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  • Part of the Bitter Reaches has been turned into a charred vale, now with dragons.[1]. — “Bitter Reaches - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft”,
  • Yoga Reaches Out. Sign up to receive more information. It is our mission to bring the yoga community together to create seva (selfless service). Through the gift of yoga, Yoga Reaches Out focuses on raising funds for organizations that impact the health, education, and well-being of children. — “Yoga Reaches Out”,
  • 24 hour shipping on most orders. Customizable reaches coffee mugs, Steins, Travel Mugs and more from - Choose your favorite reaches mug from thousands of available designs. — “Reaches Coffee Mugs, Steins Reaches Mugs”,
  • Ghost32's video about Cargo Reaches Space Station documentary on — “Cargo Reaches Space Station Video”,
  • Jury reaches verdict: Guilty of involuntary manslaughter. A jury in Los Angeles ended its first day of deliberations Friday without reaching a verdict in the case. — “Mehserle Verdict: Guilty | NBC Los Angeles”,
  • News about Reaches. Find more information and articles on Reaches in the archives. Islamabad, Feb 3 (ANI): Pakistani High Commissioner to India Shahid Malik has reached Islamabad on Tuesday morning to help in finalising the Mumbai terror attacks findings, which will be. — “Reaches | Reaches from archives | Article on Reaches”,
  • Reaches - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Reaches”,
  • R.E.A.C.H.E.S. (Rewarding Educational Athletic Choices Helping Each Sport) is s a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2007 in an effort promote, protect and preserve amateur athletics in its truest form by providing athletic opportunities. — “REACHES: Rewarding Educational Athletic Choices Helping Each”,
  • Reaches is a located in beautiful Singer Island Florida. View all the Condos and real estate available in Reaches - Condos. — “Reaches - Singer Island Condos”,
  • Visit PC Authority for the latest reaches Reviews, reaches News, reaches Photo Galleries, reaches Features, reaches Tutorials and reaches Downloads. — “reaches - PC Authority”, .au
  • CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — A multimillionaire's test rocket blasted off on its maiden voyage Friday and successfully reached orbit in a dry run for NASA's push to go commercial. SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket achieved Earth orbit nine minutes into. — “SpaceX Falcoln 9 Launch Success: Elon Musk Rocket Reaches”,
  • Definition of reaches in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is reaches? Meaning of reaches as a legal term. What does reaches mean in law?. — “reaches legal definition of reaches. reaches synonyms by the”, legal-
  • Reaches (26 Occurrences) 2 Corinthians 10:13 We, however, will not exceed due limits in Genesis 11:4 They said, "Come, let's build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top reaches to the sky, and let's make ourselves a name, lest we be scattered abroad on the surface of the. — “Bible Concordance: Reaches”,
  • In the wake of a now-infamous video, which shows Jerry Jones speaking candidly on Bill Parcells in a local bar, the owner reached out to his former coach in hopes of clearing the air. — “Jones Reaches Out To Parcells | NBC Dallas-Fort Worth”,
  • New NOAA Satellite Reaches Orbit. NOAA and NASA officials announced a new Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES), launched tonight, successfully reached orbit, joining three other GOES spacecraft that help NOAA forecasters track life-threatening weather and solar storms. — “New Gasification Process Reaches Previously Unheard Of”,
  • Contact Waterfront Properties' Ocean 30 Marketing Group to assist you with all your Palm Beach County Real Estate needs. Contact us at 561.628.0128 for assistance with your luxury real estate needs from Boca Raton to Jupiter. Reaches Condos For Sale in Singer Island. — “Singer Island Reaches Condos For Sale”,
  • DTN News: Lockheed Martin Team Reaches 50 Percent Completion in Construction Of Nation's Third Littoral Combat Ship a key milestone by reaching the 50-percent completion mark. — “Defense-Technology News: DTN News: Lockheed Martin Team”, defense-
  • Farthest Reaches has acquired the last remaining examples of this Apollo 11 ColdPlate Acrylic. I can be reached at [email protected] OR call the number at the bottom of this page. — “Welcome to Farthest Reaches, Inc. Your One Stop Shop for”,
  • Reaches Release Date: 1998 Genre: Adventure Style: Interactive Movie. — “Reaches: Information from ”,
  • Reaches is a located in beautiful Singer Island Florida. View all the Condos and real estate available in Reaches - Condos For Sale. — “Reaches, Singer Island Real Estate - Reaches Condos For Sale”,
