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  • One of the main problems in the study of CAP representations is the determination of After constructing some cuspidal representations, checking whether they are CAP is an. — “CAP REPRESENTATIONS OF G”,
  • Powell's Books is the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world. We carry an extensive collection of out of print rare, and technical titles as well as many other new and used books in every field. Representations of Real Numbers by Infinite Series. — “Lecture Notes in Mathematics #958: Group Extensions”,
  • amples (e.g. cyclotomic character, Galois representations attached to elliptic curves, abelian theorem is proved and fields of definition of Galois representations are discussed. • The third chapter is devoted to the local theory. — “Galois Representations”, uni-
  • representations in mind usually. It is better to look at the structure of graphs and find representations that are suitable for designing algorithms- say. — “Geometric Representations of Graphs”,
  • group representation Idea that a legislature should contain representatives who share the social characteristics of a particular group in society; for. — “Group representation: Definition from ”,
  • Representations, LLC has operated as a Medical Manufacturers Representative firm for 50 We represent quality medical manufacturers in the medical surgical and home care fields. — “Representations, LLC.*”,
  • brings you news, reviews, blog posts, photos and videos related to Politics. — “Politics - ”,
  • The decimal representation of an integer may be more familiar to you than one of the other representations given above, but it is not the only genuine or legal one it is only more familiar and (perhaps) more useful. When you see the expression " " you know what the integer is. — “Abstract Math: Representations and Models”,
  • While this lesson discusses the algebraic connections between multiple representations, there is one graphic that particularly demonstrates the importance of knowing multiple representations of information to better communicate. When graphing. — “Module 2: Multiple Representations”,
  • An interdisciplinary journal edited by renowned scholars, Representations publishes trend-setting articles and criticism in a wide variety of fields in the humanities. Not only do Representations' contributors provide the scholarly world with singular approaches to interdisciplinary study, they. — “University of California Press | Journals + Digital Publishing”,
  • like the crystalline, semistable and de Rham representations of Fontaine. Representations of Gal(Q/Q). — The starting point for this survey is that. one can attach representations of the group Gal(Q/Q) to some objects which occur in. arithmetic geometry, for example elliptic curves and modular forms. — “TRIANGULINE REPRESENTATIONS by Laurent Berger”,
  • Links to websites of Representations in Foreign Countries. — “Representations in Foreign Countries - Governments on the WWW”,
  • This article is about the theory of representations of algebraic structures by linear transformations and For the more general notion of representations throughout mathematics, see representation (mathematics). — “Representation theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • struction of the irreducible representations from the well known Even though it is hard to describe the irreducible representations of a finite group. — “UNDERSTANDING IRREDUCIBLE REPRESENTATIONS”,
  • Representations allow students to communicate mathematical approaches, arguments, and understanding to themselves and to others. To become deeply knowledgeable about fractions, for example, students need a variety of representations that support their understanding. — “Standards for School Mathematics: Representation”,
  • W. G. McKay, R. V. Moody, j. Patera, Decompositions of tensor products of E8 representations. A. A. Zolotykh, A package for computations in simple lie algebra representations, Proceedings of the 1991 international symposium on Symbolic and algebraic computation,. — “Tensor product decomposition and other algorithms for”,
  • This research was designed to create computer-based algebra lessons using spreadsheets about linear functions with emphasis on multiple representations and to investigate possible effects of instructional uses of multiple representations on students' outcomes (attitudes and achievement). — “CHAPTER 2”,
  • Online presence of a printed quarterly journal of humanities and interpretive social sciences, published by the University of California Press. Visit Representations at UC Press Journals for online or print access to this prizewinning essay, or look for it in your library. — “Representations”,
  • unitary representations of G. The set of all equivalence classes of such representations is tain good asymptotic properties (tempered representations) of reductive subgroups, when. — “AN EXTERNAL APPROACH TO UNITARY REPRESENTATIONS Marko Tadi' c”,
  • Visual representations bring research-based options, tools, and alternatives to bear in meeting the instructional challenge of mathematics education (Gersten et al., 2008) Research has explored the ways in which visual representations can be used in solving story problems (Walker & Poteet, 1989). — “Visual Representations”,

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  • Vector Basics - Algebraic Representations Vector Basics - Components, adding vectors algebraically and multiplying by a constant. For more free math videos, visit
  • Representations of Hell A small film made for a uni project about medieval images of hell
  • SCLY4 Summary of media representations of crime Brief summary of moral panics and the role of the media in constructing our ideas of our criminal and deviant British society is, written using Sociology in Focus A2 for AQA by Taylor, Yeo and Pilkington.
