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  • Raga definition, one of the melodic formulas of Hindu music having the melodic shape, rhythm, and ornamentation prescribed by tradition. See more. — “Raga | Define Raga at ”,
  • A raga (Sanskrit rāga राग, literally "colour, hue" but also "beauty, The term raga was defined by Joep Bor of the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music as "tonal. — “Raga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • raga n. A traditional melodic type in Hindu music, consisting of a theme that expresses an aspect of religious feeling and sets forth a tonal system. — “raga: Definition from ”,
  • Welcome to the new Raga Records site devoted to mp3 files. The main Raga Records website is: http:/// where you will find complete info on our CDs, booklet. — “Raga Records mp3 site”,
  • Sitar Power - Classical Raga & Rock by Ashwin Batish and Keshav Batish Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos by Sitar Power - Classical Raga & Rock by Ashwin Batish and Keshav Batish at ReverbNation. — “Sitar Power - Classical Raga & Rock by Ashwin Batish and”,
  • Raga - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Raga”,
  • Definition of raga from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of raga. Pronunciation of raga. Definition of the word raga. Origin of the word raga. — “raga - Definition of raga at ”,
  • Knowyourraga aims at providing comprehensive resources for learners of Indian classical music. The website provides information on the concept of ragas and detailed lessons on how to play the bamboo flute. You are Know Your Raga!. — “Know Your Raga - Your complete guide to learning Indian”,
  • Shop for Raga Music at Target. Choose from Raga Charu-Keshi for Sitar & Veena, Raga Yaman/Raga Kirwani and other products. — “Raga Music : Target Search Results”,
  • Buy raga, Music items on eBay. Find great deals on Books, Electronics items and get what you want now!. — “raga items - Get great deals on Music, Books items on !”,
  • Listen to raga radio. Free raga mp3 downloads available. Top raga artists: Ravi Shankar, Pandit Pran Nath, Mandala, Ali Akbar Khan, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Ustad Bismillah Khan, Bhimsen Joshi, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Jack Rose, Bismillah Khan. — “Raga music - Listen free at Last.fm”, last.fm
  • This sometimes makes it difficult to identify the raga of the song, although the progression of notes follows the same rules of raga in any octave. Once you memorize the bandish of ragas, you will be able to identify the raga of another tune that is based on same raga. — “Bandish of raga kafi in classical Indian music”,
  • raga. rugby (a sport where players can hold or kick an ovoid ball) This Swahili entry was created from the translations listed at rugby. It may be less reliable than other entries, and may be missing parts of speech or additional senses. Please also see raga in the Swahili Wiktionary. — “raga - Wiktionary”,
  • Pronunciation of raga. Translations of raga. raga synonyms, raga antonyms. Information about raga in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. raga music MUSCAT Eoe1/4" Gazelle Marketing LLC is presenting Swara Raga Laya, a confluence of Indian music, on the Indian embassy lawns on March 6. — “raga - definition of raga by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The raga incorporates rhythms, scales, the importance of particular pitches within the scales, patterns for raising and lowering the pitch, ornaments, how long a piece of music will last, and even the expressive characteristics required in a particular work. — “Explore: Raga | AllMusic”,
  • The Official Site of Steve Smith, George Brooks, and Prasanna in: Raga Bop Trio. — “Raga Bop Trio”,
  • Welcome to the Raga Records site. You'll find hundreds of photos, articles, interviews, sound samples. Artists include Moinuddin and Aminuddin Dagar, Nikhil Banerjee, Manilal Nag, Buddhadev Das Gupta, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, Wasifuddin Dagar, Nayan Ghosh. — “Raga Records”,
