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  • PAYING TO BE PROPAGANDISED. home >> NEWSLETTERS >> Newsletter 32 >> 5 - PAYING TO BE PROPAGANDISED. BNFL, the controversial nuclear company, is at the heart of the multi-million pound PR and lobbying campaign for new nuclear power stations in the UK. — “Corporate Watch : Newsletter 32 : 5 - PAYING TO BE PROPAGANDISED”,
  • administration of Ulysses S. Grant was attempting to defend in theory even as it was also trying to  reverse the economic effects of which in practice 12  – when Fisk and Gould propagandised' both  the President and his. — “(Page 17 of 52) - _ Where the Woodbine Twineth' - The”,
  • Definition of propagandised in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of propagandised. Pronunciation of propagandised. Translations of propagandised. propagandised synonyms, propagandised antonyms. Information about propagandised in the free online. — “propagandised - definition of propagandised by the Free”,
  • asdusty: propagandised, compromised, deceitful, dishonest, insincere, deceptive, disingenious, fallacious, invidious, misleading, "propagandised, compromised, deceitful, dishonest, insincere,. — “asdusty: propagandised, compromised, deceitful, dishonest”,
  • Does that not gel with your spoon-fed propagandised view of the war? Does that not gel with your spoon-fed propagandised view of the war? No, I think maybe YOUR propagandists. — “ - The geopolitical fact of Iraq”,
  • A religion is a region with a li(e) in it, so truth isn't an issue with mass propagandised beliefs based on faith in prophets and other profiteers. As the Wiccans say, 'She offers not faith but certainty."However, the surreptitious Western plan. — “Olde Time Regional Lie []”,
  • propagandised : Deutsch - Englisch Übersetzungen und Synonyme (BEOLINGUS Online-Dictionary, TU Chemnitz). — “propagandised : Dictionary / Wörterbuch (BEOLINGUS, TU Chemnitz)”, dict.tu-
  • Definition of propagandised in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is propagandised? Meaning of propagandised as a legal term. What does propagandised mean in law?. — “propagandised legal definition of propagandised”, legal-
  • John and Karen Hollingsworth/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Excerpted from Showdown at In timber towns, the federal government's initial steps to list the spotted owl provoke. — “Audubon Magazine”,
  • Raped and plundered by a globalist corporate capitalist economy that only seems to reward those at the top. Why are further nations that pose insignificant threat to our peace being harassed and propagandised into the enemy that we all need to fight?. — “Reviews: Political Ponerology [2nd edition] - C$22.95 : Zen”,
  • Jon Voight has slammed Barack Obama for his "propagandised" political approach to Israel. The note read: "You have propagandised Israel, until they look like they are everyone's enemy - and it has resonated throughout the world. — “Showbiz - News - Jon Voight 'slams Obama Israel stance”,
  • It was people like Keane who supported the ANC and who propagandised the ANC who now bear the shame and guilt of the way that South Africa has You beat the drum for the ANC, you propagandised the ANC, you glorified the children dragged from their schools by the ANC and turned into. — “21st Century British Nationalism: Fergal Keane and the Blood”,
  • See truther Noun- One who rejects the accepted explanation of the events of 9/11. Truthers generally believe the U.S. government committed the acts Noun- Term of abuse used by Bush supporters against anyone who is openly disbelieving of the Bush Administration's heavily propagandised 9/11 fairytale. — “Urban Dictionary: troofer”,
  • Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by. — “Propaganda (book) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This is an important question. A lot of what we see in the media is copied from some other source, many times over. A lot of what we see on the Internet are people's opinions, not honest facts. The news media is owned by certain corporate. — “is the news heavily propagandised or not. should we believe”,
  • This essay discusses the importance of having a honest open public discussion of UFO/ET reality. Exopolitics is a new emerging Uninformed and propagandised readers when faced with such a complex situation wonder how in the world they are going to find out what is really the truth. — “OpEdNews - Article: Getting The Public To Take Exopolitics”,
  • Free Cinema was a documentary film movement that emerged in England in the mid-1950s. The term referred to an absence of propagandised intent or deliberate box office appeal. Co-founded by Lindsay Anderson, though he later disdained the 'movement. — “FREE CINEMA (British Social Realism) list”,
  • Ideas on how to master your emotions and achieve personal success. We are propagandised from a very young age. Get a good education, get a good job, get a great husband or wife, make the money, have a lovely family, retire in comfort and then die surrounded by your loved ones. Problem is, not. — “Are You The Biggest Obstacle To Your Success?”,
  • Please! Everyone with an IQ above 30 knows that the US Government intends to shut down freedom of speech on the internet as more and more people to shut down freedom of speech on the internet as more and more people leave propagandised mainstream media and get their information of the net. — “Wanted: Hackers to defend US Government against attack”, .au
  • Dedicated to providing proof that we are in the last days and that Syria Damascus will be a heap of ruin and Babylon (which is New York city) will be destroyed. Remember that this Collider has been propagandised around the World as the doomsday machine that can cause earthquakes and black. — “ABBA's Watchman End Times Prophecy”,