  • The Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience of Categorization, Novelty-Detec... Google Tech Talks November, 15 2007 ABSTRACT Neurocomputational models provide fundamental insights towards understanding the human brain circuits for learning new associations and organizing our world into appropriate categories. In this talk I will review the information-processing functions of four interacting brain systems for learning and categorization: (1) the basal ganglia which incrementally adjusts choice behaviors using environmental feedback about the consequences of our actions, (2) the hippocampus which supports learning in other brain regions through the creation of new stimulus representations (and, hence, new similarity relationships) that reflect important statistical regularities in the environment, (3) the medial septum which works in a feedback-loop with the hippocampus, using novelty-detection to alter the rate at which stimulus representations are updated through experience, (4) the frontal lobes which provide for selective attention and executive control of learning and memory. The computational models to be described have been evaluated through a variety of empirical methodoligies including human functional brain imaging, studies of patients with localized brain damage due to injury or early-stage neurodegenerative diseases, behavioral genetic studies of naturally-occuring individual variability, as well as comparative lesion and genetic studies with rodents. Our applications of these models to engineering and computer science including automated ...
  • The Poeticon: languages of sensorimotor representations and Google Tech Talks May, 21 2008 ABSTRACT Reproducing an act with sensorimotor means and using fine natural language for communicating the intentionality behind the act is what Aristotle called "Poetics". POETICON explores the "poetics of everyday life", ie the synthesis of sensorimotor representations and natural language in everyday human interaction. This is related to an old problem in Artificial Intelligence on how meaning emerges, which is approached here in a new way. POETICON follows an empirical approach for discovering the "languages" of sensorimotor representations and the correspondences with natural language; guided by experiments in psychology and neuroscience, it employs cutting-edge equipment and established cognitive protocols for collecting face and body movement measurements, visual object information and associated linguistic descriptions from interacting human subjects, with a two-fold objective: a) The creation of the PRAXICON, an extensible computational resource which associates symbolic representations (words/concepts) with corresponding sensorimotor representations and that is enriched with information on patterns among these representations for forming conceptual structures. b) The exploration of the association of symbolic and sensorimotor representations through cognitive and neurophysiological experiments and experimentation with a humanoid as driving forces and implementation tools for the development of the PRAXICON, respectively. POETICON ...
  • Galois Representations and Data Security - 1/6 G. Frey's lecture on Impa's 50th anniversary - 2002
  • Sensorimotor primitives for learning object representations by manipulation using Armar III The exploration and learning of new objects is an essential capability of a cognitive robot. In this work we focus on making use of the robots manipulation capabilities to learn complete object representations suitable for 3-D object recognition. Taking control of the object allows the robot to focus on relevant parts of the object. We propose a systematic method to control a robot in order to achieve a maximum range of motion across the 3-D view sphere. This is done by exploiting the task redundancies typically found on a humanoid arm and by avoiding joint limits and self-collisions of the robot. The proposed method enables us to acquire a wider range of snapshots without regrasping the object.
  • Using Multiple Representations in Mathcad This video illustrates how Mathcad enables students to use numeric, symbolic, graphical, and verbal explanations to find and explore the inverse of a rational function in algebra or pre-calculus.
  • Power Series Representation of Functions Power Series Representation of Functions - In this video I manipulate the power series representation of 1/(1-x) to derive power series representations of other functions. For more free math videos, visit Austin Math Tutor, Austin Math Tutoring, Austin Algebra Tutor, Austin Calculus Tutor
  • Representation & the Media: Featuring Stuart Hall In this accessible introductory lecture, Hall focuses on the concept of "representation"-- one of the key ideas of cultural studies-- and shows how reality is never experienced directly, but always through the symbolic categories made available by society.
  • Red vs Blue Halo 3 Beta Complex Rooster teeth did a little video about the Halo 3 beta. My friend was one of the first people to get it because of some special invite. So I went to his house and jacked up some noobs on it. That "noobs" would be me. I got jacked up. In other words i suck at halo.
