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  • What directions do you think the framework can be taken in that would open new vistas for Rails developers everywhere? Add automatic testing to Rails Guides. The idea is that you can add some markup to Rails Guides content so a script can read them and do exactly the same steps as. — “Ruby Summer of Code 2010 => Rails Wiki”,
  • Rails Fire - Rails learning at one place, News, views, tips, and tricks from the best Ruby on Rails developers, designers, and writers. All Rails, all the time. — “Rails Fire | Rails learning at one place”,
  • rails nameofyourrailsproject. If you want to have a rails application In the above code, the first puts statement was called during Rails' attempt to process a controller's layout command. — “Ruby on Rails - DreamHost”,
  • Rails Performance Resources - Expert advice on tuning and optimizing your Rails app. — “Rails Lab .:. Expert advice on tuning and optimizing your”,
  • Ruby on Rails related news, tips and reviews. Every Rails developer must refactor their Rails code at some time. Ruby's dynamic nature makes it difficult for generic tools to understand what Ruby is doing though. — “Rails Inside: The Ruby on Rails News Blog”,
  • MultiRails allows easy testing against multiple versions of Rails for your Rails specific gem or plugin. Still working on Rails 2.0 support? Use MultiRails to see where your. — “multi-rails's multi_rails-0.0.5 Documentation”, multi-
  • RailsOnWave portal dedicated to Ruby on Rails, Web 2.0, Simple Software, Cool design and Mac. Ruby on Rails documentation, tutorials, manual, guide and how to. — “RailsOnWave Ruby on Rails web 2.0 Ajax Ruby on Rails”, railsonwave.it
  • Code Beach is your ultimate programming guide to rails. Simply Rails 2 is an easy-to-follow, practical and fun guide to Ruby on Rails for beginners. — “Code Beach: rails”,
  • Category:Testing in Rails. ActionPack / Routing. ActiveRecord. ActiveRecord / Database schemas and migrations Is Ruby on Rails for you? Piston. Problem: Gem's version of require rescues all LoadErrors, and can cause. — “Rails - WhyNotWiki”,
  • Get up to speed with the latest on Rails with our in-depth articles, tips and tricks and sample code. Get your technical questions answered in our discussion forums, find Rails jobs and more. — “Learn Rails with tutorials, articles, forums, jobs and news”,
  • DreamHost Web Hosting - Providing scalable Linux-based web hosting and FREE domain registration. Offering PHP, Perl/CGI, MySQL, SSL, Jabber, Ruby on Rails, RealMedia, and much more!. — “Web Hosting by DreamHost Web Hosting: Web Sites, Domain”,
  • Discover how to use the RJS Template feature of Rails to add Ajax functionality to your Rails application. Ajax and Rails together are a powerful combination, and can not only enhance the user experience of your Rails application, but also. — “RJS Templates: Adding Some Ajax Goodness to Rails - ”,
  • Ruby on Rails was extracted by David Heinemeier Hansson from his work on Basecamp, a Ruby on Rails is also noteworthy for its extensive use of the JavaScript libraries Prototype and Script.aculo.us for Ajax.[17] Ruby on Rails initially utilized. — “Ruby on Rails - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Ruby on Rails 2.1.x Examples - Learn Ruby on Rails in simple and easy steps using this Guide/Book/Reference Manual. You will learn its installation, framework, strengths with examples and you will learn about active resources, actionpack,. — “Ruby on Rails 2.1.x Examples”,
  • Official API of the framework. Provides an explanation of every class and functionality. — “Ruby on Rails Documentation”,
  • Özgün Koyun | Freelance Web Developer (Ruby on Rails) rails linux install ubuntu code quality gmail actionmailer sending email email tls plugin database mysql charset utf8 latin5 collate alter table. — “Özgün Koyun | Freelance Web Developer (Ruby on Rails)”,
  • Who are the most popular rails programmers in the world and where are they located? Rails Cities pulls data nightly from Working with Rails so you can see. — “Where the Most Popular Rails Programmers Call Home -- Rails”,
  • Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example by Michael Hartl The Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial book is available for free online and is available for purchase as a PDF download (which also includes a free copy of the Ruby on Rails 2.3 Tutorial book). — “Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example | Ruby on”,
  • Information portal for web application developers focused on the Ruby on Rails platform and related topics. Covers servers, user interfaces, development tools, and business issues. — “Building Web Apps”,
