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  • No results found for "reearn" Encarta® World English Dictionary Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. MSN Privacy. Legal. — “reearn definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • See ratings and read comments about professor Duanne Schecter from Muskegon Community College in MI. Even let me reearn those points! Flag this rating. 1/9/07. BUS121. Good Quality. Easiness4. — “Duanne Schecter - Muskegon Community College”,
  • Leading with optimism is one proven leadership skill you should focus on to create highly productive employees. Tough times allow teams to reearn the optimism they need to move forward. — “Improve Your Leadership by Showing Optimism " CEO Business”,
  • Affordable & Approved Online CE Courses for Appraisers, Real Estate Agents, Engineers, & Other Licensed Professionals. Print your We will never take our customers for granted, and we will reearn their future business every single time. We will give each customer no less. — “Why choose McKISSOCK Appraisal School?”,
  • If you are disconnected fromt he host before the end of the entire match (However many rounds). You do not receive any points you earned. Same Same concept applies if the host leaves and ends the game prematurely or designates another host, you lose it all and ahve to reearn everything. — “metal gear online points lost? do i lose my points in a match”,
  • You can click the horse name to view the pedigree and black type if available. With the excitement of a stallion auction we feel that it will give breeders the opportunity to purchase breedings and have an opportunity to reearn their own. — “HA - Triple Crown 100 Stallion Incentive”,
  • 6(six) letter words starting with ree: reearn,reebok,reecho,reechy,reeded,reeden,reeder,reedes,reedit,reefed,reefer,reeked,reeker,reekie,reeled,reeler,reemit,reests,reesty,reeved,reeves. — “6(six) letter words starting with ree”,
  • With the excitement of a stallion auction we feel that it will give breeders the opportunity to purchase breedings and have an opportunity to reearn their own We feel as if we have teamed up with some of the best Producers and Stallions to take barrel racing to another level. — “Triple Crown 100, Inc”,
  • Your username is the e-mail address you provided during registration. If you are a Madridista or Madridista International Card Did Raúl reearn his bonus with his brace against Espanyol?. — “Real Madrid C.F. - Official Web Site - Schuster to Marca”,
  • What is a earner, definition of earner, meaning of earner, earner anagrams, earner synonyms reearn. Words found within earner: ae an ane ar are arere ea ean ear earn ee een en ene er era ere ern erne err na nae nare narre ne near nee ran ranee rare re rean rear ree reen ren reran. — “Word earner meaning. Word earner definition. Free crossword”,
  • An article for associations It Takes an Association a Good Association by Dr Terry Paulson author and professional motivational speaker on change, leadership and more. — “Article for Associations by Speaker Terry Paulson”,
  • Retiring Representative Billy Tauzin, who led the House committee that regulates drug makers, will become head of the industry's top lobbying group next month. "They've got to reearn the trust and confidence of the American public," Tauzin, Republican of Louisiana, said in an interview. — “Tauzin to head drug group - The Boston Globe”,
  • Cause Marketing Forum provides business and nonprofit executives with practical information, valuable connections and recognition for outstanding campaigns. The Cause Marketing Forum produces the world's leading cause related marketing If credibility has been lost, they must reearn it. — “With Faith in Corporations Low, Cause Marketing Can”,
  • 6 letter words beginning with R: rabato, rabats, rabbet reearn. reebok. reecho. reechy. reeded. reeden. reeder. reedes. reedit. reefed. reefer. reeked. reeker. reekie. reeled. reeler. reemit. reests. reesty. reeved. reeves. reface. refall. refect. refeed. refeel. refell. — “6 letter R words : 6 letter words beginning with R”,
  • Secure payment, smooth transaction, and immediate activation upon payment success! Word reearn. reearned. reearning. reearns. reechier. reechiest. reecho. reechoed. reechoes. reechoing. — “PerfectRanks - Word List: R > Page: 16”,
  • Join the Game Trailers online video game community forum to discuss new upcoming video games, user movies, gaming development and platforms. Discuss video games and game cheats from gamers at True, like you's not like they have to reearn them. — “Trophies. | Video Game Online Forums & Community | Game”,
