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  • Publishing is the process of production and dissemination of literature or information – the activity of making information available for public view. Publishing includes the stages of the development, acquisition, copyediting, graphic design, production. — “Publishing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Christian books from Standard Publishing inspire, educate and motivate Christians to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Find the church supplies, Christian books and products you need to effectively run your ministry. — “Standard Publishing”,
  • is to provide publishing products and services for administrative publications and forms is to provide life-cycle management of Air Force Electronic Publishing to enable product and service delivery to the end user, regardless of media, at the time and. — “Air Force E-Publishing - Home”,
  • Rose Publishing explains Bible topics VISUALLY: Maps, timelines, charts, Names of God, Christianity, cults, religions, denominations. publishes full-color easy-to-use Bible reference materials, including Bible charts, Bible maps, Bible timelines and biblical reference pamphlets. — “Rose Publishing”, rose-
  • lets you make, self-publish, print and sell print-on-demand books, e-books, photo books and calendars with free book publishing. — “Self Publishing and Book Printing Solutions - Books, EBooks”,
  • The first-ever event in IDW Publishing's history crosses over into the Star Trek universe with this two-part, bi-weekly series! A routine visit to a colony world takes a horrifying turn when Admiral Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy find themselves surrounded by hordes of the undead!. — “IDW Publishing | The home of 30 Days of Night, Star Trek”,
  • Course packets to custom books printed on demand for professors and self-publishing authors. Book and cover design, black and white and color digital printing, perfect and casement binding, in-house copyright clearance, plus promotional and. — “University Publishing Solutions - Print and Electronic”,
  • Publishing news and headlines from across the web. The company, found online at , has been in the book publishing business for twelve years, and has sold and licensed over one million books worldwide.As the first African American book publisher to have an imprint/co-publishing. — “Alltop - Top Publishing News”,
  • Services for companies wanting to outsource production of computer trade books, textbooks, and documentation. — “”,
  • America's oldest Bible publisher, B&H Publishing Group (formerly Broadman & Holman) features a popular variety of Bibles, high-quality church supplies and communion ware, plus books by Beth Moore, Vicki Courtney, Oliver North, Henry Blackaby. — “B&H Publishing Group - Bibles, Church Supplies, Christian”,
  • Definition of publishing in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of publishing. Pronunciation of publishing. Translations of publishing. publishing synonyms, publishing antonyms. Information about publishing in the free online English dictionary and. — “publishing - definition of publishing by the Free Online”,
  • Default Description You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. IDW Publishing. Welcome to IDW Publishing's online store! My Account. My Cart. Checkout. Log In. Search Site. Search: Search. Comics. Series. — “IDW Publishing”,
  • Park Nicollet Health Services - Award winning healthcare in Minnesota. — “IDC Publishing”,
  • Morehouse Publishing, Church Publishing, Seabury Books, Morehouse Education Resources Church Publishing. Seabury Books. Morehouse Publishing. Morehouse Church. — “Welcome to Church Publishing”,
  • Looking for a book publishing company that will give you control throughout the publishing process? AuthorHouse gives you more control so you can have a finished product you can be satisfied with. Get published with AuthorHouse. — “AuthorHouse”,
  • ST-Publishing, home of Steeplechase Times, The Saratoga Special, and the Thoroughbred Racing Calendar. Online and in print, we specialize in horse racing news, Thoroughbred racing and steeplechase racing from our office in Fair Hill, Maryland. — “ST Publishing”, st-
  • Morris Publishing is a full service self-publishing printer. We can help you self publish your book. As a short-run book printer for authors who are self publishers, we've printed all kinds of books for individuals and businesses: poetry, self. — “Morris Publishing”,
  • Publishing, , Publishing Companies, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters & Importers Publishing is the international website for the worldwide publishing industry. — “Publishing - Publishing Companies, Manufacturers”,
  • A free magazine publishing platform allowing users to publish online magazines that are easy and fun to read and interact with. — “Issuu”,
  • Publishing As the Gilded Age publisher Henry Holt once observed, a 'book is a thing by itself. There is nothing like it, as one shoe is like another,. — “book publishing: Information from ”,