  • R.A.I.L.S. is designed to provide online, education-related resources for people living and working in rural areas. For more information about RAILS or eTRAIN West, contact Webmaster. — “Rural American Internet Learning Site”,
  • Learn how to speed your development of DB2-based Web applications using the Ruby on Rails Web framework. — “An introduction to Ruby on Rails for DB2 developers”,
  • "Rails is the most well thought-out web development framework I've ever used. Rails was created in 2003 by David Heinemeier Hansson and has since been extended by the Rails core team, more than 1,600 contributors, and. — “Ruby on Rails”,

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  • The Swarm Part 2 - Off the Rails! A sinister force has taken over the world, and the boys must do their best to stop The Swarm! This is an awesome yognaut-made adventure map with many great 1.3 features, enjoy! Tekkit will be back on Tuesday. Thanks to Stervma for making the map! ● Yogscast Gear: ● Facebook: ● Twitter: ● Forums: ● Podcast: ● Powered by Chillblast: ● PO Box: The Yogscast, PO Box 3125, Bristol, BS2 2DG
  • Lunging locomotives finally grip the rails as CSX 419 stalls. PART I... Read story... CSX 419 & 411 with loaded coal train V605 stalls coming off the Salsbury Branch just outside Meyersdale, PA. The engineer informs the dispatcher that they have no sand. Watch closely as these two brutt AC4400 actually lunge, and bounce up and down trying to get traction coming up the steep grade of the branch to the mainline. With the locomotives in #8 notch, the hood doors viberate, and you can here the wheels grinding in the sand. It may be a slow video, but you will see what it takes to get this train rolling. The crew in the helper engines never left the comfort of their warm cab in the 19 degree weather. The crew, and some railfans hand sand the rails, and V605 backs up to get a second run for it, and finally makes it out. The whole ordeal to well over an hour. There is now a second clip (PART II) of the progress of the train heading west before it heads east to Cumberland, MD. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for watching. jackmp294 01-04-2003 Link to PART II... here is the link to smooth running of V605 down the other side of Sand Patch after meeting the west bound K111 slab train..
  • Minecraft XBLA 'On A Rail' Guide! DOWNLOADABLE MAP + Tutorial! 2000+ DOWNLOADS [HD] Any LIKES are appreciated! The Fartonauts here with an AWESOME and EASY way to get the Achievement "On A Rail". We also have a map for you to download and show you how to add it to your Xbox! Download Modio HERE! www.game- Download Our Map HERE: adref.co (Its only an ADF.LY Link, it takes 5 seconds the to click 'Click here') --------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe NOW: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Metro's Greatest Hits A US metro has onboard cameras capturing vehicles turning directly in front of the trolley.
  • Ruby on Rails repository virtulization from 2004 to 2009 with Gource this video is just amazing! used very good configuration of the Gource open source project ( 5 first second don't show good, but it's awesome after that! april 2008, the month rails moved to github, you can see what's going on that month! huge surge in commits and commiters.
  • Ruby on Rails - Part 3: Basic Rails Ruby on Rails Intensive 1-Day Course Part 3: Basic Rails ActiveRecord, ActionController, ActionView: validation, model lifecycle, controller actions and the session, filters, forms and parameters, page layouts and partials, CSS. This is an intensive one-day overview of the fundamental concepts of the Ruby on Rails Web programming framework, presented by the UC Berkeley RAD Lab. The overview consists of six sections of approximately one hour each. August 16, 2007 Armando Fox and UC Berkeley RAD Lab radlab.cs.berkeley.edu
  • Ruby on Rails - Part 6: Configuration and Deploy Ruby on Rails Intensive 1-Day Course Part 6: Configuration and Deploy This is an intensive one-day overview of the fundamental concepts of the Ruby on Rails Web programming framework, presented by the UC Berkeley RAD Lab. The overview consists of six sections of approximately one hour each. August 16, 2007 William Sobel and UC Berkeley RAD Lab radlab.cs.berkeley.edu
  • Ruby on Rails Screencast 1 - David Heinemeier Hansson This screencast is a pair programming session between David Heinemeier Hansson and Miles K. Forrest (fullsize version at ) Miles is new to web application programming and a "bunny hill" rails developer at best. If you're new to Rails perhaps this 35 minute screencast might help point you in the right direction.
  • French set new rail speed record;TGV 574 KM/H April 3rd 2007 A French high-speed train (TGV) has smashed the world record for a train on conventional rails by a big margin, reaching 574.8km/h (356mph).
