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  • Lonely Planet's Guide to Israel and the Palestinian Territories caters to the rabidly anti-Israel activist, providing a skewed view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and even offering up suggestions about anti-Israel activism. — “CAMERA: Lonely Planet, Guide to Bias”,
  • Rabidly Anti-Gay Fla . Election Results. Real-Time News. Crime. Obituaries. Local Sports Rabidly Anti-Gay Fla. Pastor's Bright Idea: 'Burn a Koran Day'. — “Rabidly Anti-Gay Fla. Pastor's Bright Idea: 'Burn a Koran Day”,
  • And five more with absolutely no love for the red, white and blue we're also picking out the 20 most rabidly patriotic games of all time. What do we mean by "rabid"? Besides the werewolf, of course? Well, these are the titles that take their (possibly genuine) love of country to almost. — “20 Most Rabidly Patriotic Games | GamesRadar”,
  • Definition of Rabidly in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Rabidly. Pronunciation of Rabidly. Translations of Rabidly. Rabidly synonyms, Rabidly antonyms. Information about Rabidly in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Rabidly - definition of Rabidly by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Julia Child, whose dry wit and skill as a chef popularized cooking shows on American television, has been accused in a $3-million lawsuit of being "rabidly homophobic."Child was named as a defendant. — “Julia Child 'Rabidly Homophobic,' Lawsuit Alleges - Los”,
  • Train For Me, It's You music CD album in stock at CD Universe, San Francisco-based outfit Train have garnered a rabidly devoted following with their easy, freewheeling sound, which combines catchy. — “Train For Me, It's You CD”,
  • Definition of rabidly in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is rabidly? Meaning of rabidly as a legal term. What does rabidly mean in law?. — “rabidly legal definition of rabidly. rabidly synonyms by the”, legal-
  • This is a classical example of cutting off your nose to spite your face. While the rabidly anti-smoking clans have won in the battle of smoking on , Debbie Johnson While the rabidly "anti-smoking" clans have won in the battle of smoking on airlines, they have endangered their precious health. — “Smoking on airplanes banned, yet problems persist - by Debbie”,
  • Whites are rabidly racist because everyone is – they are just higher in numbers. If a white SEIU person had said that blacks were rabidly racist, what then?. — “Breitbart.tv " SEIU Executive VP: White Union Members Are So”, breitbart.tv
  • [edit] Adverb. rabidly. In a rabid manner. [edit] Translations. in a rabid manner. French: Retrieved from "http:///wiki/rabidly" Category: English adverbs. Personal tools. Log in / create account. — “rabidly - Wiktionary”,
  • Rabidly Random Musings Usings Random Thoughts Facts Information and Random Info Random Main Menu. Alternative Medicine Institute India is an Alternative Medicine School of Health Care with Diploma courses in CAM and a Hospital for Alternative Medicines in India. — “Rabidly Random Musings Usings Random Thoughts Facts”,
  • Rab·id·ly adv. (r ă b' ĭ d*l y̆ ) In a rabid manner; with extreme Related Videos: rabidly. Top. Click to Play. Robert Skidelsky on Recent Economy Changes. — “rabidly: Information from ”,
  • Rabidly. Learn about Rabidly on . Get information and videos on Rabidly including articles on coincidence, nutin, enthusiastic and more!. — “Rabidly | Answerbag”,
  • Starring Bob Hoskins, Helen Mirren, Dave King. Director, John Mackenzie. John Mackenzie's rabidly engaging, complex gangster film concerns a dominant English John Mackenzie's rabidly engaging, complex gangster film concerns a dominant English racketeer, Harold (Bob Hoskins), who is. — “The Long Good Friday (1979) DVD | LOVEFiLM”,
  • exflatlander: I doubt there are "hundreds of millions" of rabidly furious. http:///social/exflatlander/al-qaeda-bomb-plans "I doubt there are "hundreds of millions" of rabidly furious Muslims worldwide. — “exflatlander: I doubt there are "hundreds of millions" of”,