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  • How To Publish Your Book! Self-Publishing Guide I am so excited to share this How To Publish Your Book video with you!! This has got to be the quickest and easiest (and cheapest) way to get your book out to the Entire World. In about 10 minutes, after watching this video, we will have published our very own book, gotten our own ISBN#, and made it available to the whole world. Make sure to check out http for more info on Publishing; learn things like why you need an editor and how to hire one really quick and easy and cheap. Don't forget to Comment below and make sure to Subscribe to my channel to keep current on all the latest videos to help you grow as a person and grow your business. To your success, David Papandreas
  • Print-on-Demand Publishing: What is it and why is it so important for authors? Print-on-demand publishing is an amazing way for authors to self-publish. Joanna Penn from explains. You upload your files to a provider and your book is only printed on order by a customer. This means no up front costs, no storage and no postage to manage. You can have a print book for sale with no holding costs - wow! More about this on the blog Free author platform building tips in the Author 2.0 Blueprint http
  • Deposition Testimony - New Media Legal Publishing You'll be amazed at how much better your clients perform in their depositions. Our system brings to life all the fundamentals you cover with them, and drives them home. Your clients will see witnesses testifying the right way -- and the wrong way. They will experience what their depositions will look, sound and feel like. And they will see the harsh consequences of getting it wrong. For Full Details Click Here:
  • Mas' Zelda Collection 005 - The Legend of Zelda Million Publishing Strategy Guide Mas' Zelda Collection Part 5. This strategy guide was released back in 1986 by Million Print Publications. It's one of best guides for the original Legend of Zelda with a great room-by-room strategy for the dungeons. It has plenty of exclusive artwork for the items, characters, enemies, and bosses in the game. The guide is quite rare and almost impossible to find in the US. It will occasionally pop up on ebay, but your best bet is to look at yahoo auctions in Japan where it pops up more frequently. It can be expensive when it appears on the US auction sites, but just as costly when it comes to finding it in Japan and going through a company to get it shipped over. Rarity: Uncommon - Rare Price: $40-$60
  • Writing Fiction & Poetry : Publishing Advice for Writers Writers who seek to be published need to remain professional when submitting work, take rejection well, as it is inevitable, and keep records of where work as been submitted. Get publishing advice from a published author and English professor in this free video on writing. Expert: David M. Harris Bio: David M. Harris has taught English at Vanderbilt University and elsewhere. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
  • Exclusive: Styles P talks about the publishing situation The Lox was in with Diddy - A humble Styles P speaks on the sticky situation with their publishing
  • Unbound: Advancing Book Publishing in a Digital World On January 18th, 2007, Google organized Unbound, an event at the New York Public Library examining how the book business has changed and how it will continue to evolve. Attendees from the book publishing industry heard from thought leaders and industry veterans who are taking advantage of our increasingly digital world. This video shows some of the highlights from the day.
  • The Future of Publishing - created by DK (UK) This video was prepared by the UK branch of Dorling Kindersley Books and produced by Khaki Films ( Originally meant solely for a DK sales conference, the video was such a hit internally that it is now being shared externally. We hope you enjoy it (and make sure you watch it up to at least the halfway point, there's a surprise!). The clip was inspired by a video created by an Argentinean agency, Savaglio/TBWA entitled, "Truth": Read an interview with the creator of the video on the Penguin Blog: If you are interested in downloading this video for personal use, please visit our Bookseller site video page:
  • Publishing Poetry Tips On Publishing Poetry
  • Meeting The Publishers [Bran Hambric] A few days ago, I was flown out to Chicago to meet my publishers and the team at Sourcebooks. Between being in awe at the high-tech hotel room, I recorded this vlog. ================================= Preorder my book now at ================================= For my blog and more photos, visit: For more info on my book, visit http For preview chapters of my book, visit: ===================================== WEBSITE: MYSPACE TWITTER: ===================================== Music created by me.
  • Fall of Autumn Filmstrip: Letterpress Printing Ever wonder how letterpress printing works? This is the second filmstrip in a series Alan hopes to complete on the various printing techniques in use today. Blending education with ideology, the filmstrip presents a run down of the different parts and processes of setting your type and printing via the letterpress with Philip Cheaney. Filmed at the Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, OR. For the first installment on offset printing, click here Edited and produced by Alan Lastufka. Cameraperson: Joe Biel. Music: Fugazi, imadethismistake and Geoff Shilling. Special thanks to Philip Cheaney. Distributed by
  • Publishing Open Content -- Part One Confronting some business decisions. Interview with a successful pioneer who has applied Creative Commons non-commercial licenses in the commercial world, focusing primarily on publishing.
