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  • RaceCard, approved by Jesse Jackson. According to white people, the Race Card is a foolproof way for niggers to get away with anything. It is a well known fact that EVERY time a whitey doesn't like a black it is due to racism, and the insult will never be forgotten. — “Race Card - Encyclopedia Dramatica”,
  • Learn about the information a racecard displays and how a racecard can help you place a more informed bet during your next trip to the track. — “Racecard at ”,
  • Thanks to the race card we can make an informed bet. Learn how to use a horse race card at Race-. — “Race Card”, race-
  • RaceCard Facebook Group. Download your RaceCards. Refresh Creative Media. — “RaceCard”, racecard.co.za
  • For the horse racing term, see racecard. This article needs additional citations for Playing the race card is an idiomatic phrase that refers to the act. — “Race card - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun racecard has one meaning: Meaning #1 : a program for a race. — “racecard: Information from ”,
  • All information on these pages is © Copyright TAB KZN 2010. Previous update : 25 November 2010. Online Racecards. International. Thursday, 25 November 2010. Meydan. Summary (180K) Echuca. Summary (167K) Pinjarra. Summary (121K) Newbury. Summary (155K) Computaform (425K) TabForm (222K) Penrith. — “TAB KZN - Online Racecard”, tabgold.co.za
  • Definition of race card in the Idioms Dictionary. race card phrase. What does race card expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. — “race card - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Listen to live and archived race card talk radio podcasts on Blog Talk Radio - the leading talk radio network. — “race card talk radio podcast”,
  • Macmillan: The Race Card: How Bluffing About Bias Makes Race Relations Worse Richard Thompson Ford: Bonus Publisher Materials: Excerpt, Praise, Author Biography, Audio. — “THE-RACE-”, the-race-
  • Race Card. Learn about Race Card on . Get information and videos on Race Card including articles on distraction, obama, paper currency and more!. — “Race Card | Answerbag”,
  • Definition of racecard in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of racecard. Pronunciation of racecard. Translations of racecard. racecard synonyms, racecard antonyms. Information about racecard in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “racecard - definition of racecard by the Free Online”,
  • Larry Wilmore uses the race card to defend Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters. Airdate - 08/05/10. — “Race Card Is Maxed Out - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 08”,
  • JUNE 8--Facing trial in a bizarre tax avoidance scheme, actor Wesley Snipes claims that prosecutors used race as a factor in deciding to charge him with failure to file six years worth of IRS returns. In a motion to dismiss an eight-count. — “Wesley Snipes Plays Race Card | The Smoking Gun”,
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  • Race Card Band Official Website. Features MP3 downloads, a photo gallery, e-mail list, merchandise, multimedia and reviews. Band members, Tahir Jahi, Damian Hagger,. — “Race Card Band Official Website”,
  • new ice cube street single - february 23 2006. — “YouTube - ice cube - race card”,
  • The Complete Cyber Guide to Horse Racing in Malaysia and Singapore. HOME | News | Race Card | Entries | Results | Tables | Information | Stipe's Report | Subscribe. PERAK TURF CLUB NOVEMBER (CORONATION CUP/GOLD VASE) MEETING - Fourth Day (21/11/2010). — “Fairway's Turf Online”,
  • From NBC's Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Domenico MontanaroEarlier this morning, McCain campaign manager Rick Davis released this one-sentence statement: "Barack Obama has played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck. It's. — “First Read - McCain camp: Obama playing race card”,
  • Listen to and buy Race Card music on CD Baby. Download or buy the CD Race Card by Race Card on the independent record store by musicians for musicians. — “Race Card | Race Card | CD Baby”,
  • race card (plural race cards) The invocation of a person's race in a discussion in order to score points in that discussion. A listing of all horses to be run in a horse race. [edit] Translations. the invocation of a person's race in a discussion in order to score points. — “race card - Wiktionary”,

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  • Oprah rips hillary gender card (race card, too) "And now, we are free. We are free. We are free for the first time, to take advantage of all the rights and privileges of American citizenship. We struggled so long with you. We are free to vote our minds and our hearts. We are free. We are free to be led by our hearts. We are free from the prescriptions of gender and race. And for the first time, we can just vote as we believe. We can vote as we believe. And we can do that because that is what the struggle was for. That was what the struggle was for." Excerpt Oprah Winfrey Obama Rally at UCLA February 3, 2008 Legendary novelist and editor Toni Morrison's endorsement of Barack Obama is obviously not significant for her ability to move voters at the polls, which is not proven and probably not likely to be proven. But given her perceived attachment to the Clintons—Bill, she famously once called America's first black president; and Hillary she has been close to in the past—we thought it worth printing in full the letter of endorsement she sent to the Illinois senator, as released by the Obama campaign: Dear Senator Obama, This letter represents a first for me--a public endorsement of a Presidential candidate. I feel driven to let you know why I am writing it. One reason is it may help gather other supporters; another is that this is one of those singular moments that nations ignore at their peril. I will not rehearse the multiple crises facing us, but of one thing I am certain: this opportunity for a national evolution (even ...