  • Minecraft: Achievements, Booster Rails, and More! (Intro to Beta 1.5) Don't forget to leave a rating :) Twitter: Facebook: Music, of course, comes from the in-game Minecraft soundtrack. If you would like to listen without having Minecraft open, you can download here: c418
  • Thermite weld SEPTA Track department doing a thermite weld on rails in Lansdale PA
  • Mighty Machines - Ride the Mountain Rails! Work Train is busy keeping the tracks in good shape. It takes the power of three engines to get up the sharp inclines and over the pass. These machines are a special hardy breed, made for the mountain rails.
  • Ruby on Rails demo David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of the Ruby on Rails web development framework demonstrates how to create a blog engine in 15 minutes.
  • Alison Krauss & Union Station "Steel Rails" Alison Krauss & Union Station performing "Steel Rails". Be sure to subscribe to me and check out my other music related videos. All comments welcome.
  • The Intro to Rails Screencast I Wish I Had Original posting here:
  • Ten Things You Didn't Know Rails Could Do by James Edward Gray II Rails is huge. Even if you have worked with it for a long time, it's unlikely that you have stumbled across everything yet. Do you really know what all of the built-in Rake tasks do? Have you seen all of the methods ActiveSupport makes available to you? Are you aware of all the queries ActiveRecord is capable of? In this talk, I'll dig into the extras of Rails and see if I can't turn up some features that you don't see all of the time, but that might just be handy to know about anyway. I'll make sure you come out of this able to impress your friends at the hackfest.
  • Tekkit tutorial: Part 11 - Railcraft Rails Hey guys, this is the eleventh video in a line of videos that we're doing for the technic pack. We found that the technic pack is too overwhelming for people to start out, so we're going to show you how to use it. Make sure to comment if there is something you would like us to mention and we will add it to future videos. This video shows you how to make and use the basic rails in railcraft! Download tekkit launcher here: The song at the beginning and end is: Deadmau5 - Hardly Noticable
  • Winch Sessions - Skiing a 97ft rail - PREMIERE - Episode 1 In the PREMIERE episode of "Winch Sessions", we meet up with professional snowmobiler Levi LaVallee, who gives us the low down on what to expect from the upcoming season. We then mission over to Minnesota where we are introduced to "Skier Steve," who has spent the last four years attempting to land a 97ft rail. New Episodes every other THURSDAY! Subscribe to Red Bull:
  • Go Karts on Railroad Tracks Yesterday two friends of East Jesus stopped by to visit. As they pulled up, I noticed they had some kind of strange device attached to the top of their car. It turned out to be what they called a Rail Rider, basically a self-built go kart specially designed to run on abandoned railroad tracks. I've seen a few of these vehicles online, but they were all pedal powered. This one was powered by a Honda motor, and boasted speeds of up to 30 mph. Greg and Troy were nice enough to take me along on their adventure the next day. While we didn't get to go as high up into the mountains as we'd hoped (no train tunnels -- dang!), it still made for an excellent adventure, and I can't thank them enough for helping me knock one more item off my bucket list. Check out the video to see the entire adventure. The songs used in this video were taken from the Creative Commons at . HisBoyElroy - "Revolve" : Pitx - "See You Later" : MORE PUNK NOMAD: Watch our other videos! Subscribe to our channel! Follow us! Visit our website and message board! http
  • Longest Rail Grind?... Maybe Chris Haffey grinds a 666 foot rail.
  • Ruby On Rails For Absolute Beginners InformationWeek's Alex Wolfe talks with Michael Slater, president of , about the open-source Web applications framework.
  • Sonic Generations - Sky Rail (First Public Release!) *1.2 Now Available Today's the day! Now you can give Sky Rail a try yourself! This video will show you where each of the paths are. Remember, if you decided to record a run of this stage, please add it as a video response! This took 2 months to finish, and it's changed so much since then! Just for fun, after this video, check out the very first video showing old progress! As I've mentioned before, please do not say anything about the bounce springs. I have tried many settings, and where they're at now is the most efficient. They're just garbage in this game. No, they will not be removed. If you've played Sky Rail from SA2, these are there. Also some important information you need to know: Rail switching is not perfect. This is due to Generations. It just wasn't meant for sloped rails like that. Red Star Rings ARE in this stage, so if you have a completed save file you won't see them. I'll be releasing an updated version via Twitter first which will allow you to hunt for them without affecting your save file. Be sure to follow: Here's the video if you've missed it: To download and play, this requires a PC version of Sonic Generations. ~*Download*~ ***(Updated to v1.2 and GMI Included) full.sc **ModDB link (v1.1 Only): SonicGMI highly recommended: ***Version 1.2 has various fixes and additions including the following: -Fog brought closer -Some Cameras reworked -Boxes now obey gravity (and physics) -Hopefully solved ...