  • Welcome to Artisans in the Hills, The very best of British Art & Crafts. So we are busy filling it with beautiful art, handcrafted and handmade items Court: Randy Dorn vows to #39work hard#39 to reearn trust. hawk nelson letters mp3. I need to write a letter of apology because I missed a mock. — “Dui letter of apology - Artisans in the hills :: art, craft”,
  • Vinyl stickers & boat graphics. Summary 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. Poised. Poison. Pokeys. Redips. Reearn. Scolex. Scried. Kaufmann BD. Kids. Kristen. Kustom Kar. Lithograph. Lucia BT. Lucida Calligraphy. Lucida Handwrite. Summary 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. — “Printing Fonts-8”,
  • As for your card, same thing happened to me in 09 so I guess you just have to reearn it. As for your card, same thing happened to me in 09 so I guess you just have to reearn it. — “Nhl 10 Profile lost? - NHL® Online - NHL Series: EA Forums”,
  • Buy Quality Pay Less - Quick Delivery Search Engine Optimisation • Mobile Phones • Mountain Bikes • Perfume • Fishing Equipment • Watches • Kids Toys • Football Kits • Golf Irons • Exercise Equipment. — “Quick Delivery”,
  • Although this is an extreme example, many institutions do make students "reearn" scholarships that they were originally offered based on prior performance as an incentive to enroll. To understand whether these policies are impacting retention,. — “Data-Based Decision Making for Retention”,
  • The Olympic Sport-Fencing Academy of Nevada at the Las Vegas Sports Park. Over 190 competitors entered the event and Kian's result allowed him to reearn his A10. — “Home”,
  • Scouting Discussion of Cub Scoutsbobcat badge is the largest web portal for Scouting in the world. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and resources for all aspects of the program are available do all cub scouts need to reearn their bobcat badge every year. — “bobcat badge - Cub Scouts - SCOUTER Interactive - Your Guide”,
  • Hook Words of 6 letters starting with r reearn : reearns. reedit : preedit reedits. reefer : reefers. reeker : reekers. reeled : creeled. reeler : reelers. reemit : reemits. reface : preface refaced refaces. refall : refalls. refect : prefect refects. refeed :. — “Hook Words of 6 letters starting with r”,

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  • Resident Evil Numa REmake --- This was a highly requested video REmake once I had uploaded the character re-designs. I couldn't resist fulfilling to the popular demand! Thanks so much to everyone who requested this, watched, and enjoyed. I really had a lot of fun making this video. --- Like the original, the lyrics in this video are misheard intentionally. This is to fit in with the parody theme, as well as the situations taking place in the video. I kept the title as Numa, rather than Dragostea Din Tei for consistencies sake. --- The original Resident Evil Numa was 150 pictures. The REmake is over 300 pictures, plus backgrounds. Hope you enjoy! Donations: --- Resident Evil Musicals™ ©LeggyProductions Resident Evil is Property of CAPCOM
  • Streets Of Rage Remake V5-First Gameplay Video HQ+DOWNLOAD* Streets of rage Remake -- Final version (v5.0) is RELEASED on April 3rd 2011(Midnight). The Party Begins just like in 199X.This is finally 100% Accurate Gameplay and more Hard AI. The 8-Years of Marvellous Work Came to An End.Big Respect for Bombergames and Team. DOWNLOAD THE GAME FROM...
  • Only Look At Me English Remake - Tommy C ONLY LOOK AT ME English Remake by Tommy C. BY REQUEST. I never heard the official translation - NOT A DIRECT TRANSLATION!! I hope you can appreciate my own interpretation. FREE DOWNLOAD & LYRICS. FAV IT. LIKE IT. Download Link: or FOLLOW MY TWEETS @IBUTOMMY Lyrics: (Verse 1) How am I gonna tell you girl that you were meant for me? That I belong with you? You're the love of my life, This song I wrote for you is burning in my soul, It's just a matter of time before I let you know, I've seen the vision of the two of us in my dreams, You're wasting time with him but I gotta hold it in, Until my time has come I'm gonna bite my tongue, And if it's destiny, I know that you'll be the one. (Pre-hook) I'm saving all my love I won't give it to no one (Yeah) I won't put pressure on you girl I will wait until you show up. (Baby baby) (Hook) I was made for you and girl you were made for me. (Baby) If I only look at you would you look at me? (Lady) Don't worry I'll be by your side if you should ever fall. Only look at me. No one else comes close, I promise you, I'll give you my all. Only look at me. (Verse 2) It's never been no one else, the only one is you. The two of us walking the aisle would be a dream come true. But you will go your way and I will go on mine. You'll journey through the times until our hearts become one. I never thought that in my life I'd ever see true love. I finally realized when I looked in your eyes, Until that time has come I'm ...
