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  • wikiHow article about How to Run for Political Office. Make sure you really want to run for political office and that your family is willing. — “How to Run for Political Office - wikiHow”,
  • political adj. Of, relating to, or dealing with the structure or affairs of government, politics, or the state. — “political: Definition from ”,
  • Political principles are rarely absolute, as political logic holds an imperfect result by Good political staff is hard to find, they may neither be ambitious and corrupted by. — “political - Wiktionary”,
  • The landlordism of large land owners has been the most rewarded of all political services. In the early days of political representation, the majority did not necessarily carry the day and there was. — “Politics - Wikipedia”,
  • Features a collections of links to political cartoon and humor sites. — “Political Humor - ”,
  • 0763 Homeland Security Funny Political Happy Birthday Greeting Card by Vision Works. 0535 Stimulate You Funny Political Happy Birthday Greeting Card by Daniel Collins. 0823 Mister President Funny Political Happy Birthday Greeting Card by Ephemera, inc. — “Political”,
  • Top Political T-Shirts - politics, republican, democrat, anti-bush, pro-bush, anti-war, pro war t-shirt designs at t-. — “T-Shirts Countdown Chart - Top Political T-Shirts - politics”, t-
  • Definition of political from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of political. Pronunciation of political. Definition of the word political. Origin of the word political. — “political - Definition of political at ”,
  • political use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with political. political in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. — “political - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. involving or charged or concerned with acts against a government or a political system. — “Political - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of political in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of political. Pronunciation of political. Translations of political. political synonyms, political antonyms. Information about political in the free online English dictionary and. — “political - definition of political by the Free Online”,
  • National political coverage from the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and the Tribune Network. — “Los Angeles Times -- Politics - ”,
  • Ann is a conservative political commentator, author, and syndicated columnist, well-known for her right-wing political opinions and the controversial ways in which she defends them. Whatever your political leanings, no one can deny that our nation is struggling. — “Political Mavens”,
  • is a web site that produces political satire and entertainment. The BarelyPolitical team produced the hit viral video. — “Barely Political - Funny Political Videos”,
  • Political definition, of, pertaining to, or concerned with politics: See more. — “Political | Define Political at ”,
  • POLITICO covers political news with a focus on national politics, Congress, Capitol Hill, the 2012 presidential race, lobbying, advocacy, and more. POLITICO's in-depth coverage includes video features, regular blogs, photo galleries, cartoons,. — “Politics, Political News - ”,
  • An adjective used to describe actions or statements which are self-serving. Political works typically involve half-truths (such as statistics), hid. — “Urban Dictionary: political”,
  • Political - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Political”,

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  • The Political Assassination of Margaret Thatcher The events that lead to the end of one of the most remarkable and revolutionary premierships in British political history. The truth about how it was not the people, but her own party, that finally ended Margaret Thatcher's 11 years in office. "We are all - like it or not, rebel or not - the children of Margaret Thatcher."