  • THE IDEA OF MISS WORLD IN 56 REPRESENTATIONS This is a morphing of all past 56 Miss World - from the first one in 1951 to the last one in 2006 - accompained by a lecture of Plato's Greater Hippias where it says that "beauty is a beautiful virgin". [ All images and sound have been found on the internet. ] Working on this project, at one moment I realized that all Miss World look almost the same, they all have this same dumb look and smile... Then what came to my mind is that the image of the Miss World isn't important at all, what is important in another hand is the idea of Miss World, what it represents. For this reason I decided to use black and white pictures with very fat unelegant pixels.
  • Durarara!! Real Locations in Ikebukuro Durarara!! Real Locations in Ikebukuro From Nico Nico
  • Lecture - 1 Representations of Dynamical Systems Lecture Series on Chaos, Fractals and Dynamical Systems by Prof.S.Banerjee,Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more details on NPTEL visit
  • Linear Algebra: Parametric Representations of Lines Linear Algebra: Parametric Representations of Lines in R2 and R3
  • nonlinguistic representations
  • Ryan D. McKendrick - Mental representations and grounding Ryan McKendrick describes his cognitive science/philosophy research in the Representational Theory of Mind and the question of how our representations are grounded in reality. Ryan is advised by Dr. Zenon Pylyshyn of the Center for Cognitive Science, and Dr. Jerry Allen Foder of the Department of Philosophy.
  • 8 Anonymous: On the Death of Me Series part 8 Remember, as Ive explained-before = weve manifested and created the Physical-Breath as a System-Representation of and as Actual-Breath, because weve separated-ourselves from-ourselves as Here as the presence of and as Here as Actual-Breath. Within that accepted and allowed separation, weve separated-ourselves into and as Manifested System-Representations of-Ourselves that function/exist For-us = until we return to ourselves so-to-speak within the realisation and standing of and as Equality and Oneness. For example: The System-Representation of and as HERE was created and manifested as the Physical. The System-Representation of and as ACTUAL-BREATH was created and manifested as the Physical-Breath. The System-Representation of and as PRESENCE was created and manifested as Consciousness. The System-Representation of and as OURSELVES was created and manifested as the Mind Consciousness System. linbk to text desteni desteniproductions sunettespies estenidewet andrearossouw bernardpoolman for equality as a human right
  • Women in Ancient Greece Women's Life in Ancient Greece and Clothes
  • Vector Basics - Algebraic Representations Part 2 Vector Basics - Components, adding vectors algebraically and multiplying by a constant. PART 2 of the video that got cut off!! For more free math videos, visit
  • Dismantling the "Axis of Evil": Reforming Middle Eastern Representations in Hollywood (part1) This is part one of a program presented by the Iranian American Bar Association and Levantine Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Introduced by Ashley Tabbador and Jordan Elgrably, "Dismantlng the Axis of Evil" includes a brief review of roles in film and television, followed by a spirited discussion, and questions from the audience. Panelists include Ahmed Ahmed, comedian and actor, Reza Aslan, author of "No god, but God" and "How to Win a Cosmic War"; John Tehranian, attorney and author of "Whitewashed: America's Invisible Middle Eastern Minority"; Maz Jobrani, actor and comedian ("Brown & Friendly Comedy Tour", "Axis of Evil Comedy Tour"; "The Interpreter"); and Shiva Rose, actress ("David & Layla," "CSI Miami"), activist and playwright. In an event held at the beginning of this year entitled Arabs and Muslims in Hollywood, Levantine Cultural Center along with the Muslim Public Affairs Council and the Screen Actors Guild, brought together a star-studded panel of actors and directors to examine the portrait of Middle Easterners in Hollywood and the themes of terrorism and religious extremism that often follow. Participants included casting director April Webster ("Lost," "Criminal Minds," "24"), Oscar-nominee and Emmy-winner Shohreh Aghdashloo, Omar Metwally ("Munich"), Raya Meddine ("Bosta," "The Young and the Restless") and Maz Jobrani ("The Interpreter", "Homebody Kabul"). This is a follow-up discussion and a "how to guide" on eliminating negative ...