  • Perfect Two - Auburn [Break-Up Version] (remake) I redid this video, hopefully you guys can hear me better now. DOWNLOAD LINK: www.4 (Credit for the link goes to TheLoungeMusic) I did RE-WRITE the song but *NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED* All credits for the original song go to Auburn. Add me- [LYRICS] [Verse1] We always used to talk real late after midnight Now the only thing we do on the phone is fight Is there a way to make this go away I don't think that we're gonna be okay You were my hero and I was your sidekick Now you're gonna be the tear that I cry when we split Baby I don't think that I can do this It seems so wrong makin` up with only one kiss [Hook] Don't think that I could ever be Able to stay with you now baby Cuz in time I know that we'll both see We're not meant to be [Chorus] Cuz you're the one who makes me cry You would never ever save me All your words are full of lies You're not the one I wanna marry Cuz baby can't you see We're just a fantasy There's nothing we can do We're not the perfect two We're not the perfect two We're not the perfect two Baby me and you We're not the perfect two [Verse2] I thought you were my prince and I was your princess Now that we're here all of that is meaningless I think I was a fool for letting you fill the spaces Between my hands and my diary pages You used to be the one that made me happy You used to tell me you were lucky to have me Now you're as cold as the winter weather But I don't care cuz we're no longer together ...
  • Smash Into You - Beyoncé (instrumental remake / karaoke) I've remade this instrumental by myself and all by ear. Except the A-guitar and the whining noise at the end which I sampled and looped from the original track. Comments are appreciated! Here's the download link. PLEASE don't repost this instrumental on youtube because it's my work! www.4
  • Conspiritus Remake 3/13 - (2009) Illuminati Mind Control Conspiritus Remake 1/13 - (2009) The Illuminati Conspiracy Comment, Rate and Share to make it easier to find when searching for keywords. If you want me to use different music, or use certain content more/less often you can put it in the comments. I feel people have to see everything before they can make up their mind and get the whole picture, such as satanic rituals and other dark activities.
  • (REMAKE) Love Language BLOOPERS! Pretty amazed how my school project achieved 1 million views from little more than a week of uploading it. Just want to say thanks for all the likes and comments, I really appreciate it! Here is just a video of what it took to make this video, lot's and lot's of laughing :P It may not be that funny, but I just wanted to show you guys the enjoyment we had while making the video. :) We filmed and edited the Love Language video all in one day since I had to turn it in the next day. (Never procrastinate :P) You can see there are errors in the video, but what do you expect from a bunch on procrastinating students? :P Shot with a D90, 50mm 1.4G Lens. Taken at Westmoor Park, Daly City, CA. Follow me on Tumblr! Follow me on Twitter! http Like me on Facebook! Btw I didn't shave my head, that's an old clip of me and her a LONG LONG LONG time ago. :PI used to be bald. O_O
  • We Are The World 25 For Haiti - 2010 Remake - Michael Jackson (acoustic cover) - Tyler Ward and Crew ATTENTION: Please help the people of Haiti by downloading the 2010 remake version of this song. All of the money from sales go directly to relief in Haiti. Click here: This is the acoustic YouTube re-creation of the 1985 song "We Are The World" written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. Our YouTube re-make includes a handful of artists that I've worked with and/or recorded over the past year. Please check them all out. They are all very talented. In order of appearance: Tyler Ward: Julia Sheer: Isaac Camargo (Andrew Garcia?): Krista Nicole: JL Baker: Kevin Littlefield Rachel James: Katy McAllister: Elise Lieberth: PS. we didn't get a chance to hear the 2010 version before we recorded what you hear is our own interpretation of the song, and what you hear is what you get. : ) lol. Thanks so much for watching!