  • Rabidly definition, irrationally extreme in opinion or practice: See more. — “Rabidly | Define Rabidly at ”,
  • BITE THE BULLET; GEEKS THAT LIKE GUNS: As A Rabidly Anti-gun Executive Takes His Oath Of Office - a discussion on Care2.com. — “As A Rabidly Anti-gun Executive Takes His Oath Of Office”, care2.com
  • Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?)  .the very last thread on usenet will be an argument about "vinyl -vs- digital". People will be rabidly typing away as the Earth is cr. — “When the earth is destroyed by intergalactic apocalypse”,
  • The U.S. Chamber's rabidly partisan tone and top-down control are turning off some local chambers that do not want to be affiliated with right-wing politics. — “Local Chapters Revolt as U.S. Chamber of Commerce Tries to”,
  • Definition of rabidly from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of rabidly. Pronunciation of rabidly. Definition of the word rabidly. Origin of the word rabidly. — “rabidly - Definition of rabidly at ”,

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  • Rabidly thirsty We were on the porch watching it rain and our dog Abbey not only enjoys playing in the rain but apparently enjoys drinking it in creative ways!
  • Mario Rabidly Randomness World - Practice Stage This is the practice stage of a SMW Romhack that I am doing with a partner. This stage is hard to die in, unless the player enjoys making careless mistakes. TAS'd (sort of)
  • Kassy & Eric's Rabidly Blessed Time Together Dance Mix Part Three Finally!
  • Radůza : Macabre Valse One of brand new songs from great talent of Czech chanson - folk music Radůza, playing acordeon and many other instruments. Lyrics,music , singing : Radůza. Soon I start to add English translation to Radůza´s songs: it´s necessary because they are wonderful! I thought it was not possible to be better than formerly: but she really IS more and more amazing ! Když zaduly žestě Když kapelník notu vzal na „makábr walz a můj tanečník mne v pase chyt a zmáčk´ více než se patří díky můj příteli, že´s odvahu vzal se mnou hledět vstříc tomu, co málokdo spatří. Když můj tanečník posté se mnou obkroužil sál a mně došel dech i naděje a part přebraly smyčce dík tobě nepříteli, žes krev mi z žil sál touha setřást tě mi pomohla uniknout smyčce. Jen harmonikou zaštěkej vztekle jak čubka, dokud ti sama neřeknu zastav se, halt! Vyrvi mi bolest z žaludku, z páteře z pupka, ať vítr veme ji jak prach z kladenskejch hald Když zaduly žestě, az nich nejvíc tuby a ty mlčel jsi a já slyšela jen ten prokletej valčík, odpust mi, bože můj, co vyšlo mi z huby, teď vím, je to čest, že nechal´s mne samotnou válčit. Jen harmonikou zaštěkej vztekle jak čubka, dokud ti sama neřeknu zastav se, halt! Vyrvi mi bolest z žaludku, z páteře z pupka, ať vítr veme ji jak prach z kladenskejch hald Když zahřměly činely a tympánů kotle a můj tanečník chechtal se, až praštěla mu čelist díky můj miláčku žes nečekal zkrotle řek´s osud můj je i můj, spolu budem mu čelit Jen harmonikou zaštěkej vztekle jak čubka, ať se to ...
  • I Got A Right To Sing The Blues (Epiphany day 33) I'm fortunate to be gifted with so many musical colleagues. I get to work with people who are supreme artists, though they may never reach national recognition. Recently, I found myself in the company of singer George Staley, saxophonist Rich Oppenheim, 7-string guitarist Polly Harrison, and drummer Kyle Keener. That combination of people had never played together before, and we haven't since, but that night we threw down some nice jazz for a rabidly appreciative audience. During just about every new moment in this piece, I was thinking, "Yeaahhhhhh." ______ To find out more about "Epiphany: 50 Days, 50 Songs," check out my website at ______
  • Mark Russell Post-1996 Election Special (1/3) It is the day after the 1996 November Presidential election. Mark jokes about the Clinton/Indonesian fundraising issue & Bob Dole's dour demeanor. He also expresses sympathy for Senator Larry Pressler who lost his bid for re-election to the Senate. (Pressler was rabidly against funding for PBS.)
