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  • All about proportion, how to calculate and understand porportion and percents. — “What Is Proportion?”,
  • In each proportion the first and last terms (4 and 2) are called the extremes. If the fractions both reduce to the same value, the proportion is true. — “Proportions”,
  • Free, online statistics tutorial: This lesson shows how to conduct hypothesis tests of proportions, when the sample size is small. It covers the null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, region of acceptance, region of rejection, significance. — “Statistics Tutorial: Hypothesis Tests of Proportions (Small”,
  • Help with Proportions. A proportion occurs when two ratios are forced to be equal to each Since a ratio is made up of two numbers, and a proportion compares 2 ratios, we ' ll be dealing with 4 numbers here, 2 for each. — “Help with Proportions - WebMath”,
  • So how do we use proportions and similar figures? Using the previous example we can show Do you think using proportions to calculate the height of the building is better or worse. — “Power Point Presentation”,
  • This page lists our free online video tutorials on proportions, proportions word problems, and printable proportions worksheets. — “Proportions Help : Videos | Worksheets | Word Problems”,
  • proportion n. A part considered in relation to the whole. A relationship between things or parts of things with respect to comparative magnitude,. — “proportion: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Definition of proportions in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of proportions. Pronunciation of proportions. Translations of proportions. proportions synonyms, proportions antonyms. Information about proportions in the free online English. — “proportions - definition of proportions by the Free Online”,
  • Percent and proportions are presented in this module from Math Goodies. Learn percent and proportions at your own pace. — “Percent and Proportions”,
  • A proportion is two ratios that have been set equal to each other; a proportion is an equation that can be solved. When I say that a proportion is two ratios that are equal to each other, I mean this in the sense of two fractions being equal to each other. — “Proportions: Introduction”,
  • Proportions are typically used when you want to solve for an unknown. Proportions and Percents. One type of problem where proportions can be. — “Review of Proportions”,
  • A proportion will help you solve problems like the one below. The four parts of the proportion are separated into two groups, the means and the extremes, based on their arrangement in the proportion. — “ -- Proportion Basics”,
  • A proportion is a name we give to a statement that two ratios are equal. That is, for the proportion, a:b = c:d , a x d = b x c. Homework Help | Pre-Algebra. — “Ratios and Proportions - Proportions - First Glance”,
  • Proportion is a correspondence among the measures of the members of an entire work, and of the whole to a certain part selected as standard. Without symmetry and proportion there can be no principles in the design of any temple;. — “Proportion (architecture) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Many times kids do learn how to solve proportion problems in school (they manage to memorize the steps), but One good basic idea for solving proportion word problems is to think what would it be for 1 or for some other. — “How to teach proportions in 6th-7th-8th grade math”,
  • A statement such as this that one ratio is equal to another is called a proportion. A common use of proportions occurs when making or using maps and scale models. — “MathSteps: Grade 6: Solving Proportions: What Is It?”,
  • Regain it with this BrainPOP movie, as Tim and Moby teach you all about ratios or proportions! You'll also learn how to set up a proportion problem, including where to put the x' and how to cross-multiply in order to get the right answer. — “BrainPOP | Math | Learn about Proportions”,
  • To sign in to view your account or your dog profile(s), enter the email address and the password you selected when you registered with Proportions. If you are still having trouble, please enter your email address and a brief note and we'll get back to you quickly with a response. — “Proportions - Custom Whole Food Nutrition For Your Dog”,
  • A proportion sets two ratios equal to each other. In one ratio, one Solving a proportion means that we are now going to set the two ratios equal to each. — “Word Problems: Proportions”,
  • Solving Proportions. Part of the series: Fractions & Proportions. The most common strategy involved in solving proportions is cross multiplication, in which one denominator is multiplied with the other side's numerator. Solve proportions. — “Solving Proportions: Fractions & Proportions | ”,

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  • Excel Statistics 07: Calculate Proportions and Percentages See how to Calculate Proportions and Percentages for a Frequency Table. Also see how to calculation the probability of an OR event with mutually Exclusive Categories. This is a beginning to end video series for the Business & Economics Statistics/Excel class, Busn 210 at Highline Community College taught by Michael Gel ExcelIsFun Girvin
  • (Algebra) Direct Proportions From 8th grade Algebra, this video illustrates how to solve direct proportions. For Exercise and Answer sheets, go to:
  • Solving for the Missing Ratios or Proportions - How to Solve for the Missing Ratios or Proportions. For more practice and to create math worksheets, visit Davitily Math Problem Generator at
  • How To Draw Manga Female Body Proportions (Talia from "Brody's Ghost") Order "Brody's Ghost" at Amazon:
  • Proportion Word Problems - - Math Help For a complete lesson on proportion word problems, go to - 1000+ online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson! In this lesson, students learn that a proportion is an equation that states that two ratios are equal. Students then learn the properties of proportion, and are asked to solve for x in given proportions, and to solve word problems involving proportions.