  • PLAYING THE RACE CARD 101 October 21, 2010 MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show
  • Mccain escalates dirty attacks, 'Race Card' accusation - shows comtempt for Obama "I have great admiration and respect for Senator Obama." If so, McCain has a funny way of showing it. All we've seen and heard from him for the last month is a string of personal attacks, culminating in yesterday's ad smearing Obama as "the biggest celebrity in the world." He's just another famous, pretty face, in other words, and not ready for the presidency. True? No. Childish? Yes. But that's not all. This ad is also deliberately and deceptively racist. Of all the famous celebrities they could have compared Obama to, why not Tom Cruise? Or Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Donald Trump, or Oprah Winfrey? Why Britney Spears and Paris Hilton? Why two white blond bimbos? McCain campaign has been pushing for the last few weeks that Obama is presumptuous, arrogant and well ... just a bit uppity. Ron Fournier picked the ball up early in his reporting for the AP. And John King was pushing it over the weekend on CNN. Is it arrogant or above Obama's station for him to meet with the Chairman of the Federal Reserve? If I'm not mistaken he is a sitting United States senator and also the presidential candidate of the Democratic party. Such meetings are actually the norm. Now, I note that the Post, which has generally been in McCain's camp, has a front page story today that comes about as close as they feel able to confirming that McCain campaign and McCain personally have spent most of the last week peddling what they knew was a lie about Obama's called-off trip to ...
  • Slacker PI Episode 2 - "The Race Card" Wyatt agrees to help Amanda, the girl of his dreams, confront her racist neighbor. Derringer convinces Wyatt that going undercover is the only way to help.
  • Bill Clinton and "The Race Card" April 21-22, 2008
  • Playing the Race Card; Is it racist to criticize Obama? Here's my take on the people who say that it is racist to criticize Obama.
  • Kill the RACE CARD Part 2 - Rev. Wayne Perryman spoke about the revised history in our nation, where the truth is politically incorrect and where the race card is played without shame. Here is a related article that challenges the true source of racism. It's titled, 'Reparations - What the Democrats owe':
  • McCain: Obama Race Card Accusation Is "Legitimate" John McCain, July 31, 2008
  • Mccain plays the 'Race Card' card, slams civil rights leader John Lewis The ugliness of the last week replaces one watershed in American politics with another. Until now, the big question of the election was this: Would a majority of American voters vote for a black man named Barack Obama? That question has now been replaced by another: Will a minority of Americans accept a majority vote for a black man named Barack Obama? Polls show that McCain and Palin's attacks on Obama are pushing undecided voters to Obama, and perhaps even pushing away some who previously considered themselves "decided" for McCain. I am not suggesting, as some have, that the election is "over." I have lived through far too much politics to be that naive. But with red states from North Dakota to North Carolina teetering between pink and blue on pollsters' maps, my attention cannot help but be drawn to the toxic brew that is forming from an equal mixture of the top-down politics of the McCain/Palin campaign and gutter-up politics of their most devoted followers. With all the focus on Bill Ayers, it is a good time to remember that the worst domestic terrorist attack in American history was committed not by 1960s radicals in Chicago but 1990s militia members in Oklahoma City. The militia movement of the Clinton years was never dismantled by legal authorities. Some of their members stepped back from the horror of Oklahoma City, but what finally drove them from the political scene was the election of GW. You just couldn't get any political traction ranting about an imagined ...