  • outer reaches pcboard support. Still serving the BBS community (2008) Register. Home Login Extra Clip 03: Jakes Latest Cuts. Extra Clip 02: Death Of The L.D. — “outer reaches pcboard support - Jakes Booty Call Episodes”,
  • Definition of reaches in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of reaches. Pronunciation of reaches. Translations of reaches. reaches synonyms, reaches antonyms. Information about reaches in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “reaches - definition of reaches by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • This archive is missing Eleventh He Reaches London Lyrics! These are the latest lyrics (not necessarily from Eleventh He Reaches London) that was added to mp3:. — “ELEVENTH HE REACHES LONDON Lyrics”, mp3
  • News: Max B Reaches Out For Fan Support, "$1 Per Fan Will Get Me Out Of Jail" [Audio] Max B Reaches Out For Fan Support, "$1 Per Fan Will Get Me Out Of Jail" [Audio]. — “Max B Reaches Out For Fan Support, "$1 Per Fan Will Get Me”,

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  • X-Men Evolution: Season 4, Episode 1 GET ALL FOUR SEASONS ON ITUNES! X-Men: Evolution Season 1 X-Men: Evolution Season 2 X-Men: Evolution Season 3 X-Men: Evolution Season 4 Strange phenomenon occur in the wake of Apocalypse. A jungle-covered Mayan pyramid complex becomes activated as one of Apocalypse's bases when his craft alights on top of it. The pyramid takes on a tech-ish appearance, and an impenetrable force shield surrounds it, down even into the ground underneath. A nearly-identical base in China is shown in news coverage as being attacked by the Chinese army, with the consequence of an area of several miles radius being utterly destroyed. Meanwhile, Nightcrawler pleads with Agatha Harkness to revive his mother Mystique, who is still turned into stone. Agatha states that a touch from Rogue might restore her, but instead of saving her foster mother, Rogue pushes her over a cliff to Nightcrawler's echoing cries as it shatters. Back in Mexico, the X-Men receive permission from the government down there to study the base, and while they are doing so Magneto makes an attack upon it. He smashes tanks from the surrounding army forces into the force shield to no effect, and then reaches out with his powers to pluck orbital satellites from the sky, sending them at high speed into the force shield, and again to no avail. Finally, Apocalypse emerges, and in one-sided combat Magneto is wrapped in a ball of force and disappears, presumably ...
  • Episode 8: The Dark Side of the Moon The Argama reaches the moon, with the Alexandria still in hot pursuit. Jerid launches on his own to seek revenge for Lila, but Kamille is able to fend him off, and the Argama finds safe harbor at the lunar city of Amman. Here the AEUG officers meet with their sponsors to discuss their next major operation--an attack on the Federation Forces stronghold of Jaburo.
  • Stepanek Reaches First Final Of 2011 In Washington Radek Stepanek discusses reaching his first ATP World Tour final of the season after defeating Donald Young in the semi-finals of the Legg Mason Tennis Classic on Saturday.
  • Linebarrels of Iron - 19 - Light Reaches, Shadow is Uncovered Now available on DVD! Yajima and Kouichi settle their differences with a violent, man to man battle. Back at the base, the JUDA team discovers something frightening about the mysterious KATO spheres.
  • Sonu Sweety - Sonu Sweety - Episode 2 - Full Episode Sonu gets tired with Sweety's irking behavior and is irritated with Mr. Babbar. Meanwhile Pappy reaches there. They are worried as Sonu has declared war with Babbar. Sonu reaches Babbar's home and is confused why Mr. Babbar isn't there. Pappy decides to solve the water problem. Sonu gets surprised as Pappy has solved the problem. Mr. Chadda and Sonu meet Pappy. During this, Mr. Babbar reaches there and informs them about Pappy's doings. Let's watch what will happen of Sonu and what Pappy will do now. "Sonu Sweety" is the hilarious narrative of a middle-class Punjabi couple who've been married 7 years, and share a love-hate relationship...They fight everyday of their lives over trifles -- about the dhobi asking for too much money, buying a washing-machine, and putting up their wedding photograph... but somehow, magically, their love never vanishes... This is the theme of "sonu sweety" "Can't live with you, Can't live without..." After the initial honeymoon period, Sweety & Sonu Malhotra have started living their marriage in trial and error method... like every other marriage
  • MTV Stuntmania Underground - Monty reaches finale (Ep 7, 5/11) Monty becomes the first rider to reach the grand finale, after Level 7 skill stunts. /stuntmania
  • Outer Reaches Song written by me using mixcraft, reaper, roland td-6 electric drum kit and ezdrummer. Visuals from the documentary DMT The Spirit Molecule. Enjoy.