  • I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead As part of my huge Weird Al spree I've been on lately, here is my first non-AMV music video! The song is "I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead" and the clips are of me and my family and friends! (I'm the crazy, curly-haired brunette that leaps in front of the camera at some point and rabidly hugs that blonde girl. XD) Oh, and please forgive the random black gaps towards the end... I have no idea what happened. I guess some sort of technical problem that I didn't notice. ^_^;; Sorry~!
  • C-SPAN gets smarmy about the subject of 9/11 Truth C-SPAN gets smarmy about the subject of 9/11 Truth America 20xy 5/16/10 By Andrew Steele C-SPAN touts itself as being a public service. Its morning show Washington Journal is often hailed as an open forum in which callers can ask questions of the guests, (who are usually public officials, journalists, or policy experts) free of the obvious spin with which the big networks like Fox, MSNBC, and CNN often mutilate discussion of the news. At first glance Washington Journal seems different than the shows on mainstream networks, since there are no screaming pundits or fancy graphics to distract the eye, and the interviews with guests go on much longer. But like the mainstream networks, the mention of certain subjects are rabidly discouraged and those who bring them up are rudely smeared by the hosts (more so now than ever before), often getting marginalized after the caller is dropped from the line. Such was the case on May 14th when former military officer, author, and terrorism investigator Michael Sheehan was a guest on the show. In the video below various callers with questions about the deadliest events in recent American history, (with the exception of the wars that followed in which 9/11 was pushed as the justification) are given the establishment treatment by host Peter Slen, who attempts to stifle discussion of the issues, openly regarding these callers with smarmy distain despite the mainstream sources they mention. The first call is about the Oklahoma City bombing ...
  • They're Already At It... www.govtrack.us Yes folks, the 111th congress, only in office for one week, is already showing their unconstitutional stripes. Spread this information! Favorite, feature, make your own vid about this, I don't care! Illinois Representative Bobby Rush has proposed a draconian federal gun registration bill that would make outright confiscation very easy to implement. Clearly this is just step A. To all those living in swing states, have a republican representative, or a moderate/conservative democrat representative better move on this double time! Unfortunately, it would simply be a waste of energy for myself, as I have rabidly gun-hating senators and a rabidly gun-hating representative... ***It's rather ironic that one of the links is to Hannity's forums, who I absolutely despise...lol, but hey, if it gets it out there...***
  • Man Protests Obama, Gets Snatched by Cops as Obamanoids Cheer Editors note: No doubt the following incident will be grist for Chris Matthews mill later this evening. Chris will ask if the man was a racist and his guests will chime in that he is indeed a racist, even though the mans remonstration was about government mandated health care (Obamacare at gunpoint) and abortion. At a health care rally at a Maryland university, a protester began shouting, prompting boos and President Obama to pause. The man apparently yelled Obama youre a liar. Obama, your health care kills children. Abortion is murder. The man was promptly removed by police, much to the joy of rabidly cheering Obamanoids, who feverishly demanded the man be carted off for having the temerity to challenge Der Fuhrer. Watch as the guy is being led up the stairs, an Obamanoid stood on the left spits on him but the cop sees it and carts him off too.
  • White People Welcome at Trinity United Church of Christ The media portrays a rabidly-racist black separatist church where white people are unwelcome. The media doesn't point out that the church is part of a white organization/denomination. And that the church welcomes white members. Check Out: /TRINITYCHGO For raw video - see the video to which we responded.
