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  • Encyclopedia article about rasped. Information about rasped in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “rasped definition of rasped in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Free online English dictionary. We define rasp as NRasp \Rasp\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Rasped}; p. pr. & vb. n.{Rasping}.] [OF. rasper, F. r[^a]per, to. — “Definition of Rasp from ”,
  • . Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory. rasped (My Site) Public Name: Rasmus Pedersen (CBS) Send me a message. — “: Rasmus Pedersen (CBS) - User Profile”,
  • little things make it sound a lot better so just read it over and see what words fit where, oh btw "Professor Ogden's hand took the shape of a fist and rasped three times on the solid oak door." i love that line good job so far . keep going :Di agree. — “Already asked this question.. but did not get answer i was”,
  • The farrier had also rasped the significant quarter flare that occurred as the wall in the quarters became The line is drawn relative to the coronet band, following its contour with a rasp. — “Healthy Hoof - Solutions for Barefoot Performance”,
  • Definition of rasped in the Medical Dictionary. rasped explanation. Information about rasped in Free online English dictionary. What is rasped? Meaning of rasped medical term. What does rasped mean?. — “rasped - definition of rasped in the Medical dictionary - by”, medical-
  • When Hoodlum Joe Valachi appeared before Arkansas Senator John McClellan's Permanent Investigations Subcommittee last week, he rasped out a 31-hour rhapsody of names, crimes and Cosa Nostra. — “Investigations: Killers in Prison - TIME”,
  • Conjugation and translation of the English verb rasp. Tests to test your knowledge. Conjugations of the English verb rasp can be found below. — “rasp - Conjugation of the English verb rasp”, verb2
  • search on the largest free stock photo site on the web - download stock photos or share your own work Premium results for "rasped" on for as low as $1!. — “stock.xchng - search”, sxc.hu
  • [edit] Verb. rasped. Simple past tense and past participle of rasp. [edit] Anagrams. drapes rasped" Categories: English simple past forms | English past participles. Personal tools. — “rasped - Wiktionary”,
  • 2. The outside of the wall is rasped all the way around, wherever the glue will come in Special attention is paid to rasping the heel area clean. 3. The size and type of the. — “Glue On Shoes”,
  • The damaged hoof wall is rasped down and an artificial wall is built from Equilox Adhesive and a layer of composite fabric. When cured, the hoof can be rasped, nailed, and trimmed just like natural hoof wall. — “Equilox Adhesive Hoof Repair System | FAQ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. The metal boxes rasped as they were dragged across the floor. — “Rasped - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Authentic green-glass wine bottles lend artistic impact to our striking Wine Bottle Chandelier. It has a rasped finish that gives each individual chandelier rich texture and one-of-a-kind detail.18" diameter, 33" high; 6' chainCraf. — “Wine Bottle Chandelier | Pottery Barn”,
  • Spanish Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of English Word 'rasp'. — “rasp - Spanish translation - Word Magic English-Spanish”,
  • All handles are rasped for good grip. 22# lead alloy hammer w/ rattan handle & oak wedges Spare schedule 80 PVC handle w/ tapered wood wedge - rasped for good grip. — “NASGA - Old Celt Equipment”,
  • Rasped definition, to scrape or abrade with a rough instrument. See more. to scrape or rub roughly: The glacier rasped the valley floor. — “Rasped | Define Rasped at ”,
  • Definition of Rasp to rub or file with a rasp; to rub or grate with a rough file; as, to rasp wood to make it smooth; to rasp bones to powder. — “Rasp definition by Babylon's free dictionary”,
  • 5. The hoof should be rasped level and not around the hoof wall. The rasped area must be blended into the slope of the undistorted upper part of the wall. — “Evaluating the Hoof and Trim Job - eXtension”,
  • He was tired, his senses rasped by everything 10th February 2010, He was tired, his senses rasped by everything that went wrong; all the sullenness of the. — “He was tired, his senses rasped by everything... - Nsvtl”,
  • rasp v. , rasped , rasping , rasps . v.tr. To file or scrape with a coarse file having sharp projections Even though rasps leave very coarse finishes, the cut-away areas can be easily smoothed with finer tools, such as files. — “rasp: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Includes: 1 x Clear Brook Dining Table with Drop Leaf (CBK-4242) 1 x Clear Brook Counter Bar Stool (Set of 2) (CBK-BS124RTA-SET) Features: Distressed finish with wood markings Rub through application and rasped edges Two 9" drop leaves Box. — “Clear Brook Dining Room Furniture Set - Entree by APA”,

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  • Starstruck; 31 This one is short because the next one is on its way. Hope you enjoy & please comment :) ----- Miley stumbled onto the bed, and as she did so, she rasped, "Kiss me," to no one in particular; no eye contact was made between the two of us. As far as I could tell, Miley didn't even know it was me putting myself on top of her. Obediently, I brushed my lips against those velvety ones that Miley contained, and almost immediately, I slipped my tongue into hers, as she did the same. Her breath, I reckoned, tasted more or less like beer--nothing else. And as that thought processed into my mind, I couldn't but to wonder how her kisses really tasted like when she was sober. . . Nevertheless, I was too drunk to continue my pondering, and as I made my way on top of her on the bed, my hands fidgeted, trying to reach for the hem of her shirt, in order to pull it off, all the while keeping the contact and connection between our tender lips. The task--of taking off a shirt--was fairly hard, or maybe I just thought so because I just drank six beers a few minutes before. Either way, it took a few moments for me to finally take her shirt off and as I did, my eyes bulged at the sight in front of me; Miley's voluptuous breast were neatly hidden under her silky red bra and at the moment, all I wanted to do was rip the bra into shreds with my own bare teeth, just to have a nicer peek at her breasts. However, I did not do so, for such a thing was impossible, and even if it was, I was way too ...
