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  • See the company profile for Repros Therapeutics Inc. (RPRX) including business summary, industry/sector information, number of employees, business summary, corporate governance, key executives and their compensation. — “RPRX Profile | Repros Therapeutics Inc. Stock - Yahoo! Finance”,
  • Regulators at the FDA have told Repros Therapeutics ($RPRXD) that its testosterone drug Androxal is not ready for Phase III. Instead, the developer says the agency has asked for a fresh Phase IIb trial to test two doses of the therapy, a topical. — “Stock:Repros Therapeutics (RPRX)”,
  • Get the latest RPRX - Repros Therapeutics Inc stock market performance data and financial news. — “Repros Therapeutics Inc (RPRX) Stock Quote | TheStreet”,
  • Definition of repros in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of repros. Pronunciation of repros. Translations of repros. repros synonyms, repros antonyms. Information about repros in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “repros - definition of repros by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Repros 'R' us P.O.Box 15 Fawkner, Vic. 3060 ABN : 31 895 431 577 Repros 'R' us has been established to help the car enthusiast complete their car with that hard to find component. All components are reproduced very closely to. — “Repros 'R' us”,
  • Encyclopedia article about repros. Information about repros in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “repros definition of repros in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Read the latest Repros news and developments from FierceBiotech. Also, feel free to sign up for the Repros news RSS feed. — “Repros News - FierceBiotech”,
  • Re-Pros Repossession Software,The full featured Re-Pros Repossession Software Suite offers your repossession company a full line of management tools. Our Customers receive responsive, accurate and intelligent support. — “Repossession Software , Repo Software , Recovery Software”,
  • FDA Lifts Full Clinical Hold On Repros Therapeutics Inc.'s Proellex Repros Therapeutics Inc. announced it has received written confirmation from the FDA noting the full clinical hold on Proellex. — “Repros Therapeutics Inc. (RPRX.W) Key Developments | ”,
  • Biopharmaceutical company Repros Therapeutics Inc. ] recently announced that it intends to conduct a type B meeting with the US Food and Drug Administration. — “Repros Schedules Meeting With FDA”,
  • The best deals on Banners, Posters, Signs, color copies and more serving Canton, Akron, Cleveland and Northeastern Ohio. — “Repros Inc: Banners, Signs, Posters, Displays, Copies & More”,
  • Huge selection of Posters at great prices. Our large inventory has Art, Movies, Cars, Models, Historic People, Humor, Music, Rap, Vintage Ads, Maps, Sports, Photography, posters all sizes. ©2010 Retro Repros® Site developed by Belay. — “Posters, Art Prints - Retro Repros”,
  • Barbie Vintage Reproductions Home > DOLLS > BARBIE SHOPPE > BARBIE VINTAGE REPROS. BARBIE VINTAGE REPROS. Products (Total Items: 31) Barbie Fall 2010 My Favorite KEN® Doll PINK LABEL™ Collection (Pre-Order Item, Ship. — “BARBIE COLLECTOR DOLLS - Barbie Vintage Reproductions”,
  • 24 Hour Shipping on most orders. Customizable Repros gifts - t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, embroidery, and more from . Choose your favorite Repros gift from thousands of available products. — “Repros T-Shirts, Repros Gifts, Art, Posters, and more”,
  • Repros Therapeutics Inc. ( NASDAQ: RPRX), is a US-based development stage biopharmaceutical company headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas. Founded in 1987 as Zonagen, it is focused on the development of oral small molecule drugs to address major unmet medical needs in male and female health. — “Repros Therapeutics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of repros from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of repros. Pronunciation of repros. Definition of the word repros. Origin of the word repros. — “repros - Definition of repros at ”,

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  • NES Reproductions First Time VIDEO GAME CORNER I make some NES reproductions for the first time. There are some really cool games. Here is Metaljesusrocks facebook page:
  • Repros of Local TV Station Color Test Patterns - 1960's-1980's (Amended) [NOTE: The colors may appear different on browsers set to Flash 10 and later, than on browsers set to Flash 9 and earlier.] An amended set of reproductions of numerous color test patterns used by local TV stations across the country (and Puerto Rico) from the 1960's through the 1980's, with a few additional TP repros that are shown here for the first time. Unlike the blank TP repros of my other video(s), these also strive for the "look" of TP's as reproduced on film chains/slide scanners and positioned on light tables, complete with particular calibrations, fading, etc. Dissolves between individual repros are approximated from transitions from one slide to another as seen from the 1950's into the '80's on WCBS-TV (Channel 2) in New York, with transitions between two patterns from the same station simulating the switches from one title card to the next on several Thames TV programs (notably "The Benny Hill Show") up to 1972. The order of these patterns are grouped by channel number and by DMA ranking (for example, a New York station on channel 7 would come before one from Chicago, which comes before one from San Francisco, and so on). The appearances of these patterns (and typesetting layouts thereof) have been largely confirmed from magazine articles, numerous DX websites, and other YouTube clips; plus input from other YouTube users (including 'MSTS1'). All rights are acknowledged. The TP's, in order please (DMA rankings from 2011-2012): - South Dakota Public TV (KUSD 2 ...