  • Improving the Web for Digital Publishing Check out a few of the prototypes we've been working on to improve webkit for Digital Publishing.
  • Book Publishing Strategies Book publishing expert Dale Beaumont shares how Jay Conrad Levinson made $10 million from writing his first Guerrilla Marketing book. Plus learn the biggest book publishing secret from Brad Sugars, who is today the author of over 15 books.
  • LittleBigPlanet 2 (BETA) Create Guide: Level Tutorial: Publishing a level in the LBP2 Beta A tutorial requested by Antikris77, how a level publishes in LBP2.
  • Publishing with Layouts in AutoCAD, Part 1 of 2 How to use Layouts and the Publish command in AutoCAD to plot and create DWF files. For more information, go to
  • TOC 2011: Margaret Atwood, "The Publishing Pie: An Author's View" Margaret Atwood (Author), "The Publishing Pie: An Author's View"
  • TOC 2011: Brian O'Leary, "Context First: A Unified Field Theory of Publishing" Brian O'Leary (Magellan Media), "Context First: A Unified Field Theory of Publishing"
  • Print On Demand Publishing Queen Heather Covington Instead of stocking pod books in bookstores, Heather Covington explains the "BUY LOW, SELL HIGH" principle for self-publishing marketing gurus of workshops who rather give their books as gifts rather than sell them at events. Here's how her formula works and surpasses mainstream sales!
  • Get Published! Book Publishing for Self Publishing Authors Author Originated Book Publishing puts our authors in the driver's seat. Retain all rights to your book, enjoy royalties paid monthly, and benefit from extensive distribution outlets with a book that is guaranteed returnable to bookstores. Find out how our POD book publishing method can take you from un-published writer to published author.
  • Opposing Voices in Digital Publishing A perspective on all the emotion in the eBook industry by the digital publishing team at Tyndale House Publishers
  • Publishing Vs Self-Publishing Dale Beaumont, one of the worlds leading authorities on book publishing, talks about the major pros and cons of Publishing verses Self-Publishing. If you have ever dreamt of writing your own book this knowledge is essential. Learn more at http
  • From the Typewriter to the Bookstore: A Publishing Story Ever wonder how a book travels from the author to the reader? Or how much work is involved in the publishing process? And is this whole internet thing just a fad, like pagers and Tamagotchis? The Digital Marketing Team at Macmillan is here to explain and enlighten. In the words of James Joyce, "Books are hard to make. People should buy more of them."
  • Family Guy publishing penguin Season 09 episode 06
  • WikiLeaks keeps on publishing despite arrest Julian Assange through his WikiLeaks website promises greater government transparency. But his document dumps have angered officials around the world. US Senator Joseph Lieberman has pressured internet companies to withdraw their services from WikiLeaks. Rather than protect internet freedom, Amazon and PayPal have willingly complied with US demands. Assange is the subject of death threats. Some government officials say he should be assassinated. Sarah Palin said he should be hunted down like a terrorist. Efforts to take down WikiLeaks have proven futile, thanks to mirror sites. Meanwhile, Assange has been arrested in the UK on rape charges. He has vowed to release more documents in a 'nuclear' option if arrested or killed.
  • Maldives Trailer from Paiboon Publishing.m4v Coming soon... Our travel videos
  • Where Will We Find Tomorrow's Leaders? An Interview with Linda A. Hill, Professor, Harvard Business School. We won't find new global leaders by looking in conventional places for people who act in conventional take-charge ways. Instead, look for people who can lead from behind to promote the collective genius of their teams.
  • Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration To get the lyrics or download the mp3, visit /declaration Watch more Soomo videos at Soomo Publishing creates online assignments that bring the best web resources to the college classroom. "Too Late To Apologize: a Declaration" is our first satirical video project and is part of our ongoing effort to facilitate learning in creative, innovative ways. Learn more about Soomo Publishing at Music and video based on "Apologize" by One Republic, featuring Timbaland, 2007.