  • RAGA is a gathering of people who share common interests in Russia's history, culture, religion, economy, politics and the way of life. We feel that Russian people have made outstanding contributions to humankind and are capable of greater achievements. — “RAGA”,
  • Below of it, you can find another new section (titled "The Raga bums") with rare Indian ragas (in MP3 format) for free downloading - great This raga is called In D and was the nucleus for ragas such as "Area Three" and "Ghetto Raga", both in the ". — “GHETTO RAGA”,
  • Myspace Music profile for Raga Rockers. Download Raga Rockers Punk / Rock / music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Raga Rockers's blog. — “Raga Rockers on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • Features Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam songs from movies and albums. Also find ghazals, remixes, devotional, and carnatic music. — “”,

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  • Kronos Quartet - Ram Narayan: Alap from Raga Mishra Bhairavi Kronos performs "Alap" from "Raga Mishra Bhairavi" live at Barbican Hall's Ramadan Nights Festival in London on September 26, 2008. "Alap" from "Raga Mishra Bhairavi" is featured on Kronos' album "Floodplain", available now on Nonesuch Records:
  • Raga Bihag Raga Bihag is a late night raga from Bilawal family. Very popular in classical as well as semi-classical form, Raga Bihag has distinct sweetness and devotional element to it. Accompaniment on tabla is provided by Sudarshan Siddhaye (I do regret bit of distortion and clipping in the original recording. However, this alternate recording of the full concert has better audio quality http
  • Mehrpouya - Soul Raga Rohat shad.
  • Raga: A Film Journey to the Soul of India - Trailer Originally released in 1971, Raga: A Film Journey into the Soul of India documents the life of sitar master Ravi Shankar in the late 1960s and early 1970s, following him on his return to India to revisit his guru, Bengali multi-instrumentalist and composer, Baba Ustad Allauddin Khan. It further explores Shankar's life as a musician and teacher in the United States and Europe, initiating those in the West to the exceptional world that is Indian classical music and culture. Through rare and candid footage shot in both India and the United States, Raga sheds light on Shankar's influences and collaborations, from Allauddin Khan to his famed dancer brother Uday Shankar, to his associations with Western musicians Yehudi Menuhin and George Harrison. Fully narrated by Shankar himself, Raga reveals music as the soul of India and of Shankar's life. The premiere DVD release of Raga features a digitally re-mastered 35mm print optimized to modern color range resolution and standard and a fully re-mastered audio soundtrack.
  • 'Ragas' on Guitar, Indian Classical playing This Raga is known as 'Baageshree' & a purely Indian classical composition experimented & appllied on guitar. The composition is to be practiced upon by plucking variations & styles of Indian Classical music based on the rules of Raga.
  • Raga Charukeshi. Maharishi Gandharva Veda Concert by Sugato Bhaduri, Mandolin & Om-Prakah, Tabla Performed at the Maharishi Invincibility Centre, Sundern-Germany. Evening Raga Gandharva Veda Artist Sugato Bhaduri, Mandolin & Om-Prakash-Pandey playing "Raga Charukeshi". From the 23. of Mai 2009 Jai Guru Dev Frank W. Lotz TM-Teacher D- 59846 Sundern Germany About "Raga Charukeshi" Although a Carnatic raga, it is a common belief that raga Charukeshi is a new entrant to Hindustani Classical Music. It exists in the Hindustani style as Raga Chandramauli, but was probably popularised by the Carnatic style & therefore has become popular as Charukeshi It is a sampurna raga with Re, Ga as sharp (teevra) notes & Ma, Dha, Ni as Flat (komal) notes- Due to the chalan of the raga, there are nuances of the Bhairav Ang, so many artists perform this raga in the morning. But traditionally, Charukeshi or Chandramauli has the Kaushik Ang which is dominant thus: Re Ga Ma Pa, Ga Ma Dha Ni Sa. Sa Ni Dha Ma, Ma Ga Pa, Ma Pa Ga Ma Re Sa This raga has Ma & Ni as its Vadi & Samvadi swaras. Raga Chandramauli or Charukeshi as it is known today is a late night melody.