  • NES & SNES Reproductions VIDEO GAME CORNER Sweet Home Earth Bound Zero Secret Of Mana 2 I show some reproductions and I talk about how to spot fake expensive carts.
  • Tagus - Tdi's ( Repros ) - Rata vs Luis Tagus ... Ibiza Tdi Sport RH aka RataCups " Repro " vs Ibiza Tdi Sport aka Luis " Repro "
  • 1961 Vintage Stratocaster Dakota Red If you would like an exact repro pre cbs Strat send me a private message. Build process here: An exact replica - hand built (built from blocks of wood not from aftermarket mass produced necks and bodies) and exact in every detail - every screw size, thread size, cavity shapes and dimensions, tooling marks, truss rod dimensions, truss rod nut length, size and position of cable tunnels, worm rout, knobs, switch tip, string guides, strap buttons - everything. Any year, colour, neck profile. We made all our templates with great precision from original Pre CBS guitars in order to accurately reproduce the contours, cavities and all little nooks and crannies ! All bodies are US red alder and the necks are north american hard rock maple. This guitar is NOT a modern Fender (FMIC) Relic. Note the comparisons between modern repro parts such as volume knobs and switch tips against the genuine original Pre CBS ones - numbers and letters different sizes, repro tips are different shape and size (not shown here), our parts are exact repros of originals NOT commercially available mass produced off the shelf guitar spares. La guitarra en el video NO es una FMIC Custom Shop RELIC.
  • HTMM New Client HTMM New Client, Repros
  • ana practs repros sys 5
  • Snes Hacks - Repros - Prototypes the best hacks for the super nintendo: -the legend of zelda,a link to the past -secret of mana -seiken densetsu 3 -final fantasy 3 -nightmare busters -starwing/starfox -super metroid
  • We reached 100 views in 5 days!! Hello repros me covering the new dlc called revolution skate with ya later
  • Demo : Telecaster Neck Pickup : Vintage Repro 60's - Blues Feelings Shop Description These custom made pickups ( specially for Blues Feelings ) are the real deal ! Vintage cloth wire, parafin wax, Alnico magnet The Sound We wanted to recreate the pickups from the early 60's. Our cover is steel and nickel plating, they are both as thin as possible to feel the subtile harmonics of the strings. We tried to have no space between the cover and pole pieces in order to avoid any buzz or resonance. We wired our pickups with thin 43 gauge enamel copper and impregnated them with parafin wax. The result, a perfect pickup with warm, clear tones ! You will love it ! Output : 6,95 k
  • Trailer Finds #2 Games, Models, World War I Poster Repros & Paper 10/18/12 More finds from the trailer.
  • Unboxing of Mosin Nagant 91/30 PU Sniper If you're like me and have been waiting for a decent price on one of these PU snipers then get one now before they dry up. I've been wanting one for quite some time but even the repros were going for $600. Picked up this all original arsenal refurbished for the same price from . From what I see so far, it's a keeper. Now I just have to put some rounds through it...