  • NewsBusted 10/7/08 Topics in today's show: --Early voting begins in elections --Chris Matthews accuses Sarah Palin of being a "dolt" --Al Gore encourages civil disobedience against coal plant construction --Nicole Kidman named most overpaid celeb --New Jersey Hall of Fame opensStarring: Jodi Miller Director: Bruce Roundtower Executive Producer: Matthew Sheffield NewsBusted is a comedy webcast about the news of the day, uploaded every Tuesday and every Friday. If you like the show, be sure to tell your friends and family! Feel free to post your comments on this video, we love them. We also love seeing how many people won't read this disclaimer and realize the laughtrack is a joke itself. Think you're funny? Send your (short) jokes to newsbusted at . If we use them, we'll pay you USD $50 for each one.
  • Lanny Davis: Can't Attack Obama w/o Accusation of Race Card Lanny Davis on Morning Joe, February 27, 2008
  • Let's Play Race Cards! Why is it black people always play the race card? They already get everything free! Education! Jobs! White women! Curse those damn black people! Grrr.. They have it so easy in america!
  • Obama responds to Mccain's Race Card accusation Barack Obama: I don't think it is accurate to say that my comments have nothing to do with race. Let me make this first point. Most of the people here here at this event in Union, Missouri. Almost none of you, maybe none of you, thought that was making a racially incendiary remark or playing the race card. It wasn't until John McCain's team started pushing it that it ended up being on the front page of the New York Times two days in a row. Here is what I was saying. I think this should be undisputed, that I don't come out of central casting when it comes to presidential races, for a whole range of reasons. I'm young. I'm new to the national scene. My name is Barack Obama. I am African-American. I was born in Hawaii. I spent time in Indonesia. I do not have the typical biography of a presidential candidate. What that means is that I'm sort of unfamiliar. People are still trying to get a fix on who I am and where I come from, what my values are and so forth in a way that might not be true if I seemed more familiar. And, so, what I think has been an approach to the McCain campaign is to say that he is risky. To try to divert focus from the fact that they don't have any new ideas when it comes to fixing the economy or dealing with health care or dealing with education. All those elements that make me unfamiliar feed into this notion that he may be a, quote, unquote, risky choice. That point, I don't think, is disputable. I don't think that's a point that has not been made by ...
  • Desperate Obama Openly Using the Race Card John McCain's campaign on Thursday accused Barack Obama of "playing the race card" one day earlier, when the fanatical leftist told voters that Republicans are trying to scare them by saying he doesn't look like "all those other presidents on the dollar bills." McCain campaign manager Rick Davis issued a statement saying that Obama "played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck." Davis called Obama's remarks "divisive, negative, shameful and wrong." Obama, who will be the first black presidential nominee from a major party, was asked by a reporter Wednesday at a rally in Missouri to respond to growing criticism that he has become presumptuous about the November election and is acting prematurely presidential. Obama replied that McCain and President Bush have little else to offer voters than scare tactics to maintain the GOP's hold on the White House. "Nobody thinks that Bush and McCain have a real answer to the challenges we face. So what they're going to try to do is make you scared of me," Obama the race-card user said. "You know, 'he's not patriotic enough, he's got a funny name,' you know, 'he doesn't look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills."'
  • LMNO "RACE CARD" Ceck out the LMNO music video "Race Card" directed by Outlier. Work Ethic is the album, don't sleep.
