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  • RaceRap is a messageboard for race fans to rap about current events at the local tracks. Happy Thanksgiving to all and especially to Race Rap staff. — “Race Rap! A Messageboard for local track race fans. Brought”,
  • V2R + VN2 + Web nghe nhạc Rap, R&B, HipHop lớn nhất Việt Nam + + + + Breakdance Việt + Rap Việt + Việt Rap + Việt Rapper + Rapper Việt + Beat Việt + Graffiti Việt + Dj Việt + The World Of HipHop + Cộng. — “VN2 - WEB NGHE NHẠC RAP, R&B/HIPHOP LỚN NHẤT VIỆT NAM”, vn2
  • listen to free mixtapes and download free mixtapes, hip hop music, videos, underground Today's Top 8 The most popular mixtapes uploaded in the last 24 hours. — “DatPiff :: The Authority in Free Mixtapes”,
  • is your source for the latest rap music from album reviews to music videos and hip hop news. — “Rap Forums, Music Songs, Artists and Videos | ”,
  • West Coast rapper Egyptian Lover was the first notable MC to deliver "sing-raps."[54] Popular rappers such as 50 Cent and Ja Rule add a slight melody to their otherwise purely percussive raps whereas some rappers such as Cee-Lo Green are able to harmonize their raps with the beat. — “Rapping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Browse Rap music on the iTunes Store. Preview and download songs starting at just 69¢ each. — “Rap - Music Downloads on iTunes”,
  • G-Rap music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of G-Rap on Yahoo! Music Kool G Rap & DJ Polo Live And Let Die Two To The Head featuring Kool G Rap , Scarface, Bushwick Bill , Ice Cub. — “G-Rap on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Features a hip-hop and rap artist database with bios, profiles, and interviews. — “”,
  • Hip hop music, also known as rap music, is a style of music which came into existence in the United States Hip hop musicians collaborated with rock bands and spread out into the genres of conscious hip hop, jazz-rap and gangsta rap. — “”,
  • Rap is a music genre.Its hated by many people that believe in the stereo type that only blacks make rap and its always about shooting cops, drugs,. — “Urban Dictionary: rap”,
  • rap n. Slang . A talk, conversation, or discussion. A form of popular music developed especially in African-American urban communities and Similes and metaphors are used extensively in rap lyrics; rappers such as Fabolous and Lloyd Banks have written entire songs in which every line contains similes,. — “rap: Definition from ”,
  • Eazy E invented gangsta rap. He also died of AIDS; the main chemical involved in the creation of his music. Ironically (thanks to MTV), wiggers, Puerto Ricans, Romanians, Asians and even Jews make up the majority of rap fans. — “Rap - Encyclopedia Dramatica”,
  • Listen to rap radio. Free rap mp3 downloads available. Top rap artists: Eminem, Jay-Z, Beastie Boys, Kanye West, 2Pac, 50 Cent, Nas, Notorious B.I.G., Dr. Dre, Cypress Hill. — “Rap music - Listen free at Last.fm”, last.fm
  • Direct access to Rap video and Lyrics, HipHop, Urban Searchengine, Shop And Community. Download rap mixtapes, buy iced out gear, urban clothing. — “”,
  • RAP is very similar to Eclipse RCP, but it has an alternative The server part of RAP can be deployed on all Servlet Containers that implement the. — “Rich Ajax Platform (RAP)”,
  • Rap definition, to strike, esp. with a quick, smart, or light blow: See more. (of a spirit summoned by a medium) to communicate (a message) by raps (often fol. — “Rap | Define Rap at ”,
  • Free Rap Songs, Download Rap Music, Rap Mixtapes, Rap Underground, Rap Albums, New Hip Hop Music, Hip Hop Download, Free Rap mp3, R&B download, Rap Videos, New Rap Music. — “Download Rap Music, Rap Albums, New Rap Music, Hip Hop”, rap4
  • Definition of rap in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of rap. Pronunciation of rap. Translations of rap. rap synonyms, rap antonyms. Information about rap in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. rap music. — “rap - definition of rap by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • News, artists, audio, links, interviews, and more. — “Rap Basement”,
  • Underground Hip Hop Songs | New Rap Music | Top Rappers 2011 | Listen to internet radio stations online and/or download top rap songs. MP3 downloads of new rap music and videos. Downloading of beats, mixtapes, tracks and mp3s are FREE!. — “Rap Monster |”,
  • G-RAP funding targets institutions that can contribute to the national policy dialogue G-RAP is jointly financed by the United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark and The Netherlands. — “G-RAP home page”, g-
  • Where YN Lives. Rap Radar is the Premiere Rap Blog for the latest news, music and video in Hip Hop Culture. This incident makes me lose my appetite 'cause contrary to some of y'all belief, no hip-hop site is safe—including Rap Radar. — “Rap Radar”,

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  • How to Write a Rap Song : How to Write Rap Lyrics Writing rap music can be difficult. Learn how to write good rap lyrics in this free video clip. Expert: Jason Bio: Jason has been a graphic artist for more than eight years. Filmmaker: ricky burchell
  • How To Solve The Rubik's Cube! (Rap) Breaking down how to solve the rubik's cube in a rap. My iPhone, iPod, iPad App: Also available on the Android platform. Go to the Android market and type "DeStorm" My Facebook: My Twitter: PO Box: DeStorm Power PO Box 461749 LA, CA 90046 Rubik's Cube Rap! Rubik's Cube Rap! Rubik's Cube Rap! How To Solve The Rubik's Cube! How To Solve The Rubik's Cube! How To Solve The Rubik's Cube!