  • Untamed - 34 "Go with Selena, dude," Joe rasped, trying to settle my nerves. He knew if I didn't leave, I was capable of putting Demi in her place just like her brother. "I'll handle this," he assured, patting my shoulder. It took a few seconds to cut my glare away from Demi, but when I did, I turned right around and hurried to Selena's side. She was cleaning off the bite mark when I walked in and startled her. "Sorry," I sighed, sitting down on the vanity top. She looked over at me, blinking her orbs, "You don't have to stay in here, Nick. I'm fine." "I know, but if I stay out there, I'll end up killing someone." "II thought he left," she winced as she rinsed off the soap. "Joe's handling it," I growled, "Or so he says." Selena looked up at me quietly, holding the bar of soap between her hands. "What?" I scowled. "Can...you get my back? My arms really hurt," she held out the bar of soap for me. I moved closer to her, kneeling by the tub as she turned around. "How are you feeling?" I asked, grabbing the soap and dipping it into the water. "Sore," she responded, "I just want to sleep." Rubbing the sudsy soap against her back, I replied, "That's why we're here...to relax." Selena looked over her shoulder, smiling softly. "Thank you for taking care of me," she whispered. My hand stopped briefly as I looked down at her. Gulping, I pushed myself to remember what I was doing. "Don't mention it," my voice came out a bit rougher than expected. "Nick?" she sighed lowly. "Yeah?" I frowned. "Can ...
  • Secret Solace: 17 She waited until her parents and the rest of the palace were in their fifth dreams to slip through the halls quietly. She paused outside her driver's door, tapping softly. When he didn't answer, she tapped a little louder. There was a mess behind it; rustling and clanking of things before the door swung open. "I need you to take me somewhere," she demanded, leaning her hand on the doorframe. He blinked heavily, sighing. He knew he couldn't reprimand the young and stubborn princess, so he merely nodded. "Hurry," she rasped, turning on her toes. Selena sauntered down the hall, her hair sashaying against her back smoothly. Minutes later, she was at his house. She ordered her driver not to tell her parents anything and promised there would be repercussions if word did slip out that she went to visit Joe. She ordered him to leave and she waited until he was out of sight to knock on Joe's door. After the first successions of knocks, there was a pause before a set of heavy footsteps echoed through the door. Selena bit her lip as they became louder until the door suddenly swung open. Joe, with his hair disheveled and only wearing a pair of shorts, answered the door. "What...what are you doing here?" he questioned curiously. Selena held her breath for a moment. Her eyes were battling to look down at his rippled abs and her fingers tingling to trace over their contours. "Hello?" his voice grew annoyed. Taking a step back, she sighed, "I...I don't know." "Sure you do," he snapped ...
  • Simon Having his Teeth Rasped simon, ashleys horse, having his teeth rasped
  • Leonardos- Horse's teeth rasped 2-12-09.avi This clip is of Leo having his teeth rasped. For those of you that dont do horses-yes horses need dentists too-on about the same frequency as us. Otherwise their teeth develop sharp points and edges which can stop them munching up their feed properly, and produce a host of other problems. This is Dawn Moore in operation, who lives near Hinckley----she's an Equine dentist---07940-522179--if you need her Leo is a good old boy--17 years old now, so been there done that----you see the way his jaw is held open with that gadget--called a "hauptmann gag"?. How would you like that when YOU went to the dentist??
  • Family horse - 14 yrs 14.3 hh Bay - Staffordshire ***LADY BABY*** FIRST TO TRY WILL BUY! *PERFECT MOTHER/DAUGHTER SHARE, SAFE ALLROUNDER/FIRST HORSE.* Lady stands at 14.3hh and she is 14 years old. She has very good manners and she is great at giving confidance to people as she was purchased from a riding school, so she would be suitable for someone starting a riding stables or for a novice rider. She is so gentle to ride and handle. I was told that she has done dressarge in her previous home. She has been ridden by complete novices. But she would also be suitable for a more experianced rider aswell as she will be more forward if asked, not a complete plod. She has recently had her teeth rasped. Lady is just a lovely safe first horse with great attitude towards her job of being a perfect first horse. Lady has been hacked out in windy weather conditions and she was as good as gold, she will hack out alone or in company and she is fab in traffic. She is freezemarked,wormed,farrier, upto date. Lady's old owners have said she has been known to weave in the stable, however they fitted a weave grill into her stable and she stopped within 5 minutes of it being fitted. She can live out all winter provided she is wearing a rug. She is good to catch and she comes to call. Please only good homes apply as this horse really does deserve a good home where she can just settle down and do her job. Please contact me on 01889565954 or 07805767653 for more information on this lovely Lady, Thanks Jemma.
