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  • Recall is an industry leader in data protection, document destruction and document management solutions. — “”,
  • The automaker Toyota recalled a reported 3.8 million vehicles on September 29, 2009. It was the largest recall from Toyota to date and affects Toyota and Lexus. — “Toyota Recall”,
  • Definition of recall in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of recall. Pronunciation of recall. Translations of recall. recall synonyms, recall antonyms. Information about recall in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. product recall. — “recall - definition of recall by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Online resource for government recalls. Includes motor vehicle, boat, food, medicine, and cosmetic recalls. — “”,
  • Recall definition, to bring back from memory; recollect; remember: See more. — “Recall | Define Recall at ”,
  • Recall is a leading provider of effective and secure critical records management. Visit to customize document management to your company's needs. — “Recall Canada”,
  • Information on the Lexus voluntary safety recall of the 2010 HS 250h. Information on floor mat entrapment of accelerator pedals in ES and IS models. Lexus Announces Intent to Voluntarily Recall Certain LX 470 Vehicles. — “Lexus Recall Information”,
  • Maclaren is a premier British parenting lifestyle company that produces the worlds most safe, durable, innovative, and stylish baby buggies, strollers, carriers, rockers and organic personal care products. — “Maclaren | US - Recall”,
  • Definition of recall from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of recall. Pronunciation of recall. Definition of the word recall. Origin of the word recall. — “recall - Definition of recall at ”,
  • Recall - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Recall”,
  • In the ruling, the Justices stated: "the Court therefore concludes that the provisions of the (Uniform Recall Election Law) and the Recall Amendment pertaining to U.S. Senators are invalid, but otherwise will allow the laws to remain in effect as they relate to state and local officials."[1]. — “Recall news - Ballotpedia”,
  • Recall Management Inc.-Professional Administration of Campaigns / Programs For: Product Recalls, Retrofits, Rework, Warnings, Warranty, and Safety. "Your After-Sales Product Specialists". — “Recall Management Inc”, recall-
  • Has your car been recalled? Get the latest information pertaining to auto recalls, automotive defects, and the latest auto recall list at AOL Autos. — “Auto Recalls -The Latest Automotive Safety and Defect Recalls”,
  • Get the facts about current Toyota recalls, sales suspension and production stoppage at certain factories. Find the Toyota recall list here. — “Toyota Recall Information – 2009-2010 Toyota Recall List”,
  • Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) is the e-publishing service for over 230 journals published by Cambridge University Press and is entirely developed and hosted in-house. The platform's powerful capacity and reliable performance are maintained by a. — “Cambridge Journals Online - ReCALL”,
  • See if your Similac powder infant formula is affected by the recall by entering the lot number. Find out how to return your product for reimbursement. — “See if your Similac powder infant formula is affected by the”,
  • recall ( ) tr.v. , -called , -calling , -calls . To ask or order to return: recalled all workers who had been laid off. — “recall: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • Recall NOTE: For anyone who has previously contacted Hasbro regarding the Easy-Bake Oven Recall to Repair program, you do not need to do anything. — “Recall”,
  • Recall to employment after a layoff. Recall (information retrieval), a statistical measure (contrasted with precision), the fraction of (all) relevant material that is returned by the search. Recall, in dog training, the process of bringing a dog to the caller from a distance. — “Recall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives - Official Trailer [HD] Subscribe | Facebook | Twitter Release Date: 2 March 2011 Genre: Comedy | Drama | Fantasy Cast: Thanapat Saisaymar, Sakda Kaewbuadee, Matthieu Ly Directors: Apichatpong Weerasethakul Writer: Apichatpong Weerasethakul MPAA: N/A Studio: Strand Releasing Plot: Suffering from acute kidney failure, Uncle Boonmee has chosen to spend his final days surrounded by his loved ones in the countryside. Surprisingly, the ghost of his deceased wife appears to care for him, and his long lost son returns home in a non-human form. Contemplating the reasons for his illness, Boonmee treks through the jungle with his family to a mysterious hilltop cave -- the birthplace of his first life... In his signature cinematic style, the acclaimed Thai filmmaker delivers a strange and mystical world of visionary beauty. Subscribe Now:
  • Treasury Department Issues Emergency Recall Of All US Dollars Treasury Officials say the dye used in printed money is extremely toxic and urge Americans to send all their cash to Washington immediately.
  • Fisher Price makes major toy recall There is a major consumer alert. Fisher Price is recalling some 10 million toys.