  • Off the Rails "Off the Rails" Choreographed By Kate Jablonski
  • War of Rails at Bear Mountain 2012 Craig Coker's War of Rails went bigger then ever at Bear Mountain in 2012. Sponsored By Monster Energy Drinks, Under Armor Mtn, Bern helmets and Skull Candy. -Top 15 Skiers- 1. Tom Wallisch 2. Spencer Millbocker 3. Kyle Smaine 4. Pat Goodnough 5. Karl Fostveit 6. Joe Schuster 7. Giray Dadali 8. Dominic Laporte 9. Matt Walker 10. Khai Krepela 11. Alex Dorzynski 12. Aiden Sheahan 13. Martin Boulais 14. John Kutcher 15. Sebastien Chartrand
  • Seymour Duncan SHPR-1 P-Rails pickups Multi-Voice Electric Guitar Pickup Official Seymour Duncan Product Video Featuring: Frank Falbo Produced/Directed by: Steve Osborne new product NAMM 08
  • HIT THE RAILS / LOUDNESS Promotion video clip from LOUDNESS' newest album "THE EVERLASTING". Tribute to MUNETAKA HIGUCHI. He is forever our hero!
  • O'Reilly OSCON Java 2011: Raffi Krikorian, "Twitter: From Ruby on Rails to the JVM" O'Reilly OSCON Java 2011, Raffi Krikorian, "Twitter: From Ruby on Rails to the JVM"
  • Minecraft Beta 1.5 - Simple 3-Way Powered Rail Intersection In this video, I take Minecraft Beta 1.5 update out for a test drive and show you how to make a simple but effective 3-way powered rail intersection. Best viewed at 720p in Full Screen! Credits go to "Mastrmind" on for this design: My Channel: My blog: My Twitter My FAQ:
  • Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 56: Power Rails Some major changes have taken place around the storage room to fix the lighting problems caused by the 1.5 patch. I've made some major headway with the looping mine cart system around the storage room. With the recent addition of the power rails, I was able to get it working with more ease than the first time I attempted it. The system still needs some tweaking, but it's pretty cool so far. I made it much more complicated than I had originally planned to, or needed to. World Download (56):
  • Using Sublime Text 2 with Ruby on Rails An introduction to Sublime Text 2 from the perspective of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial ( Setup instructions:
  • Ruby on Rails - Part 1: Hello World Ruby on Rails Intensive 1-Day Course Part 1 - Hello World Web Apps anatomy 101, Model-View-Controller 101, Rails 101, deconstructing Hello World in Rails. This is an intensive one-day overview of the fundamental concepts of the Ruby on Rails Web programming framework, presented by the UC Berkeley RAD Lab. The overview consists of six sections of approximately one hour each. August 16, 2007 Armando Fox and UC Berkeley RAD Lab radlab.cs.berkeley.edu
  • Minecraft Beta 1.5 Update Test Drive - Booster Rails & Detector Rails In this video, I take Minecraft Beta 1.5 update out for a spin and give you the low-down on Booster Rails (aka Powered Rails) and Detector Rails! Best viewed at 720p in Full Screen! Please click to Tweet! My Channel: My blog: My Twitter My FAQ:
  • What is Ruby on Rails.wmv Ruby On Rails
  • Zazie - Des rails (Video Clip) Clip new single de Totem 2007
  • Web Development with Ruby On Rails The Ruby on Rails framework gives you the tools you need to develop web applications faster. In this webinar, you'll learn about the basic components of the Rails framework and see how to create and test a very simple web application that you can build upon. By the end you'll have an idea of how you can leverage Ruby on Rails in your work. Want to learn more? Check out our online classes! /Ruby Audience: Programmers, Developers, anybody interested in Ruby on Rails. Language: English
  • Ruby on Rails Tutorial Part 1 - Getting Started In this Ruby on Rails Blog Tutorial we'll work on getting a blogging application up and running, learn about the rails directory structure, and do a simple hello world. In this video I'm using Rails 3.1 and Ruby 1.9.2 on Linux. The source code for this video should be available on my site within a few days: www.andrews-custom-web- Installing Ruby and Rails Links: ----------------------------------- ------- Linux ------- ---- Mac ---- -------- Windows -------- -------------------------------------- Javascript Runtime Error (use node.js) -------------------------------------- If you get errors about not having a javascript runtime or something along those lines try installing node.js. ------------- ExecJS Errors -------------
  • DIY 39 pepper Aeroponic System- EP. 1 (Rails) EPISODE 1- The first in a series of videos detailing my homemeade aeroponic rail system that houses 39 pepper plants. This video details the rail construction and design and reasoning behind the build. Thanks for watching and please subscribe!!!
