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  • Global Medical Solutions - Alarm Ratemeter with Pancake GM Probe and Foot Monitor. — “GMS - Global Medical Solutions - Alarm Ratemeter with Pancake”, gms-
  • Since then several other journals have published ratemeter designs of various levels of sophistication. It consists of two units, a self-contained Geiger ratemeter and a separate pulse counter which plugs into the ratemeter and uses the same detection circuitry. — “Build a Geiger Counter and Ratemeter”,
  • RATEMETER: Can display in R/hr, Sv/hr, cpm, or cps when control switch is in RATEMETER position RATEMETER ALERT/ALARM: Set at any point corresponding to pre-selected ratemeter range. — “Model 2241-2 Digital Scaler/Ratemeter”,
  • Model 177 Radiation Alarm Ratemeter with Model 44-9 Pancake G-M Radiation Detector – This basic radiation frisker package has enjoyed wide usage in Nuclear Power Plants. Model 12 Radiation Ratemeter – This instrument can be a direct replacement for the Surveyor-50 which several Nuclear Power. — “Ludlum Product Applications in Nuclear Power Plants”,
  • The 9503/9504 is a 6 digit totalizer / ratemeter with two level, 5 digit preset alarm control of total or rate. Inputs A & B have separate scaling K-factors. Input "A" simultaneously drives a ratemeter which can be programmed to display the basic frequency (rate per. — “Displays: Totalizer/Ratemeter”, istec-
  • The alarming ratemeter PM 1703M is designed to search, to detect and to The ratemeter operation history is stored in its non-volatile memory and may. — “ALARMING RATEMETER PM 1703 M OPERATING MANUAL ТИГР 412114.004”,
  • ratemeter - products like ratemeter - Durant 57701-470 Electronic Ratemeter,Durant 53300-404 Electronic Counter,Durant 57701-471 Electronic Ratemeter. — “ratemeter”,
  • A one-shot sensor valve receives a mechanical force from pump rod movement and operates to pressurize a one-shot air tank from a regulated air supply. When the pump rod moves back to its original posi. — “PNEUMATIC RATEMETER AND COUNTER - Patent 3716707”,
  • Hoffman "Countmaster" Scaler/Ratemeter. The "Countmaster" was a combination ratemeter/scaler produced by Hoffman Laboratories of Los Angeles. When operated as a ratemeter, the user could select three ranges: 0. — “Hoffman "Countmaster" Ratemeter/Scaler (ca. 1955)”,
  • Most instruments that we call Geiger COUNTERS are actually **Ratemeters**. What a Ratemeter does is give a needle deflection that is proportional to the rate at which it detects pulses. In practical instruments, many times the Ratemeter and Scaler are combined into one, but it is not always the case. — “Counters, Ratemeters, Scalers, SCAs, Survey Meters”,
  • Custom Built Products. IM 1900 Series Indicators are Microcontroller based, digital and highly versatile Ratemeters / Totalisers are for measuring linear speed of various items like yarn, paper, wire or any items. — “Ajinkya Electronic Systems_Ratemeter”,
  • DIGITAL RATEMETER: Provides a digital display of count rate when selector switch is in Dig. NOTE: Scaler and digital ratemeter are active when not selected, allowing for concurrent use. — “Model 2221 Scaler/Ratemeter SCA”,
  • Ratemeter and timer software. LabVIEW®-based computer program for microiontophoresis. This LabView® (National Instruments)-based software program is specifically designed to control a five-channel iontophoresis pump in a pre-programmed fashion. — “Kation Scientific - Ratemeter and timer software”,
  • Digitec Panel Meters, Controllers Webmail. Ratemeter/Totalizer Batch Controllers. Downloadable Files: D3870 (156 KB) D3870 Series 6-Digit Frequency Input Indicator/Totlaizer. PROCESS APPLICATIONS: Level; Pressure; Flow. 508. — “Ratemeter/Totalizer Batch Contro”,
  • We specialize in managing and documenting the cleanup of contaminated sites. Digital Alpha/Beta Scaler/Ratemeter. Discriminates between alpha and beta when used with phoswhich detector. — “Radiological Equipment Rental and Supply, Ludlum Equipment”,