  • 24 Hours of Daytona and Sno*Drift, Toyota Recall Fix, Tesla IPO - Fast Lane Daily - 01Feb10 24 Hours of Daytona and Sno*Drift took place this past weekend, and we have a recap. Toyota announces a fix for the massive recall last week, and Tesla IPO's itself. Hosted by Derek DeAngelis. Don't forget to check out for all your car-art needs.
  • Total Recall- Two Weeks this is the greatest scene in all of cinematography history, featuring classic actors such as Arnold Shwartzahooziewatsit and Michael Ironside
  • Total Recall - All The Deaths (Including Johnny Cab) Here are all the deaths from the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Total Recall. Including the death of the Johnny Cab, the rat and the goldfish.
  • Total Recall'in A music video I made with Tom Petty's Parody music. Took me a while to make. And its a great tribute to the Governator of Califorina who happens to be against selling violent movies to a young audience.
  • Reche & Recall Reche & Recall LIVE @ StereoCity 16.08.08 Ferropolis Gräfenhainichen
  • TOTAL RECALL TRAILER 1990 Arnold's Shwarzenegger most adventure fantasy ever colly in the Total Recall....Schwarzenegger he 'll be back....
  • Play it Through - Total Recall Part 1 Hey everyone on this episode of Play it Through its Total Recall for the Nintendo Entertainment System brought to us by Acclaim and Interplay. Now this is one of my least favorites for the NES as a kid this game would drive me nuts to the point I think I only got past the first level a few times. This game has bad hit detection and two of the worst nes bosses of all time. The only thing good to really say is at least it is a pretty short overall game. Enjoy!! If you are a fan of video game music check out my other account dedicated to it If you are a fan of Pro Wrestling especially Pro Wrestling theme music check out my side project with File91e
  • Peanut Butter Recall Unilever has announced a limited recall of Skippy Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter Spread and Skippy Reduced Fat Super Chunk Peanut Butter Spread because they may be contaminated with Salmonella.
  • State Senators Targeted For Recall Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate and Brian Fraley of the conservative-leaning MacIver Institute discuss the likelihood of success for recall efforts of 14 state senators.
  • OBGH Recall spending nearly $125K VICTORIA - The bills are in and with everything added up it turns out both sides in the failed recall campaign against Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA Ida Chong spent more than 100 thousand dollars on their campaigns. Those numbers were released by Elections BC. But where the money came from may surprise you. Follow Shachi Kurl on Twitter -
  • Total Recall Trailer
  • Toyota recall - Justice of ChoiFive vs Toyota 1 This is the story of Choi's family after the automobile accident in 1997. While overcoming the hardship, family is seeking the truth and justice against Toyota.
  • How to teach: Go to your mat, Drop on Recall + Drop at Heel Using clicker training and a mat to teach these behaviors Remember to practice with zero distraction at first! And ALWAYS in a safe enclosed area or on a long line!
  • Recall by H4 | A Black Ops Montage Subscribe to him: Music: Hadouken - Ugly Song available on iTunes. /hadoukentheband Awesome gameplay and editing. Truly awesome Black Ops video; one of the best montages for the game to date. Deserves more exposure. Enjoy! - For more videos subscribe here - fragtastics -Tom
  • Parents worried about Similac recall Worried parents are bombarding drugmaker Abbott Laboratories with phone calls about millions of containers of infant formula recalled because they might contain parts of beetles.
  • Al Jarreau - Spain (I Can Recall) Al Jarreau's classic version of Chick Corea's already classic Spain. The other video of it I found on Youtube was of poor sound quality so I wanted to do right.
  • recall band mga bandang buraot
  • Recall Effort Underway Of Some State Lawmakers Budget battle in Madison launched the largest recall effort of State Lawmakers in Wisconsin history.
