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  • puparial adhesion (GO:0007594) The adhesion of the puparia of Diptera to their substrate; normally effected by a 'glue' secreted by the larval salivary gland and expectorated at the time of pupariation. There are 3 path(s) to this term. ANNOTATIONS. — “puparial adhesion Gene, QTL, and Strain Annotations - Gene”, rgd.mcw.edu
  • Effects of conventional and transgenic Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae toxin on Exorista larvarum (Diptera: Tachinidae), a parasitoid of forest affect the number of oviposited eggs, percentage of puparia and puparial weights. — “IngentaConnect Effects of conventional and transgenic”,
  • (GO:0007594 puparial adhesion) (GO:0008141 puparial glue (sensu gland secretion 7,Sgs7,CG18087,FBgn0003377,7594 // puparial adhesion // traceable author statement,5576 // extracellular region // traceable author. — “The Drosophila adult expression atlas”,
  • The puparial width of males that emerged from fifth instar S. epilais was greater than for females from that host (3.1 ± 0.36 25, P = 0.0473), but there were no other differences in puparial size. — “Florida Entomologist, v. 80, n. 1, p. 289”, fcla.edu
  • (puparial stage only) to species of more common. species that are intercepted in quarantine confused with the puparial stage: – Reduced operculum and lingula. — “Aleyrodid Pupa Workshop”,
  • through the host puparial wall with her ovipositor. She injects venom into the pupa, the more synchronized the eggs), hosts are removed, the puparial end is "popped off". — “Nasonia:”, rochester.edu
  • Within the puparial shell, tsetse complete the last two larval instars and the pupal stage. Tsetse then emerge as adult flies. development prior to the emergence from the puparial case as a full adult occurs without. — “Tsetse fly”, schools-
  • Puny definition, of less than normal size and strength; weak. puparial. Did you know: What are the most common words likely to appear on the SAT? copse. — “Puny | Define Puny at ”,
  • Prevalence of Stylopization of Sphex ichneumoneus (L.) (Hymenoptera: Over a two-year period, 25% of males and 7% of female wasps were stylopized, as evidenced by the presence of puparia and empty puparial cases of male and female P. westwoodi exserted dorsally between abdominal segments. — “Prevalence of Stylopization of Sphex ichneumoneus (L”,
  • Inside the puparial cover a complete reorganization of the insect's body occurs, leading to the final production of the adult The mouth parts (Insects/Fig. 7, Insects/Fig. 8, Insects/Fig. 9) are species specific as are the mating processes, which start soon after hatching from the puparial enclosure. — “Holometabolous Development -- Encylopedic Reference of”, rmatik.uni-
  • puparial morphology may have evolved. for concealment from natural the puparial size remained invariable in. A. dispersus. However, Martin. 2. observed. that. — “Are polyphagous aleyrodids more diverse in puparial morphology?”, ias.ac.in
  • For instance, a couple of years ago, we were asked to visit a crime scene to search for puparial cases. So I started a study where I buried a large number of empty puparial cases and over a period of three years I dig them up. — “Forensic entomology | Science in School”,
  • Puparial submedian/subdorsal area with crescent-shaped scallops (Figs 49, 52), at least on cephalic region or one Puparial submedian/subdorsal area without crescent-shaped scallops but a pair of. — “Aleurotrachelus Quaintance & Baker (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae”,
  • Chitinous samples of organic substances are prepared by adding an internal standard solution to finely chopped puparial casings and placing the sample in test tubes. Strong acids or bases break down the chitonous exoskeleton to release any toxins. — “Entomotoxicology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The latter was 23 times more active as a JH mimic in the white puparial assay (ED50 = 0.22 pmole) more resistant to S31183 in the white puparial assay and about 20 times more resistant in. — “Methoprene-tolerant”,
  • Title: Adults, parasitic wasp, puparial exuvia etc. - highly enlarged Title: Adults, parasitic wasp, puparial exuvia etc. - highly enlarged. — “Phytomyza - Encyclopedia of Life”,
  • solution) was performed on various substrates (Calliphoridae puparial cases and desiccated adults, and desiccated pupae of This same procedure was performed on puparial cases and desiccated adults of Lucilia sericata (Diptera, Calliphoridae). — “PII: S0379-0738(01)00428-5”, smlc.asso.fr
  • When a female encounters a host puparium, she first examines the host, then drills through the host puparial wall with her ovipositor. The female then commences laying eggs upon the host, underneath the puparial wall. — “Nasonia Genetics”,
  • Definition of puparia in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of puparia. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Zoology) a hard barrel-shaped case enclosing the pupae of the housefly and other dipterous insects. puparial adj. How to thank TFD for its existence?. — “puparia - definition of puparia by the Free Online Dictionary”,

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