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  • Pronking. Springboks often go into bouts of repeated high leaps (up to 4m - 12 feet) into While pronking, the springbok leaps back into the air as soon as it comes down, with its. — “Springbuck (Antidorcas marsupialis)”,
  • Definition of Pronking in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Pronking. Pronunciation of Pronking. Translations of Pronking. Pronking synonyms, Pronking antonyms. Information about Pronking in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Pronking - definition of Pronking by the Free Online”,
  • Two words: Orgling and pronking. That's all it takes to realize alpacas are just plain cool. Think about it a second. What do cows do? Moo. In the AuSable valley, there's plenty of orgling and pronking to go around, with four alpaca farms located in the town of Jay alone. — “Talkin' alpacas - | News”,
  • "It is my pronkly held belief that as Thomas Jefferson said: 'All pronks living pronkfully within this land of pronk, have the right and pronkful duty to express themselves with pronk, in whichever pronking manner such pronk pronkably pronks pronkfully pronkifies them to pronk LOL WTF?XD. — “YouTube - Congress Debates Merits Of New Catchphrase”,
  • Definition of pronking with German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish translations and search. Pronunciation sound files. — “Definition of pronking”,
  • Do we need to have a "most unusual non-alpaca career" topic? Perhaps at AOBA Nationals there should be an "alpaca pronking video contest" in addition to the photo contest.-Ed Geiser. — “Alpaca Forum at AlpacaNation - pronking”,
  • pronk, pronk sports, pronking, pronk on, animals, wildlife, gazelle, africa, cool, humorous, funny, college students, jumping, running, college students, unique. — “Pronk Sports - ”,
  • All it took was one google search to fall in love, and a few farm visits later, we were on our way to creating our farm. We Happy Pronking, Shawn and Doanielle Carmody. Proud Members of: Home About Alpacas Photo. — “ShaDo Alpacas”,
  • Gazelle body language includes jumping, with legs held stiff, in the face of an approaching predator. Learn the nuances of gazelle body language. Stotting, also called pronking, involves gazelles repeatedly jumping up into the air with all four legs held stiff and backs. — “HowStuffWorks "How do gazelles use body language?"”,
  • So what's the fastest thing on 4 legs? We tell you in our list of the top ten fastest recorded mammals in the world. It can evade predators through its ability to maintain speeds of up to 47mph while turning quickly and 'pronking' to confuse chasers. — “Top Ten Fastest Mammals | Top 10 Land”, top10
  • Style: Pronking Huacaya. New Color: Mixed. Green Raku. Style: Standing Suri. New Color: Royal Style: Pronking Huacaya. NEW! Style: Sleeping Huacaya. Color: Perrywinkle. NEW! Style:. — “New hand sculpted glass alpaca pendant colors and syles”,
  • Stotting (also pronking or pronging) is a gait of quadrupeds, particularly gazelles (e.g. Look up stot or pronk in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Stot is a common word in Scots,. — “Stotting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • From the word pronk, used to indicate good or very. — “Urban Dictionary: pronking”,
  • Lets Pronk Provides Marketing and Advertisements for your Alpaca Farm. We also sell the famous Lets Pronk TShirts. — “Lets Pronk Alpaca Marketing”,
  • The Urban Dictionary here has a list of the various meanings attributed to the term pronk by Congressman Cummings. To all of this pronk nonsense, I can only quote Abraham Lincoln: "You can pronk all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time,. — “Congress Needs A Good Pronking | The American Catholic”, the-american-
  • Hi there ,and welcome to the homepage of Pronking Schnauzers. As for now, we'll just have some photos - all the ones on this trip are from our holiday to Durrus. — “Home”,