  • Setsujoku Recall [Naruto AMV] My last clip ! =D Anime : Naruto // Naruto Shippuden Musique : Ellegarden - Salamander Snkamv on YT :
  • Toyota Lawnmower Recall
  • Potential iPhone 4 Recall? Consumer Reports recently released a study about the iPhone 4's faulty antenna and hardware issues, which could lead Apple to recall the new smart phone. Kevin Pereira talks to Sr Electronics Editor of Consumer Reports, Mike Gikas on The Loop. For more from The Loop, go here: g4
  • Marie Lindberg Trying To Recall ( Lyrics )
  • SummerSlam Recall: The Ultimate Warrior makes history The Ultimate Warrior shocks the Honky Tonk Man and captures the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam 1988
  • Toyota faces safety recall crisis Shares in Japanese car giant Toyota have tumbled more than 15 per cent in a week as the company struggles to contain the fallout from a safety recall affecting millions of its cars, including its top-selling Camry and Corolla models. The automaker has said it is closing in on a solution to the problem that could cause accelerator pedals to stick. But the growing recall has badly dented the company's reputation for quality and reliability. Al Jazeera's Zeina Awad reports. (29 Jan, 2010)
  • Fletcher Loses Appeal; Vows Recall Fight Disqualified Kansas City Council candidate Michael Fletcher loses a bid to get placed back on the ballot in the March 22 election, but says he plans to have the race's eventual winner recalled. KMBC 9's Micheal Mahoney reports.
  • "Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives" (Official Trailer) Directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Palme d'Or Cannes 2010.
  • IGN Daily Fix, 11-16: MW2 Recall, AC2 Updates and PS3 News Modern Warfare 2 recalled in Russia, GameStop may be selling AC2 early, and the PS3 really does do everything. See more IGN videos at
  • Hollow Point Bullets Recalled That Fail To Explode Targets Steel Hawk Inc. is offering a full refund to customers who bought the non-flesh-shredding bullets.
  • Total recall mars landing This is the scene where Douglas Quaid arrives on mars.
  • Total Recall: The Musical (Arnold Schwarzenegger) Arnold Schwarzenegger performs "The Mountains of Mars" from "Total Recall: The Musical." Music and Lyrics by Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan (Silence! The Musical) Contains some Jerry Goldsmith
  • WW1 Veterans Recall Executions During WWl, over 300 British and Commonwealth soldiers were executed for desertion or cowardice - some as young as 14. Ahead of Armistice Day, Charles Wheeler spoke to some veterans of the Great War about the executions. 10th November 2005
  • Marie Lindberg - Trying to recall
  • Culture beat - Mr. Vain Recall video videoclip of really good dance music
  • Hungry FDA Official Orders Massive Pot Pie Recall The FDA is urging all Americans in possession of flaky, delicious pot pies to turn them in to FDA headquarters as soon as possible. More coverage at:
  • Ancestral Recall, Akashic Access, and The Age of Aquarius Every microscopic band of our DNA is comprised of the most ancient part of the cosmos ~ It's Genesis ~ The Virtually invisible tendrils and pathways to alternate dimensions and gateways to an electric fabric ~ A construct with rules that can be bent and broken ~~ Where we can create psychedelic landscapes ~ Sunsets and supernova ~ and bind our dreams to the waking world.. Where magick, humanity, and stardust co-exist on a plateau of aqua marine nebula Floating in and out of thought like an interstellar balloon. Our DNA houses our fluid karma ~ the ancestral memories from every experience we have ever had, in every form of conscious incarnation from the beginning of perceived time. Many people accredit their Deja~Vu and astral capabilities as well as their power and control over their dream cycle to information seemingly spilling from a limitless Akashic River of Knowledge ~ that in no way can be described as having form or age, or stationary 3 dimensional characteristics. Enter the Water Door ~ The Dawn of a new Aeon approaches ~ The Age of Aquarius. Inspiration and Hat Tip To: Jake Kotze: and Henrik Palmgren: Interview Sampled:
  • cwklatt: cwklatt: RT @Watchdogsniffer: Let's just impoverish more people. Kasich's days are numbered. A definite recall is in order for this Libertarian...
  • Yellow_Belle_: Yellow_Belle_: They been showing the meeka and tami drama all season...I don't recall the charity thing
  • primary_red: primary_red: @asmakadri Fair enough. Agree on that. I do recall the tweet. It put Kashmir in the category of other nations that really are tyrannies
  • JusCallMeG: JusCallMeG: Look at you lol!!! Of course not!!! RT @OGJaZZyB: I don't recall my mama ever saying "yo black ass" to me -_-
  • settern: settern: @danielpunkass It's funny how many Apple commercials I can recall off the top of my head. (Window Shopping!
  • Cal_Politics: Cal_Politics: Updated story, with recall papers: Council leaders question legitimacy of Ryan ...: MatiChek, who was elected in...
  • Cal_Politics: Cal_Politics: Gov. Scott Walker Prepares For Recall Election: The round of state Senate recall elections finished-up less than...
  • LorieYassoMNIW: LorieYassoMNIW: And It's and the same ambience, that makes me recall back pieces of untruthful words you said.