  • We Are The World 25 For Haiti - Official Video Recorded on February 1st, 2010, in the same studio as the original 25 years earlier (Henson Recording Studios, formerly A&M Recording Studios) "We Are The World 25 For Haiti", in which Jones and Richie serve as executive producers and producers, was created in collaboration with executive producers Wyclef Jean, Randy Phillips and Peter Tortorici; producers Humberto Gattica and RedOne; and co-producers Rickey Minor, Mervyn Warren and Patti Austin to benefit the Haitian earthquake relief efforts and the rebuilding of Haiti. Academy Award-winning writer-director Paul Haggis (Crash, Million Dollar Baby), whose own personal efforts as well as those of Artists for Peace and Justice have already saved countless lives in Haiti, filmed the private recording session to create the accompanying video and behind-the-scenes production, and serves as Film Director and as an Executive Producer with Jones, Richie, Jean, Phillips and Tortorici. The 25th Anniversary recording features over 80 artists and performers. The recording of We Are The World 25 For Haiti embodied the same enthusiasm, sense of purpose and generosity as the original recording 25 years ago. Every one of the artists who participated, regardless of genre or generation, walked into the room with their hearts and souls completely open to coming together to help the people of Haiti.
  • A Goofy Movie - After Today Live IRL Shot-for-Shot Remake Article on us. Turning cartoon into real life. Also available in French Spanish and Japanese. Kellen Garner Ted & Rex Sowards, Tim Schnepf In order of appearance: Max - Kellen Garner Girl 1 - Amelia Alston Marble Kid - Nathan Stainer Marble boy - Jeremiah Stainer Lanky Guy...
  • Mano (Remake) - Leon Somov feat Jazzu Leon Somov feat. Jazzu - Mano (Remake) taken from Offline Remixed on /leonsomov /jjazzu
  • Kesha Tik Tok Parody: Best Glitter Puke Fan Remake Ever. Check out this awesome video our fans made! Here's their crew that made it: Director, Producer & Editor: Calvin Louie Kesha: Nancy Nguyen Mom: Leyna Vo Dad: Cassandra Nguyen Dr. Drew: Matthew Truong Brother: MIchael Nguyen Check them out at /Supratime And subscribe to Barely Political for more Key of Awesome every week!
  • Dr Who (How To Remake TV Theme) Peter Howell shows how he uses Yamaha CS-80 & ARP ODYSSEY sounds to remake Dr.Who TV theme.
  • Satisfaction the granny remake for EqualPayday
  • Conspiritus Remake 2/13 - (2009) Bohemian Grove & Skull and Bones
  • how to drive stick manual basics (remake with uphill starts) PLEASE READ INFO FIRST!!! and the tag names b4 asking questions thanks The car is a mini cooper S made another vid because sum people requested the uphill starts and i had questions about other things so hope this one answered more questions than the last vid.
  • FULL VERSION: McDonald's Commercial with LeBron James and Dwight Howard Broadcast before the kickoff of Super Bowl XLIV, NBA stars Dwight Howard and LeBron James star in a remake of iconic 1993 Super Bowl commercial The Showdown, which featured hall-of-famers Michael Jordan and Larry Bird in trick-shot competition for a Big Mac and fries. The new commercial titled "Check This" pits James against Howard in their own unique take on the battle for a Big Mac. The TV ad also features the reappearance of Larry Bird. Joe Pytka, commercial director for McDonalds original 1993 Super Bowl spot, also filmed the remake. Check This was filmed in Indianapolis at Conseco Fieldhouse in early January, 2010.
  • Joe vs R.Kelly - 'More & More' (Remake & Original Versions) During the early 1990's Jive Records signed BOTH Joe Thomas & Robert Kelly to contracts. Fast forward almost 20 years, Both Joe & R.Kelly are frequently compared to each other (vocally), and both are still making hits, BUT only one is an international superstar. In 2003, Joe recorded 'More & More', which was originally done by R.Kelly for his unreleased 'Loveland' CD. R.Kelly even produced Joe's remake. So with all that said & done, tell me which version of 'More & More' is superior. YOU MAKE THE CALL!
  • Sk8er Boi [remake] (Eureka Seven) Title: Ska8er Boi [remake] Anime: Eureka Seven Song: Sk8er Boi- Avril Lavigne Category: Storytelling Requested by: Laziness Software: Sony Vegas & Paint Shop Pro Please read IMPORTANT!!!! for any question about my AMV read a little lower please. This AMV was funny and it was a bitter sweet project. it was sweet cuz the whole idea was funny and the effect though they look hard were easy to make. It was bitter cuz there isn't enough footage of Renton and Anemone together, and I had to create clips and select some, which took hours and then there was the usual trial and error. But that what happens when you go off and make a story out of scratch. Now this is a remake of my original "Sk8ter Boi" AMV. The reason I remade it was, cuz 1st it was requested by Laziness but also if you read my video description on the 1st one, you'll see I say I ran out of motivation to make it, and you can see in the video how the consecpt is good but in the end there was part were it had nothing to do with the song. Also its one of my top viewed AMVs ever so since I could I remade it. Hope you like it, who knows you might like it better than the original. Now for the questions I recived many comment on the first one, and since this one is very similar to the first one I will point out a few things Why did I use Anemone instead on Eureka? -Simple cuz the song has 2 girls and one boy in it. I can't use te same one, it won't fit the song. Also Eureka dose end up with Renton in the end. Please pay ...