  • Polar Representations of Quaternions The polar representation of quaternions is identical to what happens for complex numbers except the imaginary i gets replaced by an imaginary 3-vector, i, j, and k. To get to an event from the origin requires heading off in a certain direction at a certain speed. This is what the polar representation of quaternions accomplishes. The preprint is available at
  • Torture & American Culture-An Inquiry and Reflection: Popular Culture, Graphic Representations of Torture & Violence The photographs that revealed the torture and abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib shocked the world. American military personnel and civilian contractors are seen engaged in practices prohibited by the Geneva Conventions, the Army Field Manual, and US and international law. Further revelations about CIA rendition policies, deaths in custody, Guantanamo detainees, and government secrecy raise critical questions about US culture and the practices and conditions that have fostered the resort to torture. This forum will examine two issues 1. What in US culture predisposes us to torture or to a tolerance for torture? 2. What strengths and weaknesses have US leadership groups (political, military, religious, medical, psychological, legal, etc.) exhibited in responding to the current controversies over torture? Moderator: Bill McGarvey, Editor-in-Chief, Busted Halo, Online Magazine Panel: David Danzig, Human Rights First, Director, Primetime Torture Project Professor Todd Gitlin, Columbia University School of Journalism Richard Alleva, Film Critic, Commonweal
  • Negative Representations of Arabs and Muslims in the Media A short video about the effects of negative representations of Arabs and Muslims in the media
  • Internal Representations
  • Robert Fisk on false representation of Hezbollah Robert Fisk decries US media's failure to report the truth about Hezbollah and the conflict in Lebanon. I wrote a related ICH article on the subject during the conflict. "Free in Our Time" (Excepts below ) "What is happening in Lebanon will change ( by example ) a variety of things on this planet that people accept as fact. The fundamental reason for this is that when Hassan Nasrallah says he cares about the Lebanese people, he means it. Not that anyone in this country would know that of course, since mainstream media hasn't played more than thirty seconds of any of his statements followed by the "white man's overview", but if you had the opportunity to actually hear him you would surely know differently. This makes him unique as a leader since there are very few leaders ( certainly not ours ) that actually care for the people they are supposed to serve and protect. We should all be very well aware by now that leaders on this planet aren't elected, they are "installed" and are there to support the desires of the Global Corporation at the expense of the individual. One glaring example of this was Hezbollah's immediate response to the cease fire. Engineers and doctors were immediately dispatched, and registry centers were set up all over the south for people in need of aid. The response was so swift that European aid agencies that went in after the cease fire couldn't find people that had not already been visited by Hezbollah. The aid workers ...
  • Representables and Yoneda 1 Definition of representable functors and the Yoneda embedding (though without calling it the Yoneda embedding yet)
  • Representation of 70% in a student centered classroom Students use linking cubes to show different representations of 70%
  • Leisha Hailey Yoplait Commercial Actress Leisha Hailey's Yoplait Advert.
  • Jeff Hawkins - Hierarchical Temporal Memory How a Theory of the Neocortex May Lead to Truly Intelligent Machines Jeff Hawkins (Numenta founder) presents as part of the UBC Department of Computer Science's Distinguished Lecture Series, March 18, 2010. Coaxing computers to perform basic acts of perception and robotics, let alone high-level thought, has been difficult. No existing computer can recognize pictures, understand language, or navigate through a cluttered room with anywhere near the facility of a child. Hawkins and his colleagues have developed a model of how the neocortex performs these and other tasks. The theory, called Hierarchical Temporal Memory, explains how the hierarchical structure of the neocortex builds a model of its world and uses this model for inference and prediction. To turn this theory into a useful technology, Hawkins has created a company called Numenta. In this talk Hawkins will describe the theory, its biological basis, and progress in applying Hierarchical Temporal Memory to machine learning problems. Part of this theory was described in Hawkins' 2004 book, On Intelligence. Further information can be found at
  • Gender Studies and Body Politics Session 3 | The New School Session 3 from "No Longer in Exile: The Legacy and Future of Gender Studies at the New School" THE NEW SCHOOL | This conference that celebrates the return of a Gender Studies Program to the New School! Inspired by distinguished visitors from all over the world, students and faculty explore this interdisciplinary field's history, its changing boundaries, and its current cutting edge. http Judith Jack Halberstam, Professor of English, American Studies and Ethnicity and Gender Studies, University of Southern California. Prof. Halberstam focuses on a range of directions in which Gender Studies has traveled: queer theory, popular culture, visual culture, sub‐cultures and the politics of the body. EUGENE LANG COLLEGE THE NEW SCHOOL FOR LIBERAL ARTS | *Location: Theresa Lang Center, 55 West 13th Street.03/27/2010 2:15pm-2:45pm
  • Weeds, Heylia likes Nancy's cute little ass Heylia isn't happy to find out Nancy's been putting weed in her cornbread recipe.
