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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Examples of PROCRASTINATE. He procrastinated and missed the submission deadline. He told her to stop procrastinating and get to. — “Procrastinating - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • How to Stop Procrastinating. There's an old joke that the members of Procrastinators Anonymous keep meaning to meet but keep putting it off. — “How to Stop Procrastinating | ”,
  • Learning to acknowledge this reaction will not only make us aware that we may be procrastinating, but will also help us on our quest to stop procrastinating. You don't have to look too hard to find information suggesting how procrastination can have adverse effects on your life. — “What is Procrastination”,
  • This handout will help you understand why you procrastinate and offer strategies and to combat this common writer's ailment. Procrastinating helps them feel more in control of situations (such. — “Procrastination”,
  • If "I'll do it tomorrow" has become your motto, you need help. How to stop procrastinating will show you how to beat the common problem of procrastination. — “How to Stop Procrastinating”,
  • I think we all do it to some extent - procrastinate. Those chores and jobs that we just don't want to do we put off for a later date. Here are a few strategies to get yourself in gear and stop procrastinating. 2 Tricks to Help You Stop Procrastinating Right Now. By D.W. Merriman October 29, 2010. — “Procrastinating - Topic - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • Everyone of us will find ourselves procrastinating from time to time. We put off doing things that perhaps we do not want to do, or we just do not get around to completing a project until it becomes a rush job and then the job gets done, but. — “How To Stop Procrastinating”,
  • It is recommended to stop procrastinating on account of the simple reason that this process has the power of perishing the dreams of the people. — “Reasons to Stop Procrastinating”,
  • Finally, if you're procrastinating because you can't decide what action to take, and are putting off making a Then, you need to identify why you're procrastinating and taken appropriate steps to overcome the block. — “Beating Procrastination - Time Management Skills from”,
  • Procrastinate definition, to defer action; delay: See more. — “Procrastinate | Define Procrastinate at ”,
  • It is a sad fact that many of us have the tendency to procrastinate. The people who tend to procrastinate are the people who like to avoid the responsibilities being given to them. — “How to Stop Procrastinating”, how-to-stop-
  • Tips to Stop Procrastinating - The secrets on how to Stop Procrastinating and Overcome your procrastination. http://. — “Tips to Stop Procrastinating Video – 5”, 5
  • Definition of procrastinating from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of procrastinating. Pronunciation of procrastinating. Definition of the word procrastinating. Origin of the word procrastinating. — “procrastinating - Definition of procrastinating at”,
  • wikiHow article about How to Stop Procrastinating. — “How to Stop Procrastinating - wikiHow”,
  • KEVIN HOGAN on The Anatomy of Procrastination: Why Do I Procrastinate? Procratination. Overcome procrasting by stopping procrastination now! If you want to understand why you procrastinate, you must first look beyond the ancient concept that laziness alone is the root of procrastination. — “The Anatomy of Procrastination: Why Do I Procrastinate? KEVIN”,
  • Definition of procrastinating in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is procrastinating? Meaning of procrastinating as a legal term. What does procrastinating mean in law?. — “procrastinating legal definition of procrastinating”, legal-
  • Procrastination can lead to many problems -- tests failed, weight gained, relationships weakened. But you can change your ways. Here are some tips and steps to get you going! Look at the effects of procrastination versus not procrastinating. — “How to Stop Procrastinating | Karmic Mantra”,
  • The amount of times I have asked myself, how to stop procrastinating!, are uncountable. The thing is that we all have a tendency to procrastinate for some activity or other. But, how do we stop this behavior? Well read article and know all about. — “How to Stop Procrastinating”,
  • Definition of procrastinating in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of procrastinating. Pronunciation of procrastinating. Translations of procrastinating. procrastinating synonyms, procrastinating antonyms. Information about procrastinating in the. — “procrastinating - definition of procrastinating by the Free”,
  • While it is regarded as normal for people to procrastinate to some degree, it becomes a problem when it impedes normal functioning. It is common, for example, for relaxed type procrastinating children to abandon schoolwork but not their social lives. — “Procrastination - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Pro·cras·ti·na·tion n. [L. procrastinatio : cf. F. procrastination .] The act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off It is common, for example, for relaxed type procrastinating children to abandon schoolwork but not their social lives. — “Procrastination: Information from ”,

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  • Procrastination. I shall always decide not to decide, unless of course I decide to change my mind. Follow me on Twitter: Music from Incompetech Sound effects from the FreeSound Project: January 17, 2010 By Walter_Odington ( grim fart.wav ( By timtube ( crowd yay.wav ( By Wolfsinger ( angelic aaaahh two-part harmony.wav (
  • How To Overcome Procrastination And Get Up And Go How to overcome procrastination and add explosive forward momentum to your life in quick easy steps. This is a powerful procrastination cure that will...