  • Gerry Hudson: White Workers Are So F**king Rabidly Racist "Labor, the Left and Progressives in the Obama Era" Panel held at Georgetown University on April 6, 2010. Featured Chris Hayes, Harold Meyerson, Liz Shuler, Gerry Hudson, Michael Kazin, Joseph McCartin and Barbara Ehrenreich. "...On white workers, I think we got some real problems. I spent a lot of time in Wisconsin and places like that where I have heard some of the most anti-immigrant sentiments around. It's also, and this is where you get the black workers first, it's so f**king rabidly racist, til black people get scared..." Full video at C-Span: www.c- - Unlocking the covert side of US and Global politics
  • STATISTICAL EVIDENCE OF CULT BRAINWASHING BEING USED ON FOX NEWS AUDIENCE Ever wonder why FOX NOISE Republicans seem so rabidly and inflexibly committed to non-reality? Soviet-style disinformation a/k/a in religious circles; cult style brainwashing used at FOX NOISE
  • Dan Savage Slams GOProud! Dan Savage: "GOProud isn't a pro-gay rights organization, they're an organization of gay quislings & useful idiots that help to window-dress the republican party which is really still rabidly anti-gay to it's core. It's a little window dressing, a little gay window dressing, that allows them to appeal to moderates perhaps & independents as being less bigoted than the republican party actually is."
  • More DMCA abuse, and KassieDill2 suspension My e-mail to Editor: congratulations for making Kassie Dill a martyr. WILL you EVER learn!?? WHY are people getting away with censoring others on your site? I have had the misfortune of coming across Kassie Dill and her rabidly homophobic and other bigoted messages on her kassiedill2 channel. But now what do we do? We can now, apparently, no longer refer to something kassiedill2 said, and point out how retarded it really is. Why not? Because, apparently, Kassie Dill is saying things that are Verboten. And even us repeating it in order to show why what she is saying is so fundamentally WRONG will, I guess, open our accounts up for flags and other punitive measures. What does this achieve? Well, Kassie is already starting to present herself as The Martyr on her HearTheDill channel. And you know what? She can say whatever she likes, make the most outrageous claims about how badly she has been treated, and we cannot even point at her kassiedill2 channel to show anybody who may be in doubt what Kassie was REALLY saying. And do NOT respond to this information, PLEASE, by suspending her new channel. The damage is bad enough as it is. By banning her, all you achieve is that her message takes on the sickly glow of controversy, the allure that this is something worth listening to. And all it achieves is that the message is forced underground where it will continue to fester, but now out of sight and out of mind, until one day it erupts covering society with the pus of years of ...
  • ROB SIVULKA EXPOSES RABIDLY RACIST BRIGHAM YOUNG QUOTE f another "anti Mormon" quote that goes right back to the mouth of Brigham Young! MORmON Inc. / LDS Inc. is the foremost formally racist organization in US history. See the video: the KKK and the other clan
  • VOTOMS (PS2) - Fourth Level This is the big battle on Quent and the Rabidly Dog is just plain godly in terms of its raw firepower. You can buy it here: www.play-
  • Do You Want America to Succeed? Do You Want America to Succeed ... or is the personal success of O'bambi more important? Democrats always manage to frame a conversation in such a way as to maximally devolve political discourse. Here, by personalizing the national interest -- "Do you want Obama to succeed?" Controlling 99% of all media, Democrats get away with just about anything. They're not merely "biased"; they're rabidly devout, and have established an effective gag order against the opposition. "Putting Money Where Mouths Are: Media Donations Favor DEMs 100-1" Take a moment to ponder that. EVERYTHING you know of the world around you, aside from that of your private life, is filtered through the totalitarian ideologues who hide under the false title of Liberal; through those so rabidly devout to their rancid political theology that they are willing to let their own industries die, eg, NY Times, MSNBC, and Air America, in order to proselytize their gospel and spread their agitprop. Who chose the Republican presidential candidate -- you or the NY Times? You or those who puffed him up as "The Maverick", as long as he was authoring liberal-loved legislation (McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, McCain-Leiberman)? *********************** Live Free or Owned ***********************