  • Ice Cube - Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It (Official Video) New video for 2008 for Ice Cube's street single called Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It. This is an uncensored version off of myspacetv.
  • "Fear the Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem Econstories.tv is a place to learn about the economic way of thinking through the eyes of creative director John Papola and creative economist Russ Roberts. In Fear the Boom and Bust, John Maynard Keynes and FA Hayek, two of the great economists of the 20th century, come back to life to attend an economics conference on the economic crisis. Before the conference begins, and at the insistence of Lord Keynes, they go out for a night on the town and sing about why there's a "boom and bust" cycle in modern economies and good reason to fear it. Get the full lyrics, story and free download of the song in high quality MP3 and AAC files at: www.econstories.tv Plus, to see and hear more from the stars of Fear the Boom and Bust, Billy Scafuri and Adam Lustick, visit their site Music was produced by Jack Bradley at Blackboard3 Music and Sound Design. It was composed and performed by Richard Royston Jacobs. http **Charging Bull© Arturo DiModica, 1998
  • Amazing Robocop Rap This video was written & produced by DJ Mayhem & features the vocal skills of MC Mouthmaster Murf, both from up & coming band THE ANOMALIES. It took a very relaxed 9 months to create & is the 2nd of such videos the duo have created (see THE AMAZING PREDATOR RAP) to download the audio of this track click the link below: to download the lyrics click the link below: to download an instrumental version of the track click link below: to watch the 2010 update of THE AMAZING PREDATOR RAP click here: www.blip.tv to downolad the AMAZING PREDATOR RAP MP3 click: to download a DJ MAYHEM CUT & PASTE MIX click: to visit the FARCICAL 3 facebook & get free mixes & the latest news on Amazing rap shiz click here: To visit the Anomalies MySpace click:
  • Dragonball Rap - www.eqp.it AMV Dragon Ball - www.eqp.it Music by Porta - Dragon Ball Rap Video by bombillero
  • Pokémon Gangsta Rap Buy it on itunes!! Watch the Zelda Gangsta Rap! If you don't know what pokemon is then go buy yourself a gameboy! Please Subscribe!! Please comment, rate, and favorite! Twitter me off!!! It's a school night And Im at the mall with the crew Its a quarter past nine and were past curfew Ha, ha! So what? Yeah wed do it again We dont listen to our parents Well stay out till ten Head over to the Gamestop GH tres! (Guitar Hero Three) Brought my 10% coupon with me just in case It was then, on the rack, something caught my eye A couple gameboy games priced at only two for five Dang, thats a hella good deal Hold on broseph! Come on! Is this game even real? Whats pokeman? Poke man, its pokemon And its the most boss game since Ms. Pac-mon So we get the games and then we walk out the door Ladies checkin us out like we in the elite four Thats right I got blue and you know my boys got red I take my game home and thats when my girl said Listen! When you gonna take me out like you claim? Cause I know that all you do is sit and play that game Girl, Im facing Giovanni! Would you just let me save? And I cant beat his Kangaskhan if you misbehave So then she left me But you know its all good Yeah, I got my fourth badge and Im rollin hood Every lass and beauty wants me and my problems dissolvin Is there something in your pocket? No, I think Im evolving Girl, yeah would you please give me something Cause when I Pikachu (peek at you) Its like my Arbok is jumpin ...
  • Epic Rap Battle! Get this song at: or on iTunes: bit.ly Watch all our music videos in this playlist: ----------------- Don'tforget to SUBSCRIBE! We do this for you, and we want to make sure you see our new videos. Plus, we give virtual side-hugs to all new subscribers. ----------------- Thanks to all the help we received in putting this video together from Derrick, Sam, Karl, Mike, Lance, Lacey, Rene, Don, Christy and our kids. Thanks to Paula and Cooley's restaurant in Fuquay for letting us shoot on location, as well as Jason and Cape Fear Fitness in Lillington. We appreciate the support from local businesses! ---------------------------------------- ------------- Check out our other Youtube channel, where we upload random videos from our phones: ------------------ FOLLOW us on TWITTER! Rhett: Link: Video Updates: ------------------- FAN us on FACEBOOK! ------------------- DAILYBOOTH ------------------- Become a MYTHICAL BEAST for exclusive video, creative projects, etc. Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • US-Sino Currency Rap Battle www.nma.tv The G20 is getting underway in South Korea. High on the agenda is the brewing currency battle between China and the United States. Need a primer on the issues? Check out our US-Sino Currency Rap Battle, featuring Chinese president Hu Jintao and American president Barack Obama. China has mad stacks of US Treasury debt and fears America will inflate its way out the hole by weakening the greenback further. The US, on the other hand, says China is keeping its currency artificially undervalued to protect its exports. It's a battle for the ages. And everything you need to know about US-Sino trade relations can be learned right here. Produced and written by Next Media Animation. Music by ACTION ZERO and SHEN E.
