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  • reporter n. A writer, investigator, or presenter of news stories. Law . A person who is authorized to write and issue official accounts of judicial. — “reporter: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • Online edition of newspaper includes top news, sports, and features stories, with subscription information. Copyright © 2009 by The Reporter Press. All rights reserved. — “The Reporter”,
  • The 19 lanterns aren't nearly all of the Christmas decorations planned by the parks department, said Bob McQuern, who was also helping with the lanterns. He said it will take nearly two weeks of work to finish all of the Lebanon Reporter 117 E. Washington St. Lebanon, IN 46052. — “Homepage " Lebanon Reporter”,
  • The Loveland Reporter-Herald newspaper serving Loveland, Colorado and the surrounding area. — “Loveland Reporter-Herald”,
  • Reporter- - News, entertainment, and information in Martinsville and Morgan County, Indiana. — “The Reporter-Times | Martinsville, Indiana news”, reporter-
  • Currently serving Hudson County, Bayonne, West New York, Union City, Secaucus, Weehawken, North Bergen, Jersey City and surrounding areas with news, classifieds, businesses, and events. — “Hudson Reporter, The”,
  • Definition of reporter from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of reporter. Pronunciation of reporter. Definition of the word reporter. Origin of the word reporter. — “reporter - Definition of reporter at ”,
  • Ethiopian Reporter - A biweekly news in English and Amharic. The Embassy has read the article entitled "Iran's failing "Mullahnomics" (The Reporter, March 27) published in your esteemed newspaper. — “The Reporter - English Version (Old Version Archive) - Home”,
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  • IMDb: The biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet. ( 76) Watching TV (73) Wealth (46) Wedding (98) Wheelchair (32) Widow (41) Wine (46) Witness (78) Woman Reporter (34) World War Two (50) Writer (90). — “Best "Reporter" Titles”,
  • Reporter definition, a person who reports. See more. — “Reporter | Define Reporter at ”,
  • The Reporter - daily news in Amharic and English from Ethiopia and across the globe. — “Reporter - Amharic Version”,
  • . Information on our history, the services we offer, and a list of prices. Look through all the hosted sites for the documents you need IRE thanks The New York Times Company Foundation for helping underwrite the project. — “”,
  • The Times-Reporter - The homepage of "The Times Reporter" Students from across the Tuscarawas Valley are helping The Times-Reporter count down to Christmas again this year. — “Home - New Philadelphia, OH - The Times-Reporter”,
  • Definition of reporter in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of reporter. Pronunciation of reporter. Translations of reporter. reporter synonyms, reporter antonyms. Information about reporter in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “reporter - definition of reporter by the Free Online”,
  • Articles from the U.S. and International versions of TIME Magazine. Includes a searchable archive. — “TIMEMagazine”,
  • A reporter is a type of journalist who researches and presents information in certain types of mass media. Reporters gather their information in a variety of ways, including tips, press releases, sources (those with newsworthy information) and witnessing events. — “Reporter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Santa Fe News and Culture local business directory find sfr in print. Promotions promotions home special events Advertise with SFR special offers newsletter © Copyright Santa Fe Reporter 2010. All Rights Reserved. Close. Close. Close. — “The Santa Fe Reporter”,

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  • Reporter Serene Branson: Not a Stroke Just a Migraine (02.18.11) Medical tests confirm Grammys reporter did not suffer a stroke on air. For more, click here:
  • Dwyane Wade is Interviewed by Student Reporter Damon Weaver 5th Grade Student Reporter Damon Weaver asks Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade questions that a regular sports reporter would never ask the NBA star.
  • Joey the Junior Reporter: Girls and Beautiful Patrick Sharp Joey the Junior Reporter heads to the Chicago Blackhawks' locker room to investigate the phenomenon of girls, and also inquire about the beauty of Patrick Sharp.
  • The WTF moment of a reporter Puts the basket ball half a court away ---
  • Serene Branson, What Happened to Grammys Reporter? 2/15/2011 A Los Angeles reporter appeared to have a stroke while live on TV. For more, click here:
  • Video Caught On Tape News Reporter Crew Gets Detained By A Police Officer In El Paso Texas El Paso, TX 7 News reports "An 7 crew covering a crash on I-10 on Monday unwillingly became part of the news. Motorists stuck in traffic witnessed veteran journalist Darren Hunt and photojournalist Ric Dupont being handcuffed and detained."
