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  • Comprehensive Indian Quiz Portal with Tons of Quizzes, Quiz Questions and Answers, Quiz Games, Quiz Contests related to every thing about India, Technology, Sports, Buisness, Places and manu more. — “iQuiz - Indian Quiz Site with Tons of Quizzes, Quiz Questions”, iquiz.in
  • : Online Personality Tests. Personality Quizzes, Myers Brigg Videos, IQ Tests, and Fun, Interactive Quizzes. — “: Online Personality Tests”,
  • Fun Quizzes and more at has a large collection of quizzes for everyone. Relax a while and take some of our fun quizzes. Don't forget to send them to your friends! Have Fun! Click here to view all the fun quizzes. How romantic are you? Just how romantic are you?. — “Fun Quizzes at ”,
  • Quizmoz has a free online quiz about everything: Impossible Quiz Questions, Quiz Games, Personality Quizzes, Free Quizzes, Myspace Quizzes, Studio quiz, Quiz Clothing, Naruto Quiz and more. — “QuizMoz Quizzes Free Quiz Questions Personality Quizzes”,
  • Free quiz questions and General knowledge articles on science, politics, history, geography, sports, animals, space and business. Interesting facts and trivia. Useful questions and answers for competitive exams. — “Quiz Questions”, quizquestions.in
  • It took so bloody long to load i nearly threw my bowl of custard at the Cat.and i am so annoyed about constantly losing on the 'search' question, ive decided it would be best if the Plant on the table next to me should be deprived of it's. — “The Impossible Quiz? This quiz is really hard, give it a go”,
  • Quizopolis has a large collection of fun quizzes, myspace surveys, name generators, surveys for myspace and other fun stuff for blogs, myspace, facebook, xanga and more. — “Quizopolis - Fun Quizzes, Name Generators, Facebook Surveys”,
  • Quiz definition, an informal test or examination of a student or class. See more. — “Quiz | Define Quiz at ”,
  • A resource dedicated to helping visitors improve their health with daily health news, fun quizzes, recipes, horoscopes and polls. — “Chatterbean - It's fun being healthy. Health News, Quizzes, Polls”,
  • Find fun and free personality and trivia quizzes from Quiz Rocket. Quizzes to make you laugh and help you discover your true personality. — “Quiz Rocket Free Quizzes”,
  • Quiz 20. Quiz 19. Quiz 18. Winners [Daily Quiz ] A.. Time: 0 Min. 9 Sec. For Registered User. Special Quiz. Webdunia Quiz Updates. Weekly Quiz. Who is the youngest. — “Play Indian Quiz | Free Online Quiz | Play Quiz Online | Quiz”,
  • Make a personality quiz or a trivia quiz, and take quizzes and tests other people have made. — “Personality Quizzes at Quiztron”,
  • quiz4 is a webplace for those who like a quiz. It is useful for games, education and knowledge and a lot of fun. — “Quiz for fun, knowledge and education - quiz4”, quiz4
  • Make a quiz for others to take or partake in one of the many already created. — “”,
  • A quiz is a form of game or mind sport in which the players (as individuals or in teams) attempt to answer questions correctly. Quizzes are also brief assessments used in education and similar fields to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, and/or skills. — “Quiz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Which Superhero are you quiz Personality test to find out which superhero you are most similar to. — “Which Superhero are you? Quiz”,
  • Cool things to put on your blog like quizzes, facts, name generators, and horoscopes. — “Blogthings”,
  • A huge collection of free personality tests and fun online quizzes on love, relationships and the self. A useful sliding format makes each quiz doubly fast and easy-to-take. Frank, informative, and free. — “Quiz Stop - quizzes for the rest of us”,
  • Quiz Comments. To most Americans, an accent is something that only other people have, We are a better kind of quiz site, with no pop-up ads, no registration requirements, just high-quality quizzes. — “What American accent do you have?”,
  • Do also send us your feedback and a few questions which can be included in the quiz. We shall be introducing new questions and new topics in the quiz section from time to time. Looking for more challenges? Internet poker is the game you should try. — “Quiz, Quizzes, Indian Quizzes, Sports quizzes, Bollywood Quiz”,
  • quiz tr.v. , quizzed , quizzing , quizzes . To question closely or repeatedly; interrogate. To test the knowledge of by posing questions. — “quiz: Definition, Synonyms from ”,

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  • Monty Python Communist Quiz sketch Live from the Hollywood Bowl sketch from Monty Python - Communist quiz featuring Marx, Lenin, Che, Mao. A great parody...
  • Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2006 (pt 02) Clip of BFQOTY pt 02
  • Saigon - Pop Quiz Track of Warning Shots.....Great track.
  • Stupid Game Show Answers - Here There Be Idiots * Family Feud - An animal whose eggs you'd probably never eat for breakfast * Newlywed Game - What's your favorite thing to buy by the foot? * Family Feud - False start * The Price is Right - Don't forget about Contestant's Row... * Family Feud - Something a husband asks his wife to carry in her purse * Wheel of Fortune - Amarillo & Laredo Texas * Newlywed Game - What was the most infantile suggestion you made to your wife on your first date? ======================================== Download this movie for your iPod! http ---------------------------------------- Follow "sgsa" on Twitter to get updates on new videos and the first word on new dumb answers! ========================================
  • Bird Songs Quiz Try this bird songs quiz from Birds & Blooms, North America's No. 1 Bird and Garden Magazine. How many can you get right?
  • Big fat quiz of the year 2007 - Noel and Russel A montage of clips i made using parts from 2007's big fat quiz of the year. Focusing on Noel Fielding and Russell Brand, cos they're actually comedy geniuses and i just purely love them for it.
  • Australian Radio Quiz Show Prank A rival radio station gets people to prank call this guy who hosts a quiz show, getting them all to give the same answer to a question.
  • The Quiz Show 1-2 Japanese drama THE QUIZ SHOW. To watch this video with English subtitle click
  • Emma Watson Interview + Quiz T4 12 July 2009 captured by ... madonion007
  • Ed Westwick takes Grazia's guy fashion quiz We caught up with Gossip Girl's resident bad boy Chuck Bass to test his fashion knowledge.
  • Unlikely Things To Hear In A Quiz Show - Mock The Week - Series 9, Episode 10, Preview - BBC Two Unlikely Things To Hear In A Quiz Show Featuring guests Jack Whitehall, Andy Parsons, Hugh Dennis and Chris Addison.
  • Gun Toting Romantic Crooner: Viral Video Film School Pop Quiz In this week's "Viral Video Film School," Brett Erlich gives a quick pop quiz: is this man more interested in singing Lionel Richie's "Hello" or waving his gun around? Watch More infoMania on Current TV, Thursdays at 10:00/9:00c on Current TV VIEW more Viral Video Film School & SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Channel here...
  • Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2006 (pt 05) Clip of BFQOTY pt 05
  • Alex O'Loughlin TV Watercooler Quiz 4/28/08 After his interview, Alex O'Loughlin takes a TV Watercooler quiz on 4/28/08. O'Loughlin portrays Mick St. John on the CBS drama "Moonlight" which airs on CBS Fridays at 9pm Eastern Time.
  • Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2006 (pt 04) Clip of BFQOTY pt 04
  • David Mitchell's Quiz Winner WATCH MORE GREAT SHOWS AT In this weeks episode, David is joined by a special guest star from the world of dance. David also announces the winner of his Wikipedia-friendly rhyming quiz. Many thanks to all of you who entered the competition. The quality of responses was universally outstanding with almost 81.3% of you getting all the answers right. For those of you who didnt, these are the right answers so you know for next time: 1 On which Island is the city of Jakarta? Java 2 On which island did they sign the Magna Carta? Magna Carta Island, Runnymede 3 In which war did Joan of Arc become a martyr? The Hundred Years War 4 In which war did Lysander fight for Sparta? Peloponnesian War 5 Whats the twin prime of 107? 109 6 Which river separates Cornwall & Devon? Tamar 7 Who became King in 1911? George V 8 What service was founded by Aneurin Bevan? National Health Service 9 Which theme park is in Anaheim? Disneyland 10 Who often wrote with Hammerstein? Richard Rodgers 11 Which oxides make up calamine? Zinc oxide & Iron oxide 12 In which song is it Hammer Time? Cant Touch This by MC Hammer 13 Whats the old name for Sri Lanka? Ceylon 14 Who played Sam in Casablanca? Dooley Wilson 15 For which teams George Smith a flanker? Brumbies, Australia 16 Whats meant by Lingua Franca? A language used by two people to communicate which is native to neither party. 17 Who ran from Wile E. Coyote? Roadrunner 18 Who won an Oscar for Capote? Philip Seymour Hoffman 19 What ...
  • Remain Indoors (The Quiz Broadcast) - That Mitchell and Webb Look You're watching the British Emergency Broadcasting System, remain indoors! It's now time for The Quiz Broadcast. From That Mitchell and Webb Look Series 3 Episode 1. Copyright BBC.
  • Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2005 - part 1 The big Fat Quiz of the Year 2005. PART 1 Featuring Jimmy Carr as host, plus Rob Brydon, Gordon Ramsey, Sharon Osbourne, Jonathan Ross, David Mitchell and Denise Vanouten as celebrity panelists.
  • World's Shortest Political Quiz This is the world's shortest political quiz, only ONE question. See why you should stop wasting your time, money and energy with political elections. Get more information at and listen to the No State Project every Saturday from 3-5 pm cst on American Freedom Radio http
  • Pop Quiz! Retweet me: bit.ly Follow me on TWITTER HERE Join me on FACEBOOK HERE Some questions for me this time! Hey guys... today we have a pop quiz... but put those pencils away... this time you're the teacher and I'm the student! So let's get started. Dangstac asks: I'm from a small town a couple hundred miles outside of Moscow called Arzamas.. it's in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast and has a population of only around 100000 people.. well.. 99999 when I left! Here are some pics of me there: Next up, fglrx asks: It depends... I'm cool with a little mermaid or flower on the ankle perhaps.. or a cute phrase tattooed on my body: But I'm not so sure about a full body, full forehead job! Next up... jdeboni.. well I tried for a second.. but I kept making these stupid, funny looking faces.. like I had just eaten a lime.. or some people a duck face... so it didn't quite work out! Actually.... Show dude on computer.. there is a knock on the door... dude "Come in!" Marina -Are you YouTube user cunninglinguist? I'm here for your private lesson. Dude.. NOOOO WAAAAAYYYY!!! GameGuideXbox asks.. You want me to go to the ATM? MutliGamingWorld asks me if I am a striper.... How did you guess? Yes.. I used to draw the middle stripe on the road when I was younger! herrTraak asks: Funny you ask.. That's it for today's HotForWords pop quiz! For your homework, ask me some more questions in the comments below.. and I'll make another reverse pop quiz video!
  • Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2006 (pt 01) Clip of BFQOTY pt 01
  • HINTO DE PINTO (Theme from TV Quiz show) "Hint de pinto" is japanese TV show. 1979-1994.
  • 12 Quiz Call game solutions Quiz Call was shown on Ftn every night from 22:00 to 01:00 until the end of 2006. Here are 12 of the solutions to some of the longer 'games'
  • Quiz Show Trailer Quiz Show (1994) - This film chronicles the quiz show scandal that took place during the 1950s, focusing primarily on the then-rigged game show Twenty-One. Directed by Robert Redford, the movie was nominated for four Oscars, including Best Picture.
  • Let's Play The Impossible Quiz! (1) Why am I doing this?
