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  • Home. Red Cap. Project Development. Consulting. Wind. Contact Us. — “Red Cap”,
  • Little Red Cap simply rolls on then off to provide a clean, easy solution to capping Little Red Cap replaces that rusting nail or screw you've always used to reseal caulk. — “Little Red Cap - The Only Caulk Saving Cap”,
  • Redcap definition, a baggage porter at a railroad station. See more. — “Redcap | Define Redcap at ”,
  • Definition of redcap from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Informal a military policeman. Origin: first used (1892) when John Williams, a porter in Grand Central Station, New York City, encircled his cap with a red flannel strip to gain attention. red·cap (rĕdˈkăp. — “redcap - Definition of redcap at ”,
  • REDCap and REDCap Survey are free, secure, web-based applications designed to support REDCap. Using REDCap's stream-lined process for rapidly developing databases, you may. — “REDCap | Harvard Catalyst”,
  • A member of the British Royal Military Police. Probably the world's most proffesional and well respected Probably the world's most proffesional and well respected police force. There was severe rioting in the city last night until they sent the Redcaps in. police red cap proffesional army. — “Urban Dictionary: redcap”,
  • Overview. — “Project Redcap”,
  • A Red Cap or Redcap, also known as a powrie or dunter, is a type of malevolent murderous dwarf, goblin, elf or fairy found in Border Folklore. Here the creatures are dwarfed no higher than the main character's knee and wear a red cap which falls over the top of their eyes. — “Redcap - Reference”,
  • Definition of redcap in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of redcap. Pronunciation of redcap. Translations of redcap. redcap synonyms, redcap antonyms. Information about redcap in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “redcap - definition of redcap by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Redwood Capital provides debt financing to high potential, early stage companies located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer short-term bridge loans, equipment leases, and other types of secured credit. — “Redwood Capital Corporation”,
  • Redcap Productions Presents: The Frigates Preview. 0. September 6th, 2010adminUncategorized Redcap Productions were on hand to film the wonderful Katie and the Carnival as they. — “Redcap Productions”, redcap-
  • Durable uniform apparel products. — “Red Kap - Home”,
  • Resembling a small emaciated man with a leathery body and little or no hair, a Redcap carries a sharp wooden scythe or an iron pike to strike down all who pass through the area he dwells in. The red cap he wears, and for which he was named, is white cloth dyed in human blood. — “Redcap - Monstropedia - the largest encyclopedia about monsters”,
  • Red Cap Cards was founded in Beverly Hills California by Hal Mertz and Illustrator Carrie Gifford. — “Red Cap Cards”,
  • REDCap. Survey Tools. In collaboration with the Harvard Catalyst | The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center, REDCap REDCap. Using REDCap's stream-lined process for rapidly developing databases, you may create and design databases using 1) the. — “REDCap | Research Computing”,
  • RedCap is a membership based, premium driver-on-demand service for people who value safety, convenience and privacy at an affordable price. RedCap Drivers are magic - there when you want one, and gone when you don't. Just look for the smartly dressed driver wearing the very cool red cap. — “RedCap”,
  • redcap. red-cap [edit] Noun. red cap (plural red caps) (British, folklore) A kind of evil brownie or imp. 1999: J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. After boggarts, they studied Red Caps, nasty little goblinlike Red Cap: A rare member of the English class, these are characterized. — “red cap - Wiktionary”,
  • REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture). — “REDCap”, project-
  • A Red Cap or Redcap, also known as a powrie or dunter, is a type of malevolent murderous dwarf, goblin, elf or fairy found in Border Folklore. Outrunning a redcap is supposedly impossible. They are depicted as sturdy old men with red eyes, taloned. — “Redcap - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • redcap ( ) n. A porter, usually in a railroad station. A Red Cap or Redcap, also known as a powrie or dunter, is a type of malevolent murderous dwarf, goblin, elf or fairy found in Border Folklore. — “redcap: Definition from ”,
  • Find the latest on the BBC-1 show Red Cap, including video, season and episode guides, exclusive pictures, cast bios, and more. — “Red Cap on ”,

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  • Red Cap Oranda All Copyright By Xian Leng Holdings Berhad .my http .my http
  • Postconcussive syndrome - Red cap test and visual field loss testing Microprism application - Raw footage - John suffered a blow to the right frontal region, was the third patient seen after our discovery that microprismatic application had the potential for great resolution of the symptoms of post-concussive syndrome. He is now seen once again after 15 months. He normally wears DARK sunglasses and a patch over his right eye to avoid double vision. We initially counted him as a non-responsive because of suspected visual field losses that contributed to double vision, with little effect of the microprisms. Evaluation for a statement on legal blindness by a neuroophthalmologist gave equivocal results, no formal visual fields have been done, apparently. His visual field by confrontation method is 7-10 degrees right eye, 20 degrees left eye. Testing reveals a moderately deep protanomaly, with red providing little to no luminance at all. He r eports that red appears blackish-gray, even the pizza that is his favorite food.
