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  • Get real estate listings, school and neighborhood information, and other important facts and stats you need to know before you move. It's all at . — “ - Real Estate Listings & Homes For Sale”,
  • is where your home search begins. Search homes for sale, rental properties, and find out information on recent home sales. — “ - Real Estate and Homes For Sale”,
  • Find homes for sale using RE/MAX's online home search tool. Residential Home Search. Where do you want to be? Search all of the listings in thousands of cities and towns. — “Residential Property Listings - RE/MAX”,
  • Residential Properties Ltd. is the leading independent Real Estate Company in Rhode Island with 5 offices statewide. We are dedicated to helping buyers find a dream home whether it's a loft condo, a new house in the suburbs, or a luxury property. — “Residential Properties Ltd. - Rhode Island Real Estate”,
  • For home heating and air conditioning, Carrier leads in innovation in energy efficient HVAC systems. Learn how to choose the right heating and air conditioning system. — “Heating and Air Conditioning - Carrier”,
  • Definition of residential in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of residential. Pronunciation of residential. Translations of residential. residential synonyms, residential antonyms. Information about residential in the free online English. — “residential - definition of residential by the Free Online”,
  • TXU Energy. The #1 choice in Texas for electricity. — “Residential”,
  • residential. — “Residential”,
  • orange county apartment rentals for rent online with . Search Orange County apartments for rent. • Residential • Retail • Office • Industrial • Acquisitions. — “Arnel”,
  • Verizon provides broadband DSL and Internet service, mobile phones and calling plans, home phones and long distance service, yellow pages and phone directories, and other wired and wireless communication products. — “Verizon”, www22
  • Get local and long distance phone service, DSL High Speed Internet, Wireless & Digital TV service from AT&T. — “AT&T - Phone Service, AT&T U-verse, Wireless, DSL High Speed”,
  • A residential area is a land use in which housing predominates, as opposed to industrial and commercial areas. These include single family housing, multi-family residential, or mobile homes. Zoning for residential use may permit some services or work opportunities or may totally. — “Residential area - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Our online residential real estate auction allows you to bid on residential real estate anytime and from anywhere, highlighting location, property details and complete auction information. — “Online Residential Real Estate Auction : Freedom Realty Exchange”,
  • residential adj. Of, relating to, or having residence: a residential college. Of, suitable for, or limited to residences: residential zoning. — “residential: Definition from ”,
  • Provides training and benefits to real estate professionals. So if you want to find that one-in-a-million REALTOR®, start with the over 34,000 who hold the Certified Residential Specialist Designation. — “Council of Residential Specialists”,
  • Definition of residential from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of residential. Pronunciation of residential. Definition of the word residential. Origin of the word residential. — “residential - Definition of residential at ”,
  • Residential definition, of or pertaining to residence or to residences: See more. — “Residential | Define Residential at ”,
  • 44,640 Residential stock photos and images. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect photo or footage, fast! We feature 7,800,000 royalty free photos, 95,000 stock footage clips, digital videos, vector clip art. — “Residential Stock Photos and Images. 44,640 residential”,
  • Homes for sale in Singapore, buying property, home, hdb flats, condos, real estate, apartments. — “Buy House, Homes. Residential & Commercial Property”, .sg
  • Pillows splashed with Trinas popping prints, vintage home decor and deliciously scented candles are now available online!. — “Trina Turk | Residential”,

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  • Fife Residential Care Homes Alex Rowley answers questions on the future of Fife Council Care Homes
  • Residential Wiring - From Service Panel to Street A basic residential wiring setup from the service panel to the CEI hookup. Also takes a look a ground wire setup.