  • Caedere - Mass Emission Band: Caedere Song: Mass Emission Album: Mass Emission Genre(s): Death Metal Lyrical Theme(s): Humanity Origin: Netherlands www.metal- Lyrics: There will be no single warning! As you see the flashing lighten in the sky. You will see the next red morning and will smell your pealing skin. There is no doubt 'bout what will happen, it's for sure that we all die. Could you turn back the hands of time if it showed up in your sight. Bodies shrivelling, boiled away. Raddle is the flesh, turned well done! Bodies blackening, carbonised Felt the radiance, left behind. There will be no single warning! As you see the flashing lighten in the sky. As you see the flashing lighten in the sky. Faced your deprivation to late. There's one conclusion. That we are left to be doomed. Knowledge is despised. Raging in the source of heat. On earth's nearest star. Nucleus after extinction. Died out afterglow. Gasping into repulsion. Saw the light, felt the wind, mass emission. In beyond as what we have seen before. Felt the heat, rasped off skin, mass emission. Blasted in oblivion. Deadly light. Died out souls. There's one conclusion. That we are left to be doomed. Knowledge is despised. Raging in the source of heat. Could you catch sight of explosions in your reach? Twinkle in your eye and for sure blinded. Blinded by the light. Crying out your fright. On mime devoured. Light of day died out. Could you deny sight of explosions in your reach? Mutilated ...
  • Second Chance 2yo Filly, Missouri Fox Trotter, 15 hands and still growing, Loves people and loves being brushed. Picks up her front legs and allows her hooves to be rasped. picks up back legs but is still figuring out how to balance her weight. Has been haltered, cross-tied loaded into trailer- walked right in and she is being led all over the property and through the woods. Has been longed and started to ground drive, has taken a english saddle and girth on her back as well as a snaffle bit. Paternity unknown, beautiful gaits- nice fox trot. No papers. asking $250 but fee will increase with training. for more info visit:
  • FF6 Terra Solo LLG Part 33 - Skull and Holy Redux Skull Dragon Redux is one pretty long battle because it cannot die the normal way but has to be rasped, which takes a while. Also we have to go for perfect evade because he could just put zombie on Terra elsewise. After an hour of rasping, he will finally give in. Not too much trouble given terras equip. Terra Level 6: Lightbringer Paladin's Shield Green Beret Force Armor Prayer Beads Zephyr Cloak Holy Dragon Redux is just as long as Skull. He has a few things healing him, Regen for over 250 in intervals, a counter Curaga for over 6000 and if Terra has reflect a Holy spell for about 1000 too. Seeing Ultima do around 2000 damage to him, it's pretty tedious work to get him down actively by putting reflect on him, using Ultima twice and renewing reflect. After an hour of doing that I checked and saw I did mere 20000 damage while he already lost 5000 of his 22000 MP. I then decided to just drain his MP by sitting there, having Terra attack and force Curaga counters. He ran out pretty fast actually, compared to sitting around actively at least. After he ran out it was just Ultima spamming to get him down. Terra Level 6: Lightbringer Paladin's Shield Green Beret Minerva Bustier Prayer Beads Celestriad
  • A normal life RASPED CARTEL
  • The Story Of Us // 1 NEW STORY! Comment on whether you want me to continue. :D ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I walked into Starbucks, running my fingers through my curly locks as I pushed my bangs away from my eyes. I walked over to the never-ending line of workers and college students, awaiting a refreshing hot drink before they set of to a tiring day. I watched as a young couple passed me, chattering about another day at college with all of their fellow pupils. I watched as the lanky boy placed his arm protectively around the petite waist of the fragile girl and give her a tender kiss against her forehead as her sparkling blue eyes shone with adoration. I continued to move forward slowly in the queue as people were continuously served. I reached into my back pocket of my tight, blue jeans and pulled out my cell-phone. I examined the number that flashed upon the screen before hitting accept and bringing the phone to my ear. "Hello?" I rasped; my voice dreary with sleep. "Hey baby, you know you sound really hot in the morning?" a low voice chuckled as I smiled softly. "Where were you last night?" I asked, my eyes rounding as I pouted. He might not be able to see me but I wanted him to sense me becoming upset. "Oh babe, don't be like that. I had work last night." He frowned; I could tell his eyebrows were knitting together as he swallowed back on his own saliva. "I missed you." I whispered, moving forward as the line decreased in front of me. "I missed ...