  • Country Folks Livin' Loud exclusive Fan video - TLTs official Scavenger HUNT! Click Here!! Please read entirely: JOIN the ScavengerHunt by answering questions from our CountryFolks' exclusive fan video. (THEN, send your answers in message form to our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Myspace pages.) Several clips throughout the video hold clues to the questions seen below. Use your friends, co-workers, relatives, whoever, to help you out. Enter to Win weekly prizes: Meet & Greet passes, merchandise, & personalized pictures from the band. By answering ALL questions correctly, you will be entered into a drawing to win these prizes. Remember, Send your answers in message form to our Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace pages. Every Friday a weekly winner will be chosen and notified by The Lost Trailers. Represent your hometown, school, or group of friends and Happy hunting from Ryder, Stokes, Potter, Manny & Drew!! 1) What football (professional Sports) team is rabidly represented in the first clip? 2) What car is Andrew driving in Hollywood? 3) What American Idol star sitting directly next to Kenny Chesney? 4) Who is between Jake Owen and Chuck Wicks? 5) What color dress is Carrie Underwood wearing? 6) What is the caveman holding? 7) Which member of the band drives a red Convertible? 8) What famous movie is Drew re-enacting in Iowa? 9) What color hat is the man proposing in? 10) What famous NASCAR driver is in the video? 11) What member of the band is crowdsurfing? 12) What band member of the band climbs stage scaffolding? 13) What color is the seat of the farmers tractor ...
  • Rabidly Hungry Squirrel This squirrel was freaking out the tourists a bit begging for food.
  • VOTOMS (PS2) - Final Level This is the final level in the main story and it's a bit tricky, not only for the fact that you have to survive two areas prior to the boss fight. You can buy it here: www.play-
  • Comedy Show Jay Hind! Episode 128 : Banned Comedy (telecast date 18th November, 2010) In this controversial episode - we explore why things get banned and who bans them. With a lovely song on the theme at the end called The Ban Man. Plus Sumeet compares the regime of Shashank Manohar with Lalit Modi. More fun surely then next year's IPL. Then with the help of our ultimate in-house gadget The Time Machine - Jay Hind! proves definitely that it is actually Hollywood which copies Bollywood rabidly. Next is the controversial interview of Rohinton Mistry and the man who wanted his book banned - both at the same time with hilarious results. And finally in LNN - Watch Laid Nigh News and Barakh Dutta as they bring you the amazing story of a Delhi Boy who didn't use an abusive word for a full 3 hours at a stretch. Shocking!!!! Enjoy now & follow us ontwitter for 24 hrs Live reaction to News around the world. Non - Stop Humor Segment 1: Comedy Show Jay Hind! 2011 IPL Preview Jay Hind! Episode 128 : Segment 1 - How boring will the 2011 IPl be? Sumeet compares the regime of Shashank Manohar with Lalit Modi. More fun surely then next year's IPL. Keep laughing & follow us on twitter for 24 hrs Live reaction to News around the world. Non - Stop Humor Segment 2 : Comedy Show Jay Hind! Time Machine Proves Hollywood Copies Bollywood Jay Hind! Episode 128 : Segment 2 - Sumeet, with the help of our ultimate in-house gadget The Time Machine - proves definitely that it is actually Hollywood which copies Bollywood ...
  • Phil Ward: Stupid Rabidly liberal song recorded March 24, 2008 at the ComedySportz Theatre, Hollywood. Since the presidential election of November 2008, I have not felt the need to perform this one.
