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  • "Prenotified" = must call Avfuel Contract Fuel Department for authorization when your destination airport is designated as a prenotified location. — “Avfuel Corporation P.O. Box 1387”,
  • (course was prenotified at least 7 days prior) £6 per certificate. €10 per certificate (course was not prenotified at least 7 days prior) £8 per certificate. €13 per certificate. — “Remote Emergency Care”,
  • Raytheon Features Next-Generation Strike Weapons at Paris Air Show "The decoy lit up all the radars in the Southeast — which were prenotified," said Harry Schulte, Raytheon's Strike product line vice president. — “Raytheon Company: Technology & Innovation: Next Generation”,
  • most pre paid courses have a clause in them that say something to the effect that times and dates can be changed. If you were prenotified or you knew ahead of time this class was being cancelled, transferred, or rescheduled, then your probably. — “Do I have a case? Failure to refund 100% of salesperson”,
  • The program resets this field automatically for employees who were in a prenotified status for the current cycle, so that the rerunning of PR140 will not advance the Direct Deposit record into an Accepted status prematurely. an employee who has been prenotified in the current payroll, then. — “PR140”,
  • Tapping Into Supply Management Issues and Trends Cloud computing is an evolutionary technology with revolutionary potential not only across the value chain, but also for enterprise strategy. good and the customer were prenotified that the condition of the. — “ISM - Publications - Inside Supply Management - Take to the”,
  • The New Great Game.Uyghur American Association.Uighur, East Turkistan, Xinjiang, Rebiya Kadeer, China, Tibet, ئۇيغۇر. Chinese authorities would have to be prenotified and approve passage there--imperial-era influence regained. — “The New Great Game,Uyghur American Association,Uighur East”,
  • No. 601/1988,1 is amended as follows: 1. The following sentences shall be added to Article 42(5) or for prenotified circulation for unspecific sale or for prenotified storage in an. — “Austria: Copyright, Law (Amendment), 29/11/1989, No. 612”,
  • Provides that the Department must file a complaint with the Attorney General or the appropriate State's Attorney within 30 days after discovering information that leads to a good faith belief that a person has prenotified a facility. HOUSE AMENDMENT NO. — “Summary of HB0313”,
  • site description here Participation in any tournament must be prenotified to the Tournament Director or if he or she is unavailable to the Regional Commissioner. — “Fundraising Rules”,
  • In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), this exempted from the OSHA recordkeeping provisions. unless they were prenotified of their participation in. — “S:\webdev\draft\htdocs\external”,
  • Can people be prenotified before a neighbor, landlord or nearby business plans to use pesticides_ Agriculture: Worker Protection Standards require that workers be prenotified regarding all pesticide applications being made on the agricultural facility, giving locations, pesticides and. — “Frequently Asked Questions”,
  • When paramedics prenotified the hospital, the median advance notice time was 10 minutes (interquartile range, 8 to 16) before Median "door to doctor" time was only 10 minutes when paramedics identified acute stroke and prenotified the hospital. — “The Impact of Ambulance Practice on Acute Stroke Care”,
  • Definition of Prents with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. prenotified. prenotifies. prenotify. prenotifying. prenotion. prenotions. prent. prented. prentice. prenticed. prentices. prenticing. — “Prents: Definition with Prents Pictures and Photos”,
  • Residents of selected blocks were prenotified that they might be visited over the next day or two. Mobile health vans were stationed throughout the community and served as alternate sites for interviewing and blood drawing, as well as sources of information for interested residents. — “New York City Department of Health - DOH Press Release - pr75”,
  • While both the Hinrichs (1975) and Childers and Skinner (1979) studies compared a group of prenotified respondents to a group of non-prenotified respondents, Pressley and Dunn focused on the relative effectiveness of telephone and postcard prenotification. — “Postcard Prenotification in Industrial Surveys: Further”,
  • Usually just prenotified maintenance ? - forum topic Just curious where you get your prenotified maintenance notice. Mediacom has been known to not have the best communication with their customers. — “"Usually just prenotified maintenance" ? - ”,
  • The data are drawn from survey responses to a number of questions in the 2004 and 2007 Nationwide Surveys of Organic Manufacturers, Processors, and Distributors. In accordance with the TDM procedure, all firms holding certificates to handle organic products were prenotified by postcard of the survey. — “Procurement and Contracting by Organic Handlers”,
  • English Translation for vorher - German-English Dictionary prenotified {adj} {past-p} vorher benachrichtigt. presold {adj} {past-p} vorher verkauft. priorly {adv} vorher. sb. forecast. jd. sagte vorher. sb. forecasted. jd. sagte vorher. sb. foreordained. jd. bestimmte vorher. — “ | vorher | English Dictionary”,

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  • “ISP Review remarks, broadband news, information and community "Usually just prenotified maintenance" ? by Turbocpe. 5/162. marigolds : 23rd Nov 2005. Sunday, 21-Nov 18:17:22. Terms of Use”
    — ISP Review remarks | , ISP Information,

  • “MARINE NOTICE No 123 of 2007 NAVIGATION WARNING - AIRBORN SLEIGH SANTA CLAUSE Waterways Ireland wishes to advise all masters and users on the Inland Waterway System that Santa Clause's sliegh will be Airborn over Ireland this evening and”
    — Marine Notice # 123 of 2007 - Airborn Sleigh Navigation Warning,

  • “THose of us who joined on 1st Jan 2005 were lucky enough to have plenty of work to show them that wasn`t prenotified. and apprentice discussion forum. Young Professionals Community”
    — IET Forums - Advice on getting into Napit/Nic etc,

  • “Usually just prenotified maintenance ? - forum topic How do you get your prenotified maintenance notice? In the Mediacom forum here, we used to be informed of maintenance and”
    — "Usually just prenotified maintenance" ? - ,

  • “ a travel story to the RV Net Blog while we watched a movie on the a TV at Walmart a week or two before and were declined so that's why we prenotified them”
    — Nick's Blog " Blog Archive " Stop Protecting Me!,

  • “Please be sure to read news, updates and forum rules in the Announcements section. all attachment type emails are deleted if you haven''t prenotified me of their arrival”
    — Mother Earth News Forum,

  • “Which is the worst Terrorist State?: Gov't sponsored acts of terrorism I prenotified that its a "conspiracy theory" and never used it on our debates”
    — Which is the worst Terrorist State? - AsianFanatics Forum,

  • “According to North Korea, it was the prenotified peaceful launch of a satellite which according to Pyongyang's official media is are his own. Article - . Posted by trycomp at 01:26TrackBack(0) このBlogのトップへ前の記事次の記事ブログランキング. この記事への”
    — News Flash:FEER(5/1) Contain North Korea With Kindness,

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