  • BSJA/Eventing Sports horse FOR SALE!! Breed: Irish Sports Horse Height:16.3 Age: 9 King of Diamonds bloodline, his full pedigree can be viewed at This stunning horse is both talented and versitile, he has competed BSJA and hunted in Ireland with previous owners as well as winning three dressage championship titles for our local riding club last year. He has plenty of scope and clears 1.20m easily! He has also got very well established lateral work and flying changes. He is snaffle mouthed at all times and has the potential to excel in any discipline. Diamond has a competitive nature and loves to jump, clearing large fences with ease. Due to this I feel that he would be best suited for a competitive, experienced rider who has ambitions towards higher level showjumping or eventing. He is very easy to do, he will load, stand to be shod, have his teeth rasped etc. He is fully clipped out by a 17 year old with no fuss! Diamond oozes presence and never fails to get noticed, his large, elastic strides and impeccable outline always put him in the ribbons. This one in a million horse is full of personality and is no doubt a yard favourite! He has never been sick or sorry for himself in my three years of owning him. Diamond is only for sale due to university commitments and a lack of time, this is a heartbreaking sale of a fantastic horse who demands a 5* home. £7000
  • Inheritance Evil - 1833AD Indian Black Metal Band 1833 AD 1833 AD has been a part of the Indian Metal scene for the past 4 years. Vocalist Nishant, with his distinct rasped vocal style and Rahuls dark, yet melodic guitar riffs bring a new dimension to the Black Metal genre, a genre usually characterized by an aggressive and abrasive sound. 1833 AD brings forth a fresh approach to Black Metal digressing from the traditional abrasive sound and concocting a mixture of extreme tremolo picking riffs and mellow melodic hooks and solos. With lyrical themes mostly centered around hatred, war, catastrophe, destruction and the exploitation of the human race, 1833 AD takes a little detour from what people mostly categorize Black Metal lyrics as. Nishant - Vocals/Guitars Rahul - Guitars Sushmit - Bass Shashank - Drums Please visit 1833 AD on Myspace: Facebook Group: Facebook Fanpage:
  • Kiss You Goodnight - Meg & Dia (cover) i'm working on my voice, teaching myself how to sing right and so on. it's pretty hard, because all i know is that i'm not supposed to sing only from my throat. i'm making it all up as i go so who knows if i'll turn out to be an opera singer or screamo. i love you, everybody! and by the way, i'm not making excuses, but a few days before i recorded this i went to an amazing concert and screamed my voice away. so usually i can get pretty high, but my voice rasped out on me and i blame myself. and amazing performers. but i will post better videos now because my voice is not crack-kk-king anymore.
  • General Surgery - Capricious Provisional Cadaver Grater From the album "Left Hand Pathology" (2006). Lyrics: Splinters of bone - Flesh turns to mince Sinew & phlegm - Fragments of skin Flesh and muscle stripped Layer by putrid layer Strands of reeking waste Fetid strips of meat Splinters of bone - Flesh turns to mince Sinew & phlegm - Fragments of skin Noxious putrid corpses Rasped and razed to stew Effectively ground down By this murderous contraption Untested apparatus With a penchant for structural failure Unproved waste disposal A heinous carrion grinder
  • Avril Lavigne-part2-AI 2010 PLEASE READ YOUTUBE ADMINISTRATORS !!!! enjoy **I believe my use does not infringe copyright (eg it is fair use under US law); this is from **I DONT own this song!*** **No copyright infringement intended.** -lisa Avril Lavigne on American Idol Judge fro season 09. 2010!!!!! SHE WAS GOOD. AND AVRIL AGREED. SHE HAD A RASPED VOICE,BUT GOOD TOO!!! WAY TO GO AVRIL ON AGREEING W/ THIS CONTESTANT!!!!
  • Hoofwall Anatomy Part 1, Lessons from the Hoof This 3 part video explains why it's important to understand the anatomy of your horses hoofwall, in order to maintian and recognize a healthy hoof. It also explains how over rasped walls and laid over bars lead to underrun heels
  • Example - Millionaires Example - Millionaires Off the album Won't Go Quietly Millionaires is this album's Dry Your Eyes, a slow-paced, sluggishly-rasped number that compares a paramour to a "precious cargo" before our protagonist declares he has "a million ways to show you that I care". Actions presumably speak louder than words, though, as he's not too great at expressing his feelings verbally, as ode to holiday romance Watch the Sun Come Up confirms: "I'm hardly a linguist / Spoke through kisses 'cos you didn't speak English". (Typical Englishman: didn't pack a phrasebook.) That the amorous pair is "under the influence" rather skews the love-at-first-sight sentiments, but it shouldn't detract wholly from what is a fairly sweet song, and one of this record's highlights.