  • Gold Panda: "Quitters Raga" [OFFICIAL] This is different than my other videos. I sped it up, giving the feeling of an autumn going by too quickly. All the footage was shot in October 2009. Music: "Quitters Raga" by Gold Panda Shot on: Nikon D90 -- 50mm, 12-24mm UPDATE: 11/24/2009 Pitchfork's take on this video: "A young person by the name of Cody is responsible for this fan video for Gold Panda's Best New Track "Quitters Raga", which shows a collection of images evoking the fall, chopped up quickly to match the feel of the music. With Chicago's first snowfall of the year predicted soon, that's a sentiment we're feeling, too." //forkcast/13612-quitters-raga-fan-video/
  • Kenny Belaey vs Adam Raga during the Mettet Superbiker, Kenny Belaey (biketrial) and Adam Raga (mototrial) challenged each other... check it out
  • Manoranjani: A Raga Tribute to Manoranjani Manoranjani is a rare and very graceful raaga, which can take three different forms, of which first two are derived from the 5th janaka raaga Manavathi, and the third is derived from the 22nd janaka raaga Kharaharapriya. Janaka raagas are like mother raagas. They are also called melakartha raagas. Raagas derived from janaka raagas are called janya raagas. They are like children born out of mother raagas. There are 72 melakartha raagas, out which numerous janya raagas can be derived by means of permutations and combinations. Though it seems like we can only derive 34000 raagas, in reality there are millions and much more possible raagas can be derived from mother raagas, differing in sruthi, swara, mood and so on patterns. Raagas (modes or melodic formulas) and thaalas (rhythmic patterns) form the basis of Indian classical music. Indian classical music, both Carnatic (South Indian style) and Hindustani (North Indian style), are melodic meaning at a given time only one single note will be played (monophonic). Western classical music, on the other hand, is polyphonic meaning at a given time many notes can be played harmoniously. Indian classical music is pure mathematical "art" form, and has very ancient tradition spanning over more than 4-5 millennia and evolved through times. Raagas are similar to Hash (index) codes of computer algorithms, except that they are sound based. That is why it is said that anyone mastered Indian classical music can learn any language of the ...
  • Ustad Bismillah Khan- Raga Gunkali Very rare clip of Ustad Bismillah Khan performing raga Gunkali. Thanks for correction in the name of raga.
  • Raga Yaman Raga Yaman is an evening traditional Raga. This piece has some free form improvisation and a composition based on a 9 beat rhythmic cycle. Visit me at
  • Taye Yashoda Morning Raga Karnataka classical music Fusion Taye Yashoda - Karanataka music Fusion from movie Morning Raga ..Feat Shabana Azmi doing justice to her role as Singer Swarnalata . sung by Sudha Raghunathan.. Lyrics : pallavi tAyE yashOdE undan Ayarkulattuditta mAyan gOpAlakriSNan seyyum jAlattai kELaDI (tAyE) anupallavi
  • Raga Desh Recorded live in Mysore, Karnataka. Bansuri - Sameer Rao, Tabla - Bheemashankar Bidanur
  • Ravi & Anoushka Shankar - Raga Anandi Kalyan
  • Motor trial Adam Raga Adam Raga off-road in Spain I do not own this video nor the music played, so credits to who ever did it!