  • Figure Drawing Proportions Sheldon explains basic proportions in figure drawing.
  • Let's Play Super Mario Galaxy #4: A Snack of Cosmic Proportions As far as I know, this is the only Hungry Luma you have to feed to get a normal level Star.
  • Inside Story - 'A disaster of biblical proportions' Torrential floods have hit Australia's northeast coast in what one official called a disaster of biblical proportions. But what is really behind this devastating rain?
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  • Facial proportions for cartooning, with Peter Emslie, part 2 of 2 Cartoonist Peter Emslie demonstrates how to exaggerate a character's facial proportions, drawing a female face. Watch part 1 of the video at Visit Peter's blog at
  • Australia Floods: 'A Disaster Of Biblical Proportions' 'A disaster of biblical proportions'. That's how Australia's floods have been described by the Queensland State Treasurer. Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced from their homes. At least 22 towns and cities across Queensland have been affected. Sky's Australia correspondent Ian Woods reports.
  • DotA - With EPIC Proportions by TheBloodyMassacre CLICK AND BECOME A FAN! :) ENJOY!!! :D Music(I do not own any of the Music used in this video) Sum41 - 88 Voodoo Bizkits(Rollin Remix) Girl's Generation - Gee Sum41 - Still Waiting Sum41 - Over my Head(Better off Dead) Zebrahead - Rescue Me Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
  • Playing With Proportions First I make a basic face showing the placement of features, then I make some other faces by skewing with the original face's proportions. It is all very sketchy... OKAY . Tools: Painter Wacom Tablet Camtasia Studio
  • Part3 Profile View- Face Proportions For Portrait Drawing Hey its Merrill. I recommend that you watch parts 1 and 2 before you watch Part 3... Click on the pictures to see parts 1 and 2.Welcome to part 3 of my workshop on proportions for portrait drawing ... This series is made for art students and this part will cover the profile (side) view of the head. I hope to give you some easy to remember rules and a formula, so that you will be able to draw the human head from your memory. Lets get started by reviewing what we learned already. Videos one and two proved that 1.) The eyes are not at the center of the head. 2.) Its generally five eye lengths across the face if you include the ears. 3.) Its one eye length between the two eyes. 4.) The outer corners of the nose generally lines up with the outer edge of the tear duct in the eye. 5.) The corners of the mouth is generally not as wide as the midpoint of the eye (but its close) 6.) The ears generally fall between the upper eyelid and the bottom of the nose. Now, lets look at the head from the side/profile view and add to our existing knowledge. 1.) The first question asks. Is the head more tall?......... or is it more deep? In other words, lets compare the distance between the chin and the top of the head.......Wow, it looks close......but there is a strange reason for that...........Observe the slope of the forehead and the shape of the top of the head. When we measure from the jaw line we go up to the top front of the head.......which is lower in height than the back of the head ...