  • Fastfoot® Residential Footing Installation Fastfoot® is a fabric footing form that prevents rising damp. Stakes are driven into the ground, 2x4 screed boards attached at the correct height, and Fastfoot® is stapled to each 2x4 to form and protect the concrete from ground moisture. For more information visit www.fab-
  • Rescue 911 - Episode 107 - Residential robbery A woman saves her family by sneaking a call to 911 while their house is being robbed. This segment was taken from Episode 107 which aired on October 17, 1989 on CBS. Vote for Rescue 911 to be released on DVD at and to be put back on television at
  • Residential High Rise I Residential High Rise Safety Video from CFD
  • ALS residential living... A startling fact about ALS is that well over 90% of the people afflicted with this disease opt to die rather than use a ventilator to breathe for them when the diaphragm becomes to weak to pump the lungs. A significant reason for this is that the perception of life on a vent is pretty dismal. Across the country, the only places to provide care to a vented person are hospitals (or worse) - not an inviting living environment. A prominent nursing home provider in the Boston area is teamed up with the ALS Association in MA to create a new concept in residential care. This is HUGE! In the near future, a person with ALS (pALS), will have a real reason to look forward to a long life.
  • Residential Schools Public Service Announcement This is a short video I created for my Schooling & Society class. It outlines the history and impact of residential schools in Canada.
  • Residential HVAC Contactors Part One Describes 30 amp contactors with 24 volt coils found on our website at
  • Inside OSU - Residential Life Oklahoma State President Burns Hargis learns more about the history of residential life and takes an inside look at The Villages.
  • Residential Structure Fire - Butler County Fire District # 3 Butler County Fire District # 3 (Rose Hill Fire) responding to a residential structure fire on March 11, 2010 at 12:30am. The house was located in the rural area of Butler County near Rose Hill, Kansas. The drive from the fire station in Rose Hill to the fire was 6.5 miles. Responding mutual aid fire departments were: Andover Fire Rescue, Andover, KS, Butler County Fire District # 8, Douglass, KS and Augusta Department of Public Safety, Augusta, KS.
  • small residential solar power system short video describing a small solar power system that i set up at my house. it consists of twelve 1 amp solar panels (15 watts each for a total of 180 watts of power - per hour). i use it to run all lights (CFL's), fans, tv's, and stereos in the house. also the microwave, coffee maker, blender, can opener, sandwich grill, toaster, vacuum, computer and anything else i can think of. run time for lights/fans only is approx 8 hours. add in vacuuming, microwaving or toaster along with lights, tv and the fans and the run time is reduced to 4-5 hours a day. i bought solar panels, inverter (1000 watt) and killowatt meter at Harbor Freight tools, the batteries (deep cycle) from walmart and the battery cables from checker auto. total cost was about $1200 to $1300 For the latest including EXTRA PICS and INFO. - Click on the "WEBSITE LINK" from my youtube channel page.
  • Angela's House , home care and residential services for medically fragile children Home Care and Residential services for chidren with special health care needs that are medically frail, chronically ill or living with a life threatening illness. CONTACT: 631-979-2620, (more)
  • ASLA 2007 Residential Design Award Winners American Society of Landscape Architects 2007 Residential Design Award Winners, narrated by Susan Stamberg.
  • Residential School--Honoring Our Parents (created by Niitsitapi07) For this video I assembled a collection of archive photos about residential school, some quotations and a song by the drum group, Red Bull.
  • 2009 Residential Design Professional Awards American Society of Landscape Architects 2009 Residential Design Professional Awards, narrated by Susan Stamberg.
  • Residential car lift. Will it fit ? Will the residential car lift fir in your garage. Carefull planning is a must. Here are a few tips.
  • JSRF - Fortified Residential Zone The Fortified Residential Zone! :] =================CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL FOR MORE JSRF NEEDS! ================= I've decided to make a tutorial for my favorite game, Jet Set Radio Future. (JSRF) I'll use this space to tell you all what's going on. Yes. That is me talking. Hopefully I'm not super annoying but I thought that it would be handy...maybe? I will record the whole game...but I will leave out a few things. Most of the time I will go out of my way of normal playing to show beginners how to go about it. I tried to leave out the Professor K monologues, because if you're playing with me, then you'll see them for yourself. Sure, he has good info, but it's not really a part of the actual "game play." So before you say "WHAT YOUR GAME IS DIFFERENT THAN MINEEE." It's not...I just cut out things that weren't really needed. So, I hope this helps out some people who are having problems. I'm not perfect and I'll probably mess up a couple of times. But this is just a reference. This is how I beat the game. Enjoy, and leave me some feedback. Thanks guys!