  • Tai Shan procrastinating Tai Shan not wanting to go inside!
  • The Procrastination Song (Original) I should really have been studying when I made this!!! It's 3.30 am now... Everything in this video is made at home by me (except of course for the Nalts (at 00:38) and Weird Al (at 3:03) video on my computer screen) I hope you have as fun watching this as I had making it! To avoid spoilers, first try to listen before you read the lyrics :-) This is a song about something evil... Procrastination. Don't you shift that job Go to study, clean your room If you do nothing useful You will only end up sad Oh just fulfill your duties Don't make your life so hard [Chorus] Procrastination is bad Procrastination makes you sad Don't sit, don't wait... Or else you will be late Don't do procrastination It will lead you nowhere When you miss all your deadlines People will get very mad Never put off until tomorrow What you can do today [Chorus] What I'm trying to say here is: just take my advise and your life will be a lot better. You won't be that poor jobless loser, who's sitting in the mess and the dirt, locked up in his mothers basement, playing computer games all day, having a long beard with pieces of leftover pizza that he ordered for breakfast, ..., lunch and dinner while his study books are lying under a pile of dust and the only friends he has are either online or fictional. No... You won't do that kind of stuff anymore if you simply stop procrastinating. You won't be watching tv and youtube all day. You won't be playing the guitar all the time. You know, even this song it ...
  • 10 Tips To Beat Procrastination, NOW! Professional Life Coach and CPR Member Doug Doan presents this episode of the CPR Coaching Moment. Doug presents 10 Tips to Beat Procrastination. This is a common problem for so many of us today and it often prevents us from reaching our full potential. We encourage you go to and download the 10 Tips to Beat Procrastination poster.
  • How To Overcome Procrastination - Part 1 Hypnotist Joshua Seth discusses the two main reasons people procrastinate and gives the first in a series of tips. Tip #1: Put Email in Its Place. Tip #2: Sort Paperwork Into Three Piles and Address It Immediately For $277 in Speaker Training Materials visit
  • Procrastination by Johnny Kelly PLEASE READ I have not made this video. I'm just sharing. Info on the artist follows: Story, animation and direction by Johnny Kelly. Voice Over by Bryan Quinn. Copyright Royal Academy of Fine-Arts Two-Thousand and Seven.
  • iFALCON Procrastination Michelle and Bryan, recent graduates of the Cerritos College Teacher TRAC program, talk about the difficulties that procrastination can create. They also share their ideas about how to beat procrastination.
  • Stop Procrastinating Don't wait another day. Better's organizing expert has tips to getting the job done.
  • Unschooling=No Procrastinating? This is part of what will most likely be a series, as I answer various questions about unschooling that people have asked. Let me know what you think, share your experiences, whatever! I always appreciate comments. Also, sorry about how much I'm moving in this video. I'm sitting on a very wobbly old piano stool. :-P
  • HypnoTwitter 3 minute, Stop Procrastinating, Do It Now, End Procrastination Stop Procrastinating!Get hypnotized to Get Things Done. In 3 minutes you can hypnotize yourself, right here. BIG coupon at end of vid
  • Procrastinating Everything Josh Landis and Mitch Butler examine the effects of procrastination, from Ben Franklin to the annual taxes deadline.
  • How to Stop Procrastinating How many times have you said to yourself, "I'll get that done tomorrow.", "It's on my list of things to do." Or maybe, "I'll get to it someday." So we got off our lazy butts and found some creative ways to help get you out of the puttin'-it-off mode.