  • BUZZ! Quiz TV (PS3) The hit game-show experience on the PS2 is getting an upgrade bigger than "Big", or even "Mega". "Quiz TV", aside from the HD upgrade on the game-show formula, will include an online "Couch vs. Couch" mode. What more, there will be an downloadable quiz packs to add to the already-thousands of questions on the disk. And if you can't find a topic of questions you don't want: Make your own. You can even share it online and see what others say about it. All with new wireless buzzers! BUZZ! Quiz TV is now available to play on the PS3! Video first premiered at the Leipzig Games Convention, and appears to also be the same video shown (and now even more wide-spread) from the recent Sony Computer Entertainment Europe PlayStation Day 08 event. Check up with Relentless Software @ BUZZ!, PLAYSTATION 3, PS3, and other PlayStation items are property of Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2010 Jimmy Carr hosting Jonathan Ross + Ruth Jones Alan Carr + Michael McIntyre Noel Fielding + Richard Ayoade originally aired 3 January 2011 (source: Hannibal at thebox.bz)
  • Favorite Animal Quiz: (a personality test) Join my guest Earl on a fascinating trip to your inner soul revealing your true personality.
  • Machman's Britpop Quiz As always: 10 tracks. I'm looking for artists and titles please.
  • NES-Quiz 1 (Machinima) Click above to watch 8-bir trip (Machinima) NES-Quiz 1 (Machinima) A Lego video with 8 legolized NES-games. Made by Tomas Redigh and Daniel Larsson / Ninja Moped. Directors Channel: Ninja Mopeds homepapage: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima http Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: Tags: "nes-quiz" "Rymdreglage" "ninjamoped" "ninja moped" "lego" "stop motion" "animation" "old school" yt:quality=high machinima 8-bit trip music video
  • Online Quiz : Foamy The Squirrel Foamy has Germaine take an online quiz. (New Squirrel Songs CD Released too!)
  • Hello Saferide - The Quiz Taken from the EP "Would you let me play this EP ten times a day", released in Sweden Jun 14. More info at: - /saferide Produced by Robinovich.
  • Pawn Stars: Pop Quiz Mondays at 10/9C on History - To keep Chumlee sharp, he's put through a few tests of his skills. Shop Pawn Stars today! bit.ly
  • The Big Fat Quiz of the year 2007 [Part 1] The big Fat Quiz of the Year 2007. Featuring Jimmy Carr as host, plus Rob Brydon, David Mitchell, Lily Allen, Jonathan Ross, Noel Fielding and Russel Brand as celebrity panelists.
  • Episode 1 - NES-Quiz - Raise your little hand - 2010-08-07 -- 2010-08-17 by: Ninja Moped This is the first video in our 8-bit tour. Please compete in our Nes-quiz (see the end of this video for more info) or visit and click on 8-bit tour. Buy our music on iTunes / Amazon / Spotify (search for: rymdreglage)
  • Youtube Trivia Game Show! Its interactive! Test your youtube knowledge on WIz-Fiz-Quiz . Watch in HD for the full Wiz-Fiz experience! Click your answer on the screen to move on to the next question. The first interactive youtube trivia game show that does not suck! Have fun sit back and enjoy with friends and a few brewskis! More episodes are on the way!
  • Nina's Quiz Show Often at dinner, Nina likes to think up quiz questions for Mama and me.
  • Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2006 (pt 03) Clip of BFQOTY pt 03
  • Pop Quiz with Justin Tuck Foot Locker x Nike Take a pop quiz with Justin Tuck, defensive end for the New York Giants. We hope you've been training this summer because sport is back. Arrive ready. Featuring the Nike Trainer 1.2 available at Foot Locker.