  • Porsche 911 GT2 RS Reaches North America Last month, the first twenty 911 GT2 RS customers had the opportunity to take delivery of their new cars at the El Toro Air Station in Irvine California. Customers used the event to familiarize themselves with their new cars alongside Porsche Driving Instructors on the open airfield. Andreas Preuninger, the Manager of High Performance Cars for Porsche, was also in attendance and used the event to disclose the secrets of the "Beast" GT2 RS development program. More information on
  • Jersey Shore Reaches New Heights in Italy Ahead of their season 4 premiere, the 'Jersey Shore' guidos and guidettes talk us through the chaos they experienced in Italy, which led to all-out brawls and the most dramatic season yet. (Aug. 5)
  • James may reaches 250mph in a bugatti veyron bugatti veyron
  • Alex Jones - The Obama Deception! ALEX JONES REACHES OUT TO OBAMA SUPPORTERS! Alex Jones Twitter listen to Alex Jones on your iPhone and iPod touch LISTEN TO ALEX JONES Support The Infowar
  • Boredom reaches us
  • Hibria - Millenium Quest Song found in the debut album of this Brazilian band. I decided to upload it because I couldn't find it as a studio version here in Youtube, to show it to a friend, so here is Millenium Quest, by Hibria Lyrics: Millennium Quest [Lyrics: Panichi] [Verse 1 (Mr. Faceless)] Underworld, rebel men are Rising a break out But my puppets can't know What is about [Bridge 1 (Mr. Faceless)] Curse their lives Rebel men must not show up Until the gateway is crossed And the Beasters enslaved [Chorus (Narrator)] Millennium quest The gateway of fire Who reaches (it) first will rule the times Millennium quest The gateway of fire Perpetual power to rule the times [Verse 2 (Mr. Faceless)] Illusion's land is overtime I've Dried and wasted all Before ruin it down I must Cross the way out [Bridge 2 (Mr. Faceless)] Slaves can't know But once the gateway is crossed Their bodies will fall down dead So new slaves I must have [Chorus (Narrator)] Millennium quest is calling For the attack [Mr. Faceless] Hear my spell, your spirit is held You are reckless trespassers [Narrator] All who tried to cross Faceless has enslaved Mesmerized they were Puppets they became All who tried to cross Faceless has enslaved Mesmerized they... were Caught by the spell the spirits were There is no other way To reach the Gateway of fire They... they've got to cross the Faceless lands The only path to reach it But to not be caught by the spell The Ripper shall carry'em on Millennium quest is calling for the attack [Chorus ...
  • The Largest Black Holes in the Universe How big can they get? What's the largest so far detected? Where does an 18 billion solar mass black hole hide? We've never seen them directly... yet we know they are there... Lurking within dense star clusters... Or wandering the dust lanes of the galaxy.... Where they prey on stars... Or swallow planets whole. Our Milky Way may harbor millions of these black holes... the ultra dense remnants of dead stars. But now, in the universe far beyond our galaxy, there's evidence of something even more ominous... A breed of black holes that have reached incomprehensible size and destructive power. It has taken a new era in astronomy to find them... High-tech instruments in space tuned to sense high-energy forms of light -- x-rays and gamma rays -- that are invisible to our eyes. New precision telescopes equipped with technologies that allow them to cancel out the blurring effects of the atmosphere... and see to the far reaches of the universe. Peering into distant galaxies, astronomers are now finding evidence that space and time can be shattered by eruptions so vast they boggle the mind. We are just beginning to understand the impact these outbursts have had on the universe around us. That understanding recently took a leap forward. A team operating at the Subaru Observatory atop Hawaii's Mauna Kea volcano looked out to one of the deepest reaches of the universe... And captured a beam of light that had taken nearly 13 billion years to reach us. It was a messenger from a time not ...
  • JS - You Are My Strength - Hillsong (cover) Love this song. You are my strength Strength like no other Strength like no other Reaches to me You are my hope Hope like no other Hope like no other Reaches to me In the fullness of your grace In the power of your name You lift me up You lift me up Unfailing love Stronger than mountains Deeper than oceans Reaches to me
  • Teachers union reaches agreement
  • Shane Dawson Reaches One Million Subscribers Shane Dawson reaches 1 million subscribers Like the video? Twitter it! (Click Update) TWITTER: T-Shirts! 15$ 2nd Channel: FACEBOOK: DAILYBOOTH: Music in this video: morgan laurence: come on come on Owl City: West Coast friendship, Air traffic Special thanks to KatSketch!!! People in this video in order:
  • ☢ March 28 to April 5, 2011 Radiation reaches new high Original Website : March April Headlines : March 28 : Radiation at Japan Nuclear Plant Reaches New High : Green Party Claims Major Win in Germany, Poised for Showdown to Close Nuclear Reactors : March 29 : Japan on "High Alert" as Plutonium Found in Soil, Radiation Worse than Three Mile Island : Japan Considers Nationalizing Tokyo Electric Power : March 30 : Japan to Decommission 4 Stricken Reactors : March 31 : UN Urges Japan to Widen Evacuation Zone : Obama Energy Plan Calls for Reducing Oil Imports, Affirms Nuclear Use : April 1 : Residents Near Damaged Japanese Power Plant Told to Prepare for Lengthy Displacement : April 4 : Japan to Release 11000 Tons of Radioactive Water into Ocean : April 5 : Japan Releases Radioactive Water Several Million Times the Legal Limit into Ocean : UN Nuclear Watchdog Says It Will Continue to Push for New Nuclear Power Plants Despite Growing Global Nuclear Concern : Video source files :
  • Heartbroken Princess Reaches Out To Me Princess - You are loved. Maybe not by the guy you wanted to love you... but you ARE loved!