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  • В.Путин.Вступительное слово на встрече.06.12.06 Opening Remarks at Meeting with Leaders of Political Parties. December 6, 2006 Novo-Ogaryovo Вступительное слово на встрече с представителями политических партий. 6 декабря 2006 года Ново-Огарево PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN: Good afternoon, colleagues, This is the first time we are meeting in this format, and we are doing so because the subject that I propose we discuss today is of vital importance for all of us, for society in general and for our entire nation. The subject of our attention today is extremism and what we can do to combat it. Many countries, including Russia, face this problem. I am referring primarily to terrorism, but also to all attempts to incite racial, ethnic, religious or social hatred and division through the use of violence or appeals to violence. Combating and preventing extremism is not just a task for the state alone, although the state must take the lead in reacting to these kinds of issues. But the state cannot combat these problems effectively on its own. This combat calls for a concerted effort by all the political parties, all the various public organisations, our entire civil society and all of our citizens. It is for this reason that todays meeting has become necessary. Extremism, as we know, has many different faces. The various forms it takes from acts of hooliganism to acts of vandalism and violence generally have their roots in ideology based on xenophobia, ethnic and religious intolerance. We are all well aware that any form of ...
  • В.Путин.Пресс-конференция по итогам встречи.17.07.06.Part 2 Press Conference Following the G8 Summit July 17, 2006.Part 2 Strelna, St Petersburg Пресс-конференция по итогам встречи глав государств и правительств «Группы восьми» 17 июля 2006 года Санкт-Петербург, Стрельна First, we need to adapt education to the demands of the innovation-based economy, which not by chance is called the knowledge economy. The possibility for life-long learning and training is of key importance in this respect. Second, we need to step up efforts to implement the Education for All Programme. If we do not ensure universal basic literacy, especially in the developing countries, we will not be able to achieve scientific and technical progress in the world. Third, education programmes are a key to resolving the serious problems arising from the expansion of migratory flows in the world. Education is an effective tool in helping immigrants adapt to their new countries and in preventing conflicts that arise from ignorance and lack of tolerance for the traditions and values of other peoples. The formation of a new global labour market requires us to address urgently the issue of mutual recognition of professional qualifications, ensure access to world information markets, increase mobility of teachers and students and develop contacts between education organisations. These measures should all make the education systems in different countries more open and more ready for integration. Significant decisions were taken in the area of fighting infectious diseases ...
  • George Galloway Vs. Sky News - SKY NEWS KO'D!!! *PLEASE RATE/FAVORITE/COMMENT* George Galloway MP discusses Israel's assault on Lebanon live on Sky News and reveals the biased propagandised reporting on Sky and other News International networks (eg FOX). Americans, you need to watch this and "Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land" on Google Video.
  • Cambodia: QUADRUPLE MURDEROUS IMPERIALISTS [EN] When we Khmer victims think back of the glorious pasts, which it makes us all feeling so extremely Nostalgia for a tiny Present-Cambodia, has been brutally raped repeatedly by Khmers' 6-Formidable-Canerous-old-Century Hereditary-Enemies-the fugitives of Mongols, Siamese in the West; and the prisoners of Mongols, Yuonese in the East. The biggest blot by the French during their ninety years' control was their failure to educate the Cambodians. As the French ran all three Indochinese colonies from the Vietnamese cities of Hanoi and Saigon/Prey Nokor, they concentrated on educating the Vietnamese and training them to be officials for not only Vietnam but also Cambodia and Laos. And the French colonialism had also committed so much brutal crime against Khmers during their Reign of Terror from 1863 to 1954 by having inhumane conspiracies with Vietnamese to kill too many Khmer nationalists and compatriots. It greatly angered Cambodians to have Vietnamese officials running Cambodia's administration; also the open border between Cambodia and Vietnam that many hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese settlers moved into Cambodia, particularly to the fertile area around the Tonle Sap Lake. Since we-Khmers are born; we only have known the sufferings and tragedies...etc. We and our ancestors are treated inhumanely by Siamese and Vietnamese over again and again until today. Here came again the French colonialists who brutally oppressed and trampled against Khmers in cold blood for nearly ...
  • croescade: RT @TenPercent: @mattemulsion1 phew, yes, otherwise it would be a nightmare of propagandised consumer/voters & a vicious govt murdering its own citizens...
  • PeterWolfffff: @ChuckNoyes @TheRealRoseanne If you want to work in this town you better get with the CIA program/Affleck is a propagandised moron
  • TenPercent: @mattemulsion1 phew, yes, otherwise it would be a nightmare of propagandised consumer/voters & a vicious govt murdering its own citizens...
  • Harkonen2: RT @_ajit8: BREAKING! Everything is dripped out and propagandised just to be officially announced the next month and headlined. Complete management.
  • ajit8_: BREAKING! Everything is dripped out and propagandised just to be officially announced the next month and headlined. Complete management.
  • _ajit8: BREAKING! Everything is dripped out and propagandised just to be officially announced the next month and headlined. Complete management.
  • IDontOwnaTV: RT @der_bluthund: @clownshooz @HuffingtonPost As for not owning a TV, I don't see why the hell I should be propagandised to in my own home...