  • B3 - 33rpm - Raga Kalvati [Charanjit Singh - Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat (1982)] B3 - 33rpm - Raga Kalvati Charanjit Singh Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat [1982] From the Bombay Connection website: Charanjit Singh's 'Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat' is quite easily one of the maddest records we've ever had in stock. It was originally made in 1982 by a Bollywood soundtrack composer, intending to capitalise on the disco phenomenon with a combination of centuries-old classical Indian Ragas set to a disco backing. To achieve this Charanjit used a prototypical acid set-up of Roland TB303 bass melody sequencer and TR808 drum computer together with a Jupiter-8 keyboard. He basically created a sound which mirrored, and more importantly, pre-dated the first acid house record - Phuture's 'Acid Track' by five years, and even preceded Chip E's 'Jack Trax' in 1985. It's no throw-away novelty record either, instead capturing the hypnotic potential of acid music in the most ornate and scarily prescient fashion, making explicit the similarities of infinitely arpeggiated bass sequences and pure electronic pulses that would soundtrack dancefloors for the next 30 odd years. The more cynical among you will probably be thinking this is Ceephax or Aphex Twin delivering one of the most elaborate in-jokes of their career, but with the gatefold sleeve depicting the original sleeve and some in-depth liner notes from the label and Charanjit, our cynicism is waning in favour of absolute shock and awe. 'Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat' is vintage futurism of the highest calibre ...
  • Raga Bhairav - 1982 - SYNTHESIZING: TEN RAGAS TO A DISCO BEAT - Charanjit Singh www.BOMBAY- CHARANJIT SINGH - Synthesizing: TEN RAGAS TO A DISCO BEAT - india 1982 OUT MARCH 2010 on vinyl & mp3, order here: www.bombay- Bombay, 1982: Bollywood session musician Charanjit Singh set out to translate ancient Indian classical Ragas to the modern synthesizer and invented house music along the way! OUT ON CD: april 19th 2010
  • Raga Rockers - Noen å hate Musikkvideo med Raga!
  • Song Composed just on 3 notes/Raga... by Ilayaraja This song is one among the few masterpieces of Ilayaraja. The song is composed by 3 notes SA-RE-GA in carnatic & C,D,E in western. See how catchy the tune is...marvelous! Also see his orchestration.
  • Gold Panda - Quitters Raga Gold Panda /goldpanda
  • JAKUB ŻAK "Raga Parakeet" from album "White Crocodile" by Jakub Zak. More info on www.ciupinski.pl and www.jakubzak.pl.
  • Sir Richard Bishop Raga Blues - Manchester, UK 2005 Excerpt from the song Rasheed, recorded in the UK in August of 2005.
  • Pandit Jasraj- Raga Bhairav Pandit Jasraj singing Raga Bhairav and behind him is Sanjeev Abhyanker. Below are the lyrics for this bandish. Mero Allah meherban koi bigad sakat nahi tero man lije too than Aulia peer paigambar sare (this could also be dhaave) Ali Nabi ko rutbo pawe Hassan Hussain hai pyare jinke Mujhko deejo imaan
  • Hari Om(Raga Malkauns) from film 'Baiju Bawra' Devoted to all my 'Gurus' including my first and foremost Guru my Father and Mother
  • Motor Trial Adam Raga 09 Adam Raga im Alpine Palace Gas Gas Red Bull Festival of Trial 09 Goaßstall Hinterglemm Motor Trial
  • adam raga bike trial Adam raga riding whit his koxx box and his gas gas 300
  • maha ganapatim Morning Raga Fusion feat Shabana Azmi maha ganapatim ,, classical song + fusion.... check out how it ends..
  • Dhun Vaishnav Jan To - Based on Raga Mishra Khamaj This dhun is based on famous Gujarati Bhajan by Narsinh Mehta - "Vaishnav Jan To". This Bhajan was said to be favorite of Mahatma Gandhi and is very popularly sung in India. It is based on Raga Khamaj. This dhun also uses shades of other Ragas close to Khamaj family such as Jhinjhoti, Desh, Tilang and Malhar. You can find more about Bansuri music on my site, , where for limited time, you will be able to purchase Bansuri similar to one being played here.
  • Raga Chandrakauns Beautiful Night raag.. Concert in Moscow officer hall
  • Tranquility - Improvisation based on Raga Vachaspati This improvisation is based on a south Indian raga called Vachaspati.