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  • it's only natural - springbok A series of 6 documentaries about the behaviour of zoo animals. The programme format is a so-called "pictures only" format. This means there is no narration.
  • Springbok Pronking (Jumping, Springing, Dancing) Springbok (Antidorcas marsupialis) Pronking at the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, Gauteng, South Africa. Video taken using a Sony HDR-SR12 Handycam.
  • ALPACAS PRONKING Arundahall Alpacas, Spain - Mike & Linda Hall: Since our little baby alapaca 'Micah' was born on Sunday we have had continual rain here, so we decided to kee...
  • Pronking at the farm
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback "Pronking"....... Dutch Rhodesian Ridgeback showing his typical way of "Pronking".
  • Speed Drawing: Pronking with Death A tattoo proposal for AMD. //
  • Springboks (or impalas) pronking Antelopes or gazelle joyfully fling their hind legs into a vertical leap. Tanzania safari.
  • Springboks pronking In Kgalagadi, South Africa.
  • Springbok pronking From BBC's 'Africa'
  • Alpacas pronking at sunset It was a warm day, but when it cooled down at sunset, the alpacas were ready to play.
  • LLAMA BABY MARIAH PRONKING Baby Mariah pronking after following the herd into another pasture at the Windy Valley Llama Farm in Blue Ridge, GA. This is the cutest piece of nature I hav...
  • Congress Debates Merits Of New Catchphrase Rep. William Cummings (D-VA) defends his use of the slang word "pronk" as a legitimate catchphrase. More coverage at: http://.
  • pronking
  • Alpaca Babies Pronking Alpaca cria pronking in the Las Madras paddock at Pucara.
  • An Afternoon Of Pronking At Snow Diamond Alpaca Farm Explore our site at http:// and check out our alpacas for sale, contact us with any questions or comments, and then schedule your visit...
  • pronking Alpacas pronking on a Fall afternoon.
  • pronking springbok Pronking springbok in Central Kalahari Game Reserve http:///central-kalahari-game-reserve-informatie.html?open&count=-1.
  • A Demonstration in Pronking through long grass
  • Springbok Springbok.
  • Llamas Pronking for Joy.mpg "Pronking" seems to occur when an animal gets excited and jumps around his field, leaving the ground with all four feet simultaneousl, almost as though he ha...
  • Alpaca Pronk Baby Alpacas (crias) pronking in our field! LOL- well actually only one of them is pronking...the rest are flat out running! To Learn more about alpacas visi...
  • Alpacas pronking (prancing) at Madison's Mountain Retreat Madison's Mountain Retreat is an alpaca farmstay just outside of Sydney, NSW in Kurrajong Heights. In the early evening, the baby alpacas run in circles and ...
  • Little Utah Farm ~ Llamas ~ More Pronking, Running,Clucking and Alarm Sounds Video 2 .wmv The llamas are really quite calm except for evening and times like this when a big stack of hay is being delivered. This display of llama drama has everythin...
  • Alpaca cria pronking Casanova's Tesoro, a young alpaca, is playfully romping while mom Windancer and aunties look on.
  • Africa Pronking - EPIC
  • 2009 Barnacre alpaca crias pronking in the autumn sun 17 October 2009 and the Barnacre Alpacas cria of 2009 are having great fun pronking round the new field they have just moved in to!
  • Animal stockshots - Springbok - Pronking Antelope #03 The springbok is a medium-sized brown and white gazelle that stands about 70 to 88 cm high. The name springbok comes from Afrikaans and Dutch: spring = jump;...
  • Pronking Suri Alpacas Alpacas just having fun.
  • Pronking Springboks - Morning Warm-Up Letzter Morning-Drive bei Twee Revieren - Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park - Südafrika.
  • More pronking alpacas Here are some more cria pronking in the paddocks at Pucara.
  • Playing, pronking, running llamas! Zandor, Zorreo, and DreamKatcher running in/out of the barns and having fun with their Aunt Ruffiana. :-)
  • Little Utah Farm~Llamas Running & Pronking Video 1 Pronking is when the llamas move up and down on all fours making a hopping movement. Reminds me of Pepe la Pew the skunk in the cartoons. These llamas usuall...
  • Abu the baby alpaca pronking Alpaca cria named Abu pronking in a corral on Kumbaya Farm near Austin, TX. Pronking is an alpaca version of skipping or running and jumping like a pogo stic...
  • Sprocket the corgi puppy pronking down the stairs He thinks he's a gazelle!
  • Pronk For Peace These Alpacas are pronking and having fun while they do it! Can you see the alpaca pronking?
  • More pronking
  • Here a Pronk, There a Pronk... We doubled the temporary pasture size, saves us from moving the fence as often and gives the alpaca much more room to browse, explore and PRONK!
  • More Pronking Abu the Suri Alpaca 10 day old baby suri alpaca named Abu playing in the corral on Kumbaya Farm near Austin, TX. Pronking is like skipping or running and jumping on all 4 legs. It is an indication of good health...
  • Happy cria (baby alpaca) pronk 4 month old cria's happy dance, playing cria.
  • Animal Stockshots - Springbok jumping pronking The springbok is a medium-sized brown and white gazelle that stands about 70 to 88 cm high. The name springbok comes from Afrikaans and Dutch: spring = jump;...
  • Overtlystreet: "Tame Impala Win Rolling Stone Album of the Year" - *pronking around the streets of se #PDX celebrating*
  • rachelkeelan: #tbt @em_panell jushek let's get pronk #pronking
  • NurSwan: #Security readiness 4 #AFCON about to be revealed at Zwartkops Air Force base...lots of strong men in uniform pronking outside
  • lannah_mcadam: Congo was fab.. A lush & eerie jungle! Next week Cape.. Wrestling beetles, chomping great whites & the wonder of 'pronking' .. #Africa
  • robynmariaa: @ChloeTrayz were you pronking your way down the aisles? Seriously though, do you just sleep there?
  • ChloeTrayz: RT @robynmariaa: Turns out, pronking is a real thing. The amusement.
  • robynmariaa: Turns out, pronking is a real thing. The amusement.
  • breekom: @EmFrid She loves pronking around in proper snow. Is out with the Dogwalker now...
  • tartanspartan: @earthtopus hey now, pronking is part of nature
  • tartanspartan: @earthtopus Ooh, thanks. This is cool. And it's also called "pronking"?
  • davis_elliott: Favorite word of the day: "pronking" #disneyanimalkingdom
  • Sparksol: @PegasisterJo It's rather late, but I think the term is pronking. Sounds perfect for Pinkie.
  • niallsnowfllake: @Real_Liam_Payne The llama is pronking!