  • cscrash: cscrash: w/ Feingold's decision not 2 enter the race, shld Walker recall B delayed? Poll here #recallwalker #wiunion #wirecall
  • OGJaZZyB: OGJaZZyB: I don't recall my mama ever saying "yo black ass" to me -_-
  • LabradorWild: LabradorWild: RT @thefightingnewf: Bond Papers: Misleading the House: recall the whole recall power story #nlpoli #nlvotes #Newfoundland #Labrador
  • TristanMatt6: TristanMatt6: @toriamarques it's okay. As I recall you're a "NIGHT RIIDDAA" so it's all good
  • chutch5: chutch5: If I recall, your Coach left Memphis cause of scandals!! “@Mustangs5128: @GCHutchins That and they are cheaters”
  • AlllliePie: AlllliePie: @hugotijerina When!?! :D I don not recall this :D
  • kraigadamsmedia: kraigadamsmedia: @Screenwriterwoe I distinctly recall at one point before class Lou reassuring you that it would be impossible to re-create that effect haha
  • _KellyKells: _KellyKells: @TonyCheeks Uhh Ohhh :O I Dont Recall ; Im Sorrry !
  • markyknowsbest: markyknowsbest: @Grayskulls Wow... that is weird! If I recall correctly, we were rehearsing for the Miles Franklin production of Cinderalla at the time.
  • TDakota18: TDakota18: Welppp That Relationship Is Over And If I Recall U Were The One Who Built The Relationship With Her Mother #IJS
  • xosunshinesoul: xosunshinesoul: Anyone recall the song Silvery Rain by Olivia Newton John? Heard it today ... So eerily foretelling for the time it was released
  • nuXx_nuruliee: nuXx_nuruliee: @Bangis88 Huh ? u even remember ? Hmmm , which one which one . Lemme try to recall . Yo name ? And where do we meet in Serdang ?
  • TraFreakck2013: TraFreakck2013: @LexyyDuhhh im still upset u cant recall knowing me :(
  • MzToyzTweetz: MzToyzTweetz: #EricWilliams played for the @celtics and that's 1 of my fave teams, but I can't recall him... Was he a bench warmer and what was his #??
  • Socially3: Socially3: In my life time I can just recall at least 2 people who could read me to welll. I could not disguise my feelings. One male and one female.
  • ppreville: ppreville: @InklessPW @globebooks Recall Peter Scowen's reaction to Justin's eulogy, and its public reception?
  • RossNunamaker: RossNunamaker: and while I'm at it #samsung #fail for their compacitor issue for 2008 models that break, no recall
  • ibrizinter: ibrizinter: Gov. Scott Walker Prepares For Recall Election: Walker isn't even eligible for a recall until January, but early...
  • stevekeagle: stevekeagle: @rosannecash If I recall, mine was a Johnny Cash album. :-)
  • MostDef_Shyla: MostDef_Shyla: @RKashh As I recall, you said they were ya medicine... Am I right?
  • orchidhunter: orchidhunter: It's l[i/o][f/v]e's illusions I recall. I really don't know l[i/o][f/v]e at all.
  • NaTDrEW3: NaTDrEW3: RT @Leonardayqn: You will know that forgiveness has begun when you recall those who hurt you and feel the power to wish them well
  • adeletweets: adeletweets: I don't ever recall being so emotionally effected by a politician. A special, unforgettable man. #jacklayton #ndp #cdnpoli
  • HurricaneBlows: HurricaneBlows: Those of you that remember _Hurricane_ Hugo back in 1989 recall that many homeowners weren't allowed to return for a...
  • cinthiaaa25: cinthiaaa25: RT @tinarosemclouth: @caramorgan09 you can't make fun of @cinthiaaa25..... I recall about a million & 1 NICKIMINAJ tweets.. :P hahaha
  • lydstafiddy: lydstafiddy: @4everlisa24_7 yea its gettin cwazyy. Ur mouth doesnt get cut up n u can easily take em out! yea I dnt recall lexi needin braces aha
  • AidilEdzwan: AidilEdzwan: I'm at Cisco Recall Total Information Management Private Limited (2 Yung Ho Road, Singapore)
  • tinarosemclouth: tinarosemclouth: @caramorgan09 you can't make fun of @cinthiaaa25..... I recall about a million & 1 NICKIMINAJ tweets.. :P hahaha
  • tessvali: tessvali: On Recall Elections in Newly “Purple” Wisconsin - Intellectual Conservative
  • 8_22_11_Bish: 8_22_11_Bish: - ehem.. i recall some qirl qettin' towe the fkks up in the previews.. wht tf' happened.!!!