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  • “ReadySteadyBlog is Mark Thwaite's blog at ReadySteadyBook, blogging about the very best books in literary fiction, poetry, history and philosophy”
    — 12 April 2007 " Archive " ReadySteadyBlog " ReadySteadyBook,

  • “My kids' schools are normally front and centre for initiatives like this, but neither was propagandised this time. Commenters on this (somewhat "sweary") blog have identified the couple who ran the”
    — - Bishop Hill blog - A disappearing act,

  • “When I combined the name with 'marijuana' (a word which is usually used to evoke the propagandised aspect of cannabis) I found a dozen references to this one fatuous article, reprinting it as though it was You cannot reply to topics in this forum”
    — Sensi > Cannabis Forum: Genetically Modified Pot,

  • “A blog for people with a critically rational individualist perspective. We are developing the social individualist meta-context if the people who fought and died in the wars being propagandised about inside this edifice were asked what they thought of it,”
    — Thoughts on a modern museum | ,

  • “Highways to Zion is a blog about life, Christ, His passion for our lives, and theologies and philosophies that intersect it. While it may have some eye-opening insider type of critiques like the movie Saved did, it still seems overly propagandised”
    — Highways to Zion: 'Not so Jesus'-Camp,

  • “Latest posts of: Dr.Jaykrish With that feedback, I think these guys are up to the mark and not as generally propagandised by some others in the US. Internet has opened up doors for global trade and yes it is survival of the fittest now. 2. Medical Transcription Forum / Computer”
    — Latest posts of: Dr.Jaykrish,

  • “Given that the USA has propagandised the photographic output from their own involvement Photography Blog. Conscientious. Debra Frieden Photography Blog. Lens Culture Blog. Mrs”
    — photoforum- " Blog Archive " Peace in Afghanistan - NZ, photoforum-

  • “Published since 1963, Canadian Dimension is a forum for debate on important issues that face the Canadian Left today, and a source for national and regional politics, labour, economy, world affairs and art”
    — Canwest Media Bully | Blog | Canadian Dimension,

  • “Forum brother of Rin-chan. Platypus city limits. hughento. YaBB God. Posts: 18190. Political Can people please give less propagandised names to their bills?”
    — Support for Atlasia's Soldiers Bill,

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