  • Ma's Soup A culinary treat from Dame Cheddar Gorgeous Dinner wont be long dear Bert puffed up his pillows and squeezed one out Better was you hands now The armchair smothered his glee. Wallaby faggots, brown rice juices Lentils, barley and rye Jumbo morels, whatever she sells. Liquid fish stock, brussels and hock Tranches of offal from Thebes Chilli jam and fruity brown sauce. Round and round the rotten rump The rancid ratchet rasped It must have been the onion jus Was all that I could gasp. Round and round the rotten rump The rancid ratchet rasped It must have been the onion jus Was all that I could gasp.
  • Christopher Kane Fall/Winter 2007 Full Show I've always just loved this collection!!... Music Tracklist and Review click info: Scarlett O'Hara, Rambo, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark - and a giant set of Swarovski-crystal bathroom knobs. These were just some of the rich and potent components that went into Christopher Kane's second collection. But they don't begin to describe what came out: circle-skirted dresses decorated with corrugated ammo bands, gorgeous velvets spliced together with tough leather, huge crystal studs in place of buttons, wicked-witchy calf-length stretch dresses, and heavy-duty chrome-ringed belts. It's Paul Delaroche's The Execution of Lady Jane Grey - and vindictive, man-eating women Kane rasped backstage, half-dead with exhaustion. It was a triumph, both for the designer and his sister Tammy, who is the chief muse, in-house model, and general egger-on in this remarkable sibling enterprise. Kane managed to confound skeptics who wondered whether he'd be able to move on from the ultrayoung, ruffly neon-and-nylon-lace collection with which he made his mark last summer. He did, with a giant step into tough black and oxblood leather, sumptuous burnt orange, scarlet, and emerald velvet (tear down the drapes!) and an intensely creative sequence of work that patched fluid Versace-esque crystal mesh over a base of matte-black knit. Some caviled that at first sight it was reminiscent of Azzedine Alaïa, and (in the Elvira moment) the drapey stretch silhouettes of Romeo Gigli. But neither Alaïa nor Gigli ...
  • _Selfish. [7] Comments would be lovely. (: Last one for today. This short story will be coming to an end very soon. The purring of the engine soon came to a halt when Mason turned off the ignition and exited the car. Through the darkness, he slowly ambled toward Krista, hanging his head. "Hey," He rasped, still refusing to meet her gaze. "Where were you today? I was waiting for you, but you never came. I called you, but you never picked up. Did something happen? I was so worried—" "Just stop." Mason intervened harshly. "I knew this was a bad idea." "What are you talking about?" Krista asked, her eyes furrowing in confusion. "Why do you keep saying that?" "Look, I never wanted a serious relationship. I just wanted to have some fun." "I, I don't understand what you're saying." She breathed raggedly, the surface of her eyes glossy with tears. "I don't want you. Stop obsessing over me," He said sharply, his words cutting into Krista's soft heart. Lifting his gaze up for the first time during the conversation, Krista locked eyes with his brilliant hazel irises. However, she also noticed the multitude of grisly bruises and cuts all over his pallid face. She gasped, her lips forming a perfect 'o.' "W-what happened to you, Mason? Oh my gosh." She cried, brushing her hands gently over his face. "We have to get you to a doctor, now. Why didn't you call me?!" Frustrated tears scorched down Krista's face, burning through the numbness in her face. "I'm fine." He stated monotonously, not moving an ...
  • 6 yrs 14.2 hh Appaloosa Irish X - North East Monty is a kind natured 14.2 approx Appaloosa x cob (quite unusual looking). He is a good boy to handle both in and out of the stable, likes fuss and attention. Monty will work in the school and has very nice active paces he will also pop a jump. We have hacked him out both alone and in company and he has been good with all the traffic he has met including buses,lorries,tractors etc. Monty is good to shoe,stable,load,clip,catch etc. Turns out with both mares and geldings. He is upto date with worming and has had his teeth checked a rasped by a fully qualified equine dentist.Montyis also microchipped. Monty is open to any vetting. Please genuine callers only and no time wasters please. Loving home wanted please
  • StarClan's Secret - Part 2 of Chapter 3: The Ending DeviantART link: skyfly1234 Firestar was back in his body. When he got up he saw the most disastrous vision ever. He saw all the Clans, ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan and ShadowClan all pursuing BloodClan. Dead bodies lay everywhere. Firestar was astonished. And when he heard someone call his name, he felt relieved to see Graystripe, but scared to see he was battered with blood and bald spots. He was panting heavily. "Fire... Firestar." he rasped. "Thank StarClan you're alive!" "What in the name of the forest is going on?" "The patrol split up running. Some went to tell the other Clans and get them to help out. And here we are now. Risking our lives to seize BloodClan once and for all!" Just at that two BloodClan cats clawed a gash in each of the ThunderClan cats' skin. Firestar spun around and bared his teeth. That wasn't exactly necessary. At that moment, the clouds above swirled together faster than a falcon's flight. The vortex then turned into a windy thunderstorm. Everything was shadowy. "What's going on?!" Graystripe screeched, hanging for his life by a claw. "I don't know!" Firestar yelled in reply. Then he realized something. This was a combination of all the Clans! The thunderstorm represents ThunderClan, high winds as WindClan, a dark landscape shows ShadowClan, and heavy rainfall for RiverClan! But what did it mean? A prophecy? Definitely not. As so a white beam shot from the eye of the vortex, blinding every cat in the moorland temporarily ...
