magnetic polar shift. In layman's terms, the most apocalyptic outcome of a polar shift would come as a result of the the poles flipping, with the south pole becoming the north pole and vice versa. The good news is that on average this only happens every half a million years, but the bad news is that it hasn't happened in roughly 780000 years, with some experts warning that the planet is overdue. Pole flips have been known to happen only 50,00 years apart. If it happened, a complete pole shift would cause "superstorms in the future with winds as high as 300 to 400mph...which "would totally destroy anything they came into contact with on land," writes Terrence Aym for Salem-. "In between these flips, the magnetic field can become quite weak and chaotic, causing "turbulence" in the field, which can effectively cause weaker gaps in the magnetosphere," writes Mike Adams. "These magnetic gaps or weaknesses can allow outside influences that ...
  • Pole Vault Fail For more, go to:
  • Harry Potter Pole Dance! The song is in the description, the download is available if you go to the video this is a response to! I might add it's hard to extend in that room..but I think it turned out rather nice, don't you think? Enjoy, muggles. Music: Harry Potter and the Half-Dub Remix by Terabyte Frenzy (permission to use) Filmed by Leo Kei Angelos Edit: THANK YOU for all of the kind comments and 1 million views!! Expect more soon /AkireSregdor
  • Prenatal Pole Dancing DVD Check out Roxy Fedaro (Christina Applegate) in her newest DVD for pregnant expecting mothers. Whether you want to work the pole like a bad girl or drop it low like any proud mom should, then you'll love this DVD. Call now, while supplies last.
  • Pole Dancing For Jesus pole dancing for jesus WWJD How to strip for jesus! How to pole dance!
  • Klay World: Fun Pole The klaymen build themselves a pole. A fun pole! TWITTER FACE BOOK FANPAGE FACEBOOK T-SHIRTS AND OTHER MERCHANDISE FACEBOOK APP MYSPACE
  • Felix - 2009 World Pole Dance Champion Felix performing her winning routing at the World Pole Dance Championships in Jamaica 2009. Event organisers: Poles supplied by: www.r-
  • Pole Art - First pole dance video - pole art practice (Original) Well this is not my best work, but the first few hours didn't actually record and by the time I got to this, I was simply exhausted. A lot of my moves had no follow through and my body lines were not at all straight and toes werent even pointed, but I had to post it being as its my first video of me doing pole art. I'll post a better one soon. Thanks for watching! Music: Johann Pachelbel - Pachelbel's canon Pole: X-pole IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE YOUR OWN POLE, PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE. (MANY DIFFERENT BRANDS TO CHOOSE FROM) I only sell the best brands and highest of quality poles.
  • STRIPPER POLE IN MY ROOM?!?! SUBSCRIBE! & leave me a comment/vid response telling me what random thing i should get in my house. be creative!!! CONNECT WITH ME: DAILY BOOTH SEND ME LETTERS 12450 Burbank Bl. Suite P #252 Valley Village, CA 91607 MY OTHER CHANNEL MYSPACE FACEBOOK TWITTER LIVE SHOW CALL ME 562 606 1512 MERCH STORE RINGTONES http WEBSITE
  • US Pole Dance Championship 2010 USPDF March 19, 2010 NYC
  • Greasy Pole 2007
  • Lewis Gordon Pugh North Pole Challenge Lewis Gordon Pugh became the first human to complete a long distance swim at the Geographic North Pole in nothing more than a Speedo, cap and goggles. By swimming in a region that was once completely covered in ice, Lewis showed the world that climate change is happening and we have the power to stop it.
  • HELLYEAH - Pole Rider HELLYEAH's new album "STAMPEDE" is due out July 13th 2010. Pre-order it now at
  • Miss pole dance - Australia 2008 - Felix Winner
  • stripper pole epic fail women attemped to try pole dancing but fail miserably
  • The Original Human POLE POSITION Performance POLE POSITION is the 3rd video performance of the GAME OVER Project, directed by the Swiss artist Guillaume REYMOND (NOTsoNOISY creative agency). This stop-motion video was shot and played during and for "The game is up!" festival at the Vooruit (Ghent, Belgium | www.vooruit.be) on February 11th 2007.
  • humour pole failed... humour
  • Pole Dancing Swan Lake KT coates pole dancing.....see for more of her
  • Traffic pole vs Truck From Exactly how strong are those traffic poles?
  • The Vault - pole vault video mix This is pole vault video mix made by Tomas !
  • Shooting the 3-Barrel Rapid-Fire Pole Cannon We are Springfield Arsenal LLC. Visit our webstore: Please visit: then... John, Ed, and Phil shoot an archaic 3-barreled pole cannon. It works better than expected.