  • Darth Vader vs Hitler. Epic Rap Battles of History 2 Tweet this Vid-ee-oh! DOWNLOAD this SONG: bit.ly Beat By: VandalizedProd Title: Tides of War Available at Cast and Crew Directing Dave McCary On Camera: Jonathan Na On Costumes: Nikki Fancy On Everything Helper: Mike Schroeder Carbonite Special Effects: Geoff Yano Darth Vader: Nice Peter Adolf Hitler: Lloyd Ahlquist Thank you for your suggestions, they are hilarious and awesome, keep them coming! see you soon, - nice peter
  • McDonald's: The Rap The best part of making this video was the fact I got to eat the props. Except the bottled water. I'm a Grimace cup kind of dude. Feel free to subscribe and/or check out the other videos! I'll go ahead and include the lyrics on here until I put them on the site. Sittin' on the couch with the morning post With a cold cup of coffee and some boring toast Thinkin' I'm-a change it up, yeah that's always fun What you reckon, Remz? A McDonald's run So we hit the couch cushions, need some dollars, friend Yo, I found a five. Man, that's Canadian. How 'bout a loonie? A twonie? A spoon or The Goonies? Oh, it's 10:25. Dude, you gotta move, G. Got the cash, got the car, got the pedal to the floor Speed limit's 25, but I'm doing 34 Going drive-thru style, man it's fast express You can call it trans fat, I call it happiness Roll up to the teller fella with a minute to spare Frenchy with a headset, "can I take your order?" A McGriddle with a little sweet and sour there, son A McMuffin, then be stuffin' muffins up in my trunk Then a tray or two of hotcakes, man I can't decide, uh... All's I know is hit them things with Aunt Jemimah How 'bout an egg fajita for some Texas flavor No drama but my momma wants a breakfast bagel Don't forget my #4, or there'll be hell to spend And I want them eggs poached like an elephant Frenchy back on the line, "is that all your order?" No it ain't, fool, I want a Coca-Cola! Get my cup of Coke and I'm-a start a riot Cuz on the cup lid, dude depressed the ...
  • Darth Vader Rap The best Star Wars Rap
  • Large Hadron Rap Rappin' about CERN's Large Hadron Collider! Links below... Apparently YouTube fixed the sound! Still, Will Barras made two options trying to get around the original problems: Other YouTube: Vimeo: Vimeo is downloadable if you log in. There has been a lot of interest in the original mp3, lyrics, and vocals for remixing. You can find all that here: www.msu.edu There's also been interest in translation. You can get a subtitle-free version from Vimeo here (downloadable): With backing track available here (with and without Hawking-style voice): barras.ws Go ahead and translate, rap it, and post it! Just give us a shout-out, and it's probably a good idea to include the following credits ;-) Images came from: , , the Institute of Physics, NASA, Symmetry, and Marvel I forgot Einstein Online, and they called me out: www.einstein- And I forgot Physics World (dunno what I was thinking when I put together the extra dimensions bit). Steve Abel set me to rights (but made no demands) The talented dancers doubled as camera people, with some work by Neil Dixon. Stock footage is CERN's. Will Barras is responsible for the killa beats: And thanks to MC Hawking, who first thought of using computer-voice to bring Stephen Hawking to the world of rap :-) The rapper has a day job (we agree this is a good thing) as a science writer. They'll ...
  • Hummus: The Rap An ode to hummus. Or however you spell it. Hope you like it. Plenty of videos to come this summer! Oh, here are the lyrics, it's kinda fast-paced: Hummus. I'm eating hummus. Dip it to my thumb-us. It's the best, beats the rest When you seem to need a paste with some taste to put on your pita Hit me, hit me With a little chick pea Got a lot of bread That's the trick, see? I'm a fast pita eater got the pedal to the metal Putting down so much bread You'd think I was Hansel and Gretel Now my bread's all gone Hmm, what's the next pick? Checkin the pantry How 'bout some bread sticks? Bust the tops off the box Dip it in all the way Put that stick in my head Like I'm Phineas Gage I got my hummus from the supermarket Don't be a weenie If you want real hummus in your stomach Then you need some tahini Is this hummus cooked? You ain't gotta boil it, yo You just need more peas than a toilet bowl You've been sitting there for hours eating? Maybe brah... It's like the toilet's eating hummus Through a crazy straw! Remy Remz in a Benz Cruisin' on a Sunday When'd you rent a Benz, Remz? I thought you rock a Hyundai Driving up to Detroit Now that summer's here Rock City? Nah man, I call it Hummusville! What, you on vacation? Sounds like a nice world Man, I'm working harder than a Valtrex in a Spice Girl Dearborn's the place where the hummus flows I thought they liked coneys, man I saw it in the Post I love dipping in the hummus, man I beg your pardon? I'm eating more paste than I did in ...
