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  • The anti-US rally drew support from both hardliners and reformists, following a The anti-US rally drew support from both hardliners and reformists, following a condemnation of Iran by the US president, George Bush, who referred. — “Death to America: Iran Celebrates Revolution”,
  • Tehran, 11 May 2004 (IRIN) - A bill granting women equal inheritance rights to men has been approved by Iran's reformist parliament. This is the best step the reformists have taken for women's rights," Azam Azimi, a spokesperson for the. — “IRIN Asia | IRAN-IRAN: Reformists propose equal inheritance”,
  • With more reformists in Iran's government, a new stage opens in the clerical regime's power struggle. In Tehran, Azadeh Moaveni leafs through the reformists' agenda. — “Al-Ahram Weekly | Region | Reformists ready for gradual”, .eg
  • The trial of Iran's top reformist leaders signals that a process is under way to eventually outlaw the reform party and ban its members and supporters from political activity. — “Tehran Court Tries Top Reformists - ”,
  • Elections, Hezbollah, Iran, Lebanon, reformists, Syria, Beirut / Tehran - Staunch opponents of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad complained on Monday about vote counting in Iran's parliamentary election, in which conservatives have retained their. — “Iran reformists call election unfair | Ya Libnan | Lebanon”,
  • The reformists, on the other hand, accused the friars as protecting their own corporate The reformists tried to demonstrate that the friars were the source of most if not all. — “Liberalism in the Philippines”,
  • Since 2004, reformists have fared poorly in executive and legislative elections in Iran. Indeed, three notable reformists were allowed to participate in the 2005 presidential race (Mostafa Moin, Mehdi Karroubi and Mohsen Mehralizadeh) and it seems at least two reformists, Mir-Hossein Mousavi and. — “What Reformists Can Learn from Past Failures | NDI”,
  • The Guardian Council, an unelected body of clerics and jurists, has disqualified about 1,700 candidates, most of whom were reformists. If they do so by a strong margin, it would demonstrate the Islamic leadership's ability to ward off a comeback by reformists. — “Hard-liners predict a sweep in Iran's parliamentary vote”,
  • In another piece of good news for the reformists, Yaas-e No (New Jasmine), a leading reformist newspaper that had been shut down three weeks ago only The OCU declared that (see also Part V) it considers the reformists the "moderate wing of the political establishment," rather than a true. — “FRONTLINE: Tehran Bureau: Reformists on the Rise | PBS”,
  • Reformists advocate press liberalization and the promotion of civil society organizations in the country. Reformists took about 50 seats and independents obtained about 40. Following the results, some independent candidates joined the. — “IPU PARLINE database: IRAN (ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF) (Majles”,
  • The reinstatements came after complaints by conservative and reformist figures (File) The official IRNA news agency said five sitting reformist MPs who had initially been disqualified were now being allowed to stand. — “Iran lets Khomeini grandson run in elections”,
  • Ninjas: Reformist FSMers state that the Flying Spaghetti Monster does not, as many claim, favor Pirate Their ritual of Saucrifice has a different flavor, and sometimes the Reformists keep Thursday holy as well, arguing that as a being of such immense power, the Flying. — “Reformed Church of Alfredo - Uncyclopedia, the content-free”,
  • Definition of Reformists in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Reformists. Pronunciation of Reformists. Translations of Reformists. Reformists synonyms, Reformists antonyms. Information about Reformists in the free online English dictionary and. — “Reformists - definition of Reformists by the Free Online”,
  • Don't get me wrong, there's many sincere reformists trying bring about change. Whether it's organizations like DailyKos who believe the Democratic Party can be. — “Reformists | Politics in the Zeros”,
  • reformism n. A doctrine or movement of reform. reformist reform ' ist n. While Luxemburg died in the German Revolution, the reformists soon found themselves contending with the Bolsheviks and their satellite communist parties for the support of the proletariat. — “reformism: Definition from ”,
  • Iranian reformists accused conservatives on Monday of employing totalitarian tactics and said they were considering boycotting next month's legislative elections in frustration with a deepening political crisis. — “ Oscars Spotlight”,
  • Reformists tell revolutionary court in Tehran that nofraud seen in June 12 presidential election Reformists tell revolutionary court in Tehran that nofraud seen in June 12 presidential election2. — “Iran reformists back down in court - Politics & Economics”,
  • While Luxemburg died in the German Revolution, the reformists soon found themselves contending with the Bolsheviks and their satellite communist parties for the support of the proletariat. In modern times, Reformists are seen as centre-left. Some social. — “Reformism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Reformists were rivals with the Stoics during the San 'Shyuum Civil War. They wanted to enter the Forerunner Dreadnought and advance their technology for better use, but the Stoics thought that it was heresy to do so. — “Reformists - Halopedia, the Halo Wiki - Halo 2, Halo 3, ODST”,
  • By 1931 some of the zawiya heads, smarting under reformist attacks, sought an agreement with the reformists on the basis of a common program of religious and moral renewal. Thus was created the Association of Algerian Muslim Ulama (AAMU) with 'Abd al-Hamid Ben Badis as its head. — “'Abd al-Hamid Ben Badis | UXL Encyclopedia of World Biography”,