  • Kerollwn: I just took the "Robert Pattinson iria gostar de você ?" quiz and got: YES BEIBE !! Try it ➤ http://bit.ly/gx1mt9
  • Ronnie_2011: Took the "Which Harry Potter Character Are You?" quiz & got: Remus Lupin! What about you? ➜ http://bit.ly/gBns1Z
  • Moniquinharock: Took the "Qual desenho animado você seria?" quiz & got: Bob Esponja! What'll you get? ➤ http://bit.ly/fNdoDk
  • TV32: You may have seen this before, but have you taken our quiz? Which of these look-a-like look MOST alike? http://fb.me/tx72QtKi
  • volkventilador: I just took the "Qual Super-Vilão você é?" quiz and got: Coringa! Try it ➤ http://bit.ly/fO2I1o
  • valenkeynes: Took the "A que estrella de Disney Channel te pareces??" quiz & got: Demi Lovato! What about you? ➜ http://bit.ly/g8rii7
  • Ligabo12: Think you know one of the world's most recognizable car manufacturers? Find out in this Ultimate GM Quiz.>> http://lx.im/19YGF - ad
  • GottaLuvAriana: Omg is quiz is effin hard af
  • mesintoumaGoiab: Took the "Com o que vai sonhar hj?" quiz & got: Fazendo Strip Tease na escola! What'll you get? ➤ http://bit.ly/dEjOGb
  • StradbrokeWeb: Geoff Robinson added an event Worlingworth CC Quiz Night - Sat Feb 19th at The Pavilion… http://goo.gl/fb/rrdma
  • PlayerMade_JuJu: RT @_SimpleeJanai: 99.2 On my Quiz Whoop Whoop || .2? Unacceptable!
  • LadyBLondon: @clifflev quiz-a-round
  • junioiveteiro: I just took the "Comos as pessoas te veêm na escola?" quiz and got: popzera! Try it ➤ http://bit.ly/g3gFPZ
  • pmtowner: Do you drink coffee or sodas? Check out the caffeine quiz and learn more http://lx.im/19YGw - ad
  • kcdc2913: RT @WestlifeFansPH: QUIZ HAS BEEN PUBLISHED!! TAKE A LOOK AT IT NOW! http:///xtk1cfm7y5
  • kcdc2913: RT @WestlifeFansPH: Westlife Quiz (Part 1) - Are you the ultimate Westlife fan? Do you have what it takes to become the ULTIMATE... http:///xtk1cfm7y5
  • Ligabo12: Do you know all there is to know about The Ghostbusters? Take this quiz and prove your knowledge! >>>> http://lx.im/19YGq - ad
  • CP_itsawrap: I love coffee! After taking the caffeine quiz I learned some fascinating facts! http://lx.im/19YGp - ad
  • timandtammy: The battery *ran down* . [acabou a pilha/bateria] #inglês #quiz
  • fcignc: How romantic are you? Take the quiz by 2/28/11 for a chance to win $500! http:///romance-o-meter/
  • Kimberly_Turner: RT @MrColleyStMarys: Check out my spreadsheet quiz SOW on @teach_ict http://bit.ly/i39ta9 #ictcurric
  • miss_luckygirl: I just took the "what kind of personality" quiz and got: funnnnn! Try it ➤ http://bit.ly/hG1gR5
  • FeehanPsych: Remember to get your anti-bullying forms signed! B&F: quiz tomorrow, Ning posts due by Friday! E: Quiz Wednesday, info posted on HW page.
  • JenDeLeon11: Yup! and it was just a random one before class was over RT @alpalthegalpal: what the.. quiz already?! didn't you just start, like.. today?
  • AudreysCat: RT @BrainBoxQuizzes: Yes it is possible to ask ten #quiz questions on #Belgium! http://bit.ly/gXUkzm
  • CBrayford: @TeamKaraTointon @opusgray great quiz question tonight - enjoyed it x
  • jo_lloyd: Off to the Tuesday night pub quiz! Hopefully do better than last week?
  • pranavbakliwal: @siddev18 I presume you're not participating in my footballers quiz tomorrow?
  • thegrammarnymph: @Being_Becca 40 mins late though? Sake. Could have been at a pub quiz!