  • Law Professor Tells O'Reilly: "Fox News Plays The Race Card" Law professor Dr. Jeremy Levitt, who wrote a piece in the Orlando Sentinel taking the far right to task for their "foolish racism" attacks against President Obama, appears on Bill O'Reilly's show to debate these attacks, and engage in a heated debate. At one point, O'Reilly suggests that "10% of the country is racist." Levitt closes the interview by saying: "Fox News and the far right have a race deck, and they play the ace of spades every day."
  • Union Thugs Block Camera - Play The Race Card Union Thugs in Searchlight, Nevada block our camera, almost pushing us into traffic. They also play the race card, calling Andrew Breitbart a racist. When Breitbart confronts them on this charge, demanding they tell him what racist comments he has ever made, the rouse is exposed and the tactic collapses.
  • John Mccain plays the 'Race Card' card, Keith olbermann comments [Keith olbermann comments on a] new campaign tactic that arose in response to Barack Obama's candidacy, that flourished in the hands of Bill Clinton during the Democratic primary and that has now found a home in John McCain's Crystal City headquarters...McCain campaign manager Rick Davis sent a terse, two-sentence statement to reporters. "Barack Obama has played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck," it read. "It's divisive, negative, shameful and wrong." Soon, Davis was claiming on MSNBC that Team Obama "has been feeding to journalists, all night last night and all day today, the notion that somehow something that we have done in our campaign... had racial overtones," while McCain himself was characterizing the "race card" accusation as "legitimate" and confessing that he's "disappointed that Senator Obama would say the things he's saying." My initial reaction was confusion. What did Obama say? I asked myself. Did he call McCain "Whitey McWhiteguy"? Did he deliver a Black Power salute from an Olympic podium? Did he accuse his rival of race-baiting, or bigotry, or not having any black friends? These options seemed unlikely. For one thing, Obama is not a masochistic madman bent on his own political destruction. For another, Obama has been very careful--with the partial exception of South Carolina--to never overtly encourage the accusations of racism, lest they undermine his appeal to the country's white majority as an African-American candidate who ...
  • Barack Obama plays the black Race Card for fear - smear Barack Obama uses the Race Card to explain that any questioning him and not voting for him is because they are racist bigots. Obama plays plays the Race Card in a June 20th Jackson, Florida speech to say people who question him are racists toward black people. Showing that Obama is a idiot and scumbag racist and anyone who is voting for him is a fool. Thanks to techvids052006 at
  • Democrat Alan Grayson Plays Race Card on FL Doctor Telling Obama Voters to Seek Care Elsewhere Even Anderson Cooper seems disbelieving. Florida Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson tries to play the race card on Florida Doctor Jack Cassell's decision to post a sign at his office telling Obama voters to "seek urologic care elsewhere." Cooper repeatedly asked Grayson if there was any evidence the sign was based on race, and Grayson had no rational answer. Grayson even wants the doctor to be sanctioned for having put up the sign.
  • ice cube - race card new ice cube street single - february 23 2006
  • BETFAIR Race Card Accumulator The Betfair Advanced Technology Group demonstra... (more) Added: November 21, 2007 The Betfair Advanced Technology Group demonstrate a new application the race card accumulator. http
  • Obama Resonds to Bill Clinton's Jesse Jackson Comment Barack Obama on ABC's This Week, January 27, 2008
  • John McCain Plays the Race Card in Ad Watch more at
  • "The Race Card" - Bob Barr on America's Election HQ Barr talks about his run with Fox News, answers questions about ballot access, addresses the "spoiler" argument and the lack of discussion on the issues. For more, please visit www.bobbarr2008.com
  • LAMR Episode 7: No More Race Card This rant was spawned by an interview of a cab driver by philip defranco. Don't forget to rate/comment/subscribe! Thanks to ryanshw for the musical help: Twitter: BlogTV:
  • Kevin Fisher Plays the Race Card I wanted to ask Kevin Fisher about the lawsuit he filed to stop the construction of the Mosque in Murfreesboro, TN. When my camera crew approached him he said that I was "racially harassing" him. It is not uncommon for Fisher to make up incredible lies to further his anti-mosque agenda, but to blatantly (as you can see here) say he is being "racially harassed"?