  • The Residential Fire Sprinkler Test A Fire test in Tustin CA - One Building has Residential Fire Sprinklers, the other building does not.
  • Which Solar Panels Work Well For Residential Use? SolarDave: What manufacturer do you like to use for solar panels and why? Tony Boniface: We prefer SunPower because for a couple of reasons, one is their efficiency - they are the most efficient panel, also they are all black with also lends for a nice aesthetic attribute. Black seems to blend in to the houses the best, we found they kind of disappear. Those are the two main reason, but SunPower has made a big effort to counter where the industry has been fits and starts they force dealers to traditionally forced to inventory panels, SunPower is all about just-in-time delivery. So it makes a difference from a cash flow point. For a small business that can be critical. They are (SunPower) are very interested in growing their market share and they realize the one way to do that is to make our market share grow - they understand and cater to the small business both from an inventory stand point and a marketing materials stand point and sales department and training. So they do a really good job of assisting there dealers where ever possible. SolarDave: What other panels do you like to use? Tony Boniface: By request of on occasion if we can't get what we need from SunPower we for a particular project we may fall to EverGreen or Kyocera for instance - both good makers, EverGreen has the advantage of they are an American company. Kyocera in my opinion has been in the industry the longest and has stayed the course. They are also a materials company they make ...
  • Manly Residential Bottles Pt 1 Back with the same Manly truck on the same Monday run, this time with the boys collecting the bottles recycling. This video is based on one big pick-up point with a heap of bins from a couple of units. The conversation was very entertaining throughout this video =] Hope you enjoy the action, check out the other two parts... Body Make: HEIL Environmental Industries Model: 23 Formula 4000 Chassis: Iveco Acco Council: Manly Municipal Contractor: Manly Waste Collection Type: Bottles Recycling
  • A Place for Mom - Residential Care Homes Overview A Place For Mom's Senior VP of Referral Services, Katie Burckhardt, gives an overview of Residential Care Homes, a increasingly popular senior care and elderly living option. To learn more about residential care homes visit residential-care-
  • Residential construction: Roofing safety Residential construction: Roofing safety Number: VT01765 Material: video, 13 minutes Industry: construction Covers job preparation, walk-around safety inspections, ladder safety, fall protection, roofing hazards, and housekeeping. WA State Dept of Labor & Industries, 1999
  • Residential Home Wind Turbine - Residential Home Wind Turbines? Home wind turbines are our specialty. Buy a home wind turbine kit from our site. Fill out our contact form and I can connect you with the home wind turbine dealer for your area. There are still areas open for new dealers to become the...
  • Residential Elevator Test My first test of an elevator remodel job that I did.
  • Residential 100k Btu Boiler Install, radiant in floor heating Olsen 94% efficient condensing 100k Btu Boiler Install, radiant in floor heating, under floor warming, stand alone hot water heating comple with taco controls. Residential install in Alberta Canada. (the hanger strap is temporary LOL) I will post the furnace install for you all, as soon as i am done. I will gladly answer any plumbing, heating or electrical questions you may have.
  • Witness to murder at Indian Residential School Irene Favel describes in a CBC interview (July 8, 2008) how she witnessed the murder of a baby by staff at the Muskowekwan Indian Residential School, run by the Roman Catholic Church in Lestock, Saskatchewan. This segment of the interview is no longer available on the CBC archives. (Sorry about the shoddy visual quality and the camera moving away from the screen. I'm uploading it anyway because of the importance of what this woman describes: deliberate murder at a residential school, something that has never gone to any court in Canada and yet something that has been recounted by hundreds of survivors. The lawyers won't go there as it implicates the Crown, whom they are sworn to defend above all...)