  • Discrete Scale Axis Representations for 3D Geometry -- SIGGRAPH 2010 Accompanying video for SIGGRAPH 2010 paper "Balint Miklos, Joachim Giesen, Mark Pauly: Discrete Scale Axis Representations for 3D Geometry" We present results from our algorithm that computes the discrete scale axis transform, a superior stable alternative to the medial axis. More details at Thank you to Noelle Bobst for the custom composed music for the second part of this video!
  • Representations of Race and Ethnicity in Art & Literature October 9, 2010 - This wide-ranging panel discussion featured four Stanford University professors sharing examples of how they have observed race and ethnicity in art and literature and the impact these portrayals have had. The professors were Michele Elam, Saikat Majumdar, David Palumbo-Liu, and Bryan Wolf. This talk was part of the 2010 Litquake literary festival in San Francisco. The features programming designed to include all elements of the Bay Area literary scene. This talk was part of the popular event entitled Lit Crawl that features a series of talks which participants go to. Stanford University: The Human Experience Litquake Stanford University Channel on YouTube:
  • Disney cartoons Gender representations 1
  • g33akura: Theory of Group Representations (Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften) 8211 M.A. Naimark A.I Stern downloa.. RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED
  • apofuhoxu: Ingres in Fashion: Representations of Dress and Appearance in Ingres`s Images of Women (Hardcover): Ingres in Fa...
  • wgvyukinaa: Dictionary of Conformal Representations 8211 H. Kober download, read, buy online
  • Wondakmc: Image, Text And Audience: The Taishokan Narrative In Visual Representations Of The Early Modern Period In Japan ...
  • centerdiaa: Elements of the Theory of Representations (Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften) 8211 A. A. Kirillov downl..
  • Amalmui: Nickle Tanto: This replica Tanto of the Edo Period are aesthetically beautiful and are wonderful representations...
  • h8bsomf: Automorphic Forms, Representations, and L-Functions (Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics) 8211 W Casselman ..
  • sensaa: RT @rygorous: New blog post: "Half-edge based mesh representations: theory" Gets kinda hairy towards the end, sorry about that. :)
  • fovkitf: Representations of Finite Chevalley Groups: A Survey (Lecture notes in mathematics 764) 8211 Bhama Srinivasan down..
  • fsryamatv: Dictionary of Conformal Representations 8211 H. Kober download, read, buy online
  • meshula: RT @rygorous: New blog post: "Half-edge based mesh representations: theory" Gets kinda hairy towards the end, sorry about that. :)
  • Tynishakpm: Gold: Gold features new stero recordings of the classics that have become representations of pop culture in the ...
  • CarolinaPRSSA: Peters got an entry-level job on the hockey team. He was one of the prime media representations of the team. He did that for 2 years.
  • Lupenvi: Acoustic and Electromagnetic Equations: Integral Representations for Harmonic Problems: Acoustic and electromagn...
  • fozeta: RT @rygorous: New blog post: "Half-edge based mesh representations: theory" Gets kinda hairy towards the end, sorry about that. :)
  • sweatervest1624: Despite popular representations to the contrary, Ash Wednesday is not an excuse for gluttony tonight.
  • Melaniambv: Use of Representations in Reasoning and Problem Solving: Use of Representations in Reasoning and Problem Solving...
  • FantasyAuthors: Dwarfs on TV; two very different representations - @GeorgeRRMartin
  • 57r2io: Group Representations in Mathematics and Physics: Battelle Seattle 1969 Rencontres (Lecture Notes in Physics) 8211 ..
  • Marchelleoax: Conceptual Structures: Knowledge Representations as Interlingua: 4th International Conference on Conceptual Stru...
  • Lauretteryx: The Power of Images in Early Modern Sciences: The book is dedicated to the role of visual representations in the...
  • KnowMoAlberta: @uofapublichlth interesting! Cultural representations of risk behaviours certainly contribute 2 perception that such activities r 'normal.'