  • Davey Graham - Medley: She Moved Thru' the Bizarre/Blue Raga Davey Graham's version/medley of "She Moved Through the Fair"
  • Raga Shivranjani on Bansuri (Indian Bamboo Flute) You can find more about Bansuri music on my site, , where for limited time, you will be able to purchase Bansuri similar to one being played here.
  • Morning Raga - Maathey Muthaiyah Bhagavatar Krithi in Raga khamaas
  • Bansuri: Raga Charukeshi Deepak Ram (bansuri) and Pt. Anindo Chatterjee (tabla)
  • Bansuri: Raga Jog Deepak Ram (bansuri) and Pt. Anindo Chatterjee (tabla) Full DVD available:
  • Bansuri: Raga Janasamohini Deepak Ram (bansuri) and Pt. Anindo Chatterjee (tabla)
  • yesitsIvan: yesitsIvan: #NP @SixtyHours - Emosi raga
  • scenesouth: scenesouth: [Ents] Raga Riches http://t.co/5n21bzTM
  • scenesouth: scenesouth: [Ents] Raga Riches http://t.co/T3hs3x8M
  • YourInHeritance: YourInHeritance: Raga Riches: By Lorelei Reddin » Entertainments Editor ART Asia is set to celebrate thirty years in Southampton ... http://t.co/B1F1LSD4
  • aditya_mip: aditya_mip: Olah raga sore cuci mobil ('Take A Photo' Challenge @ Lab,Sucofindo, sesayap) #Bouncity http://t.co/l5Cxqe5S
  • Kiki_mcmury: Kiki_mcmury: 4yo infomation i sing raga lyk sean paul.very sun yol gna b singng m songz lyk ish.e wae yol sing HIS sngz
  • Insher: Insher: Wkwkwkw RT @intanrakhmi: How to spell me? C.A.N.T.I.K RT Insher: How to spell you ? B.A.N.G.S.A.T ya allah emosssssih jiwa raga (˘̩⌣˘̩̩̩ƪ)
  • intanrakhmi: intanrakhmi: How to spell me? C.A.N.T.I.K RT @Insher: How to spell you ? B.A.N.G.S.A.T ya allah emosssssih jiwa raga (˘̩⌣˘̩̩̩ƪ)
  • Insher: Insher: How to spell you ? B.A.N.G.S.A.T ya allah emosssssih jiwa raga (˘̩⌣˘̩̩̩ƪ)
  • ratna_rajaiah: ratna_rajaiah: From the Gwalior Gharana -beautiful rendring!v-- Raga Durga - Malini Rajurkar http://t.co/qraO6qZw via @youtube
  • Musicodeon: Musicodeon: From ancient India, a vital connection between music and energy centres http://ow.ly/6FMMI #india #music #healing #energy
  • aspapm: aspapm: please explain the base of that music .what raga you have followed .i didnt like no one comment like my friend said ,
  • akutiaradarada: akutiaradarada: in the next minute, br trpikir. Hatiku spt mati dlm raga yg hidup #noteoftoday
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  • TheMusicofIndia: TheMusicofIndia: RT @hamsanandi: Need a volunteer who can sing and composition from notation for me #music #hindustani #raga #carnatic #Karnataka #hettorge #hegna #muddu
  • Pugz_iFrass: Pugz_iFrass: Heard an IDIOT say Raga fi run fi prime minister...dat deven funny
  • mgstysf: mgstysf: Check this video out -- Raga Charukeshi and Freedom of Bangladesh: Flute by Yousuf http://t.co/BBKILNY1 via @youtube
  • mgstysf: mgstysf: Check this video out -- Exploring Raga Bihag on Flute http://t.co/cRnWqqEQ via @youtube
  • vijayshriram: vijayshriram: @Vidhyu , is the base raga, aabheri?
  • hamsanandi: hamsanandi: Need a volunteer who can sing and composition from notation for me #music #hindustani #raga #carnatic #Karnataka #hettorge #hegna #muddu
  • She_NaeNae: She_NaeNae: No Raga Fi Me Tonight!
