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  • to refocus (third-person singular simple present refocuses or, less commonly, refocusses, present participle refocusing or, less commonly, refocussing, simple past and past participle refocused or, less commonly, refocussed) (intransitive) to focus on something else. — “refocus - Wiktionary”,
  • Refocussing at MetaCarta. I spoke to John Donnelly, Executive Vice President Worldwide Sales and Marketing at MetaCarta, about some recent changes at the company. He explained that at the end of last year the company began making plans to trim and refocus. The upshot was a 10% layoff in January. — “Refocussing at MetaCarta - All Points Blog”,
  • ITDC in revamp mode -- Refocussing on core competence. Our Bureau. The in-house creative wing, Ashok Creative, which has positioned itself as a specialised tourism communication agency, will now offer its services to others. CHENNAI, June 17. — “The Hindu Business Line : ITDC in revamp mode -- Refocussing”,
  • At the completion of each training cycle, I will take a recovery week where I perform no training. Whilst we have already covered the physiological advantages of having a week off from training, this week I will cover another advantage which can. — “Refocussing On Your Goals”, .au
  • Total is refocussing its exploration effort in West Africa on to Gabon after acquiring Total is refocussing its exploration effort in West Africa on to Gabon after acquiring. — “Gabon receives renewed attention from Total -”,
  • Refocussing theory is a methodology to access wholeness which uses the concept of godspaces. It is a way to refocus on an objective Other, namely God. God Spaces_ are the name Dr Diane Divett gave to describe the _ space_ that thousands of people. — “Refocussing Theory, Refocussing Therapy- Sitemap”,
  • Definition of refocussing in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of refocussing. Pronunciation of refocussing. Translations of refocussing. refocussing synonyms, refocussing antonyms. Information about refocussing in the free online English. — “refocussing - definition of refocussing by the Free Online”,
  • Refocussing Therapy is a Christian based, client focused, interactive counseling session. Refocussing Therapy is a powerful tool that empowers you to make positive changes and choices for a future you can look forward to. — “Surfside Church - Community Services”,
  • But on turning to reading with some proportion of the muscle refocussing, "accommodation", already assigned, "used up", the eyes perform at near like But on turning to reading with some proportion of the muscle refocussing, "accommodation", already assigned, "used up", the eyes perform at near like. — “why do my eyes hurt after reading? i have picked up reading”,
  • Refocussing the Curriculum. Brainstorming from the morning session Refocussing the Curriculum. Brainstorming from the afternoon session. 1. Mapping Skills. — “Refocussing the Curriculum”, 2496901001864496149-a-1802744773732722657-s-
  • Jan has gained 12 years experience as a teacher, trainer and facilitator of Refocussing therapy. Her qualifications in counselling and family therapy include being personally trained by Dr Diane Divett, who originated and developed Refocussing theory and practice. — “refocussing | deliberate interruptions”,
  • Refocussing what is it? Refocussing is the original Personal Development theory and practice created by Dr Diane Divett, which she has refined into a series of specific educational programmes with accompanying curriculum. These teach Refocussing as:. — “Refocussing Counselling Godspaces”,
  • The effect of the refocussing pulse on the coupling (homo and heteronuclear) is different depending if a 180 degree pulse is applied or not to the two interacting nucle. The above animation review different aspect of the refocussing. Included in the animation are Bird and Tango pulse. — “Refocussing”,
  • Refocussing definition, a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity: See more. — “Refocussing | Define Refocussing at ”,
  • An introduction to Dianne Spain, Refocussing Counsellor & Facilitator. Her background, mission and approach. — “Diane Spain - Refocussing Counsellor & Facilitator”,
  • refocussing. Recently, in particular meeting with friends last week to talk about our practices, I've begun to feel that my work isn't especially going anywhere. That refocussing on my practice started by identifying a number of. — “santiago's dead wasp: refocussing”,
  • If we put the mask near the lens aperture, we can achieve full resolution digital refocussing. Full resolution Digital Refocussing using the Encoded Blur Camera (Click on photos to download full resolution versions) Input Photo (Full Resolution) Digitally Refocussed Photo (Full Resolution). — “Coded Aperture and Optical Heterodyning: A mask-based”,
  • Alibris has Copyright Illuminated: Refocusing the Diffuse US Statute and other books by David Nimmer, including new & used copies, rare, out-of-print signed editions, and more. Title: Copyright Illuminated: Refocussing the Diffuse Us Statute. — “Copyright Illuminated: Refocusing the Diffuse US Statute by”,
  • OSNews is Exploring the Future of Computing with news on desktop, server, mobile, and specialty operating systems and new computing technology. Microsoft Trims Product Line, Refocussing on Core Businesses?. — “Microsoft Trims Product Line, Refocussing on Core Businesses?”,
  • Refocussing on my family roles . There's been some refocussing going on in my life and, in as much as my blog reflects my life, here in my blog too. During the last term I was far too busy. I overdid it on a number of fronts. Some weeks I. — “going global: Refocussing on my family roles”,
  • Refocussing The ICPC Law. BY. STEPHEN KOLA-BALOGUN. Members of the House of Representatives last week toed the line of their counterparts in the Senate and passed the amended version of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Bill. — “Refocussing The ICPC Law”,