  • Stop Procrastination Now - Mark J Holland Demonstrating NLP Mind Coaching Australia How many times have you said to yourself, "I'll get that done tomorrow.", "It's on my to do list." Or maybe, "I'll get to it soon." It is time to get off our lazy butts and get things done... Today you will discover a tool that will help you to remove the procrastination habit out of your life and start moving forward in the achievement of exactly what you need to accomplish in your life now .au Discover things about yourself that will start your transformation toward understanding exactly what you need to do to begin the journey of self discovery and ultimate success in your life. Do you need help in the following areas? Anxiety, Depression, Self-Help, Stop Smoking, Confidence, Marriage, Hypnosis, Mental Health, Self-Esteem, Anger management, Insomnia, Happiness, Positive thinking, Success, Fear, Motivation, Weight Loss Studies on the benefits of personal coaching have found that personal coaching has helped people in the following ways: •Increased self-awareness (68%) •Improved goal setting (67%) •Live a more balanced life (61%) •Lower stress levels (57%) •Increased self-confidence (52%) •Enhanced communication skills (40%) •Improved project completion (36%) •Better relationships at work (33%) •Fuller family relationships (33%) •Ability to enjoy life more (32%) •Career Advancement (24%) Anxiety Depression Self-Help Stop/Quit Smoking Confidence Marriage Hypnosis Mental Health Self-Esteem Anger management Insomnia Happiness Positive thinking Success ...
  • 30DC Day 01 - Mindset - Beating Procrastination Mindset: Karl talks about procrastination and how to overcome it. Find out more here:
  • Putting off Procrastination... from Freedomain Radio Why you procrastinate - and how to stop! :)
  • PROCRASTINATING ("You Belong With Me" Parody) MAKE ME FAMOUS! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! Fact: Procrastinating does NOT = Unproductive. Just look at this video! The middle of it is not funny unless youve seen Taylor Swifts original video of You Belong With Me. In fact, none of it may be funny. But it definitely wont be if you dont go watch that first. And lets be real, youre on youtube cause youre procrastinating. So after this, go watch the rest of my videos. Hey, Im just trying help a sista out PROCRASTINATING Its 3 am and Ive got a paper due Plus 4 books for a seminar to still get through All before my first class in the morning Im in room staring at my macbook pro Thinking how I shouldve started hours ago Cause Ive got so much due in the morning Should get off facebook And take a look At all the homework that I have forsook But let me quickly check If that boy that I met At that show last night Sent a friend request yet There is so much work that I should be doing A degree that I should be pursuing But Im procrastinating Im procrastinating Went for a walk and then cleaned up my room I made a snack that took an hour to consume Sat on my newly made bed, turned on my TV and caught up last weeks Glee Complained with my friends about how much work we get And how its so late and we havent started yet Then I went off to check on my laundry And went to Starbucks for a soy chai tea Thought of my paper Put it off til later Who needs a bachelors when youre gonna be a waiter? Im not a bad student, I just take my ...
  • Procrastination Song A song I quickly rushed for my English 160 class. Lyrics: So in English 160, we talk about simply, forms of misrepresentation. And I know we got a project due, Im not sure what we gotta do, and because of my hesitation, Id rather sing a song, Than write a paper on, Something that takes all-night long—and I dont like sleep deprivation. Now let me introduce to you someone who I think is cool: its my buddy, its my pal procrastination! Hes my oldest friend and one Id recommend if youre feeling a sense of desperation. If youve gotta take a test, And you wanna do your best, Then allow me to suggest—my pal, procrastination that was personification. Please tell me the reason, why everybodys deeming, my friend with a bad connotation. What some consider laziness, I consider that craziness, Id rather think of it as dedication. Working early is a sham, You work harder when you cram, At least thats how I think am—in any working situation. Slacking off I dont promote, and this song is not a joke, Im just giving to you an observation. Dont get me wrong, not mocking you in song, all I ask is for your consideration. All I wanna dos inform, From my perspective, its the norm, Procrastinations just a form—of intensive motivation. So Im sure youve guessed by now, me and my friend keep in touch, and I hope you cant tell that this video was rushed. But if you thought its not done, then I feel a little crushed, cause that means I didnt procrastinate enough. Cause when I procrastinate, Everything ...
  • Techniques to Help Prevent Procrastination Nathan from the Academic Achievement and Access Center at the University of Kansas discusses techniques to help prevent procrastination.
