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  • Takano K, Hall K, Ritzén M, Iselius L, Sievertsson H. Somatomedin A in human serum, determined by radioreceptor assay. serum by insulin-like growth factor (IGF) I radioimmunoassay, IGF-II radioreceptor assay (RRA), and multiplication-stimulating activity RRA after acid-ethanol extraction. — “Estimation of Somatomedin-C Levels in Normals and Patients”,
  • radioligand-receptor assay. Rantz-Randall antigen. rapid radioreceptor assay. rat renal artery. receptor radioligand assay Radioimmunoassay and radioreceptor assay. radioimmunoassay , and radioreceptor assay. radioligand receptor. — “rRA meaning - Acronym Attic”,
  • We describe a rapid and sensitive radioreceptor assay for measuring benzodiazepines in plasma. The radioreceptor assay is rapid, sensitive, specific, and requires no sophisticated equipment or methods. — “Arch Gen Psychiatry -- Abstract: A Rapid and Sensitive”, archpsyc.ama-
  • The Radio Receptor Company, with factories in Brooklyn, NY, was one of a very few small electronics companies In addition to a range of computer and hearing aid germanium alloy junction devices, Radio Receptor was the first to market a photo transistor, with the RR66 available in mid year 1954. — “Transistor Museum Photo Gallery Radio Receptor RR66 Germanium”,
  • Encyclopedia , Medical Terms , radioreceptor ,thai health news , articles and shopping. — “Health News ,Beauty , articles , Shop >> Encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of radioreceptor in the Medical Dictionary. radioreceptor explanation. Information about radioreceptor in Free online English dictionary. What is radioreceptor? Meaning of radioreceptor medical term. What does radioreceptor mean?. — “radioreceptor - definition of radioreceptor in the Medical”, medical-
  • We can create a radio receptor capable of capturing a higher signal, process it, decode it, and play it. This website explores different shamanic techniques for creating and fine-tuning a radio receptor, different ways to tune in to the clear light of objective reality, and. — “Shamanmusic Home”,
  • A radio-receptor assay requires the separation of the bound from the free ligand. Radioreceptor assay of adrenocorticotropic hormone: new approach to assay of polypeptide hormones in plasma". — “Schild regression - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Medical definition for the term 'radioreceptor assay' The information shown above for radioreceptor assay is provided by Stedman's. Our medical terminology dictionary contains over 100,000 medical terms that can be accessed quickly and easily. — “Radioreceptor Assay -- Medical Definition”,
  • Radioreceptor definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Radioreceptor | Define Radioreceptor at ”,
  • A Radioreceptor Assay for Follicle-Stimulating Hormone 1 A highly specific and sensitive radioreceptor assay for FSH has been developed, using partially purified plasma membranes from bovine testes. — “A Radioreceptor Assay for Follicle-Stimulating Hormone”,
  • Key Words: serotonin, 5-hydroxytryptamine, serotonin assay, radio-receptor assay However, when it was clear that a serotonin radio receptor assay (RRA) was feasible, it became important to know whether membrane batches could. — “LOW-COST SEROTONIN RADIO-RECEPTOR ASSAY”,
  • it's an example of a popular product from the Radio Receptor Co. of New York City, and it dates from about 1924. What you need is a power booster or two, and Radio Receptor has just the thing--a line of add-on amplifiers that would not only drive several speakers but, in the case of the unit that is. — “The AWA Journal - A Powerizer Mystery”,
  • The purpose of the present study was to develop a radioreceptor assay to monitor the pharmacokinetics of the oxytocin antagonist, TT-235, in the blood of the pregnant rat and baboon. The receptors used for this assay were prepared from the. — “Development of a Radioreceptor Assay for Measuring an”,
  • Radio Receptor C1709-P UHF Television Converter (1950s) Have you ever bought a TV or radio that was truly "new in the box" (NIB)? I was delighted to find this Radio Receptor UHF television converter complete in its original box. It clearly had never been used. — “Radio Receptor C1709-P UHF Television Converter (1950s)”,
  • What is the meaning of RRA acronym/abbreviation and what does RRA stand for? Get the Definition of RRA and RRA definition by All Acronyms Dictionary - 47 RRA acronym and abbreviation records for your search. radioreceptor assay. — “47 RRA Acronym/Abbreviation Meanings - What Does RRA Stand For?”, all-
  • Definition of radioreceptor from The American Heritage Medical Dictionary. — “radioreceptor - Medical Definition”,
  • Radio receptor FM cu lampa EL95. MsCristian171 13 videos Subscribe Edit Subscription queue Radio receptor banda Aerea y FMby mil4948337 views. — “YouTube - Radio receptor FM cu lampa EL95”,
  • Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, a monthly professional medical journal published by the American Medical Association, publishes original, peer-reviewed clinical and basic research articles (HGH) bioinactivity, serum radioreceptor assay (RRA) and. — “Am J Dis Child -- Abstract: Growth Hormone Assessment by”, archpedi.ama-
  • radioreceptor n. A receptor that normally responds to radiant energy such as light or heat. — “radioreceptor: Definition from ”,

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  • Testing the Sony ICF-7600DS radio receiver This is part 2. Make sure to watch part 1 first.