  • farhantcorpse: farhantcorpse: DEATH ANGEL comes to collect! FEAR ME START THE ACUTE AND RAGA KU, KU spirit transported the Cursed OF THE EARTH!
  • Eugenesabeast: Eugenesabeast: MIZPAH GAZMIN RAGA... you my friend, are a big smartass #fightme #youwill
  • ZenOfAwesome: ZenOfAwesome: Audio: Quitters Raga - Gold Panda Indian music has transformative properties. When you listen to the sensual... http://t.co/s3K2weEb
  • rohwit: rohwit: #nowplaying #Raga Des...Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia..a beautiful live recording...#rohwit
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  • JRzthoughts: JRzthoughts: IKR..RT"@MerceBoo: "@JRzthoughts: Should I pay for LIME TV so I can get to listen to Raga.." Yes! i hear it's pure madness"
  • JRzthoughts: JRzthoughts: Should I pay for LIME TV so I can get to listen to Raga..
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  • LexiRamsay: LexiRamsay: within a month of me having it. I have one with a cracked screen and a phillips gogear raga player (red)
  • dr_utpal: dr_utpal: I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/D238WCVV Fastest Keyboard Solo in Indian Raga - Real Time Speed Video By
  • jimiscorpio: jimiscorpio: give me an improvisation over a thousand year old raga over Beethoven every time. #justbecauseyoulikeit
  • JethroH: JethroH: RT @SangeetLa: Arohi Ensemble debuts Raga Jazz Chamber music in Pasadena and Santa Monica for World Festival of Sacred Music http://t.co/vzT1K4p8
  • thirty3anda3rd: thirty3anda3rd: Best Sitar/Tabla piece ever Ravi Shankar & Chatur Lal Raga Mishra Piloo in Thumri Style http://t.co/sve20NDL
  • Raaga_Suresh: Raaga_Suresh: @MusicAloud So many different emotions in that song using one single raga
  • MusicAloud: MusicAloud: @huchhu ya thats what got her the award. that is not sindhubhairavi raga no, thats why this song.
  • ianmcglumphy: ianmcglumphy: now the king told the boogie men "you have to let that raga drop"
  • MusicAloud: MusicAloud: NP: ramaiya vasta waiya. #sindhubhairavi seems to have been raj kapoor's 2nd most fave raga after shivranjani. http://j.mp/pRUrjD
  • snadzz: snadzz: Lol, I can just hear gaga ask "so barack can I call u Obama-raga, laga-mama nana-gaga" and obama say? "Yes you can!" Cc @KirstyBisset
  • Rieastoja: Rieastoja: Brigidigg RT @videlthea: Ewuh2 RT @Rieastoja: Vixion ka aing keun berarti ☺ RT @videlthea: Jiwa raga ini tak ... http://t.co/lBOyUsSU
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  • MfRock: MfRock: played the song 'Fusion Raga (produced by Mf Rock)' by Mf Rock on @myspace http://t.co/EAiBun6M
  • TashWils: TashWils: I enjoy NOT looking like a raga muffin eryday! #ThatIsAll :)
  • Faheemrazaa: Faheemrazaa: 72 Melakarta Raga Lessons With Jayadeva Astapadis | Puri Waves: http://t.co/J3SN13YF via @AddThis
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  • majikanbola: majikanbola: Medicine Volley Ball MTV5... #tokobagus (via @tokobagus) http://t.co/pijZcW8b
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  • AVI1234U: AVI1234U: @iPerfection01 abe mom ne kiya tha..main bass tweeing kr raga ho
  • mdsdf5: mdsdf5: 72 Melakarta Raga Lessons With Jayadeva Astapadis | Puri Waves: http://t.co/aQczMfq5 via @AddThis
  • mdsdf5: mdsdf5: 72 Melakarta Raga Lessons With Jayadeva Astapadis | Puri Waves: http://t.co/41GOJw6r via @AddThis
  • juwiepanjaitan: juwiepanjaitan: Jiwa ato raga? RT @linktoevi: Waiting the doctor ,wanna consult my health
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  • rohwit: rohwit: #nowplaying neer bharan kaise jau...a slow and superb rendition by the inimitable Shubha Mudgal ji.. #raga tiluk kamod #rohwit
  • rachmawatiyanti: rachmawatiyanti: Walopun raga jauh tapi hati selalu dekat haha RT"@ubastt: I wish that you were here with me"
  • temint: temint: nn potete passare qsta raga @cribows @NayNadine @mutiaraind RT @lonelyplanet: Italy's top adrenalin rushes http://t.co/8xmYWrJ9 #lp
  • martinezyoga: martinezyoga: YOGA SUTRA QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Excessive fondness for fleeting pleasures (Raga) causes longing." Patañjali trs. Nischala Joy Devi.