  • News reporter gets angry News lady gets very annoyed with a random bloke, while she is trying to do her job.
  • Reporter Suffers Stroke @ Grammy Awards 2011 (After a NINJA Threw an Impact Smoke Bomb) Link Below If you want to make a Ninja Smoke Bomb, yes, like the ones that made this lady reporter confused, then you might want to get the Ebook on how to make them at this link!!
  • Reporter can't stop laughing!! (subtitles) guy has a squeaky voice. lol
  • Tampa News Reporter Crushes Kid on Skateboard at Skatepark of Tampa This dude that does a daily morning show on Fox in Tampa attempted to play "human Frogger" while crossing the vert ramp with a bunch of Skate Camp kids pumping back and forth. The result was disaster on live TV. So awesome!
  • Clumsy Reporter Knocks Down Jenga Tower This clumsy reporter knocks over a tower of Pisa made of Jenga blocks that took weeks to make.
  • Reporter Trailer 2009 Sundance Film Festival World Premiere REPORTER is a feature documentary about Nicholas Kristof, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for The New York Times, who almost single-handedly put the crisis in Darfur on the world map. Now he wants to do the same for Congo, a humanitarian disaster zone where 5.4 million have died in the last decade as a result of the unceasing warfare over territory, resources and tribal hatred. But Nick knows that statistics deaden his readers' interest and compassion. So to get the world to care, he goes in search of individuals whose stories will reflect the country's desperate crisis and mobilize readers worldwide. He journeys through ravaged villages and displacement camps, and makes a harrowing visit to Congo's reigning rebel warlord, General Nkunda, at his jungle hideout. Director(s): Eric Daniel Metzgar Executive Producer: Ben Affleck Producers: Mikaela Beardsley, Steven Cantor Cinematographer: Eric Daniel Metzgar (and Editor) Original Music: Eric Liebman Sound Recordist: Gautam Choudhury Executive in Charge of Production: Terry Clark
  • reporter attacked by kids reporter gets owned by kids
  • Anti-War Protesters Menace Intrepid Fox News Reporter! Griff Jenkins in the middle of the Denver protests.
  • Funny Reporter A BBC reporter tests intravenous THC. You can't help laughing at this...
  • BBC Reporter breaks 'unbreakable' mobile phone at CES Reporter Dan Simmons from the BBC's technology show Click managed to break a mobile phone marketed as "unbreakable", during a demonstration at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
  • Jim Calhoun Owns Reporter (Ken Krayeske) Jim Calhoun responds angry to a reporter who asks a stupid question. Note im a Gtown fan.
  • Untamed and Uncut: Attack Dog Bites Reporter A news reporter barely escapes being blinded after getting too close to a police attack German Shepherd during an interview that won't be soon forgotten.
  • The Reporter Ah, the "Just Say No" Episode. This is a must watch. First Lady Nancy Reagan comes to the rescue when she reads an article written by Arnold about drugs in the school. Classic TV at its finest half hour. If only Lindsay had been a Diff'rent Strokes fan. Watch hundreds of free full-length streaming movies and TV shows on TWITTER TAGS: watch free streaming television tv video minisode Different Strokes Arnold Willis Gary Coleman Kimberly Janet Jackson nancy reagan president just say no
  • News Reporter Blooper I found out the hard way that breaking a car window is not so easy. James Churchill on Camera Special thanks to Spalding Auto Yard for letting us break stuff.
  • Female MMA Fighter (Cris Cyborg) Chokes out Reporter During Interview Aaron Tru ([email protected]/ /truplya777) interviews female MMA fighter Cris Cyborg Santos. They discuss her fight coming up against Gina Carano, her training camp, and then towards the end a question is taken out of context and she chokes the interviewer out cold. You don't want to miss the shocking end to this interview. Go To for more original content and breaking news.
  • The Dangers of Being a TV Reporter It's very funny..Leave a comment and rate my vids ok..
  • HOT REPORTER GETS HUMPED!! Fire ball explosion part 3 of 100, a hot reporter gets photo bombed, and how not to test out a taser. Plus, how big? ******************** Equals Three t-shirts are here: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on DailyBooth: *********************************************Here are the links to the content discussed in this video. Please don't harass the content creators or send them hate-messages. Thanx: "Polish Guy Thrown by Garbage Explosion": "Reporter Humped on Live TV": "Kid Tests New Taser on Himself": "Another Cool Vid to Watch": *********************************** The Equals Three theme song "Doin' Your Mom" was written and performed by me. DOWNLOAD "Doin Your Mom Song" FOR FREE HERE:
  • Gibbs Compares WH Reporter To His Child READ BLOG ON VID AT:
  • Reporter Fail For more, visit
  • News Blooper: Anchor vs Reporter - Timothy Beagley This is one of my all-time favorite 'on air fights' between a reporter and the anchorman in-studio. This is from a local New York broadcast live a few years ago.