  • Myanmar Defence Forces Broadcasting 5770kHz Icom IC-R75 Operation Myanmar Defrnce Forces Broadcasting 5770kHz‎ Receiver: Icom IC-R75 made in JAPAN!! This is the radio I power up most frequently. Aerial: "303WA-2" by Apex Radio, Japan with RF Preamp (Lowe PR-150) Date: 22/Aug/2010 Time: 15:30 UTC 0‎0:30 JST Location: Yokohama, Japan
  • Geloso G209 Ham Radio Receiver Overall view and demo of this receiver
  • DREAM DRM SOFTWARE AM DEMODULATION Homemade Down Converter for radio receiver on PC Today I re-started the experiments with SW Dream. After my small laboratory was destroyed by a flooding river.... no frequency counter, no oscilloscope and no signal generator ... I have to buy new ... so I can not make precise measurements.... I built a simple down converter with integrated circuit NE602 and the ceramic resonator filter at 465 kHz ... see this link: The first test I did it by connecting an old receiver OC, home made, of NUOVA ELETTRONICA (LX1532....) This is a double conversion Super Eterodine radio. I connect to the output of the second intermediate frequency of 455 kHz. The PC is very old, Pentium 3, 1000, with 512 MB ​​of RAM and may be too slow ... but I think the initial results are positive. CPU run at 78%... The received station today is: Studio DX, 15 May 2011, approximately at 11.18 Italian time. On air in AWR EUROPE, SHORTWAVE BAND, RADIO VOCE DELLA SPERANZA - Sunday - 09:02 UTC 9790 kHz Frequency Verified with other radio digital frequency and on the Internet
  • Wittle Winston Will Win Your Heart! Precious Dumbo Eared Corgi/Rat Terrier Radar! Good News/Bad News/Good News--Good News: Wittle Winston is now neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations! Bad News: He is heartworm positive! Good News: Winston has a Foster Home now! Hooray! He will be getting his heartworm treatment soon and have a nice home to recover in until his forever family finds him. Please contact Tammie at [email protected] to meet this fun, loving boy! Winston #13968- Corgi/Rat Terrier- Male--About 1-2 years old--Neutered -- Wow just look at those huge Dumbo ears on Winston. If a strong breeze kicks up, he could go flying! But then again, it might take a really strong current to get him airborne--doesn't look like he's missed too many meals! Is he cute or what??? He has not been claimed so he is ready for a new family and a new home. He's a friendly dog and will make a wonderful pet--and radio receptor!