  • shyammonk: shyammonk: #carnatic #raga, #jazzimprovisation. use #charukesi raga as the 5th mode of melodic minor http://t.co/cIUyOrfl
  • PopMathobela: PopMathobela: ☺ #FollowNow ---> RT @timellis13: Check out my short story about a serial killer and obsession - 'Raga Man' ... http://t.co/64LnQnz0
  • timellis13: timellis13: Check out my short story about a serial killer and obsession - 'Raga Man' - on #BookBuzzr - http://t.co/D9yhN5Px
  • wtul_playlist: wtul_playlist: Just played: Silver Moonlight Raga Jhinjhoti - Ustad Amjad Khan - Sarod Symphony(Times Music)
  • Gaura8: Gaura8: Posted a new song: "Raga Bhairagi, Madhit Kari" http://t.co/bOlpwn4X #music
  • Gaura8: Gaura8: Posted a new song: "Raga Bhairagi, Alap" http://t.co/CIumQLS0 #music
  • febiwandi: febiwandi: RT @kyuppyquotes Fight for everything you love. Fight for their rights to be loved. #kyuppyquotes™ > jiwa raga ku pertaruhkn cyinn
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  • AkashIyer: AkashIyer: It is said that this raga was created by Bilas Khan, son of Miyan Tansen. after Tansen's death;
  • IndianArtz: IndianArtz: http://t.co/DxCpUPBM BHAva(expression) + RAga (music) + TAla(rhythm) + NATYAM(dramatic art)
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  • TheBikramMitra: TheBikramMitra: Sharing my first composition on a Raga on #Facebook...have a look Pls visit http://t.co/ElksF6Wb is my Music Page in facebook...have a look.
  • palingserucom: palingserucom: Foto Foto Seksi Jupe Ala Guru Olah Raga +pamer Tok3tnya: Thank you for using ! This service ha... http://t.co/P3m0FJnb
  • aditz05: aditz05: Don't worry about that my dear.. kn q imbangi sm olah raga :)RT @qUeeN_aii: Eew @aditz05 RT
  • fun88indo: fun88indo: #FunQoutes : Be strong in body, clean in mind, lofty in ideals. -James Naismith (Penemu Olah raga Basket)
  • MusicAloud: MusicAloud: @hamsanandi wokay thanx. but my playlist is mostly movie songs based on the raga. classical-wise it can be an endless list. :D
  • Fortun8ndou: Fortun8ndou: We wr @wildwaters n da 1st 1 i dnt knw wat hapend 2 it n da 2nd 1 it was after da dance flo of ragga mxm i dnt trust raga ppl n @khensanie
  • hamsanandi: hamsanandi: For those #vivadiphiles, here is the vivadi-est of them all - #Kalavati #raga #rajam #welcomedasara http://ow.ly/6ExrF
  • Dokta_Screwli: Dokta_Screwli: when y'all was were waiting on Raga that night lol.it was unintentional but funny

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