  • I'll Stop Procrastinating... Tomorrow. Why We Can't Make Ourselves Do What We Want to Do
  • PROCRASTINATING GUS NCCA animation about the signs of procrastination
  • Do it NOW says Mr. T! I Pity The Fool Rules For Fools: Don't be a procrastinator or Mr. T will kick your butt. From TV Land's I Pity The Fool. On the Web -
  • How to Shift Away from Procrastination Dr. Jeanine discusses moving away from procrastination
  • Procrastination Help With Ellen DeGeneres procrastination-help and tips to overcome procrastination Ellen DeGeneres talking about procrastination then procrastinating about procrastination! Doin' her thing.. that's why we love her ;-)
  • "Procrastination" Tales Of Mere Existence Lev gets his stuff done
  • How To Stop Procrastinating - Part 2 Hypnotist and Professional Speaking Coach Joshua Seth gives the second past of a series of tips designed to help you overcome procrastination, manage your time better, and get things done. Tip #3 - Paying Bills for Peace of Mind Tip #4 - How to Read Magazines Fast Tip #5 - The Simplest To Do List Ever For $277 in Speaker Training Materials visit
  • Procrastinating by Stellar Kart (with lyrics) Procrastinating by stellar kart. The First track on Stellar Kart's CD, "We can't stand sitting down"! It was really hard to actually find the proper lyrics, so I apologize if some of the words are a bit off. Also, at some point, the words go so fast that I couldnt fit any extra Lyric Animations in there (you'll see). The Butterfly picture you can find here: images2 Enjoy! © Stellar Kart
  • 3 Powerful Techniques To Beat Procrastination Here are the three extremely powerful techniques to beat procrastination, used by most successful people.
  • Stop Procrastination: How To Just Get On With It Procrastination may not sound like a big deal but it can be one of the most crippling conditions a human can suffer from because it just stops them doing things. Things such as getting a relationship, applying for a job, doing their homework, putting the trash out. Yet you can learn to stop procrastination and just get on with your life because what we are talking about here is a mental pattern, a habit, if you like, and habits can be changes. So you can overcome procrastination and learn to feel motivated to take appropriate action. The nature of this condition can make it very difficult for a person to get help because they cant stop procrastinating when they think about getting help. And when people do contact us there is usually an endless series of questions before they decide to book an appointment, if they can stop procrastinating long enough. In many ways, procrastination is the opposite of motivation, so we look at what exactly someone is doing in their head that stops them doing things, Then using proven techniques from the fields of NLP and hypnotherapy, we train them to think in such a way as the idea of moving towards a useful outcome is more empowering than not moving towards it. Call on of us to find out more, the JustBeWell team is established in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the USA, and we will be please to see how we can help you overcome procrastination once and for all.
  • PROCRASTINATION this actually happened, i suck at life. xD NEW VIDEO ON [Monday]lolsoz ! will adress some current issues and will be more real and vloggy than this. sorry its been a while! just wanted to let the new subscribers see my other two vids :] hope your all doing well though! ily :3 and if you're new here, please subscribe!! :D
  • Football Fans...Stop Procrastinating! Dashboard Kickstart: Football Widget: SelfControl:
  • Procrastinating I'm sorry this video is so pointless, its just ill do anything to feed my procrastinating skills. JL x My Twitter:
  • How to Procrastinate Like A Pro Explanation Animation
  • Study Skills-Time Management Part 3 - Stop Procrastinating! Check out my blog, which shares study tips and scholarship resources at
  • The Power Of Procrastination Jorge Cham, author of webcomic "Piled Higher and Deeper," discusses the positive side of procrastinating, as well as his experiences as a graduate student and a comic artist.
  • "Overcoming Procrastination - Here's How To Stop Procrastinating" - Wake Up Productive by Eben Pagan ?s=12579 How to not procrastinate and get what you need to get done, easily. Watch my 47-minute Time Management Mastery video (worth $100) for FREE at http
  • YouTube Procrastination Phenomenon to type in here would only be a way to procrastinate from actually.... hmmm... not sure why the comments are disabled. I have not set that on this vid???