  • Forbes Publisher Gives Advice to Obama "Ron Paul is Spot On Right" Letter to my Senators: Forbes Publisher Gives Advice to Obama "Ron Paul is Spot On". Is the MSM starting to get it?! Regardless, it is nice to hear Dr. Ron quoted and echo the message of free markets, less taxation and individual economic liberty. JOIN THE CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY!!!! Your friend in freedom and oppression, robpatozz
  • Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer Autodesk Introduces Autodesk Inventor Publisher for Mobile devices. In addition to publishing support for 3D PDF and 2D vector graphics, Inventor Publisher now enables users to publish directly to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A free companion Autodesk Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer app makes it easier for mobile technicians and salespeople to access 3D interactive instructions.
  • Life in the Carolinas presents an interview with Publisher John Paul Galles Life in the Carolinas host Carl White interviews John Paul Galles, founder and Publisher of Greater Charlotte Biz Magazine. You'll enjoy hearing about his early political involvement and his love for writing and publishing the stories about the Charlotte business community.
  • Post-Desktop Publishing Eleanor Dare, Lecturer Arts Computing, Department of Computing, Goldsmiths, University of London. This paper will present the urgent case for methodologies and processes that can preserve the centrality of the book form while embracing the meaningful benefits of digital technologies.
  • JenifferMarshal: ipad application programmer company Open Up New Avenues For EBook Publishing Services and Application Development -
  • jeffgrill: Check out new Seth Godin book "Poke the Box" as he reinvents publishing via Domino Project
  • indieauthor: One #Author 's #Selfpub Journey + 100 #Stories For #Queensland Offers #Disaster Relief
  • Ozell0792: Promotional Flyers Publishing For Successful Company Promotion
  • Jeffhurt: RT @asaecenter: Thinking of publishing a digital magazine? Here are 13 questions to ask potential vendors. #asaemag
  • marleendavidov: Publishing Video with the Flash Platform http:// #book
  • LauraB7: More future of publishing stuff. This one from the Huffington Post:
  • newbestsellers: Amazon launches new publishing imprint: And what all four of these books have in common (besides being mystery a...
  • HathawayAlencar: RT @LawyerNexus: World Bank’s Open Access Publishing Program, Copyright & Licensing: As recently announced, Carlos Rossel, Publis...
  • SarahSpinoza: Amazon launches new publishing imprint: And what all four of these books have in common (besides being mystery a...
  • orockk: I would love you foeva if you took a sec to vote for Pound to win ProjectWildfire so we could get $25g's & make it rain
  • KerryGorgone: RT @mitchjoel: The future of publishing is about you! Great HuffPo piece by @R_Nash: (Interesting insights!)
  • Vanguard_SD: Digital publishing into the well known apple store, for only $500 to start! #askushow!
  • damianrucci: No Rejections Stopping Me! #writing #fiction #publishing #rejection #rejectionsucks
  • kaifischer: You Are the Future of Publishing
  • Highmoon: RT @fredhicks: Why Kickstarter is a Game Changer for Game Publishing
  • PhilipHageman: @Field101 @k_chamber Four of the last Five Winners have been Target Marketing Publishing Partners. Who are the other finalists?
  • eatthepen: @DigitalPalaver would be very interested in your blog post about beta readers - about to start looking myself #writing #publishing
  • AveusLLC: RT @mitchjoel: The future of publishing is about you! Great HuffPo piece by @R_Nash: |CM
  • hersilia_press: RT @pereramedia: One week to go until the next #oxpub. Publishing, digital, social media, tea, coffee, breakfast - and free. Info/signup
  • KreelanWarrior: RT @DigitalPalaver: Hey, writers! How do you find and choose your beta readers? Thinking of doing a blog post on this topic soon. #writing #publishing #fb
  • twistimage: The future of publishing is about you! Great HuffPo piece by @R_Nash:
  • mitchjoel: The future of publishing is about you! Great HuffPo piece by @R_Nash:
  • Corntea_knits: Gauge on pattern obv wrong, Rav has right gauge. Publishing site has lots of corrections but not for that pattern. 5.25/in not 5.25/2in
  • ASaintAndSinner: RT @fredhicks: New on Deadly Fredly: Why Kickstarter is a Game Changer for Game Publishing http:///2011/05/ks-game-changer/
  • coupongurru: Hostgator Web Hosting Best Discount/ Coupon Codes - May 2011: Gap Publishing are delighted to release their new ...