  • EXPOSED: Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Political Syndicate | http | Who is Rahm Emanuel? How did he get into politics? The Emanuel family; just how powerful are they? What influence do they have on lobbying, and power politics? His workings with the Chicago Democratic Machine, how did he get started, is there a shady past he is trying to hide? Is Rahm being blackmailed because of his past with Obama on Chicago's North Side? The Blago trial; why was he and others never questioned about Obama, Valerie Jarret, and Jesse Jackson Jr. What role did he play in the attempt to bring the Olympics to Chicago? What is the connection to key players in Chicago and Washington DC winding up dead? Are there secret video tapes waiting to surface? If he is Mayor, what will the city of Chicago look like? Could he become another Rudy Giuliani? In this exclusive Special Investigation the Reality Report begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting goes deep and digs up the dirt that no Chicago media outlet would dare to report. This is a must see expose for anyone who has questions about Rahm Emanuel but just didn't know who to ask. Investigators: Julio Rausseo and Wayne Madsen Producer: Gary Franchi Join the discussion at our RTR Group: Become a Fan at our Facebook Page: Share the Reality Report on Facebook: on.fb.me Support our work with a donation: bit.ly Join the #1 Social Network for Patriots:
  • Political Science 179 - Election 2008 - Lecture 1 Political issues facing the state of California, the United States, or the international community. Instructor: Alan Ross Guest Lecturer: Joe Tuman - Professor of Political Science, San Francisco State polisci.berkeley.edu
  • Political Psychiatry, Social Control & Pharma, Psychology Be My Friend - Political Psychiatry, Social Control & Pharma, Psychology The relationship of big Pharma, Government and Psychiatry Dr. John Breeding, Ph.D. psychologist talks about the use of psychiatry as in instrument of social control; political psychiatry. The relationship of big Pharma, Government and Psychiatry. Are mental illness just social stigma placed on people as a means to control the society? How does this relate to eugenics? Where does the use of psych meds or drugs come in? A little on the level of Alex Jones, conspiracy and politics. What's the Truth. Visit Dr. Breedings Website at This video was produced by Psychetruth http Copyright ©CAEST 2008. All Rights Reserved. This video may be displayed in public, copied and redistributed for any strictly non-commercial use in its entire unedited form. Alteration or commercial use is strictly prohibited.
  • 10 Most Awkward Political Gaffes Politics is funny when idiots are involved.
  • Political Talk Show Host Suddenly Very Interested In Manslaughter Law Loopholes Host becomes curiously pushy, sweaty in this roundtable discussion about loopholes in manslaughter law in the US.
  • Riz Khan - Pakistan's political landscape As Pakistan's security forces battle Taliban fighters in the northwest and explosions tear through its cities, many are asking if the country is paying the price for the policies of its powerful spy agency - the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Is the ISI safeguarding Pakistani interests in a volatile region, or destabilising the subcontinent by pushing its own agenda?
  • Barely Political: Our YouTube Story Barely Political celebrated 3 years on YouTube this week! Thank you sooo much :) We love you guys!
  • Political activist Wael Ghonim is free Wael Ghonim, a Google executive and political activist,arrested on 25 January by Egyptian authorities has been released.
  • Randy Newman - Political Science From the Lyle Lovett Sound Stage DVD (2004)
  • : Political Shifty : Foamy The Squirrel All politicians suck. Period. No matter who. There is... no change.
  • Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show - Political Party My candidate is bigger than yours. Kiko hosts two pundits, a husband an wife, to battle over love and politics. It's political party time with the erection song. Get more original videos: Tags: cspot mediocre films gorgeous tiny politics debate pundit election erection retarded policeman
  • Crush On Obama The song that changed the world! This video was named by Newsweek a top 10 meme of decade and the Webby's a top internet moment of all time. Obama Girl videos have been viewed over 120 million times... subscribe for more! Click here to subscribe! Created by: Ben Relles Starring: Amber Lee Ettinger Vocals: Leah Kauffman MORE BARELY POLITICAL: Follow us on Twitter Check out our websites http Friend us on Facebook & Myspace Leave us a voicemail 1-(646)-827-2202
  • Attack Ads, Circa 1800 Have this year's negative political ads really "taken dirty to a whole new level, as CNN's Anderson Cooper frets? Is a "return to civility...a relic of a bygone era," as President Barack Obama laments? Er, not exactly. If anonymous political speech, the other widely decried villain of this political season, helped found the United States, attack ads are as American as apple pie. If you fancy yourself a patriot or a history buff, you will most certainly approve this message, which is taken from statements made by, for, and against the nation's founders. Approximately 1.45 minutes. Written and produced by Meredith Bragg. Voiced by Caleb Brown, Michael C. Moynihan, and Austin Bragg. Check out "The Positives of Negative Campaigning," why "Attack Ads Are Good For You." and Reason's 2006 list of the "Top 10 Dirtiest Political Campaigns" in US history. For links to those stories and historical sources of the statements made in the video go to reason.tv
  • 1. Introduction: What is Political Philosophy? Introduction to Political Philosophy (PLSC 114) Professor Smith discusses the nature and scope of "political philosophy." The oldest of the social sciences, the study of political philosophy must begin with the works of Plato and Aristotle, and examine in depth the fundamental concepts and categories of the study of politics. The questions "which regimes are best?" and "what constitutes good citizenship?" are posed and discussed in the context of Plato's Apology. Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: open.yale.edu This course was recorded in Fall 2006.