  • Guidance Residential - Sharia-compliant Home Financing A leading Islamic finance company talks about home ownership the Sharia way.
  • Canada apologizes for residential school system Visit CanuckPolitics for more. June 11, 2008 - Prime Minister Harper offered Canada's aboriginal peoples an official apology for the government's involvement in the Indian residential school system and its ongoing policy of forced assimilation. Opposition leaders also offered their apologies during a special sitting of the House of Commons. Aboriginal leaders were welcomed onto the House floor to respond to the apology.
  • Building a Small Residential house in the Sims 3 This is a perfect house for families just starting out. Download: More info: My website: Second channel:
  • How to estimate (quote) a residential yard for a lawn care service business. Today I will show you how to give a price estimate on a residential lawn. Estimating a yard is easy. First we measure the dimensions. This estimate also includes weedeating. So, I will measure the perimeter of the property to tell me how much weeding I will have to do. Something else to keep in mind when you are estimating are obstacles in the yard. This family has a trampoline. Every single time we come out here, we are going to have to move that trampoline. That is going to add 5 minutes to your estimated time. So, be sure to include it in your calculations. Also, this family has a dog. As you and I both know, dogs leave messes in the yard. Account for that, too, with the difficulty index. Figuring a price quote is easy with the estimating calculator. First you enter your hourly rate. Many lawn care companies use $50 per hour as a base rate. Your rate may be higher or lower depending on your part of the country. With a 48" commercial walkbehind lawn mower, I can mow at about 1200 square feet per minute. That number is generated with the productivity calculator available from . The job size for the lawn in the video is 9640 square feet. The difficulty modifier is 55 because the family owns a dog. Already, the estimating calculator has told us that it will take about 8 minutes of mowing time. There are other things to consider. Trimming minutes I measured the perimeter to see how many feet ...
  • Banana Bay, Lagos Nigeria - Residential Buildings Real Estate Development, Nigeria...6 Buildings Under Construction
  • How To Choose Light Bulbs for your Recessed Lighting We at understand that it can be difficult choosing what light bulbs to use for your recessed lighting. We've created this "how to" video to help you in your decision.
  • Buying a Solar Electric System Education and promotion video about solar photovoltaic systems. This professionally produced 14 minute DVD, available for purchase at , is an excellent overview of solar electric economics, technology, and environmental benefits. The show delivers essential information for homeowners considering the purchase of a system, and is particularly useful for solar contractors in marketing and promotion efforts to bring potential customers up to speed on photovoltaics. Also available is the 12 minute video "Clean Energy News Building a Solar Home" that also covers siting and solar heating. Produced and directed by Dave Bowden of the Sustainable Media Network.
  • Suburban Residential Square Foot Garden SFG gardening food growing John shares his residential square foot garden to show what is possible in 1/10th of an acre. Growing Melons Lettuce Kale Collards strawberries tomatoes and much more..
  • Residential Building with Green Building SCIP Panels Residential Building with SCIP Panels. Demonstrates the builing of a 1250 sq ft house in 5 days.
  • Summer Sausage II (focused on residential production)-edit 1 This is an alternate summer sausage video of one I did earlier showing more of the stuffing and cooking operations. The mixing of the meat and vacuum packing is not included. In this version, I used a domestic (residential) oven rather than the wood fired masonry unit in the back yard. - Recipe edit
  • Toronto Fire Dept-FIRE DEMO-Working Residential Sprinkler WORKING RESIDENTIAL SPRINKLER SYSTEM Fire Demonstration To Prove The Need For Residential Sprinkler Systems shown my Toronto Fire Chief Bill Stewart at the Insurance Brokers of Toronto Region Luncheon January 16, 2008. Toronto Crime Stoppers also presented at this luncheon on the School Program and Using the Internet As A Violence Prevention Tool. Chief Stewart welcomed the opportunity to have this video shared with the public on the 222TIPSCommunity education YouTube account. For further information on Chief Stewart's passion to prevent unnecessary fire deaths in residential homes by legistlating residential sprinkler systems, contact the Fire Chief's office thorugh James Stoops at 416-338-9550 or e-mail [email protected] .