  • Hot Sauce Review : Danny Cash (Red Cap NOS Hot Sauce) This is a regular vinegar pepper hot sauce but packs more heat than most, awesome for chili!!! The cool packaging is a bonus and made me pick this sauce but Im glad I did! Cutlerylover Heat Rating = 6
  • Blue Oyster Cult: Before the Kiss, a Redcap Classic
  • ReDCaP - Széllel Szemben ReDCaP playing own song called Széllel Szemben. Awesome rock music! ;) Song played on 2007. December 30, at Oázis Deja Vu Music Club Band homepage:
  • Blue Öyster Cult -LIVE "Before the kiss, a redcap" 2008 Eric Bloom Buck Dharma Rudy Sarzo Richie Castellano Jules Radino See them live in 2008: JULY 2008 01 Muskegon, MI Summer Cele w/REO Speedwagon 03 Columbus, OH LC Outdoor Amphitheatre 04 Edmonton,Alb CANADA Century Casino 05 Clinton, IA Riverview Park 06 Rochester, MN Mayo Park 11 Kalispell, MT Montana Raceway Park 13 Patchogue, NY Shorefront Park Music Fest 18 Pittsburg, PA Hartwood Acres Allegheny 19 Erie, PA Pepsi Amph Roar on the Shore 20 North Lawrence, OH Rockn'Resort/CCR 24 Redding, CA Cascade Theatre 26 Fresno, CA Kearney Park Thunder in the Park 29 Rockford, IL On The Waterfront Festival AUGUST 2008 01 Aurora, IL Classic Rock Fest 02 Jefferson City, MO Cole County Fair 03 Binghamton, NY Otsiningo Park Spiedie Rally 08 Hermiston, OR Umatilla County Fair 09 Lewiston, ID Nez Perce Cnty Fairgrds 15 Detroit, MI Renaissance Center Riverfront 16 Peoria, IL Riverfront Park 17 Slt Ste Marie,Ont,CAN Runway Park w/Eddie Money 23 Frisco, CO Music on Main Street 30 Milwaukee, WI Harley-Davidson 105th Celeb 31 Milwaukee, WI Water Street SEPTEMBER 2008 06 Danbury, CT CityCenter Green 12 Leffrinckoucke, FRANCE La Poudrière 13 Magny Cours, FRANCE Bol d'Or Race Track 14 Istres, FRANCE l'Usine 16 Monte Carlo, MONACO Moods 17 Milan (Trezzo),IT Live Club 27 Lancaster, PA Chameleon 26 Westbury, NY No Fork Bank Th w/Foghat and Vanilla Fudge OCTOBER 2008 04 Gretna, LA Heritage Festival NOVEMBER 2008 14 Middletown, NY Paramount Theatre 15 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Casino For MORE DATES ...