  • Stewart Lee - 9 - Political Correctness - 41st Best Stand-Up ever Richard Littlejohn, and making race-based errors.
  • Know Your Meme: Political Memes of 2008 The greatest politcal memes of 2008.
  • Muslim Brotherhood seeks political legitimacy Officials in Egypt have unveiled the first proposed political reforms since the revolution. While they allow new political parties, restrictions on the participation of the Muslim Brotherhood have not been lifted. Al Jazeera's Anita McNaught reports from Cairo.
  • Noam Chomsky - The Political system in the USA. A quick explanation of American politics.
  • Conrad on House Budget Cuts: Political Capital With Al Hunt Feb. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, a North Dakota Democrat, talks with Bloomberg's Al Hunt about House Republicans' budget cut demands. Bloomberg's Julianna Goldman and Lisa Lerer discuss President Barack Obama's budget. Haris Anwar reports on US-Pakistan relations after a US consulate worker was arrested for shooting dead two Pakistanis. Commentators Kate O'Beirne and Margaret Carlson talk about the possibility that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be the Republican Party's nominee for president in the 2012 election. (Source: Bloomberg)
  • Classic Political Ad: John F. Kennedy (1960) Simple Kennedy campaign ad from 1960.
  • Riz Khan - China's prospects for political reform Calls for reform have been mounting since Liu Xiaobo, a jailed Chinese political activist, won the Nobel Peace Prize on October 8. Will China follow through on promises to reform its political system, and what are the prospects for true social change there?
  • Political Spectrum Moves Right - Cenk Hosting MSNBC Host of The Young Turks Cenk Uygur guest hosting on MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show explains how the political spectrum has shifted far to the right in the last 30 years. New TYT Facebook Page(!): Subscribe to the FREE Video Podcast on iTunes: bit.ly Follow us on Twitter: DISCOUNTS: FREE Movies(!): Note: The above two links are for TYT sponsors. Read Ana's blog and subscribe at: TYT Network (new WTF?! channel): Check Out TYT Interviews Watch more at
  • Political Roast : Obama Emanuel 2005 CSPAN rebroadcast a roast from 2005 where Barack Obama takes on his future White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel
  • So You Want to Get a Ph.D. in Political Science An enthusiastic student gets a lesson in pursuing a Ph.D. that he may never forget
  • Brigitte Gabriel Blasts Political Correctness ACT! for America Founder and President, Brigitte Gabriel delineates the disastrous effect Political Correctness is having on our leaders and citizens in the fight against Radical Islam in America. She lambastes its debilitating power to render government and the military impotent in fretting out those who wish us harm. She lays the killings at FT. Hood at the feet of the PC mentality world.