  • Harry Potter vs. Voldemort Rap : Original Short Exclusive! Harry Potter vs. Voldemort in an epic rap battle to determine who is the ultimate wizard! Indy Mogul features the Voldemort make-up effect in this Original Short test film. 'Build' episode: Download the MP3: Lyrics Voldemort #1: I'm the darkest dark wizard in all of history, I'll slay your ass out like Cedric Diggory. With a wave of my finger Ill put you on the floor You's a punk ass little kid without Dumbeldore, I'm the best wizard rapper you ever will see, you're a peewee witch midget with a dead mommy. I've got multiple souls and can raise the dead If you think you can win then you've been sorely misled Harry #1 You's a big bald fairy, you think I'm scared of you I smoked basilisk and I'll smoke you too. I got witches in class I got witches in the halls If you look under my cloak, you'll see my Hagrid size balls. I win at wizard duels, I win at wizard chess, Got platinum coated DUBS on my Hogwart's Express You can't touch me son, I drive magic cars I dish out big hurt you just pass out little scars! Voldemort #2 Poor little Harry, you're such darling lad. Do you miss you uncle? Your Mom? Your Dad? Oh that's right I killed em, you're little owl too. All your friends are next, I'll cut right through your crew. You look like Marcy from Peanuts and your wand is tiny Is that why you couldn't close the deal with Hermoine? My boyz are called death eaters, they're black magic studs They'll make you disappear, they don ...
  • RAP 101 If you want to learn how to be a legit hip hop emcee, then this is the place for you. RAP 101 teaches you how to be famous rappers like P. Diddy, Lil Flip, and Shania Twain! Please SUBSCRIBE and follow me on twitter:
  • Starbucks Rap This is the original... just fyi If you're going to use the lyrics in your own video, please credit this one. Thanks! Inspired by the McDonalds Rap, Ellen D. aka Vanilla Latte decided to write a drive-thru rap of her own for Starbucks. Beatbox provided by Nathan G. aka The Tall Frothy One. Become a fan of Vanilla Latte on Facebook: I need a caramel macchiato so make it a grande A double shot espresso, extra whip on a latte A Tazo passion or green shaken iced tea And while you're at it, heat up a muffin for me I wanna peppermint white chocolate soy milk mocha Don't make it to hot, cuz I don't wanna choke-a I want something else, wait a second or three Yeah a pumpkin spice frap light blended coffee I wanna triple grande cinnamon latte with soy And a copy of Shep's book Beautiful Boy. Give me something else, I want something to eat Cuz a seven layer bar is my favorite treat. I want a cream cheese Danish and a hot cross bun And a poppy seed bagel, just for fun Now that I have plenty of food I got one more order so make it good A tall caramel frap with caramel on top. Flat lid two napkins don't spill a drop Don't worry 'bout payment cuz I got a gift card Hope this complicated order isn't too hard But I really do hope I get my order for free If not y'all gotta spit a rap back at me.
  • How To Rap: CHUNK DIRTY Ep. 3 watch Wax's video for Dispensary Girl download his mixtape Scrublife Timothy DeLaGhetto http Ricky Shucks Wax
  • Design Coding The Poetic Prophet (AKA The SEO Rapper) is back with another marketing rap. This time he describes how web standards and proper design can affect the ranking and conversion of pages on your site. lyrics:Your site design is the first thing people see it should be reflective of you and the industry easy to look at with a nice navigation when you can't find what you want it causes frustration a clear Call to action to increase the temptation use appealing graphics they create motivation if you have animation use with moderation cause search engines can't index the information display the logos of all your associations highlight your contact info that's an obligation create a clean design you can use some decoration but to try to prevent any client hesitation every page that they click should provide and explanation should be easy to understand like having a conversation when you design the style go ahead and use your imagination but make sure you use correct color combinations do some investigation, look at other organizations but don't duplicate or you might face a litigation design done, congratulations but it's time to start construction follow these instructions when you move into production your photoshop functions then slice that design do your layout with divs make sure that it's aligned please don't use tables even though they work fine when it come to indexing they give searches a hard time make it easy for the spiders to crawl what you provide remove font type ...
  • Good-bye Twitter Mileys reason for deleting twitter
  • Left 4 Dead Rap (Machinima) LEFT 4 DEAD : by skullkruncher13 and patfan8326 PLAYLIST: FOR MORE MACHINIMA GO TO:
  • Justin Bieber vs Beethoven -Epic Rap Battles of History #6 Click to Tweet this Video: Download this song: bit.ly Download this beat: bit.ly Subscribe to Alex Farnham!! (Justin Bieber) Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History. We make two of these every month, so keep your suggestions coming. I couldn't make these without you, and without the help of many wonderful and talented people. Special thanks to Ceciley Jenkins and her incredible makeup skills: Production Coordinator: Aaron Zaragoza PA: Amy Brown Audio Engineer: Dante Cimadamore Awesome old broken piano provided by: Collins Piano Service, Santa Monica, CA Custom Beat Produced by Taylor Lipari http tweet him say hi: I hang out here: This rap was recorded using a Shure Sm7 microphone, Logic, and Protools. see you soon, -nice peter
  • "Mac or PC" Rap Music Video - Mac vs PC Get the song on iTunes - bit.ly Subscribe to our channel at Pantless Knights Productions is bringing you its debut project "Mac or PC" whether you like it or not. Video directed by David Fine. Video produced by Peter Furia & Beau Lewis. Lyrics by Furia & Beau-J. Music by Pete Nos. LYRICS: I'm a right-clicka I'm an iBook flippa Macs and PCs - no fight gets bigga Surf Safari or browse in IE Better know what you rep(resent) - a Mac or PC! USB 1-2.0, son, you don't know watch my data flow From MS-DOS command line prompts Black backgrounds, no special sauce Well I've only been around since '84 But my ease of use has done so much more From a Plus to a Classic to a II GS To a PowerPC, my OS is the best So clickable, design is lickable My aqua interface makes XP dispicable Quick I pull the RAM stick out the slot Then I swap it with generic cause the port is hot If you see life through an LCD Betta know your brand is it a Mac-or-PC? Take a look at Vista enjoy the view I suggest Premium or the ultimate skew cop a Dell with a graphics card - super fast turn the aero on and lick the glass Tiger's fast as hell But Leopard's got the boom Time machine is mad mean you're absurd - what's a zune? Middle name: innovate All features integrate Now stay the hell out of my developers' conferences! Nonsenses - I'm networking You're not working Stop staring at your built-in webcam YouTube surfing Ha! 1000 views is pretty fresh ComputerGal36 even says I'm the best He is the best with ...