  • Jonathan Creek Mother Redcap S2 Ep5 Part3 Part 3 of 5 (c)BBC MCMXCVIII
  • Jonathan Creek Mother Redcap S2 Ep5 Part5 Part 5 of 5 (c)BBC MCMXCVIII
  • Red Hat Mamma by Kathy Bee Kathy Bee's music video immortalizes the Red Hatters with clips from Red Hatter events. Kathy Bee is The Red Hat Mamma!
  • Red Cap and Calico Oranda
  • The Boston Red Sox (The Vintage Red Cap) I loved the red caps from 75 -78. I always thought they should bring them back for special game days. They have the Red Jersey now but the Blue Cap looks terrible with them. I would love to see them back and I am not talking about those all reds they use in spring training. The navy bill is a must. In 1997 The Red Sox brought back this vintage cap for only 4 games. They donned them for the first time in 20 years on Patriots Day 1997
  • Bless Redcaps Cotton | a collaboration by Georgio and Bjerre93 WATCH IT NAO this was fun making. also, special thanks to Bez for THE NAME
  • Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - Red Cap Assault Ashane Version Tabs+MP3+Original Song @ CpxAzn plays the battle theme, Red Cap Assault (Ashane Version) from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest I finally got another video up of me using my MusicMan Sub1 Guitar
  • Let's Play Super Mario 64 PT4 - Red Cap Gives You WIIIIIINGS!! In this episode, Mario wraps up Course 2 with ease, then notices an eerie light in the front of the main room. Staring into the light grants access to the Red Switch Course, where you can use the Wing Cap to fly! Activating the Red Switch will allow you to use the Red ! blocks all over to allow flight. After that, it's a bit of backtracking... Stars Collected: Course 2: Whomp's Fortress - Star 5: Fall Onto The Caged Island - Star 6: Blast Away The Wall Red Switch Course - Star for collecting all 8 Red Coins
  • Jonathan Creek Mother Redcap S2 Ep5 Part2 Part 2 of 5 (c)BBC MCMXCVIII
  • Redcap S02E01 Crime Passionel 1966 part 1 of 13.avi Recap Series 2 Episode 1 "Crime Passionel" original broadcast date 2 April 1966. Redcap is a 1960s British television drama staring John Thaw as Sergeant John Mann of the Royal Military Police (RMP) Special Investigation Branch (SIB).
  • Sculpting Red Cap from Brian Froud's Fairies This is a timelapse of a sculpt Froud's Fairies. Approximate sculpting time is 7 hours of work during a "perfect practice" session.
  • Redcap Oranda The Japanese name for Redcap Oranda is"Tanchou"
  • 45 Gallon Goldfish Aquarium - Fantails, Red Cap Oranda My 45 gallon aquarium is about 8 years old. There are 3 fantails, 1 red cap oranda, 1 shubunkin, 1 golden algae eater and 1 cory catfish. The catfish is as old as the tank, which amazes me, since they seem to do better in warmer water! When the fish get too large for the tank, I transfer them to my 1900 gallon pond where they have plenty of room and much more fun, I'm sure :) I have an algae problem in the tank periodically, so any suggestions would be welcomed. I do monthly water changes and the PH is neutral. Thanks!
  • redcap.wmv
  • Redcap S02E03 The Killer 1966 part 1 of 12.avi Recap Series 2 Episode 3 "The Killer" original broadcast date 16 April 1966. Redcap is a 1960s British television drama staring John Thaw as Sergeant John Mann of the Royal Military Police (RMP) Special Investigation Branch (SIB).