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  • “I'm pronking over Nina Hagen. Better people than me are probably already well-aware of her, but I was introduced to the sick vocal stylings of the songstress last night. I've only stopped following her name around the Internets because I had to”
    — Nina Hagen Wins,

  • “Blog entry from Florence, Italy by Gavin Huw Baker Pronking All Over The World. by Gavin Huw Baker. 0/5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Florence, Italy. Thursday, 16 September 2010. So then it has been a while hasn't it. Lots to update on”
    — Florence, Italy | Pronking All Over The World | STA Travel Blogs,

  • “The latest news from Duchy Originals' Home Farm and information about organic farming, sustainability, crop rotation and animal husbandry Home Farm blog. Recipes © Copyright 2010 Waitrose, Doncastle Road, Southern Industrial Area, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 8YA. Website by Story”
    — News from Duchy Originals' Home Farm and information about,

  • “We here at the Animal Care Center, located in the Nairobi Village area of the San Diego such as beautiful impala gazelle, pronking springbok antelope, jumping markhor goats, and”
    — San Diego Zoo Blogs " Blog Archive " Animal Care Center Babies,

  • “Blog The Farmers for the Future network provides resources to help young and beginning farmers succeed. alpacas After one of my Twitter friends said that "Pronking" sounded dirty, I figured I'd better explain what it is”
    — Blogs - Farmers || Future,

  • “pronking. Forum Locked. Author. Topic. Page: of 2. map0804. I have seen my alpacs pronk only a couple of times, and Let them get to your lemon trees, run by the olives, and you'll see pronking, the old neck floppy thing, and games you never knew existed”
    — Alpaca Forum at AlpacaNation - pronking,

  • “Pronking. Pronking”
    — Pronking,

  • “Blog: Alpaca Farmgirl - Wednesday January 21, 2009 - By Katy explain what it is. Pronking is a verb that describes the alpacas' version of skipping”
    — The Blog Barn,

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