  • Hardly Working: Rap Battle Streeter and Amir burn each other lyrically... with a little help from "Freestyle Love Supreme." See our videos a month earlier at and like us on http
  • Rap My 2nd challenge in my series of 25, to rap. If you want to suggest a challenge then please either send me an @reply on twitter Or comment on this video with your suggestion! Thanks :D Backing track is royalty free from:
  • Annoying Orange - Rap-berry iPHONE & iPOD GAME: bit.ly Raspberry realizes to survive the kitchen, he has to find his true talent: rapping RETWEET: bit.ly TSHIRTS: bit.ly TWITTER: FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK APP: DAILYBOOTH: WATCH MY EPISODES! STARRING: RICHARD RYAN as RED RASPBERRY KEVIN BRUECK as GRANDPA LEMON: CREATED BY: DANEBOE:
  • Mcdonald's Rap Lmfao these guys go up to a Mcdonalds Drive-Thru and start rapping there order. Lyrics(So You Can Understand it): I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce Don't be frontin' son no seeds on a bun We be up in this drive thru Order for two I gots a craving for a number nine like my shoe We need some chicken up in here In this dizzle For rizzle my nizzle Extra salt on the frizzle Dr. Pepper my brother Another for your mother Double double super size And don't forget the FRIES... ---------------------------------
  • Arlington: The Rap Available Now on iTunes! I moved to a new town a couple weeks ago. Clarendon. It's pretty tough. Thank you to BJ and Q for their co-starring roles once again. And to the people of Arlington who I ran into (literally and figuratively) in the process of filming. Oh yes, and thanks to Ally the dog! More videos on the channel/website! LYRICS Just moved to a new hood and it's straight up gangsta Let me show you around... my town People all around better know the deal that the people in this town are ghetto for real So when people tell me Remy, where you calling from? I say a straight up thug town called Arlington It's a real tough town packing heat and boat shoes my crib's in a rough spot right next to the Whole Foods I'm ducking gunfire daily check to see if one got me but that's just life in the hood when I go get my puffed kashi But we never do drugs no, cuz that's not me the only thing high up in here are my condo fees Welcome to Arlington the town that never fizzles Ballston, Rosslyn, Courthouse the Clizzledizzle So many places to choose you're gonna like to pick I'm in Courthouse so much that they call me Michael Vick And Rosslyn girls got money they all can pay the bills but that's all I'll film in Rosslyn cuz I hate walking up these hills and we kinda got a mall yeah you know you can't stop us got everything but nothing good, man it's kinda like tapas Just try to mess with us I'll shoot you right in the foot punk Just don't come on Tuesday nights that's ...
  • DJ Steve Porter featuring Vince Offer - "Slap Chop Rap"
  • Transformers Rap BLOOPERS: Anthony and Ian rap about their favorite robots in disguise in this hella tight music video. "Transformers will punch you in the face!" http
  • Awkward Rap A hip-hop tribute to life's most uncomfortable moments, featuring CH's Dan, Sam & Amir. See more at You can download the song here: 0 Free CHTV video podcast on iTunes: CH Facebook Fan Page: Watch this on CHTV and view credits at
  • Mario Kart: The Rap Hey friends! My friends and I just spent the day watching football and playing Mario Kart. This video resulted. Hope you like it! Thank you to my friends BJ and Q for their help! And thank you to Langley High School (my alma mater) for not kicking me out. LYRICS 2:20 is money Because my school is out But I ain't taking the late bus I'm heading straight to my couch Cuz I got a Wii. I got a mii. You gotta see I gotta be right back because now I gotta pee I'm gonna need a prescription I'm feeling weak in the heart I need 100cc's of Mario Kart Flying mad just like a bee I fly with ease, I'm super dooper I'll gladly take the lead as I go weave through koopa troopas. I like salt and winning races. But hold the sodium Just try to go deny me Cuz you know I'll top that podium Me and my Mii, we a team Ain't nobody can beat us But I won the Mushroom Cup Me too--when I was a fetus No I ain't gonna cower if I happen to see Bowser Because I'm gonna put a green shell up in his trousers And Luigi, you wont see me I'm passing you quick I got more speed than Carlton that one episode of Fresh Prince And hey, DK, it's you I'm gonna jettison Spin you out with a banana for a taste of your own medicine And Princess, I'm-a hit you in the face with a shell You hit a girl like that in real life you're going to jail Toad, I'll make you explode send you to the next world, man You gonna get dumped just like me by my girlfriend What, I could have a girlfriend That's the truth, I ain't ...