  • BeerAdvocate Westvleteren Redcap and Extra8 tasting This is from a tasting of some very old Westvleteren bottles. This is the story that goes along with it: I visited the abbey a month ago. I had an appointment with the guys from the Sierra Nevada brewerie who were allowed to visit the abbey. I was invited to go with them which was a great honour. Because i was there first, the SN guys had to come from Brugge, i asked for brother Michael. He and i have very good contact since the last four or five months. But....., he was also the one who asked me to stop the shipping of parcels to the states (which i did). He asked me if i needed some beer! My answer was of course YES PLEASE!! He took me to the storage room which was packed with westy crates, sheer heaven. I humbly asked for four crates of the 12 and one crate of the blond. He took the crates to my car and i paid him. After that something incredibly nice happened. He told me he had a gift for me and he gave me a sixpack with three extra8 bottle and three special redcaps. They had never left the abbey!!! I was superexited and all i had for him was a lost bottle of La Trappe bockbeer i had in the car. After a very nice tour in the abbey i ended the day with a visit to Urbain, the Struise brouwers. He got two bottles of the sixpack from me as a thank you for all the good work he is doing for us beerlovers. And the other four bottles were consumed last sunday with my BA buddy's Jeff (Jeffo), Erik (doopiedoopiedoo) and Sietse Apophis666. Thanks brother Michael for this ...
  • REDCap Supports Research at VCU REDCap and REDCap/Survey are web-based data collection and management tools for research. It will soon be available for current VCU faculty, staff , sponsored students or sponsored affiliates at no charge.
  • Classic Chinese Red Cap Oranda Goldfish! Extra Large!
  • Jonathan Creek Mother Redcap S2 Ep5 Part4 Part 4 of 5 (c)BBC MCMXCVIII
  • Red Cap intro Intro from BBC series Red Cap
  • Red Cap Assault (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest) i did this about a year ago. it's a cover of the battle theme from FFMQ that i originally did in july '04. i'm going to upload more vids soon.. ***NOTICE*** if you would like to see the tab for this, you can check it out here:
  • Louis Armstrong - Red cap - Gramofon 1920
  • Песня Красной Шапочки. Song of the Red Cap. "Big Children's Choir" collections, 1978.
  • Serious Red Hat Linux Commercial First they ignore you... Then they laugh at you... Then they fight you... Then you win... courtesy :
  • Jonathan Creek Mother Redcap S2 Ep5 Part1 Part 1 of 5 (c)BBC MCMXCVIII A judge on a police protection programme is killed by a rapier blade to the heart after a brief struggle, but only his wife, who insists she's innocent, was in the room at the time, and the only evidence at the crime scene is a torn fingernail. As Jonathan investigates the murder, Maddie and a new friend are investigating the derelict Mother Redcap Inn, where seven men apparently died of fright after looking out of a window in the same room. A connection between the cases is drawn when Maddie discovers the body of a vagrant woman... missing a fingernail.
  • Cool Toy Animations (Red Cap Man) Home Made Animated Kids Toys Stop Motion Cool Toy Animations Home Made Animated Kids Toys Stop Motion
  • Little Red Cap-Hongmu Interactive Book.flv ★Interactive app magically brings this classic Brother Grimm's tale to your iPad. ★My daughters are delighted to read and play the story over and over. It is a perfect entertainment as they get their hands on the amazing interactions on each page. --The iPad Dad Touch the characters to see what would happen. (spoiler warnings!) The wolf can whistle and everybody can dance. Enjoy the fun interactions while reading the story and listening to the lovely music. •Experience the interactive games and animation features like never before. •Eleven top-notch illustrations full of hidden interactive animation. •Friendly page index make navigation super easy. •Reading is never boring again! Copyright 2010 Hongmu Labs Inc. Contact Email Address [email protected] Support URL
  • Red Cap (BBC) - Bruce and Angie Compilation of clips of Bruce and Angie's romance from Series 1 and 2 of the BBC drama 'Red Cap' (2003-2004). They're such a cute couple... 'Red Cap' was excellently written and had a great ensemble cast - why is there no DVD release?? 'Red Cap' is copyright BBC/Stormy Productions. No copyright infringement is intended. Sgt. Bruce Hornsby - Gordon Kennedy Cpl. Angie Ogden - Maggie Lloyd Williams Sgt. Jo McDonagh - Tamzin Outhwaite Sgt. Maj. Kenny Burns - Douglas Hodge SSgt. Philip 'Hippie' Roper - James Thornton Lt. Giles Vicary - Blake Ritson SSgt. Harriet Frost - Poppy Miller
  • Red Cap Test Unwitting patients are given a modified version of the red cap test as a part of their eye exam. Filmed for UW Optometry Skit Night '08.