  • South Pole Station Tour Visit Antarctica with a guided tour of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, directed by researchers working on the South Pole Telescope (10 Meter CMB Telescope). For more pix, videos, blogs and live webcasts with the Exploratorium. Visit southpoletelescope.uchicago.edu
  • Pole Dancing Gone Bad (Hilarious!) www.pole- We compiled all of the greatest bloopers, accidents, and falls on the pole. Enjoy! Read our reviews before you purchase a pole. http
  • Indian Pole Gymnastics Impressive
  • US pole dance championship 2009
  • Where's the pole?! Girl on Wipeout can't find the pole to pole-vault across the water - then she runs around the pole into the water.
  • POLE DANCING FOR JESUS IN TEXAS! Reporters Isiah Carey and Kristin Kane of Fox 26 talk about POLE DANCING FOR JESUS!
  • Demons & Wizards - Gallows Pole Demons & Wizards - Gallows Pole,I love this band and figured I'd share,ill upload more song's later.
  • Christian Pole Dancing Bible Belt Texas
  • Crazy Chinese Pole (By Jay Shen) By Jay Shen
  • Final Fantasy X OST - People of the North Pole ~ Mt. Gagazet Theme Stereo quality: Music from the soundtrack of Final Fantasy X. Title: People of the North Pole Composer: Masashi Hamauzu If the higher quality link doesn't work, add &fmt=18 at the end of url to get better stereo quality. Check out my playlists for more songs of Final Fantasy X and other game music:
  • Pole Transformer Fabrication This shows how pole-mounted electrical power transformers are made. From How It's Made.
  • Where is the yellow pole? contestant of the show Wipeout cannot find the yellow pole
  • NascarXChic48: Jamie McMurray wins the pole for NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Martinsville http://bit.ly/fvoBJX
  • 4shwin: @kunjunnii FACTory pole puthiyorennam
  • xkaybabee: Just almost hit a pole though lol, idk why this girl got me driving.
  • LoopanaWire: Post Edited: McMurray wins Martinsville pole; Newman second http://bit.ly/h6sH0g #News
  • LoopanaWire: McMurray wins Martinsville pole; Newman second http://bit.ly/h6sH0g #Sports #News
  • TeamCassadryn: RT @heycassadee: Just walked into a huge pole while talking to a fan. I'm the worst.
  • Shawtiejay: "Back it up pon de pole, back it up!! "
  • Adriie_Michelle: RT @TashSoCold412: Bahahaha crussh jusst saaiid if she wannna dance on a pole at 15 then she gone dance on a pole...
  • kunjunnii: @4sHwiN nee news reader aayo quote mukri ye pole?? :-/
  • MyLifeDowntown: Remember when I was really drunk @dangerouz_07 & I danced in the cage & became a pole dancing sensation?
  • angleralley: Sea Stinger 1 Breakaway Pole Spear Tip (SS1) - Your Price $45.99 - ?tB004KT2LZY
  • niccy_x_klusiv: @ItsJava nursing school, workin the pole and gold diggin.!' lol
  • OwtaTheOrdinary: Bout to hit this pole dance class w/@Lita_Jade!! There she go slidin down the pole....
  • TashSoCold412: Bahahaha crussh jusst saaiid if she wannna dance on a pole at 15 then she gone dance on a pole...
  • JoeCamel_Sports: Sauter bests Busch for first win at Martinsville: Pole-sitter Johnny Sauter was able to bump Kyle Busch ... http://bit.ly/huBLmH #nascar
  • NascarNewsNow: #NASCAR #RACING Sauter bests Busch for first win at Martinsville: Pole-sitter Johnny Sauter wa... http://bit.ly/fXkp1S #NHRA #DAYTONA500
  • xNascarx: Nascar - Sauter bests Busch for first win at Martinsville: Pole-sitter Johnny Sauter was able to bump Kyle Busch... http://bit.ly/dO91fr
  • motor_racing: #nascar #truckseries Sauter bests Busch for first win at Martinsville: Pole-sitter Johnny Sauter was able to bum... http://bit.ly/dO91fr
  • NickiiJean: RT @K_MONIQUE86 RT @JUsLEEaReEM I need to invest n a strip pole ill teach my damn self how to work it lol.....i heard that lol
  • MsDutchfield: @Sweet_P_90 but we were doing exercises too.. not just pole dancing
  • pinkapplenyc: RT @JoeyScript: @pinkapplenyc , I knew about the toy parties, pole dancing, etc but didn't know u guys specialized in the charm department as well.
  • Adam5Griffin: Show them what that pole do!
  • Shorty_MONET: We need to do this more often lol RT @bougee_bish Yes my arms hurt lol RT @Emoney486: Pole dancing and lap dancing was a whole workout !!!