  • Big Sean Ft. Drake Made [Instrumental Remake] DL Here is a site you can see some of the beats i'm selling ***PURCHASING BEATS*** EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS - ($150.00) UNLIMITED COMMERCIAL/PROFITABLE USES - FOR SHOWS/LIVE PERFORMANCES/ALBUMS/MIXTAPES - DISTRIBUTE UNLIMITED COPIES/BUYER OWNS ALL RIGHTS TO THE BEAT LEASING RIGHTS (25.99$) - 1 COMMERCIAL/PROFITABLE USE - FOR SHOWS/LIVE PERFORMANCES/ALBUMS/MIXTAPES - DISTRIBUTE UP TO 2000 COPIES ***ALL SAMPLES ARE NOT CLEARED*** Buyers Responsibility e-mail me for arrangements on purchase [email protected] I also do custom beats . message me and we'll get in contact and arrange it
  • (REMAKE) Love Language School Video Project. Hey guys, thanks for all the commenting. Yes this is ONLY a remake, nothing biggy, and yes credits go all towards to Jubilee. Me and Jackie only did this just yesterday, and it was due today. I had to rush edit it all last night so I know there would be some grammatical errors. But oh well, it's just a school video project. Taken at Westmoor Park Daly City, CA Shot with a D90 on a 50mm 1.4G Lens. Song: Peaches by New Heights Credits: Jubilee Project Watch the original video by Jubilee Project here! Peaches - New Heights Follow me on Tumblr! Follow me on Twitter! http Like me on Facebook!
  • Thomas Train Accidents Will Happen Toy Video remake My son wanted me to shoot his own Thomas the Train Accidents Will Happen video with his Tomy Toy trains.
  • Hellsing Ultimate - Magnolia HD | The Remake This is it ^_^ The Remake of my Hellsing Ultimate Magnolia AMV that i made last year and my first full length amv since 2 years or so xD Took me some time to finish this since I'm not so accustomed to full length AMV's but i hope it changes now =) The editing style is like in the previous one but just with slight enhancements here and there I tried to maintain the original AMV's aspects since it is my popularest AMV at the moment ^_^ Hope You Liked It ══════════════════════════════ Audio: * Suilen - Magnolia Video: * Hellsing Ultimate OVA 6 * Hellsing Ultimate OVA 7 Programs: * Sony Vegas 9.0DISCLAIMER: *** I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS OF THE MATERIALS USED IN THIS VIDEO *** ══════════════════════════════ Honors: *24.02.2010* #10 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Film & Animation - Germany #51 - Top Favorited (Today)) - Germany #2 - Top Favorited (Today)) - Film & Animation - Germany #86 - Top Favorited (Today)) - Film & Animation #11 - Top Rated (Today)) - Film & Animation - Germany #51 - Top Rated (This Week)) - Film & Animation - Germany *25.02.2010* #23 - Top Favorited (This Week)) - Film & Animation - Germany *28.02.2010* #65 - Most Discussed (This Week)) - Film & Animation - Germany #15 - Top Favorited (This Week)) - Film & Animation - Germany #39 - Top Rated (This Week)) - Film & Animation - Germany *26.3.2010* #52 - Top Favorited (This Month)) - Film & Animation - Germany #95 - Top Rated (This Month)) - Film ...
  • Rocketeer (Cover) Remake - Jenny Suk I know yall hear this song way too often, but I kind of accidentally came across it again in a whole new perspective & fell in love with it all over again. I tried renovating it up a little. Hope you guys enjoy it! Worked really hard on it. heh-heh. Supporting FM! Yayyyy. Download Here! Follow me! @jensuki Facebook! Love yall so much. Thank you for the undying support! Love, Jenny.
