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  • The links below provide access to most of my other educational resources. If there is something that you can't locate after using the search at the bottom of this page, send me an email. Curriculum Vitae | Teaching and Learning with Technology |Gamequarium | Readquarium. — “Diana Abernathy Dell, Ed.S”,
  • A portal to hundreds of free, online learning games and activities for 3-6 students. Throughout this site, student-created games are indicated by a lightbulb. Visit READQUARIUM, the latest addition to Gamequarium!. — “CareerZone - External Link”,
  • (Interactive Website) Readquarium- Vocabulary- Suffix activities and http:///readquarium/suff. ixes.html (Interactive Website) Activity List. — “Unit 1 - Phonics Review 6 weeks”,
  • Readquarium. Storynory. Phonics. Phonemic Awareness. Lanolin's Greenhouse. Pumpkin Patch Kindergarten Language Arts. Readquarium. 1st Grade Interactive Skills. — “Reading Skills”,
  • Readquarium. By Diana Dell. This site provides links to various other sites that offer audio and video books for children online. Suggest that students visit the Readquarium site and select a story they already know to listen to, and one they don't. — “eLibrary | My eCoach”, my-
  • Kindergarten Links COMPUTER: READING: SCIENCE: SOCIAL STUDIES: Math: Bubblewrap Alphabet Organizer Butterfly Life Cycle Dress for the Weather Fishy Count Connect the Dots Letter Readquarium. — “Teaching Links - Grand Island Public Schools”,
  • Hover lets you easily create simple ways to access your digital life. Where do you think we could improve? Please briefly state your response. — “Hover”,
  • An education portal to free learning games, free educational video, free worksheets, free ebooks, free SMARTBoard resources and free tools and resources for teachers. Readquarium. A directory of free learning games and activities that address the National Reading Panel recommendations. — “Sqoolquarium Advertising Opportunities”,
  • GRADES 3-4. GRADES 5-6. Search. Grades K-1. Current Issues. Past Issues. Publishing Schedule Teacher's Guide: November 2010. Theme. Theme. Theme. MiniBook. Home. About Us. Media Kit. Contact. — “Time For Kids | Classroom | Grades K-1”,
  • A searchable database and directory of K-12 ebooks. Gamequarium Lab | Readquarium | Teacher Clicks. Comprehensive Lesson Plan Search for K-12. Search All SqoolTechs Resources. Terms of Service | Privacy Policy © 2007 SqoolTechs, LLC: Supporting Quality Online Opportunities for Learning. — “SqoolLibrary: Electronic Books for K-12”,
  • The categories are: Gamequarium Grades 3-6; Junior Pre K-2; Readquarium; Gamequarium Math; and Science GLES. Readquarium is loaded with pre-literacy and literacy games and activities. You will find read aloud books, comprehension practice,. — “How to Use Gamequarium in the Classroom - Associated Content”,
  • St. Cloud Area School District 742 provides public education to students in nine communities along the Mississippi River in Central Minnesota's greater St. Cloud area http:///readquarium/index.html. — “Discovery Community School: Home of the Dolphins”,
  • A portal to hundreds of free, online learning games and activities for Pre-School through Grade 6 students. Readquarium (PreK- 6) Gamequarium Junior (PreK-2) Christmas. Winter Games. Phonics. Rhymes. ABCs. Berenstain Bears. Language Arts. — “Gamequarium: A portal to hundreds of free, online learning”,
  • Comprehension - Readquarium. Fluency. Ideas and web sites. Fluency - Dolch Word Lists Vocabulary - Readquarium. Vocabulary Activities © 2006 - 2010 Frenship Independent School. — “Bennett Elementary - Interactive Web Sites”,
  • Online reading games and activities Sites for Teachers | Sites for Parents | Best Teacher Sites | Top Sites in Education | Preschool Sites. Top :: Readquarium. Author Sites (78) Book Related Activities (0). — “Readquarium”,
  • Little Animals Activity Center. 19. Fieler.Edu. 105. Uncle Fred - . 20. Fieler Readquarium. 61. Nasa for Kids. 147. That's a Fact! 62. National Library of Virtual Math. 148. — “MCSC Web Favorites”,
  • Readquarium. Subject Directory. Language Arts. Mathematics. Social Studies. Science. Brainteasers. Keyboarding. Holiday Fun. Spanish. Music. Safety. For Teachers. Other Education Sites. Teaching w/Technology. Reading & Technology. Web. . Online Reading Activities. — “Readquarium- Online reading activities compiled by Diana Dell”,
  • Teacher Timesavers | Teacher Resources | Printable Worksheets | Lesson Plan Center | Rubric Center | Graphic Organizers 2000 interactive learning activities and games for preschool through grade 6. Readquarium, a section dedicated to literacy, was recently added. — “The Best on the Web for Teachers”, teachers.teach-
  • John Dewey. Gamequarium. Gamequarium, Jr. Readquarium. Reading & Technology. MU Portfolio. Capella Portfolio Readquarium. Interactive Museum of Forces and Motion. 2005-2006 Agendas. Reading and Technology. Planning a. — “Teaching and Learning with Technology: Diana Dell, Ed.S”,

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  • Accessing Educational Websites for Instruction A video detailing a specific website for instruction.

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  • “Gamequarium Readquarium SqoolTube SqoolPrintables TeacherClicks Complete Directory here. SqoolTools / Forums. General forums. Forum. Description. Discussions. Site news. General”
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  • “ See all the Keyboarding pages : Game: Page 1 | Page 2 Keyboarding Courses: Page 3 Note: It is important to note that while keyboarding games can improve keyboarding speed, they won't teach students how to type”
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  • “An education portal to free learning games, free educational video, free worksheets, free ebooks, free SMARTBoard resources and free tools and resources for teachers”
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  • “Chill Out! E.L. Productions. Class Bloopers. Events. Blog Contest. Happy /readquarium/ / / www.edict”
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  • “Lakota Local Schools serve approximately 1100 students in Sandusky, Seneca, and Wood Counites in Northwest Ohio. The school mascot is the Raider. The district will open a new PreK-12 building in the fall of 2011”
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  • “http:///readquarium/sightwords.html. A site with activities involving high-frequency words Sunflower Theme designed for Elsy's Blog by Round Rock Web Design”
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  • “Only the blog author may view the comment. Top of page " Previous entry HOME Next entry " this user. Powered by FC2 Blog. Copyright © Sampi All Rights Reserved”
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  • “Readquarium: I found this application to be the most useful and adaptable on the entire stories at a teacher's fingertips, Readquarium provides countless lessons and content”
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  • “Blog. Ecosystem. Tools. Help. Developers. Home. DevBlog. Forum. Documentation or words, and fixate on another word Frequent readers of my blog know that I value”
    — Vocabulary context clues worksheets / Global News Blog Headlines,

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