  • jaredmckiernan: jaredmckiernan: @jeffsackmann is waske a grass-court specialist? For some reason I recall the name, think he might be?
  • _jungjinyoung_: _jungjinyoung_: @John_Kimchi but as I seem to recall #harrypotterglasses #paperwork #srsbsns #suit
  • __MellowYellow: __MellowYellow: @OCrusoe6 oh ok so her child support stacked. Funny how can cant for the life of me recall seein a kid on the show' ?
  • Head_PIMP: Head_PIMP: Umm i recall @ChingaaDeMadree was bull tweetin yeterday!! Oh yes ma'm you were..lmbooo
  • Awzom_Alex: Awzom_Alex: @PikaPedro Dont recall it
  • MisterRLCollins: MisterRLCollins: @Miss_Marish ha its funny u say that ive invited u to come kick it with me n the homies atleast 3times that i can recall.
  • ashutoshshah: ashutoshshah: @offstumped This looks lot like US constitution. If we just scrap party whip and add right 2 recall. We can whole lot more without rewriting
  • ItsCMaddox: ItsCMaddox: @rustyjtrump @RNGreenberg OMG I don't know how I got THAT drunk. There are points I don't even recall.
  • HousePartePeeps: HousePartePeeps: @DownIsTheNewUp_ my prob is I'm too tipsy when I leave to be able to recall the names of the best ones....damn! Hiccup!
  • lexalicious: lexalicious: @mymourningbelle @baydariz @stevendariz I did recall, I was just wondering if they were worth the money, as I have to be frugal.
  • MainCoffeeGirl: MainCoffeeGirl: RT @CoffeeNetworkUS: #Coffee recall in Canada -- for details, go to
  • mymourningbelle: mymourningbelle: @lexalicious If you recall, we connected on Twitter when I was at a Bright Eyes concert with @baydariz and @stevendariz
  • alisonrose711: alisonrose711: Wish ppl on the left who are so yippie-skippy about Huntsman's science comments would recall he's also super anti-choice. Not moderate there
  • LorenNappi: LorenNappi: Want coffee or donuts or uh #anythingforyounance [email protected] do you recall this ? Hahahaha
  • Last_Clarion: Last_Clarion: MB @BloombergTV Brits led Tripoli invasion to seize 143.8 tons of gold in Libyan Central Bank as BoE owes 366 tons gold recall by Venezuela
  • NotInYour_Area: NotInYour_Area: Funny thing is I can recall writing this trying to make the guy tuff . Now I can't make me charcters do anything I have no control !
  • GaryGozdor: GaryGozdor: Twins place Nick Blackburn on DL, recall Lester Oliveros
  • Lady_K_Songz: Lady_K_Songz: @kchantelle I don't recall . But its your aunty I keep seeing. Not ur mom:s whoops
  • x0fnagem: x0fnagem: @ktine_l @Patrish_Toy @LaaDesiree HAHAH have we had it at any if our semis? I cannot recall.
  • chrisnishiwaki: chrisnishiwaki: Bobby Katcher's ability to retain & recall wine information is uncanny. Katcher must stand for catcher of information.
  • HighlyAnimated: HighlyAnimated: @DATRICKSTERII *blinks looking at him* Sorry, I don't recall..... How do you know my name? What are you doing in my bedroom??
  • LilliePooh: LilliePooh: @BEYNCEcallmeDVA the way she got hit no way meeka wasnt lookin....and i recall meeka tlkn to tami....well tami was damn sure tlkn to meeka
  • Shebella_Baby: Shebella_Baby: i recall thinking #GOODidea getting blowed beyond all comprehension #BADidea doing that before you performed
  • miyaleigh: miyaleigh: I really really enjoy reading statuses exactly a year ago in FB...helps u recall and reminisce, today last yr: For the Mariettes! hihi
  • nurifinn: nurifinn: Now I can recall: we were just getting to the part where the shock sets in & the stomach acid finds a new way to make you get sick
  • YmTezPo: YmTezPo: @TopNotchToni lol u polly thought or wanted me to grab it..but I don't recall me doin it lol
  • supercare4u: supercare4u: from the web: Orioles activate SP Britton, recall IF Adams, send reliever Berken to DL: By AP, MINNEAPOLIS — Zac...