  • PlayStation Phone Revealed & A Halo Remake? - IGN Daily Fix, 2.7 The PSP Phone/Xperia Play is revealed, tons of awesome Superbowl trailers debut, & a Halo 1 may get a remake, all on the IGN Daily Fix! IGN's YouTube is just a taste of our content. Get more: Want this week's top videos? Sign up
  • We Are The World (Remake) (Official Music Video) We Are The World (Remake) (Official Music Video) by Roberto
  • Ascension Gift Remake Yourself #2 of 6 Ascension Music *Naturally occurring Mind Entrainment frequency for accelerated healing!! Promotes HGH release (Human Growth Hormone) As mentioned below it also contains the *528 Hz DNA healing frequency that is played sequentially in its musical scale. The artistic work that you see in the Ascension Gift videos have been directly accelerated by the use of this music and is my example for the effect of this music on the mind. Get the CD quality version on iTunes US: Other stores: iTunes Australia/NZ iTunes Canada iTunes UK/European Union iTunes Japan CD Available At Listen to a sample of "The Key" in stereo click on the Playlist here: This music may first sound strange but it is by far the most essental tool for elevation of your health, cosmic awareness and Ascension that I could ever recommend! It has Evolved over a period of over 12 years into a tight refined melody. If DNA activation for our full 24 strands exists then I believe this Ascension Series music & art is positive proof -my life greatly changed 14 years ago and I suddenly branched out, cosmic consciousness became apparent. I feel that by my intention to better myself through music I discovered a way through music composition that this music is in essence a natural biofeedback system. Are you able to confront all the emotions & thoughts preventing you from Ascending? They will replay in your mind until you can resolve them internally or externally if that is ...
  • Elton John - Lady's Funeral - Candle in the Wind '97 Elton John - Candle in the Wind 1997 The Lady Diana Spencer's Funeral Coverage For The Princess of Wales
  • Jabbawockeez-Apologize Performance And Remake America's Best Dance Crew HQ Jabbawockeez-Apologize Performance And Performance America's Best Dance Crew HQ Pls Subscribe And Rate ANd Comment Thnks :)
  • Vescan - Asta-i pentru noi ( Remake 2010 ) Instrumental Rappy Mix master Exo
  • euronews cinema - "Arthur" remake opens in London British actor Russell Brand and his pop singer wife Katy Perry attended the European Premiere of "Arthur" in London this week. Brand plays the lead in this remake of the classic 1981 comedy starring Dudley Moore, about the tribulations of a loveable but irresponsible billionaire....
  • Cars Remake A low-budget remake of the beginning of Pixar's latest film.
  • Night of the Living Dead [1990 Remake] Part1 Night of the Living Dead [1990 Remake] Part1, part 2 link Tom Savini and George A. Romero are gods when it comes to zombie movies!
  • Erol Alkan & Boys Noize - Waves (Chilly Gonzales Piano Remake) Erol Alkan & Boys Noize WAVES Gonzales Piano Remake OUT NOW !! Limited to only 500 vinyls worldwide and mostly sold out!! Buy it here: Digital:
  • FFVII Remake; Opening credits, Start Menu + Intro (Remade) [FANMADE] So. It's been exactly a year since I uploaded my first FFVII remake menu. And if I'm right, I may have actually been the first one who had done the start menu of VII remake back then. And my version sucked! Really, it did! ;D It was too much KH style and logo was huge and etc... I should had put more work into it, but I didnt. And on top of that, I got many comments complaining how Clouds head was weird and some "I hate Aeris!!!1 Why Tifa isnt there!!!" kind of comments too. It was... interesting. So, now after a year, I'm uploading a brand new version of the menu of FFVII remake! And this time it's bigger and (hopefully) better. Its kinda simple too, but menus usually are. But I hope you like it. The opening vid is kinda long, but, once again, they usually are ;D (Kingdom Hearts, anyone?) And they can also be skipped. I also wanted to avoid some obvious AC clips since everyone can see they're from AC. (Although there're still some evident clips.) That's why some characters - like Tifa and Barret - have only a small role in this. I'm deeply sorry, I just didn't have enough material. EDIT: Oh, and just in case: I know that it was originally Tifa who drove the car while escaping but now it's Barret. Deal with it XD ALSO, thieves can burn in hell! That note in the beginning is there so none could fool others by saying "its a real thing!!!1" like some idiots that already have. This. Vid. Is. Fanmade. Thank you. But, enough talking! Although the vid has ending credits I'll put ...