  • Super Obama Girl! Do Super Obama Girl a favor! Subscribe above!!! And then check out our 5 new videos this weekend! Check out /barelypolitical Super Obama Girl is... Directed and Edited by Tom Small. Starring Amber Lee Ettinger. Vocals by Leah Kauffman. Music by Jake Chudnow: MORE BARELY: Click here to subscribe! Follow us on Twitter Check out our websites http Friend us on Facebook & Myspace Watch Amber's channel Leave us a voicemail 1-(646)-827-2202 --
  • We are Better than That!!!!! www.dalepeterson2010.com Dale Peterson, Alabama Agriculture Commission, Grassroot Caucus endorsed candidate fighting the fight to save our country. Some people recognize the enemies from within & without. We need fighters today, people that are not afraid to stand & tell the Government NO!!! Help Dale Stand & Defend our Country, it starts 1 state at a time. www.dalepeterson2010.com
  • Major in Political Science --
  • Political Call to Action: VETO AB962 in California! UPDATE: Gov Schwarzenegger ignored the wishes of California voters and signed AB22 anyway. The CA political scene is in dire straits. Work to defeat him next election; put in a REAL conservative. ///////////// MY PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL/FAX FOLLOWS. IT WILL HAVE MORE POWER IF YOU MODIFY IT OR WRITE YOUR OWN. WHATEVER YOU DO THOUGH, DO WRITE! /// Governor Schwarzenegger: /// I highly encourage you to VETO Assembly Bill 962 (and SB585) which are on your desk. AB962 is onerous gun control legislation that further harasses gun owners in California. Outlawing mail order ammunition purchasing, requiring in- person sales by state-trained employees, and keeping detailed personal information (to include thumb printing!) on the buyers will do nothing to increase public safety in California. Instead it creates another layer of bureaucracy that abrogates citizen privacy in the name of gun owner harassment. It is also an infringement of Second Amendment rights that could be subject to expensive but ultimately effective legal challenge. Over twenty years ago, Congress abolished similar requirements because ammunition sales records were found to be useless for solving crimes. Moreover it will have many unintended consequences such as increased difficulty in acquiring ammunition for law enforcement offices and providing a possible database that criminals could use to steal firearms from the residences of their owners. Also please VETO SB585, another unneeded piece of legislation which further ...
  • "Political Wife" by Political Subversities Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. iTunes: Political Subversities performs on Saturday nights at 9:30 at The PIT in NYC. Directed by: Greg T. Gordon Music and Lyrics: Shaina Taub Cinematographer: Seth Hagenstein Recording Produced, Recorded and Mixed: Justin Goldner Choreographer: nicHi Douglas Featuring the cast of Political Subversities: Shaina Taub, Kim Blanck, Todd Dakotah Briscoe, Jabari Brisport, Andrew R. Butler, Ismael Cruz Cordova, nicHi douglas, Matthew Robert Gehring, Emma Tattenbaum-Fine, Dominique Toney. Additional Video Credits: Producer: Andrew Butler Costume Designer: Annie Tippe Performance Consultant: Andrew Neisler Location Manager: Matthew Robert Gehring Production Coordinator: Mallory Schwartz Best Boy Electric: Albert Lanzillo Best Boy Grip: Joe "Sloppy J" Testa Make-up Artist: Kelli Joelie Bartlett Additional Recording Credits Vocals/Piano: Shaina Taub Additional Vocals: Political Subversities Drums: Jordan Ferlson Saxophone, Clarinet: Jonathan Kantor Trumpet: Jon Lijol Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and arrangements: Justin Goldner for Funky Butter Productions. Additional Recording by Anthony "Rocky" Gallo *No pitch-correction was used in making this recording. Special Thanks to: Julia Nathan Martin G. Englisher and the YM&YWHA of Washington Heights and Inwood Bokeh Pictures Hit and Run Productions Alyssa Yackley Lorna Woodham Margaret Parus
  • Justin Bieber's New Haircut! PRICK reporter Todd set's off to find out how Times Square people feel about Justin Bieber's new haircut! See more of Todd as this reporter: MORE BARELY: TShirts! Get the songs on iTunes! http Subscribe! Mark's Channel: Todd's Stuff Facebook! Follow us on Twitter Leave us a voicemail 1-(646)-827-2202 Write us a letter! The Key of Awesome PO Box 23 New York, NY 10113
  • Obama's Failed Political Strategy - MSNBC w Cenk Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) on MSNBC Live on President Obama's failed political strategy with regard to how he negotiates with Republicans.