  • Golden Harem - 6 Their hips swayed to the music as they moved into the room. Veils covered their faces, only leaving their sultry, dark eyes exposed to the men. All of them had hair that flowed freely down their back in lush, thick waves that swung as they moved. Gold, dangly chains wrapped around their ankles jingled softly as they moved and flowed around us. I watched in awe at the sensual movements. Their limbs moved fluidly, almost hypnotic in their nature. One moved towards me, her hair the only thing shielding her breasts from eyes. Her long, toned legs played a game of hide and seek under a lengthy skirt that was cut cunningly along the sides. Biting my lip, I sat back against a large pillow and indulged at the sight before me. God, I loved Egypt. She rolled her hips, drawing a circle into the air with them as she displayed the tight muscles of her belly. God, I loved Egypt. She smiled with her warm eyes, teasingly jutting her chest out with a strong thump of the drum. She rolled her body around, twirling a long, scarlet scarf freely around her. My dancer stopped it at her back as it faced me and she rolled her fluid hips in a sensual figure eight. I heard myself groan, "God, I love Egypt." The Prince seemed to be enjoying his own dancer. She was a bit slim, but had abundant curves where they mattered. He sat there enthralled in her delicate tease, probably silently praising his father for his wonderful choice in women. The King himself sat merrily in his chair, sipping wine from ...
  • 10 yrs 3 mths 14.1 hh Palomino Haflinger - South Yorkshire Somella is a very pretty Registered Haflinger mare. She is good to catch (comes to you in the field) groom etc. She will work in the school and pop a fence and is very willing. Hacks out alone and with others. She is unfazed with traffic including motorbikes/vans/trailers/cars/buses. She will take the lead when hacking out in company if asked. Good in open spaces ridden in a eggbutt french link. She is wormed (had worming injection given by the vet and was well behaved)/farrier upto date /full breeding papers branded. Just had her teeth checked and rasped, was well behaved for the dentist. Open to vet - Riding Instructors/Trainers most welcome Please call should you require any further information. We are located just 2miles from junction 1 MI8 Motorway with easy access to the M1/M62/A1 Please no timewasters genuine callers only.
  • quest for conquest an old poem of my own with mangled bassooning Poem: It began aged two With building blocks of coloured wood sheathed with a luminosity known only to marble I heard the bugle call which signalled my arrival. I took my throne when I was four And pursued with satisfaction The whirl of gravel and cement To cast a firm foundation. Aged six, Prokofiev accompanied me in my zealous bounds As acorns, seeds I tossed down, So forests I decimate and throw up buildings in their wake. At eight, the words of Nietzsche- A storm to weather, tho it rasped "I teach you the superman Man is something that is to be surpassed". Aged ten I left my footprints in the sand. ------------------------------- Later, with childhood a forgotten desert I listen to my aching heart Screaming " Too much self-obsession" Wailing "too little recognition". I showed the scars I wrongly thought would prove my strength I leaned toward the philosopher's stone I learned to heal myself. My armies many mutinies left me no one to protect Doomed to die a dismal death of discontent. The great metropolis borne in mind A ghost-town with sand-wash as the only, eerie sound. A howl, a vertical howl echoed fury through and out my skull, "Obey me the solopsist! The security of your homes rendered by my fists!" With grief such dereliction should bear my name That pride should trickle through the hands of shame I tied a knot I did not dare unite A knot comprising all reality. A shattered illusion refuses yet to still Or break the ...
  • The Flower Of Telmar Chapter 40 DON'T STEAL Edmund ran as swiftly as possible down the long stone corridor. Su had told him that Caspian had disappeared with Nikabrik shortly after they had arrived from the raid and they hadn't seen him since. Peter apparently believed something must have gone wrong and was now several paces ahead of Edmund as the two raced down with Lucy to the chambers, the only place they had not looked for him as of yet. There was a tense feeling hanging in the air, as though something was about to go really wrong. Panting from the rapid burst of running, Lucy came up beside Edmund. "Is she okay?" she rasped to him in her ragged breathing. He nodded to her, knowing that she was referring to Jasmine. He hoped she was okay, at any rate. She had seemed fine when she'd woken up... The three siblings reared down into the lower chambers of the How and they were met with an uproar. A hag and a werewolf sprang forward, the dwarf Nikabrik at their heels. Edmund bared his sword at the wolf and jumped into action, swinging his blade at the creature repeatedly as it dodged with inhuman speed and strength. The wolf's claws slashed at his arms and it growled something fierce as Edmund came running at it again and again. One particularly forceful swing of the wolf's clawed fists sent him tumbling over backwards on his back. Quickly, as the wolf was still coming towards him, he jumped up from the ground and raised his sword just in time to meet the wolf's claws. He leaped backwards and spun as the ...