  • By Request: The Price is Right RETRO Pricing Game Recap- 8/21/1986 (Primetime Special #2) As Ben Mason appears as Skype co-host once again on my channel, we present another RETRO edition of The Price is Right Pricing Game Recap. This time around, we go back to August 21, 1986 where the 2nd of 6 Primetime Specials took place in that year and here were the prizes and Pricing Games: -A Pontiac Firebird Trans Am as the car in a 5 digit Lucky $even -A Tappan side by side two door refrigerator freezer with a chilled water dispenser, automatic ice maker and no frost feature, Bard tennis King Mitt Plus rackets with thermal bags, an Iron Classic Beds Berkway Tiara sofabed and a carousel horse from Designer Repros as the four prizes in Race Game -A chance to win up to $10000 in Grand Game for the contestant that had to find the 4 grocery items that were less than the Target Price of $1.40 -A trip to Auckland, New Zealand via Air New Zealand that included a 6 night stay European Plan at The Regent of Auckland as the prize in Range Game -A chance to win up to $10000 in Punch-A-Bunch for the contestant that won all 4 punches -A Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS Coupe as the car with an Oki Telecom advance cellular car phone as a Bonus prize, a hand made rolling wicker serving gourmet cart and money in the Piggy Bank as the prizes in Any Number Out of these 6 Pricing Games played, only one result had the Losing Horns while the other five results were big wins. Which game was lost? Also, names of "The MVP's of The Price is Right", the Sponsor plug for Morton iodized salt and the list ...
  • Repros Therapeutics Soars 47% to New 52-Wk High on Positive Proellex Animal Study Repros Therapeutics (RPRX) has seen its market value soar by more than half to a new 52-week high of $4.16, after it says it completed two animal model studies of the use of Proellex in a vaginally administered formulation that demonstrated effects on progesterone sensitive tissues equivalent to the highest oral dose formerly in development by the company. Extrapolating the data from the exposure seen in animals to that seen in humans, administration of Proellex via the vaginal route may achieve maximum circulating concentrations that are approximately 2% of that exhibited in humans at the 50 mg dose and only 6.5% of the lowest oral dose, 12.5 mg, previously tested in humans, it said. Repros Therapeutics is up over 62% Monday to a price of $4.16.
  • GFS 50s Repro Pickup Demo for Telecaster Bridge I got this bad boy new for my SX Furrian tele copy. Man it sounds pretty killer. Quite bright and punchy - like a good old tele to my ears. Very interactive with the volume and tone knobs. I'm playing through my line 6 Pod HD500 on a Plexi patch.
  • How to Desolder a NES Board VIDEO GAM CORNER REPRODUCTIONS In this tutorial I show how to desolder a NES board so you can make a reproduction cart.
  • Hypocrite Reproduction Sellers I Call You Out VIDEO GAME CORNER I talk about reproduction sellers that act like reselling repros is wrong even though they do it.
  • Electric City Pickups, RD-59 PAF repro set, Fender Deluxe reverb I've spent countless hours of " Research and Developement (RD)" to bring my RD-59 pickup set to reality. This set was totally reverse engineeres from a real PAF set. The amp is my standard Fender Deluxe reverb set to overdrive. As always, the video and audio was shot straight to the camcorder with no mixing or adding of any type. Performance by Lee Delray
  • SELECTION OF GERMAN STEEL HELMETS IN COLLECTION PART 1 ALL GENUINE PERIOD ITEMS, NOT REPROS OR REBUILDS.the increase in german made reproductions and rebuilt repaints and fake decals on e bay mean theres an increased interest in unaltered honest ww2 german steel helmets, this unfortunately pushes the price of a lot of them above the average collectors means, but invest money in a genuine german helmet and you wont regret it, the value will always increase and not go down, i predict the price of a no frills standard undecalled unaltered ww2 german helmet will soon be about £500..or $1000 us with prices rising according to model, finish and decal... if ,for example, you bought 300 shares in a certain uk bank in 1994 for £1 each, today in 2012 those £1 shares would now be worth 25p each..if you had spent about £150 on a good afrika korps helmet it would now be worth £ dont have to be a math genious to figure which would have been the best investment!!. BASIC ID GUIDE TO GERMAN WW2 HELMETS...MODEL 1935, VENT PIECE IS A SEPERATE ITEM INSERTED INTO SHELL AND SKIRT EDGE OF SHELL HAS BEEN FACTORY ROLLED UNDER........MODEL 1940,VENT IS ACTUALLY FACTORY STAMPED AS A RAISED ITEM AS PART OF SHELL AND NOT ADDED AS ABOVE AND STILL RETAINS ROLLED EDGE.....MODEL 1942, VENT IS AS M1940 AND THE EDGE OF SKIRT IS FLARED OUTWARDS LEAVING AN UNTURNED OR "RAW" EDGE..USE THESE GUIDELINES AND YOU WILL POSITIVELY IDENTIFY THE THIRD REICH HELMET SHELLS...THE FALLSCHIRMJAGER SHELL STANDS ALONE ,BEING DIFFERENT TO THE STANDARD ARMY TYPE SHELL.