  • Political Cartoons Political Cartoons that say it all !
  • Riz Khan - Afghanistans political impasse Two months after Afghanistan's disputed elections, Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, has finally admitted that he fell short of an outright victory in his country's presidential elections. The date for a runoff vote between Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah, his main challenger has been set for November 7. Fraud investigators have reportedly thrown out hundreds of thousands of ballots, bringing Karzai's percentage of the vote under 50 per cent and triggering a new election. But will the Afghan runoff election resolve the country's stalemate? And beyond the election results, the main issues remain: How to fix Afghanistan? How to have a central government that has legitimacy? And what policy will the Obama administration pursue in the country? In this episode, Anand Naidoo spoke with Fariba Nawa, an Afghan-American journalist; Shah Mahmoud Hanifi; a professor at James Madison University; and Christine Fair, a former political officer to the UN Assistance Mission to Afghanistan in Kabul and the author of Cuisines of the Axis of Evil and Other Irritating States: A Dinner Party Approach to International Relations.
  • kierkiss: Someone please invent a social networking site that is purely for political debate. My head is spinning from Facebook sass these days.
  • FreeSmart: Government is into so much, voters are BEFUDDLED. Signal jamming—a political predator's dream. #Tyranny No wonder many vote for a "nice guy"
  • beijingbulletin: Two women, Liu Yandong and Sun Chunlan, are among the Political Bureau members of the 18th Communist Party of Ch ... http://t.co/9QTCCoPr
  • desertgardens: USA Today: Jeb Bush asks supporters to back son's political race http://t.co/eqlA1HJl meh.
  • festoons: Meghann Tobery liked Euro Zone Worries Intensify - Gold And Share Price Down: Political tension in Greece… http://t.co/KiYx6bfj
  • Political_Bill: [email protected] What maks this really horrific? That I bet we've had these exchanges in real life. For reals. Furreals. ;) @Ispeak4Mi
  • ekalavvya: @PTI_News Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to Japan beginning tomorrow put off due to sudden political developments in that country
  • raydeep: #Sikh politcs - DGPC elections are due for the last 2 yrs but Sarna with political backing is not allowing it. #Shame
  • kohlerfyre: November 15, 2012 at 12:05AM http://t.co/VQdTTf9j
  • DaebakSoshi_LPL: Okay... sensing some political drama around Tlist here...
  • rickscottsucksu: Political eyes are now on jobs (Gov. Scott's) - http://t.co/23aVGDiE http://t.co/dmGk5s7O #rickscott
  • cosmompolitan: @KikkiPlanet @zita_dulock I would be interested to see a political party try to approach a campaign more focused on unity #couldbedreaming
  • MightyMonika: I can tell I'm near a college when I hear LOUD political discussions about "the federal government being taken hostage" [not Liam style :( ]
  • thecitiesstars: I got a couple followers for my pissy political rant. Good. ♥
  • kerowq: @RC1023FM Nobody will pass such laws bcos all the lawmakers, politicians and political appointees would be dead. No need talking about it.
  • mattesad131: Political issues affecting today's college student http://t.co/1H8aTw5k
  • ULI_AsiaPac: ULI research paper - the potential outlook for the China #residential #property market at time of political transition http://t.co/vPTmZB1B
  • SirDimaks: @GaleMoeng1 they can always influence the economic n political states in Botswana..So Aus is bit far
  • Ruby_Barnes: She loves me. She loves me not. Fluctuating reviews for The Crucible Part 1 by Ruby Barnes http://t.co/lOEBacov #bookreview #thriller
  • PolInst4Women: Want to work with women candidates? Reserve a listing in our 2012-2013 Political Consultant Directory at http://t.co/c35EJkqc
  • Ispeak4Mi: @Political_Bill @nescdem Sounds right. I gotta get maple bar. You drive careful now.