  • stoned reporter a reporter doing a story on soldiers burning confiscated drugs. very funny
  • News Reporter goes Crazy!! Funny as hell! It's hilarious. The more times you watch it the funnier it becomes. It is from a Dallas news broadcast. Watch the little critter, a small desert lizard, on the left side of the table. Remember the man on the left is concentrating on the snake the other guy is holding. This news guy will never live this down, that's for sure!!!! Then watch it a second time and listen closely to the 'sounds' the newscaster makes!!
  • Bird Poops In Mouth [The whole story: ] Local news guy reports on the canadian brown finch overpopulation in town now. The birds don't like being called an infestation and let us know by totally dropping a deuce in dude's mouth! So funny!
  • Tony Stewart owns reporter Classic Tony Stewart. That's the last question you ask a driver let alone Smoke. Thanks to Jean Costa for the video.
  • Reporter accidentally drops ice sculpture at the OC Fair 2010 Guy in dark blue had been working on this ice sculpture for 8 hours and this reporter just knocks it over and.......... you'll see
  • Reporter turns ghetto in 3 seconds A news reporter catches flies fly in his mouth during a story.
  • Fox News Reporter Attacked by Husband and Wife Fox News Reporter Attacked by crazy woman and then husband comes to finish the job... The two of them are involved in a real estate scam... Whole Fox News Story Favorate Quote "Do you like Tijuana or Ensenada"
  • Compilation: Funny 1920's Reporter Scoops Callahan Hilarious compilation of some of Scoop Callahan's best work. Scoops is a 1920's style sports reporter who askes athletes and coaches linguistically challenging questions at press conferences. Scoops is played by Tom Gribble from The Ticket.
  • Reporter Fail For more, go to
  • iPhone Customers Strike Back at KTLA Reporter Eric Spillman A customer in line to buy the next-generation iPhone snaps back at KTLA Reporter Eric Spillman.
  • Cycling Legend Rails Against British Reporter A Sacramento news conference took a dark turn Thursday when cyclist Lance Armstrong ripped Paul Kimmage, a reporter from The Sunday Times.
  • Kitsuné Maison 10 + Kitsuné "Reporter" SS11 collection - teaser All clothes in the video are taken from the new Kitsuné Spring-Summer 2011 collection: "Reporter". All music in the video is to be featured on Kitsuné Maison 10 "The Fireworks Issue". Release date : November 29th 2010 Directors : Fabien Constant & Loïc Prigent. Crédits : Strange Talk - Climbing Walls Punks Jump Up - Blockhead (edit) Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know (Mustang Remix) Housse de Racket - Chateau /maisonkitsune /maisonkitsune /maison_kitsune
  • Hilarious News Reporter Bloopers and Out-Takes james- - Watch bloopers from your computer by turning your computer into TV! Many different clips of reporters making fools of themselves or just looking like complete idiots.
  • ian_ian11: @Proteautype reporter: "your thoughts on the playoffs so far?" Sean Avery: "I support gay marriage". That would be weird.
  • keithyaskin: Reporter shakes his head after unsuccessfully pitching story idea that later appears in Associated Press and The New York Times.
  • djranmas: RT @cosplayamerica: Hollywood Reporter posts about Keanu *maybe* doing Akira and the comments are all raging against him.
  • JohnLaRusso485: @HeidiWatney don't be sorry your just being a great reporter :) GO SOX tonight and thanks for the reply!
  • Kailyn_Sawyer: Weekend Box Office Report: 'Thor' Debuts to $66 Million - Hollywood Reporter
  • gcdb: - NEWS - Director Rod Lurie Reaches The BORDERLINE: Hollywood Reporter said Rod Lurie (The Con... #film #movies #tv
  • SaveOurSoapsAMC: RT @TDM_EJole_Forum: WOW! Soap Fans Place A FULL Page Ad In The Hollywood Reporter @THR To Save The Soaps! Way To Go, Team!! #SaveOurSoaps
  • InboxUtah: RT @BenWinslow: LOL! RT @ParkCityTV: In case you were wondering what former SLC reporter Allie MacKay was up to, here you go:
  • RollCallAmanda: Slate's "Cats at War" got a chuckle out of this reporter: http:///id/2293232/
  • mccanner: @phearlez this reporter just keeps googling for answers, it seems.