  • Niall dancing to Rasped-poutine (metal version) How to dance when one has a broken toe... I'm horribly out of synch with the song, but that's what I get for hurting myself. (title modified)
  • 50 years of Bill Shankly (facebook group) This year marks the 50th anniversary of the arrival of Bill Shankly to Liverpool Football Club. This group is set up to pay thanks to the man from the Scottish mining town of Glenbuck who took one club from the second division of English football and laid the foundations of what is now the most successful football club in British history. Liverpool and Bill Shankly were made for each other. When they joined forces In December 1959, the club was a slumbering mass of unfulfilled potential, the man a football boss of only moderate success. But Bill had a vision, and when he set eyes on Anfield he knew he had found the setting for his life's great work. The stadium was a mess and the training ground a wasteland, the team mediocre and the bond complacent - but those fans, their spirit and that all-consuming thirst for a football team worthy of the name... ah, now they were really something. The story of Bill's transformation of the Reds has passed into folklore, but what was his secret? How did he do it? Well, to begin with, he was a motivator and psychologist supreme. His players respected him, and some of them might even have feared him a little bit. Eventually, most of them loved him. Above all, no one wanted to let him down. Often outrageous, eternally indomitable, the Ayrshire miner's son built up his men until they felt like giants. Before the 1965 FA Cup Final he told them: 'You are the best. Leeds are honoured to be on the same pitch.' And after watching his side be ...
  • Risqué /4 Brooke responded with her middle finger in the air. The sisters were always competing against each other. Although Brooke always won no matter what, maybe that's why no matter how hard they tried they wouldn't be able to like each other. Brooke stepped through the side entrance of Natalie's home and into the backyard; wanting to scope out the party before meeting with her friends. Brooke stood a little away from the gate as her eyes scanned the party looking for the hot guy her friends were talking about. "I believe you owe me about $400." A husky voice whispered in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her thin waist. "What?" Brooke questioned turning around expecting to find one of her lamer peers, instead coming face to face with the man from the club yesterday. "I don't like buying drinks for strangers, unless of course they're you." He said his voice still husky. "Hmm, well I never buy my own drinks." Brooke whispered. "And yet you're here which obviously means you have enough money to buy the entire bar." He rasped into her ear. "Maybe... maybe not." Brooke whispered. The man smirked at her as he pressed his lips into her neck until he'd made a mark. "You're mine." He whispered with a hint of male assertiveness. "I'm yours only if I wanna be." Brooke whispered slipping out of his grasp and hurrying to find Alison. Brooke was glad she'd left her hair down knowing it would cover the hickey the man had given her. The wind picked up causing her hair to lift and float ...
  • Horse Riding Wear - Rasping, Examination and Floating Horse Teeth Video demonstration of rasping of a horses upper premolars during a dental examination and float. More information, articles and a range of equestrian clearance products including WoofWear can be found at
  • Just One Night...21 Writer's block. Sorry. =\ His lower lip rolled into his mouth as he thought of the possibilities. It was then that he felt a vibration come from his back pocket. He ignored it, yet it began again. Selena slithered one of her hands into it, clutching the phone softly in her palm. As she pulled it out, she glanced at the name on the screen. Her dark eyes glistening with fear, she looked up at Nick. "It's your girlfriend," she rasped lowly. Grabbing the phone out of her hand, the boy gave her a nod. He didn't plan on answering it. He wanted this time to be for Selena, and Selena alone. When it began vibrating again, Selena pushed her hand into the front of his shoulder, rolling him off of her. Nick laid back, his eyes still planted on the solemn girl. He knew it was bothering her that Miley was calling him at this time, so imagine how difficult it would be for her if they secretly dated. He didn't want to drag Selena through that. "Answer it," she huffed, rising off the bed. She trudged over to his computer table and began fiddling with the keys on his laptop. "Come here," he sighed. Selena looked over her shoulder, shaking her head. "She's going to get mad if you don't answer it." "But I'm here with you right now," he quickly retorted. She shrugged her shoulders, turning back around. Nick pushed his phone away from him, sliding it under his pillow. Then, he carefully stalked over to Selena to wrap his arms around her. "You see what I mean," he breathed heavily against the ...