  • Detroit: Race Card pulled by juror sets Riddle free. DETROIT (AP) -- A judge declared a mistrial Wednesday in the federal corruption case against Detroit political consultant Sam Riddle after an impasse by jurors, who described deliberations as tinged with racial tension they blamed on a lone holdout. Riddle, who is black, was charged with teaming up with his former boss, Monica Conyers, to extort bribes from people in 2006 and 2007. Conyers was a member of the Detroit City Council until she pleaded guilty to conspiracy and resigned last summer. The government says the pair shook down people for cash in exchange for favors. US District Judge Avern Cohn stepped in on the sixth day of deliberations, declaring a mistrial and sending the jury home. Despite Cohn advising them not to discuss the case, several jurors vented their frustrations to reporters that the lone black on the 12-person panel continually injected race into their talks. "If you can't find this man guilty, you can't find anyone guilty," Margaret Elyakin declared on the steps of the federal courthouse. "Unfortunately, it came down to race. This is very disappointing." Federal prosecutors said they would retry Riddle. "Getting a unanimous verdict from a jury is difficult," US Attorney Barbara McQuade said. "We accept the results of the jury system and we will try again." Several jurors described a jury room bordering on mayhem. Matt Lefevre said there was screaming during deliberations. "She wouldn't sit at the table half the time," he said of ...
  • Obama's Campaign Plays the Race Card Watch more at
  • Mccain cries Race Card, Claire Mccaskill defends Obama Obama supporter, Missouri Senator Claire Mccaskill, defends Barack Obama after John Mccain accuses him of playing the race card. --- Senator John McCain's campaign accused Senator Barack Obama on Thursday of playing "the race card," citing his remarks that Republicans would try to scare voters by pointing out that he "doesn't look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills." The exchange injected racial politics front and center into the general election campaign for the first time, after it became a subtext in the primary between Mr. Obama and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. It came as the McCain campaign was intensifying its attacks, trying to throw its Democratic opponent off course before the conventions. "Barack Obama has played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck," Mr. McCain's campaign manager, Rick Davis, charged in a statement with which Mr. McCain later said he agreed. "It's divisive, negative, shameful and wrong." In leveling the charge, Mr. Davis was referring to comments that Mr. Obama made Wednesday in Missouri when he reacted to the increasingly negative tone and negative advertisements from the McCain campaign, including one that likens Mr. Obama's celebrity status to that of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. "So nobody really thinks that Bush or McCain have a real answer for the challenges we face, so what they're going to try to do is make you scared of me," Mr. Obama said in Springfield, Mo., echoing earlier remarks. "You ...
  • Barbara Boxer Plays the Race Card Against a Black Businessman - Barbara Boxer had a confrontation with the Chairman and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Congress Harry C. Alford. Mr. Alford opposes legislation working its way through Senator Boxer's committee on the environment. To counter his arguments Senator Boxer quotes resolutions by two prominent black groups which Mr. Alford took as "pitting" him against fellow black associations and "racial"
  • The race card meets its match Play the race card ONLY when necessary...
  • Get the Race Card Advantage (PJTV's 'Left Exposed') Sonja Schmidt offers the perfect gift for the holiday season: race cards. They're cheap, easy to carry and, when played with skill, they can get you a free pass on literally everything. Get yours today!