  • End Procrastination 21 Tips for Getting More Things Done today Many people, begin their day making a list.This is an important step to becoming more successful; But one task keeps getting pushed down the list and then even on to tomorrow's list That is their Frog - you need to do this task FIRST! Many people waste hours of productive time worrying about a specific task they need to do to move their business forward. For whatever reason, because they deem it to be difficult or distasteful in some way, they keep putting it off, adding it to their list for the next day. Brian Tracy and Mark Twain advise to do that task FIRST " Eat That Frog first thing in your day. Once that ugly distasteful difficult task is out of the way the rest of your day will be a BREEZE For More on this Visit Brian Tracy's website at http and get the book Beginning in 1981, Tracy assembled his "success system", which was initially called "The Phoenix Seminar." Three years later, in 1985, he released an updated version of this seminar as a self-help audio tape entitled "The Psychology of Achievement". Tracy's book Maximum Achievement was included as one of 50 success, motivation and leadership classics in the book 50 Success Classics[2] (2004) by Tom Butler-Bowdon. Tracy is a member of the board of trustees for the Heritage Foundation, a conservative Washington, DC-based public policy research institute.[3] His body of work is loosely based on a number of other success "gurus" such as Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn and Denis Waitley. He has recently ...
  • Mini Shorts - Procrastination One in a series of short films to be shown in UK cinemas, sponsored by Mini.
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) : Curing Procrastination with Emotional Freedom How to cure procrastination with emotional freedom techniques in this free self help healing video Expert: Jordan Savage Contact: Bio: Jordan Savage has a thriving Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practice in Los Angeles. She works with clients in person and over the phone. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
  • Kasmie: Going for a run soon...I'm just procrastinating, as usual lol. I'm set on being healthier..I can do it!
  • xChibbyEx: As well as disorientated, I've lost like 4 hours during which I could have been working or procrastinating!!! Annoying
  • RanaWasHere: @Halawa Stop procrastinating! You're out of time. Tick tock tick tock
  • katy4cook: @mcdanielnc89 Lol mine too... so is procrastinating.
  • AuthorCAKunz: Okay back to #editing! No more procrastinating for us today! (well maybe a little more later)
  • essANDemm: I am procrastinating so much that its not even cool
  • BowDown2AhGeeho: Alright I've been procrastinating for too long. Time to wash my hair.
  • knt125: ugh i need to quit procrastinating and start studying! #blahh
  • kearis10: going to get ready and study. but im #procrastinating
  • xolongiie: procrastinating....
  • nicolebaaby: RT @XSTROLOGY: It may seem the #Cancer woman is procrastinating or teasing but in fact they are preparing to make your head spin.
  • kerisevs: Procrastinating like no other.
  • danenow: Buahah! >> RT @texas_dude Been procrastinating all day. I'll tweet about it later
  • LanaMarie_: procrastinating on this last assignment
  • _Mikaela_H: @LenziB after a bit more procrastinating and a chocolate milkshake, I have finished my homework! Yay
  • MariaLorena: Procrastinating.... Hate sundays, hate to be a student still!
  • sagalshkh: I'm done procrastinating time for me to get some work done #farewell
  • clearlyitsfaith: im procrastinating w/ this essay... :/
  • Ken_Elworth: RT @SpacemanQuisp: Procrastinating is really going to get you in trouble one day, just you wait.
  • CharCharBurton: DO COURSEWORK! #procrastinating
  • maeyoulaugh: And, I have not been procrastinating. Ok. Maybe a little. Working full-time isn't helping.
  • lucykhuu: RT @christineeboo: When I clean my room, it means that I'm procrastinating on hw :P
  • heidiskrzypek: RT @SeattleTallPopp: "A crappy idea on better than any day procrastinating." - nugget from Thursday's 826 "How to Write Like I Do" workshop.
  • imDaaddyJr: I need to stop procrastinating , and finish this project !!!
  • lovesmcdreamy: I'm bored and procrastinating. - Will someone/multiple people give me: FMKs Two characters and I’ll make a... http:///xih2chej7h
  • imDaaddyJr: I need to drop procrastinating , and finish this project !!!
  • alissadawson32: RT @LV4L: i've been procrastinating all day #isuck
  • LV4L: i've been procrastinating all day #isuck
  • ardityaTegank: I'm bored. Procrastinating makes me bored even more. I need to do something more challenging! I must do it! Hmmm.. Later would be nice..
  • VivaLaNick: Is fate procrastinating?
  • leighttttt: RT @shutupjuliana: i am the absolute worst when it comes to procrastinating.
  • immeemz: RT @SeattleTallPopp: "A crappy idea on better than any day procrastinating." - nugget from Thursday's 826 "How to Write Like I Do" workshop.