  • Redcap (1964) opening titles British TV drama by Associated British Corporation (ABC) from 1964 starring John Thaw as an investigator for Special Investigation Branch (SIB) of the Royal Military Police (RMP).
  • The life acquatic with Steve Zissou - Final scene Starálfur by Sigur Rós Scene from The life acquatic with Steve Zissou by Wes Anderson with Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Cate Blanchett, Anjelica Huston, Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum
  • Video "Red Cap" Concert Chudo-Yudo, baby rap, concert
  • Red Cap Manakin Moonwalk A male red cap manakin takes a bath and then performs his famous "Moonwalk" in order to attract female manakins for his own nefarious purposes. Taken at Tiskita jungle lodge in far Southern Costa Rica
  • Lethrinops red cap Itungi lethrinops red cap
  • Minamo_RedCap: @kanna_apri おやす~
  • Minamo_RedCap: COの討伐内容を大ボケしていた ヴォルじゃなくてキャタじゃん・・・c(   っ□゚。)っ
  • kanna_apri: @Minamo_RedCap おつありーぬ!!ヽ(´▽`)ノ
  • Minamo_RedCap: @kanna_apri ひとまずおつです~
  • red_redcap: @phakka Io non c'entro, eh! ;)
  • Minamo_RedCap: @sida_kazuhiro お疲れ様です、よい旅を~ヽ^シ'ω')ノシ
  • kanna_apri: @Minamo_RedCap うんうん、なんかそんな感じがしました! 楽しみですな~(´ω`*
  • Minamo_RedCap: @kanna_apri おつありです ミカたちの出ない話でこのペア主役の短編もあっていいかなぁ、という程度に「主人公属性」持ちですw
  • kanna_apri: @Minamo_RedCap ひとまずお疲れ様です! このコンビ、なんか好みかもしれない(´▽`*
  • Setuha_orie: @Minamo_RedCap まだ外ですがあざます!
  • Minamo_RedCap: 冬服の配色もひとまず完了 まぁ今回の本編には出ないけど今後のために
  • Minamo_RedCap: @Setuha_orie おか
  • Vitto40: @red_redcap E un bel po' sono ghei! :P
  • phakka: @red_redcap lo dice sempre il mio moroso
  • Osmin_LE: @red_redcap @vitto40 jajajajajaj a
  • red_redcap: @Osmin_LE Anch'io, all'inizio. Ora per la faccia da schiaffi. @vitto40
  • Osmin_LE: @Vitto40 io ti seguo per la pic... @red_redcap
  • red_redcap: RT @HannibalSmith96: Sono uno di poche parole e quelle poche le spendo male.
  • red_redcap: @Vitto40 Occhio che sei seguito da un'orda di 2.866 follower. Direi che sei messo bene. ;)
  • HannibalSmith96: @red_redcap @AgneseSplend :)
  • red_redcap: @AgneseSplend Ha attirato un sorriso, che vale molto di più. @hannibalsmith96
  • ziopollo: @red_redcap certo che lo è. Ed è anche radicato in molti dialetti (almeno nel sud italia)
  • red_redcap: Dalla TL confermano essere proverbio del sud. Al nord piove troppo, poi si scambia la pioggia per sputo e non vale.
  • red_redcap: @goldpasquale Appurato che è un proverbio del sud. ;)
  • Vitto40: @red_redcap Io trovo inquietante anche quando mi segue un uomo... ma credo sia un riflesso dovuto alla mia pic.