  • TeamSJWhiteley: RT @heycassadee: Just walked into a huge pole while talking to a fan. I'm the worst.
  • BoDeal: RT @MoneyMakinLuck: #shoutout to the big homie from the North Pole side of the chi @BoDeal who shooting his video in them Cook County streets today.
  • Tiffy_we_dat: You are not a producer if you are a piece of bait on an A&R's pole.
  • _Fatstackz_: I wouldnt touch her with a ten foot pole
  • goharfayyaz: “@birtymotogp #CaseyStoner's 2nd pole at #Jerez http://t.co/VigMNCl” But it hasn't been quite the #Honda freight train everyone's resigned 2
  • JoeyScript: @pinkapplenyc , I knew about the toy parties, pole dancing, etc but didn't know u guys specialized in the charm department as well.
  • SunniDelyte: RT @Emoney486: Pole dancing and lap dancing was a whole workout !!!
  • TabriaPache: Met , this cute dude today . Tobad he had on South Pole : (
  • bougee_bish: Yes my arms hurt lol RT @Emoney486: Pole dancing and lap dancing was a whole workout !!!
  • bblackmon25: @mhooser211 i did not! U just went up a notch n my old lady lesbian pole!
  • Stefmara: @gcf123 wasn't that a sec over closer to the foul pole?
  • mnherald: Man killed in one-vehicle crash: A 32-year-old Coloma man is dead after his truck struck a power pole early this... http://bit.ly/dE6iPt
  • legendscards: Jamie McMurray took a step toward jump-starting his season Saturday by winning the pole at Martinsville Speedway… http://goo.gl/fb/W3nsL
  • mayraabxtchh: @TeamCB_Trinidad cops were chasing a car, the car crashd into a van the van crashed into a light pole, the light pole fell on her head . :/
  • MagisterMundi: I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/bbB2hiqn3sA?a Harry Potter Pole Dance!
  • messagemasseuse: And now there's a class called Pole-Dancing for Jesus. http://nyti.ms/gXd0pY Who could make this up!
  • lavern6estes: Britek#4098 Photo Studio Studio Boom Stand: 1.Boom: 25mm 3 Section Pole 2.Counter Weight: 1.5 kg 3.Dismantled l... http://amzn.to/ibJgeq
  • SI_Complete: Italy: Pato leads AC Milan past Inter 3-0: MILAN (AP) -- AC Milan put itself in pole position to win the Serie A... http://bit.ly/e1MO1Z
  • barben2: RT @SI_24Seven: McMurray wins Martinsville pole; Newman second http://bit.ly/h9WCsx /via @si_racing
  • truebeauty_85: @KickDz u stupid! I can it now instead of baby games we gonna play pole games! Lmao!!
  • MissDollyP: @CrushedPearlsBB hell no! Lol I'm sayin it take a lot to them tricks on the pole.
  • wayfastfatloss: Vote in Body By Vic's pole on what causes you to gain weight. Vote here: http:// bit.ly/eViHe7
  • chunfin: @amecassie he eh rossi crash. tp gpp kog. tp dy jd nya pole di 12
  • ilovejacocaraco: I thought @JacoCaraco had a tattoo on his arm until I realized it was a microphone pole shadow ROFL
  • EA5055Games: New site features 1 A pole to vote for your best mobile game 2 A shout box to allow users to Communicate with each other and 3 a search box.
  • TexasCraigslist: #CorpusChristiFree Telephone Pole (Rockport Harbor): Pickup pole from construction site at 319 Broadway, Rockpor... http://bit.ly/fPnPeW
  • SwiftBieberMIA: @WeBieberSupras Yes! i was about to put my computer in a freaking box and ship it to the north pole! lmao
  • jungleestylee: Son just ran right into the pole. Corner of ny and nj ave. http:///p/88997929
  • JBISFLO369: #lilkimwashotwhen EVERY MAN was fantasizing about Lisa-Raye on a STRIPPER POLE in Playa's Club!
  • marco3925: Jamie McMurray wins the pole for NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Martinsville: By Doug Demmons - The Birmingham News G... http://bit.ly/eTEjuo
  • OMD_DumbHoe: #FACT ima taking pole dancing classes this summer ^_^
  • topseller_bot: ミュージック 発売日11/04/19 NORTH POLE 4 詳細→http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B004MPAFQS?tag=preordernews-22&linkCode=asn&creative=6343
  • mrsgordon24: Today is my birthday. I was hoping Jeff would get pole and Kyle Busch won the truck, but I still love my NASCAR.
