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  • Definition of quasiparticle from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of quasiparticle. Pronunciation of quasiparticle. Definition of the word quasiparticle. Origin of the word quasiparticle. — “quasiparticle - Definition of quasiparticle at ”,
  • 3. He-B. Thermal quasiparticle excitations in. 3. He-B. Interaction of quasiparticles with the flow field. Andreev Propagation of thermal quasiparticle excitations and visualization. — “Propagation of thermal quasiparticle excitations and”,
  • [2-4] allowed one to resolve additional features in the quasiparticle scattering controlled by both the SC gap function and the quasiparticle coherence, then the maximal. — “Extinction of quasiparticle scattering interference in”,
  • We found 13 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word quasiparticle: Quasiparticle: Eric Weisstein's World of Physics [home, info]. — “Definitions of quasiparticle - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Learn more about "quasiparticle" and related topics at . Browse. Next Word in the Dictionary: quasiperiodic. Previous Word in the Dictionary: Quasimodo. All. — “Quasiparticle - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Wikipedia has an article on: Quasiparticle. Wikipedia quasiparticle (plural quasiparticles) (physics) Any entity that has some characteristics of a distinct particle, but comprises a grouping of multiple particles [edit] Translations. entity that has some characteristics of a distinct particle. — “quasiparticle - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of quasiparticle in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of quasiparticle. Pronunciation of quasiparticle. Translations of quasiparticle. quasiparticle synonyms, quasiparticle antonyms. Information about quasiparticle in the free online. — “quasiparticle - definition of quasiparticle by the Free”,
  • Encyclopedia article about quasiparticle. Information about quasiparticle in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “quasiparticle definition of quasiparticle in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • For optimally and overdoped samples, we obtain very sharp quasiparticle peaks of 8 and 6 meV full width at The quasiparticle peak spectra match well with a single Lorentzian function, thus indicating that the nodal carriers can be. — “Phys. Rev. B 77, 064522 (2008): Doping-dependence of nodal”,
  • quasiparticle IN BRIEF: n. - A quantum of energy (in a crystal lattice or other system) that has position and momentum and can in some respects be. — “quasiparticle: Information from ”,
  • In physics, quasiparticle refers to a group of discrete phenomena whose behaviour is characterised as that of a single particle in a system, including the effect the particle has on the system. In materials, a photon quasiparticle is a photon as affected by its interactions with the material. — “Quasiparticle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • is to take advantage of scattering, which leads to interference patterns in the quasiparticle In an ideal metal, the Landau quasiparticle eigenstates are Bloch wavefunctions charac. — “Quasiparticle Interference”, physics.harvard.edu
  • Quasiparticle. Exciton, Frenkel Exciton, Magnon, Phonon, Polaron, Pomeron, Roton, Skyrmion, Virtual Particle © 1996-2007 Eric W. Weisstein. — “Quasiparticle -- from Eric Weisstein's World of Physics”,
  • known that topological quantum computation can be implemented with limited quasiparticle interferometer with one trap inside the interferometry region, and then braid a mobile quasiparticle. — “Systematic distillation of composite Fibonacci anyons using”, cs.uwaterloo.ca
  • experiment, at a single tip position contains oscillations as a function of energy, due to quasiparticle interference, quasiparticle wavepacket to travel to the nearby impurities and. — “arXiv:0910.4577v3 [cond-mat.supr-con] 12 Nov 2009”, people.ccmr.cornell.edu
  • If there are interactions that cause scattering, one would expect the state of the system at time t to be characterized by quasiparticle excitations of finite width, say , whose occupation numbers evolve with a relaxation time of the order of. — “Non-equilibrium perturbation theory for spin”, int.washington.edu
  • Self-consistent Skyrme quasiparticle random-phase approximation for use in We describe a new implementation of the quasiparticle random-phase approximation (QRPA) in axially. — “Self-consistent Skyrme quasiparticle random-phase”, physics.unc.edu
  • Quasiparticle : (noun) 1: a quantum of energy (in a crystal lattice or other system) that has position and momentum and can in some respects be regarded as a particle. Quasiparticle - Example Usage. CondMatPapers: Quasiparticle interference in an iron-based superconductor. — “Quasiparticle - Define Quasiparticle at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • equation for the particle correlation function is transformed to a renormalized quasiparticle reconstruction. equation, whose leading term represents the quasiparticle Kadanoff-Baym ansatz Physica E 29, 196 2005 , an improvement over the standard generalized Kadanoff-Baym ansatz. DOI:. — “Quasiparticle states of electron systems out of equilibrium”, fzu.cz

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  • The Center for Excitonics The Center for Excitonics is a collaboration between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Brookhaven National Laboratory. ; Our objective is to supersede traditional electronics with devices that use excitons to mediate the flow of energy.
  • PopovDiscreteevolution Time evolution of BEC and noncondensate system using Popov approximation. There are 2000 total particles, and T = 0.05 Tc. g = 0.00353553, N = 512, and the time step is 1.5e-3. The shift is 2, and the objects plotted are the BEC density and |u_1|^2, representing the first quasiparticle state.
  • BDGdiscreteevolution This is an attempted time evolution of a BEC and noncondensate particles using the full BDG approximation. There are again 2000 particles, T = 0.05 Tc, g = 0.00353553, and N = 512. Note that dt = 1.5e-4 is one tenth of that in Popovdiscreteevolution.mpg. Thus the condensate explodes pretty fast. The shift is 2, and the objects plotted are the BEC density and |u_1|^2, representing the first quasiparticle state.
  • REAL QUARK IMAGES TO SUPPORT ALL SCIENTIFIC MODELS AND KNOWLEDGE Recently, we have discovered a new process that can propose better outputs of Quark-Gluon Plasma than those of the RHIC or LHC. Mr.Tepparat Songkraw, a creator of this model, entitles his process as Relativistic Electron Repetition or RER. Its outputs are called Absolute Quark-Gluon Plasma model which is a part of Absolute Plasmon model.
  • Quasi particle simulation of Al Tensile testing
  • FullBDG Fixed implementation of time evolution of BEC system under the full BDG equations. g = 0.00353553, shift = 2, 2000 particles, dt = 1.5e(-3). Notice that the condensate density does not explode. At the end of the run, the calculated L2 error between Q and Q* was on the order of 10^(-13). Also visible is the density of the first quasiparticle excitation, |u_1|^2.
  • Economic System (price) Price of a commodity for every one of the 50x50 free-trading agents. Each agent has 8 neighbors. Note the spontaneous formation of a quasiparticle.
  • Phonon Interruptor Switch This is a phonon interruptor, see my other videos to understand.
  • nicgaston: @hendysh @novp so would you prefer to be a particle or a quasiparticle?

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  • “ science forums and latest news discussions If my reading has served me well, what they are talking about are exciton-polaritons, which are quasiparticle systems that arise in semiconductors, and consist of three entities”
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  • “While this quasiparticle is marginally difficult to create, as researchers demonstrated An exciton is a quasiparticle that consists of an electron and a "hole," or a empty spot”
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  • “Blog. Paintings. About Stuart. Bees Are Bad. Sep 28 2004. by stuart davis. song of the day: quantum or quasiparticle propogated in the manner of a solitary wave”
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