  • Kon__K: Second Tamil #refugee attempts suicide in detention http://t.co/iepepGEc @ASRC1 #auspol
  • Dustybear: @Ispeak4Mi @Political_Bill @nescdem NOW, let's look at chemisty. PBO good stuffies. ROMNEY, NO chemistry. HE LOST. Chemistry is good.
  • toivoton_: I am changing my major to political science. I am so sorry childhood dreams and goals. I am crying
  • munshyamunshya: I explain these in http://t.co/cuXYIM0I
  • KibetVince: expect him/ her,2 change the poor political culture,talk of maternal health, education,agriculture.,subsidies#AskMarthaThurs @MarthaKarua
  • kieferbenner: “@FillWerrell: It's amazing how everyone is suddenly a political genius one month every 4 years.”
  • RedsoxNets5: Oh man I thought awkward unwanted political conversations were weird...then we got out into the parking lot! @RhohneR
  • Trans_Topia: Like she had the nerve 2say "i feel like i dont even know you anymore, with all these political posts&queer stuff on fb". Shes known me 5yrs
  • scarletmonahan: The inevitable political and anti-discriminatory demands of 1970s smiley – March 2011 http://t.co/FtvITOij
  • KimberlyAnelle: Well I'm sure if you don't get the political humor it's still pretty funny.
  • MarketPush: Crude Oil bouncing back from lows geo political tensions support http://t.co/Tc5S2KYo
  • SENTAVESTANEWS: [email protected][SENTAVESTA]@=- Crude Oil bouncing back from lows geo political tensions support: WTI crud... http://t.co/uuBdzgUT [email protected][SENTAVESTA]@=-
  • Baxman90: @jboles1282AX I might have to unfollow u with all this stock market stuff ur retweeting the political stuff is fine but overreacting to mkt
  • Sarah_Reanne: Busy day today, but finally finished my test, computer science assignment and political communication paper. Even had time to clean
  • Dolphieness: @Trevor_Deen @WinterbleShow TP wants STRONG military - just don't want frivolous wars. Small gov't, (RP=anarchistic), No political correctns
  • ziznine: That Korean tweet is that I was retweeting, that is almost about political things of Korea. So just ignore them If you not wondering.
  • CHRISEVERSMAN: Being a health major in a political science elective is not easy when you read DV for dependent variable as diastolic volume over and over
  • dikeram: Bad Haircut: IMF Greek Debt Default Demand Could Haunt Merkel http://t.co/DChqocPo via @SPIEGELONLINE
  • Political_Bill: [email protected] Okay. Occifer. Don't want to get you in trouble. But, I will. If you don't stop this persecutiable reaction. Mmmkay? @nescdem
  • uhibbok: @Gixibyte Most of the public speaking I do, I do ad lib. But, definitely, with political/academic speeches, preparation is supreme.
  • RabidFansOfFSU: One more member of Bush clan hits Texas political radar http://t.co/XbrDEG8K
  • Dustybear: @Ispeak4Mi @Political_Bill @nescdem Lets get summa dat math stuffies going in the STATES, shall we?
  • adrienneariawan: "@firstpetpics: #FunniestPicsOf2012 Me seeing all these political posts in Twitter.... http://t.co/sD32XCFH"
  • moulips: 2. Give a political statement against RajThakrey
  • pekingpress: Two women, Liu Yandong and Sun Chunlan, are among the Political Bureau members of the 18th Communist Party of Ch ... http://t.co/OX4zw6GY
  • timcyoung: @Enrico_Palazzo_ Political discourse: The #1 problem plaguing this nation.
  • alliraqnews1: Bateikh describes forming any military force without informing Armed Forces Command as "Rejected, unconstitution... http://t.co/FYo83j7G
  • Dustybear: @Ispeak4Mi @Political_Bill @nescdem Add ALL dem voters, PLUS all PUB voters. SUM=PBO WON. HEY. I LIKE this math thingy
  • billmartin_can: @bruceami I repeated no ones views but my own. I heard no opinions either way today. OBAMA made a brilliant political move.