  • Jiaolong reaches 5180m in 5th test dive CCTV News The fifth test dive of China's manned submersible Jiaolong successfully reached a depth of 5180 meters in the early hours of Monday in the north-eastern Pacific Ocean. With a speed of 35 meters a minute, it took Jiaolong less than 3 hours to descend 5000 meters. The test dive, which launched at 3:42 am, surveyed seabeds, took samples of marine biologicals and sediments. The studies that Jiaolong carried out can help scientists further understand the bio-diversity within the region, and how human activities affect the ocean's natural environment. Thus, it contributes to future marine environmental protection measures. Monday's research took nearly two and half hours to complete. Jiaolong also left a China Ocean Association's marker on the seabed as a landmark for future studies. Information provided by Thank you To Watch CCTV News 24 Live News Feed Click Here:
  • Bandini 19/01/2009 In the morning, the people of Dharampur village are worshipping Lord Ganesha in a temple. The villagers are busy in their daily chores. Madhos three granddaughters Santu & Khemi busy working at home when Monghi comes to give Prasad to them. As she tries to reach Santu, who is making pottery, Monghi falls in the wet mud. Khemi & Santu leave their work & try to move Monghi out of wet mud, but they also fall in. Santu, Monghi & Khemi all are now drenched with wet mud. Monghi somehow moves out of the wet mud & takes a water pipe to sprinkle water at Santu & Khemi. They all enjoy it & later get ready to go to the mela. Monghi promises Manjari, her cow, to get a new cow bell for her form the mela. They ask Madho (nanaji) to accompany them for the mela, but he denies as he has to assort diamonds for Dharamraaj (Maalik). He gives them some money & asks them to get some sweets from a particular shop while returning from mela. They leave for the mela. On their way to the mela, they play & sing & dance. Dharamraaj is a rich diamond merchant of Dharampur & most of the villagers work under him. He is their Maalik. One of his workers steels a diamond & hides it in his mouth. Dharamraaj is aware about it but wants him to confess this. He reveals a fact about diamond to the worker, that if he swallows it, it will affect his nervous system. The worker gets scared & immediately removers the diamond from his mouth. Dharamraaj orders him to leave the village & his job; his family will be ...
  • Yes Boss - Episode 96 Mohan reaches office late because he was romancing with his wife Meera but Vinod thinks otherwise. What is Vinod upto and what does he want to prove ? Watch this episode to get the details ! A news agency where relationships, ambitions and humor becomes a platform to encash newsworthy issues. Welcome to the world of blunders, confusions and flirting in office. Catch Rakesh Bedi constantly trying to save his wife from the charms of his boss, Asif Sheikh. We assure you a smiling half and hour.
  • Khushi reaches Arnav's office
  • Rescue 911 - Episode 512 - "Wrong Number Rescue" A girl dials a wrong number and reaches an elderly man in distress. This segment was taken from Episode 512, a holiday themed episode, which aired December 21, 1993 on CBS. Vote for Rescue 911 to be released on DVD at and to be put back on television at ©1993 CBS Inc.
  • MTV Stuntmania Underground - Javed reaches Grand Finale (Ep 7, 11/11) Finally, it is four riders -- Monty, Trilochan, Bilala and Javed, who will fight it out in the grand finale, for securing a career in stunts. /stuntmania
  • The Clock that Never Reaches Home Time The clock can't reach 5 (Home Time)
  • Christina Grimmie Reaches 1 Million YouTube Fans! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Hi everyone! Thanks so much for checking out the show. Dana Ward here for ClevverTV. Today we're wishing a big congratulations to our girl Christina Grimmie. She just celebrated grabbing more than 1-million subscribers on her official YouTube page. In fact, there's even more to party-on about because @TheRealGrimmie tweeted to her fans QUOTE 'Today, the 2 year anniversary of me being on Youtube. AND. I hit 1000000 subscribers in the same day. You guys DON'T EVEN KNOW how much every one of you means to me.... Day in and day out you support me and mah music. It's crazy. AND TO YOU I SAY, TEAM GRIMMIE.... RAWWK ON.' And within less than 24-hours, CG's Facebook page got more than 24-hundred thumbs up. Alright, so leave your well wishes to Christina right here, and let us know which song off of her full album is your favorite. And remember to subscribe to our show at /clevvertv. I'm Dana Ward, see you next time.
  • Samadhi Gung Fu Achito reaches OUT ..Words from ACHITO .....Achito Speaks OUT.