  • jmetter: @Sw_Satyasamudra I copied your Facebook cover photo… of Krishna revealing his divine form. Love representations of the Unrepresentable.
  • Laurazui: Criminal Visions: Media Representations of Crime and Justice: Media representations of law and order are matters...
  • Tarohne: @XaviRoth Can you deny that my representations of the Thalmor voice actors to be anything but accurate? :P
  • Jonnahwq: Villeroy & Boch Flora Sunflower Dinner Plates, Set of 6: Graphic representations of five flowers - sunflower, ro...
  • Karieyjb: Introduction to Topographic Maps: As detailed, scale model overhead representations of Earth's surface, topograp...
  • jlsummerfield1: Being partly Geordie, take my word for it, Geordie Shore is one of the most accurate representations of life in Newcastle. #shouldibeproud ?
  • Keraxlp: Gold: Gold features new stero recordings of the classics that have become representations of pop culture in the ...
  • Elfredacrc: Villeroy & Boch Flora Dinner Plates, Daisy, Set of 6: Graphic representations of five flowers - sunflower, rose,...
  • ElishaRicketts: Amy was one of the biggest representations of British music of our time and all they do is show some VT! #Disrespect
  • xueshang: You can burn my flag or my Quran; but these are just material representations of ideas that endure.
  • Clarisaira: Conceptual Structures: Knowledge Representations as Interlingua: 4th International Conference on Conceptual Stru...
  • MrRogerDodger: The two worst representations of premier league defences in the CL
  • Joeannohi: In Search of an Order: Mutual Representations in Sweden & Russia During the Early Age of Reason (Sodertorn Acade...
  • ACSDivCHED: RT @doctorchemed: Do these representations of #BioChem molecules help or hinder student learning? (#JChemEd)
  • ka4ofg: Finite Representations of CCS and TCSP Programs by Automata and Petri Nets (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 8211..
  • 8gbgirlbu: Finite Representations of CCS and TCSP Programs by Automata and Petri Nets (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 8211..
  • LauraJayneD: I'm begrudgingly watching Ladder 49. Representations of Irish masculinity in Hollywood Cinema
  • __cui: as a precursor: a lecture on gender and representations tomorrow. #adm #wsa
  • myklikes: Check out this video of Dr Seuss at Burning Man. It feels like one of the most authentic representations of the event
  • cableguygetrdon: Dwarfs on TV; two very different representations: The Daily Beast's Jace Lacob looks at Game of Thrones and Life...
  • nickdebois: @gerryorourke I am making representations and supporting principals and aims but I don't do EDMs unless very specific to constit
  • dannystock: @SWSCmedia #SWSCmedia I think positive and accurate representations in drama program's, sw never shown in a good light in soaps and sucj
  • Ermintrude2: @hiljoyh I think fictional representations (honest ones) circumvent some of the issues regarding vulnerabiltiy of fly on the wall #swscmedia
  • CPStore: Postmodern Representations: Truth, Power, and Mimesis in the Human Sciences and Public Culture. Crtical Pedagogy...
  • CBBTexas: Passing Financial Due Diligence When Selling A Business - Substantiate financial representations with proper documents.
  • GoddersI: @MrPaulDavis354 1. She CAN go against the Whip. 2. Only wanted her to make representations to Home Sec. 3. Which side of fence ARE you on?
  • Laurinepbo: Faithful Representations and Topographic Maps: From Distortion- to Information-Based Self-Organization: A new pe...
  • qufecyliby: Step One to Changing Your Internal Representations – Image Editing KdC: .wey
  • samstod: @AdamNightmare "free speech" w/e, bleh, there are plenty of card arts that would make for poor high profile representations of the game.
  • Stepheniekpe: Ancient Towers and Doorways Being Pictorial Representations and Restorations of Masoncraft Relating to Celtic an...
  • StephanieKMoody: Portmeirion Pomona Teacup and Saucer (T) Grimwoods Royal George - 7 Ounces: With its bountiful representations o...
  • Lacynwl: Learning and Reasoning with Complex Representations: PRICAI'96 Workshops on Reasoning with Incomplete and Changi...