  • eabears: Pam Grout: Let’s Put Down Our Political Dukes and Say ‘Thanks’ This Holiday Season http://t.co/61gtPopo
  • munshyamunshya: I am suggesting that we adopt the South African system, where presidential powers is tampered by party & parliament http://t.co/cuXYIM0I
  • KRON4SRoberts: 2012 Political Litter - People Behaving Badly http://t.co/VRuQMtUk
  • Ishfery: Freedom from Religion Foundation sues IRS over political churches' tax exempt status http://t.co/7PejiXvl
  • Dustybear: @Ispeak4Mi @Political_Bill @nescdem I THINK what it does is get us a COMPETENT CAPABLE PRESIDENT. MATH IS GOOD, RIGHT BILL C?
  • Cody_Perez: Its not a legit political documentary unless the narrator has an english accent!!!! #fact
  • Can_ada: The Deterioration of the political infrastructures of Palestinian society http://t.co/DmaRUeGk
  • russianpassport: finished my political geography paper in just a couple hours, now I just have to cite it all.. so annoying
  • ashfordoclvnr: "Anna is India and India is Anna" is one of the most dangerous political slogans after "Indira is India and India is Indira".
  • shivelya: Fun with maps! “@Gizmodo: real political map of the U.S. shows we're not that divided after all http://t.co/opATnIOq” & http://t.co/xUiUS4UP
  • HiBilly_: We're looking up political memes. What have our lives come to? @rigelisburger
  • thewordofed: Sharing the voice of reason. Being South African is not about which political party you support but how that... http://t.co/tGdEaIIq
  • Ispeak4Mi: @Political_Bill @nescdem So I should call see if the wife can bring the other cell down?
  • lifebroker_uk: Lifebroker News: Pam Grout: Let's Put Down Our Political Dukes and Say 'Thanks' This Holiday Season http://t.co/vrqMsLvG
  • Johngla: @KatieS @SenJohnMcCain @AmbassadorRice No he isn't. McCain is just a bitter old political hack who lost his race for the Presidency.
  • Dustybear: @Ispeak4Mi @Political_Bill @nescdem MATH: Start with 1 effec Pres, add 1 vulture capitalist. Add benefits & subtract deficits. SUM=PBO. NXT?
  • careyz: Debunking 5 post-election political myths http://t.co/FYYIyNkE
  • manish28pawar: R all political leaders hiding the truth about balasaheb thakre or his health?
  • bradfordmedia: Brands See Facebook Success Posting About the Election - While many brands opt to not take sides on political issues... http://t.co/3MLAT2Mt
  • TheMeck: Watching the Falcons stadium debate, the Braves pursue something different | Political Insider - Jim Galloway.. http://t.co/RAb1qurM
  • VanGoGoGirly: #HamasBumperStickers The political winds are shifting, come home Hussein Obama we saved your prayer rug!
  • arcagility: 2012 Political Litter - People Behaving Badly http://t.co/KFSsQ5MJ
  • arcagility: 2012 Political Litter - People Behaving Badly: 2012 Political Litter - People Behaving Badly… http://t.co/yB887wNu
  • 1SupremeGoddess: @runedart No I don't believe that it is punishing ppl for their political beliefs. I see it as letting ppl have what they want.
  • IWActus: #HuffPost News Pam Grout: Let's Put Down Our Political Dukes and Say 'Thanks' This Holiday Season http://t.co/lWsbNXFc
  • gasciutto: Villaraigosa taking the charge in South America. Finally a major political figure acknowledging the region's importance http://t.co/KqhRbQNL
  • OccupyPix: RT Due to political partisanship I leave #Occupy http://t.co/SYguOkxn #OCCUPYPIX
  • doctorcdf: @Grumpyhatlady I think Netanyahu is too busy trying to prove he doesn't have the political equivalent to a small willy. Macho #fail
  • finearttweets: People who want to share their political views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.