  • Residential HVAC Contactors Part 2 Come see what a 40 amp contactor looks like. These are found in many 3/2 ton-5 ton home units.
  • AzariahBurke: Residential circumplanetary panel- helps at abating thought budget: .hxn
  • TWCableHelp: @urnotl33t Approved modems are listed at the following site. ^TK
  • FreyjaRealEstat: @PinnacleGroup January 2013 #Inaugural #newsletter #residential #commercial #realestate
  • popaysmarco: New logo wanted for Structural Surface Solutions: Commercial, Industrial & Residential. We repair / restore virt...
  • SHUEDA: Shue Design Associates - Coastal NC's new white glove residential design firm. #ilm #brunsco
  • REIWA: Building approvals fall 4.4% in December, up 9.3% for 2012: via @PropertyObs #AusProperty
  • homesecuritytx: Progressive Protection handles all types of security and life safety needs. #KilleenHomeSecurity
  • jlynneda: RT @RachelAnnSnow: @ssedoga @rvgenaille @RedIndianGirl stay shocked probably dont know the truth of residential schools too. stay ignorant and avoid liability
  • Frederick_Jobs: Residential Maintenance Contractors needed (Frederick area)
  • KP_42: most classes are gone on residential trips. which means internet is relatively unused. MAXIMUM SPEED.
  • _john_henry: RT @nitramluap: Stop speeding, rat-running morons in residential areas - limit through-access for motorised traffic. @brisbanecityqld
  • KISbangkok: This week is Residential Visit Week for a large majority of our KIS students and teachers. We hope that they have...
  • homesecuritytx: Nothing is more important than protecting your home and loved ones. #KilleenHomeSecurity
  • arjun_mehra: @upasnakakroo lot if things :'( 1.The manufacturing units were never planned, so they are spread across residential areas. 2.No push for CNG
  • tofireN: [1] NY Alarm Highrise Residential Keele St b/w Greenbrook Dr & Gulliver Rd R133 R421 R341 A133 C13 [133]
  • stopsharia1: Aleppo Syria: Bombing Aftermath: Pro-Assad forces hit a residential building in Aleppo. #jihad #tcot
  • charliepabst: @BigBennyRadio Cummins Onan Residential Generators Super Bowl.
  • mining_job: NEW JOB ALERT: Project Geologist, Residential Kalgoorlie - Australia: This gold explorer is up and c... #miningjobs
  • EmilyOwa: RT @VerizonSupport: @EmilyOwa It's on CBS, Emily. This link can help you find the channel number for your area: ^PRC-SA
  • eduveve: this should be played at high volume preferably in a residential area!♬#groovin
  • Trudietp12: ProTOUGH...
  • VerizonSupport: @EmilyOwa It's on CBS, Emily. This link can help you find the channel number for your area: ^PRC-SA
  • _neildhanraj: KD, and residential prints on a Sunday night
  • alon_levy: @MarketUrbanism I'd flip it: it has the most office capacity and also a lot of residential. Google at 8th Ave is a good anchor.
  • outtaranks: I honestly think that when I can afford some land in the future, I am going to get a residential barn style home...
  • FaraMbn: @syeemasalvatore kenanga tu dia byk seksyen kan?mmg residential area situ kan?
  • BlockBrief: Building approvals fall 4.4% in December, up 9.3% for 2012: ABS
  • mandabeyy: At Co3 Residential D2 —
  • MarketUrbanism: @alon_levy Say, residential on the western part and office closer to Union Square
  • MarketUrbanism: @alon_levy Yes, I was thinking West 14th has the most residential capacity, and a fair amount of office capacity
  • croselund: @billmckibben RE policy in the state is too dependent upon tax incentives for residential solar PV, and the effect is limited.
  • Trudietp12: ...
  • Trudietp12: ProTOUGH...