  • Solving Proportions 3 examples on solving proportions
  • Sketching a Face- Basic Proportions It's been a while since my last video. The reason was that I had to wait to get my new 9x12 Intuos to replace the old 4x5 Graphire I was using for the past videos. Anyway... So I got a few requests of people wanting me to show proportions of the face and how to start it. So this is a pretty basic attempt at that. I recorded it at actual speed, but it seems really slow because I'm still getting used to this new tablet. I'm at least 3 times faster with paper and a pencil. Programs used were Painter IX and Camtasia Studio. For those wondering what brush I used, it was a 2B Pencil with default settings, at a 2.2 size and with a light light blue-gray colour. Music is 'Sealed Door' by Project Majestic Mix and 'Eternal Wind' by Mister G and FFMusicDJ. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get Paid To Draw Today -
  • Ratios, Proportions, & the Wright Brothers NASA Connect segment explaining ratios and proportions. The segment describes how these math concepts helped the Wright Brothers to invent the first flying machine.
  • Fractions & Proportions : How to Cross Multiply Proportions Cross multiplying proportions is a straightforward process that is the same as cross multiplying fractions. Cross multiply by multiplying a numerator by the other side's denominator with help from a math teacher in this free video on proportions in math. Expert: Jimmy Chang Bio: Jimmy Chang has been a math teacher at St. Pete College for nearly a decade. He has a master's degree in math, and his specialties include calculus, algebra, liberal arts, math and trigonometry. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
  • Mike & Molly - A Miracle of Biblical Proportions Mike and Carl respond to a call and it just so happens to be at Molly's house.
  • Epic proportions.wmv In July 2009, electrical engineer Hong Tang and his team at Yale University in the USA demonstrated that, on silicon chip- and transistor- scales, light can attract and repel itself like electric charges/magnets (this is the "optical force", a phenomenon that theorists first predicted in 2005 {I find this "time delay" rather confusing since James Clerk Maxwell showed that light is an electromagnetic disturbance approx. 140 years ago}). In the event of the universe having an underlying electronic foundation (I've written a detailed essay showing how these paragraphs are consistent with the plausible nature of the universe -- a version can be freely downloaded at it would be composed of "silicon chip- and transistor- scales" and the Optical Force would not be restricted to microscopic scales but could operate universally. Tang proposes that the optical force could be exploited in telecommunications. For example, switches based on the optical force could be used to speed up the routing of light signals in fibre-optic cables, and optical oscillators could improve cell phone signal processing. There are more possibilities listed here eg instant travel to any point in time or the universe, Star Trek-like teleportation, cosmic unification, eternal health for everyone who ever lived, and unification with God.
  • ratio and proportion WEBSITE: ratios and proportions
  • Playing With Proportions 4 So... Kinda to take a little break from caricatures, and kinda because I wanted to see what things I had learned from drawing a lot of faces, I decided to make another Playing with Proportions vid. Hopefully I can make some new How to Draw videos too, but those take a lot more planning, so... Yeah. Anyway, hope you like it. It's sped up 10x. @[email protected]; Tools: Wacom Intuos3 12x9 Adobe Photoshop CS3 Camtasia Studio Music: Xianning & Jerry Shen- Whoa Yeah! Chrono Cross OST- On the Banks of a Dream
  • Solving Proportions - - Math Help For a complete lesson on solving proportions, go to - 1000+ online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson! In this lesson, students learn that a proportion is an equation that states that two ratios are equal. Students then learn the properties of proportion, and are asked to solve for x in given proportions, and to solve word problems involving proportions.
  • Manga Body Proportions [RE-UPLOAD] This is a replacement for the earlier video, which lost its audio somehow.