  • The Amputee Rap by Josh Sundquist Now available on iTunes! bit.ly .......................................... Follow me! Here's what it's like to walk a mile in my shoe(s). LYRICS I got one leg but a smile on my face You'd be smiling too If you had my par-king space My leg is cut off Way up at the hip But I using these crutches I run pretty quick Using these crutches I ghost ride the whip When I walk by People stare and they gawk, I'm a handicapped hustler with a natural pimp walk Did you lose your leg in Iraq? No, I lost it in a shark attack. The real true answer Lost my leg cancer, But it don't stop me I'm a one legged dancer I can break and c-walk And soldier boy too, I can do the stanky leg g How bout you? I go hard on the dance floor Set it on fire Crutch tips worn down So I'm a low rider I was reading up on twitter Some guy wrote a tweet Said he can't dance Cause he's got two left feet Now he's my follower Says I'm his hero Cause when it comes to left feet Yo I got zero. People always trying to hold the door once they notice I got less than four AMPUTEE Listen up people don't feel sorry for me! AMPUTEE The glass is half full I still got three! In morning I wake up ten seconds after you Cause when I put my swag on I only tie one shoe And when I do the laundry It totally rocks Because unlike you I don't hafta pair my socks I ain't scared to fight No not one bit I'll just unleash My pendulum kick I'll swing my arm and crack your ...
  • Modern Warfare 2 Rap (MW2) Click this to watch Halo 3: ODST Rap (Music Video Machinima)! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Rap (Music Video Machinima) by patfan8326 and skullkruncher13 Remember to check out our Album! follow us on twitter: /JTMachinima stay updated by our blog: become a fan on facebook: Download ths video as a podcast on iTunes: LYRICS -- Modern Warfare 2 Rap CHORUS: Call of Duty is truly the best game, I can Go and play it all day without no shame, cuz with Modern Warfare Two I do the same thing Playiní all night cuz sleep is just lame, and I Let the trash be spoken untamed In the xbox microphone, Iím pwniní insanely Teabagginí people even though they canít see me Iím rockiní COD: MW2, namely Skullkruncher13 Up on the gamer scene I wasnít the only who thought COD Was the dream Until I seen something crazy Right next to me It made World at War Look so yesterday But Modern Warfare Two? What is this thing, dude? And I couldnít begin to think Because my eyes were glued So I looked at my bro We both know whatís up Whip out the cash little man, We gonna buy this stuff Next thing I know, The Xbox ring is flashiní I can hear the COD disc Itís spinniní fast and, I canít wait to start all the Smash and blastiní And now I know itís time For me to kick some ass in. CHORUS Now haters hate All you want, But itís just a mistake Cuz I will make You astonished As Iím honestly blatant You think that Iím ...
  • JOHN CENA RAP BATTLES A FAN John Cena rap battles a fan
  • Abe Lincoln VS Chuck Norris Epic Rap Battles of History #3 Tweet this vi-dee-oh! Download this song: bit.ly Hi, my name is Nice Peter, and this is the 3rd installment of the Epic Rap Battles of History. This video could not have been possible without the support of my subscribers, and without the help of several other talented people. Special thanks to them, and to you. Crew: Beat Produced By: MrFlamez Directed and Edited by: Dave McCary Director of Photography: Jon Na First Assistant Editor: Mike Schroeder Special Effects by: Geoff Yano Starring: Abe Lincoln: Nice Peter Chuck Norris: Lloyd Ahlquist Next Epic Rap Battle is coming in a few weeks. I make lots of funny songs, and a vlog every monday, you are welcome to hang out here until then. see you soon, -nice peter
  • Sarah Palin VS Lady Gaga - Epic Rap Battles of History 4 Click to tweet this Vid-ee-oh! Download this song: bit.ly Hi, my name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History. I make these videos every month, and I make a new picture song out of random funny pictures every week. Special thanks to the producers at 20, for their excellent beats. you can check out the instrumental for this song, it's called Dr Doom, at: www.20 vlog channel Lloyd Ahlquist as John McCain: Lisa Nova as Sarah Palin: thanks for watching homies, see you soon. -nice peter
  • HOW TO RAP BACKWARDS! My iPhone, iPod, iPad App: ‪ Also available on the Android platform. Go to the Android market and type "DeStorm" My Facebook: ‪ My Twitter: ‪ PO Box: DeStorm Power PO Box 461749 LA, CA 90046 Saw a PSA someone sent me a while back. kick ass idea, so I decided to flip it to a beat with my own style and lyrics. figured it would be more challenging to try and use rhyming words. was difficult to do especially rhyming certain words and staying on beat. Someone recently found the link to the PSA here Back-Words-For-Words Back-Words-For-Words Back-Words-For-Words
  • Natalie Portman Uncensored Rap Uncensored
  • Rapcat Music Video - Rap cat Rapcat Music Video This is the real high quality Rapcat music video. For more Rapcat - check out rap- Rapcat (feat. MC King Kitty) "Meow Meow" 8 Lives Left Producer: New Math Director: Honest www.rap- Checkers / Rally's Records
  • _likekettlecorn: Yeah he can't rap.