  • Congress Reaches A Debt Deal Congress reaches a deal on the debt ceiling. Now, they work to vote on it before the August 2nd deadline.
  • The Sagan Series (part 5) - SETI Decide To Listen DONATE TO THE SETI INSTITUTE TODAY: In April of 2011, SETI announced that due to budgetary constraints their radio telescope array would be set into hibernation mode. This is video is unofficially produced on SETI's behalf by Reid Gower, with the aim of starting a grassroots movement to reinvigorate funding for the SETI program. "Like" The Sagan Series on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter: Credits: Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Perpetuum Mobile Carl Sagan - The Pale Blue Dot BBC Wonders of the Universe - IMAX Hubble - NASA YouTube "The Dish - Parkes Radio Telescope" YouTube "BYU team installs new antenna on world's largest radio telescope" YouTube "Very Large Array time lapse sunrise" BBC The Search For Life - The Drake Equation Carl Sagan's Cosmos - Contact - Vimeo "ALMA Time-lapse sequences - June 2010" BOINC [email protected] - TED Talks - Earth vs. The Flying Saucers - Default America - Religulous - Vimeo "Ancient Arch and Milky Way Galaxy" CERN YouTube "Unit Circle Animated in Geometer Sketchpad" YouTube "The Largest Black Holes in the Universe" BBC Do You Know What Time It Is? - The New World - Amistad - BBC The Great Rift - BBC The Secret Life of Chaos YouTube "A Behind the ...
  • This beer reaches the parts other beer will not reach! Tars Pocks the elite Paranormal Discovery Program agent has hunted for and traced Christine the Good Pontianak to her hideout in Pulau Ubin, The Happy Bar. Tars Pocks is in changed-shape disguise. Christine turned the table on him and demanded he drinked magic potion Number 6.
  • Land acquisition: Noida Authority reaches agreement with farmers In what is being tom-tommed as a major 'breakthrough' in the ongoing Noida Extension land acquisition crisis.The Greater Noida Authority has claimed to have finally reached a settlement with the farmers of Patwari village.While this is a huge relief to buyers, what is yet to be seen is whether this compromise formula will be replicated with the other 15 protesting villages.
  • Injury hit team reaches Northampton Trailing 0-2 and with their world number one ranking at stake, India are left with no option but to bat out of their skin to salvage their reputation in the four-match Test series against England. After suffering the two crushing defeats at Lord's and Trent Bridge, India's revival now squarely depends on their batting engine. If not anything else, the visitors should be fired up after Kevin Pietersen's comments where he said that the Indians cannot play swing, even as the rest of the world wonders how good are they when faced with short-pitched stuffs.
  • Anger Tsunami: Mass protest wave reaches Israel The biggest wave of protest rallies in years is due to start shortly in Israel. Demonstrators will take to the streets in seven cities across the country. And activists hope the rally in Tel Aviv alone will attract half-a-million people. Thousands have been camping out across the country for about a week now, calling for social justice and for Prime Minister Netanyahu to go. RT's Paula Slier is in Tel Aviv RT on Twitter: RT on Facebook:
  • Lava Enters the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii Lava finally reaches the Pacific Ocean at Kamokuna after a seven mile journey from the Pu'u O'o vent in Kilauea Volcano. A small black sand beach is formed when the surf quenches the hot lava. Recorded March 27, 2005 More photos and videos: Eruption Update Info:
  • Ap news - Chiranjeevi reaches Tirupati for a two day trip Ap news - The two-day visit of the Praja Rajyam party president-turned Congress leader, Mr K Chiranjeevi, to his constituency caused a new head-ache and problem to the former megastar.
  • Functional Fitness alternate straight arm reaches Targets core and upper back, chest, shoulders and arms. Not for the Feint hearted!
  • leo3375: leo3375: Luke Hughes reaches on a fielder's choice. #Twins #Indians #IndiansatTwins
  • Pinelopi_Nicole: Pinelopi_Nicole: Good after noon twitter I slept great * reaches for white hot chocolate *
  • kdadrian: kdadrian: Music reaches smewhere in me NOFIN else can
  • Jesusfoeverybdy: Jesusfoeverybdy: RT @faithclubdotnet: Psalm 36:5 Lord, your constant love reaches the heavens; your faithfulness extends to the skies. -
  • AlwaysCinnamon: AlwaysCinnamon: @Tyrese: if you never read or respond to any of my Tweets, I pray this one reaches you. Check out the music of @Tessanne on YouTube.
  • bsalvato: bsalvato: U.A.W. Reaches Agreement With G.M. via @thedailybeast
  • hrkshnumb: hrkshnumb: RT @Salamander: There is only 18 percent occupancy now in #luxor while usually during this time of the year it reaches 80 per cent #tourism #egypt
  • Zeinabo: Zeinabo: There is only 18 percent occupancy now in #luxor while usually during this time of the year it reaches 80 per cent #tourism #egypt"
  • AlfaSpartan: AlfaSpartan: RMG: GM reaches contract agreement with #UAW #business #automobileworkers #contractagreement
  • SinoSiya: SinoSiya: Angry Birds reaches another milestone—350 million downloads: We suspect that most, if not all of the Gadgetell r...