  • Damian's guitar skills Damian's first video blog in a long time
  • Tafy121: RT @drhan231: "@MissScoutFinch: Reply to #RaceCard in #MiamiHerald: http://bit.ly/mszYdX #Bahrain #media" well said! Couldn't have said it better
  • drhan231: "@MissScoutFinch: Reply to #RaceCard in #MiamiHerald: http://bit.ly/mszYdX #Bahrain #media" well said! Couldn't have said it better
  • MoMustafaMD: RT @FairlyAnon: I honestly love this woman RT @MissScoutFinch: Reply to #RaceCard in #MiamiHerald: http://bit.ly/kjgIFH #Bahrain #media
  • NoorElBahrain: RT @FairlyAnon: I honestly love this woman RT @MissScoutFinch: Reply to #RaceCard in #MiamiHerald: http://bit.ly/kjgIFH #Bahrain #media
  • FairlyAnon: I honestly love this woman RT @MissScoutFinch: Reply to #RaceCard in #MiamiHerald: http://bit.ly/kjgIFH #Bahrain #media
  • betdogs_net: Daily Greyhound Racing Card (2) is ready. Click here http:///greyhound/home/racecard.aspx Quelle:racingpost (собачьи бега)
  • Doukuu: RT @MissScoutFinch: Reply to #RaceCard in #MiamiHerald: http:///2011/06/06/2254188/bahrain-media-charge-that-us-backs.html #Bahrain #media
  • ActivateBahrain: RT @MissScoutFinch: Reply to #RaceCard in #MiamiHerald: http://bit.ly/kjgIFH #Bahrain #media
  • MissScoutFinch: Reply to #RaceCard in #MiamiHerald: http:///2011/06/06/2254188/bahrain-media-charge-that-us-backs.html #Bahrain #media
  • betdogs_net: Daily Greyhound Racing Card (1) is ready. Click here http:///greyhound/home/racecard.aspx Quelle:racingpost (собачьи бега)
  • mite72: RT @DonCKissick: Any criticism of or attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas is an obvious act of racism. #RaceCard #Libertarian #TeaParty #RedEye #Liberty #tlot
  • TheTeaParty_net: RT @DonCKissick: Any criticism of or attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas is an obvious act of racism. #RaceCard #Libertarian #TeaParty #RedEye #Liberty #tlot
  • DonCKissick: Any criticism of or attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas is an obvious act of racism. #RaceCard #Libertarian #TeaParty #RedEye #Liberty #tlot
  • rendiroo: I swear @FocusedQuotes is secretly racist!! He's always pulling the #racecard
  • TheAmadoLife: @a_plus @Chandelis they serious with this ninja? #WWERaw #racecard #conspiracy
  • betdogs_net: Daily Greyhound Racing Card (1) is ready. Click here http:///greyhound/home/racecard.aspx Quelle:racingpost (собачьи бега)
  • AiPolitics: @katnandu I really want to like #CNN, but they are married to that #RaceCard, and it's a disservice to America.
  • blueicebeauty: RT @AiPolitics: So **** you, #CNN for playing the #RaceCard in your coverage of the Casey Anthony trial. You know exactly why you only cover white parents.
  • AiPolitics: So **** you, #CNN for playing the #RaceCard in your coverage of the Casey Anthony trial. You know exactly why you only cover white parents.
  • Miamimarko: RT @stacyhyatt: No Doubt! RT @SuePalmers: @stacyhyatt They will be playing more than the #racecard. It'll be the entire 52 in a deck. #tcot #gop #p2
  • stacyhyatt: No Doubt! RT @SuePalmers: @stacyhyatt They will be playing more than the #racecard. It'll be the entire 52 in a deck. #tcot #gop #p2
  • SuePalmers: @stacyhyatt @stacyhyatt They will be playing more than the #racecard. It'll be the entire 52 in a deck.
  • Aaron_Steed: @Emma_Mulholland Really? That's savage !. I'll look out for his name on the racecard next time.! Yea we have 5 of 'em.! They're showjumpers!