  • ebrosy: @ramsmabote A retort from a person under investigation seeking political opportunism
  • lsmitchell: Who's the silly ALP person to OK this image - very bad call - How the Grinch stole Christmas in Canberra http://t.co/y3evbHj6 via @theage
  • arieswriter: @Political_Bill @Ispeak4Mi @nescdem i have no idea why you're cussing Joe out but knowing Joe he prob deserves it :)
  • lifematterspro: "You've got my vote Bro""@owodeone: Death penalty should be implemented for political thieves. @owodeone. Only some of those
  • marietawijaya: "@firstpetpics: #FunniestPicsOf2012 Me seeing all these political posts in Twitter.... http://t.co/tIzf3uaN"
  • runedart: @1SupremeGoddess It's hard not to feel that way. But on the other hand, punishing ppl for their political belief is what happened to CFA
  • simunbohidar: @Sushils21 yeah...we r living in a crap political system..need a urgent #Bastille way
  • BombayKaBabu: Fans are trying to portray #BalThackeray beyond #SS's hooliganism. SS is what he made it to be. Political brokerage must be on now!
  • Rakia_Futures: http://t.co/ovZBRrta Crude Oil bouncing back from lows geo political tensions support http://t.co/LlY3dBQD
  • CarpediemSelalu: One of the obstacles ECCC has to face: political interference http://t.co/pH1tLzxR
  • gswahi: If u r son-in-law of any political party, there is no law-of-land for u. Corruptionmev jayatey ! @MovementIAC @ArvindKejriwal7
  • roastspent323: Political issues affecting today's college student http://t.co/1yjy6D9o
  • billmartin_can: @bruceami It was a great political move by OBAMA. The Republicans looked like fools today.
  • jenniepete: @Bolajuade Is Gaza Attack religious? @AbbasDangi: @jenniepete Do you call that political?
  • bradmills: » The Signs of Political Idolatry Keller Quotes http://t.co/BNHl4Fip (via Instapaper)
  • aly_nazza: im so sad my political cartoon sucks why cant i be creative or politically inclined or an artist
  • Voxynn: @fivethirtyeight Any comments on this highly detailed (and beautiful) political map? http://t.co/tJfBSKdd

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  • “Louisville Blogs from WHAS11.com: Political Blog, First Alert Storm Team Blog, Shape Up Kentuckiana, News, Crime Watch, Weather Blog and more”
    — WHAS11.com | WHAS11.com Louisville Blogs | WHAS11.com | News, whas11.com

  • “Political forums are websites where people can discuss the latest issues and news. They often also include subforums for other important topics such as current events, news, philosophy, and religion. Many also contain off-topic, or general chat,”
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  • “A political blog is a common type of blog that comments on politics. One notable subspecies of political blog is the watch blog, a blog which sets out to”
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  • “POLITICAL Blog Contributions (approved posters only) Logout. BROKERS. Broker Directory. FX Broker News. FORUMS. Guide to Forums. NEW Forum Directory. Forex Forum. Forex + Live Forex Rates. Forex + Live FX Rates. Futures Forum”
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  • “Political Videos and Burning questions. Interested in politics? You will LOVE our site, come take a look!”
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  • “Blogs about: Political Blog. Featured Blog. Can You Hear Them Marching? It's a jungle out there for all red blooded Americans – many have lost their homes, jobs and their hope. Unemployment is extended, but that's not what they want – they want jobs and some peace of min more. Tboca's Blog”
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  • “With my-political-blog you can also: create your own liberal or conservative blogs with your own links. read other blogs and leave your own opinions. spark intellectual debate on todays issues in our Forum. build your own network of contacts who share your interests in your area”
    — My Political Blog::Welcome, my-political-

  • “Political opinions that will make you weep, or cry with joy”
    Political Lore Blog,

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