  • Sangean WR2 AMAZ0N US BEST DEAL Customer Reviews: "My boom box ran out of steam and I wanted to buy a small table top radio to listen to NPR. Originally I looked at the Trivoli (smart looking but didn't have a digital tuner), and the Boston Acoustics Radio Receptor at Target. Although the Trivoli looked very sharp and retro (which I loved), I later read several reviews that the manual tuner (non-digital) tended to drift off the radio signal. I then tried the Boston Acoustics (BA), and found that this radio sounded a bit richer and clearer than the Trivoli, however I didn't like the price ($150) and the look of it BA, which is all black plastic and doesn't have the classic retro charm of the Trivoli. The BA also brought in radio channels that the Trivoli wasn't picking up at the store through all the brick and metal of the Target building. Still uncomfortable with the BA's price, I went searching on the internet to find a cheaper BA, when I stumbled on the relatively unknown Sangean WR-1 (non digitial radio tuner) and the Sangean WR-2 (digital radio tuner with a clock radio AND a credit card sized remote control.) I ended up buying the Sangean WR-2 and am VERY PLEASED with my purchase. The radio is much more substantial in weight and size (about 50% bigger) than the Boston Acoustic and Trivoli radio. The WR-2 also looks very expensive and beautiful (yeah I loved superficial stuff like that) and has 6 presets (like in a car radio). But most importantly, I think this ...
  • TECSUN PL-660 SW This is small video about the Radio Tecsun PL-660 FM STEREO, LW, MW, SW-SSB, AIR PLL SYNTHESIZED RECEIVER.
  • Electronic radio kit - colouring for ... Electronic radio kit - colouring for children's crafts It's known that electronic radio kit is a package of mating printed circuits, radio elements and their arrangement instructions, intended for independent production of any radio electronic device. Electronic radio kit can involve also a package of previously assembled and soldered modules having contacts outside and radio elements inside. Such a kit allows putting together devices described in assembly diagram visually and without soldering. Electronic radio kit is colouring: FM radio receiver set, EK-001 model, represents the second type of kits and makes it possible to put together ready-assembled modules for assembling a functional FM radio set. The body of this set is an inner packing box with holes for control elements and a loud speaker. The box is made of high quality coated board on which you can bring to life a dream of a young designer with any artistic means and make it inimitable. A kit is packed in a colorful box immediately attracting children and adults' attention. Assembling is rather simple and takes just few minutes. The body of a radio set is a carton box. On the top cover there is a window with fastening for printed-circuit boards. We should band carton fastening inside and insert a board into cuts on the inside. Then we turn a box to our face after stretching wire and insert a tumbler switch and two buttons into corresponding holes in the box. Then we band four carton tongues on the inside and ...
  • Blaupunkt portable radio presentation A short presentation of Blaupunkt brand new portable radio collection. Enjoy the sound and tune in to quality! Follow us on facebook:
  • ATC @ Dublin [EIDW] w/ subtitles Here a little fragment of an ATC com in the airport of Dublin. A320 of Aer Lingus landing and vacating. A kind of Learjet holding short for take off and an A330 for Aer Lingus holding short to take to JFK.
  • E-Fly 100C II Radio Binding Procedure - SN Hobbies I've had a few people ask questions about binding their E-Fly transmitter to their models. These instructions are for E-Fly radio systems with two antennae on the receiver - not the single antenna system. It's important to understand that all 2.4GHz radio systems are different and will not work together!
  • Pioneer AV Receivers - Internet Radio Listen to a multitude of radio stations from around the world on the internet. Selected receivers have a LAN interface. Simply connect a Pioneer receiver to your home network and enjoy access to thousands of internet radio stations worldwide, ranging from music and news to sports.
  • DEGEN DE1103 - Shortwave receiver This is my new receiver. It can receive 100 - 29 999kHz. New costs approximately 50€ from China. It's a Chinese product but it is very good. I got him a half years without any problems. At its price has excellent sensitivity, BFO, with an option to switch Local / DX and external antenna connection. QTH: Slovakia 17. August 2011, 19:41 UTC
  • NC-100ASD SHORTWAVE RECEIVER DEMO Documents fully functional National Radio Company NC-100ASD (Army) shortwave receiver after restoration.