  • Tea Party's Most Offensive & Racist Signs Some say racist Tea Party signs are all staged by liberals hoping to make the Tea Party look bad...could that be true? Or is the Tea Party actually racist? Midweek Politics with David Pakman is a nationally syndicated talk radio and program. 24/7 Voicemail Line: (219)-2DAVIDP http
  • Miami Heat 2010-11 Championship Season?! - Bandwagon Fan Looks For Lebron, Wade and Bosh! Thanks for Subscribing!! Alvaro Fanfarrón is back boasting and bragging about his hometown Miami Heat, whom he cheers for rabidly. Unfortunately Alvaro isn't very sports knowledgeable and needs YOUR help to find his beloved El Bran Jain (how he calls LeBron James). He's looking all over Miami -- from Opa Locka to South Beach and still can't find Pat Riley and Dwyane Wade. Although he's sure that the Miami Heat will win the Super Bowl he doesn't know where they play. OFFICIAL LULU COMEDY WEBSITE COMING SOON Watch and see as Alvaro shows off his "El Bron #6" Jersey and laugh as he mispronounces names by saying "Duein Wei & Cri Boch" Please Subscribe, Rate and Comment. Also share this video with all of your friends and family! MUSIC - "Back on Track" by Kevin MacLeod
  • Rabidly Sane Rants of a Madman, Ep. I - Turn Signals and Open Water 'Pilot' blog where I gripe and rant about people not using their turn signals, movies such as Open Water and P2
  • Police Brutality in Pittsburgh after the G20 In what was possibly the most surreal, horrific, and unimaginable thing I have ever witnessed in my life, 1200 Riot Police and Military Personal rabidly attacked a group of well under 300 American citizens, many of them just students that were unaware there was even a protest going on. They then expanded their perimeter and shut large areas of Oakland down. This is how my last experience at the G20 in Pittsburgh went down, out of control authorities mercilessly attacking an unarmed crowd with batons, tear gas, pepper spray, sound weapons, and rubber bullets. Around 10pm on Friday night, long after the vast majority of dignitaries and protesters had left, it became evident that the outrageous show of force by the Military and Police was not enough to stave off their thirst for blood. Full story at
  • [HD] Super Junior - No Other (Pt. 2) @ SMTown Live '10 World Tour in LA DISCLAIMER: Super Junior and SM Town World Tour and everything else that has to do with the tour DOES NOT belong to me! They belong to SMENT! I would absolutely adore you if you viewed this video in 720p HD. ;3 I REALLY disliked the two girls in front of me who were practically hitting my camera as they kept rabidly jerking their balloons and light sticks! The camera is SO unsteady that I couldn't get Eunhyuk and Shindong's rapping parts. D: SuJu HWAITING! Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX1
  • SEIU Executive VP on White Anti-immigrant Sentiment 'so 'f ing rabidly racist'
  • Metal Assault Game Modes Game Modes in Metal Assault: • Battle Mode -- Battle head-to-head on teams of up to 8 players for frenzied PvP action! Battle Mode variants include Deathmatch, Free Battle, Practice Mode and Capture the Camp. • Mission Mode -- Complete solo PvE quests or invite other players to help you uncover the truth surrounding a mysterious underground military lab explosion in the City of Herz. • Co-Op Mode -- Join your friends for a variety of PvE objective-based maps. Team up to take out dangerous enemy troops and a never-ending onslaught of cranium-craving zombies. • Zombie Infection! -- Infection is a fast-paced Co-Op Mode variant. Save your friends from hungry undead giants... unless YOU are the infected player. Then use your blood-thirsty zombie powers to rabidly convert all other players into zombies for victory. To find out more about Metal Assault and to sign up for the Closed Beta, please visit: . MA Facebook follow MA on twitter:
  • Religious Bigotry on the Internet: Hatred of Muslims An expose of : A rabidly Islamophobic website that speaks favorably on the mass murder of Muslims.
  • 29 Rabidly Clean P9150190 copy.AVI
  • Family Leader Network - Save the Family Passing marriage protection amendments in California, Arizona, and Florida will help save and secure the family for future generations.