  • iBelieber03: now time to stop procrastinating and do some homework *Sigh*
  • donnyjenkins: in research paper hell, damn my procrastinating ways :'(
  • Tess_H7: @alexsreviews are procrastinating as much as i am???
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  • alaska_blue: Totally been procrastinating all weekend. History just isn't my friend riight now!
  • __kerri: @Simply_Kateasa Good albeit allergicky haha. Procrastinating studying for my exam Wednesday, eughh lol.
  • amanda4th: watching grease & procrastinating :)
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  • tmcoia: I should prob lose this new habit of laying in bed all day since finals start this week. #procrastinating
  • leahhh23: Finals week, you know what that means.... I'll be procrastinating like a pro!
  • _AliceCarlie: @chichileelo28 oh nothing just wondering around the institute (and procrastinating hwk in RL)
  • DaJustinDrewFlu: I'm bored. And in the process of procrastinating.
  • SeattleTallPopp: "A crappy idea on better than any day procrastinating." - nugget from Thursday's 826 "How to Write Like I Do" workshop.
  • rymillerr: Very proud of myself for not procrastinating on this PLAP paper. HOORAY!
  • Reezy_Aleemi: i should probably get a tux #procrastinating
  • CuffYoFee: @ClickClackPOWWW procrastinating on studying.. It's finals week for US.. You?
  • allypriest: I should really learn to stop procrastinating-writing paper on #argentina but listening to #natashabedingfield makes it a little better!
  • sarahhahh: RT @XBdot: shout out to everyone procrastinating on studying right now.
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  • iRahwaDotCom: Must. Stop. Procrastinating. !
  • dodgrile: @JoelMGas yeah, I have a feeling I'm using my indecision as a subconscious way of procrastinating, which isn't good!
  • McKennaWilkie: AP psych test tmrw :( should prbs start studying - like - soon ! #procrastinating
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  • jessicavandy: The true cost of the recent attacks on the PSN?: Hi all, as a fun (well more so than what I am procrastinating f...
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  • alicehayes1097: The true cost of the recent attacks on the PSN?: Hi all, as a fun (well more so than what I am procrastinating f...
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  • Mr_Resilient: Thats what you get for procrastinating haha
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  • tylermade_: i keep procrastinating.... TIME to clean FRFR
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  • “My colleague and friend, Dr. Joseph Ferrari (De Paul University, Chicago), has just published a new book: Still Procrastinating? Because only a small portion of PT blog readers may know this short story, I want to share it with you”
    — Don't Delay | Psychology Today,

  • “Welcome to Pendako! A community artist website and blog. This is our Sketchblog page. Warning: main() [function.main]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /nfs/c01/h09/mnt/6524/domains//html/blog/2006/11/procrastinating.php on line 151”
    — :: Sketchblog,

  • “In our ninth list of Top 10 Procrastinating Cities, Houston takes America's most tax procrastinating city for the fourth time. Houston, looks like we have a”
    — Houston, We Have a Problem | The TurboTax Blog,

  • “Procrastinating. I really should be getting dressed for work. But it's much more fun to type more blog posts instead. I finally on account of my extreme tiredness and mild irritation with the blog-post-eating computer (see previous entry)”
    — Too Many Thoughts: Procrastinating,

  • “At least once a week since middle school, someone has reminded me: procrastinating is not a good idea. READ all SparkLife Blog. When your books and teachers don't make sense,”
    — The SparkCollege Blog,

  • “A Guest Post by Jennifer Blanchard of Procrastinating Writers I read this blog daily. But it wasn't until last week”
    — How To Stop Procrastinating and Start Your Blog,

  • “Posted by Andy on August 6th 2010 in blog. And now for another installment of the Procrastinating Gardener. Last week I talked about some perennials I use to accent my flower beds in the summer. This week I'd like to write a few words about some shrubs that have caught my eye”
    — Sunnyside Gardens " The Procrastinating Gardener Pt. III, sunnyside-

  • “Scott, I wonder if you'd be interested in writing a post at your blog about how you deal with overcoming or dealing with adversity? Even when you're not procrastinating, the intensity of the work you need to do to get the job done rises as”
    — Quit Procrastinating! 20 Ways to Energize Out of Your Slump,

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