  • TheSacconeJolys - ANNA GOES OFF THE RAILS! DAY 243 - - READ THE DESCRIPTION FOR MORE INFO Jonathan's Page Anna's Page TheSacconeJolys Join Our Facebook APP Subscribe to the AfterParty With JoFus DAILY BOOTH bit.ly TWITTER = Jonathan joly vlog vlogs vlogging dublin ireland cork irish anna saccone thestylediet leflooftv cork jonathanjoly sacconejoly subscriber wall thesacconejolys albi sisina sina maltese puppies jofus nina of the rails tv show fashion style rte mahon point
  • Ruby on Rails - Part 2: Just Enough Ruby Ruby on Rails Intensive 1-Day Course Part 2: Just Enough Ruby object orientation, naming conventions, mixins and modules (a/k/a multiple inheritance done right), iterators and generators. This is an intensive one-day overview of the fundamental concepts of the Ruby on Rails Web programming framework, presented by the UC Berkeley RAD Lab. The overview consists of six sections of approximately one hour each. August 16, 2007 William Sobel and UC Berkeley RAD Lab radlab.cs.berkeley.edu
  • On The Loose - Building and kiteboarding a rail - Episode 5 With Ruben in rehab, Aaron is forced to make a solo trip over to the Dominican Republic, meeting up with his old friend Susanne Mai. The group decides to build a rail, but Aaron is sent to the hospital after injuring his foot on the pipe lining. Later, the boys meet up in Oslo, Norway for a Red Bull snowkiting event, where they give curling a try for the first time. New Episodes every Saturday! Previous Episode: Subscribe to show: Subscribe to Red Bull: Follow the boys on Twitter: Ruben -- http Aaron -- http
  • Blue Oyster Cult - Hot Rails to Hell Off of the "Tyranny and Mutation" album from Blue Oyster Cult...Hot Rails to Hell.
  • Johnny Cash - Ridin' The Rails
  • authordhallman: Feb. 21, 1804 - The first self-propelled locomotive on rails was demonstrated in Wales.
  • Florettaxh6: Adult Rails for Petite Paradise Crib (White) (51"H x... http://t.co/j7DMKB1P8w
  • Florettaxh6: L.A. Baby... http://t.co/1f8pJezgda
  • MrCunninghamZ: On the days I don't go to the gym I think of the gym. Also I bought a helmet. Take on some rails and bigger jumps on this trip to Michigan!
  • galaxyalpha: [email protected] if a Conservative said this, the Leftist KOOKS would go off the rails flipping out.
  • GreyDuck: This isn't a MAX train. It's a Petri dish on rails.
  • railsgirls_bln: RT @VillageScribeSA: Let's see what this will do to #awarenet: VSA joins @railsgirls_bln ;-) http://t.co/XgKEHNz0KD
  • seriouslyruby: Better Queuing Metrics With Updated New Relic Add-On: Today our partner, New Relic, released an u... http://t.co/lJMsMLRist #ruby #rails
  • Brittnyev51: Shadow Mountain Woolrich Collection "Heritage Loft" Complete King Leather Panel Bed with... http://t.co/3L4P5JVCPK
  • 1BenDuffy: Heads all over place. #rails @JFrancis_88
  • WorkingBackward: "If there're sliders to play with then bump them. If you don't know where the rails are then how you gonna jump them?"
  • us_bieber4ever: @scooterbraun PLEASE DON'T LET JUSTIN GO OF THE RAILS WE LOVE HIM TOO MUCH!!!!!