  • Drawing an Anime Face - Basic Proportions Pretty self explanatory from the title I think. I'll do different views of heads and stuff later on in this style. Of course, I'll still stick with my more realistic style vids too. Recorded at actual speed. Tools: Painter IX Wacom Tablet Music by Hikaru Nanase
  • Using Ratio and Proportion 1 Tutorial on Using Ratios and proportions in math word problems part 1
  • EPIC BATTLE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS - Spore TWO CREATURES! FIGHTING FOR SUPREMACY, WHO WILL WIN! (This was all recorded in the awesome new computer game called "Spore")
  • Naruto Ball Z - A battle of epic proportions The long heated debate finally comes to life in an all out battle between Naruto and DBZ. Who will be the victor? Runner up for Best Action - Akon 17 Experts Contest Best Action and Fan Favorite - Anime Expo 2006 Best Action - Otakon 2006 Higher quality download Yes, I know ALOT of people are stealing this video, removing my credits and bumpers, and even setting it to different audio. I know I can't deal with them all at once, but the above link is the ONLY place on the web you can get a higher quality version under my profile. Plus I have the original project masters which only exist on my computer that I can change whenever I want. :)
  • Proportion Word Problem Solve word problems using a proportion.
  • (Algebra) Inverse Proportions Inverse proportions are a tricky detail of high school Algebra. This video illustrates a simple series of steps, with which the student can gain a mastery of them. For Exercise and Answer sheets, go to:
  • How To Find Your Proportions Blog http Ask Me Anything! Twitter Facebook My other channel My boyfriend's channel
  • Facial proportions for cartooning, with Peter Emslie, part 1 of 2 Cartoonist Peter Emslie demonstrates how to exaggerate a character's facial proportions, first drawing a traditionally proportioned head, then a taller cartoon one. Watch part 2 of this video at Visit Peter's blog at
  • Super Mario Galaxy - A Snack of Cosmic Proportions Good Egg Galaxy - Mission 2 A Snack of Cosmic Proportions This wasn't a request or anything...just to say that I'm still taking requests for Mario Galaxy. One week from now, the game will have been out for a year, but I've only uploaded about 86 of the game's 121 missions. C'mon, people. Give me something! As for why I chose this mission, there were a few reasons. The main one is that I know no one will ever request this. Another is that, for those of you who don't yet have the game, this mission is an introduction to the "Hungry Lumas," chubby pink stars you feed to make them turn into stuff. This is also the only mission in the game where you have to be serious about collecting Star Bits--and it's actually tougher than it might sound to avoid getting hit, since it takes a while to get the 100 Star Bits to fill the little guy up. (Well, he's not so little once he's fully fed.)
  • Fractions & Proportions : Subtracting Mixed Fractions When subtracting mixed fractions, simplify the process by finding the least common denominator. Learn how to borrow from the whole number when subtracting mixed fractions with help from a math teacher in this free video on fractions in math. Expert: Jimmy Chang Bio: Jimmy Chang has been a math teacher at St. Pete College for nearly a decade. He has a master's degree in math, and his specialties include calculus, algebra, liberal arts, math and trigonometry. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
  • Fractions & Proportions : How to Multiply Fractions When multiplying fractions, it's important to remember to simply multiply across before reducing the resulting fraction. Find out how to use cross cancellation when multiplying fractions with help from a math teacher in this free video on fractions in math. Expert: Jimmy Chang Bio: Jimmy Chang has been a math teacher at St. Pete College for nearly a decade. He has a master's degree in math, and his specialties include calculus, algebra, liberal arts, math and trigonometry. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
  • Part2: How to Draw Face, Front View Step by Step Face Proportions For Portrait Drawing- Formula Hey welcome back everybody....Its Merrill, I recommend that you watch part 1 before you see part 2. Just click on the image if you havent seen part 1 yet. This is a very important video for anyone who wants to learn portraiture. In this video, I will model the formula taught in part 1 to teach you how to draw a face from your memory. In order to make things easy to remember, I will demonstrate my process step by step. People who memorize these steps will be able to draw a human face from memory without a reference image. Lets get started. Step 1: Draw an oval. Next put a horizontal line through the oval, slightly higher than the half way point. Then add four evenly spaced dots. These four dots will mark the inner and outer corners of each eye. Remember that there is one eye length in between the two eyes. It is imperative that the dots are evenly spaced. You will also need two bigger dots to mark the center of each eye. Step 2: Now add a rectangular shape. The rectangle should be taller than it is wide. The corners of the rectangle should line up with the two dots that mark the center of each eye. Step 3: Add the ears and eyebrows. The ears most often line up with the top of the eye and the bottom of the nose. Step 4: Add the eye shape. Generalized eyes are almond shaped. You will see the bottom of the iris but not the top. Most eyes also have a second line for the eyelid above the eye. Step 5: Add the nose. Notice that I did ...