  • tammyagutierrez: Amazon launches new publishing imprint
  • stemlegal: New @slaw_dot_ca : World Bank’s Open Access Publishing Program, Copyright & Licensing
  • LawyerNexus: World Bank’s Open Access Publishing Program, Copyright & Licensing: As recently announced, Carlos Rossel, Publis...
  • DisplayPort2: DisplayPort Alphascript Publishing
  • DisplayPort2: DisplayPort Betascript Publishing
  • AmieBarder: @thesamsyed on design staffing for digital publishing via @mpamagmedia
  • curtsgreatdeals: Hostgator Web Hosting Best Discount/ Coupon Codes - May 2011: Gap Publishing are delighted to release thei... http:///63rfrg8
  • GabBearr: publishing is not journalism. eff writing.
  • MMBJackMcCarr: RT @MikeStackpole: House Slaves vs. Spartacus : http:///3rfhk7d (My latest post on publishing and the future.)
  • mfox04: Easy! @LAReviewofbooks! | Boston Globe vs. B&: Where is the future home for book reviews? #books #publishing
  • Marjoriezaf: Discovering Vermont 2012 Calendar:
  • Ravendon: How Viral PDFs Of A Naughty Bedtime Book Exploded The Old Publishing Model - #children #bedtime #book #piracy #viral
  • Sherlenefimw: The Lamp of Learning: Taylor & Francis and the Development of Science Publishing:
  • willpostforfood: @JosephFarah of #WND vows to sue mag for publishing made up stuff making fun of his made up stuff #IronyShrugs #p2
  • melibili: or this thing is constantly publishing the same (@RomaTweetcorn live on http:///4mrbu)
  • cccpublishing: SHAMEFUL: On Tuesday night, 48 Senators, including three Democrats and all but two Republicans, put Big Oil before...
  • stcnahlibrary: @kiwano1 Many of my friends are publishing their own books by books on demand publishers/
  • stillgray: Yes! RT @jaredbkeller The fact that the CDC is publishing zombie apocalypse preparedness guides makes way too happy:
  • stasolov5: Publishing Video with the Flash Platform #book
  • zillabbnet: Publishing Video with the Flash Platform #book
  • MyBookStop: Books,Book and Books Amazon launches new publishing imprint: But for Rector's other books, such ...
  • TaleofABaseball: RT @BookExpoAmerica: RT @Maicherinho: Stefany Dotson from @BookRixUS just had a nice Podcast Interview with @BookExpoAmerica ! #bookexpo
  • Miyazaki3568: Advanced Color Publishing on the Macintosh: From Pre-Press to Publication:
  • RichardPaddock7: ✓ Amazon launches new publishing imprint
  • mvigilante: Even publishing insiders are not immune to rejection letters--here are Dan Menaker's (his memoir did end up selling):
  • mcrivett: XMOS : XMOS chooses CogniDox for document control and publishing - Cambridge Network
  • clairo1: Well I did get the Home Office to correct a Welsh word mis-spelt in a report before publishing it, so a small victory for my people there.
  • edbcm73: Working at James Publishing Inc. trying to sell some new legal handbooks.
  • cindyli: Signed up 4 Russell Brown Photoshop class at Adobe MAX Oct.1-5 Creative tablet publishing, topic:Alice in Wonderland http:///
  • le_bel_ange: Thank you @SweetHeatMiami for allowing Bel Ange Publishing to rock out this weekend! :)
  • TrenaWhite: Heard from #KeyPorter author who's scrambling to buy remaining inventory of her book, figure out storage, shipping #sad #publishing
  • kpthot: RT @jaredbkeller: The fact that the CDC is publishing zombie apocalypse preparedness guides makes way too happy:
  • PageHosting: Hostgator Web Hosting Best Discount/ Coupon Codes - May 2011: Gap Publishing are delighted to release their new lotKKT
  • yaelsara69: @James_Macintyre Silly article. People are allowed to have opinions & counter-opinions. But JC ed is stupid for publishing and disowning.