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  • abdulklarapl: Dear #headhunters, ruby !== ruby on rails && php !== php on #symfony2
  • satully: Hashrocket - Ruby on Rails Development and UI Design http://t.co/CdBfybFGee
  • hopkinschris: Incoming! Helps you receive email in your Rack apps (just like Basecamp does) — https://t.co/Nhn5Y84LZI #rails #rack
  • creativeKoder: well looky what we have here :) http://t.co/pAGME8WnWp #backbone #rails #javascript
  • yachibit: “ruby on rails - Using link_to with embedded HTML - Stack Overflow” http://t.co/WMtog4Kl9V
  • rlbeard: We just finished this All Tile Pool. I designed the custom "Trends" Mosaic tile and custom Stainless Hand Rails.... http://t.co/pkx8prApFD
  • chloebrierley: I'm going off the rails, on a crazy train!
  • DapperDanNM: Teaching myself @rails with @railsforzombies today. #CodeLife > #ThugLife. </tweet>
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  • CintaStahp: @AlexAllTimeLow off the rails
  • Followthefloodl: http://t.co/CD5ARA7OT9 _ And coming up the rails at number 7 and challenging for the front is ' Wad of Notes' the mount of Enda Kenny.
  • lifexruiner: You're coming off of the rails again.
  • BrennanDaunt: @MikesMyths Too many people smoking rails Mike?
  • LesbionicDK: @julieplec I was just trying to be an adult. Wtf Wahh! I barely like conflict unless someone is off the rails and feeding on humans
  • AndrewMatte: @JohnGormleyLive kicked off his show this morning with a snippet from Crazy Train. Perhaps the radio host will go off the rails! #yqr #yxe
  • demotive: @i_like_robots I might just put rails on it :D
  • planetargon: We have an open position for a Ruby on Rails Developer here in Portland -- http://t.co/8cyS5BihAW
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  • mrvaughan: Why the Latest Rails Exploit Is Indicative of a Bigger Problem: The latest Rails security flaw is ... http://t.co/7yCn4uj0GY #ITSecurity
  • scarpellorxsk1: A co. we built a web app for 5 yrs ago just contacted us for updates. Pulled out the code, Rails 1.2RfKXu
  • talltroym: @russ_johnson just installed the rails-footnotes, very nice! Have you found anything similar to cfdump for rails?
  • PR_Josh: @fred_on_rails We explored this once and decided against it.
  • Tom_Murry: RT @Cary_News: For $250 an hour, you can drive a steam locomotive. One customer paid the price just to blow the whistle. #Cary http://t.co/NPOuSkwTTi
  • LiviLouise: My diets just flown off the rails
  • podmedics: Wow! This is fantastic for all those who use free New Relic service with their rails apps. http://t.co/FEOaqUsLZQ
  • LoyalBig10Fans: Hammer & Rails >> Boilermakings Is Apologizing For A Slow Week: Hammer & Rails » null http://t.co/DoA1RVbUUM #purdue #boilermaker
  • SyuhadaRestu: As cold iron rails leave, old mossy trails through the countryside #owlcity-honeyandthebee
  • al_the_x: Re the "#Rails as #Omakase" argument: what other "restaurants" have I to choose from in #Ruby?
  • Cary_News: For $250 an hour, you can drive a steam locomotive. One customer paid the price just to blow the whistle. #Cary http://t.co/NPOuSkwTTi
  • gregtarnoff: A comparison of Rails to Java running at Wordpress. I find this funny. I don't know why. http://t.co/3Px6DijUIA
  • thepainterflynn: A red Leicester cheese sandwich has put the cart on the rails again
  • bkenny: I’ve totally flexed by Rails muscle hard this week. Super happy with what I’ve learned.
  • arabdora: I'm not perfect I'm not saying I am but some people are off the rails mate.
  • GCfrancioni: Goin off the rails of the crazy train
  • hipipo: Rails Girls: Empowering Women to Favourably Compete In Internet Ventures 5Star: http://t.co/6lhjTJdz05 #HiPipoMusicAwards via @hipipo
  • MikeMcQuaid: @samueljohn_de I basically set it up for them. It’s a Rails consultancy.
  • MattJury73: This one is for you, Dad. Melt the Rails http://t.co/tHUxTBVB1U #ultimatekitbash
  • IslandgirlOK: I have this sudden urge to plate a sushi/sashimi service on my rails http://t.co/mQ5VygFjg0
  • Fit_Tamara: @Andy_hengst Yes...cause I have lots of black in my decor...the house will have rod iron spindles for the stair rails.