  • IowaGirlBeth: @DailyFiasco is my favorite reporter!
  • Baltimore21201: Fox Renews 'Family Guy,' 'Cleveland Show' - Hollywood Reporter
  • 0sama_BinLaden_: Bin Laden genocide brings behind unpleasant memories for Phoenixville man: By Eric S. SmithFor a Reporter/Valley...
  • cosplayamerica: Hollywood Reporter posts about Keanu *maybe* doing Akira and the comments are all raging against him.
  • rick_vfreitas: o david luiz ta precisando aprender ingles o reporter pergunta: can we win the league ? ele: c'monnn chelsea ! ... kkkkkk ri muito
  • Ersinn57: @HerrTutorial Wie du den Radio-Reporter angeuckt hast hahahaha :D
  • SteveLussier: (cont) reporter abt 3 km from area said he could hear no gunfire. Impossible 2confirm repts of rebels prepring 2head 2 city center @Reuters
  • legal_blog: Job : Baltimore MD - Real Estate Attorney - markets and industries from accounting and finance to legal military...
  • legal_blog: Job : Baltimore MD - Real Estate Attorney - markets and industries from accounting and finance to legal military...
  • rickcmueller: RT @TwinsNow: Asking about Frankie's start tomorrow reporter qualified w/ "You don't need another no hitter ..." Gardy: "We don’t? Who are you kidding?
  • MauiFlavor: Cash is King in Maui Real Estate Market | Hawaii Reporter #maui
  • BenWinslow: LOL! RT @ParkCityTV: In case you were wondering what former SLC reporter Allie MacKay was up to, here you go:
  • JeffSoFresh: Im the reporter baby you can be the news..
  • LORRIEBOZEK: Private clinics to aid Dubai vaccination drive: By Mahmood Saberi, Senior Reporter Dubai: The Dubai Health Autho...
  • DonnettaSisemo: 'X Factor' Brutality at Auditions: 'LA' Reid Meaner Than Simon Cowell ... - Hollywood Reporter #rumors #headline
  • nmobilephones: Fred Goes Reporting: The local news reporter gets fired, so Fred takes to the streets to try…
  • MNanas: Check out my cousin (Anthony - News reporter) on the right being interviewed on Sky news about Bin laden... oh we...
  • Chris1803: @DuncanBrowne Exactly! So im now a full non-league supporter for Lincoln, nd reporter/developing a soft spot for Guiseley! Roll on FA Trophy
  • silpajk: Air France A380 Collision at JFK Airport -- PHOTOS/VIDEO: By IBTimes Staff Reporter | April 14, 2011 8:31 AM GMT...
  • donshafer: Fox Int'l Is First Distributor to Hit $1 Billion Mark in 2011 - The Hollywood Reporter
  • naughtygoodies: Ventura County Reporter - The naughty bits: And why not naughty? One expects naughty tales to be murmured among ...
  • Pastor_Karren: Channel 5 had a reporter chest deep in the water at Harrahs; she deserves a raise...or at least promote her to my Fox news! @Memphis_Nick
  • theeagle: Baltimore Sun reporter says there's no confirmed deal between Maryland and A&M's Turgeon. Says coach not on campus.
  • ClevelandNews36: Fox Renews 'Family Guy,' 'Cleveland Show' - Hollywood Reporter: Fox has renewed Sunday animate... - #Cleveland News
  • emma_enchanted: Catching up on Castle. This episode: reporter found dead in pizza oven. Is it wrong that this makes me crave a slice of pizza?
  • SoKatyPerry: Katy Perry's 142-Foot Jump! | Radar Online: By Cliff RenfrewRadar Staff Reporter Wack... #katyperry
  • AliceSmith23: Bears' Garza welcomes increased competition: By Brad Biggs Tribune reporter Chicago Bears guard Roberto Garza ha...
  • jeffdespres: @pferguson I missed the reporter's name, but she was the one who said it during a story about junk computer recycling.