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  • TOP 10 WII GAMES : RTI : MII TOP WII GAME top 10 wii games of RTI mii top wii game.. most see and try game so now you see and maby buy and a rate meter for fun and replay value thanks RTI for making the video and hope you enjoy watching
  • STAR Hollow cathode fusion reactor run A short run of the STAR fusion capacitor, which resulted in several bursts of fusion with unknown output. The survey meter in the picture, is a Victoreen neutron rate meter, set to the 100X setting.
  • Crosstrainer Energetics Elliptical Home Cross Trainer ET950 with 12 program settings 10 resistance levels, time, Speed/rpm, distance, calories, watts and heart rate meter.
  • Radioactive clothing in the basement of the Pripyat Hospital Hospital No. 126, located at the north end of Pripyat, provided early treatment to many of the firemen and personnel irradiated in the Chernobyl accident in April 1986. Some of these individuals' highly-radioactive personal effects may still be found in the damp and pitch-black corridors underneath the hospital. Radioactive items found here include firemens' helmets, boots, and jackets, and a wide variety of other clothing and bedding. This video shows how a CDV-700 GM tube reacts to gamma radiation fields of almost 100 mR / hour in the vicinity of a boot sole. Other articles of clothing emit almost 250 mR / hour. When listening to the chirps of the counter, keep in mind that this is with the CDV probe's beta shield CLOSED! It is truly getting some exercise. Also note that a CDV-700 itself would be off-range in such a high radiation field...I am operating the probe with a modern Ludlum 12 ratemeter. (June 2010) For more about this trip, please see www.kiev2010.com
  • SRM ELECTO CARDIO Heart rate meter made by b-tech 2nd year srm university ncr campus students.
  • mr brown show-taxi troubles This is mr brown show-taxi troubles... nowadays, its very hard to find a taxi in Singapore, especially orchard road!!! Copyright goes to mr brown... he has given me permission to put his mr brown shows on youtube... Download more podcasts at And view his youtube profile at http
  • electric prepayment meter how to read your electric 2 rate meter. Prepayment. Meterboxrepairs for uk 07947 826469
  • Dositec K8 NUKE Safeguard: 400 g. Thorianite and vintage Ratemeter This is with a vintage 50's NCA ratemeter with CDV-700 probe, a Dositec K8 NUKE Safeguard, and 400 grams of high grade Thorianite crystals.
  • New Type of HHO Gas (Air) Flow Meter This is just a concept I have for a new type of HHO gas (air) flow meter to give instant flow rate feedback for benchtop experimenting.
  • works 24X7 to bring you the latest mortgage options at the lowest rates. Apply Online or just check interest rates with our online "Rate Meter".
  • Google Vasaloppet
  • autonics, temperature controllers Autonics is now a total solution provider in sensors and controllers offering more than 5000 items to the various fields of industrial automation through its continuous R&D/MANUFACTURING endeavors
  • Nuclear Enterprises RDM! Nuclear Enterprises RDM! with various radioactive sources.
  • Pan's Labyrinth - UK Blu-ray - Bit Rate Meter - 1 Pan's Labyrinth - Optimum UK Blu-ray - Bit Rate Meter
  • Pump Stroke Counter.mp4 In business since 1999 and formally sold under Pressure Specialty and Supply. I design and manufacture stroke counters for industrial use. Many of our customers use or export these counters. I can custom design the faceplate with your company name and logo if desired. I offer a warranty of 1 year from date of purchase including parts and labor. Quality and durability is built into each counter. J-box and CGB's are aluminum not steel! I designed a 4AA standard battery holder so the customer can relace the batteries in a safe area to assure no down time from a dead battery pack. Designed with the customer in mind. Quality and reliability at a competitive price! I am located in Chauvin Louisiana. A few of my customers include Swaco, MCM, ISS, Poorboys instrumentation, OIUSA and Supreme Services. I can custom design a stroke counter for your needs.
  • ホワイト・シルエット - 「Erst Kerf」 Trial Ver. Stage 1 - Normal Wow! The good things for Comiket 77 are starting to surface. Site: erst.testament.client.jp (the author is "ssi/White Silhouette", the composer is 冬虫夏草) Granted, it might not look that pretty (in fact, character sprites seem to "shake" when they appear and the main character model flies static, which I guess means it still needs a 'flying' animation cycle, as well as some of the texture work could need some additional variety), it might not have the best music (yet it's really good!) or controls. But every element combined gives a strange, soothing, almost entrancing ambience and one hell of a strange shooter. I really liked it! Erst Kerf takes some general 'fantasy' elements but, as usual in the japanese, comes and twist them and fuses mechanics and genres. Erst Kerf is a 2D (it's 3D but the game takes action in a 2D third person plane, kinda like the old Expendable if I'm not wrong) STG that lets you walk around, use walls for cover and does not push you forward with a scrolling screen ala Guwange. Enemies fire bullet patterns and, indeed, it gets into danmaku mode for the harder settings and some moments in Normal. The control system can be incredibly strange or familiar for those who played Metal Gear Solid: you can assign one weapon to each shoulder button and fire it at will by pressing the right button. Multiple weapons are available, there is a leveling up/experience mechanic that will probably be needed to survive the last two stages and it's a neat addition ...
  • Radioactive Americium 241 containing smoke detector dismantled Old smoke detector containing radioactive alpha source (Americium 241) was dismantled. Measurements on the Am 241 source were performed using different radiation detection devices: a GM (Geiger Müller) tube based counter called Inspector, a Bicron NaI scintillator, a homemade Photonis XP3312 photomultiplicator tube with BC412 plastic based scintillator and a DP6B alpha/beta probe. The 3 scintillators were coupled with a NE technology Electra rate meter. The Americium 241 source emits 5.5 MeV alpha particles and low energy gamma radiation (59.5 keV -35.9%-, 26.3 keV -2.4%- and 13.9 keV -42%). The GM tube measures both alpha and gamma, the plastic scintillators detect the alpha's but are unable to detect the low energy gamma's. The NaI scintillator is highly gamma sensitive but can't measure the alpha's due to its housing.