  • PoundMagazine: RT @angelinairinici: PLEASE take 30 seconds and VOTE: for @PoundMagazine
  • Gigharborguide: RT @GigHarborKOMO: Gig Harbor Publishing Company Focuses on Local Talent:
  • gumdisease8191: RT @jasonfrovich: The Relation of Keeping Things Simple to Self Publishing http:///3qp9bmz
  • dbschlosser: From @FredBubbers: Traditional Book Output Up 5%; Nontraditional Soars 169% #publishing #writing
  • gmsarli: Popular topic today. :) RT @fredhicks: New on Deadly Fredly: Why Kickstarter is a Game Changer for Game Publishing
  • Ksloss: awesome! RT @jaredbkeller The fact that the CDC is publishing zombie apocalypse preparedness guides makes way too happy
  • PublishingSpy: Lately been thinking about jobs in the book publishing industry. Anyone know what that's like? :)
  • PublishingSpy: Jrgen Snoeren: Publishing industry should focus on core competency: One view of the future of publishing, which... h...
  • arkforero: RT @erodley: RT @forwardretreat: My report on e-publishing and the #MW2011 conference is up @Triple_Canopy:
  • silvia_vacirca: RT @epublishing: Smash the System: E-Publishing Arrives | Dirty Laundry
  • TwitFans2011: Hostgator Web Hosting Best Discount/ Coupon Codes - May 2011: Gap Publishing are delighted to release their new ...
  • EleaseCatania62: ☺ Amazon launches new publishing imprint
  • jaredbkeller: The fact that the CDC is publishing zombie apocalypse preparedness guides makes way too happy:
  • JenBlaney: @sethanikeem Looking forward to it being available! Are you still going the self-publishing route with the cards and book?
  • WorkAtHomeSpace: Excellent info & post. RT @martinairing SEO Checklist For Publishing Blog Posts via @outspokenmedia
  • Jennytks: Classroom Publishing: A Practical Guide to Enhancing Student Literacy:
  • ansinanser: how viral pirate PDFs of "children's book for adults" exploded the old publishing model vi @fastcompany
  • 1106Design: So many ask "Which self-publishing company?" NONE! Hire editors & designers to produce a quality book & print at LSI.
  • Rebeccaspathway: InnerCircle Publishing - Are You Aware? #ICP (@icpchad @PaulVHarris @DeniseLescano @AnAmericanMonk)
  • jasonlankow: Barry Elsler live on @Namesake discussing his books and forgoing traditional publishing in favor of self-publishing
  • philipjreed: RT @fredhicks: Why Kickstarter is a Game Changer for Game Publishing http:///2011/05/ks-game-changer/
  • gengouk: @MarkWebb_Dixons Oh yer lastnight we had future publishing in store taking loads of pictures of our KNOWHOW and Tabs for the group :-)
  • BookExpoAmerica: RT @Maicherinho: Stefany Dotson from @BookRixUS just had a nice Podcast Interview with @BookExpoAmerica ! #bookexpo
  • intellegojobs: Computer Support Specialist #Jobs - A Current Multiple Source USA Listing #ComputerSupportSpecialist #hiring
  • erodley: RT @forwardretreat: My report on e-publishing and the #MW2011 conference is up @Triple_Canopy:
  • syntheticbrain: RT @fredhicks New on Deadly Fredly: Why Kickstarter is a Game Changer for Game Publishing
  • PepperAnthony: @Emmashortt has a new book out today, THE KISS. Read about it on my blog http:// or buy at Evernight Publishing.
  • dmitroff: Nice summary of the e-publishing session at #MW2011 from @forwardretreat: (cc @lili_czarina, @nhoneysett)
  • syntheticbrain: RT @fredhicks: New on Deadly Fredly: Why Kickstarter is a Game Changer for Game Publishing http:///2011/05/ks-game-changer/
  • rick_ockermann: Make money with squidoo tips Link Popularity post comment: Squidoo is a very popular publishing platform. Lookin...
  • AmazonInsiders: Amazon launches new publishing imprint - VatorNews: VatorNews Amazon…
  • johnsscott2: Publishing Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @running_press @perseusbooksuk @moonguides @twodollarradio @hmhbooks
  • thehotnessgrrrl: Satoshi Kanawaza's "article" on why Black women are not attractive was truly vile. This petition demands he be...
  • gazhaman: Running a conference workshop on future of publishing for #SfEP. Have iPad. Would like #android tablet (eg #galaxytab) & #kindle. Loan pls?
  • uvalabstweeting: AirPlay-Enabled Apps: Camera and Web Browser for Apple TV 2: TapMedia Publishing, the creators of Fire for Appl...

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