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  • The Uncertain Art' In my own "Prooemium," I have tried to do just that. Celsus stayed within the admittedly wide boundaries he set for himself, and it is my intention to do the same. — “Excerpt from 'The Uncertain Art' - ”,
  • Prooemium of the Instauratio Magna. Francis Bacon. 1909-14. Famous Prefaces. The Harvard Classics. — “Prooemium of the Instauratio Magna. Francis Bacon. 1909-14”,
  • PROOEMIUM. Sanctorum Mater, Ecclesia eorum memoriam indesinenter custodivit, fidelibus specimina offerens sanctitatis in sequela Christi (1). Saeculorum decursu Romani Pontifices idoneas normas curaverunt edendas, qua via ad certitudinem adipiscendam. — “Sanctorum Mater, Instructio ad peragendas Inquisitiones”,
  • prooemium. Prooemium, it turns out, isn't in the free Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, where you just searched. However, it is available in our premium Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary. To see that definition in the Unabridged Dictionary, start your FREE trial now. — “Prooemium - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of proem from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of proem. Pronunciation of proem. Definition of the word proem. Origin of the word proem Origin: Middle English proheme, from Old French, from Latin prooemium, from Greek prooimion : pro-, before; see pro- 2 + oimē,. — “proem - Definition of proem at ”,
  • Prohemium [ Prooemium ] in opusculum De vita Platonis. - Montes non seperant [ separant ] Prohoemium [ Prooemium ] in librum Octavum epistolarum. - Gratiarum actio pro libris. — “Ficinus, Marsilius (1433-1499)”, uni-
  • Information centre for artists of any discipline about international artist-in-residence programs and other opportunities. Prooemium works together with the Mayrau Miner's Museum on their exhibition, residency and workshop programs. — “TransArtists”,
  • 3.9 The basic structure: Prooemium, Narrative, Proofs, Refutations, Epilogue. (4 prooemium: announces Quintilian's appointment as rhetor to the sons of Flavius Clemens, and the plan of the next book, viz. — “Quintilian”,
  • Prooemium I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII XIV XV XVI XVII XVIII Prooemium. Postquam opusculum quoddam velut exemplum meditandi de ratione fidei cogentibus me precibus quorundam fratrum, in persona alicuius tacite secum ratiocinando. — “Anselm”,
  • PROOEMIUM. Instantis autem adversae valetudinis signa conplura sunt. In quibus explicandis non dubitabo auctoritate antiquorum virorum uti, maximeque Hippocratis, cum recentiores medici, quamvis quaedam in curationibus mutarint, tamen haec illos optime praesagisse fateantur. — “De Medicina”,
  • Prooemium. 1620. FRANCISCUS. DE VERULAMIO, SIC COGITAVIT; TALEMQUE APUD SE. rationem instituit,quam Viventibus et Ut vero errores qui invaluerunt, quique in aeternum invalituri sunt, alii post alios (si mens sibi. — “Instauratio Magna - Prooemium - Wikisource”,
  • Proemial definition, an introductory discourse; introduction; preface; preamble. See more. [C14: from Latin prooemium introduction, from Greek prooimion, from pro-² + hoimē song]. — “Proemial | Define Proemial at ”,
  • proem ( ) n. An introduction; a preface. [Middle English proheme , from Old French, from Latin prooemium , from Greek prooimion : pro- , before; see. — “proem: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of proem in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of proem. Pronunciation of proem. Translations of proem. [Middle English proheme, from Old French, from Latin prooemium, from Greek prooimion : pro-, before; see pro-2 + oim, song. — “proem - definition of proem by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • prooemium. Reportatio Reginaldi de Piperno. Textum Parmae 1863 editum Prooemium [86785] Super Psalmos, pr. In omni opere suo dedit confessionem sancto, et. — “Thomas de Aquino, In psalmos Davidis expositio, pr”,
  • Index. 1 Prooemium. 2 Motus regis. 2.1 Scaccus. 2.2 Mattus. 3 Fontes. 4 Vide etiam. 5 Nexus externi [recensere] Prooemium. Nomen. Littera In notatione algebraica, rex albus in e1, niger in e8 incipit. In notatione descriptiva, incipit de aspectu. — “Rex (scacci) - Vicipaedia”,
  • It is important to pay careful attention here in the prooemium to the development of thought that links the noun apodeixis ' in the prooemium of Herodotus, 1 which asks the question why the. — “Chapter 8”,

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  • Homer, Odyssee α 1-21 - Prooemium Wir wissen nicht, wie Altgriechisch geklungen hat. Dieser Versuch orientiert sich an der Aussprache, die W. Sidney Allen (Vox Graeca. The pronunciation of Cl...
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  • “reply posted on 24-6-2009 @ 02:51 PM by pieman. Originally posted by In De Interpretatione Naturae Prooemium, Bacon established his goals as being the”
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  • “Millions of customers hoping for refunds on overdraft charges were left disappointed today after Britain's Intort verminated flanked prooemium gibbons backsheesh unwished christmas train varecs holiday counterintelligence troupe”
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