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  • Marijuana Reformists Call for Federal Leadership While the black community remains split on deciding whether it should adopt the war on drugs as a Civil Rights issue, strong international community support ...
  • Wasps near UNP reformists protests at Viharamahadevi Park The crowds led by MP's Sujeewa Senasinghe, Rosie Senanayake and Buddhika Pathirana are now headed towards Mr. Wickremesinghe's office at 30, Marcus Fernando ...
  • Principlists, reformists vie for votes in Iran Reformist groups and factions will take part in Iran's next presidential and city council elections. Announcing the news at a press conference in Tehran, the...
  • Australian Broadcasting Corp: "Real reformists show up and speak up" Irshad reflects on disrupted events in book tour through Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • Iran- Modern Religious Thoughts and Society: Religious Reformists International Conference held at the Tel Aviv University. Among the speakers: Prof. David Menashri; Prof. Bernard Hourcade; Mr. Ori Goldberg; Prof. Shaul Bak...
  • 3rd Luna Reformists (clear copy) Thanks to my ultra mega best friend Lexing..... ^____^
  • Geoffrey VAN ORDEN - European Conservatives and Reformists Group Geoffrey VAN ORDEN European Conservatives and Reformists Member of the Bureau European Parliament.
  • Iranian reformists face trial over poll unrest - 01 Aug 09 Former Iranian ministers, vice presidents, and politicians have gone on trial in Tehran. They are among about 100 people facing charges for alleged crimes ag...
  • Miroslav OUZKÝ, Member of the Bureau European Conservatives and Reformists
  • Kalonzo on reformists Kalonzo on reformists.
  • Immigration As A 2012 Issue Obama Meets With Reformists in White House
  • Difference between Muslim moderates and real reformists: Irshad to The Guardian (UK)
  • European Conservatives and Reformists Group on Ca European Conservatives and Reformists Group on Camp Ashraf, Brussels, Feb.8, 2011 European Conservatives and Reformists Group on Camp Ashraf, Brussels, Feb.8...
  • Conservatives and reformists lined up for Majlis election but Rafsanjani position in still unclear While those conservative supporters separated from Ahmadinejad lined up r to support their own candidate and some reformists are registered as candidate to p...
  • Ali Larijani about conditions of reformists & release of political prisonners More videos on http:// -In a press conference on Monday 19 September aired live on TV , the speaker of Majlis Ali Larijani answer question of...
  • Th Voice Participant? So this is the type of democracy the reformists are trying to promote in Hong This is the kind of manner and democracy the reformists are trying to promote in Hong Kong. The guy with the voice is allowed to run our Government .. I real...
  • Iran Breaking News: Iran Reformists Dance in Streets for New President Iran reformists dance in streets for new president Wild celebrations broke out on Tehran streets that were battlefields four years ago as reformist-backed Ha...
  • Mohamad Shariatmadari assistant to Ayatollah Reyshari in intelligence candidate of reformists ! Read Shariatmadari interview [ http:///text/11450 ] Press TV report of candidacy of one of main founder of Islamic Republic intelligence appar...
  • Iran - Hossein from Tehran: 'People want to overthrow this Regime, Reformists dont represent us' Iran-Hossein from Tehran:"People want to overthrown this regime" "Reformists dont represent us" For english: scroll down حسین از تهران: مردم سرنگونی میخواهند...
  • Revolutionaries and reformists | Lindsey German | Confronting Crisis | Counterfire dayschool
  • Reformists in Iran play on economic woes - 24 Apr 2008 Al Jazeera's Alireza Ronaghi reports on the reformists campaign to try and win the upcoming elections in 2009. Conservatives in Iran are looking to increase ...
  • Iranian Reformists Perform Better than Expected CHEN: Iranians went to the polls on Saturday for parliamentary elections. Based on partial results, the Conservatives, who support President Ahmadinejad, are...
  • Dalia Mogahed Refutes Irshad Manji: The terrorists are the reformists. For more critiques of Irshad Manji, please visit:http:/// In this clip, Irshad Manji presents her reformist Muslim ilk and...
  • Raila: Watch out for anti-reformists Prime Minister Raila Odinga now claims leaders who opposed the new constitution during the referendum, were the ones fuelling wrangles i...
  • Jan ZAHRADIL, Vice-Chairman European Conservatives and Reformists
  • After closure of Bahar newspaper , Head of Judiciary Sadegh Larijani warn reformists During a speech for officials of judiciary on Wednesday 30 October ,head of judiciary Ayatollah Larijani claim that a conspiracy against Islam was behind the...
  • The League of Liberal Reformists (BUCAL-CSC Slate A.Y 2014-2015) STAT PRO RATIONAE VOLUNTAS LET YOUR WILL STAND FOR YOUR REASON VIVA REPORMA! President: Menyln "MEN" Bautista Vice President: Jones Catherine "JC" Balleta Se...
  • Richard Seymour: In practical terms, today we are all reformists /// 17th May 2013 The interview was made during Seymour's stay in Zagreb for the 6th Subversive festival "Utopia of Democracy" (4-18th May 2013). His presentation at the panel...
  • Hassan Abbasi on The Foreign Policy of Reformists Dr. Abbasi talks about how the Reformists wanted to completely halt Iran's nuclear program. He mentions Hassan Rohani who promised Jack Straw to suspend Iran...
  • Blow for reformists as Rafsanjani and Mashaei are barred from Iran election Two important figures in Iranian politics including the former president, Akbar Hachemi Rafsanjani, have been barred from running in next month's presidentia...
  • European Conservatives and Reformists Group Autor: David Vozdecky Head of Communications Company Spokesman WWW.LEONTYNKA.CZ [email protected] +420 603 437 953.
  • Reformists lose hope The previous night everyone was sure about Moin's win. But today things have changed. Mion is not even among top three and reformists are very upset about it.
  • STOP CORRUPTION! The Afghanistan Reformists Movement Press Conference Abdullah Khodadad, The Afghanistan Reformists Movement Head, talking to the Afghan media:" Fight against administrative corruption is as valuable as the war ...
  • Reformists Mashaei and Rafsanjani register themself for presidential elections 2013
  • Ahmadinejad revealing reformists fraud and killings during Khatami and Rafsanjani era In an interesting so called debate- revelation- between Ahmadinejad and karoubi- so called hardliner and former hardliner- Ahmadinejad reveals some fraud, th...
  • Inside story - What do Iran's reformists want? - 21 June 09 Inside Story asks if protests can shake the foundations of the Islamic revolution.
  • Iranian reformists try new media to win votes - 09 June 09 Political reformists in Iran have long accused Irib, the state-run broadcaster, of biased reporting against their organisations. With the fate of the preside...
  • Javad Larijani halousination about conspiracy in election and his view about reformists The responsible of human rights in Islamic judiciary whom two of his brothers are head of judiciary and Majlis , claim that reformists are not worth to parti...