  • elvizoot: Not too ofter a reporter utters those words Dorie :) RT @dorieturner: I got to take my own photos today. Check it:
  • RosiePresents: I uploaded a @YouTube video Rosie Hogg, Bay Reporter 2011
  • billboardbiz: @MusicHackDay round-up from .Biz's intrepid reporter Antony Bruno in S.F.
  • palafo: RT @Farrelltimes: At War blog - Chris Chivers in Misurata - Reporter's Notebook: Here They Stood, Until They Ran -
  • CRV0000: RT @fido999: Tehran times reporter Soudeh karimi writes false statements about #bahrain in his column,, is the iranian media r corrupted or what?? #usa
  • JordanEusebio1: 'Pirates of the Caribbean': Inside the Extravagant Disneyland Premiere - Hollywood Reporter #gtf #killyourself
  • LadybugJennlee: @KeithOlbermann I promise, I will honor reporting better than this! How do you even show your face as a reporter if you knowingly.. Uggg!!
  • couldbedoinghw: Totes happy. @Jocelyndotcom is my reporter. #jjensen on every major story. Dunununu jocelyn!
  • buellj814: @ArmandoSalguero ur supposed to be an unbiased reporter?? lol.. i love how miami journalism works
  • TomCaprood: RT @troyrecord: Reporter @canfield_record will LIVE TWEET Michael Mosley double murder trial starting Tues. Join conversation using #MosleyTrial tag. #JRC
  • HansTyssen: Reporter: "Kenny, you're fifth with 2 to go, happy about that?" King Kenny: "I'd rather be first" #YNWA #LEGEND
  • ShirlyBabe6560: He formerly served as a reporter, science and health editor and deputy editorial page editor
  • BuckeyeFarmNews: Reporter calls for transparency: "Have the courage of conviction that you're doing it right." #CFI11
  • AnthonyWes: Emerging markets to lead growth in next five years: By Aya Lowe, Staff Reporter Dubai: About two-thirds of the w...
  • faithfulviewer: RT @jamiesont: Mild mannered Daily Planet newspaper reporter Clark Kent is in fact crime fighting superhero Superman #superinjunction
  • AjBk21: RT @SEBchef: @AJBK21 lol you work for the news or something ? :p // friendly neighborhood reporter.Haha no but it just happened it was :-O!
  • OAcrime: You're humble reporter is fully stopped, btw.
  • thebluey: @missrachella I got a job as a reporter at the newspaper in PG. Moving in two weeks!
  • philipodegard: Paula Abdul Reunites With Simon Cowell as 'X Factor' Judge - Hollywood Reporter
  • choi1love: Rob Pattinson faked Prince William friendship: By Tom Ayres, Entertainment Reporter Robert Pattinson has said th...
  • ChelsJennings: Big takeaway from #Omnicom you gotta be tenacious, you gotta know the product WELL, u gotta ask a lot of ques. Be a reporter & a strategist
  • ParkCityTV: In case you were wondering what former SLC reporter Allie MacKay was up to, here you go:
  • InezZZ90: This reporter works in 1of the most important t.v stations in Mexico. 4 the first time on May 14 to talk about k-pop in his program @mjjeje
  • swizzle_tooth: damn this abc reporter has some big ole knockers.
  • knwanews: Coming up tonight at 6, Reporter Shannon Miller checks in with the Rogers fire fighter who was injured last week...
  • keithyaskin: A reporter says due to his age, he is outside our desired demographics and can no longer relate to our viewers.
  • NYCcyn: RT @Farrelltimes: At War blog - Chris Chivers in Misurata - Reporter's Notebook: Here They Stood, Until They Ran -
  • followthatband: RT @MrESPN: YES!!! RT @CIH8U2 And we will all laugh...RT @Me one day, a reporter is gonna hit in the back of the head by a ball on live TV...
  • GrnhrtDaniel: RT @Farrelltimes: At War blog - Chris Chivers in Misurata - Reporter's Notebook: Here They Stood, Until They Ran -
  • Annieewagner: @TheRyanBeatty you should be a weather reporter.
  • blacknewsjunkie: Hollywood Reporter: Trump’s Three Hour Celebrity Apprentice Ratings Down 23% - The Moderate Voice
  • Tay_Tay2sweet4u: The channel 8 news reporter just said " Lakers folded like a tent".. LMAO!!!