  • JFSSchool: Richard Goodman races to pole position as ambassador of charity Action Duchenne | The Jewish Chroni http://fb.me/V0pjTTNU
  • oliviawhatsup: Pole dancing lessons in an hour! Watch out #yyc
  • K_MONIQUE86: RT @JUsLEEaReEM: I need to invest n a strip pole ill teach my damn self how to work it lol
  • Fahad_IA: Oh I love my city. Full of crazy old people. He gets off his wheelchair. He unzips his pants and pisses on the traffic light pole (y)
  • monaa_lisa: dancing on that pole .. girl you a star .
  • uggy7: Could it be much better for Utd today? 1:30pm Arsenal in pole position, now it's ours to lose again. CFC drawing and LFC losing makes it 
  • luv2watchaleave: I'm putting a pole in my room!!!
  • NorthernHorse: @Concord_Kwiat There is a great coffee shop out here in North Pole called Leaf and Bean... or someplace in Fairbanks? I'm open to whichever.
  • MissEdrilon: http:///p/88997023 me on the pole ! I did that !
  • dasomisawesome: Walked in to a pole #fail
  • jemyjemz: @denyekovich Pole mtu wa arsenal
  • hlee_esq: @harveywyancy ....black as a pit frm pole to pole I thank whtever gods may be for my unconquerable soul #lest.we.forget.;')#
  • HirschGAT: jesus christ theyre pole vaulting
  • CedesBUGATTI: RT @AY0_MagiTrapsta: da pic of @CedesBUGATTI on a pole is jokes« LOL hey rate my skills!
  • DontTouchMaCar: Neal on pole at Brands: http://bit.ly/i6L6Bw #driving #news #f1 #uk
  • wintwitwon: Hello twitterers! NASCAR At Martinsville: Jamie McMurray Leads Starting Lineup http://bit.ly/eOys2a
  • MissShon810: @BBtheDoll hey the pole studio at 15th & Sansom is what's poppin. Its worth the trip if u get a chance
  • derrick76: RT @jeff_gluck: Jamie McMurray wins Martinsville pole. Here is the starting lineup --> http://sbn.to/hnMAIz #NASCAR
  • CalliopeCo: 7x7.com: Pole Position: The Subjective Guide to San Francisco Strip Clubs http://t.co/bM92uzg #travel
  • AmigosdaTruck: Felipe Giaffone crava a pole-position em Jacarepaguá - http://.br/noticia.php?id=216 #ftruck #truck
  • derrick76: RT @jayski_nascar: 1 wins pole at Martinsville the 39, 4, 20, 11, 43, 47, 00, 29 &78; 18=11th then 5, 83, 6, 33, 27, 48, 56, 9 &22;... http://fb.me/yG3KrCeu
  • hamzahussaini: Just saw the worst car accident of my life at the signal of Main Firdous market. Within seconds that car hit the pole and...
  • xKitty13x: @Rcl1Rcl1 haha!! Chatroulette, that's funny. Glad you got some pole practice in though. You'll be earning a fortune soon!
  • roobzroobz: At Britt's dance comp at Alma Mater. What's the delio with some dancers skimpy outfits? Just missing the pole. Shame on some coaches.
  • iavera: @NASCARTheGame finally changed settings to very hard...much better now! Getting the pole every time was getting old, I want traffic!
  • VtMotorMag: So, I subbed Jamie McMurray in at the last possible minute for my Martinsville fantasy league team. Dude goes out and wins the pole. Aw yeah
  • MotoGPTweet: Stoner grabs second pole as Rossi crashes out - The Age http://bit.ly/guUd2x #motogp
  • emilybrumbrum: I love on Back to the Future when Doc Brown has to re-plug that big-arse pole in he's like "FML" then *serious business face*
  • race22chris: Jay Fogleman wins the pole for the South Carolina Clash. Race starts at 6:00 pm
  • Andrea_Andy11: Great deal on 'Black & Decker NPP2018 18-Volt Cordless Electric Pole Chain Saw' by Black & Decker http://amzn.to/aKYc3P
  • MsPeru69: U sure? I might break it on accident lol RT @malik2973: @MsPeru69 ur fine ass need 2 b dancin on dis pole
  • Doubdour: U like da pole? *t.i voice*
  • alechorrod: No Spaniards on pole in any class at Jerez....When was the last time that happened, @motogpmart?!?
  • JUsLEEaReEM: I need to invest n a strip pole ill teach my damn self how to work it lol
  • Nathalie_Andree: Yayyy really excited about this pole dancing class.... Should be fun!!! sn: we should record this bc this is gonna be hilarious..lmbo
  • Jake_Number12: RT @DunlopBTCC: Neal takes first pole of 2011 - http:///html/generalnews_detail.php?id=2325
  • Rcl1Rcl1: @xKitty13x night in with @TW1NK3 chat, tv, pole, chatroulette and vodka :) totally worn out today though
  • GrimmLife320: Pole Dance for fitness!!! Lol that workshop was so fun :-)

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