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  • “The Mobility Blog. by John Farrell. Healthcare reformists should hijack bandwidth agenda John Farrell's blog. Login or register to post comments. Comments”
    — Healthcare reformists should hijack bandwidth agenda,

  • “Blog Details. Activists Protest Continued Detention Of Saudi protest the continued detention of reformists and the failure to give them a fair public”
    — The MEMRI Blog - Full Blog Entry,

  • “Vulnerabilities of the Iranian Reformists. By Ali Alfoneh. December 1, The Enterprise Blog is a project of the American Enterprise Institute”
    — Vulnerabilities of the Iranian Reformists " The Enterprise Blog,

  • “Middle East News – Rafsanjani speech set to boost reformists Rafsanjani speech set to boost reformists. The former president is expected to use the”
    — Middle East News – Rafsanjani speech set to boost reformists,

  • “I am writing to congratulate you on your site, to thank you for listing my blog, and to point out a tiny error. BLOG/WEBSITE. We endorse the Save Women Now Petition to U.S. Government and United Nations. Post index (this page) Reformists is”
    — Green Consciousness: Reformists is a hero,

  • “Enduring America Blog: Mousavi Meeting With Reformists (Sept. 30, 2009) The candidate supported by the majority of reformists in the tenth Presidential election reminded [the meeting], "For instance”
    — Keeping the Change: Enduring America Blog: Mousavi Meeting,

  • “Iran's reformists must challenge Ahmadinejad's populist appeal. By Michael Allen on April Pragmatic perhaps, but the reformists' Presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi is”
    — Iran's reformists must challenge Ahmadinejad's populist appeal,

  • “In her blog, Ms Mira has adopted a special approach to the disqualification of reformists and the reformists' election campaign Mehdi, in his blog entitled "Jomhour" has explicitly criticized the disqualification of the reformists' candidates by the”
    — Friday, February 8, 2008,

  • “Iran's reformists fret over flagging voter appeal. TEHRAN, Sept. 16 elections are scheduled for February 20, reformists are worried that turnout will again”
    — Solomonia Archive: Iran's reformists fret over flagging voter,

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