  • Pat Robertson on Haiti's "Pact to the Devil" - Rachel Maddow Rachel replays Rev. Pat Robertson's delusions about Haiti, 9/11, Katrina, & Ariel Sharon. Duhh??? From MSNBC &
  • Flashlight Attack!!! Prince Charming rabidly chases a flashlight.
  • KrisAllenHK: RT @Artistsupporter: Twitter has become a megaphone for spouting insults about celebrities who they know have rabidly loyal fans to generate publicity. Classy.
  • mermaidpants: @talekyn I bet he's not even real! I also rabidly buy anything with Ellen Datlow's name on it.
  • surlymonkey: @cheaterssuck91 @mysterious67 @glaring4 Honestly, she is rabidly obsessed with hating others as she hates herself. Pathetic.
  • cheaterssuck91: @mysterious67 @surlymonkey @glaring4 their is a fine line between being a fan and being rabidly obsessed about a celeb
  • stormyserene: RT @NihilDeNada: The more wrong the rabid Right is, the more rabidly they insist they are right.
  • NihilDeNada: The more wrong the rabid Right is, the more rabidly they insist they are right.
  • LarryButtrose: The killing of #binladen not very New Testament for a rabidly Christian US. In fact in the same Old Testament vein as 9/11 itself.
  • Atmosphir_Zabur: The last line: It’s like people rabidly supporting different football teams whilst ignoring the fact that everyone is playing the same game.
  • Glam932: RT @Artistsupporter: Twitter has become a megaphone for spouting insults about celebrities who they know have rabidly loyal fans to generate publicity. Classy.
  • xLissaLove: RT @Artistsupporter: Twitter has become a megaphone for spouting insults about celebrities who they know have rabidly loyal fans to generate publicity. Classy.
  • Artistsupporter: Twitter has become a megaphone for spouting insults about celebrities who they know have rabidly loyal fans to generate publicity. Classy.
  • Litzwich: @CRUMP I've been rabidly tweeting about #bacon, only to review your recent tweets and see the #bacon hash tag. Does this mean we're in love?
  • cripesonfriday: Barry Manilow is on The One Show, he is rabidly PR voting, says AV is a good start to "fan the flames to burn us a permanent revolution"
  • Leischa: I am not sure it's a good thing that Obama has managed to appease the rabidly insane faction of US politics. #OBL
  • StonewallBTH: Bin Laden killed. Toga party breaks out on Pennsylvania avenue. Are we so savage as to rabidly celebrate such an event?
  • hopbin: If moderates want the alternative to rabidly right-wing Tories with their disingenuous PM , vote AV. Labour needs LibDems despite Clegg.
  • Last_Clarion: Seek not foreign policy advice from EU, they R rabidly communal & racist people, living in tiny homes, tiny (cont) http://tl.gd/a7sc37
  • AkhbarRakyat: Why evil must be opposed — Ali Kadir: MAY 3 — According to the rabidly anti-Malaysian Malay press, evil personif... http://bit.ly/iDCyxj
  • oratioimperata: @TVPatrol Ces Drilon of ABS-CBN, she sits in the board of a rabidly pro- #rhbill group? Is it a surprise that she's partial to #rhbill?
  • Optimisticaly: @Rezhasan @Ipsita_Shome Before Mullah Omar and Hafiz Saeed I think the Americans could be zeroing in on Hamid Gul now. He is talking rabidly
  • PhilipStl: @LiberalJohn34 so naturally, my cohorts here are mostly rabidly liberal. They vote and participated in the Wisconsin union protests for...
  • GigawattConduit: @MrTooFresh at the very least, I expect a bunch of screaming rabidly.
  • MarxDudek: @BiffPendragon You can hold a rabidly tenacious point of view without injecting deliberate and intentional falsehoods.
  • kaesun: Does anyone else wonder why the vultures beat the war drum so rabidly?