  • Superman Returns Blu-ray Bit Rate Meter Superman Returns Blu-ray Bit Rate Meter and Banding
  • Red Lion Controls Rate Meter Scaling Tutorial Red Lion Controls Help Desk tutorial on how to scale a Red Lion PAXI, PAXR, CUB5 or IMI rate meter. For technical datasheets on Red Lion Controls products, please visit
  • Pan's Labyrinth - UK Blu-ray - Bit Rate Meter - 2 Pan's Labyrinth - Optimum UK Blu-ray - Bit Rate Meter
  • Scintillation detector at Pripyat amusement park Moss is a good bioaccumulator of certain radionuclides released into the environment by the Chernobyl accident. This quick video shows how radioactive a patch of moss is relative to ambient surroundings. We're in the iconic amusement park (with its Ferris wheel in the background) just west of downtown Pripyat, Ukraine. The equipment is a 1x2" NaI(Tl) scintillator operated by a Ludlum 12 ratemeter. (June 2010) For more about this trip, please see www.kiev2010.com
  • Fraps Test on Borderlands This is my Test Video recording for Fraps, hoping to get it working and possibly do some lets plays or some other stuff, maybe record footage, who knows. The frame rate meter is showing and its the trial so i have no idea how high the quality will go on youtube. I was running at 1920x1080, course the framerate was crap.. since fraps' little meter shows how crappy your games are running, even when you're not recording. Amd
  • Radioactive Human Body After being released from the hospital, i did a test of my body for the Tc-99 infusion done to image my heart. I had a very severe episode that could have preceded a heart attack, and spent 3 days in the cardiac unit as my heart rate was all over the map. With drug therapy it settled down, and an imaging test with Tc-99 was done. When I got home, 7 or so hours after the infusion the readings i got were three times higher than these which I have recorded in this video. I was then the most radioactive thing in my home, exceeding even some of the most radioactive things in my collection. But shocking though these readings seem they are quite harmless, as it would take many thousands of hours at this exposure to reach a dangerous limit. The worst I could do is carry a roll of un-exposed film in my pocket to fog up for the few days that it take this short half life isotope (6 hrs) to completely decay. Me walking around in public would present no danger to anyone else. (But it is nice to feel "special" once in a while)
  • Dositec K8 NUKE Safeguard, CDV700 and MKIII WW2 compass This demonstrates the sensitivity of the Dositec K8 NUKE Safeguard on a WW 2 British MKIII compass which has Ra-226 luminous paint. Also used is the Cold War Era CDV-700 Geiger counter.
  • HDpupu clip 1M wvga h264 Test video to be used with OptoFidelity's FRM120 Frame Rate Meter. Video's target frame rate is 25 fps. Can also be used with AV10 Camera Front End for calculating PVQ parameters. More information: (c) copyright Blender Foundation |
  • DIY - Pulse Meter - http://www.pulse-/ www.pulse- : Built your own heart beat detector.
  • Activio launches heart rate meter live on TV - Vasaloppet 2006
  • Uranium Ore Sorter This is a demonstration of my uranium ore sorter prototype. The chute is actuated by a double acting pneumatic cylinder. I programmed a Parallax Basic Stamp microcontroller to receive pulse input from a Ludlum Model 177 ratemeter with a Bicron scintillation probe. The Basic Stamp controls a pair of 12 volt solenoid valves which admit air from a compressor to the pneumatic cylinder.
  • Asthma Bites: How to use a Peak Flow Meter Nurse Kate demonstrates how to use a Peak Flow Meter which is used to assess your breathing. Wetry to ensure that our videos are accurate, up to date, and as helpful as possible. However we cannot be held responsible for any opinions, inaccuracies and omissions. We hope our videos increase your ability to access the range of healthcare provided by Hillview Surgery.
  • Radioactive hotspot in Pripyat Hospital No. 126 The boot we looked at in the last video was hot (~90 mR / hr), but this video shows us finding an even hotter spot among some decomposing firefighters' clothing on the floor. This time, the Geiger counter (a CDV-700 probe with the beta shield closed, operated by a Ludlum 12 ratemeter) starts out showing about 30 mR / hr or 20000 CPM, but we notice a hot spot nearby where the reading surges to about 180000 CPM (~300 mR / hr). Ungodly! Although the video is not particularly good, this is the hottest location we found in Pripyat and I really wish we'd spent more time there.
  • My favorite Android applications and tricks review
  • ActiveTime Rowing Rate Meter on rough water An ActiveTime rate meter from Active Tools being used in rough water at Henley on Thames.
  • USAF Lakenheath Radiation Leak Here we have some footage of an apparent radiation leak at RAF Lakenheath. I am no expert on radiation but there certainly appears to be a reading of somekind. Maybe someone can enlighten us further ? This is a transcript of the note at the beginning of the film as the quality of the film has deteriorated in the YouTube upload. "I am a local resident and will be passing this video on to be viewed on the internet. This is to show that we have a big problem at RAF Lakenheath. However, many US Military personnel are unaware of this including base commanders. There has undoubtedly been a massive top level military cover up and someone needs to be made accountable. For this exercise I am using a newly calibrated Plessey PDRM82M dose rate meter. Normal background ionizing radiation levels on the meter normally read 0.0 to 0.1 centigray per hour. The Dose Rate Meter readings you will see will be from the base perimeter because obviously as civilians we cannot get on base. To protect myself, I will ingest some Potassium Iodide that has been isssued to certain US Military personnel in this area of the UK. It is common knowledge that a serious incident has taken place here and for obvious reasons, many local people avoid the area. Thank you for your time "
  • FatimaCherkasov: Underpinning #Decentralized #Ratemeter behind #Portable #Batraquomancy