  • kernowmagic: kernowmagic: Cornwall Magic: Mayweather vs. Ortiz Reaches Zero Hour In Las Vegas
  • Sarahcarr: Sarahcarr: RT @Salamander: There is only 18 percent occupancy now in #luxor while usually during this time of the year it reaches 80 per cent #tourism #egypt
  • HilGibb: HilGibb: @NPointSocial kinda - how much Ragu can one consume before it reaches fatal quantities?! LOL
  • Salamander: Salamander: There is only 18 percent occupancy now in #luxor while usually during this time of the year it reaches 80 per cent #tourism #egypt
  • AQUINN_SB: AQUINN_SB: RT @Raptr: Raptr is now 10 MILLION dinos strong! Thank you for supporting us!
  • honeyrun: honeyrun: The average raindrop reaches a top speed of 22 miles per hour.
  • Gadgetell: Gadgetell: Angry Birds reaches another milestone—350 million downloads
  • Kaykaymonroe19: Kaykaymonroe19: When she stops arguing with you, and she no longer gives a f*ck & once she reaches her breaking point, I there's no going back.
  • jazzyonneptune: jazzyonneptune: I hate when your on the bus and some one reaches across you to pullthe cord :-(
  • 1234realestate: 1234realestate: apartment for sale apartment Condo Realtor Tour Reaches Out To North Carolina Vets: A traveling bus ... real estate
  • IslappedYoMama: IslappedYoMama: RT @ItsAyoJr: Shout out to @iSlappedYoMama untill she reaches 39k Leegoo ! ;) RT thiiis
  • TeamSats11: TeamSats11: When this page reaches 1000 followers i'll be giving away a @TheSaturdays prize! At the moment i'm on 668 =/
  • DesertBarbieMD: DesertBarbieMD: @Henry__Burton ok *Lucy reaches for him* she's a daddy's girl already
  • LarryBuckalew: LarryBuckalew: Group Reaches Deal to Buy Wrigley Building (wallstreet journal)
  • RajThakural: RajThakural: i'll arrange a parking space which faces east(sun-rising) direction for jetta,so that sun's first rays reaches jetta first#anything4jetta
  • Namrata_Raina: Namrata_Raina: RT @ashutoshraina: @Namrata_Raina it is not a question of who reaches the summit first,it is the question of who stays there the longest :)
  • LadySymoneeC: LadySymoneeC: It's A Long Road When You Face The World Alone No One Reaches A Hand For You To Hold . .
  • yesbuthowever: yesbuthowever: YBH! blog post: GM reaches contract agreement with UAW
  • lavenderblue27: lavenderblue27: RT @RBReich: Jobs & growth first. Best way to reduce ratio of debt/GDP. No deficit reduction until national unemployment reaches 6 percent.
  • IamDat_Life_KL: IamDat_Life_KL: *reaches out hand* come with me if u wana live
  • news_nc: news_nc: Greensboro News - Realtor Tour Reaches Out To North Carolina Vets: A traveling bus tour trying to p... @Greensboro_NC
  • Aashkey: Aashkey: Things are getting better when I'm talking to you, I seriously don't need any medicines when that sweet voice reaches my ear drum. *Ugly*
  • linneapaulina: linneapaulina: @DayInTheLife I love Misty's determination, perseverance, and the way she reaches out to youth in her community.
  • crazyfkinbeauty: crazyfkinbeauty: @TeeTeeSweetness *reaches out hand okay okay hand it over lmfao
  • SanSandrta: SanSandrta: my hair reaches waist and days of heat like today make me want to call Edward Scissorshands ¬_¬"
  • ColibriHarris: ColibriHarris: RT @BlackCarpenter: "A person doesn't die when he or she reaches the grave, they die when their dreams do." Jean Clervil
  • ashutoshraina: ashutoshraina: @Namrata_Raina it is not a question of who reaches the summit first,it is the question of who stays there the longest :)
  • FollowDjSkillz: FollowDjSkillz: RT @GOODTYMES1: MONTERO reaches good start to the inning #Yankees let's go
  • GOODTYMES1: GOODTYMES1: MONTERO reaches good start to the inning #Yankees let's go
  • QuinnLucyFabray: QuinnLucyFabray: @_ManWhore *reaches his waist and pulls off his belt*
  • GetoninVegas: GetoninVegas: Mayweather vs. Ortiz Reaches Zero Hour In Las Vegas
  • FaeBriarVN: FaeBriarVN: *reaches @_VikingNorthman and @OsgarCrane, gripping Eric's hand tight in mine, whispers* Hello, lover.