  • Possilga: I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/exgVsmK5tAo?a Casseta e Planeta - Rap do Vagabundo
  • Kemahnet: People Choice Cajun Rap Cookers Raymond Jatzlau Best Kemah Restaurant Swamp Shack Crazy Allen Click to see all the... http://fb.me/FzSW0wHU
  • RayDiamond2: yes me mate @CeeHoodsHottest showed me bout UK rap and i didnt like it at first nah i LOVED IT!!! #Geezerality
  • Holodiction: @twtfm New #song "Entrap Rap (One Love)" from #Africom X a song about the love of #music vs #corporate #HipHop: http://bit.ly/kwRbXD
  • acolorfulmind: My prediction is that for the next year, rap songs will have the line "like Obama got Osama" ... Just sayin.
  • Kemahnet: People Choice Cajun Rap Cookers Raymond Jatzlau Best Kemah Restaurant Swamp Shack Crazy Allen Click to see all the... http://fb.me/ugjVmwlo
  • syd2704: Peyton needs 13 more followers. Go follow @TheRealPsanders & he'll make a video/rap. You'll all love his music.! Just go follow him(:
  • _Forever_Motese: RT @thatkidDAIRY: @_Forever_Motese yea that good and you aint gotta tell me that I rap good -- you can't rap WTH , lol .
  • _itsDJarnzy: When I grow I wanna be a rap star ;$
  • TRUMONEYSQUAD: Pinky rap n now all I wanna c is dat ass
  • 2_PRETty4uLAMES: RT @GoHam1 Letting all the clowns get you're number and rap you up.. #TurnOff
  • JustMaryBowman: @iamshellybell that doesn't help... NOBODY can rap better than me
  • luvnmuzik215: I gotta rap sheet longer than Broad Street
  • JBsGirrl: Jaden Smith && Truchha Mathers rap duet. #JadenRapWithTruchha http:///lyvdk
  • RaeofSun: "Frustration leads to rap in me. Fo' shizzle." -Celia Rivenbark, Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank...
  • BriShaleese: I juss foundd our rap frm wen lhs cheerleaders went 2 wpgc..
  • GetYourMusic: Make rap beats by the thousand... Unlimited beat downloads http://bit.ly/fa0GIv
  • OldSkoolSLIM: @Trey_95 i wish they couldnt rap either and i wish frank ocean couldnt sing! lol
  • da_woug: and the plan is to put the rap game in a chokehold
  • Ayotwice: Strictly rap in my eardrums
  • kevfrescongo: RT @SeanMandela: GMR isnt a disgruntled old man rap group its a movement of elders who still got barz if ya barz aint up see ya later #realtalk #GMR
  • NahREWINDatShi_: @OneNiggaDeep my nigga I heard that. real rap. I'm young right now.. no reason working for something I probably won't commit to.
  • joo_seaa: I am going to learn how to beat box and rap.
  • Corey_McCain: @TyGoudy can rap about ANYTHING. ;)
  • FreddiePorter: @professorgreen you gonna do any rap battles ever again? you merkeddd when you did :L
  • PresshelleMarie: Just Cause I'm Black Don't Mean I Want To Hear Yuh Rap..
  • iamshellybell: RT @JustMaryBowman I don't like guessing games... Just tell me who... ----->i will give you a hint. She can rap better than you!
  • rapgenius: New on Rap Genius: "313" by Eminem http://goo.gl/uUG6L
  • mscottbone: Hilarious. How do people assume it is okay to play music over their computer speakers at the airport. Above all to rap with it. #lilweezy
  • EbonyyTaylor: Royal Rap Princess Dont kill me #NowWatching #Sweet16
  • CLVchericeltics: This white boy's blasting his gangsta rap through his earphones swinging his purple ipod shuffle like he's bad.. *rme*
  • TonyRouse: Remember late 90s when rap still wasn't mainstream and there were 2 versions for songs? Where pop stations had no rap at all.
  • tonethego: RT @SeanMandela: GMR isnt a disgruntled old man rap group its a movement of elders who still got barz if ya barz aint up see ya later #realtalk #GMR
  • thatkidDAIRY: @_Forever_Motese yea that good and you aint gotta tell me that I rap good
  • KoC_CutThroat: RT @Lil_Wyte_: Bin Laden might be dead but Lil Wyte ain't<<<-shid but rap police sent out a warrant for murdering #SnoAlbum
  • Curtsgames: Will Spruce Lee -- A spruce tree rap -- win a Twins fan an ex-Target Field tree?: Twins Season Ticket Hold... http:///3zlsj5s
  • gnorthfield: Soul singer sings all over a Boards of Canada track. Civilization ends. http://ow.ly/4Mp0M
  • Urra3: Paint on my face, layin' back rollin the J. Feelin' like these rap niggas ain't as real as they say.
  • ShamTwitch: I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/PzI72UT1E9A?a RAP CITY " G Child - Child's Play (Prod. By Kimbo Hareez) OFFIC
  • AdotBrandon: RT @DeezalDatNigga: #TurnOff If u think wiz khalifa or tyga could rap
  • FollowMyCurve: @InSANE_UnTAMEd_ yeah I hate terrible rap music
  • ibefreshhuh: So that japan rap song that be on tokyo drift ant go hard
  • forjp: RT @notoriousgonzo: "It's Gon' Shine" Rap Performance Video 스틸컷프리뷰 오늘 안으로공개! http:///p/98405222 http:///p/98405190
  • puppypunk: three different people over the past couple weeks have told me that they feel like playing "gangster rap" in my presence. why? who knows.