  • NES Reproductions 101 VIDEO GAME CORNER NES Boards Introduction I show different types of NES boards used in making reproductions.
  • Especial mil repros
  • ana practs repros sys 4
  • DDD, FSLR, RIMM, RPRX -- Stock Charts - Harry Boxer, Tuesday, January 22, 2013 -- It was an interesting day on Wall Street on Tuesday as the day took off with a thud, and then rallied to new highs. So, we'll be highlighting longs here that continue to push ahead. 3D Systems Corp. (DDD) is a wonderful swing trade of ours, and it reached our target on Tuesday in the 69-70 zone. This stock spiked up and reached a 71.22 level, closing at 69.80, up 3.98, or 6%, on 5 million shares, the biggest volume in a long time. It looks like it's accelerating here and may be coming to a near-term peak. It has broken above the long-term channel that goes back a year. So at this point, if it accelerates, nothing would stop it from going another 20-30 points. But it could peter out in the mid 70's, and then pullback and consolidate. http First Solar, Inc. (FSLR) popped out of a wedge on Tuesday, up 1.50 to 31.58, or 5%, on 4 million shares. It does look like it wants to go back up to test 35, and maybe even as high as 38. Research In Motion Limited (RIMM) has made an unbelievable move, up 32.06 to 17.90, or 13%, on 110 million shares. It has tripled from the low in Sept to the high on Tuesday, reaching nearly 18, the target set for this stock. It's at resistance now and is short-term overbought. It may peak out. We'll know pretty soon, so keep an eye on this one. http Repros Therapeutics Inc. (RPRX) has a nice swing trade on it. The fifth wave is on its way. Right now it's at resistance, and if this ...
  • Miercoles Informativos| PArtner Con VidCast 50 repros diarias! Hey, hoy en miercoles informativos os traigo un video de partner con VidCast Con 50 repros diarias!!! :) socialblade: Formulario: Espero que os guste: A ser posible llegar a 5 likes i 15 reproducciones?? Sigeme en mi twitter: Para asuntos de...
  • Gil Yaron M-69 Rings Repros.mpg Self made pair of M-69 rings. This video demonstrates the mechanical properties as they can be heard by dropping the rings on a hard surface. The first part is a comparison with a modern newer Gibson ring. The second part is comparison with original M-69's (in black).
  • Snapback Goods Official Vintage Day Preview June 25 2011 SBG will be releasing limited stock of vintage snapbacks from the 90s no repros. All repros will be taken out, and will have all vintage selection in the shop. Couple of brands that will be in vintage day are sport specialties, logo 7s, logo athletics(paint splashes, ) gcaps, american needle etc. They dont come cheap, so be prepared to spend. Also this event will have no TAX . yes... no *tax* day is going to be this saturday only. No exceptions. Also first come first serve, no holds for vintage day. New shipments of Levis vest, vintage crewnecks, and flannels will be available on saturday. Very limited. Price ranges for vintage snapbacks are $25-100$ + . For those not in toronto. ThIS SALE IS ONLY HAPPENING @ 786 St clair avenue west. No other location. Other info will be posted later on.
  • 1959 Fender Stratocaster Demo - 1959 Fender Stratocaster - Original unless noted 3 Color Sunburst Alder Body Maple Neck - pre patent number "Spaghetti Logo" C Shape Brazilian Rosewood Slab Fretboard 7.25" Radius Clay Dot Inlays 10 Hole Pickguard - RARE and EXCELLENT Fender Black Back Stratocaster Single Coil Pickups 3 Way Switch Nickel Hardware Kluson Deluxe Single Line Tuners Scale Length 25.5" 21 Frets Fender Stratocaster Tremolo Bridge with Original Saddles Replacement Saddle Height Screws and Springs White "Chicklet" Capacitor, Pots and Cloth Wiring Trem Arm Original Input Jack & Neck Plate Included, Repros Installed Original Bill of Sale Included Replacement Tremolo Springs Added Original Fender Tweed Hard Shell Case Weight 7.4 lbs Serial # 39423 About the Player: 's Bob Wagner is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter based in Burlington, Vermont. Bob is influenced by a lot of different styles of music but his bread and butter is Improvisational Rock, Folk, Blues and Soul. He has toured the US and Europe and played with some incredible musicians and bands over the past few years. He is currently working on recording his debut EP which comes out in 2013. Reach out to Bob directly at [email protected] or via facebook!