  • WestlifeFansPH: QUIZ HAS BEEN PUBLISHED!! TAKE A LOOK AT IT NOW! http:///xtk1cfm7y5
  • hollyannaeree: are you a coffee drinker? check out this caffeine quiz and learn more >> http://lx.im/19YG5 - ad
  • _cheynabonita: @DaSmithKid15 don`t forget to do the #psych quiz ... it`s due by 5pm tomorrow
  • junioiveteiro: Took the "Qual novela vc é?" quiz & got: Celebridade! What about you? ➜ http://bit.ly/gLjhVT
  • emmahTW: Ok honestly I don't want to know if you've done a quiz it's great and all but I don't care... :L
  • MarkSoohoo: Thanks to @anubhavsethi @scarf_girl @shareb for being a great quiz night team @ #auhtweetup
  • prettyliddomiss: i have a quiz in my hoe ass night class .
  • onedirectionxo_: http:///3mupp - 1D quiz later on & pranks. xx
  • mesintoumaGoiab: Took the "Qual Super-Vilão você é?" quiz & got: Coringa! What'll you get? ➤ http://bit.ly/dVOMsR
  • miss_luckygirl: Took the "Which female Twilight character are you?" quiz & got: Esme Cullen! What about you? ➜ http://bit.ly/fQkhoX
  • marvinforte: Musical quiz fir the day. Who did you see live before they were famous or early in their career? #prefame
  • Hendrexx: Professor looks good but trippin ill still beat lol. RT @DomoDollars: RT @Hendrexx: A pop quiz tho ? Damn professor !!! --lmaooo
  • Palmiie09: Oooh well i failed dat quiz -_-
  • Ashanti_Lynn: Determined to make a 100 on this history vocab quiz
  • ericthefishking: @sharongooner : the motto of my Quiz team is: winning is good; drinking is better.
  • iJailbreakMyAss: Think you know one of the world's most recognizable car manufacturers? Find out in this Ultimate GM Quiz. http://lx.im/19YFV - ad
  • WestlifeFansPH: Westlife Quiz (Part 1) - Are you the ultimate Westlife fan? Do you have what it takes to become the ULTIMATE... http:///xtk1cfm7y5
  • LoganHumphrey: Teacher playing nickleback during a quiz. Seriously ticked off. #coolstorybro
  • ACool_Virgo: Hope he let us leave after the quiz
  • alpalthegalpal: @JenDeLeon11 what the.. quiz already?! didn't you just start, like.. today?
  • alibelle: So glad Eira found more work to do, would have collapsed at the quiz :/
  • ChayaVertz2999: @rosato69 This quiz was so easy, I'm shocked Troy Polamalu barely passed it. http://is.gd/iw4dI?=odm1
  • soberlane: Looking forward to this Mondays table quiz for the Edith Wilkins foundation, should be fun. Any good questions for it?
  • MathTeachSkip: 7th Grade: Inv. 2 Additional Practice WS, Study for the Quiz tomorrow.
  • MalloryOnTravel: @TheTrvlPrincess seems to be the normal format definitely should quiz them though
  • chellaquint: @caramarydaisy ace. Half five at winter garden. Off to the quiz now!
  • LegendoftheChin: My prof was not playing when he said the definitions on the quiz should be verbatim of what was on the website -_-
  • miss_fishburne: just left class. . . idk about that quiz grade. #iReallyHateMath
  • KoryKing07: So i got a quiz tomorrow at 8 to think it's on chapter one n I don't have a book or even looked at the one in the library
  • miss_luckygirl: Took the "What is your favorite type of boy?" quiz & got: Alexander Skarsgard! What about you? ➜ http://bit.ly/gmSYAl
  • paula_peli: Took the "Onde você vai se casar?" quiz & got: Londres, 3 de Fevereiro de 2020! What'll you get? ➤ http://bit.ly/gCOu2H
  • JPsWife1021: Damn so we do have a pop quiz today hopefully the stuffs easy
  • ManoloVintro: Late late late!! Ughhhhh n. Have a quiz today! :/
  • finbars: Our power is still out so we're calling it a night. Oh well. We'll be back tomorrow for Quiz Night!
  • WithLoveACW: People too old to not come to class just because they didn't prepare for a quiz
  • aaptakanaiya: @Macha_Power Heh, yea I did. You must know a LOT about Greek Mythology to conduct a quiz like that. How come?