  • STAR WARS RETURN OF THE JEDI SPACE BATTLE this does not belong to me
  • Part1: Face Proportions For Portrait Drawing: The Ultimate Guide Search the internet or your library for information on the proportions of the human face. You will find a ton of information, but each source seems to say something different. This is video 1 in a series of videos which will make you less confused about the proportions of the human face. You will be less confused, because I will give you proof that a lot of the formulas that you learned for portrait drawing were wrong. At the end of this video, I will give you a new formula to help you draw the human face from memory. In this experiment, I have taken the most common formulas for facial proportion and tested them on a group of people in a similar pose. I used a computer program to help me take accurate measurements. I made sure that my control group was comprised of both males and females and were of many different races. So lets get started with a very common proportion rule. The question is- Is it one eye length between each eye? The answer, as you can see, is yes. But this was the only rule that I found to be universally correct. Lets stick with the eyes for question 2. It is often stated that it is five eye lengths across the face. It turns out that for 9 of the 10 people that I tested, that rule is incorrect. I found that if you included the width of the ear on to the face, then that rule would be closer to true, but definitely not universal. Of the control group, only one person, had a fit, so we can conclude that this proportion does exist, but it does not fit the ...
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  • lawyer_chella: lawyer_chella: Landgrabs can only be accomplished with contempt & arrogance of hideous, monstrous proportions. Thieves.
  • AlsoAdam: AlsoAdam: This artist needs to seriously learn about proportions and perspective. Also, tact.
  • HeirOfZion: HeirOfZion: @Bu_HLe -» of extreme proportions! Where do I file a compliant?! I know Saint Mary's will back me up.
  • ikaveri: ikaveri: @KSqr I suppose so. It's mammoth in proportions. Still, we need better standards
  • PrinceOfBrkeley: PrinceOfBrkeley: “@iamtooplayer: I don't even think I'm thick, I just think I'm proportional. Lol.” • well then u have very nice proportions
  • RikkiElizondo: RikkiElizondo: dating 1 month ;P Celebration of Biblical proportions
  • TonyaAbruzzo: TonyaAbruzzo: :) dating 1 month Celebration of Biblical proportions
  • EllenCahn: EllenCahn: dating 1 month :O Celebration of Biblical proportions
  • PatriceDiesel: PatriceDiesel: dating 1 month ;) Celebration of Biblical proportions
  • wealthhe: wealthhe: :O dating 1 month Celebration of Biblical proportions
  • CristineMurff: CristineMurff: ;O Celebration of Biblical proportions dating 1 month
  • SuzannEdgley: SuzannEdgley: :) dating 1 month Celebration of Biblical proportions
  • 308dotcom: 308dotcom: @timmermackay As for the undecided, they tend to break in similar proportions as the decided voters, or stay home.
  • IPP_UK: IPP_UK: Very odd proportions, that beastie... RT @mikejulietbravo: Exclusive: First Look at a Windows 8 Tablet /2011/09/13/win…
  • amirah158: amirah158: @bananhan haha!! Love it. Cannot believe u have made use of one of Zahra's presents and in epic proportions!!!
  • huxi: huxi: RT @discordianquote: If you fail in epic enough proportions, it just might become a winning failure.
  • Lucy_OM: Lucy_OM: today was a fail of epic proportions #gammyface
  • Natasha93Elaine: Natasha93Elaine: "Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions." -Coco Chanel
  • Macka7: Macka7: Self-importance of gourmet proportions. RT @jayrayner1: when a bunch of chefs start taking themselves far too seriously
  • emeraq: emeraq: @moxiemuchness You could accept the fact that this city is heading for a disaster of biblical proportions.

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