  • ItsAyoJr: ItsAyoJr: Shout out to @iSlappedYoMama untill she reaches 39k Leegoo ! ;) RT thiiis
  • winston_salem_: winston_salem_: News Realtor Tour Reaches Out To North Carolina Vets: A traveling bus tour trying to promote home... @Greensboro_NC
  • greensboro_: greensboro_: News Realtor Tour Reaches Out To North Carolina Vets: A traveling bus tour trying to promote home... @Greensboro_NC
  • neakhunter: neakhunter: You right "@Pinupchix: GOOD kissing reaches the soul ummm nothing like an intense kiss #random but #true"
  • superwrench4: superwrench4: @CastrolUSA Man I pictured a raucous dinner with boarding house reaches and a food fight. Now We have to behave?
  • GsUpReem: GsUpReem: RT @girlmysia: @GsUpReem okay sir --*reaches out hand for a truce...let me think about it
  • NubianSage: NubianSage: Why wait until Janikowski reaches the famous milestone before you charge him? Hopefully this isn't true.
  • happyhomegroup: happyhomegroup: apartment Condo Realtor Tour Reaches Out To North Carolina Vets: A traveling bus tour tryin...
  • Markfergusonuk: Markfergusonuk: Word reaches me that @markansell got married today - Congratulations!
  • fanspitbull: fanspitbull: I LOVE @Pitbull so much. His music really reaches people worldwide. He helped me so many times. He took my life from negative to positive!!!
  • rikemice: rikemice: Y'all need to stop bidding on that eBay lot. I'm already in trouble for bidding. If it reaches by max bid? #deathbywife
  • ArtemisFrost: ArtemisFrost: @cursed_wolf *reaches the clouds & lets go of one hand*give me one reason why i shouldn't
  • Cara_Jane2: Cara_Jane2: @DarkSin_AS *reaches for you with my paws* Mew! Mew!
  • BonzoHammer: BonzoHammer: @iLikeGirlsDaily *reaches for plectrum*
  • 1Diva2Fly: 1Diva2Fly: Right. RT @EdHyde3: It's amazing what ppl will say and try to pass off as the truth when they don't know how far your understanding reaches.
  • _Sasuke_Uchiha_: _Sasuke_Uchiha_: @UzumakiNarutoxo *reaches my right hand to help you up..saying..tch.*looks away..
  • 336_: 336_: News - Realtor Tour Reaches Out To North Carolina Vets: A traveling bus tour trying to promote h... #News #Greensboro
  • news_nc: news_nc: News - Realtor Tour Reaches Out To North Carolina Vets: A traveling bus tour trying to promote h... #News #Greensboro
  • AkilahShireen: AkilahShireen: RT @DrummerboiD: @AkilahShireen c it has many stages of transformation... stage 1 is wen a woman reaches her climax and snaps off a man penis with her legs
  • girlmysia: girlmysia: @GsUpReem okay sir --*reaches out hand for a truce
  • DrummerboiD: DrummerboiD: @AkilahShireen c it has many stages of transformation... stage 1 is wen a woman reaches her climax and snaps off a man penis with her legs
  • apoetryofliving: apoetryofliving: a mother reaches out to ask 'how's the creative process'. she now understands it. and she is learning to respect it. we have come a long way
  • pookrumtheater: pookrumtheater: Circa Theatre reaches blind audience with Roger Hall hit
  • whore_dongho: whore_dongho: @WhoreSoyu o3o ... -reaches for your hand under the blanket slowly, looking at the screen-
  • NoRegretsNow: NoRegretsNow: I hate when I cook bacon for breakfast, and the house smells like bacon afterward *reaches for plugins*
  • K_Sheesh: K_Sheesh: RT @EdHyde3: It's amazing what ppl will say and try to pass off as the truth when they don't know how far your understanding reaches.
  • CortezLinda: CortezLinda: Mayweather vs. Ortiz Reaches Zero Hour In Las Vegas
  • SweeTeaLT: SweeTeaLT:*reaches for bank card*
  • AlwaysLovedd: AlwaysLovedd: Tidy Christianity With All Answers Given is Easier than one Which Reaches Out to the Wild Wonder of GOD’s...
  • SciAnswers_HS: SciAnswers_HS: Local Boston Dentist Reaches Out to Educate Patients through Online Web Presence - PR Web... #health #snippet
  • kalkidesai: kalkidesai: i'll arrange a parking space which faces east(sun-rising) direction for jetta,so that sun's first rays reaches jetta first#anything4jetta
  • FordAutos: FordAutos: General Motors Co. Reaches Deal With United Auto Workers - BET: CBC.caGeneral Motors Co. Reaches Deal With Unite...