  • nova bake 1.2 nova geting rasped around a feild
  • Can't Have You - 19 Losing inspiration for Gravity, would you guys mind if I cancelled it & wrote an epilogue from Spring Affairs instead? I have a new story in mind, though. :) Plus i'm gonna start putting comment limits since I don't have as much time to write as I did in the summer. 50+ comments for the next! _____ Selena let out an uneven sigh, she couldn't help herself. Nodding, she turned around, wrapping her thin arms around his neck. "You have me right here," she smiled, pecking his lips lightly. Before she had a chance to pull away from the peck, Nick put his hands on both sides of her face, enveloping his lips with hers. She let out a weak whimper, feeling the moisture of his tongue graze the fullness of her lower lip. Nick's arms fell to the curve of her waist, his hungry hands running up and down her skin before they snuck under his over sized shirt, the feeling of her cold skin now on his. She gasped, her body tingling from the feeling. He began edging backwards, their bodies collapsing by the bed before he slowly crawled on top of her, nestling his legs in between hers. His hand cupped her left cheek as her chest began to pound rapidly, desperately trying to regain her breath. "You," he kissed her forehead, "are" he then kissed her cheek, "so," he kissed her other cheek, "beautiful" he finally said, taking her lower lip in between his for a mere moment before his lips made her way to her jaw, down to her neck, exploring through every inch of exposed skin on her neck as he hit ...
  • TomDark9: TomDark9: RT @giselezelauy: Page 50: He rasped. “I have no choice but to separate the good apples from the bad ones. I hope there will be no... http://t.co/BO8PgspG
  • giselezelauy: giselezelauy: Page 50: He rasped. “I have no choice but to separate the good apples from the bad ones. I hope there will be no... http://t.co/BO8PgspG
  • HazelWillz: HazelWillz: Misaki:"Soko..ahh..Usui.." Calloused fingers rasped through the silken folds as her head tipped back #ecchi
  • KourtneyRF: KourtneyRF: "No more magic!" his throat rasped, without it's usual gravy lube.
  • Xbots360: Xbots360: "The horror,"rasped Colonel Kurtz as he lay,dying on the floor of his cave.I lived the horror in a cab earlier when folk music was playing.
  • prettyproud: prettyproud: @chaantellie @SymCiiity ijust rasped! to the fulllest hahahahaha!
  • SavingLincoln: SavingLincoln: “You, Mr. #Lincoln, have brought disgrace to this court!” Judge Davis rasped. The slightest smile creased my friend’s face. #cw150
  • jillgengler: jillgengler: Sleepwalking H didn't know his name, why he was up. But when asked his sister's name he rasped "Margawet." This is how horror movies start.
  • Gisselle_Alv: Gisselle_Alv: “Do you want this?” His voice rasped in her ear like a cat’s tongue against silky fur. “Do you want me?” #NwReading Lord and Lady Spy
  • dededoakes: dededoakes: rasped, riled, vexed, hassled, heckled; nagged; inflamed, provoked, roused; baited, harassed, harried, pestered; angered, enraged,
  • _amusebouche_: _amusebouche_: Thought offspring 2 had rasped 'TEMPUS FUGIT!' in the back of the car, but seems it was only a particularly SNOTTY SNEEZE.
  • peterjolopez: peterjolopez: "Please," the man rasped, "my daughter! They took my daughter!" He caught hold of Josiah's buckskin shirt and held him fast
  • iFabray: iFabray: @_Noah_Puckerman *she pulled her underwear down and smirked as she sat down on his lap.* Hi. *she rasped, resting a hand on his chest.*
  • iPad23G: iPad23G: leather iphone case _3g_ get an ipad,_iPad 2_ dockiphone 3 Moshi Series dator. His breathing rasped hiand... http://t.co/0KlDrdDW

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  • “Your first blog he rasped"Quickly!" He reached backMattio placed it in his handIn front of them the Others were starting to fall back, slowly at first, then faster, and suddenly they were runningBut that”
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  • “Mix the rasped chocolate, flour, baking powder, cocoa and the pinch of salt. until somewhat even (the rasped chocolate will/should always stick”
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  • “Blog. rasped encompass. donates amounters. donates amounters. subgroups bijective. recursive © 2010 Multiply · English · About · Blog · Terms · Privacy · Corporate · Advertise”
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  • “Forums > Discuss This > Answers > How often should my horse's teeth be rasped? This is a discussion topic RE: How often should my horse's teeth be rasped? young horses, older horses and some others depending on the individual horse”
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  • “therbzgmz.blog.hr Still held their anger, but mingled sickness feverheadache swollen glands it was a piteous plea for "i'll arrange to temporary safety handrail you out of here to-night and have you run across Dillon rasped his stubbly chin painted bedroom walls bluegreen looked at the texan”
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  • “Your first blog rasped Greyback"So you're related to blood traitors even if you're not a MudbloodAnd lastly, your pretty little friend The relish in his voice made Harry's flesh crawl said Scabior over the jeering of the others "”
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  • “Horses have particularly big, strong teeth, much more so in proportion to their size than humans, because their natural and domesticated foods are rough, tough be regularly rasped down by the vet, otherwise it will interfere with the chewing action, and could grow into the fap and prevent”
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  • “Japanese Nostalgic Car (JNC) Forums, a magazine about classic, vintage and antique vehicles from Japan such as Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Datsun, Nissan, Prince, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Subaru, Hino, Suzuki and Isuzu, and their diecast replicas,”
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  • “Oxford University Comparative Law Forum "Uvarov rasped she h" "Uvarov rasped she h"”
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