  • HannibalSmith96: @red_redcap :D la mia TL è diventata quella di @AgneseSplend
  • Minamo_RedCap: @moai_isuta000 おつおは
  • red_redcap: @HannibalSmith96 Okkey, ma ora basta che ti sei incantato. ;)
  • goldpasquale: @red_redcap chi si lamenta sempre "nu sputa' ncel ca nfacc t ven"
  • HannibalSmith96: @red_redcap quando non ho niente da fare...
  • red_redcap: @HannibalSmith96 Mi sembri in splendida forma.
  • red_redcap: Trovo inquietante uno che segue (solo) le donne.
  • Osmin_LE: “@red_redcap: Ho bisogno di una boccata d'aria; esco sul balcone a fumare.”
  • RedCap_: Ayer jugamos en SANtería o SAN Marino (?) Digo, por eso de los baños.
  • reginavirtual: RT @red_redcap: Ho bisogno di una boccata d'aria; esco sul balcone a fumare.
  • red_redcap: Ho bisogno di una boccata d'aria; esco sul balcone a fumare.
  • Minamo_RedCap: @keiyuxu おは
  • red_redcap: @meobirba Quando inizierò a tirar giù Madonne.
  • RedCap_: Ana Gabriel, amigos imaginarios, habla con todo. "El cigarrillo"
  • RedCap_: Alejandra Guzman, grilla arrepentida. "Hacer el amor con otro"
  • RedCap_: Paulina Rubio, stalker optimista. "Mío"
  • RedCap_: Paquita la del Barrio, acusada de maltrato animal. "Rata de dos patas"
  • red_redcap: @libercoriando @biancoelena Bon. Confermate che è proverbio e sulla saggezza popolare non si sputa.
  • redcap_rs: 人間以外の生き物は別にどうでもいい。嫌いではないが、好きでもない
  • libercoriando: @BiancoElena @red_redcap ahah anche da noi si dice così ... sacrosanta verità
  • BiancoElena: @red_redcap Da noi è "cu sputa in cielu in faccia torna"..... E garrrrrba molto anche a me!
  • red_redcap: @FmFmfranco Le puttane diventerebbero ricche e famose. To' guarda! Succede anche questo.
  • red_redcap: Se sputi in cielo ti cade in faccia. (N.B. Credo sia un proverbio, se non lo è dovrebbe)
  • RedCap_: Me lleva el Chanfle !!
  • BiancaDoc: @red_redcap potrei anche accontentarmi di un modello texano come @TysonBallou ..! ;)
  • Minamo_RedCap: 毎度のことだけど二週間弱これが続くのはしんどい せめて繁盛期じゃなければ・・・
  • Minamo_RedCap: 発情期のせいで散々騒いでこっちの睡眠妨害していた飼い犬が今は大いびきかいて寝ている・・・おのれc(   っ□゚。)っ
  • red_redcap: @BiancaDoc Qui ci vuole un miliardario russo. Bello, alto, biondo e bla bla bla.
  • RedCap_: Sabes que son adictos cuando viendo un partido ves a unos panas que quieren tuitear "Goooool" y no cargan el celular. #USQS
  • RedCap_: Lunes de gafas ó feos con máscara (?)
  • RedCap_: RT @Geor_kosmic: Mientras más grandes sean las gafas! Más feo/a és!!
  • Minamo_RedCap: @slugrag 1個ずつだと思ってたんで意外だったり・・・
  • BiancaDoc: @red_redcap sarei milionaria!!
  • Minamo_RedCap: @Setuha_orie いてら
  • redcap_rs: 教会の信徒の中には、バッグにも携帯にも家の鍵にもメダイをじゃらじゃらつけている者がいる。非常に不愉快だ。ユウシンがまさしくそれで、洋の東西を問わず色んな宗教の御守りを、店でも開けそうなほど大量に持ち歩いていた。…知り合ったばかりの頃は苦労した
  • RedCap_: RT @la_abogada_: Con gafas todos somos guapos.
  • red_redcap: Peccato che il full time 24/7 non sia retribuito.