  • venkateshkm: @thinkerspad the bipartisan reaction in US ( from rabidly anti-obama sections of GOP) lends credibility. but lets wait before we believe
  • UAEArte: RT @alexandermcnabb: Had a brilliant time shouting rabidly at @UAEArte peeps this morning! :)
  • joeljoshuagoh: RT @icedkappa: @joeljoshuagoh ...did not think you "attacked" her, as her fans rabidly said, btw.
  • icedkappa: @joeljoshuagoh ...did not think you "attacked" her, as her fans rabidly said, btw.
  • alexandermcnabb: Had a brilliant time shouting rabidly at @UAEArte peeps this morning! :)
  • mountainous: @ArcherMishale Fox Network is rabidly anti-Obama I'm actually not sure if it was accidental ;)
  • lizzbdotcom: RT @Jen_Boyles: CNN keeps showing rabidly patriotic crowds in DC. I wanna see what NY's up to.
  • Jen_Boyles: CNN keeps showing rabidly patriotic crowds in DC. I wanna see what NY's up to.
  • burgerfoot: I'm missing Carrie Underwood, but my dogs are barkin' rabidly and I'm ready for a loooong shower. Goodbye, Stagecoach! You were awesome :) $
  • Nightwyrm: Dammit, my fellow Whovians at work haven't seen ep 2 yet. I haz no-one to rabidly talk to about *that* ending.
  • iFEELBAKE: @I_Am_A_Chef you just dont. you gramattically dont. emphatically dont. haphazardly dont. tragically dont. rabidly dont. savagely dont.
  • shewhowrotethis: @dwcbubba @addthis They get away with being the party that fought rabidly FOR segregation well into the 60's. Now they are morality police.
  • SupriyaBakht: @mirza9 It's United. It's never in the bag till the Fat Fergie stops rabidly chewing his gum. #ARSENAL
  • Lata_MV: @Saffronizer Is he the same Owaisi 'sahab' who comes on NDTV chat programmes and is rabidly anti BJP n Modi?
  • sphares: Missouri puppy mills (to continue my thought) are big business at it's worst. Small, rabidly vocal special interests that use disinformation
  • thighvoltage: Rabidly writing and rewriting lineups... this was supposed to be my derby free day!
  • SueBee0619: @jodadsobad @assweetcheeks Now I'm just pissed. Not just anti, rabidly so. UGH - I need something good to read because that just... UGH
  • gentoolinuxgeek: @Warehouse13 Rabidly waiting for more Warehouse 13.
  • kellijo75: Well as a newly minted not true race fan I'm rabidly loyal and won't miss a race for anything so I guess that's me A bad fan with an opinion
  • juhasaarinen: @TidgeH You'll enjoy it... KL isn't as rabidly muslim as the northern parts so as long as you can cope with the heat, it'll be great.
  • sonjafitz: @chilpark does he have a kindle? if not, is he rabidly anti-kindle? say hi from me! i sporadically email Simon but i'm a lame penpal...
  • RocknArt317: "I hate all sports as rabidly as a person who likes sports hates common sense." --H. L. Mencken <My point, exactly lol
  • sarasophia: totally in love with @freshlypicked today. rabidly. see? http:///
  • gallupsue: obama turns to center, but he puts ppl in his admin that r far left: rabidly pro-union, pro-environmental, anti-business #ecomony #Obama
  • sulia_syria: RT @BSyria: After 40 yrs of Baath, a rabidly secular Arab nationalist party, ppl still fear sectarianism. WTF was the party doing all these yrs? #Syria
  • BSyria: After 40 yrs of Baath, a rabidly secular Arab nationalist party, ppl still fear sectarianism. WTF was the party doing all these yrs? #Syria
  • xdoomx: @pilotician I'm here and following you rabidly Pilot!!!
  • mysterious67: Just what I'd want for my kids...time at a nice pool with all the surrounding adults rabidly tweeting......."Bonus Mom" Award.
  • Frantic_Ruby: Coordinators are NOT lame! If anything it's dirty Pokemon that rabidly rip at each other for hours that's lame. Pokemon should be pretty!

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