  • CarterFliptMe: @LiveFreeRadio oh man, here come the Lefty RaceCard Specialists. When do Jesse Jacksnnnn, and Sharpton get there? Get your wallets out
  • emily_conklin11: Looking for college grants for Native American students. #racecard #justalittle
  • brandondarby: [email protected] challenges the use of identity politics in covering up corruption. Naturally, exposed corruption attacks him. #racecard
  • DuvaultBlochet: @moranm1 @brucemillington the make useful storage for all the stuff you need (wallet, bins, racecard, fags/cigars) if turned upside down
  • Louchepunter: @dredvers worst case scenario, in singapore the racecard has the positions each horse was in at four points throughout the race #sectionals
  • haneno: RT @pudingtane: My hope was that the tiresome racebaiting would stop.Ppl would quit the Racecard.Sharpton,Jackson would retire @oldgeekgal @Blueberrier0341
  • pudingtane: My hope was that the tiresome racebaiting would stop.Ppl would quit the Racecard.Sharpton,Jackson would retire @oldgeekgal @Blueberrier0341
  • IdaFlo: Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Saturday Night Card Game ("European Chocolate"): http://t.co/uum0skT #tcot #gop #RaceCard
  • Rickmayhem: #Timemag won't say @THEHermanCain n ther lil rag as a pres candidate w/ wht ppl so I'm gonna pretend 2 b a #liberal and play the #racecard
  • KingTatted: #IReallyCantStandWhen people use the #racecard , just stfu already
  • Big_Ish: @fcinfio that's a lie I said I was gonna pull the #racecard! #TrueStory
  • Sistalegz: @KolaBoof all I'm saying is that the #RaceCard is a lot less relevant now a days. We may still be dealing with the stigma...
  • robynfrommars: Lmao, Joseph O'Brien signing the racecard for another jockey :') He looks so much like Aidan. #horseracing
  • teaisfortechno: RT @HonestFrank: Kieren Fallon's 3 booked rides at Epsom: 1410 Norse Gold, 1650 Bourne 1725 Joseph Henry. 1st 2 tipped in racecard. What price a treble?
  • HonestFrank: Kieren Fallon's 3 booked rides at Epsom: 1410 Norse Gold, 1650 Bourne 1725 Joseph Henry. 1st 2 tipped in racecard. What price a treble?
  • BatiFans: And don't forget to get your RaceCard predictions in before MotoGP quali: http:///phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1446
  • GWoffer: RT @BCSeries: Take a look at our interactive racecard for todays Investec Derby - who is your pick for the win? http://bit.ly/kCt49n #BCSeries #derby
  • BCSeries: Take a look at our interactive racecard for todays Investec Derby - who is your pick for the win? http://bit.ly/kCt49n #BCSeries #derby
  • BatiFans: Also, members, don't forget to get in your RaceCard predictions: http:///phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1446
  • macauracingclub: THE GANGSTER RUNNING TODAY @ MJC - LIVE STREAM ON MJC.MO http://fb.me/RZUZ4vjs
  • beezcouldtwist: feels bad making fun of Filomena's dishwashers stuttering problem but he didnt have bring up the #racecard
  • IAMALAKERFAN: @Musuf_Yohamed it's cuz he's white isnt it lol #racecard
  • GeorgeFGorman: @muhmuhbla jst finished my specialised racecard (With patented Gorman Ratings!) havn't got it with me now bt it flagged up some gd EW bets.
  • KaliKross: RT @Telegraph The #Smurfs are '#antisemitic and #racist' http://tgr.ph/iZzoos When will this wacky #racecard branding stop?
  • nickgoff79: Racecard describes Another Laugh as 'consistently modest'. Just like one of his owners then.
  • GeorgeFGorman: Finished my bespoke racecard, 2 horses earn Oaks ratings of 100%, Wonder of Wonders, and at a good value 66-1 Blaize Chorus

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  • “Clintons pulling out the race card? If Al Sharpton ever got involved, the Clintons wouldn't even have to use the race card, because just the presence of him defending Obama would piss off a whole lot of the white section of the Democratic party”
    — Clintons pulling out the race card?,

  • “Rick Davis, the McCain campaign manager, responded quickly, with, "Barack Obama has played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck. It's divisive, negative, shameful and wrong." But was Obama playing the race card? What exactly is "the race card?”
    — Dyalogues Blog " race race card,

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