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  • Lateral pronotal margin obliquely cut, either not concave behind anterior angles or steep Pronotal disc broadly elevate, anteriorly truncate and forming a tridentate process wider. — “GIANT DUNG BEETLES OF THE GENUS HELIOCOPRIS”,
  • Anterolateral spine short, humeral spine less than one-tenth of total pronotal width; femur always pale; brownish-yellow species, 8.5mm Apex of anterolateral pronotal spine projecting posterad; moderate, reddish-brown species,. — “Scotinophara Stål”,
  • Pronotal dorsum without short standing hairs; petiole profile a thick scale tapered dorsally; larger species, Pronotal dorsum all over with fine dense reticulation; larger, TL 7.8. — “The Ants of Africa”,
  • 2) Pronotal elytral index was obtained by dividing the length of the Dark brown; integument shiny; [pronotal index: 1.0]; puncticulate; posterior angles slightly divergent; distinctive longitudinal impression from pronotal base to middle; prosternum convex; pronotosternal. — “Journal of Insect Science: Vol. 8 | Article 37”,
  • The pair of standing long hairs on pronotal dorsum, pair on mesonotum, and hairs on first The pair of standing long hairs on pronotal dorsum, pair on mesonotum, and hairs on first. — “Key to Pyramica species in or possible in the southeastern”,
  • Pronotal punctures large, simple, with depressed setal pore. Pronotal sculpture with at least 5 transverse ridges (Fig. 10), ridges either continuous or broken into discrete granules,. — “Generic Guide to New World Scarab Beetles-Scarabaeidae”,
  • Humeral carina short but well-developed, continuing pronotal carina posteriorly (Fig. 7.3) Pronotal carina interrupted or indistinct medially. Tergum 1 largely ferruginous; tergum. — “Key to northeastern Nearctic Parancistrocerus and”,
  • Flea pictures - a complete pictorial guide to fleas and flea infestation including: flea infestation pics, anatomy diagrams, fleas and flea larvae under the microscope and tips on diagnosing fleas. interfaces almost perpendicularly with the base of the pronotal comb. — “Flea Pictures - What do Fleas and Flea Infestations Look Like”, pet-informed-veterinary-advice-
  • 2 - 3.25 mm long; fore part of head longer than it is high; prominent pronotal and genal combs (first teeth of genal comb nearly as long as second); basal section of legs equipped with Adults: 1.5-2.25 mm long; pronotal and genal combs, the latter with five vertically arranged rounded spines;. — “Select Pest Control - Fleas”,
  • Measurements of pronotal width, broadest gular width, and labral length of Reticulitermes soldiers collected in San Felasco State Preserve, Florida, showed considerable intracolony variation and interspecific overlap. The reported 0.81 mm pronotal width threshold failed to separate. — “Florida Entomologist, v. 78, n. 1, p. 119”,
  • length less than 2/3 pronotal length; head pronotum, elytra, and abdominal sterna greatest width); pronotal hypomera fully visible in lateral aspect;. — “PEET Grant - J.Steve Ashe”,
  • An online resource devoted to North American insects, spiders and their kin, offering identification, images, and information. No Taxon pronotum, pronotal. — “pronotum, pronotal - ”,
  • This is an identification key to adult wood boring beetles. It will key out beetles of the wood boring type that are most likely to be found in a home or structure. Identifications should be confirmed once an identification has been made. Pronotal punctation rugulose, with punctures contiguous. — “Wood-Boring Beetle Identification Keys”,
  • Wing length over 45 mm; pronotal collar brown; abdomen more or less unicolorous beneath, often pruinose (covered with a grayish pubescence) base of each sternite; pronotal shoulder patches large, solid green;. — “Michigan Cicada Identification Key”,
  • The prothorax never bears wings in extant insects, though some fossil In many groups of insects, the pronotum is reduced in size, but in a few it is. — “Prothorax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A. juncea - Thorax, side view, shalloe groove or sulcus behind the pronotal lobe, SHORT ending oppisite the pronotal lobe - NOTE - Often not visible unless most hair is removed - VERY hard to tell apart from A. harti (1) silvery spot, behind the pronotal lobe, metanotum with erect golden. — “Discover Life -- Sphecini identification guide & checklist”,
  • prothorax n. , pl. , -thoraxes , or -thoraces . The anterior division of the thorax of an insect, bearing the first pair of legs The anterior division of the thorax of an insect, bearing the first pair of legs. prothoracic pro'tho·rac'ic (-thə-răs'ĭk) adj. — “prothorax: Definition from ”,
  • Pronotal fringe dense. Body length 6 mm or more. Northwestern North America to Nebraska Elytron not distinctly bicolored; if bicolored, then lateral fold with distinct setae near base in addition to those at pronotal juncture. — “Generic Guide to New World Scarab Beetles”,
  • ( 4) Other fleas (various families) lack having both pronotal and genal combs or if both pronotal and genal combs present, then either have abdominal combs or have fewer than 16 spines in pronotal comb (dog flea with 16 pronotal spines, see above). — “Lyme disease, flea control, cat fleas, ticks”, pestcontrol-
  • Both genal and pronotal combs present, each composed of 16 spines, and genal comb's first 2 anterior spines of about equal length. pronotal and genal combs or if both pronotal and genal combs present,. — “Cat Flea”,
  • 8b, 9b); pronotal impunctate regions present; pronotum without rugosities, transverse The well-developed median and peripheral pronotal calli, acute lateral pronotal tubercles, and long flying hairs scattered over. — “The Elaphidiini Site / Pseudope.htm”,

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  • tredecassini call.with orange pronotal coller and middle of mesatome were split occors during molt tredecassini call.with orange pronotal coller and middle of mesatome were the split happens during molt.
  • Sepidium bidentatum ,alrededores de Murcia Tenebriónido curioso por su escultura pronotal y elitral, propio de zonas semidesérticas de la zona suroccidental del Mediterráneo.
  • maggicada lesson ,,,low FI wait for HD tredecassini chorusby grungeguy8320 views · tredecassini callwith orange pronotal coller and middle of mesatome were split occors during molt 025. Watch Later tredecassini callwith orange pronotal coller and middle of mesatome were split occors during moltby grungeguy8311 views · JRV1LNDRY_LUW0W 024. Watch Later JRV1LNDRY_LUW0Wby cfbsection2730153 views · LIFE HACKS 7 ways to open a Wine bottle without a corkscrew 210. Watch Later LIFE HACKS 7 ways to open a Wine bottle ...
  • odd tredecassini orange tredecassini.
  • tibicen lyricen on cage a hardwood forest species thats brown with a black pronotal coller. calling from high oaks hickory and thorn locust.
  • magicada lesson. 13 year cicadas.
  • metaphorminute: an autosuggestion is a costiveness: eager, yet pronotal

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  • “But then there is a problem with the red tegula (should be yellow) and the black pronotal lobe (should also be yellow) Users browsing this forum: Yahoo [Bot] and 1 guest. Board index. The team • All times are UTC. Powered by phpBB”
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  • “Finally, I have finished redesigning all Curculionidae gallery pages. ( center) that almost approximates the elytral and pronotal markings of the former”
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  • “Portal to information on the insect order Diptera (flies and midges) and a forum for researchers on the insect group. The site enables, for example, link submission and identification queries. Registration required for submissions”
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  • “His blog and his science columns and commentary for the New York Times and Wired Magazine unbranched hairs on the thorax, and a pronotal "collar" that fails to reach the tegula”
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  • “Pronotal horn similarly flattened and excised on apex. Clypeus of female broadly truncate Pronotal horn thin, flattened both above and beneath, in normal big specimens distinctly”
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