  • TR4 "console": Wishbone and radio plate, use of bottle jacks to install. Still can't believe this worked as well as it did, jacking up the dash on either side to get the wishbone and radio plate to fit. The radio plates are available as repros but the aluminum wishbone to my knowledge is not. Two different wishbones were used on the early TR4's, as shown. Many cars today are missing this important structure. This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • Pre-Christmas review 02: REPROS!!! Happy Holidaays from PyjamaPrime and . this isnt really a pre-christmas review, but meh... i havnt put anything up in a bit get these sticker sets and more at
  • Antiquing with Your Best Friend - Repro Cherry Blossom Depression Glass Back in the 1970s glass collectors were stunned with an onslaught of reproduction glassware, especially of the beautiful Cherry Blossom depression glass. Most reproductions are easy to spot once you know what to look for. In this video we are antiquing and found a set of reproduction Cherry Blossom pink depression glass dinner plates and saucers. The real Cherry Blossom depression glass has realistic leaves, cherries and flowers. The fake dinner plate has crude leaves that don't look right. The saucers are too thick and have design flaws. If you like patterns that have been reproduced your best defense is knowledge. Learn what pieces have been reproduced and be aware there are fakes, usually offered by well-intentioned sellers. Once you know there are reproductions you will develop a sense for wrong - glass that just isn't quite right. The plate and saucer here are poor reproductions that are easy to spot. Recently I got out the Cherry Blossom I got at an auctionand had put away until I felt confident in spotting fakes. I could tell that one plate was real, one plate was fake and all my saucers were fake. You too can get confident of your ability to spot reproductions. Our store is Catladykate's Vintage Elegant and Depression Glass where we too enjoy vintage glass and the lovely depression era patterns and colors. Glass is memories and we know how special it is to you. Catladykate's VintageElegant and Depression Glass specializes in combining your memories ...
  • STAN HUBBS - Juggernaut (1982) The official vinyl reissue of Stan Hubbs' 1982 Crystal LP is finished. 500 faithful repros were made of this northern California obscurity, each including a replica of the original 16 page booklet. Crystal was recorded in Hubbs' rural Sonoma county living room and just like the original, this reissue was mastered and cut by Paul Stubblebine, pressed by RTI and housed in heavy, old-style jackets. The vinyl is gone but the album is soon to be available digitally through the usual channels (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, etc.) Tracks : 1. Sundance 2. Joe and Gina 3. Let's Go On Back to Camp 4. Young Saint Augustine 5. Juggernaut 6. The Best Man for Some Jobs is a Woman 7. Golden Rose 8. Crystal 9. Seems Like it's a Rich Man's World
  • SEAT IBIZA FR Repro Photos and short video clips of a Seat Ibiza FR 2006 with a few modifications. Location: Cancun Mexico
  • Electric City Pickups RD-59 PAF repro, Marshall JVM This is a video of My Les Paul Forum member jamman demoing My RD-59 pickup set for a PAF shootout. Played through a marshall JVM
  • Electro House Special Subscribers Mix 2012 #15 Thanks to all the people to get this 50 subs and those 30000 repros!:3 My new released Track! Copyright owner(s): Uploaded for promotional and preview purposes only! If you wish to remove this, please contact with me here. Tracklist on the video!:) Dj. Walie Soundcloud Page: Dj. Walie YT Channel: Grauking YT Channel: Hope You Enjoy It! Extra Tags: - House /Soulful /Deep /Dirty - House/ Fidget/ Electro /Trance - House/ Techno/ Minimal / Hard - House/ Progressive/ Tribal/ Funky - House/ Club/ Comercial / Instrumental - House/ Fidget/ Disco /Indie /Urban - House/ Acid /Jacking / Swing - House/ Nu Disco/ Bassline/ Nu Disco - Electro /Dance /Tecktonik /Clash - Electro /Jazz / Boogie/ Dub / Groove - ProgHouse/ ClubHouse/ TechHouse/ TribalHouse [Dance Clubber ( Arabic - Greek/ Balkan - Latin - Afro -Euro )] Classic House /Soul /Funk / Disco /Drum & Bass /Garage House Music Italian Rumba Ft. Latino Fiesta Italo dance music Italy clubbing New Club Hits DJ Tunes electronic music trance house electro techno music dance remix music house techno rnb music Progressive Tribal Saxo Electro house april 2011 music new dj mixmaxelectro dirty dutch Muze 626 Party Mix Bangers Mix2011 House Music Dance 2011 Songs Club Mixtli Summer Deadmau5 CLub The Heist Best Top tenminmix shuffle Bangerz Rave afrojack disco Edc electric daisy carnival Tao Monster massive Willy Wonka Dj BLEND top dj BLEND Top New Best Dance Music 2011 June Summer ...