  • Minamo_RedCap: @apaotya おやすみん
  • VitaliaSharapov: English fashion designer supports RedCap Foundation
  • red_redcap: I miei jeans camminano da soli, spero non abbiano anche imparato a parlare.
  • RedCap_: Que te nombren "El Guardian de sus Recuerdos", no tiene precio.
  • Minamo_RedCap: @daioujou 主が倒れた際に「オロカナ」は基本でしょう
  • Setuha_orie: @Minamo_RedCap そですね…!ミラ描きたいすな!
  • tarenbame: "@RedCap_: Feliz Día del "Rata de dos Patas" (?)"Jaja
  • Minamo_RedCap: @Setuha_orie (まずは1クリア記念に描くとか
  • daioujou: @rkm_stn @Minamo_RedCap @apaotya @kanna_apri ゲラゲラ ちょっとまじで並べたくなってくるよねこういうのは
  • RedCap_: No reclames por una canción o un día, no seas pendejo, si tienes la dicha de compartir tu vida con alguien.
  • Setuha_orie: @Minamo_RedCap んですな!2楽しみすぎるー!!
  • Minamo_RedCap: @Setuha_orie ひとまずおつ ほんとうのたたかいはこれからだ
  • Minamo_RedCap: @daioujou おやすみん
  • O_Jo: @Minamo_RedCap 便利でいいすね~
  • Minamo_RedCap: @daioujou おつ~
  • Minamo_RedCap: @O_Jo 間近に24hマックがあるのはやはりいいね・・・c(   っ□゚。)っ
  • RedCap_RC: People lie cheat n steel. Like they aint got any morals.
  • redcap_rs: 最近は知り合いの家に厄介になっている。ダンボールや新聞紙の利便性は凄いな
  • RedCap_: RT @El_Guayaco: Guillermo tiene La.sso.nrisa más falsa que un "no me pasa nada" de las mujeres.
  • RedCap_: Feliz Día del "Rata de dos Patas" (?)
  • kanna_apri: @Minamo_RedCap VHの探索は森しか行ったことないよ!!w
  • Minamo_RedCap: @kanna_apri おつでした~ ヴァーダーは緊急地道にこなせばいいけど、クォーツどうにかしたいね~
  • RedCap_RC: Some people dont like to ask. The just do.
  • redcap_rs: 「ほうちょうをもった手」は酷く短い話だ。主人公である不幸な娘が、たった一つの希望を不条理に取り上げられた所で終わる。短い割に奥行きが深いのは見事なものだ
  • Minamo_RedCap: @kanna_apri 四人揃えばボスいきたいけど、揃うかな?
  • kanna_apri: @Minamo_RedCap 行きます?
  • Minamo_RedCap: ファングか~ 誰かやるかな?
  • REDCAP_21: RT @ynabe_bot: 「自分たちは実名で本音をいったら職を失うのに,特定の人間だけが実名で本音を言っても職を失わないのは気に入らない」ということだろうか。だったら「実名で本音を言うと職を失う社会」に疑問を持ったり,そもそも「なぜ自分の本音はそのまま言うと職を失うようなことばかりなのか」を考えたい。
  • red_redcap: L'oroscopo del giorno è meglio leggerlo alla sera.
  • HidmanMusic: RT @rodepet: “@HidmanMusic: Jullie moeten trouwens echt Redcap (@rodepet) checken op youtube. Hele dope tracks/videos maar te weinig views. CHECK T!”
  • maszak: @Minamo_RedCap だって、☆10ででたの全部Hu装備なんだもん(泣)
  • Minamo_RedCap: @maszak ついにコポロさんが近接仕様に・・・
  • Minamo_RedCap: 赤Eのダーガイム出たのはいいけど、ノーマルでは報酬微妙
  • Minamo_RedCap: @kanna_apri 局所緊急は今日全然なかったからどれがくるやら
  • kanna_apri: @Minamo_RedCap なにかななにかな(´ω`)
  • Minamo_RedCap: 局所緊急

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