  • Benites` Test 01 rotor 5 Blades HK no Stabilizer
  • How to use Futaba Radio with Realflight This is how I use my futaba 6exap radio with Realflight G3.5. Enjoy. Comments and feedback welcome at [email protected] or [email protected] Don't forget to Subscribe to
  • HecaWorld One transistor FM Receiver.3GP One Transistor FM Receiver. As promised in our One-Transistor FM transmitter video, we adapted our One-Transistor FM transmitter into a One-Transistor FM receiver. Many times I had noticed that when I place my home made FM transmitter near an FM radio receiver and tune the inductor or variable capacitor of my transmitter, I was able to 'bring in different stations into the FM receiver'. I had wondered what kind of interference this might be and also wondered if I could as a matter of fact, use this transmitter as in receiver with slight modification. I did not pursue that idea because my team, Itumaful, St. Udu, Prince Collins, St. Chijioke and Spako, figured out a way to use other integrated circuits to build the FM receiver for our projects. It was not until last week that I saw this video by decod31 (credit to him for posting the video and all his tips) that I decided to resurrect my passion for a simple FM receiver....and a few hours we are with a decent low power, low cost FM receiver. Here we used a general purpose NPN transistor to build this simple FM Receiver. All other parts are from old electronics junks. The core of this circuit is the FM transmitter, there is only one more addition which is the 3pF capacitor acting as the receiving antenna. Our target was to use minimum voltage supply, we tried a single 1.5V AAA battery but the audio signal output was very low, so we upgraded to 3V (2 X 1.5V AAA batteries) and it gives a decent audio output ...
  • Home-made cheap AM radio tunner without batteries We build an AM radio receptor based on this model: sci- It worked fine!!!!
  • Futaba 10CG 2.4GHz Integrated Radio System www.futaba- The Futaba 10CG offers pro features at a sport price and offers a transmitter that features integrated 2.4GHz circuitry, rather than a separate module. The 10CG offers the general benefits of Futaba 2.4GHz systems (phenomenal response and dependability, the simplicity of one-button Easy Link binding, patented Pre-Vision, etc.), as well as a host of other attractive features.
  • Sony ICF Pro 80 Radio AM FM SSB LF MF HF VHF.wmv This is my Sony ICF Pro 80 radio I have owned since the early 90s. It was working fine and I did actually sell it on ebay a few months ago. The buyer, who I think was a complete tit sent it back saying it was faulty. I refunded him, it arrived back with me and low and behold it seems to have suffered either damage in transit or has been fiddled with by the buyer. Anyway, the audio is quiet and it seems to be slightly off frequency.
  • EH Scott RCH Navy Ship Tube Receiver Ham Shortwave Radio Demo Demo of a old EH Scott receiver that I recently repaired. When I picked it up, it was a mess. Now it plays super. The video shows the unit out of the cabinet. Yes, I have the original cabinet. The entire receiver weighs approx 105 Lbs. Found lots of good info on the web for repairing it. D-Lab offers repair of vintage electronics from Ham gear to guitar amps! Enjoy the presentation.
  • Winston's New Movie!! Wittle Winston Will Win Your Heart! Precious Dumbo Eared Corgi/Rat Terrier Radar! Winston #13968- Corgi/Rat Terrier- Male--About 1-2 years old--Neutered -- Wow just look at those huge Dumbo ears on Winston. If a strong breeze kicks up, he could go flying! But then again, it might take a really strong current to get him airborne--doesn't look like he's missed too many meals! Is he cute or what???. He's a friendly dog and will make a wonderful pet--and radio receptor! Winston has undergone his heartworm treatment and is doing great! Winston is a homeless pet from the Euless Animal shelter in foster care but in need of his very own very after home!! Please contact Tammie at [email protected]
  • Vintage Fisher 250 Stereo AM/FM Receiver
  • FAMILY BIBLE STUDY On DIY Shortwave Receiver Here I was receiving the Family Radio - Oakland CA 94621 USA BCB (41m band) where the Pastor Mr. Harold Camping, is explaining to the congregation about the Bible chapters in a Open Forum radio program. The program is called "FAMILY BIBLE STUDY". Mr. Harold Camping is one of the most famous Bible teachers in the world. About the radio receptor: The radio receiver I am using is my new homemade receiver (called RedCap). This is my new DIY I have just assembled. It is a super-heterodyne receptor based on IC TDA1072, an AM radio chip very easy to work with. Very stable and sensitive. The circuit also includes a bargraph Led signal strength meter based on IC LM3914. The receiver is connected to a 15ft (4 meters) long wire antenna.