  • VerizonSupport: @Josyxo_ This link to our lineup will help you find the channel number for your area, Joselyn: ^PRC-SA
  • Taod46: RT @bonniecathryn: Supa bowl!!! @samkoke @Taod46 @ Lakeside Residential Complex
  • IYGS2013: RT @hilda_hild: @IYGS2013 Forest is now widely used as a residential &agricultural, forest is increasingly becoming less green *pity forest :( #GreenTweet
  • kijiji_CL: versatile comm/residential mix (Stewart, BC) $220000 3bd 3300sqft ►Vancouver
  • NatLRobertson: RT @mikeyallen92: Looks like someone forgot to run down to residential services and top up the electricity meter #studentproblems #nfl #superbowl
  • rozaliamih: California Green Bldg Standards Code-Residential #Essentials #udemy #CALGreen #residential #mandatory #measures
  • TransToronto: @antonlodder @Metrolinx My family walks to school, and those residential streets are becoming increasingly unsafe
  • CareyMather: RT @joshmkim: Ideas about Digital Media : Online Education & what makes a community of practice
  • PEPCommunity: RT @joshmkim: Ideas about Digital Media : Online Education & what makes a community of practice
  • TransToronto: @antonlodder @Metrolinx Residential neighbourhoods get invaded with through traffic, when there are no good arterials or highways
  • StagingHomesATL: The price of homes selling in Atlanta on average is higher. Now is the time to stage your Luxury Residential Listings.
  • Trudietp12: Essick Residential...
  • tofireN: [1] NY Alarm Residential Rory Rd b/w Falstaff Ave & Winsome Ave [133]
  • tofire: [1] NY Alarm Residential Rory Rd b/w Falstaff Ave & Winsome Ave [133]
  • ArlenGraf: hilton casino atlantic residential district collateral jersey: kja
  • Building_Buddy: RT @ktom17: Congrats to @products_hound on the launch of Residential Building Products and Technology! Inaugural issue:
  • LUXRE: Residential, Townhouse - Bend, Oregon - $679,750 USD
  • slyphon: @Enrico2 do you ever dump it in a residential can? I used to do that...and feel bad about it. :)
  • AE_NYC: @jcierpial343 That's what happens when the only info you get during a residential outage comes from their poor junior social media associate
  • Bmag05: RT @bonniecathryn: Supa bowl!!! @samkoke @Taod46 @ Lakeside Residential Complex
  • hedrick1976: Shandi~Residential
  • VerizonSupport: @himeganashley It's on CBS, Megan. This link will help you find the channel number for your area: ^PRC-SA
  • kijiji_CL: versatile comm/residential mix (Stewart, BC) $220000 3bd 3300sqft ►Prince George, BC
  • br_uck: RT @mikeyallen92: Looks like someone forgot to run down to residential services and top up the electricity meter #studentproblems #nfl #superbowl
  • PolandCulture: Astounded by the poor value of residential property here in Wroclaw #Forum
  • PolishForums: PF: Astounded by the poor value of residential property here in Wroclaw: Real EstateInWroclaw: In my experience ...
  • wifey_type11: RT @YungRob711: I know the foreman of the electricians working the game tonight is sweating bullets. Take ur ass back to residential! #IBEW
  • cully4299: 3hours 50mins sleep is most i can get now :( hate early bus but residential tomorrow
  • lamond92: RT @mikeyallen92: Looks like someone forgot to run down to residential services and top up the electricity meter #studentproblems #nfl #superbowl
  • NorthBhamVTS: RT @GPEducation: West Midlands GP Training Programme Directors Dovedale Residential Jan 2013 #TPD
  • kijiji_CL: versatile comm/residential mix (Stewart, BC) CAD220000 3bd 3300sqft ►Skeena-Bulkley, B
  • Trudietp12: Essick Residential...
  • ericbennett18: RT @SwagCaptainVG: Penalty flag thrown for poor lighting. @ Residential College
  • SwagCaptainVG: Penalty flag thrown for poor lighting. @ Residential College
  • Jesschai: Last 2days on business residential had total of 3hrs 40mins sleep.THAT'S how epic the trip was. Take me bk to Crewe Hall with everyone!