  • New Reserach Study for Men with Low Testosterone If you have low testosterone and if you would like to participate in a pre-qualifying screening questionnaire to determine your eligibility in our study, please visit ?prsid=21&praid=1&prtid=1 or call toll-free 1-866-275-7668.
  • Thecgage7: @ehenderson36 failure? #We'rePros
  • pgutacker: Unless I'm missing an obvious way to sort search results so that these repros aren't included? Anyone else dealing with this? @amazon
  • DTNPharmaNews: DTN Pharma News: The Best of 2012: Repros Therapeutics:
  • pharma411: The Best of 2012: Repros Therapeutics
  • greek_shares: The Best of 2012: Repros Therapeutics
  • ufsguy: The Best of 2012: Repros Therapeutics: No long-term debt and an impressive drug in the pipeline has left Repros ...
  • nvsblgamer: @kobunheat is the creator of the repros actually selling copies of Bound High? I checked planetvb and didn't see anything obvious...
  • KateMorant: @astrolabestuff Believe NMM hope to display in 2014 Longitude exhib, so maybe they'll sell repros in shop ;)) @rmathematicus @beckyfh
  • yota2012: @dempeaux And you could never get repros of those kinds of clothes back then either.
  • MuseumofCityNY: You can buy fine art repros of Museum images, like this one by Gottscho. Browse and email us at [email protected]
  • vabeachquilter: 1930s Repros Yellow and Orange Flowers Keychain Wristlet: No pockets? Dont want to carry your purse? No worrie...
  • Pablomi2: I liked a @YouTube video from @pablomi2 3DNETWORKSAPAIN UMPORTANTE Se busca gente con 200 repros diarias
  • triedunture: @lattice_frames but I'm not sure if the faithful repros of the lady costumes are further critiques or what
  • rgarciau: Where does @_mssrj get rubber repros of classic sneakers to wear on beaches? Living the #NoChancletas life sounds like work.
  • _mssrj: @rgarciau I personally default to jordans :-) or I have some of these native shoes... they're like rubber repros of classic sneakers
  • JarodimusPrime: @Hursticon Yeah. Don't really feel the need to chase one down. Heck, I think there are repros if I really want one.
  • jainyrose: @QuiltedMagnolia I'm sure it will be completely different from all the civil war repros around here! #oldladyfabrichell lol kidding!
  • wadeis: @GreatDismal, a detailed article on the A-2; painting, history, usage, and repros -
  • beccamay2016: RT @dezzybooo2: Me and @beccamay2016 making cookies for @DesiNichole16 party tomorrow night>>>> #We'rePros #SoGood #Heheh
  • dezzybooo2: Me and @beccamay2016 making cookies for @DesiNichole16 party tomorrow night>>>> #We'rePros #SoGood #Heheh
  • maitane6111: Mas de 300 repros, Surprise at Baron + Katarina penta kill #LeagueOfLegends ->
  • MarleeGram: RT @Bonikowske18: Making homemade condoms in science? I think yes! @MarleeGram #we'repros #greattime
  • Bonikowske18: Making homemade condoms in science? I think yes! @MarleeGram #we'repros #greattime

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