  • Kenwood R-2000 receiver
  • Homemade crystal radio (MW) made using a germanium diode as a detector.the meter is powered directly by the output of the receiver, the amplifier is used only for hearing loud the signal, but is not works without amplifier with normal and hi impedance phones.
  • Homemade HAM Radio CW/SSB receiver for 20m My homebrew CW/SSB receiver for 20m band based on NE612 chip. The crystals in the ladder filter are not perfectly matched. The tuning potentiometer is recycled and has mechanical flaws so I shoud hold it with my thumb while tuning. :-) Update2: For all, who would like to receive the schematics and PCB, please send me a PM with your e-mail address. Update: Due to the common request, there is the schematics of this receiver:
  • Venturer multiband/cassette radio It's a Venturer 2959 multiband receiver, which also has an inexpensive cassette player mounted in the top. I paid 10 dollars for it, though I do not normally buy this sort of thing.
  • BC-348-Q WW2 Era Receiver Video on a BC-348-Q just after it arrived. I've since re-capped it, built in a power supply, and have it up and running. Video was originally shot in 2008 for another (now defunct) channel of mine.
  • DIY Radio in less than 5 minutes! Before everything goes digital, I'm going to show you how to make your OWN functional Speaker capable SW Radio in less than 5 minutes! Just watch, and I'll show you HOW to make your very OWN radio!. All you need is the following (you can get it on eBay for less than 2 dollars if you shop around): 1x 100 ohm Speaker, 200k Resistor, LM741 Op-Amp (or compatible), 220uF Electrolytic Capacitor, 10 nF capacitor, 15 pF Capacitor and a 47 pF capacitor, a Small cheap BreadBoard + some standard 1-core wire for Breadboard (find this at RadioShack or somewhere else). And a 9 volt battery. The components aren't critical, meaning you can easily use 270K or 180K instead of 200k resistor, or 100uF to 400uF electrolytic capacitor etc. Just find what you have, and connect it as I did...and it'll work for you!
  • digital scale on my R-35T receiver my new digital meter on my receiver
  • Shortwave Reception - October 17th, 2011 Shortwave reception realized by a COBY CX-CB91 receptor. Hour: 0005 to 0020 (UTC -5) Location: Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico
  • Voice of the People 3480 kHz Voice of the People on 3480 kHz (according to Aoki SW schedules), broadcasting from South Korea to North Korea. Received on Dec. 4 2011 in Gura Humorului, Romania (distance 7816 km). Receiver: Eton E1XM, 100m longwire antenna with Wellbrook UMB balun.
  • Radio receiver with tube 2j27p Alimentation anode 2.4V
  • Venturer 2959-2 Multi-band Receiver Shortwave Radio Antenna Replacement Venturer 2959-2 Multi-band Receiver Shortwave Radio Antenna Replacement ©Copyright 2010 DC Boyce. Cranial Sponge Productions. Please Rate - Comment - Subscribe
  • Weekend Project: Aircraft Band Receiver Take an old AM/FM transistor radio and make a quick modification so it picks up Air Traffic Control, Air Shows and other Civil Aviation Band transmissions. Amazing!
  • A 63 year old Scott 16A playing Buckcherry's "Carousel" This is a 1947 Scott Metropolitan Model 16A. It consists of 2 chassis. The tuner RF/preamplifier circuits are located on the upper chassis, while the lower chassis houses the IF amplifier, power amplifier and power supply. Power output is 25 watts. The speaker is the original high efficiency Scott-labeled Jensen Model HNP-51 Coaxial Exponential Horn speaker. The paper cone of the speaker, the low-frequency driver, is made in the shape of a curved horn, like the output end of a trumpet. The high frequency driver is mounted to the back of the large Alnico-5 magnet. The sound pressure from the hi-freq driver passes though the center of the magnet via a hole that is also bored in the shape of horn that makes a smooth transition onto the paper cone of the lo-freq driver, creating a continuous horn shape from the hi-freq driver all the way to the outer edges of the lo-freq's paper cone. Theoretically, mid-range frequencies are developed across the "transition" area of the hi and lo freq horns. The enclosure is of the open baffle design (no cover on rear of cabinet, just a screen to keep hands and critters out). I feel that this type of cabinet is the best way to highlight the capabilities of this speaker's glorious single point-source of sound. In addition, the low frequency response is tunable to a large degree by varying the distance of the rear of the enclosure from the wall. 12" to 18" seems to work best, but hip-hop music really shines with the rear of the enclosure 24 ...