  • all_sportsnews: all_sportsnews: Latest: Braun reaches 30-30 as Brewers eliminate Reds
  • _Sugaamsdionne: _Sugaamsdionne: "@exotic_smilezz: @_Sugaamsdionne A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart." AW
  • EdHyde3: EdHyde3: It's amazing what ppl will say and try to pass off as the truth when they don't know how far your understanding reaches.
  • tdwusavalues: tdwusavalues: RT @EconomyUS: GM reaches union deal (Financial Times): Share With Friends: | | Business - Finance - Us ... #economy #stocks
  • SciAnswers_HS: SciAnswers_HS: Local Boston Dentist Reaches Out to Educate Patients through Online Web Presence - San... #health #snippet
  • corybantically: corybantically: Goodness knows why I felt the need to tweet that in french. my procrastination reaches new levels!
  • spencertim98: spencertim98: RT @NouRaouf: #UAW Reaches Agreement With #GM United Automobile Workers & General Motors reached a tentative agreement late Friday.
  • tanman9: tanman9: @RalphStrangis Who reaches the NHL 1st to you? Brenden Dillion or Matt Fraser?
  • SparkMcSwift: SparkMcSwift: Mission accomplished Swifties @taylorswift13 reach 8 million followers but look to see if it reaches the 10 million fans
  • CamdenPatch: CamdenPatch: Facing criticism, the Partnership for Haddonfield reaches out to local business owners.
  • jeffdonnell: jeffdonnell: Baylor reaches out to Big East, messes with Texas football. <eye roll> #fb
  • PereLebrun: PereLebrun: @their_vodka reaches crisis level & so not as immediately useful to em? No matter how loyal they've been? Witnessed this a few times.
  • xSamara_: xSamara_: @Xo_EmilyFields Aww, I love you too. -reaches for your hand.- But you're right. I wouldn't want you to spend a day with her.
  • exotic_smilezz: exotic_smilezz: A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.
  • GREGCLUCAS: GREGCLUCAS: Campana reaches first on one out walk. He is 21-22 in SB. Has a count now 2-1
  • exotic_smilezz: exotic_smilezz: @_Sugaamsdionne A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.
  • MrWopsle: MrWopsle: "One guy reaches 1000 people with the gospel, and this other guy who hasn't reached anybody doesn't like the way the other guy did it..."
  • I_SecretLover: I_SecretLover: RT @HawaiiBoyFlo: #youlookrealstupid when you show up late to class. Tell me y'all dont stare the person down until he or she reaches there seat
  • ArtemisFrost: ArtemisFrost: @cursed_wolf *smiles big 2 myself.whispers*Busted!*reaches the open area&spreads my wings*She wasn't the one with a hangover be4 her wedding
  • BrewersFanZone: BrewersFanZone: #TwitNewsNow Braun reaches 30-30, Brewers beat Reds, 6-3 #MLB

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  • “Music Blog Network Reaches 1,000,000 a week. The Music Blog Network, launched in June 2005, has grown from CBS has an ad campaign set to launch this week on Music Blog Network sites for its new series "Love Monkey" - a comedy about a record label”
    — EARVOLUTION: Music Blog Network Reaches 1,000,000 a week,

  • “Thanks to Ria for posting these pictures and her comments of the local conservation outreach efforts at ADEX today (April 19)! Without her swift photo”
    — Hantu Blog reaches out at ADEX | Pulau Hantu,

  • “Over the past couple of years we have seen social sites grow in popularity and become a main source of communication for all groups of people. Those with no interest at one time have quickly found themselves immersing in sites like Twitter,”
    — American Express "Open Forum" Reaches Small Businesses,

  • “Gawker Media Blog Network Reaches 297 PageViews Per Month! They are probably the 1st or the 2nd biggest blog network in the world as far as number of pageviews”
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  • “Zhapalang Forum reaches 3,000 post!”
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  • “The Mitchell 1 Shop Management Users Forum for its OnDemand5 Manager/ManagerPlus products has just reached another milestone of 30,000 unique postings from 2,667 registered forum users. The Forum allows participants to ask software functionality”
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  • “This blog post was written by lululemon and posted on August 6, 2010 at 2:08 pm Read more about her and why she created the first ever annual Yoga Reaches Out Yogathon, which takes place Sept. 19, 2010 in Foxboro, MA”
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  • “Discuss this blog entry. A new thread in our forum is created. Activate the thread by PSI Reaches Milestone. No posts yet. You must be logged in to post a”
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  • “Talkshow Reaches New Heights. June 29th, 2010. On the whole, I've never felt like American talk-shows were any better than ours. TVGuide Blog " Blog Archive " Talkshow Reaches New Heights”
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  • “Growing in numbers day by day, the twitter following of has just passed 1000! So, to commemorate the day, I've created this mosaic of our twitter followers. Thank you to all our Twitterdom friends for inspiring and teaching us”
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