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  • “Tag Blog. What's New on TAG TV January 19 to 23, 2009? Tuesday, January 27, 2009. In addition to the premier of The Financial norco ratemeter terra. cheap xanax softened quadriparesia. wellbutrin asynchronous precautionary. lunesta chalcotrichite”
    — Tag Blog,

  • “The meter does say multi ratemeter, but with other meters I have seen, they have 2 load Student and apprentice discussion forum. Young Professionals Community. Archived categories”
    — IET Forums - EDF Off Peak Supply,

  • “We were cruising at about 30,000 feet and I happened to have a ratemeter (Geiger-Mueller counter) with me. We were cruising at about 30,000 feet and I happened to have a ratemeter (Geiger-Mueller counter) with me”
    — Cosmic Radiation and Civilian Airlines., page 1,

  • “You have a good bench picked out, you have entertainment, you have a makeshift pillow and bupropion phenacyl vaginograph ratemeter paratope. pulmicort raper rotameter. seroquel”
    — Thomas 11/2/09 | Official Homepage of ZAP Fitness,

  • “The Blog of Ionactive consulting, a Radiation Protection Adviser and safety training consultancy, provides a light hearted look at the world of radiation protection”
    — Ionactive Consulting Radiation Protection Blog,

  • “It is 215mm long and nominally 18mm in diameter, but its diameter increases to 18.45mm at I've got an old linear ratemeter with 6 sig figs of flying dot neon tubes in it knocking”
    — 4: Printer Friendly, 4

  • “use ratemeter to measure the radiation level (gamma). or send to atomic energy licensing notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board”
    — Warning issued on radioactive pendant,

  • “WriteMaps is a web application that allows you to create, edit, and share your sitemaps online”
    — WriteMaps v2 is coming soon! | WriteMaps Blog,

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