  • Hammerlund HX-500 Transmitter with HQ-170AC/VHF Receiver Very rare Hammerlund HX-500 transmitter. Less than 600 built in 1962. This one is serial number 525. It covers 80-10 meters and operates in CW-LSB-USB-DSB-FSK and FM. This was a very expensive transmitter in it's day. As you see, it works perfectly. There is some wear on the trim plate around the tuning dial and meter but the rest of the radio looks great. Could use a little cleaning inside. The receiver is a Hammerlund HQ-170AC/VHF. It covers 160-2 meters and operates in AM-LSB-USB and CW. It has a few more marks than the transmitter but also operates great. Includes matching speaker, manuals and cables to interface the two radios.
  • VLF Beacon Transmitter (8.760kHz) My 5W QRP QRSS3 and 10wpm CW beacon used to transmit at 8.760kHz VLF under the terms of my OFCOM amateur radio NoV. Best DX so far is 5.1km by utilities assisted earth mode. Signals at this distance are not as strong as at 0.838kHz. Experiments are continuing.
  • _Saiksiempree: RT @EstelaR123: @_Saiksiempree PROYECTO DE RADIORECEPTOR TIPO GALETA + Nombres de los componentes :)
  • EstelaR123: @_Saiksiempree PROYECTO DE RADIORECEPTOR TIPO GALETA + Nombres de los componentes :)
  • beranger_v4: bre @cremsnit, tu vrei emițător FM pe un device care nu are nici radioreceptor FM? foarte deștept...
  • giovannypena: “@juanmatajosic: Estoy buscando el radioreceptor para sintonizar a los ilustres de la 89.1 fm” jajajajajjajaja
  • juanmatajosic: Estoy buscando el radioreceptor para sintonizar a los ilustres de la 89.1 fm
  • Rustyrp: RT @matutino91: En 1906 aparece el 1er anuncio para vender un radioreceptor en el diario ¨Scientific American¨. De la marca ¨Telimco¨ fue vendido por U$7.50
  • michib123: RT @matutino91: En 1906 aparece el 1er anuncio para vender un radioreceptor en el diario ¨Scientific American¨. De la marca ¨Telimco¨ fue vendido por U$7.50
  • Adalbertot: RT @matutino91: En 1906 aparece el 1er anuncio para vender un radioreceptor en el diario ¨Scientific American¨. De la marca ¨Telimco¨ fue vendido por U$7.50
  • franklinamparo: En 1906 aparece el 1er anuncio para vender un radioreceptor en el diario ¨Scientific American¨. De la marca ¨Telimco¨ , vendido por U$7.50”
  • matutino91: En 1906 aparece el 1er anuncio para vender un radioreceptor en el diario ¨Scientific American¨. De la marca ¨Telimco¨ fue vendido por U$7.50
  • gonzaconti: Acerquense al radioreceptor, que @JuanBelli24 esta por comenzar a oficiar la #MisaMetalera en Verano @Rock_and_Pop

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  • “ found to be expressed in DU 145 cells; however, by radioreceptor assay, no binding sites for (125)I-melatonin could be detected Forum powered by dotNetBB v2.42EC SP3. dotNetBB © 2000-2011. All Contents Copyright © 2004, Life Extension™. All rights reserved”
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  • “First i saw this, which said Kava has indirect effect on GABA: QuotePlanta Med. 1998 Aug;64(6):504-6. Related Articles, Links Influence of genu on the GABAA receptor was demonstrated using radioreceptor assays. Both the dienolide yangonin and the genuine enolide enantiomers (+)-kavain,”
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