  • cyncynical: RT @KeithOlbermann: Post Page Six "reporter" Tara Palmeri told of her inaccuracies, printed anyway, lied "his rep didn't get back to us," mocked my broken foot
  • RGM79Ace: VTable game: playing an artificer who works as a reporter for the Korranberg Chronicle, at a royal wedding. #DnD #Eberron #thiswillendbadly
  • TVSaar: @WhitlockJason Hi- I'm a reporter for FOX5 in San Diego.Can you do a phone intv w/ me for my story on sportsmanship? Pls DM me if interested
  • malvernchela: RT @Farrelltimes: At War blog - Chris Chivers in Misurata - Reporter's Notebook: Here They Stood, Until They Ran -
  • caregiver55: RT @KeithOlbermann: Post Page Six "reporter" Tara Palmeri told of her inaccuracies, printed anyway, lied "his rep didn't get back to us," mocked my broken foot
  • CrimeCorruption: Union leader testifies at Blagojevich's corruption retrial about Senate seat ... - Greenfield Daily Reporter
  • EntertainmentLM: Entertainment: Five Entertainment CEOs in Top 10 on 2010 Pay List – Hollywood Reporter
  • CrimeCorruption: Patrick youth violence plan features new gun crimes, more outreach - Dorchester Reporter
  • DeneishaJanae: I REALLY want to become a Reporter/Anchor
  • Farrelltimes: At War blog - Chris Chivers in Misurata - Reporter's Notebook: Here They Stood, Until They Ran -
  • MatrixWithKeanu: Keanu Reeves is circling the live-action remake of AKIRA, reports The Hollywood Reporter . He would play Kaneda, the...
  • Cogency: Rod Lurie to Direct 'Borderline' Thriller (Exclusive) - The Hollywood Reporter
  • doeboutique: Deleted all the reporter pics. Last thing they need is a reason to be angry with me.
  • courchene: RT @jamiesont: Mild mannered Daily Planet newspaper reporter Clark Kent is in fact crime fighting superhero Superman #superinjunction
  • timiandleslie: See the Gifts Victoria Beckham Received at Her All-Pink Baby Shower - The Hollywood Reporter
  • Norman_23_: Lol that reporter completely blame pau gasol #bold
  • ANJO_169: @Cleycianne virei seu fã brother sou reporter da veja
  • albertjcarter: @LosTProPheT816 haha i didn't notice earlier how much this guys voice sounds like a 1920s reporter...hilarious
  • jessgottlieb: The @Izilwane blog is live! http://. Become a citizen environmental reporter & submit your stories to be published there!
  • amyrodger: RT @Love4LFC: Reporter asked Kenny if he's happy about being 5th..Kenny answers "I'd rather be 1st" You know he aint stopping til he gets us to 1st again!
  • Cogency: Fox Int'l Is First Distributor to Hit $1 Billion Mark in 2011 - The Hollywood Reporter
  • MrESPN: YES!!! RT @CIH8U2 And we will all laugh...RT @Me one day, a reporter is gonna hit in the back of the head by a ball on live TV...
  • OfficialMSP: RT @CatAshenden: Please spare a thought and a prayer for my friend KXL reporter Barbara Voight whose fight with cancer was a picture of calm and courage
  • MWatson91: RT @lfcdarkestred: :D RT @Love4LFC: Reporter asked Kenny if he's happy about being 5th.. Kenny answers "I'd rather be 1st" ...
  • MrESPN: one day, a reporter is gonna hit in the back of the head by a ball on live TV...
  • MattyTwittee: Video: Lost ducklings rescued by news reporter
  • ve6erc: Sad day for #PDX radio. @KXLNews reporter/anchor Barbara Voight lost her battle with cancer. Barb, thanks, for teaching me so much.
  • mediaspy: VIDEOS: Vieira's announcement this morning on the 'Today' show....local TV reporter comes to rescue of ducklings:

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  • “Our poker blogs give you a behind-the-scenes look at poker culture and lifestyle from the people who live it. Check out pro blogs from Liz Lieu, Matt Created By: Matthew Showell Posted in: The Poker Reporter Blog. 2010 Nov 3. This video comes to us courtesy of our German PokerListings counterparts at”
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  • “Reporter-Workshop am 21. und 22. Mai 2010 in Hamburg. Am 21. und 22. Mai 2010 fand im "Spiegel"-Hochhaus in Hamburg der vierte 3B • Sabine Rückert (Zeit, Reporterpreisgewinnerin): Die Kriminalreportage WEGEN”
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