  • realestatekhoj: Indore Residential Flat for For Sale in khandwa road near queens clg (khandwa road near queens clg(2)): The flat has...
  • Realestaterek: Indore Residential Flat for For Sale in khandwa road near queens clg (khandwa road near queens clg(2)): The flat has...
  • TrilliumHr: RN, Administrators & Directors - Acute & Residential Care in Regina, SK Canada #job
  • JohnLFitzgerald: RT @Janesrealestate: Median rents have continued to rise across most of the state according to the latest data from Residential Tenancies Authority. #realestate
  • Mayslist: RT @kenkap: Monday Morning Mobile: Residential Trends Hit Commercial Real Estate
  • m0nk_dot: RT @cutaway: #superbowl I told them not to use residential #smartmeters in commercial locations
  • MaleniaDior: RT @YungRob711: I know the foreman of the electricians working the game tonight is sweating bullets. Take ur ass back to residential! #IBEW
  • YungRob711: I know the foreman of the electricians working the game tonight is sweating bullets. Take ur ass back to residential! #IBEW
  • katwife: #c21 agents r everywhere u are! The #1 residential #RE agency in the USA! We can save yr life too! Smarter. Bolder. #Faster.
  • MarieTherese39: Joan Burton 21-01-2010 - Adjournment Debate - Residential Institutions - Dáil Éireann via @MarieTherese39
  • plumberskilleen: We Proudly Offer: Residential & Commercial #plumbinginkilleentx
  • Miles_Harnad: The Superdome's residential electrical engineers are getting FIRED
  • kenkap: Monday Morning Mobile: Residential Trends Hit Commercial Real Estate
  • mikeyallen92: Looks like someone forgot to run down to residential services and top up the electricity meter #studentproblems #nfl #superbowl
  • JaneCarroll10: RT @christybis: A Wireless Smoke Alarm System: 3 Advantages for Businesses #BIZarticle #safety
  • IrvingTXScanner: SOUTH - 2651 Roger Williams: Residential fire. IPD requested to assist FD on a possible residential fire.
  • silent_sole: Beyonce turned off residential lights to power her performance
  • Janesrealestate: Median rents have continued to rise across most of the state according to the latest data from Residential Tenancies Authority. #realestate
  • dangdaniel: RT @cutaway: #superbowl I told them not to use residential #smartmeters in commercial locations
  • cutaway: #superbowl I told them not to use residential #smartmeters in commercial locations
  • bonniecathryn: Supa bowl!!! @samkoke @Taod46 @ Lakeside Residential Complex
  • VerizonSupport: @Josh_Herna It's on CBS, Josh. This link will help you find the channel number for your area: ^PRC_SA
  • AndrewLye: @johnsouthwales I reckon town centres will have to revert MANY properties to residential. Today's High St is a recent "invention"
  • NewJobAlert65: @DonPurdey New Job in ANTIOCH: SE - Residential Oustide Sales Consultant at Lennox
  • DRLuxuryestate: This new oceanfront estate is located in a beautiful and exclusive residential community near one of the reco…
  • victoriawalks: What is happening when our leaders want to increase traffic on residential streets, are they trying to build rat...
  • babisuni93: I just ousted @literallylizzie as the mayor of A&I Residential Restaurant on @foursquare!
  • tofireW: [1] ET Alarm Highrise Residential (The West Mall @ Wellesworth Dr) Aerial-441 DistrictChief-44 Pumper-445 Squad-445 Rescue-Pumper-444
  • tofire: [1] ET Alarm Highrise Residential (The West Mall @ Wellesworth Dr) Aerial-441 DistrictChief-44 Pumper-445 Squad-445 Rescue-Pumper-444
  • VerizonSupport: @ItzMikeyDrew It's on CBS, MIkey. This link will help you find the channel number for your area: ^PRC-SA
  • HKBusinessMag: Home site at Tuen Mun sold for $1.4b

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