  • omjxitsRach09: @K1047 #kfest is the best. better than the rest. it ain't no test. get me to kfest! (lame rap lol)
  • MusicGoal_CH: TDI RNB Stream: U... - RnB , Rap , #Soul ... - (32 kbps) http://www.musicgoal.ch/internet-radio/id/1000048367/
  • SCARFACE_KRISPY: @BlUUWOO_Doll ayyye alrite I need somebody to rap wit anyway cuddy !! :)
  • Jhunter2121: RT @stephenaltrogge: When White Homeschooled Kids Try to Rap - http://t.co/SzuPTUn
  • MeNaCe1204: This>>RT @MamaLong_Legs: We be steady mobbin still one if my fav rap songs lol.
  • smimi_deol: Unless u having something meaningful to rap about --ex immortal technique-- please dont.
  • Catareezy05: RT @dHutsonLive: Women that sing, dance, a musician, poet, rap, just talented lol etc...#TurnOn
  • LuvDemRedskins: @MyLifeAsLillian and he got a lil boosie haircut. and he stopped makin dance songs to rap like gucci man. hes #wack
  • FORTUNE5HUNIT: Hip-hop responds to Bin Laden's death (in tweet form): Even in today's largely apoliticized rap world, artists s... http://bit.ly/k0EQkW
  • _Ethan_Tremblay: @The_Real_EthanT she cant rap
  • FORTUNE5HUNIT: Actor Michael Rapaport Talks New York Knicks and Directing Rap Documentary: When you think about Tribe, you just... http://bit.ly/j8kpkC
  • THE_OFFICIAL_LC: RT @SeanMandela: GMR isnt a disgruntled old man rap group its a movement of elders who still got barz if ya barz aint up see ya later #realtalk #GMR
  • MajorA_Hole: http:// looking to make a rap battle league, any interested send in sample to [email protected]
  • MamaLong_Legs: We be steady mobbin still one if my fav rap songs lol.
  • WahidSweat: Yo @SeanMandela you can beat them up and rap better P!
  • YoungMon33y: @JohnCena man john cena you should go back 2 when u use to come out and rap on people why did u stop that thats when u was awsome
  • YooCoolKidd: My name @Wale you probably know me from the rap. I give a lil time if you give a lil back !
  • GaleBrokawdm84: some 90's rap
  • _rareMELody: RT @StevieNewbury #turnon Woman who listens to Gangsta Rap.
  • RealTizzy: RT @DeezalDatNigga: #TurnOff If u think wiz khalifa or tyga could rap
  • JayMintz: RT @JDB_universal: Jaden Smith && Truchha Mathers rap duet. #JadenRapWithTruchha http:///lyvdk
  • JBchillen10: GOOD >>>ORIGINAL<<< MUSIC rap/hip-hop support me with a LIKE!!! https:///home.php#!/pages/JB-Music/157038347694511
  • truthuniversal: "I chopped these drums off 'Truly Yours' G Rap"
  • LuvDemRedskins: @MyLifeAsLillian wow. soulja boy is the biggest swaggerjacker in the world. jus look at him. hes tryna rap like lil b now.
  • ImMEOhBoyee: Ali vegas still rap lol he can flow but work ethic terrible I guess ima be the 38person to check out his new ep dats not good
  • MelloMusicGroup: Damu remixes @RedefRecords Kev Brown & Kaimbr joint “Army Fatigue Rap” feat. @HassaanMackey http://ow.ly/4MiXv
  • LMEtalk: Stale gist RT @tomisinabiona: its concluded .... diddy cant sing,rap or dance!!
  • LovanniG: Should i get a new twitter name? What about my rap name: backseat_PANDA ?
  • Cheddar_Freshly: #wheniamhigh I wrapp/rap more than an Italian scarf
  • robjkelly34: @ugodofwutang one of the most recognizable voices of the Wu? kids these days.... tight jeans an converse. white kids "rap". just my voice.
  • I_m_Sukhi: Win a rap battle ahhhh yeeeeeaaaa #onethingiveneverdone
  • AskewInTheQueue: I am sufficiently self-aware (usually) to know that I should not rap.
  • JDB_universal: Jaden Smith && Truchha Mathers rap duet. #JadenRapWithTruchha http:///lyvdk
  • Chloeemate: @samJsheppard noo! but you know sandi, she wants him to beat box behind the choir! so shes got this guy to come down from london the rap wit
  • DeezalDatNigga: #TurnOff If u think wiz khalifa or tyga could rap
  • IamZozoLoco: RT @BearDaPrince: REAL RAP. RT @BkBrandon: Never trust anything a female tweets with the word "him" in it.
  • ForeverShakeria: my rap was too long #mike
  • ExConformist: So, you got your heart broken by Esther Baxter Joey? Man up! Acting like the modern day rap version of Mary J. Blige. <<< Wow!
  • alecc93: @DevlinOfficial ello m8, whats ur opinion on u.s rap e.g. Tupac, biggie/90's rap?

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