  • TheSydHReport: "Great power comes with great responsibility." That's why I wish advertisers were more conscious with their aims &r representations #J2150I
  • ramisjnxbql0: willozap no such thing as history, merely currently contested representations of the past.qYD
  • Maryannajixri: Solicitors and What They Can Do: When it comes to court cases as well as court representations, lawyers are the ...
  • hert2930: That lecture was interesting but too long. I didn't know there were Cyrillic representations of some pre modern Japanese words (Edo period)
  • OrxProject: RT @rygorous: New blog post: "Half-edge based mesh representations: theory" Gets kinda hairy towards the end, sorry about that. :)
  • sambradd: @_c_n_ oh the library. eerily familiar from representations in apocalyptic movies, except their reference is war, not decay. Metaphor?
  • MarkDiscovered: @TheGayStage @ayoungertheatre I could not agree more with the views expressed in that article!
  • ohheygreat: Serious request: Articles, posts, musings (visual or verbal), photos, links, representations of nostalgia. Will you send them to me?
  • TheGayStage: @MrMatthewTodd @AttitudeMag Re: Homophobia. Here lies, I think, at least part of the solution... @ayoungertheatre
  • NinaALHuggett: Just reached 10,000 words on fictional representations of #Welshidentity section! Got me thinking...what does #beingWelsh mean to you?
  • mrccbu: CBU's Horner & Henson. Stimulus-response bindings code both abstract and specific stimuli representations. Open Access
  • WYBFoundation: WONDER WOMEN! THE UNTOLD STORY OF AMERICAN SUPERHEROINES looks at how popular representations of powerful women...
  • Loraineggo: Nanyo-Orientalism: Japanese Representations of the Pacific: This book mainly deals with twentieth-century discou...
  • CPStore: Postmodern Representations: Truth, Power, and Mimesis in the Human Sciences and Public Culture. Crtical Pedagogy...
  • Nikaaa_Please: @RatherUnique31 @Will_Fairbanks THANKS GUYS!!! U both are great representations of true hip hop lovers!!!
  • Nakiapbn: Arab Representations of the Occident: EastWest Encounters in Arabic Fiction: No description available
  • DanielBurley: "Laughing Sam's Dice" or LSD, two paintings on board with gold leaf. Both abstract representations of the drug
  • alialtafmian: @EbrahimMoosa discussing of the dismal representations of Islam and Muslims in mainstream media
  • dppm_tweets: RT @ayoungertheatre: Gay Theatre: "We Need A Voice" says @dppm_tweets of @TheGayStage in this guest blog on AYT:
  • Shylalefzg: Solicitors and What They Can Do: When it comes to court cases as well as court representations, lawyers are the ...
  • ColumbiaCDRS: #digitalhumanities allows us to make new representations collaboratively, on both sides of the Atlantic -
  • Tarynxsg: Envisioning the Worst: Representations of "Hottentots" in Early-Modern England:
  • TootsKammiePenc: Some other great tattoo designs for women are representations of different: tattoo breast tattoo breast sh...
  • Caridadmnnwb: Solicitors and What They Can Do: When it comes to court cases as well as court representations, lawyers are the ...
  • Samellabwnrn: When it comes to court cases as well as court representations, lawyers are the first persons that are always bei...
  • Tannerman: Walt always said, “After I die, make sure all digital representations of my likeness appear w/a trash can at my feet!”
  • manehugs: @GnarlMarx i love the idea of you teaching a class, going off about representations in vardino gamming
  • Elsyqvv: Portmeirion Pomona Square Salad Plate Wild Blackberry: With its bountiful representations of seasonal fruitfulne...
  • CPStore: Postmodern Representations: Truth, Power, and Mimesis in the Human Sciences and Public Culture. Crtical Pedagogy...
  • jvasodc: Images, Representations and Heritage: Moving beyond Modern Approaches to Archaeology 8211 Ian Russell ebook
  • TheGayStage: RT @ayoungertheatre: Gay Theatre: "We Need A Voice" says @dppm_tweets of @TheGayStage in this guest blog on AYT:
  • doctorchemed: Do these representations of #BioChem molecules help or hinder student learning? (#JChemEd)
  • Kharrak: Yaaaay, Tyranids FINALLY get models. They are sorely lacking model representations for a large quantity of the newer units in their codex.

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  • “In gaming, playtesting and user research are crucial. The interface and the user experience don't just have to work; they have to be enjoyable and engaging”
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