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  • Chiral and full (or achiral) tetrahedral symmetry and pyritohedral symmetry are discrete point symmetries (or equivalently, symmetries on the sphere) The Gaelic football has pyritohedral symmetry. It is the symmetry of a cube with on each face a line segment dividing the face into two equal. — “Tetrahedral symmetry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Shows a Mind Map about Pyritohedral Crystals, showing related keywords to it on the Internet. — “Mind Map about Pyritohedral Crystals - Discover related”,
  • Pyrite description, specimens for sale, Pyritohedral, starburst quartz with pyrite and Galena, Pyrite Sun, Pyritized Ammonite. — “Pyrite from Spiritrockshop”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Pyritohedral. Information about Pyritohedral in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Pyritohedral definition of Pyritohedral in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • Pyritohedral definition, a crystal form of 12 pentagonal faces. See more. — “Pyritohedral | Define Pyritohedral at ”,
  • Definition of Pyritohedral in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Pyritohedral. Pronunciation of Pyritohedral. Translations of Pyritohedral. Pyritohedral synonyms, Pyritohedral antonyms. Information about Pyritohedral in the free online English. — “Pyritohedral - definition of Pyritohedral by the Free Online”,
  • Pyritohedral symmetry. Th or 3*2 or , of order 24 - pyritohedral symmetry. This group has the same rotation axes as T, with mirror planes through two The Gaelic football has pyritohedral symmetry. It is the symmetry of a cube with on each. — “Tetrahedral symmetry: Definition from ”,
  • The motion that we are watching was popularized by Buckminster Fuller as the "jitterbug"; it unfolds an octahedron to a cuboctahedron, keeping pyritohedral symmetry. In the middle, there is one additional stage with extra symmetry – an icosahedron!. — “/pdf/1006”,
  • Definition of pyritohedral with German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish translations and search. Pronunciation sound files. — “Definition of pyritohedral”,
  • It has hundreds of striated pyrite crystals measuring up to 0.5 inches in diameter with a combination of both cubic & pyritohedral forms and showing beautiful metallic luster. combination of cubic, pyritohedral and octahedral forms showing. — “Pyrite Sold items at ”,
  • Mostly pyritohedral pyrite from Peru. Thanks to Stephen Lancellotti's auction on eBay for the specimen! A beautiful pair of pyritohedral pyrites from Parrsboro on the Bay of. — “Alan Guisewite's Mineral Collection Images: Pyrites Page”,
  • Pyritohedral - Shaped as a pyritohedron. — “Pyritohedral -”,
  • 11.5" 28LB Brilliant GOLDEN PYRITE Pyritohedral Crystal. 2.2" Golden PYRITE Crystals-ZCA Mine Pierrepont NY XSharp 4"Brite Yellow Pyritohedral GOLDEN PYRITE- Peru. Sign In Create Account Lost Password View Cart. — “Results for P:Pyrite”,
  • pyritohedral. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search Adjective. pyritohedral. having the shape of pyrites (mathematics) having the shape of a pyritohedron. Retrieved. — “pyritohedral - Wiktionary”,
  • Pyritohedral, Cubic and Diploid Pyrite Crystals. Search Bob's Rock Join Us on the Rock Net Discussion Group and Message Forum for Rockhounds!. — “Bob's Rock Shop: Table of Contents”,
  • Attractive groupings of multiple pyritohedral pyrite crystals in matrix. Pyrite (Pyritohedral) Display Mineral $22.50 (0 customer reviews) and. — “Pyrite (Pyritohefral) Display Mineral | WARD'S Natural Science”,
  • pyritohedral definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “pyritohedral - Definition”,
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  • Buy Treasure Mountain Mining, Mineral items on eBay. Find a huge selection of Crystal, Fossil, Meteorite items and get what you want today. XSharp 4.5"Brite Yellow Pyritohedral GOLDEN PYRITE-Peru. — “Treasure Mountain Mining items - Get great deals on Mineral”,

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  • Magneting: A couple of constructions Here I detail how to construct a nice icosidodecahedron (or antidodecahedron) from 12 pentagonal pieces, each built from five (0,2,4)-folded 2-layer hexagons. (6*(1+2)*5*12 = 1080 magnets) I then discuss an object with pyritohedral symmetry that I made from the same folded hexagonal parts. (6*(1+2)*4*6 = 432 magnets) Photos on flickr to come. For now, here's my photostream:
  • 6.7" GOLDEN PYRITE Crystals - Peru 6.7" Brilliant Pyritohedral Brassy GOLDEN PYRITE Crystals - Peru ...please visit us at to see over 2500 more fine mineral specimens
  • 19LB 10.5" Brassy GOLDEN PYRITE Pyritohedral Crystals-Peru Please visit us at to see this and over 2000 more fine mineral specimens

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  • “The term 'pyritohedral' is applied to the group orbifold = 3*2, represented by 'even perm owner of the original version of this forum, was also a Conlang list subscriber (but now”
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  • “Lot of 10-38mm Teardrop Crystal Prisms-Feng Shui! NEW! 9.99. Lot of 100-20mm Crystal A+ Specimen of Pyritohedral Pyrite Crystal Cluster AA++ 10.50. NEW ELGIN LADIES CRYSTAL”
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  • “Is the term "Basal Pinacoid" redundant? What is the correct terminology for the C-face of a quartz crystal? In the past I have described them as having "basal pinacoid termination faces." But wouldn't "pinacoid face"”
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  • “has "pyritohedral" symmetry, with two tetrahedra combined as in Kepler's stella octangula The pyritohedral symmetry group is the symmetry group of an idealized pyrite crystal”
    — Thunderbolts Forum • View topic - Casting Out Nines,

  • “Video Search, 432 object with pyritohedral symmetry that I made from the same folded hexagonal parts. tags: Howto magnet construction neodymium sphere icosidodecahedron antidodecahedron pyritohedral folded hexagon”
    — 432 - Videos de serigraf_ a,

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