  • TheLadyJess: That'll teach me to brag. Just got a 70% on my forebsic science quiz. Still a 91% for tge class. Was a 93. Pout.
  • stephyjay: RT @MichaelKors what kind of #valentine are you? Take our Facebook quiz and find out! http://ow.ly/3K2WL
  • nanynhaanne: I just took the "com que cantora vc se parece???" quiz and got: Katy Perry! Try it ➤ http://bit.ly/f2yci1
  • mizaru: Must remember to quiz the nursery girls about Dexter singing "Ee - I - Addio - The farmer's in his wife". Unless it's a modern version?
  • chellaquint: RT @SmallBlackCat: @TheVenns Loved the quiz at the Greystones last week. Will we be seeing you there again on Tues?
  • DANNYKG: so... we gotta quiz on Thursday in here... I guess...
  • mesintoumaGoiab: Took the "Você seduz ?" quiz & got: seduzcomvigor (66 '! What about you? ➜ http://bit.ly/eJTBZj
  • EatingTheWeek: Woot, I scored 20! RT @NutritionBlogs: Pop Quiz: Fruits and Veggies, from @HealthyEats http://nblo.gs/ds9HD
  • _joaquink9: 5th period ugh and we are taking a quiz
  • 1_DirectionSwag: @ZaynsNo1Fans I've got quite alot of tweets today because, I played those #QUIZ's (; x
  • emurph318: is becoming ever more increasingly frustrated with this forensic pathology "quiz"
  • ChayaVertz2999: @WizTaughtMEwell Polamalu didn't do so well on this quiz, think you can beat him? http://is.gd/iw4dI?=mte3
  • Spiderham: Pub quiz time. Need a team name, thinking something Andy Gray/Sian Massey related. Ideas?
  • timandtammy: Ok, here's another one.... The battery ____ ______ . [acabou a pilha/bateria] #inglês #quiz (answer in 5 min.)
  • JenDeLeon11: We just had to take a geo quiz for international reporting... She wanted all of us to get only one wrong. That didn't happen lol
  • billiber: Pretty sure I aced my child development quiz today. I seriously wish I could test out of that class because I think I could. Rude.
  • iHOlDTHE_Ki: finna study for this pathophysiology quiz before class starts
  • ChayaVertz2999: @MiniCakez This quiz was so easy, I'm shocked Troy Polamalu barely finished it. http://is.gd/iw4dI?=ndmz
  • MoNia_LiSa: Good nap.. Now time to prepare for my quiz...
  • Lisaa_Payne_X: RT @meg_1directionx: me and @sam_1D are doing another 1D quiz who will do it :)? xx
  • miss_luckygirl: I just took the "What Apple Product Are You?" quiz and got: Iphone 4! Try it ➤ http://bit.ly/fZY2bo
  • AbadeSP: RT @timandtammy: The power *went out* here today. [a força acabou] #inglês #quiz
  • paula_peli: Took the "O que você seria em uma banda ?" quiz & got: Vocal! What'll you get? ➤ http://bit.ly/dXS3tz
  • AbadeSP: RT @timandtammy: The power ____ _____ here today. [a força acabou] #inglês #quiz (answer in 5 min.)
  • Seamyoliver: @misguided_vicki yeah :') and then couldn't say organism and said orgasm instead.... and yeah and then have a class quiz? ;)
  • jocran: RT @mental_floss: Today's Quiz: The Early Names of Famous Bands — http://bit.ly/hWWdXI
  • AshleyValerio23: I just took the "What kind of Gypsy are you?" quiz and got: haha! You are cheev-rea material! ! Try it ➤ http://bit.ly/dS9VbN
  • I_Luv_Marvinn_H: RT @JLS_fan_93: Come on JLSters, get involved in @amino1fan 's JLS quiz!
  • miss_1direction: lets play the One Direction,Follow quiz!Basicly i give you questions about 1D,and the one to reply with the correct answer gets a follow ;)
  • Robscraft: @ScoreOttawa @tsnbobmckenzie pop quiz, so how many x senators does that make?

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