  • Deadmau5 - I Remember (Minecraft Remake) Here's a remake of the Deadmau5 song 'I remember' remade in Minecraft using the new note blocks. It is slightly out of sync and some of the footage is missing, mainly because of a BSOD that happened while I was recording. This also made my world corrupt :(. I have swapped the harp for the pling.ogg file that came with minecraft but wasn't included in any of the notes. Have fun. Comment if you have any questions. You can get the mp3 here
  • Ai no Kusabi - Remake Episode 01 - 8 Min Preview *eng sub* I added english subtitles to the 8 minute preview from the first episode of the ai no kusabi remake, since I couldn't find a subbed version before. The subtitles and translation are done by me. This is my first time translating and subbing a video. It may not be perfect. I usually work with texts. So, I hope it is still enjoyable.^^ If you want more info about the AnK remake, feel free to visit my site, where you'll find translations of the official news, the old novel, summaries and more: ainokusabi.lima-
  • Conspiritus Remake 4/13 - (2009) Illuminati Satanism & Purpose of Rituals 4/13
  • Tron Legacy Trailer (1080p) + "End Of Line" Remake New remix version mp3: 100 000 views! Thanks everyone! Second latest version: mp3 (right click to download): V2.0 (updated to sound more like the original): V2.0 Alternate link: www.2 V1.0 (the one in the video): This is the Tron Legacy VFX trailer/teaser in full HD. The original trailer music has been replaced with my recreation of Daft Punk's song "End Of Line" (known on YouTube as the Tron Legacy Theme) from the upcoming Tron Legacy soundtrack. Software used: Premiere Pro for editing, Reason 4.0 for making the song. DISCLAIMER: The contents of this video is copyrighted by it's respective owners.
  • adelinaudxfarle: also nothing like trying to reearn those calluses that used to be there, and are definitely not anymore
  • RaeReallyReal: Respect from me is earned and not given. And if you earned it and lost it, then you must reearn it.
  • YourOmega: Just Know That I Won't Answer To Your Whistle Anymore Gotta Reearn The Trust Back Later
  • kandaceusduley: also nothing like trying to reearn those calluses that used to be there, and are definitely not anymore

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  • “[Archive] Is it feasible to change a build in the middle of the game? PvP Discussion And refund points aren't hard to earn (it would only take a little bit of time to reearn them, to make another similar change)”
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  • “Discuss Leica and Rangefinders on the forums with topics ranging from best accessories to how-to advice. behind you, so that you are allowed to take a vacation and reearn your money after it, if your M8 comes in a inconvenient moment”
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  • “Use this forum to discuss the online elements of NHL® As for your card, same thing happened to me in 09 so I guess you just have to reearn it”
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  • “Political Wire. Roger Ailes (no, not that one) Salon's Blog Report. Senate Guru. SirotaBLOG strategy to get a handle on it and reearn the publics confidence between now and then, it”
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  • “Support Loss for Big Fix and AdAware Types - forum topic You can see no way for Lavasoft to reearn my trust? I have mentioned several ways in these posts by which Lavasoft can begin to reearn trust. There are other ways that are obvious. It will be a slow process and, of course, a person burned will”
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  • “When I'm unconscious in a car accident, I can't choose my doctor, and while I can always reearn my money, rebuild my reputation, restore my house, can anyone bring me back from the dead? Think about it. Subscribe to this forum. Receive email notification when a new topic”
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  • “Play RuneScape for free, and join a global community of millions as you complete quests and win enormous treasures in a 3D world full of magic and monsters. It shouldn't take too long to reearn them since you're more experienced this time around. If your mouse is still stuck, try unpugging it or”
    — RuneScape - MMORPG - The No.1 Free Online Multiplayer Game,

  • “Christian Singles Chat - Could you reconcile with a spouse that cheated? If you did, is there anything YOU would do differently and what would you expect your spouse to do to reearn you”
    — Christian Dating Chat Forum | CHEATER,

  • “Support Loss for Big Fix and AdAware Types - Security | DSLReports Forums, broadband news, information and community When anyone questioned this or anything else about Adware at their forum they simply deleted the post”
    — Re: Support Loss for Big Fix and AdAware Types - Security,

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