  • Johnny_DT: Johnny_DT: RT @daniel_prime7: Ford Territory recall on fire hazard via @carsguide
  • 2xUS: 2xUS: @nmc66 i don't recall any conversation on friday that involved a trip 2 GIANT (not gaint) stadium 2day.... what's up with that????
  • LeiaaBe_Thuggn: LeiaaBe_Thuggn: @money_2014 - I don't recall my phone even ringing ! ( farreal though ] !
  • AmberDior_: AmberDior_: @LivinDiorPretty Yeah me and Toneia want a recall Lmao.
  • ccooke6685: ccooke6685: @CarolLamb Very interested to find out more about your past life recall & how it might parallel my own memories of previous lives.
  • Philsvilleblog: Philsvilleblog: Make that 26 RBI in 82 at bats (88 PAs) since recall for Mayberry.
  • LivinDiorPretty: LivinDiorPretty: @AmberDior_ @JDior_ @OMGjdior_ recall o_O ? Lmao I just want a dang call !
  • brian_mayer: brian_mayer: @tomhenrich as I recall, you did already go for a walk this morning .... #noneedforoverkill
  • JadeLuckClub: JadeLuckClub: ty4RT @lea419: RECALL: Martha Stewart Collection Enamel Cast Iron Casseroles Due to Laceration and Burn Hazar… (cont)
  • ParlaeJones: ParlaeJones: say watttttt timeout i dnt recall gettn 1 frm u 5 RT @Jazzinque: Thanks to @DM_Bailey for sayin happy bday to me,but @ParlaeJones didnt..smh
  • jmxWebDev: jmxWebDev: Link Building Tips that Work: You might recall that I've written a Link Building 101 article…
  • dymilly_: dymilly_: I Don't Care Who Doesn't Like Me I Don't Recall Me Asking Anyone To
  • theprovince: theprovince: Residents of devastated Ontario town recall tornado's sudden fury
  • endless_psych: endless_psych: @living_as_if um I was referred to a site but can't recall which one.
  • lacastilleja: lacastilleja: @amyrebo what dome stadiums have real grass? I don't recall one. ???
  • MommyAware: MommyAware: @FortEdPark I recall seeing inffo on ur website a few yrs ago re: kids birthdays, do you still have those packages?
  • ausgamers: ausgamers: @DanChiappini: Hmm, I recall judges in the US who have handed down punishments like that: . Better the parents do it?
  • mementogorey: mementogorey: @justagyrl16 Hmmm...ya know, I don't recall seeing an oven. Did you, @_cooperstown ?
  • tatianajacksons: tatianajacksons: Michigan company announced cheese recall - WNEM Saginaw
  • LongBeachEighth: LongBeachEighth: Recall is No secret now....
  • CAFalk: CAFalk: RT @lkaplon: Gov. Scott Walker Prepares For Recall Election - Politics News Story - WISN Milwaukee: #wiunion
  • bnonn: bnonn: @notbanksy Interesting, gracias! I recall hearing (maybe from @MktgExperiments) that carousels increase conversions, but only done right.
  • Wemolohtrab: Wemolohtrab: Mile Marker 182...ironically enough, my life is filled with 'markers' that remind me of LIFE'S lessons...markers that if need be, I recall
  • MsGyu: MsGyu: @ikmubmik Ahahaha! It's recall me about EHB when you wore jumong's costume. Well,cool as always. Fighting! And comeback to SJ soon :)
  • Hi_im_Robert_: Hi_im_Robert_: @butiTaughtYeezy lmao i dont recall me eating any
  • carlos_vnzla: carlos_vnzla: Chavez: Venezuela will nationalize gold mines, recall reserves #cnn ofcourse he does... hes done it with everything else
  • wench: wench: @AnneKami I...think I filled it in on the website & then printed it out. I don't recall how I did it tho. O_o
  • Granniegal: Granniegal: RT @lkaplon: Gov. Scott Walker Prepares For Recall Election - Politics News Story - WISN Milwaukee: #wiunion
  • iTotYou_0: iTotYou_0: @kayylloovveee I dont recall telling you what too do . But wow your weird I swear . Nobody says stuff likee that
  • SincereofLBP: SincereofLBP: A here my hand 2 the lord yall record I recall that's how I know I'm realer then yall
  • firepuncher: firepuncher: Wryandginger Games I fondly recall. - We like to play games in my family. For as far back as I can recall, family ge...
  • nano_bio: nano_bio: #nano_bio Insight: DePuy's handling of hip recall sparks questions

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