  • rubygems: angular-ui-rails (0.4.0): http://t.co/5SGH3yQY7R Injects Angular.js UI into your asset pipeline.
  • emmradio: #nowplaying David Lambert & The Carolina Rails - Tom Walker http://t.co/ZnLaHoPL8g 2012 Internet Station of the Year!
  • sebToz: RT @Mytwoscentz: Ok so which one of you guys is our new Junior Rails Developer?
  • JosephLovell2: http://t.co/qt4zJxIWr2- an loose reddish-amber ongoing rails farm out entranceway: .RDu http://t.co/8M945PPq4v
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  • BangkokBaySW11: Riding the rails: classic train journeys of the world http://t.co/yL10gyCNpB
  • epc: “Tails and Rails - Tech Innovation for Pets and People” — 23 Feb 2013 Hackathon sponsored by @mashable http://t.co/fyce6DCy5Q
  • delicerubyrails: Struggling With Ruby: Creating Images For Rails With Java: http://t.co/usblKKTzNb
  • Naomi_unique: Had a blast snowboarding yesterday. Too bad I've got muscleache from my fall. Rails/box no probs. Looking out for other people #difficult
  • MissScoutFinch: Amazing to watch an #Irish medical #doctor go completely off the rails & tweet bizarre exaggerations and political propaganda about #Bahrain
  • sportsbrah907: Twitter bout to blow up. I need a bungee, lets rip some campus rails
  • RailsGirlsATL: Democracy was never so tasty. Vote for next Wednesday's meetup's menu: http://t.co/Y4Hvo8CIEO
  • NeilStallings: http://t.co/XCIxk99LUI- high released rubify current rails dealings gatepost: .ORe http://t.co/Cm9eaG8HcH
  • jrjarrett: Posted without comment (but a touch of shadenfreude) http://t.co/zWe5KVbwJK
  • ActingJobs1: Hollywood Best Job $ Software Engineer - Ruby on Rails at Zestfinance (Hollywood, CA) http://t.co/2CIhlcuQ8A
  • AAAMedia1: Hollywood Best Job $ Software Engineer - Ruby on Rails at Zestfinance (Hollywood, CA) http://t.co/hUk5Wp5AYV
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  • CptCantSaveAHoe: Bro we live in Chicago ... Those rails where meant to be hopped“@highfromthechi Tryna make moves, wish some would bless me with a bus card.”
  • pablojimeno: Cool feature: Rails 4 Routing Concerns http://t.co/0JCWmBe9bb
  • jmazzi: @laserlemon @travisci it doesn’t look like it’s hanging. It says rails [FAIL] Already activated
  • myasmine: RT @RailsGirlsPHL: Rails Girls Philly is SOLD OUT. Woo Hoo! We have a waiting list available. http://t.co/ykJl6fnTh5 #railsgirlsphl
  • SilentSStudios: Great DLR live painting project, very challenging/facinating http://t.co/fEITc6q2xD
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  • RandallMauro2: The set up in reference to ruddied occurring rails architectonics: .sVv http://t.co/mu9LF64nS8
  • paulrak: First self-propelled steam locomotive, created by Richard Trevithick, makes first journey on rails on Feb 21, 1804 in Wales #bizhist
  • Its_Kristieee: Yeah rails right I found this paper @RM_Diddle @danishakesitout http://t.co/q5Tiv0Pq6d
  • barbaravannin: A Pet-Friendly Hackathon :) Chicco are u ready? @ryanvannin http://t.co/s5RO8Az3cm
  • Acqky: RT @weywerdSun: If drought can buckle steel rails, what will it do to a steel pipeline carrying tarsand oil across our grain belt and largest aquifer?
  • thomaslundstrom: RT @_FooCafe_: Wanna get your head around Ruby on Rails? Sign up on the evening course http://t.co/41qtsmtStu
  • jane_swarbreck: @nickstubble love the cattle-rails look. Been trying to convince @tonymundy that he needs a set but he's not buying it.
  • ichrisandrews: @HouseOfTwitsCon @torydom #UKIP coming up on the rails,whisper it but UKIP are in with a squeak of a chance,secret tory polls have them 2nd!
  • pa_nannygirl: RT @weywerdSun: If drought can buckle steel rails, what will it do to a steel pipeline carrying tarsand oil across our grain belt and largest aquifer?
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