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  • Dskews: Refocussing on a certain element (like if Assassins Creed ever did Assassins Tombs properly again) is often a clever idea, though.
  • archives_wa: RT @BarbaraREED: Richard: focussing only on dig pres aspects is like refocussing all archival science on whether to mylar encapsulte documents #archmethods
  • BarbaraREED: Richard: focussing only on dig pres aspects is like refocussing all archival science on whether to mylar encapsulte documents #archmethods
  • injects: cathedrals refocussing Salish impeach boogies haze's Susana duplicity predominated mash's !dalaranbrilliance
  • VITVca: It's the end of one erra and the refocussing of another today we stopped our Streamcasting of Loud And Alive TV...
  • charloveslions: refocussing is hard, especially when my life is like 24/7 party #not
  • BCSMembership: We're refocussing eBCS to what's important for you. You'll receive it once a week, so Fridays just got more exciting! -
  • jeanjacoby: “@pbsloep: “ #ascilite2012 “Grainne doing a good job refocussing on the real issues” But will #MOOCs remain doing so too?” The big question!
  • pbsloep: “@tabitharoder @jeanjacoby #ascilite2012 “Grainne doing a good job of refocussing on the real issues” But will #MOOCs remain doing so too?
  • tabitharoder: RT @jeanjacoby: #ascilite2012 Grainne doing a good job of refocussing on the real issues #greatdebate
  • jeanjacoby: #ascilite2012 Grainne doing a good job of refocussing on the real issues #greatdebate
  • hyrosigma: Sometime you need a rest to gain energy and refocussing your goal..

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  • “Assembling on-demand services to automate business, commerce, and the sharing of knowledge "we now have specs in all the key areas of the web service architecture," he announced a refocussing of the blog in a direction that I found very intriguing: "Development of a new concept called Organic BPEL”
    — Loosely Coupled weblog - on-demand web services,

  • “Blog by Boo- follow Colleen's adventures on her Blog. Take One Minute-A series of inspirational films on We like to look upon the enforced change on our previously hectic social life as a refocussing exercise”
    — poppyposts, poppyposts-

  • “Refocussing pastoral care life development course: October 4-7 2010 Auckland by going where God is' and learning how to apply refocussing skills”
    Refocussing Counselling Godspaces " Blog,

  • “The plane journey from Perth to Melbourne turned out to be very productive. I've made some substantial changes to my presentation. The content is the same, but”
    Refocussing my presentation... | The ORACLE-BASE Blog, oracle-

  • “Wisdomap helps you to organise your thoughts in a powerful mind map format, and allows you to attach notes, videos, pictures, links and files to your mind maps”
    — Wisdomap | Blog,

  • “I suppose if we look at the whole issue in reflection of the past government as happened even more problems with your eyes because refocussing is impeded by scarring in the eye”

  • “I'm quite interested in the way the tectonic plates in the political blogosphere are shifting anyway in advance of the General Election. Two of our regular (and superb) contributors, Mark Pack and Rev David Keen, are standing down from writing”
    — Shifting tectonic plates in the political blog landscape,

  • “Scrivs has waded into the 'How much should blog networks pay their bloggers?' conversation by refocussing the question (as he”
    — Why are Some Blog Networks So Successful?,

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